Well. That happened. I don’t know what it is about playing Virginia Tech with a one-dimensional offense at Heinz Field on senior night that brings out the best in Pitt Football, but damn. If I were Pat, I’d lobby the ACC to keep Virginia Tech as the final home game of the season in perpetuity.

And think about Virginia Tech. Oh those fans just have to be livid. I mean they didn’t just get blown out, but they got blown out by Pitt. Pitt! A team that couldn’t score inside the redzone if we replaced the opposing defense with a wet paper bag. Pitt! The team that mustered exactly zero points against them in Blacksburg last season. Pitt! The team left for dead by many (including me) after dropping four games in a row just after they broke into the top 25. And yet, here we are. Jaylen Barden Emerged. DJ Turner had an All-ACC Day. A young offensive line blocked better than the veterans they replaced, and Kenny Pickett went out and had his best game as a Panther. 47 points later, Justin Fuente’s seat is feeling pretty damn hot. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Speaking of Pitt’s offense, is it fair to say they’ve turned a corner? Possibly. Yes, Pitt has played two of the worst FBS defenses they’ve faced all season, but look at the point differential. Not only has Pitt dropped 40+ in its last two games, but they’ve outscored the opposing defense’s Points Against Average in those two games as well. That only happened once this season against an FBS team, and that was in overtime. Case in point:

I don’t know if this turnaround is enough to save Whipple’s job, but if Pitt’s offense can muster a respectable showing against Clemson (which means 24-28 points) and drop 40 against Georgia Tech, Whip just might be able to make himself a case for continuity (much to Pitt fans’ collective chagrin). It’s just too bad Whip couldn’t have figured out this forty point thing like three games into the season. NC State’s defense, at least statistically, is no better than VT’s, and Boston College’s isn’t much better either.

But hey lets not delve into controversy tonight. There is plenty of time for that. Tonight belongs to the seniors and to their families. Tonight belongs to all the guys who showed up and let it all hang out at Heinz. Tonight belongs to the guys who worked their a$$es off for four or five years for Pitt football. While their early season aspirations have fallen by the wayside, it’s always nice to send the senior class out with a win. Especially against the hated Hokies. #LightItUp and Hail to Pitt.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

PS – some of my favorite tweets of they day below are included for your viewing pleasure.

Editor’s Note: Look at how much bigger Goncalves is…
Go figure…

Yes. Yes they do. Gotta love ’em. (when you aren’t raving mad at ’em)

H2P. And thank you Seniors.

“Cathy” Ugh. Kids these days…

174 thoughts on “Virginia Tech at Pitt Postgame Thread

  1. as I continue to say, it’s often when you play someone as opposed to who you play

    Anybody notice a team playing in its 7th straight week breaking down as the game went on against a team playing only its 2nd game the last 4 weeks? Seem familiar?

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  2. Fact is that this entire season is to be taken with a grain if salt

    — most of the northern teams had little or no spring practice; most of the southern teams had

    — the pre-season practice was both shortened and interrupted

    — many of the key players opted out

    — just one or no easy OOC games depending on your league

    — abbreviated, amended schedules, often disproportionate

    — byes galore, most unplanned


  3. Nice story that DJ Turner will have to tell his son. DJ said his son was at the game and was at the pre-game Panther walk, where they got a photo with Kenny Pickett.

    Then DJ goes out and catches 15 passes for 184 yards, some big third down conversions, and a long TD.

    Oh, BTW, DJ’s son is one-month old… 😊

    (Great job on this write-up, and the tweets, MM.)


  4. I’ve not said this often but I am a very happy Pitt Alum and fan tonight. Great Pitt game today and Penn State got crushed and is 0-5. Want to get some enjoyment….read the Blackshoe Diaries !
    We haven’t had many of these positive surprises under Narduzzi.


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  5. I’m completely confused as to whether the success of the running game was mostly attributable to much better blocking by the OL, or whether VT is just that horrible. Likely a bit of both.

    However, if any credit can be attributed to the players substituting on the OL, it speaks volumes to how damn stubborn and frankly stupid this coaching staff is. How do you need a health emergency to force your hand to try some different players, given the abject failure the running game has been for 8 games.

    Sadly if this and a win at GT saves this offensive coaching SHxx Show it is possibly the worst thing that could happen to this team.

    But, for now, congratulations to a group of young men who appear to have rallied and overcome a major obstacle, and performed in an amazing fashion bringing home a great victory on senior night. BTW, if this game doesn’t get Hamlin drafted or at least signed by an NFL team, I’d be surprised. He was a beast against the run game, and that is what you look for from the strong safety.


    1. Agree on the Oline – why not try somebody else. Today they were forced to.

      Check out right tackle Van Lynn’s block on the first running TD…

      A big key today was that we did not have those runs for lost yardage that have been killing us…

      Go Pitt.

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      1. Most times the lost yards were the result of missed blocking assignments and RBs who couldn’t either escape or bowl over the defender. It’s the OL play that has been the missing ingredient.

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  6. Saw the game in bits and pieces and listened to the rest. From what I did see, the running game looked a little more creative and the lanes were wider. Don’t know if the personnel was the reason behind that or the opponent, probably a bit of both, but I think you have to give the fresh blood another look based on the results.

    As for the coaching, I said a few weeks back that a competitive showing against Virginia Tech and a win against Georgia Tech would buy Narduzzi at least two years more years and I feel even more strongly about that now. I don’t think this same courtesy extends to all of his staff.

    Lastly, props to the young bucks and especially to the seniors — so happy they authored a great performance in their last game at Heinz, just sad they didn’t have an adoring crowd showering them with cheers for their final memory of the place.

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  7. I admit I was one of the many who threw the towel in on this season after the 4 straight loses. I didn’t think Pitt could score 80 plus points in two games if they played the Little Sisters Of The Poor. Granted FSU and VT have not played great football this season but I’d bet both of those teams out starred(recruiting wise) Pitt over the past 4 years by a ton.—–Anybody game for reuping Whipple and Borberly now at season end? 🙂

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  8. Let’s see if they can be competitive against Clemson, I don’t expect them to win but I am expecting them to be competitive and not embarrass themselves like the ND game.

    If they aren’t competitive against Clemson was yesterday a blue mirage versus an overhyped mediocre VT team?

    Also in looking at the offensive line play yesterday they did push the defensive line around and the pulling offensive line men actually showed athletic ability to move quickly and make block. Pregame yesterday the VT defensive line was announced as a pass rush juggernaut and really was no factor all day.

    Why were these backups at OL not playing all along?

    @jrnpitt I’m not a fan of keeping the OC or OL coaches.

    Why continue to run your QB who has a bad ankle to the sideline constantly versus signaling plays or rotate RBs sending in the plays?

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    1. KP was in a boot after the game. My guess is he does not play vs Clemson.

      Good day for golf in Central PA with good friends – no pedo enablers. One lady golfer saw my Pitt shirt and asked if I was going to watch the game. She told me she was only playing nine so she could see the game. I had to double check the time as I was only on #10 and she was on #8. She must have had one heck of a tailgating event to attend.

      My friends and I picked up our wives after very good rounds of golf and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for the game – my Hulu stopped allowing me access to “live” content and I haven’t figured out why yet.

      We requested (@ BWW) that the PSUx game to be played on the smaller screen next to the Pitt game. We could not have scripted a more entertaining day – kind of lyke an early Thanksgiving, with turkey, football, family & friends.

      Life can be good!

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      1. We went to our local veterans club and had Both games side by side on 65 inch TV’s. The PSU fans started out load and laughed that Pitt was right beside their game on the TV’s but became real quite by half time and were running out the door by the third quarter. None of them were there by the end of the game. It isn’t nice to say but one of the better days of my life. Makes up for all the snide comments by them on other game days!

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  9. Do you think Clemson will play the game if they are short handed? Seems they are still a consensus playoff contender and not likely to be hurt by COVID-related cancellations.


    1. My opinion is they play the game unless it means something in the top rankings. Thus ND, Miami and Clemson games get postponed and mediocre Pitt vs VT play.

      I’ll have to go back and look at the games that were postponed to see if that lines up as being true.

      At this point, the Pitt season is a disappointment and while yesterday’s win over mediocre VT was entertaining, the season is a head scratcher.


  10. So two one point losses and two without KP. What might have been.

    Good thing the coaches and players don’t listen to us.

    Great job by both to salvage what was a potential disaster and give us some joy.

    Sorry to see the naysayers disappear. Can’t you suck it up and say something positive like Dan72.

    Be big enough to be happy for our young men

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    1. Gordon, I am both happy for the team and even the coaches but still a bit frustrated as you say by what might have been. Seemingly the coaches are still very stubborn and don’t adjust until forced to ( as in yesterday). 2 more wins in the games we lost by 1 point each would have put us where I think we could and should realistically be. I don’t think Covid has anything to do with our record this year. Feeling like we feel today a couple more times each season would satisfy me. After 6 years can Narduzzi and the offensive staff get us there any time soon?

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      1. I get the frustration and a couple strong performances doesn’t eliminate that.
        However it seems we have a group that only revels with the pain, and disappears when things actually go well.
        Or continues to find fault saying coaches should have used these young guys sooner instead of saying they really coached them up for this game.
        Never give any credit, the other team stinks and that is why we won, instead of we overcame 13 missing guys plus Ford to dominate.

        HTP instead of SOP is a good thing

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        1. Most teams rally behind adversity. I don’t think Narduzzi could coach up a snail but that’s my opinion. And Pitt being well rested and playing at home did help. Look at the explosion in the second half. Pitt normally falls asleep at halftime.


    2. If the coaches did listen to some of us, Narduzzi would have made his ten win season and won the ACC championship by now.

      Just like what Pitts men’s soccer will be doing today against Clemson. When a very good coach that can recruit combine, you get number one. Thanks Coach Jay.

      Pitt is a football school. Soccer that is.


  11. The biggest difference on offense was Pitt didn’t just dabble in spreading the field, they were committed. They had an identity on offense.

    4 and 5 wide receivers on most plays
    Up tempo a lot of the game
    They didn’t try forcing a power run game
    The successful runs were a result of spreading the field horizontally and vertically
    Many quick passes

    If you never watched a Pitt game before and tuned in you would think Pitt ran a spread offense. Has Whipple been watching Mike Leach film? 🙂

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  12. I expected a Pitt win but not a blowout. First time in six years that Narduzzi pleasantly surprised me. Canada and his offense surprised me with clemson.

    Looks like Pitt was focused and well rested. Looks like the players missing due to covid are replaceable. With one exception.

    Kenny sure did look like someone who would be far better than Duck on the Steelers practice squad. Give the kid a line and running game and he’s a pretty good QB.

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  13. I apologize beforehand for a bit of a rant on Pitt penalties…

    —Do we need to buy a rule book for each player? Should Pitt offer the team a 3-credit course each summer on the rules? (Perhaps the same could be said for the coaches…)

    —Excessive celebration is a ridiculous penalty to have on the books and an even dumber penalty to get called on you. But when Turner and a couple players run off the field to outside the end zone and do a little dance, why is that a penalty? If it is, then why isn’t the turnover celebration of a dunk or a gold chain ceremony a penalty??

    —Illegal formation. I get it that there are a lot of plays and a lot of personnel groupings, but shouldn’t somebody realize an illegal formation when they see one? Before the snap, that is. (I guess this must be something really egregious because it seems every time we get called for this it cancels out a 15 yard gain…)

    —Do some players think they are invisible? On a punt return, we had a player grab a Hokie gunner and throw him to the ground. Course this happens all the time, but not out in the middle of the field with no one around you. The whole stadium saw that play – how in the world was the Pitt player thinking they could get away with that?

    I know we won, but the number and just plain dumbness of these penalties are wearing on some. We officially had 9 yesterday – does that number include the 3 or so that were declined???

    Been this way all season…

    Go Pitt

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    1. Wanny ran a far more disciplined team with his ‘thug’ players. Again, this goes back to practice and having game day consequences. Maybe Narduzzi has a deal with the players to allow on the field crimes as a trade off for off the field arrests.


  14. Major, loved the phrase “just plain dumbness” which i will use as JPD to comment on some postings i think are asinine.
    Thank you in advance…


  15. Random thoughts..

    I still think WMG. Hire an air raid OC.
    Yellen and Patti can’t make the throws Pickett can. Does Beville have more arm strength?
    Thought Zubovic had some great run blocks.
    Agree on the idiotic penalties, same old issue.
    Turner is built like a RB. Helps him get YAC.
    Pitt really missed SirVocea.
    Cam Bright and SirVocea’s speed are critical for Pitt’s D.
    Brandon George looks a little slow out there. Hopefully it is just lack of experience and hesitation.
    4.8 yards per carry, 67% completion rate on 50 some attempts wins games
    Hamlin made some great tackles.

    Was the offensive game plan tailored just for VT or is this it moving forward? I am skeptical.

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  16. ^^ gc, My take on the disappearing posters when PITT wins or does well. They cannot use their “witty” commentary to tear down something they profess to love or at least like. Hard to call names and use their derisiveness when Narduzzi wins a football game. Especially when he does it with a bunch of his lousy backup and his terrible recruiting. Tell that to star studded Fla State and Virginia Tech coaches and team.


  17. I sure hope this is the O-line unit for the remaining part of the year. I don’t trust Borbley to ride with these same five the final two games.

    Looking ahead to 2021, will the left side be Gonclaves at left tackle and Warren shifts inside to guard? I just hope a center can be found.


    1. Yes. It is at Rutgers and I was shocked at how competitive the Knights looked versus Michigan. Heck, Rutgers has been competitive all season long. The QB is solid and the entire team plays hard and those fans must be so thrilled.

      PSU might be 0-6 heading into that one and those Rutgers players will be looking for some payback to whip the Nitters.

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  18. These type games brew hatred because of the one sidedness. Last year’s 28-0 a$$ kicking the Hokies put on Pitt gives the guys a chip on their shoulders & motivation for payback. On the flip side, heart breaking close loses like the 1st & goal, can’t gain a yard fiasco at the end of the VT game in Blacksburg a few years back also stokes those same fires. Fires like those build a rivalry. IMO, in all of the ACC, (with the exception of Syracuse) VT is the program that feels like the one we are developing a rivalry with.

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  19. Great day for Pitt all around! Just hope this form of play can continue to finish the season strong.

    We can’t control how good our opponents are – we beat a rival in VT and beat a depleted FSU team as we should have. 2 solid wins. We haven’t always won those games so they are good and should be celebrated.

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  20. It’s funny but I bet a lot of Hokie fans are thinking today — I wish our offense was wide-open like Pitt’s offense…🤔


  21. Don’t forget the Pitt soccer game at noon today on ESPNU.

    Watching the tape of the football game today and after the Steeler game will watch a tape of psuX loss.


  22. You know folks Pitt would have never won the Coastal Division 2 years back without Borbs IMO. He came to Pitt his first year and established a Zone blocking OL scheme for Pitt which resulted in both Ollison and Hall having 1000 plus yard seasons. They couldn’t run block worth a dam but not many of our Coastal opponents could stop our two 1000 yards RB’s either.

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  23. Busy day multi-tasking yesterday. At one point I was watching the football game on my laptop, the North Allegheny girls soccer state championship game on the kitchen TV, and listening to the North Allegheny girls volleyball game on my phone. Won 2 out of 3. Lost the soccer game in double OT. Still a pretty good day. Glad the football team had a great senior day. Too bad there were hardly any fans to cheer them. H2P, and let’s go mens soccer!!

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  24. Boy, did I ever get this game wrong; thought they were going to lose and lose big with so many players out because of covid. But, this does confirm two age old adages:
    1. This is why you actually play the games, and
    2. This is why you shouldn’t bet on sports.

    The players really rallied around Pickett and his leadership. Well done all the way around !!

    As well as the reconstituted offensive line did yesterday (fantastic job, fellas !!), the flip side of that is it is further proof that Borbeley sucks as an offensive line coach: he can’t judge the players he has, and he can’t put together the best offensive line with the players he has. Before he was forced to use the players he used yesterday, he has put together the OLine based on experience alone, rather than talent and cohesiveness.
    Can’t recruit as well.

    Still a head scratcher as to why A.J. Davis hasn’t been the number one running back — he looked like an actual Pitt running back yesterday — rather than the little guy.

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  25. This seems worth repeating – since it is so rare lately.

    Pitt’s TD drives yesterday:

    8 plays, 75 yards
    8 plays, 65 yards
    4 plays, 99 yards
    13 plays, 79 yards
    13 plays, 80 yards

    Was Matt Canada in the booth?

    Go Pitt.

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  26. I would like to offer a mea culpa on Kenny Pickett. He is much better than I gave him credit for and Out would likely have just 1 win without him. If Whipple ran that offense that we saw yesterday all season, we would likely have 2 more wins and much better rushing stats.


    1. With all due respect my good good friend, that was the same Pickett yesterday I’ve been watching the past few years. Some of his play has been drowned out by a couple factors. Constant changing of OC’s, a great running game a few years ago and a poor o-line. I thought I heard an announcer say NFL material yesterday?

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      1. I think it’s safe to say Pickett has gotten better each year and in the last two years he’s gotten better as the season has gone on. His WR corps did him no favors last season tats for sure. Going to surprise some ppl in the NFL

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        1. No question Mike, Pickett has steadily improved the past few years but his talent, leadership and grit was evident early on. That will be on full display when he plays against Clemson.


    2. KP certainly can be maddening. I thought he made some poor throws early, but he certainly warmed up and then played very well.

      But it did seem like VT’s defense never adjusted to the quick throws and just encouraged Pitt to keep doing it by playing so far off our receivers…

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  27. In the early going it seems Clemson is dominating Pitt in the ACC soccer championship.

    The Tigers are up 1-0

    Pitt has never trailed all season.


  28. I don’t buy the coaches have been playing the wrong players theory. The coaches see these players every day in practice. I don’t believe they get to this level of coaching without being able to evaluate performance or favoring lesser ability players just for the heck of it. No question, our offensive line played well yesterday. Maybe it was a matchup advantage. Or the opponent was struggling for some reason. Who knows.

    If you watched the Penn State – Nebraska game, you saw Clifford absolutely stink. Levis came in and outplayed Nebraska the rest of the game but couldn’t pull out the win. Looked like Levis should have been the starter all along. He started yesterday, played poorly and then got pulled for Clifford. Hard to draw conclusions from one game.

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    1. When your HC has never held that position, fans can point to player evaluation as a concern because this is their first go around.

      I’m in the questioning Duzz camp.

      Sure he gets paid millions to do it right – that does not make him good at it…


    2. Definitely the match up. Also, Pickett got rid of the ball quick. The offensive game plan was better than usual. The OL played good but they aren’t better than the normal starters.


  29. He’s got a point.

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  30. Pitt held the Gobblers to their lowest scoring output(14) of the season (9 games). A team that was avg’g 35 ppg

    The Defense has improved significantly since the showboat quit. I was expecting many secondary breakdowns as usual. None that I remember occurred.

    Other than the one 55 yard td run in the 2nd Q by them, that was it for long plays. Pitt gave up some yards (434) but didn’t give up scores. And the goal line Defense by Pitt, in the 3rd Q when the game was still very much in doubt was really the defining moment in this game, that became a rout. For had VT punched it in there, it would have been 26-21. But Pitt held and proceeded to go 99 and 1/2 yards in 1 minute, which
    had to be crushing for the Hokie players and coaching staff, by making it Pitt 33-14. Rout on !

    Pitt outscoring an opponent in the 2nd half is rare enough. But to totally overwhelm an opponent on the
    scoreboard in the 2nd half is even rarer. Pitt won the 2nd half and in fact pitched a shutout…24-0.

    Now I know the killjoys and Debbie Downers will attempt to belittle or minimize our last 2 victories.

    Never mind them, we not only beat, but put BEATDOWNS are two schools with vastly larger National
    football reputations than ours. And certainly much bigger than anyone in the B1G, not named OSU.

    A very good coaching job indeed, when the season looked on the verge of no more wins, just a month ago.

    Enjoy the feeling, cause the ACC schedulers has us playing in Death Valley. which has to be the toughest schedule in the ACC and perhaps the country.

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  31. A shoutout to Jackagain….for posting that excellent streaming link for the game, yesterday.

    I am familiar with a lot of these over the years and that’s the best free game streaming link
    I’ve ever seen or used. No popups, downloads, possible scams/trojans, etc to deal with.

    Thank You again Jackagain. You are the King of Free Live Streams !


  32. Couple leftover game thoughts:

    —What’s up with Taysir Mack? With all the passing going on he was pretty quiet – maybe 2 catches?

    —How ‘bout Kessman? Hits from 52 and 53 in the same game. I wanted Pitt to go for it rather than kick FGs, but I was sure glad Kessman made all those kicks. Super Senior-Day for him.

    —Looking at that post-game photo of the Oline that played yesterday, Goncalves is a mountain of a guy but it looks like he could be pretty amazing if he toned that body up some…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. And it wasn’t as close as the score indicated. Clemson dominated Pitt with fresh legs and constant hustle. The announcers kept pointing out how tired Pitt looked in the 2nd half, even after scoring the tying goal in the 1st few minutes coming out of halftime.

      Keep in mind the #1 seeded Pitt team traveled to North Carolina to play all three ACC tournament games – Clemson was basically playing a home game as a #3 seed in their 3 games.

      Not an excuse, just an observation. I felt lyke I wasted 2 plus hours watching a minimal effort by a team in a fricking championship game.

      There was a lot of “flopping” too. Ruins the the entertainment value for me.

      Lesson learned – next time I’ll brave the 40 degree weather and play golf.


      1. I think the suggestion that Pitt was tired by the girl announcers was exaggerated. Pitt was completely dominated in the first half and was lucky to come away down only 0-1, they were on their heels playing out of their own half almost the entire 1st half and looked exhausted, but Pitt played Clemson pretty evenly in the second half due to whatever adjustments were made. Clemson is a more established program with better quality depth at this point, plus they had a player or two with elite speed. Clemson was the better team and deserved the win, but it was not a case of minimal effort. Pitt’s injured left back being out hurt them a lot because his replacement was a poor passer and provided no offense/overlap threat.

        Outstanding showing by Pitt this year, should allow them to recruit really well in the US going forward.

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  33. Watching a bit of the Pitt-VT replay. Which reminded me that there’s a difference between the jet sweep action we do now and the more successful jet-sweep plays we ran under Oh Canada. The difference, which I think is significant, is the timing of when the ball is snapped.

    With Peterman, the snap was timed so that a hand-off to the jet-sweeper was always an option. The defense had to respect that option. Now, the sweeper is usually three steps past the QB when the ball is snapped – except for plays when we actually plan to give the sweeper the ball. So on most plays, the deception is gone.

    I think this is a big difference and makes the play much easier to read and anticipate by the defense.

    I suggest Whip look at the old video or go talk to Oh Canada…

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  34. Hinish the Younger gets a Pitt offer per PSN…reports Partridge most likely to be primary recruiter after landing Donald also from Central.


    1. Maybe we need Lastrow to recruit the Central Catholic guys? Seriously, who could turn down Lastrow. As a bonus, their families could come to the tailgates and meet Scooter (once we all get vaccinated).

      ( I have vague memories of getting the newly released Salk polio vaccine when I was a kid…)

      Go Pitt.


  35. per Rivals, Hinish is in the class of 2022 and did get a Pitt offer, but the experts are already predicting ND

    but a few locals you may want to keep your eye on …

    — Rodney Gallagher, class of 2023 for both FB and BB



    —- and these guys especially Fearbry


  36. also lost in the shuffle is Gateway’s Derrick Davis committed to LSU … he reportedly narrowed it down to LSU and UF

    This is another blow to Franklin who has had Terry Smith on his staff since 2014. Smith is Asst HC / Recruiting Coordinator / CB coach. He is a PSU alum who was Gateway’s HC before going to alum. He also had been on the trail of Davis since the kid was in 8th grade. Supposedly, Smith had wooed the likes of Miles Sanders (Woodland Hills) and Lamont Wade (Clairton) since they were in 9th grade;

    according to Rivals. Davis had visited PSU at least 9 times https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2021/derrick-davis-209719#school-interests


  37. BigB thought the wheels came off the bus a month ago and was kinda hoping we would lose out- right to force some changes especially on the “O”.. goes to show you how much I know!

    You are all invited to my house for Thanksgiving dinner… We are serving CROW….


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    1. Baked or Deep Fried? All Pitt apparently needed was a break. Now Clemson plays Pitt this coming week and VT the following week. Look for VT to give Clemson the better game after getting a much needed bye


  38. I’ve read a few comments over the last few year about Pitt OL being too fat or out of shape. That is 90% of college football OL. I don’t get the philosophy either, but it is not unique to Pitt.

    Someone should ask Narduzzi the questions we come up with on the POV. He gets the same BS questions every week.

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    1. Last year they took a picture at kennywood. They all looked obese. They aren’t supposed to be chiseled muscle. They should have some flab. But last year they had too much.

      This year it looks like they lost some weight. Carrying more weight does make you slower/less quick and impacts endurance, susceptibility to injury.

      They appear to have the playing weight corrected this year. Doesn’t Pitt have a new dietician and or trainer this year?


    2. I watched Goncalves some on the replay. He held his own quite well – you’d never have guessed it was his first start. Now maybe the guy across from him wasn’t that good.

      Also noticed Zubovic doing some blocking downfield, and on the QB sneak for the TD, it looked like it was Z-Man who had the good push…

      I still say we need a rule that the upper weight limit for Pitt offensive linemen is 300 pounds… 😊

      Go Pitt.

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  39. No doubt Pickett has been hampered for the past two years by a pathetic offensive line. Best line play in two years on Saturday. Sounds like folks here believe Borbs and Duzz will be stubborn and put the old group back together for Clemson. That would be idiotic, loyalties be damned. But we all know it will happen.


  40. Speaking of Heather being at OBX, out to lunch or wherever Waldo is, it seems to me that PITT’s “other” sports are doing pretty good these days. I don’t know how they compute the points but it feels like the ancillary sports if you will are popping on the sports news much more than they use to. Another way to tell if they are doing good is that we aren’t hearing Tex drone about how lousy they are every 20 minutes.

    Had an old time buddy text me early in the VT game when PITT didn’t pick up a fourth and one. “They couldn’t pick up a 3 and 1, start making your excuses right now” I waiting like I always do, waited to the end of the game, seems like the logical thing to do before complaining. Guess who had the last laugh? I told him to start making his excuses for complaining so prematurely and so much. Imagine bitching during a football game when PITT wins 47-14, some people are miserable I tell ya.

    Liked by 2 people

  41. Based on the success of the OL on Sat, Im wondering the following:

    Does Whipple’s offense require more sophisticated blocking schemes?
    Did Borberly and Whipple agree to simplify the blocking schemes to help the back-ups succeed?
    If so, did this perhaps help not only the OL, but the RBs?

    Anybody here ever actually play on an OL or QB and able to comment on what we saw Sat?


    1. Im thinking that Apollo had about 4 blocking schemes…one for a pass and perhaps 2-3 run…. a guard pull, sweep and straight ahead. If they deviated from that its because Bernie drew something up in the dirt.

      Liked by 3 people

  42. Hey iek, this is for you

    An update of the Negative Nellies’ wish list

    Dino Babers (Syracuse): 1-8 after getting beat 30-0

    PJ Fleck (Minnesota): 2-3 but should be 1-4 as even acknowledged by the B10 office

    Chris Kliman (Kansas St): 4-4 after getting beat 45-0


    Pat Narduzzi (Pitt): 5-4

    Heck, apparently you Nellies want to hire a new coach but you can’t even HANDPICK a winner!

    You proclaim these coaches to be the next Bear Bryant but they may end up as the next Dave Hart

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Said crapshoot can be seen in the hiring of Justin Fuente at VT and Mike Norvell at Florida St. Two previously proven 10-win head coaches at two schools that sit at a program level to which we aspire. Just read an article this morning claiming that the VT fan base is ready to show Fuente the door. One or both may still succeed, but it’s certainly far from assured.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. 5th year for Fuente. How is that a big difference?

        The point is that we keep hearing that Pitt needs to hire a coach who has proven success as a Head Coach at a Division 1 school. Well Fuente is one of those. And he came into a program that was not starting from scratch. But coaching changes are a crapshoot. No matter what anyone here says.


        1. He’s already won at tech. Doozi is a 7 win season coach. And 1-4 in bowl games. How’s that for difference

          This weekend will be reversion to the mean.


        2. And tech has much higher expectations than pitt. It’s all relative. A Pitt coach is successful based on how many kittens his players save from trees.


  43. At least we can count on Pitt’s rugged ground game to wear down that Clemson defense! 🙂 It is quite likely that Clemson scores 40 or more points, and if they can control Pitt’s OL then look for the time of possession to lean heavily Clemson’s way. If Pitt gets 10 points it will be a good day.


    1. Can we please at least attempt to cover anyone coming out of the backfield for a pass. These guys who are all alone – why don’t we try this more?

      Vinnie catches the ball well. So does AJ – if AJ had another step, he’d be a very good back…

      Go Pitt.


  44. I read that Dabo ripped Florida State yesterday for using Covid as an excuse to run and hide. I think Pitt playing without 16, including 7 or 8 starters, on Saturday would indicate that we will do everything possible to get the game in. Just hope the 16 does not turn into 30 or 40.


    1. Just a rumor, I know another iek rumor. Whipple and a few others out on the offensive side of the ball at the end of season? Beatty a possible candidate for the new OC position.


        1. I find this surprising. With his recruiting prowess, you’d think he be more than a WR coach. Hasn’t he moved around a good bit, too.
          Hey, if he has a system that looks good, give him a shot… But what is his philosophy…

          Don’t take this wrong, but I do like the idea of at least a black coordinator, if not a black head coach. I’m thinking about recruiting…

          Go Pitt.


    2. A Pitt team with 1 or 2 losses would have postponed the game. Duzz has nothing to lose as the season is lost with 6 wins as the ceiling.

      EE who is not waiting until next year…


  45. I’m not going to rehash everyone’s comments, just a few summary points.

    First regarding the POV, I thought there were a lot of good insights as usual, pretty balanced with critical and positive aspects of the performance, only maybe one or two grumpy old men comments stemming from a lack of integrity (can’t admit a good performance and give credit where credit is due). Kudos to the overwhelming majority.

    Most importantly, with regard to the OL, that seemed to be the team’s best performance of the year despite 3 new starters. What does that tell us? Will the coaching staff go back to the original starters perhaps due to loyalty/politics, or do they have the courage to stick with the changes based on results? And at the end of the season, what does this all mean in terms of accountability for the offense given the overall poor performance this year due in large part to bad OL play? Will Borbs and/or Whipple be fired, even if we win 1 more game? Would love to know everyone’s thoughts.

    Also, 400 yards passing and not one catch by a tight end. I saw Zlinskas catch one ball, but he’s not a tight end. Did any of the TEs make the trip? Once again, another year gone, is someone on the coaching staff going to be held accountable?


    1. I’m going to wait till season’s end. I’m not a Whipple fan, in fact, he is trés disappointing and I don’t think he has the energy the job requires.

      Old AFH in
      The Big H


    2. I think Whip and Borbs and Salem have to go based on results. Get some new ideas – though I’m not a fan of the RPO offense. I fine with a West Coastie type offense as long as you have a mobile QB (at least at KP’s level…).

      And I actually think Whip’s presence and history has helped with recruiting receivers. But I don’t like bringing in immobile QBs – I want to see Davis Beville get a shot.

      As for the Oline, against Clemson I’d play one group the 1st Quarter and the other group the second quarter and repeat in the second half unless one group stands out… Would be good experience – also might encourage a few of the young guys to get into better shape for next season…

      Go Pitt.


  46. Hoping KP can beat his 9 yards passing that some of us personally witnessed in Charlotte a coupla years back,,,,,looking at stats this morning and KP is approaching Marino’s 39 TD passes (1982) but taking 4 years to do it…..


  47. Canada at Clemson a new A$$ with the shovel pass in 2016,,,slowed the pass rush down so NP could make some big throws,,, -Conner was a beast even breaking the Clemson LB’s facemask with a powerful stiff-ar…talk about making a statement!!!,,,,I don’t think the “FLEA” will put fear into the Eye of the Tiger…BTW good nick-name by one of the posters- Masked Marino I think,,,,

    Liked by 1 person

  48. I thought it was our turn to play Clemson at Heinz. But ACC changed for our non benefit. We always draw the short stick in this league but we need the $$$.


  49. I wonder how that 2021 Nitters recruiting class is holding up. Pedo could easily lose to Michigan for 6 straight loses. I think they are the first pre-season top 10 team to go 0-5 to start the season. Well, we can only hope for 0-6.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pitt had that record in 1984. Glad dairy high school broke the record. now, if they could only follow that with 35 years of on and off the field incompetence, that would be great.

      Liked by 3 people

  50. Gardner-Webb cancels their basketball games against Duke on Wednesday and Georgia on Sunday due to a positive test for one of their players. We are scheduled to play them on December 12th. That could be enough recovery time. But who knows?


  51. Another rumor: Pitt’s Compliance department actually dropped the ball on the Miami (OH) hoops transfer waiver. Had a “run off” waiver been filed he likely gets it granted and is eligible. This was not filed. Getting your girlfriend pregnant is not a reason for a waiver and this pretty much is what Pitt filed.

    Again, just a rumor. Who knows. The poster seemed pretty legit though.


    1. they ain’t the brightest bulbs if you do compliance. most can talk around things pretty good to people who don’t call bs and they actually sound smart. peel back the onion and you get overpaid worry warts that are basically useless


    2. I’m totally confused by what I’ve read about this. Since the player was not “run off,” why would it have helped Pitt’s cause to lie about it?

      Liked by 1 person

  52. New coaches that follow icons are tricky. Following Beamer, a problem. Following Urban, a problem. We never know how much the former coach actually let’s go of their program. Beamer may be heavily involved. Urban is probably more involved. Smart coaches embrace the old coaches with respect and slowly tweak things. Not smart coaches try to put their stamp on things at the start and if the old coach doesn’t approve, a rift begins internally. Not an issue at Pitt since no iconic coach in 40 years. Except maybe for Wanny, and that happened here.

    Flea was given out by one of the realist posters. Upitt or Huff. Very appropriate. #Hogs#Trenches.


    1. what you wrote just confirms what I have been posting here for a while … that the late 70s / early 80s was the aberration for Pitt FB, and not the norm. Pitt has nothing special to sell anymore …. and sadly that is the REALISM


  53. We need to look at our opponent (VT) before we start wondering about OLine coaching and personnel evaluations.

    VT’s rush defense was 91’st (of 126) entering the Pitt game giving up 193.9 yards/game at a 4.80/carry clip. After the Pitt game, VT is still 91’th (of 127 (Utah played their 1’st game)). But yards/game came down to 187.2 & still at 4.80/carry. Pitt ran for 152 yards on 32 carries – 4.8/carry, Both seasons highs.

    Against FSU Pitt had its second best rushing game in yards/carry – 4.0 (148 on 37 carries). The high in yards gained was Louisville 156 yards on 40 carries (3.9/carry)

    None of those 3 teams have a stout rush defense. Louisville #87-185/game, FSU #93 – 194/game. (Pitt is #2 at 70.0 yards/game).

    My question is did the new 3 starters for VT game get much playing time against FSU? If so how long? Then you could look at play by play to see if rushing numbers went up.

    Liked by 1 person

  54. I think Dabo should keep his first team offense and 2nd team defense home to face Pitt ….. and send his 2nd team offense and starting defense to Tallahassee this weekend

    Liked by 2 people

  55. Read more than a few comments regarding where are the Pitt critics and Narduzzi haters after the beat down of VT. Still here. Enjoyed the VT beatdown immensely. Called and texted work colleagues who are VT alumni and pushed all the buttons. Great day for the seniors and tremendous effort by the second stringers. I picked Pitt to go 4 & 7 several weeks ago, I called it wrong. With that said what has changed? Narduzzi et.al. still blew the NC St. & BC games, poor coaching, schemes, penalties etc. We had a perfect setup schedule with increasing difficulty to prep for ND. Even if we lose to ND you go into that game at 6 & 0 and its a whole different season. Especially in a covid year where other conferences started late or looked like they weren’t going to play at all. Add in Ped State being 0-5 and the table was set for better recruiting and hopefully better play going forward based on talent acquisition. All of which would have been tangible steps forward for the program.

    So now I’m suppose to be thrilled with 5 & 4 and Clemson on the horizon? Clemson Off & Def lines will expose our talent limitations. Trevor Lawrence will likely have a record day against our secondary. So that leads to 5 & 5 and G Tech. If the Duzz doesn’t blow that game we end up 6 & 5. Is that something to cheer about in year 6 of Narduzzi? Is that where we want to be a football program? Will that bring in better recruits, QB prospects, linemen? I doubt it. As much as I enjoyed the VT win its not a statement win or upset of a mega program. In my mind if you beat NC St, & BC, and the current record stays the same, lose to Clemson beat G Tech and end up at 8 & 3 that would be a great year, especially in a covid year and big step forward. As it stands now, we are one let down game, G Tech, away from 5 & 6. Hardly something to be excited about.

    Change my mind.


    1. Mack dropped a perfectly thrown pass for the two point conversion that would have won the game.

      Kessman blew an extra point to tie the game in overtime. Not Narduzzi’s fault. Plus Pickett was playing with a broken foot that would require surgery most of the second half.

      But you can put some blame on Narduzzi if you want. BTW, NC State finally got their starting QB back for the PITT game. Then he goes out and gets hurt a game or so later.


  56. Good news: Five Pitt players were named ACC players of the week at their positions: Quarterback Kenny Pickett, wide receiver D.J. Turner, kicker Alex Kessman, offensive lineman Bryce Hargrove and defensive back Damar Hamlin (sharing honor with Louisville cornerback Kei’Trel Clark).

    Not so good news: They’re all leaving.


  57. ike, someone once said that you are what your record says you are. As MM says, water finds its level. It’s true that two games were one point losses, but it is also said that there are 60-70 plays in a game and one play doesn’t cause any loss (as you know this especially applies to kickers). WRT WRs, they like the glory and take on more big play responsibility so Mack rightfully should take the heat. But this is shaping up to be a typical Pitt year with all of the woulda, coulda, shouldas that lead to, yep, mediocrity…


    1. Wow! That’s going to make it a really tough ticket to get. Wonder if they are going to price the games after November to reflect that?


  58. In rewatching the Pitt-VT game, I heard the announcers say something I had not realized. They said the participants in the ACC Champ game would be the best two based on winning percentage, since there is no guarantee that everyone would play the same number of games. That probably is the reason that Dabo was so angry as to publicly call out Fla St for cancelling their game. Miami and Clemson are both 6-1. If Miami wins their remaining games against Wake, NC, and GT, it won’t matter what Clemson does to Pitt and VT. Miami will face ND (assuming they win out) in the Championship. I would think that the odds of Clemson being in the playoffs go way down if they are not ACC Champs.


    1. Interesting. FSU may get the last laugh after all. But if you think the selection committee is going to leave out and undefeated Clemson team that missed on a technicality … helmed by a healthy Hiesman trophy candidate … well you could be sorely mistaken IMO


  59. Ike, there is an exception to every rule. Anyone can catch lightning in a bottle once but things do even out on average. I took the rose colored glasses off long ago WRT Pitt. Is Pitt the BC Pitt or the VTech Pitt? We have been asking this question for 30 years. Translated it means mediocrity and SOP. I wish the VTech game meant more but they will need to show it on the field.


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