145 thoughts on “Kenny Pickett Staying for One More Year

  1. Assuming that we would not land a top notch QB from the portal for next year, I welcome back Kenny……….assuming Whipple isn’t included in a secret “package deal.”

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  2. “ a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.” KP returning says a ton about the quality of who would have been the next man up!!! Piss poor QB recruiting has been going on for years…


        1. Ts Sophomore next year? Idk have been drinking margarita. It’s more an inside joke. Big b may not remember it but he was very high on “four star qb recruit Davis Beville” as we were headed to the bar after the acc championship game a couple of years ago 😉

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  3. KP is a great competitor with all of the intangibles…BUT his limitations at the QB position are many. We have all seen them….repeatedly…. over the last 4 years.

    That said, here is hoping that he makes the most significant improvement in the history of college football, finally leads Pitt to that elusive double digit victory season AND wins the Heisman!!!!



  4. stub.. let’s start our Friday Happy Hour(s) tonight….the news has already given me that hang- over from our hold-over!!! Too high, too low, too far behind, too far in front, miss the wide open, happy feet- will travel Paladin Pickett


  5. I’m a bit disappointed. I was really looking forward to see what Beville can do. Now I think what he can do is enter the transfer portal without ever given a good look.

    Pitt puts GT away earlier if Pickett just hits on one the long passes where he overthrew wide open receivers. Yes, his TD pass to Turner was a gem but you’re bound to make some good throws when you attempt 37 passes per game.

    (Maybe Tomlin told him to stay on one more year because Ben’s arm will be all thrown out of place after next year)

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  6. I see an upside for Pitt….what’s the upside for Kenny? Can he learn to put touch on the ball?..throw it nose Up? Like learning a new golf swing…and then you take to the course… He is a warrior and will bring our receiver core back. Along with Whipple. I love the passion he plays with.

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  7. I believe Beville was a redshirt freshman this year so he too would repeat that year. I would assume KP maybe got a few people telling him to take the free pass and hone his skills. There were many pundits lauding him as a great pro prospect and he did little this year to prove them right.


  8. —Maybe we should just let Kenny call the plays next season. The play-calling can’t get any more blah, can it?

    —Maybe they promised Kenny a TE who’s a red-zone weapon?

    Go Pitt.

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  9. Let the spin begin.

    Kenny coming back is good news.

    While it’s not guaranteed that the OL will be better next year, the mid-season epiphany that some of the younger kids were better than the starters provides a modicum of hope.

    Would be nice to see him operate behind a better line next year. We’ll see though.

    This would suggest that Whipple may be staying for another year (sigh). Kenny certainly doesn’t have the star power to insist on that, but one would think continuity at OC played a role in his decision.

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  10. After playing 30 or so games at the college level, I think KP has maxed out his qb potential and another year will be diminishing returns on investment.


  11. Great News! Totally unexpected even with the allowable extra year. Only upside for both Pickett and Pitt.

    Hopefully, Kenny asked for a signal system to be put be installed to minimize the HS version of getting plays by running to the sidelines.

    Far too early 2021 Offense:

    QB Pickett
    RB Malik Newton
    LT Goncalves
    LG Zubic
    C Drexel
    RG Kradel
    RT Warren
    TE Krull
    WR Addison
    WR Barden
    WR Wayne


  12. We got a little problem. Kenny doesn’t throw many TD passes and Toilet Paper gets brain block inside the opponents 30 yard line. AND KESSMAN IS GOING TO BE GONE !!!

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  13. If nothing else it upgrades Pitt’s QB situation going into next season. That’s not saying much but Pitt was going to be really under to gun with any of the other 3 remaining taking over the controls IMO. We may be seeing one or more of the remaining 3 transfer out after this decision by Pickett.


    1. I could see Pitt winning two of those three marquee games at home. But there will be an away game or two that trips them. Always a loss against a bad team.


  14. Good news: Pickett will be back.
    Bad news: Whipple will be back.

    No surprise to me — I brought this up after the GT game. I’m imagining something like this happened—
    Pickett and Matt Canada “accidentally” run into each other on the Southside, and Canada whispers: “Right now you have zero chance, an absolute zero chance, at the next level unless you can throw the long ball. You have an opportunity to learn how to do that next year, that’s the only way, just do it.”


  15. I always love signing day!
    KP coming back certainly removes any doubt about what we have.
    Yes someone will leave, but the others will have one more year to hone their skills.
    Funny that QB stability hasn’t translated to win totals but this year was fubar.

    Some more defensive studs coming in and O-line depth in a few years.
    Won’t know about the skill positions till fall. Hopefully we get another surprise like Addison.
    Turner and Kessman will be missed. Hopefully Morrisey and Hargrove’s efforts will be smoothly

    Defense to be rebuilt. Saw most of it against GT.

    Hopefully the vaccine rollout goes smoothly so that these guys can get back to the weight room.

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  16. As stated earlier, I don’t see KP coming back to learn a new offense. My hope is Whipple retires and Beatty and another coach (inside the program or a new hire) are named co-offensive coordinators.

    This won’t buy Pitt fans anything but hope that new OCs will change things up just enough to score 30+ a game. If Whipple stays, I see no hope.

    Exciting day for Pitt, hope all the commits sign today. It is a very good class.


  17. Fugar, Anderson and Naquan are not yet in. Honorable not expected to sign today. So, 18 in. 3more expected.1 not expected and perhaps one surprise.

    Did derrick Davis actually sign with LsU today?


  18. PSN updates have pics of the recruits. Makes you realize the physical difference between high school and D1. Most of these kids need a year in the weight room.


    1. so apparently Pitt will replace him with that CB who was headed to Vandy

      when we are disappointed, we either (1) have a drink (2) bitch at the wife or (3) gets on the POV and complains. Narduzzi recruits another CB

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  19. actually Brandon unHonorable is another OL which isn’t signing today apparently. He had announced that he would hold off … which isn’t a good sign.

    But that still leaves Pitt with 4 new OL plus 2 OL from the 2020 class. One of them is Branson Taylor who was in on the final drive vs GT last week … don’t know if he saw any previous action. He was one the few from last year’s class that was upgraded to 4 star by 247.

    BTW, new signee CB Khalil Anderson was upgraded by 247 to 4*. He was the one that got a lot of attention this fall including offers by a few SEC schools and Penn St

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  20. Kenny staying is the absolute greatest thing that could have happened to this program! We now have a chance at 8 to 9 wins next year and Yellen and Beville get another year of seasoning. Thank you Kenny, you are a warrior with hands of silk.


  21. I know folks were wondering why so many OL commits. I am sure coaches know if a kid is on the bubble with grades, non-committal, bad senior year, etc. You have to pad the numbers where necessary.


  22. With Kenny coming back, the over/under should be 7 wins. Had he not, five. He’s worth two wins. That’s how important the QB position is. No other position on the field makes as much of an impact.

    Good for Kenny. With a good year, he may be a late first round pick.

    Bad for me because in all likelihood whipple is retained or best of a worst case, he retires and his system is just handed over to the next guy. Kenny didn’t come back to learn a new system unless they promised him the RPO. That would showcase his athleticism and reading of D abilities.

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    1. Maybe he can come back to our Camp again for the 9th time.

      Is it like Band Camp?

      I will say that the ankle injury was probably the best thing for him because it limited him taking off running as soon as he hit his 5-7 step drop. Secondly, he has trouble hitting a developing window. He doesn’t trust the process and can’t let it go on time on most routes. When that happens, he creates his own peril.

      When he drops back, sets, and throws in rhythm he is better. It’s almost like, if he has to think or read a coverage at all, he is in trouble and just runs.

      First rounder Tex? That’s Texxy of you. Who are the top5 qb’s coming out next year? Any idea? I can think of Slovis and Howell off the top of my scalp. Maybe the Alabama (Jones), Oregon, Iowa St Purdy), Indiana Penix and Kent St QB are up there. Could be a weak class if some of those above enter the nfl draft this year. I think Picketts game closely resembles Sam Ehlinger of Texas. If we see where Ehlinger goes, that would be my expectation for Pickett.


  23. here is the Blue and Gold Glasses viewpoint of next year’s team:

    WR: Addison, Bardem, Jacques-Louis, Wayne
    high expectations: Henningham, Alston, Bradley

    TE: Krull, Wright, Moraga
    high expectations: Renda

    OL; Kradel, Zubovic, Van Lyn, Goncalves, Warren, Caragan, Drexel
    high expectation: Taylor, Stratham, Rankl

    QB: Pickett, Patti, Yellen
    high expectations: Beville, Yarnell

    RB: V Davis, D Carter
    high expectations: Abanikanda, M Newton

    DL: Alexandre, Morgan, Baldonera, Kancey, Green, Jules, Bentley, Danielson
    high expectations: D Hayes, E Donald, N Johnson

    LB: Bright, Dennis, Davis, George (possibly Pine)
    high expectations: N Brown, Kamara, DeShields

    DB: M Williams, Woods, Royal, Hill Hallett, Battle, Tallandier (possibly Mathis)
    high expectations: K Anderson, Mack

    Blue and Gold Glasses is an iek Production

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  24. Kids leave based on the NFL draft prospects. Next year looks good but so did this year until virus came. Welcome to new kids. H2P


  25. amazingly they both attempted 1177 passes, and Tino completed 25 more and had > 600 more yards.

    Tino 49 Tds 23 Ints; KP 39 and 25


    1. Tino never had a 4th quarter comeback. Never led a winning drive. That’s something you don’t find in the stats. He was horrible. And his slap against Pitt on his way out made him a traitor. I hope Santa leaves coal and onions in his stockings. That’s how I really feel.


      1. actually Tino had a 4th quarter comeback in his very first-ever start at Utah in the 2010 opener. Pitt was down 10 in the 4th and the Pitt tied , but lost in OT

        But as I indicated above, KP is clearly the better playmaker .. and leader


        1. You got me on a technicality.

          But yes Kenny is the better leader and has moxy.

          Tino was tough. I’ll give him that. But the telling thing to me was in the West Virginia game. He got sacked and none of his linemen helped him up. They all just stood around.

          When you don’t have your hogs coming to your defense or helping you, you have lost


  26. This is terrible news IMO. We have seen KP’s ceiling and as a short Italian, I can walk under it with several feet to spare. With WMG staying, this news overshadows whatever excitement we get from the recruits.

    No way does Pitt go into the 2021 season with 5 QBs (KP, Beville, Yellen, Patti, and Yarnel). My bet, goodbye to Beville and Yellen. Patti and Yarnel as backups only makes this coming season feel like a loser.

    If Nardummy can’t figure out the WMG, then he deserves whatever happens to him, when his contract runs out.


  27. Can you imagine the asterisks in the Pitt recordbooks. 12 seasons, he broke records. Great!

    This move gives more evidence that Narduzzi and Whipple are cowards. They have out-manipulated the AD again. She is compliant. They never want to be judged on results. Excuse after excuse. Nardcharmin probably looked at our returning qb’s and said they only see 5-6 wins next year, so they allow this disruption to help them, not the team. They sold out the development of the other qb’s, to save their own hides. They knew they didn’t recruit enough qb talent, so they panicked and bring the 7th year senior, back.

    This move saves Narduzzi’s bacon. Next year was his year to show improvement and he knew he would have no chance to get to 9 wins with Beville, Yellen or Patti behind a new center. Good one Heather.

    Somebody please convince me that this isn’t a selfish, save the bacon move. Believe me, on the farm, I have been saving my own bacon for a long long time.


    1. I believe in slaughtering pigs for my bacon. I want my bacon and I want it now. Why should bacon be saved and horded for just a select few. I knew I should have never relied on heather delivering my bacon. Should have called amazon.


    2. in fairness, this will be KP’s 5th season. Remember, as a freshman, he had just 1 start plus some 4th quarter action vs Va Tech (relieving the legendary Ben DiNucci)

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      1. So if Picket gets drafted in the 2022 Draft, he will be 24 years old at the nfl rookie summer camp. That will be seen as a negative. I think the COVID free year, not (covid-free), was intended for teams that only played like 4 or 5 games, not full seasons, but I digress.

        I wonder if tre tipton will come back for his seventh year?


  28. Well, it was 10 years ago today that Pitt introduced Coach Haywood as the new Head Football Coach.

    PG headline: “New Boss Will Rule With an Iron Hand.” Funny.

    How time flies…

    Go Pitt.

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  29. Tex – I tried to post this earlier, but don’t see it. There was a report that our man Louis Riddick will be interviewing for two NFL GM jobs. Guess we have to hope he doesn’t get selected…

    Go Pitt.


  30. hey Tex, Louis Riddick is interviewing for 2 NFL GM positions in this week (Texans and Lions). You better hurry and hire a hitman ASAP


  31. Khalil Anderson had an impressive offer sheet that included Duke, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan State, Syracuse and Wake Forest.

    Am I missing something here…what’s impressive about any of these programs….currently ?

    Now his later offers were much better….but there is nothing impressive about the group referenced above.


      1. One SEC 3rd rate football basketball school. Who even Pitt beat in a bowl game.

        And 5 MAC schools. Wake Forest is barely above a MAC. Only thing missing was…..Elon.


    1. Solid offer list. Not really any elites on there, but several programs that are known for developing talent.


      1. At Minnesota, they signed 4 other dbs (1 4star), and three 3 stars last year.

        At ky, they signed five DB’s last year and 4 this year.

        Those offerings may have gone away as part of the numbers game.


  32. Much as I like Kenny….there were 67 QB’s that had a better Passing Efficiency Rating this past season.

    64 QB’s had a higher Passing Yards per Completion.

    13 TD passes and 9 interceptions does not excite me for another Return Engagement.

    Just not feeling it !


    1. How many of those QBs ahead of KP had a TE to throw to, or a running game????

      My only concern with KP is his passing accuracy — to many times we missed out on a big play because or receivers had to reach or contort and could not catch the ball in stride….

      Not having a reliable, big TE Target is a big factor, IMHO. If you watch good offenses, TEs play a huge role in 3rd-down conversions and red-zone scoring.

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        1. Here’s something for you to look at. Kenny had his worst game of the season, against anybody not named Clemson, in the last game(GT). Where he had a great running game. Pitt had 317 yards on the ground. And yet Kenny had a measly 5 yds per Attempt. And that whole picture enough for you ?


        2. My agenda is black and white. No gray with me. Most of y’all hide in the gray. That’s why you get what you get.

          Come down to Texas. I can teach you how to shoot straight.


            1. I can see that 95 percent of pitt fans don’t care

              I can see that 95 percent of posters are fine with mediocrity

              I can see that whatever I say, it will go through one ear and out the other

              I can see unless I have $1o million dollars to donate that my opinion means nothing

              Not my first rodeo young man. And if you’re older, u should know better.

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    2. Did any of those 67 QB’s actually have a running game to go to from time to time in their games? It does help the QB if their is a run option available I would think.


      1. Just remember the hottest place in Hell is reserved for neutrals. I’m not a big fan of waffles. Point being, make a decision and live with it. Making a decision whether right or wrong (time will tell) is far more important. To many, fans would rather react. This is just philosophical and not directed towards anyone other than the typical Pitt fan.

        Tex Mex – not your typical Mexican cuisine.


  33. Speaking of time flying, it was 20 years ago that Larry Fitzgerald said “Pitt Is It.”

    Heck of a recruiting job by Walt Harris. (Could we hire Walt as one of those coaching advisors…)

    Go Pitt.


  34. Now if Narsnoozi will only commit….to just ONE MORE YEAR !

    And Yellow Blouse, and Atom Counter, most of the BoT, etc. etc.


    1. I’m flattered. But you know names are childish and insensitive and not PC. Like you and I really care.

      And before you label me as a bully you holier than thou, I was bullied as a kid. But guess what. I fought back.

      I never lay down.


    1. Listened to his interview. He is excited to get away from Virginia and come to Pitt. He is confident and a cool cat. In a three way interview, Newton, Brown and Alston mentioned some high level talented high school juniors from va that are interested in Pitt. To be clear, VA means virginia, not Veterans Administration. I worry sometimes when Tex reads one thing and thinks another, hence the clarification that the information was garnered because of a type of interview, nothing more.

      Remember Dont Tex and Drive.


    1. Without all the studs on the Front Line…next year’s defense could Crumple !

      Even with them this year….they Crumpled enough to be an avg at best 6-5.


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