Pitt at Georgia Tech Prediction Thread

I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer
A helluva’, helluva helluva helluva helluva engineer
Like all the jolly good fellows I drink my whiskey clear
I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer

Oh, if I had a daughter sir, I’d dress her in white and gold
And put her on the campus, sir, to cheer on the brave and bold
And if I had a son, sir, I’d tell you what he’d do
He would yell “To Hell With georgia” like his daddy used to do

Oh, I wish I had a barrel of rum and sugar three thousand pounds
A college bell to put it in and a clapper to stir it around
I’d drink to all the good fellows who come from far and near
I’m a ramblin’ gamblin’ hell of an engineer! Hey!

Pitt matches up well or out matches Tech in just about every phase of the game, and yet Tech always plays us tough.

My heart won’t let me predict a loss, but it’s probably going to be a lot closer than we’d all like, and one of those ugly wins that we all love so much.

Pitt 17, Tech 13

58 thoughts on “Pitt at Georgia Tech Prediction Thread

  1. Pitt 21

    GT 10

    I’m actually in Pittsburgh, a bit colder than what I’m used to maybe going to wander out someplace to watch the game and eat.

    I found a great little Italian place last night in Scott town center great food.


        1. When visiting my BIL in Marietta, we always went to Scalini’s in Smyrna, mainly for the garlic-soaked rolls.


          1. Scalini’s eggplant Parmesan helped speed the delivery of my second child. I kid you not!


  2. Pitt will win if Kenny plays. And I expect him to. Here’s hoping to a bowl in Texas.

    Pitt 28
    Tech 17

    Kenny with over 300 yards

    Tex – Kenny’s biggest fanboy.


  3. if I could’ve recorded it, the local 980 am radio guy(DC/Baltimore area) here was mentioning about sport betting and tonight’s game that he’d bet GT but only because there is sooo much $$$ going on the Pitt side that is doesn’t pass “the smell test”

    he thinks Pitt is really good with their D and especially thinks they are EXTREMELY well coached by HC Narduzzi!!!

    wtf, does this guy NEVER watch football, huh Tex?

    friggin’ IDIOTS on the radio everywhere I guess

    if I could clip out the audio, I’d post it on a repeating loop for all and especially the PN fan club headed by Tex to get ill hearing

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    1. hope you are as accurate tonight as you were last night.

      Is it possible that Pitt teams can provide wins on 2 successive nights? Probably not, but I am tempting fate ….. Pitt 27-13

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  4. Nice song, Mike. Although it sounded like you were a little off key on the 3rd verse.

    OL gives Kenny time. He responds and hangs a big number on a supposed weak pass defense.

    The big Q is: can that same OL provide a decent ground game?

    And: Can we mount a Sak-Atak?

    And: are our DBs good enough to stop their frosh (?) QB??

    Pitt 35 – Rambler Wrex 13

    Mr. Whipple squeezes another year out of Pitt! (Sorry, Dan!)


  5. I expect KP would like to redeem himself after the Clemson debacle. As such I’m thinking he and the receivers will have a big game. I’m not counting on the running game to contribute much for the offense as per usual. Pitt 31 GT 17.


  6. Well gotta say…..I like GT’s fight song. Lots of drinking involved. And they usually have pretty hot cheerleaders in the white & gold mini dresses.

    But the Rambling Wreck is going to have 4 flat tires tonight. And Pitt wins 31-21.

    Well we better win……. since still on a high from last night’s big W.

    Please don’t spoil it Doozer and Toilet Paper !


    1. That might kill Pitt’s BB game set for Saturday. Won’t matter for the game tonight since it’s at GT.


  7. Pitt wins 31-24, as Pitt should have the better QB and defense. If Pitt has a meltdown like the BC regular season finale year Narduzzi really must go.


  8. If Pitt fields most of its team, I anticipate a comfortable victory. With the exception of Louisville (Georgia Tech blew ’em out and Pitt won narrowly), Pitt has similar or better results than Tech — in most cases way better — versus common opponents.

    Both teams got boatraced by Clemson, and Notre Dame. Tech narrowly beat Florida State (16-13) while Pitt trounced FSU. Pitt won a fairly close game against Syracuse and Tech lost to the Orange by 17. Pitt lost to NC State by one score in the final seconds and Tech lost to the Wolfpack by 10. Pitt lost to Boston College on a missed extra point and Tech lost to B.C. by 21. Also, Tech lost to Citadel by 3 in overtime (not a common opponent but I have to mention it for comparison purposes because we would be livid if Pitt had a similar result). I know styles make matches and it’s hard to compare week to week, but I don’t see anything in the results or the underlying data that suggests the game will be as close as many here are predicting.

    42-24 Pitt.


    1. Thanks for the mention of THE Citadel. We need more of them.

      The problem is the 3 point loss in overtime occurred in 2019.


  9. Yes, it works if you click 🙂
    I will spend the next few minutes, hours and maybe days to see if I can make it into a repeating loop for Tex

    He’ll either throw up or shoot someone. Please Tex, take a selfie and post of you vomiting.

    Sheehan talks the game for about 40 seconds but you just need to hear about 5 seconds somewhere near the 40:00 point


  10. also pretty cool, noticed while about to take some late foul shots the facial features of Champagnie look a lot like Kobe Bryant, smile and eyes

    kinda spooky almost…..you’d have to take off the big hair

    anyone else notice? not seeing it in images I’m googling of them both but during the game close up, maybe between foul shots or before first of 2 later in the game

    didn’t shoot the foul shots like Kobe of course but I think we all can forgive that now 🙂


  11. Pitt wins a FG fest 29-25

    Kessman kicks a 60+ yarder and is mentioned as an All-American candidate.



  12. If Pitt can catch the ball, it wins by 14, if the WRs let balls bounce off their hands and up into the air then it’s a pick ’em.

    The run game is hopeless, WMG doesn’t have any commitment to it and Borberly hasn’t coached an OLmen to move anyone in 3 years.


  13. Well after giving up that 98 yard GT drive after choking at the goal line lets see if Picket can redeem his poor offensive play. I mean its GT it should not be this close.


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