Pitt Flips Naquan Brown From LSU

I don’t know the details, but I know I saw this.

Say what you want about Narduzzi, the guy is pulling some TAL-ENT onto the defensive line.

Link to Brown Rivals Profile.

Now did Pat “flip” him or was Brown put out by LSU? I don’t know. But Brown had plenty of other suitors besides Pitt. Miami, Michigan, UNC, Tennessee, Virginia Tech (ewww), Virginia, South Carolina, PENN STATE.

+2 points for Pat and +5 for controlling the news cycle after the Clemson game with three commits in a week and the crown jewel announcing on feel-good Friday.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

155 thoughts on “Pitt Flips Naquan Brown From LSU

  1. Given LSU’s impending troubles, he was told Santa wouldn’t be dropping money into his stocking this Christmas.

    Pitt could have a bunch of ADs for all I care on the line but they need to be able to score. Offense wins games.

    How did that vaunted line do against elite completion this year? All those nfl prospects still gave up big points. Players or coaching. You pick Ike.

    I’ll get excited when pitt reels in some solid 6.0 rated skill players on offense. Starting first with a QB. And then left tackle.

    Nice pickup but isn’t pitt already stacked at D line? Wheres the O????


      1. If he keeps off the weight and stops growing. We’ll see.

        Offense still wins games

        The QB always has his hand on the ball every play. Only so much one single D guy can do out there.

        Pitt needs that four star QB

        Only a coach with an offensive background will have a chance to recruit him

        No young innovative stud OC is coming to pitt to work under a defensive stiff unless he’s been promised to be coach in waiting.

        Say hello to more 7 win average seasons.

        See link for average calculation


    1. Tex, I just wanted to compliment you on carrying Upittbaseball’s water. Upitt used to be a regular critic on this social media outlet but his comments have slowly faded away into oblivion since most of your comments often seem to be in lockstep simpatico with his attitude often times. Good job.

      Although I must admit, Upitt had much better snarky nicknames made up for all of Pitt’s athletic administrators.

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    2. Sadly the O is no more. No more on Campus to get late night grub, cheese/gravy fries and no more O on Pitt’s football team….with Toilet Paper misdirecting the O(ffense). Next year will be O-less in many ways.


    3. Tex, what’s the purpose of your comments? Getting this kid is a major plus for our side. Certainly something positive. If you are negative all the time, it’s no fun.

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      1. Not so fast my friend. Our season record is 5-5 & we are totally capable of losing to GT & any MAC team that they want us to oppose in a third rate bowl game. So don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

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  2. Despite many predictions to the contrary, and despite a much poorer record than expected this year, Putt has a top 20 (19 at this point) recruiting class on Rivals. But I agree, we need some magic on offense to make use of it in the “W” column.


  3. Jaylen Twyman, Rashad Weaver, Patrick Jones II. Those young men going to be high draft choices had to play some part in flipping Naquan Brown. I don’t think you can discount that circumstance. And then there is the great Aaron Donald. Pitt is now Defensive Lineman U. Flip it any way you want. This is still something to be proud of. There is enough anguish for Pitt fans to wallow in if they so choose. Me. I am going to enjoy this kid’s decision and that of the other two kids’, especially in the week following the Clemson blowout. No wallowing for me. At least not until the next big Pitt let down.

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  4. Two points, he did visit Pitt twice once in 2019 and in January of this year. And his teammate Myles Alston has also committed to Pitt this year.. Nevertheless the competition for his services was to say the least very large and Narduzzi, with Beatty’s help did close the deal. Let’s hope he plays up to his 4 star rating or better.

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  5. Nice job by Pitt. I have always thought that when you see LSU on TV, their players, physically, look like an NFL team.

    I have a feeling the Pitt Oline is going to get steadily better, now that we’ve seen the backups play. We’re okay at WR. We have to hope that Issy will be the real deal after a year of experience. Which leaves QB and TE as enormous question marks going forward..,

    Go Pitt.

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  6. Remember ….Pitt fired Wanny as his best recruiting class wars about to come to Pitt!
    5-7 w a blowout loss to Gtech and some bowl turkey should doom the Duzz! But it won’t


  7. Major can the OL get much worse especially at Run blocking? QB is the BIGGEST problem Pitt will be faced with come 2021. Hope I’m wrong but I don’t see anyone on our roster currently that could end up being an upgrade of Pickett.

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  8. The back up Pitt QBs never get to play. Why didn’t PN sit Pickett at halftime of the Clemson game? The damage was already done. I think he coddles Pickett to much and was afraid it would look like he was being benched.

    And Pitt’s defensive secondary seems a bit suspect next year. With only average LBs, and if Mathis doesn’t come back, they will be looking at a much weaker secondary that could get smoked next year.


    1. The secondary will be young next season – but there are some intriguing young guys, like Battle and Royal. Safety could be an issue, but we have Hill and Hallett, who have at least some experience now.

      At LB, Kamara is intriguing. Maybe Deshields. I’d look at moving SirVocea to the middle where we haven’t had a playmaker in ages…

      Go Pitt.


      1. at CB, M Williams and AJ Woods got a lot of PT, and there is a chance that Mathis returns

        Bright returns at LB as will Wendall Davis who started at MLB before getting hurt


        1. AJ Woods strikes me as one of those guys who will improve each year. I remember seeing him at the spring game when he was first coming in and I was a bit surprised by his slight build, but he has added some muscle – and he has speed.

          DB Williams is a little too show-boaty for my taste. But he can play some.

          Go Pitt.


          1. I want to offer an “AMEN” to #14 being too “show boaty” ….if I see him WAVING to the non-existent crowd again…..after a pass is OVER-THROWN….that will be too soon. M.Williams….just a little toooo short and too lacking in talent …….for the false bravado he tries to put out there.


    1. Yarnell’s tape looks like he could be another Dan Marino. Just kidding but he does look like he could be a good one and may actually be able to run a little if need be. Problem is Narduzzi and Whipple if he’s still around would be unlikely to trust putting a freshman QB out there next season. Anybody remember how long it took Clemson to put Trevor Lawrence out there at QB his freshman year?


  9. The best look on this recruits story is we beat Franky from Slappy Valley.

    Mix this LB with SirV and a certain Gateway safety, the D will be solid for a few years to come. Need the 4 star QB’s and RB’s to shine brighter than we’ve seen so far.

    Go Pitt!

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  10. Priority # 1 we need a strong O Line if we want to have any kind of a running game.
    And…..we need an O Line that can give our QB time to throw…….THE BASICS still count.
    Are you listening Borbs and Toilet Paper?


  11. Tex, I’ve been rough on you as of late and you kept your sense of humor. Kudos to you my friend, you sure are a piece of work but a good dude rancher from Texas. 🙂


    1. You are correct – UNC also was after Mr. Newton, so there must be something there. And he has some size.

      BTW, the other RB in this class, Hammond, was also offered by the Nits and UNC, per Rivals.

      Go Pitt.


  12. Pitt will have to win games 1-0 with our returning offense, especially with the Charmin leading the charge.

    I expect he will be shown the door after signing day, which is the 18th of December? I would put “Big Mike” Statham in as the small refrigertor and let him clear the way for flea. Heck, defenders wouldn’t be able to see flea coming at them. Me personally, I don’t like fleas as they agitate my curly tail.


  13. I am admittedly very naive, but assuming Pitt could identity the right candidate, if you were truly a young, up and coming Offensive genius OC, for a substantial pay raise, why not come to a team with the potential for a good defensive (against average teams), and a coach that will not interfere with your running of the offense?

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    1. Easy. An up and coming OC won’t come to a program with a HC with a tenuous hold on his job. If the HC leaves/is fired, the new HC will bring in his own crew of assistants.


      1. Except that Narduzzi’s job is not in a tenuous situation no matter how much some of you want to believe it is. You guys can keep yapping about it all you want, it’s doesn’t make it true. I kinda feel bad for you guys that you won’t get what you want for Christmas, ah no I don’t. But, Whipple may be gone as a stocking stuff-er for yinz all.


        1. Ike, you may be right about Narduzzi not leaving, and that makes even more sense because of the Covid loss of income, but — even the perception of a coach having a tenuous hold on his position could be dissuasive.

          BTW, how many times in the last six months has Lyke complimented Narduzzi on a job well done — or, for that matter, said anything at all about the program? Something is going behind the scenes.


    2. Ask yourself why can’t narduzzi find coordinators

      The money is there

      He doesn’t value the position

      He views the OC as a threat

      No OC wants to work under him and his abrasive style

      Poor track record

      Little talent on the O side since Narduzzi can just recruit D linemen

      And I would want my boss to care and be interested in what I do. I wouldn’t want a totally hands off boss. Nor would my players.

      And no OC wants to walk into a dead man walking situation or dumpster fire

      The longer this goes on, the more difficult it will be to find qualified coordinators that fit.


  14. Taking requests for POVert “tailfate entrance tunes”…
    Pick your own or for someone else.
    Hope Scooter doesn’t pick a Village People tune…


          1. a couple of Blues songs …

            Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out …. and …. The Thrill is Gone

            just hope nest week at this time ‘A Rainy Night in Georgia’ is appropriate


    1. As a back-up song, in case their are copy-write issues, Cat Stevens – Peace Train

      His live version is the best, but the words can be tough to understand unless you know the song well…


  15. hey Tex, if towards the end of the season, Narduzzi trotted out a long snapper who snapped the ball wildly 3 times, or made the late game decisions that Napier did, we would never hear the end of it from you. Only a shanked last second chip-shot FG saved Napier from total embarrassment. He practically handed the opportunity for App St to come back from a 14 point deficit with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter on a platter.

    And last week …. Toledo, a 10 pt favorite, lost to Ball St at home.

    And Kansas ST, after starting 4-1, is now 4-5 … not to mention that Minnesota and Syracuse also have losing records.

    POVers, the grass is always greener, right? But of course, the next Pitt hire will certainly bring this program back to prominence like the good old days

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    1. The grass may not be greener but I know the grass is brown and dead on Pitts side

      I know that Narduzzi makes top 25 pay for mid 50’s results

      So unless the fans and administration over values the graduation rates, gpa’s and community service stuff, Narduzzi is clearly not a good return on investment. He’s not a good value.

      I would add running a clean program but Narduzzi got the program on two years probation…on something so minor yet he was stupid enough to get caught.

      I believe in taking calculated risks

      I believe in my criteria and in my list

      I believe the time is now for a change


      1. enough with ranking Narduzzi’s pay. You compare his actual compensation (per PA right-to-know) compared to what schools report without any regard as to what these coaches are getting externally. If the USA salary scale is correct, then Narduzzi jumped from $2,2M to $4M in one year. If the USA scale is correct, then Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly is making only $2.5M, and Roy Williams is making only $2.2M.

        If there were right-to-know laws in all states and every coaches tax returns were actually made public, you would be singing a different tune

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        1. Other sources have compiled all this and rank the coaches in comp. everyone knows kelly gets money from his tv and radio deals and endorsements. Smart people have calculated the worth

          Narduzzi does make top 25 pay

          At the very least it is top 40 with cloudy waters around the data and disclosures.

          And the rpi results are mid 50’s

          Not a very good value


  16. Sorry but I don’t see Pitt doing anything but “Stand Pat” . With major revenue issues (No Gate money in major sports) many schools are having their staff’s take salary cuts or have cut programs and staff. Not the time for a huge buyout. I am not even sure that Whipple will go this year.
    Are people that anxious to make any moves till Covid is under control. Games are still getting cancelled left and right. I think everything will be on hold for another year.

    When you assume that Pitt Admin is anything more than slightly disappointed in this year’s results you make an ass out of u and me. Recruiting has not collapsed and it still might be a winning season as defined by as many wins as losses. The Pitt bar for success has always been lower than the expectations of fans and media. A “clean” program with academic achievement is satisfactory.


    1. If it wasn’t a covid year, Narduzzi would probably be gone

      The BoT does care about their money and their football spend. Remember they answer to the PA taxpayers.

      But the university is cutting staff and it would be a very bad look to buyout a person for $12 million when that money could have been used to save 200 staff jobs.


  17. At least the new offensive staff will have a bunch of OL that have some game experience to choose from. 🙂 Unfortunately, Pitt was forced to play 2nd team guys because of injury instead of having common sense and rotating them in throughout the season like they do with every other position except QB.

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    1. I think we fans were right to expect something more given narduzzis players and his 6th year with a experienced QB, second year under the system and a D loaded with talent.

      Pitt has to be one of the most disappointing teams this year.


  18. A note on the 2021 football recruitment rankings, so far —

    3 of Pitt’s 23 recruits are 4 stars, and they’re No. 19.
    PSU has 6 of 14 that are 4 stars, and they’re No. 30.
    Washington has 5 of 15 that are 4 stars, and one 5 star, and they’re No. 32.
    Arizona St. has 4 of 15 that are 4 star, and they’re No. 46.
    These rankings make no sense, unless it they are heavily based on the number of recruits, rather than on the overall quality of the particular class.

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    1. They are heavily based on the quantity. Rivals will calculate your ranking based on your best 20 recruits. So until teams get their quota, these rankings are meaningless.

      That’s why it is always best to look at the percentage of your class rated 5.7 and above.

      This year for Pitt, it is no different than previous years. Around 30 percent when pitt really needs that number to be 40 percent in order to compete in the Coastal talent wise.


    2. all of this is correct …. and a point I had tried to make to POV the last 2 years when Pitt’s ranking were low because Pitt only had room for 17 and 19 players … as opposed to 25 which most teams averaged. But of course, you guys didn’t want to hear it then … but now …..!!

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  19. Miami getting the short stick for the ACC championship – the canes must play #17 UNC next week while both Clemson and ND’s final games are cancelled.

    ND is in the best position with no losses, with Miami and Clemson with one loss, Miami’s to Clem and Clem to ND. If two games remain for both, there are many different outcomes.

    Are the ACC higher ups trying to manipulate the outcome?


    1. I actually like it. They are trying to ensure that ND and Clemson will be healthy and Covid free for the title game. And face it, the only chance Miami would have had is that if Clemson loses to both Va tech today and FL St next week (if they played) …. (if Clemson would lose just 1 of them, they still qualify because of head-to-head)


    2. They certainly tried to manipulate the outcome from the beginning with the schedule, why wouldn’t they do it now. Clemson has the obvious best chance to win another NC which means money and status for the conference. Plus ND beat them without the best player in the country that day. They deserve a rematch.


  20. Some more fun facts. Pitt would be right where they should be if not for the two one point losses vs. teams that overachieved this year. Funny they both lost badly to VATech. Also NCST’s record is overinflated since they didn’t play Clemson or ND just like UNC. Not playing one or both this year really helped in the win/loss column.

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    1. This is college football. I trust all of you to analyze the Coastal Div over the last 3-4 years and see if any of it makes any sense.


  21. I do agree that Narduzzi’s biggest flaw has been his choice of OC’s. Not one of them has recruited worth a darn and most weren’t here long enough to do so. Since Narduzzi is obviously better at identifying and recruiting defensive players he really needed someone to do the same on offense. A major reason for WMG.
    The lack of an elite running back and tight end has the most negative impact on wins and losses for the last two years. This has crushed red zone productivity.

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    1. his 1st 2 hires were good ones. I believe his 3rd hire was out of necessity since the search took nearly 2 months. I’d have to believe that a handful of people were interviewed or contacted. Reportedly, Billy Napier was one of them (mainly because he became a Narduzzi twitter follower — whatever that is) but ended up at ASU instead ….. maybe a salary issue.

      At least Whipple had the rep of being an offensive guru ….. he had a much better rep than Canada did when he was hired at Pitt


  22. Imo the biggest offensive problem areas are the offensive line play, the dropped passes, and the lack of a tight end receiving threat.

    The Ripple offense would look much better with improved execution in these three areas.

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      1. hope you’re being facetious! If not …. TRUST ME, you do not want to fire the receivers coach.

        In fact, if not for the receivers coach, this particular blog article would not have been written


        1. Well, we do need to upgrade the coaching of the WRs. Perhaps a grad assistant could help out. For one thing, our WRs rarely draw PI penalties because they are not aggressive enough going after the ball.

          UNC and some other ACC schools specialize in both pushing off to make receptions, and drawing flags when they don’t make receptions. Some of this may be conference bias, but we’re missing the riverboat in these areas…

          Not to mention the drops. I don’t care if the pass is coming end-over-end, we drop too many…

          Go Pitt.


  23. If Pitt had one both one point losses, I’d be content (< happy). If Pitt beat BC last year and won what would have been likely a better bowl game, I’d have been content and perhaps even happy. Sense a pattern. Narduzzi = Discontent.


  24. Grizzly above noted the Ripple Offense.
    If we could just get to Fred Sanford’s Champipple Offense I would be satisfied.
    (Ripple + Champagne for you youngsters)

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    1. Just read that 2 potential replacements at Texas is Franklin and Crystobal (Oregon). Note that Oregon’s OC is Pgh native Joe Moorhead ….. one of the very few I would fire Narduzzi for


    1. Excellent choice my friend Masked Man…I also have a leather trenchcoat but will not wear it the same day…plus a leather hat from my man Iek…


  25. Maybe, just maybe, Coach Narduzzi is doing as well or better than one could expect for a football program like Pitt in the current college football environment. He won the game (Austin Peay) he was expected to win and lost the two games where we were clearly overmatched. The rest he was competitive, winning or losing on a play here, a call there. He is paid a competitive salary for a Power 5 Head Coach. I suspect most long-term major program head coaches (say, 10 plus years: Ferentz, Dantonio, Deemer, etc.) had their share of losing and mediocre seasons.

    Maybe to the outside world of coaches, Pitt is perceived as a graveyard for coaching careers. They ask themselves, “can I win at the level the existing fan base expects with all the limitations at that school”? And, if not, no matter my level of effort, what does that do to my career when they fire me or my Head Coach (and I’m gone with him)?

    Now if I’m a sixty-something year old (Whip, Stallings) maybe I take that chance, knowing that I might be content to retire if it does not work out. But young and trendy coaches? Probably not.

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    1. What are the limitations?


      Outside around 15-20 schools, schools all share similar limitations or constraints.

      I can tell you that facilities isn’t one

      Nor is it budget

      And there are plenty of solid recruits within 500 miles of Pittsburgh

      So how does pitt have more limitations than a Purdue , Illinois or Indiana. More than a vandy, Kentucky or ole miss. More than a California, Arizona state or Washington state. More than a Iowa state, Kansas state or TCU. More than a Syracuse, BC or nc state.

      They don’t.


      1. For sure bro….Navy wins or won a lot with a System. Beat the snot out of us in Military Bowl And they are always short on talent.

        Mike Leach consistently wins with less talent and a System. He’s going to be tested severely with that System in the SEC….but it is after all the SEC. Mike Leach had an 11 win season at Wazzu. And two 9 win seasons, with talent level far below Oregon, USC, Stanford, the 2 Arizona’s and UCLA.

        After a successful stint at Navy, Paul Johnson’s System worked at GT. Where he had two 11 win seasons. And two 9 win seasons. Including two Orange Bowl appearances. Pitt has been to a Major Bowl once in 37 years.

        Pitt is never going to win consistently playing a Pro Style offense or a version of the West Coast dink and dunk. And when you go up against the Big Boys, you generally get Manhandled.

        It wasn’t a coincidence, that when Pitt beat Clemson, it was with an offense that included lots of trickeration & gimmicks to keep the defense out of whack.


        1. do you realize the irony here? Mike Leech has led the NCAA in passing attempts the past few years; while Navy was 1st and 3rd in rush attempts. Pitt was 16th in rush attempts in 2018, while it was 8th last year and 4th this year in pass attempts. This is a big change especially for the OL I would think

          I don’t think you’ll get many offensive recruits with a wishbone or whatever. And also, you’ll note that once the ACC start catching up with defending the Bone, Johnson/GT started on a downward trend


    1. Iowa State wearing an ugly grey uniform. Buttgers and Illinois wearing ugly black today.

      Buttgers is a fitting opponent for the enablers of psux today.


  26. Washington’s stadium is nice. Beautiful background. On tv now.

    Pitts background could be more spectacular however.

    But some kids like playing in a pro stadium of the Steelers

    Some fans like the seating, parking and in/out.

    Not having an OCS is not a limitation. But it does show that Pitt is not serious about sports or running a business.


        1. John – When I lived in Texas (74-87), I wasn’t much of a college football fan but I did like Rice. I vaguely remember a Rice-A&M game where the leader of the A&M Corp of cadets chased the Rice cheerleaders off the field with his drawn sword. Ask your kids if they ever heard of that occurrence.

          Wasn’t the Rice band pretty irreverent in their half time performances?

          Always thought Rice was a really good school. Congrats to your kids.

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          1. Richard — The Rice band is The MOB, The Marching Owl Band. My son had a great time being in the MOB. They dress the gangster part with Fedoras. And you’re correct, they are IRREVERENT to the max.

            My son sent me this article, Google it if you’d like to read about the 1973 incident, and some other Rice shenanigans.

            “Five of the Riciest Things That Rice Ever Riced”

            And we all really liked Rice – great school.


            1. Really liked the article you suggested. Confirms my belief that engineering students do crazy things.

              Article was in Texas Monthly magazine. I used to subscribe to that magazine back when I lived in Texas. Even subscribed when I moved to South Carolina. Then I married my first wife & things changed.

              I liked that magazine even though they ignored East Texas (or at least that part of Texas east of Dallas and north of Houston areas) in their articles.

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  27. anyone watching the Wis – Ind game just now? Guess who else is using the QB whisper process? They just highlighted it in fact but also said that it is an occasional thing


  28. Looks lyke Coastal Carolina may be good because they recruit thugs.

    Am I banned from the POV for commenting on that?


    1. You shouldn’t be.

      Thuggee (UK: /θʌˈɡiː/, US: /ˈθʌɡi/) refers to the acts of the Thugs, who were organised gangs of professional robbers and murderers. The English word thug traces its roots to the Hindi ठग (ṭhag), which means ‘swindler’ or ‘deceiver’. Related words are the verb thugna (‘to deceive’), from the Sanskrit स्थग (sthaga ‘cunning, sly, fraudulent’) and स्थगति (sthagati, ‘he conceals’).[3] This term, describing the murder and robbery of travellers, was popular in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent and particularly India.


      1. The BYU QB threw an interception – two CC defenders found the QB and proceeded to give him a back ally mugging with body slamming and what looked lyke intent to do harm.

        You have to see it…


    1. Most of the country has become one large Funny Farm. That’s why I thought Pitt would have a great season. Everything is Upside Down. And inside out.

      So we expect you to come in a Straight Jacket ! haha hehe


    2. I’m not making this up. I printed out the lyrics to this and tacked it on the wall of my cubicle next to my desk on my last job before I retired. And I remember the original of this which was recorded back in the early 60s


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