Up Next: Virginia Tech

By Richard Hefner

Pitt is coming off an unscheduled bye week. The Pitt vs Georgia Tech game was postponed due to Covid concerns at both schools. The game has been rescheduled for December 12th. Pitt still stands at 4-4 (3-4 in conference). Pitt will be playing Virginia Tech 4-4 (4-3 in conference). They are on a 2-game losing streak losing first to #25 Liberty (35-38) & last Saturday to Miami (24-25).

It is a home game and Senior day. It is a 4:00PM kickoff and broadcast to non-Comcast customers on the ACC Network.

Justin Fuente is in his 5’th year of being the HC at VT. He took over for long-time and much beloved HC Frank Beamer. Fuente is not beloved by the Hokie faithful.

Here are some links that question Fuentes’ coaching acumen, his openness and basically everything that Pitt fans find so charming and endearing about Head Coach Pat Narduzzi.

Within the linked article below is another link (highlighted in “bold” in second paragraph) expressing some of the grievances against Fuente. It is from The Key Play, a Virginia Tech Blog.


Editor’s note: This article is great and well worth the read. Especially if you are not a fan of Pat Narduzzi’s gameday coaching. Here is the summary: That they did so because Fuente somehow managed to butcher the end of the game in the exact way that simultaneously ripped out the heart of every Virginia Tech fan and screamed I AM NOT FRANK BEAMER AND I NEVER WILL BE is almost impressive! This loss checked every box on the unpopular list: dumb, painful, and with no possible benefit.

This is another SBNation article. This time from Gobbler Country (VT’s answer to Cardiac Hill).


Editor’s Note: The “quality of journalism” isn’t quite as high on this one…but that’s what you’d expect out of SB Nation, but it’s still a decent read. Call me a snob. It’s okay. I call myself someone with standards.

Another link from Gobbler Country on why VT has a few good things going.


Editor’s note: Every team has an “Ike”. I think the the Virginia Tech Ike wrote this article. Love ya man.

It is a shame that the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) did not have a 2020 “rent a win” fall campaign. If VMI was available instead of playing Liberty, VT would now be 5-3. BTW, the Keydets are The Citadels archrivals. (Terrible way to keep my 7-game streak alive. And yet, alive it is…)

On with the review. Fuente’s recruiting over his 5 years is slightly better than HCPN. Fuente has pulled in 36 Rivals 5.7 and above out of 111 total recruits. That is 32.4%. PN has reeled in 33 out of 105 or 31.4% in the same time span. VT does not have an overwhelming advantage in recruiting talent.

VT lost 14 players to the transfer portal from their opening 2019 roster. No one has left since 6/18/2020. To fill in roster openings, Virginia Tech has signed 7 from the portal.

The best are the running backs from Rutgers and especially Herbert from Kansas. More on them later. You may hear Justin Reed’s and Devin Taylor’s name be called during the game. I did when I watched last week’s VT – Miami game.

Who are the identified preseason potential “Stars”? There was one selected to the preseason All ACC team. Fourteen selections in total.

Tayvion Robinson is an all-purpose player- Punt returner, WR and has had touches as a jet sweep runner. VT must go the walk on route for punters/kickers as they have not recruited one since Fuente took over.

Tre Turner is the stud WR (long with Robinson). It looks like the Oline is the strength of the offense. Christian Darrisaw is a stud with a story. He originally signed with VT in 2017 as a Rivals 5.4 2-star. Instead of enrolling, he attended prep school (Fork Union Military) It could have been grades. It could have been for more football training. (The son of a friend attended Fork Union for football. He was already accepted at Harvard and later started on their offensive line.) Whatever the reason, Darrisaw came out as 5.8 4-star in 2018.

Not on the preseason Stars list is lineman Brock Hoffman. Hoffman started an NCAA brew ha-ha prior to the 2019 season when he tried to transfer from Coastal Carolina to VT and be granted immediate eligibility. He was denied eligibility when his family lived just outside the NCAA mileage limit for transfer for family medical issues. He starts and is part of a good Oline.

How is the Oline doing? Here is a chart of Tech’s leading rushers.

VT is the NCAA #7 per game rushing team. So, the Oline does a terrific job at run blocking. Herbert and Blackshear are transfers. Hooker is an RPO QB and good at it.

Missing from VT list of RB’s is Ike’s favorite missed Pitt recruit Cole Beck. Ike can fill us in on his situation.

Another sign of a good Oline is sacks & TFL’s allowed. Here is a chart comparing Pitt’s  vs. Vt’s Oline.

Got to go with VT’s Oline. Is that surprising?

Editor’s note: I knew Pitt’s run blocking was bad, but I didn’t realize that we were losing yards on nearly 20% of our running plays. Ouch.

How is Hooker as a passer? Here is a chart comparing Hooker, Pickett & Yellen.

A good running game is a quarterback’s best friend

Hooker has started 6 games (He missed first 2 games of the season due to Covid restrictions) and passes on average 21 times a game. KP has also started in 6 games but averages 34.5 passes a game. Hate to say it but Hooker is a better QB based on running an RPO offense. Hooker had a great game against D-1, FBS, G5 Independent Liberty – 20/27-217yds, 3TD, 0 Int. and ran for 156 yds on 20 carries.

Here is a list of top receivers.

The top 2 receivers also see action as jet sweep running backs. The TE’s get into the action. As do the running backs.

Here is a comparison of offense stats.

The NCAA rank is based on 126 teams. That is up by 3 teams who started their season last weekend. There are now teams who have played one game (4) compared to others who have already played 9 (5) or 10 (1). I think there is one team yet to begin the season. There was 130 D1, FBS teams in 2019 and UConn, New Mexico State and Old Dominion have already cancelled their 2020 season. Have I missed a 4’th team cancellation?

I am really impressed by Tech’s offense – good system, good QB, good Oline, good receivers. But we know a good offense has to play against the opposing team’s defense. Here are the comparisons.

In looking at the preseason “Stars” chart, defense was considered the bright spot.  7 of 14 names on the list were on the defensive side But CB Caleb Farley went the Twyman route and opted out. Waller and Conner have not upped their game. The LB’s listed have played well but LB Dax Hollifield (BTW my 27 acres is known to the local way elderly as the old Hollifield place)  is out playing preseason All ACC LB Rayshoud Ashby. The defensive line Line looks needs an infusion of talent.

It is stats time. First up, sacks & TFL’s.

Editor’s note: As hard as it was to believe that Pitt’s O-line was giving up negative plays on nearly 20% of runs, here is Pitt’s D-line notching Tackles for Loss at a nearly 20% rate. I think this sums up the (recent) Narduzzi era pretty damn well.

Maybe I was hard on the VT DLine needed  an infusion of talent. Maybe they jut need some hard tweaking. They can get after the quarterback, but it’s pretty obvious that they don’t care about stopping the run.

How about penalties & turnover margin?

VT likes those 10- and -15-yard penalties and like Pitt, they have a disdain for the common 5 yarder. It is a literal tie on turnover margin.

Normally, the last chart ends the stats and I launch into why Pitt wins or loses the game. But I have one more chart to show.

It is a list of ACC RB’s & QB’s that Pitt has faced. All are in the NCAA top 100 in total rushing yards gained. (and they should be considering that ACC teams have played 7 or 8 games while most other conference members have played 6 or less.) How did Pitt Fare?

Note: below chart includes performance against Pitt. If you would exclude their performance against Pitt, most would have higher YPC.

While none of RB’s or QB’s above have the rushing stats of RB Herbert and QB Hooker, I am basing my Pitt victory on the above chart. If you do a “Reed Kohberger Adjustment” and exclude Javian Hawkins 75-yard dash & Travis Jordan’s 88-yard jaunt, Pitt would only allow opponents best rushers an average 2.1 YPC.

As I showed in the defensive chart, Pitt is ranked #9 by the NCAA allowing 296.5 yards/game. Notre Dame is #12 (304.1/G). Clemson is #13’th (305./G). VT does not have the last two on their schedule. The best ACC defense they played was #49 Miami (389.9/G) last week. They held VT (who averages 452.1/G) to 362 yards. Hooker’s rushing numbers were 21/59-1TD, long of 53 and Herbert’s were 8/49-0TD. Hookers numbers were held down by 6 Miami sacks.

My 3’rd and final key to a Pitt victory is VT’s schedule. This matchup will be VT’s 9’th straight game. They have lost the last 2 and 3 of their last 4. Are nagging injuries and fatigue taking a toll. Herbert’s 8 carries against Miami may be a sign of  both.

Pitt 27 – Virginia Tech 20

Editor’s Note: Man he really goes inside the number here. I wasn’t feeling too good about this game going in, but coming off a “bye” week and going against a depleted and likely disheartened Virginia Tech team, that has to go on the road, I’m buying what Richard is selling. Now I just wonder if there is a Holiday Inn we can put them in… out in McKees Rocks or something?

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  1. Great job Richard!
    Don’t know whether the 27-20 prediction is yours
    or Maestro’s, but hope it materializes either way.

    Excellent observations by the editor as well.

    Looks like Richman, BigAl and I will be the only folks at the game. We’ll just have to yell a bit louder.

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  2. Off topic .. but ..

    I received an email today from Leon Jackson (ljackson@athletics.pitt.edu) wondering if I’d like to connect via Zoom to “provide an update on main campus and educate me on some of Heather Lyke’s priorities for Pitt Athletics.”

    This seems out of the blue to me because I haven’t been a contributor to the Athletic Dept since the point where they decided to unilaterally increase admission requirements above NCAA levels. I am a pay for performance kind of guy. (Yes I know that is ancient history but, in my mind, P5 football is a business and needs to be run as the same.)

    Anyway I was interested in how widespread, or not, this contact attempt by the Athletic Dept is. Comments?

    Lee who is really curious in Whitefish MT

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  3. OT, but the men’s soccer team (ranked #1) won their ACC tourney semifinal game against Notre Dame 3-1! They will play Clemson (ranked #2) on Sunday on ESPNU at 6:00 pm ET. Woo Hoo!!

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    1. We should give Heather credit when credit is due. Who would have thought Pitt would have one of the best soccer teams in the country? Obviously hiring a well known successful coach was huge but also having a designated soccer stadium is important.
      This shows the importance of Victory Heights for Olympic sports.


      1. Heather didn’t hire Coach Jay. She doesn’t deserve the credit. Pitt has upgraded the venue recently however but it’s still mediocre compared to other schools. And I’m not a big fan of playing on Astro turf for soccer. Hate it. Football is different because the ball doesn’t touch the field all the time.

        Coach Jay has connections and a pipeline to Europe and academies. That’s why he is successful. He recruits talent. Pitts last three classes are all top ten. Plus he’s a pretty damn good coach with a proven system and formation.

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  4. The men’s soccer team looked really good in the first half vs ND. Up 3-0 at the half, the Pitt strategy was to play keep away – ND was relentless with their attack and made the match entertaining.

    A win vs the Irish is always great – even better when your team is #1.

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  5. Prediction – Pitt will be in the Red Zone 4 times on Saturday and only score 2 TD’s. KP will have his worst game of the season, throwing for less than 200 yards, more picks than TD’s and starts a three game skid after announcing he will enter the draft.

    The D will give up three big plays, one each to the mobile QB, strong & quick RB And one long TD pass.

    Pitt loses another 1 point game -> 21-20 to the Hokies.

    EE who will be entertained Saturday while on the golf course and having dinner with Mrs. Erie & good friends.


  6. I agree with Erie EXCEPT that Pitt wins by one point as JoeL, Richman and Big Al make so much noise that the VT kicker shanks the potential winning field goal.

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  7. Rich, another great job of providing us with the data comparison of both teams. It is obviously a battle of strength vs strength (VT offense v Pitt defense) and weakness vs weakness (Vt defense v Pitt offense) it wi may come down to turnovers

    I’m afraid I have to call you out here, though. You need to change VMI to VPI. (what a CFB nerd I have become!)


    1. Thanks for the comment. VPI is Virginia Tech. I could have substituted VPI for some of those VT abbreviations..


  8. on another note ….. At Penn State, where football really matters, the team is now 0-4 after being picked pre-season Top 10. But their AD has yet to call a press conference. OMG!!!

    How could this be???

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  9. Mike – Thanks for your editorial additions. You are spot on with the links comments.

    BTW – Utah is the only team that has yet to play.


  10. I am concerned that our game against VT will be cancelled. Allegheny County healthcare director Dr. Debra Bogen said yesterday that people can only leave their homes for work, school, and essential activities. In my opinion, college football is an essential activity but most others do not see it that way.


    1. But that would mean she (Allegheny County) would need to cancel the Steelers-Ravens game next Sunday night (after Thanksgiving). Although there is not much income from the limited attendance at Heinz, can’t see her doing that. But who knows?


    2. ajs32…all life is essential-you only have so many heart-beats…use common sense and live your life…I will be running the blockade when I make my annual trip over Thanksgiving to make dinner for my blind 89 year ole Mom…… GO PITT..we owe dem Gobblers a plucking for the beating they put on us last year..

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    3. Heinz does a good job policing masking and being very socially distant except for your pod.

      I was yelled at three times while in my seat. And another time when I was eating a primantis away from my seat with the nearest person 50 feet away. Some reason I wasn’t allowed to do that.

      And no lines anywhere. I was alone in the restroom. First time ever.

      Heinz could get away with 20k fans in the stadium and still be ok. Speaking from personal experience.


  11. As info for those living outside PA, the State has just mandated mask wearing for all athletes during practice and competition. According to the Steelers, they were able to obtain an exemption. As far as I have heard, no college or high school has obtained such exemption. Can’t imagine getting enough oxygen to compete in football, soccer, hockey, or swimming while wearing a mask.

    Also ordered on Tuesday that anyone coming into the State must have had a negative test within 72 hours before arriving. If not, must quarantine for 14 days once entering the state. The ACC rules should mean that VT has met this requirement. I believe they all are testing 3 times per week.


    1. Remember Cole well as we recruited him hard…he came to Heinz Field during his freshman year and watched the PITT RB’s put on quite a show!!! I wondered what was going through his head that night…Oh. those RBU memories……maybe Vincent Davis should turn his full-time attention to track-I heard he a a burner too…..when he bounces off a defender the recoil knocks him backward a few yards…..

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    1. I would take Fuente over Narduzzi. Tech hires right. Proven success at a mid major. Offensive background.

      Tech just has higher expectations than Pitt. Beamer spoiled them.


  12. Hey, watch it on the ‘Rocks comments!!! I believe the lack of comments reflects on Pitt fatigue, sort of like…. you know! Great write up. Golf tomorrow with Mikey the Nitter. He will straighten me out on ALL things. It must be nice to be so certain about everything. Last time he told me this season shouldn’t count and it was a write off, funny how going oh-4 can color your view. Prior to last week Penn live was saying how the Nitters were still in line for a big time bowl. It’s not nice to gloat, it’s not nice to gloat, it’s not nice to ………….😂😂😂

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  13. Randy, kick his a$$ and take his money…. rub a little salt into Mikey’s wounds then buy him a couple a drinks… give him room to get it all out of his system… your are his true friend


  14. Sorry, but there are some really strange decisions emanating from state and local govts in the Commonwealth of PA. Just odd. Like buying a six pack at a grocery store and having to check out twice to get it and one’s groceries paid. SMH.

    There is an old word for how the Steelers are able to play at Heinz….”indulgences”


  15. Good day for me. Spent the morning watching my plumber company put in 200ft. + of new water line. Love watching people who know their job & asking questions they answer.

    Spent the rest of the day bagging leaves. My favorite time of the year. 6 huge oaks – 3 different species.- green, post & white, all dropping leaves at different time. Pecan trees, black walnut & others along the tree lines. Love this time of the year.

    I am happy.

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  16. Tex and UPitt,

    Today I channel my inner UPitt and interviewed a job candidate. A fine young man from Roscoe, TX – just outside Sweetwater. He was very proud to share with me that Sweetwater was home to a legendary rattlesnake roundup. And as this was an interview for a tax professional in one of my team’s that would have been one of the highlights of the interview.

    His graduating class at Roscoe had 10 kids. I asked him how they fielded a football team, given that class of ten had boys and girls. THat is when I learned about six on six football in Texas. Fascinating.

    Perhaps I am the last guy on the planet to learn about this? (I’ve seen Friday Night Lights and Varsity Blues, btw)

    What an interesting game.
    A QB, one back, three lineman plus a receiver (normally a TE).
    QB cannot run the ball unless he first passes it or hands it to another player.
    Can set up in a fully unbalanced line, in which case the center is an eligible receiver.

    Its a fast game and players ordinarily also run track (I hope that doesn’t awake the legendary beast that was known as JoeD, btw). Speed kills.

    Listening to this guy describe the game and the role of speed, I concluded that there must be some unpolished gems playing this game that a savvy program could recruit from. Pitt should park a couple guys down in central Texas to mine this potential lode for WR, RB… maybe even QB talent.

    A few final comments:
    1) UPitt and Tex – if you want to say, “well, duh”…fair enough.
    2) Tex – if you even begin to say that you told us this twenty times already, please know that most here will say, “How did we miss that?!!!!” (haha)

    BTW – Im hiring this kid. He is authentic, dedicated, a Vet (Patriot missile tech in the Gulf – hands on), enthusiastic, caught rattlesnakes for fun as a kid and I’d be delighted if one of my daughters brought him home to meet us. We may have to teach him tax, but hard to develop the other stuff.

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    1. Many small schools around here play that kind of football. I’ve never seen it but typically it’s in one exit towns off the highway outside the metro area.

      There’s no way I’d ever round up a rattler. I don’t even venture in the scrub forest behind my house for fear of them and killer bees.


  17. Sounds like a genuine Texan JoeL, you know the real deal. Upitt and Tex are transplants from outlying Pa counties so their brains have already been tainted somewhat. 😉 Just kidding boys……..

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  18. Va Tech has had the better program (than Pitt) for the last 30 years. They have won many more games, appeared in many more BCS Bowls (playing for a national title in 1999) and have a much better national reputation.

    The Hokies also (1) have an on-campus stadium, that (2) often fills its 66k capacity, and (3) is much closer to many, many more quality recruits than Pitt is. They should have the better program


    1. Va Tech won 3 Big East Titles in the 90s (95, 96, 99), won 4 ACC Titles (2004, 2007, 2008 and 2010) and in all those seasons, won 10 or more games. They also had a 10-4 record in 2016.

      Justin Fuente is 37-24 since he began in 2016. Frank Beamer began in 1987 until 2015 with a 238-121-2 record (not bad considering he went 2-9 and 3-8 his 1st 2 years) They joined Big East full time in 1993.

      Since 1990, Va Tech has won 220 games; Pitt has won 182.

      In ACC competition, Fuente is 24-15 while Narduzzi is 27-19.


    2. An on campus stadium shows you are serious about football

      Filling it to capacity shows you are serious.

      Pitts attendance capacity is the lowest in the ACC. And that’s even with fake numbers.

      Build a small venue of 45k and pitt will be at a real 90 percent capacity for most games. That would be near tops in the ACC.

      Heinz is just too big for Pitt and those yellow seats are used against Pitt in recruiting. A bad look just like their coal miners daughter alternative uniforms.

      Tech is a bit closer to southern recruits. Pitt is closer to jersey and Ohio. Still many good recruits from those states.


  19. ND is the 1st D1 offer for Central Catholic’s Donovan Hinish younger brother of the Irish starting LB Kurt Hinish… what heck is up with PITT… is he not good enough for us or did Duzz throw in the towel on this young man…???


    1. By the time he makes his college debute, Duzz will be enjoying his millions on the unemployment line.

      No need to recruit…


  20. Nice day in da Burg…going golfing with my buddy Farmer’s High.
    Hopefully no rain for the Pitt game tomorrow as JoeL is coming up for some tailgate face time with Richman and Big Al.
    Family crap is keeping me from attending…my first miss as a “healthy scratch” in decades.

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  21. Biggie, Hinnish the Younger is quoted in PSN as saying his recruitment is still “open to everyone”…might be waiting on the Elon offer. 😎

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    1. Watched this play a few weeks ago and he doesn’t jump out at you. He’s still young so you never know. His brother Kurt did jump out of the screen at you though. These rich boys for PR are privileged or think they are, PITT doesn’t have a chance to get them. Donovan only wants to play games and get more offers so it doesn’t look like ND is giving him a scholli because of his older brother.


  22. PITT’s current recruiting class is ranked #22 so it does sound like the time for PITT to fire it’s head coach and start over from scratch. They will repeat this practice again in 6 years. Can’t wait to read the comments on their next hire, boy will that be comical.

    BTW, Narduzzi isn’t going anywhere.


    1. That’s based on 20 recruits.

      Most schools haven’t even come close to maxing out on their class like Pitt

      If you look at the average stars it is mid 40’s. Totally mediocre.

      The percentage of 5.7 rated stars is no different than previous years.

      You can’t pull a fast one on me Ike.

      Pitt is middle of the road in the Coastal. That’s not where you want to be.

      Yes, Narduzzi does need fired.


      1. I’m not necessarily advocating that Duzz be fired. And there is zero chance he will be. But a quality recruiting class is not a good reason to keep a bad coach. We have been grossly disappointing this year. He can’t be defended this year.


        1. A really bad to terrible coach wouldn’t be able to draw in a good recruiting class after 6 years of coaching a team. Otherwise I agree with you misssing, it’s not a good reason to keep a bad coach.


  23. Great post – thanks for the time and effort that goes into it!

    Since I am a Comcast sucker I’ll have to listen on SiriusXM.

    Pitt 24
    VT 20

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  24. Tre Tipton with have gone to PITT long enough to have earned a PhD if he returns… received a request for money from PITT for support of athletics and in the brochure the cost of supported 1 athlete was $72.000 to $82,000 per year(something close to that)….Tre will have been provided with nearly $500,000 in financial support if he returns for year 7 …. WOW!!!


    1. note that much of that is tuition cost …. and really, how costly to a school is it to have another student attending class? It is really low marginal cost


      1. Pitt is charging an arm and a leg for tuition given its a bloated, inefficient, bureaucratic mess.

        How can my sons school charge half of Pitt in tuition, be twice as large and have a overall better academic ranking?

        Same goes for Michigan and North Carolina.

        How do those schools do it?


        1. Pitt gets hardly any $ from the state. Most other schools get way more so they can keep their tuition down. Pitt’s share of funding keeps decreasing every year. Politicians don’t want to support education. If they did the electorate would be smarter and vote their A$$es out of office.

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      2. and two more things about Tre Tipton

        1) for him to be granted a 6th year of eligibility, it means that he is a very good student who is progressing in his graduate studies

        2) he is also a very good person as confirmed by this https://triblive.com/sports/pitts-tre-tipton-named-to-allstate-afca-good-works-team/

        for a school like Pitt which is not an NFL factory ….. having people around like this is invaluable for the Pitt program. And Pitt needs all of the help it can get. It is actually one of the few things Pitt can sell to recruits


      3. PITT provided a pie chart showing the costs associated with an athlete…. If anyone has their copy please try to post it….I tossed mine in the trash…


  25. In no area does the saying “the rich get richer” so aptly apply as it does in college football .. and it’s getting worse. Ohio St just got a commitment from a 5 star QB who is considered the #1 prospect of 2022. This marks the 3rd year in a row that the Buckeyes got the #1 prospect … as they got the #1 prospect of 2020 (a WR from Southern Columbia PA which is a little over an hour east of State College) as well the #1 prospect in 2021. This QB they just got is from Texas who had previously committed to Texas.

    Of course, Ohio St is not exactly hurting at QB as confirmed from this excerpt from the Trib: Buckeyes starter Justin Fields likely will head to the NFL Draft after this season. The Buckeyes also have two ESPN 300 quarterbacks from the class of 2020 (C.J. Stroud and Jack Miller) and Kyle McCord, the No. 4 pocket passers from the class of 2021. (if you’re wondering … Stroud is from Cal, Miller is from Ariz and McCord is from Philly)

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  26. Tre Tipton could very well still be attending grad classes at PITT so I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to come back. Plus it is a novelty to have a player around for seven years.

    Sounds like, according to JP’s article, that the NCAA hasn’t made any exempt roster allowances for next year yet?


    1. 5 Star QB is from my town here. Stud.

      Pickett has been at Pitt it feels like 9 years. I hope he does okay when they shave his head in the draft for the Marines.


      1. He has decent enough arm strength. He’d be good at throwing grenades where you don’t need to be all that accurate. 🤠

        Tex whose good at horseshoes.


      2. Well Mark, we know you’re not very good at admitting when you are wrong, (see Boyd) hope you own up when KP is drafted? ……………… in the NFL


  27. Why are we comparing Boyd with Claypool? Apples and oranges. Someone said Boyd wouldn’t make it at all in the NFL is what we are talking about.


  28. Tomlin called Boyd the best slot receiver in the NFL. Not sure I’d go that far, but pretty darn sure that the Bengals don’t regret drafting him at all. They do regret drafting 1st rounder Jon Ross from UWash who has turned out be a total waste,


    1. Chris Adamski@C_AdamskiTrib
      Nov 10 2020
      Tomlin says Bengals’ Tyler Boyd (Pitt/Clairton) is one of the elite slot WRs in the NFL.


      1. Tomlin says everyone is elite. Do you not listen to his press conferences? This week Jacksonville’s undrafted RB is basically a All Pro in Tomlins eyes. Coach Speak.


  29. Big news … Pitt sent out an email about an hour ago stating that tomorrow’s game will be in adherence with the state mandate of wearing masks during competition. This means that everyone involved in tomorrow’s game will be wearing face covering … on and off the field

    It should be noted that the Steelers have already received an exemption from the state so they will not have to wear them on the field. It is not known if Pitt tried for an exemption … but in light that last weeks game was postponed due to number of positive tests, it is possible that either Pitt didn’t ask for an exemption or was denied one by the state.

    Of course, if the Pitt medical community had any input here, I’m pretty sure which way they would recommend. I find it a bit ironic that right now the state 1A Boys soccer final is being played on the PCN Channel and nobody is wearing a mask.


    1. Hey Tex, this is what the people in PA want. We wouldn’t put up with this lunacy in Tex Tex. Stillers not doing masks so why is Pitt?


  30. What ever happened to those motor cross like helmets that had a full face shield.

    So you play all season without one and now are fixed to wear one. Or is it just a recommendation.

    I’d wear a specially designed face mask instead. Players will suffocate out there. Did the stupid health officials plan for that. Obviously they’ve never done true manual labor with a mask on. Idiots.


  31. Well, back from an enjoyable day on the course, or at least half a course,as GrandView is mostly a hillside overlooking beautiful Braddock. Unfortunately, Mikey the Nitter lost again🤣🤣🤣. He was, however, reserved and rather reasonable with his opinions. I’m stumped as to what’s come over him, something about PSU will lose all remaining games. I tried to assure him that they would upset the Mighty fighting Schiannos but he would not be consoled. I mentioned they could hammer the hail and hardy Harbricks, but still no love. It’s sad to see a fan so dejected, but then again, I read the POV, so I’m used to that. Lol.
    Some Mikeyisms:
    Franklin ain’t going nowhere
    Hamlin made major mistake leaving
    Parsons opting out cost them and that’s major reason they stink ( his word)
    They lost 18 running backs, whadya expect
    Loss of ooc games was the reason they weren’t ready
    Joe knew nothing, nothing
    Ah, the perfect day😂😂

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  32. There is no way you can breath hard with a mask on. It makes it very difficult to get air in. I would think that is a medical risk.


  33. Will Pitt score 30+ this weekend? I think it will be back to the bad red zone offense, no run game.
    VT gets the W.


  34. a few notes …

    I’m sure face shields are acceptable. I don’t believe the mandate specifies face covering (not sure), John McGonigle, PG Beat Writer, was saying that Pitt usually practices using gaiter face masks, and suspect that is what they will be wearing for the game. Here is update from The Trib


    Also, on another note …. here is an update from the Dairy School (pretty interesting) but I’m sure they will get out of it



  35. I had this game as a win but I have been bad this year picking. Hope they have hundreds of extra masks. Mask up VT as well.


  36. University of Pittsburgh Department of Athletics Follow-Up Statement:

    “To provide further clarity, Pitt football student-athletes will be outfitted with face coverings throughout the game. However, they will not be required to have the coverings pulled up while in the midst of play to prevent the impairment of breathing. Such usage of face coverings during competition would be in compliance with Section 3 of the Secretary of Health’s Face Covering Order.”


  37. Please explain to me how a player can run flat out down the field sucking air with a mask on. That is ridiculous! If a player gets hit and the mask comes off, what then? Is he sidelined for the game? How stupid.


  38. This just in…Neither Pitt or soon to be 0-5 Ped State will have to wear masks tomorrow. Also, Franklin told 2 players not to involve police after a fight where one pulled a knife on the other. Part of that report included accusations of hazing where one player laid atop another and simulated having sex. What on earth is going on up there???

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  39. Re:These PSux activities were years before the pandemic. I can’t imagine what kind of animalistic behaviors the Nittany Lions are engaged in now. Good thing PSux is in a rural area.


  40. The Wolf doctrine of mask wearing by the players is asinine.
    These players have been tested; the coaches and staff have been tested.
    The few mask-wearing fans are far enough away so as not to infect anyone on the field.
    Dumb and dumber.

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    1. …and the Steelers are exempt from the emperor’s mask decree……..NUTS…. remember that Beatles song “Revolution?”


  41. Where’s Kye Wright? I know…injured. But no updates?
    Krull returning is a lack of pass attempts.
    And while Tre Tipton appears to be a tremendous person and excellent representative of the university, 7 years?
    Time to get on with getting on…unless he’s getting a PhD at pitts expense.


  42. Catching up on reading. I graduated in 1970 … 50th anniversary, but no Homecoming game! I paid $495.00 per term tuition; $50 got me my books. My share of the rent (4 guys) was $300.00 per month- McKee Place and Semple St. Has rent in Oakland kept pace with tuition??? Talk about inflation!!

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  43. BTW, sounds like Richard is having a blast down in South Carolina. Writing articles, frolicking in his yard and enjoying life. I’m jealous my friend. 🙂

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  44. That was one heckuva nice write-up, Richard Hefner. Very informative and giving the editor (MM) a run for his money.
    Love the work MM does here, but gotta give credit where it’s due; well done Hef! (Thanks for the editor’s notes, MM!)

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