Pitt ain’t Playing this Weekend Open Thread

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The college football fan’s guide to Week 11 games


We’re onto Week 11 of the college football season, which sees No. 2 Notre Dame hitting the road to face dangerous Boston College one week after the Irish knocked off top-ranked Clemson. But there’s more to keep an eye on as we approach mid-November.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead for Week 11.

Week 11 preview: Top games to watch

No. 2 Notre Dame (7-0) at Boston College (5-3) | 3:30 p.m. Saturday | ABC

Notre Dame hasn’t lost to BC since 2008, but the Eagles have a history of ruining perfect Irish seasons. In 1993, one week after Notre Dame beat top-ranked Florida State, Boston College shocked No. 1 Notre Dame. In 2002, 8-0 Notre Dame was No. 4 when BC again upset the Irish, 14-7. This season, 5-3 Boston College has already put a scare into Clemson and will need a huge game from QB Phil Jurkovec. How will the Irish follow up last week’s wild win against Clemson?


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RANKINGS: AP Top 25 Poll | USA Today Coaches | CFP top 25Every poll, explained
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No. 19 SMU (7-1)  at Tulsa (3-1) | 7 p.m. Saturday | ESPN2

The AAC continues to be one of the more exciting conferences when it comes to the championship race. Unbeaten Cincinnati looks like the biggest beast of the bunch, but SMU is also ranked and Tulsa is undefeated in the conference. Mustangs QB Shane Buechele leads the nation with 2,581 passing yards.

FBS NEWS: Schedules, updates related to COVID-19

No. 13 Wisconsin (1-0) at Michigan (1-2) | 7:30 p.m. Saturday | ABC

A lot has changed in a few weeks. Because of COVID positives, Wisconsin had to cancel its last two games. As for Michigan, the Wolverines plummeted outside the national rankings after back-to-back losses to Michigan State and Indiana. Something to watch is at quarterback. Freshman QB Graham Mertz, who was 20-for-21 for 248 yards and five touchdowns against Illinois, may or may not be back after his positive COVID test.

No. 23 Northwestern (3-0) at Purdue (2-0) | 7:30 p.m. Saturday | Big Ten Network

Believe it or not, this is the only Big Ten game between undefeated teams. Northwestern, which went 3-9 last season, has already matched the win total this fall. Purdue’s David Bell has 243 receiving yards and four scores after only two games, stepping up with Rondale Moore out. Now Moore could be back to add more spice to the game.

Big Week 11 questions


The SEC got two teams into the CFP semifinals in 2017: Georgia and Alabama — and they ended up playing for the national title. Since then, the SEC and the Big Ten often get propped up as conferences with the best chances to make up half the CFP field.

This year, it’s the ACC. Or it could be.

With Notre Dame playing in a conference for the first time ever, the Irish haven’t wasted that chance. Saturday’s OT win against then-No. 1 Clemson created the perfect situation for the ACC. Not only was the game thrilling, but the Irish are only four games away from going into a likely rematch at 11-0. Be competitive there, and Notre Dame may end up in the top 4, even with a loss.

Clemson’s road is also simple. D.J. Uiagalelei played well with star QB Trevor Lawrence out (COVID-19), among other injuries, so the committee likely won’t have any problem slotting the Tigers into the CFP should they win out and beat Notre Dame in the ACC Championship Game.

Things often don’t work out as cleanly as expected, however. Though Lawrence is working his way back and the Tigers have three seemingly easy games remaining (at Florida State, vs. Pitt, at Virginia Tech), Notre Dame has three road games to go (at Boston College, at North Carolina, vs. Syracuse, at Wake Forest). 

RANKINGS: All major college football polls


Much like Notre Dame, Florida has to worry about a possible letdown this week. The Gators ended the rivalry slide against UGA by rocking the Bulldogs 44-28. Kyle Trask looked like a superstar, passing for 474 yards and four touchdowns while also tossing a pick.

Not it’s not all perfect. TE Kyle Pitts is recovering after a concussion. The offense that looked unstoppable in the first half scored only six points in the final two quarters. And major questions remain about the defense. Except for the loss to Texas A&M, the Gators have simply outscored their foes while averaging almost 500 yards per game. However, UF is allowing 402 yards per game — a concerning number as a likely date with Alabama is ahead next month.

Before then, Florida has five more games to play to lock up the SEC East and get better. And the next one may be the most interesting: Feleipe Franks, the former UF quarterback, is now with Arkansas. The Gators might be able to score enough again, but there could be worries about the Gators’ ceiling if they can’t make more stops

125 thoughts on “Pitt ain’t Playing this Weekend Open Thread

  1. Silver lining to the Pitt GT postponement- plenty of time to focus on my second favofite team today, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Husker up 24-6.

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    1. Any team that plays Penn State is my favorite team for 3 hours.

      I really hate those Nitters. The culture there. The fans. The coverup. You young kids don’t know diddly. Hate is a very good thing for very good reasons.

      Peed off that the history and tradition of our sanctimonious POS rival is over.

      Tex who dreams of pissing on poopy pants grave. It’s blue and gold piss.


    1. I was thinking the same thing today. We had to play them when they had Barkley. Fun fact: The pedos are the last team to be ranked in the Top 10 and go 0-4 since (you guessed it) Pitt in 1984.


  2. PSU down big, sister went there but 2 brothers and I went Pitt

    my 84yo Dad knew JoePa, didn’t like him much before Sandusky, even more dislike after

    had nice conversation with him last night

    he refused to stay away last Feb through March 7th when Will went through Counties, Regionals and then States and I was telling him what we were beginning to know about CV19
    after Counties tournament February finals Sat night match Dad wakes me saying after several nitros his chest pain wouldn’t subside, trip to HoCo General then Suburban Hosp in Bethesda results in a rejuvenating stent procedure which meant not only feeling better but not going to drive back to Pittston before Regionals and States. big tournaments and he refused to wear the mask RN sister got him while attending the crowded venues and no way was going to wait for the videos – it went well

    keeping him protected the next several months was easy at first but he got fatigued. last night had nice long conversation with him about each kid, wrestling, football, family, politics and plan to be up to run a Thanksgiving 9 mile run with my brother that Dad had never missed attending,,,,with a grandson(eating at a local diner) while my brother did the run. I made it last year for the first time in over 20 years to run too.
    got the call at 4am, plans changed

    he had a very good last year and might be chuckling just a bit with me about the PSU game

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  3. Howell the Tarheel QB has thrown for 6 TD passes today…..that’s almost as many as Pickett has thrown for the entire season. Pitt really needs to step up the recruiting in that key position.


  4. On the bright side…the Child Rapists lost again….to a winless team that itself was really struggling.

    How Sweet it is !

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  5. Dad coached our HS football team up until oldest brother was in 8th grade so never coached us(became HS AD then), one year to a league championship

    every game he would have his 5 boys on the sideline as waterboys (5 boys separated by 6.5 years 🙂 )
    we weren’t the best waterboys but watched the game at times between having our own mini-game on the sidelines – Dad risked fan, booster and admin discontent>>>firing and years later when we would talk about it, he would say, IF they ever had a problem with him having his kids on the sidelines during the games, they could go to hell and he’d have quit

    Dad drove down to Counties,,,with my brother. IF my brother couldn’t have made it with work schedule, he’d have driven himself

    yep, he let PSU back in it for my sister but not enough to win

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    1. just a little story telling for me
      there will be a little with whatever family can gather soon

      thanks for thoughts any and all, no need to post


  6. I remind you that PSU was AP pre-season ranked at 8. Now 0-4

    Also, remind you that Minnesota was pre-season ranked 18th…. now at 1-3 after losing at home to Iowa 35-7.

    Also ranked, LSU (ranked 4th, now at 2-3); Michigan (15th, now 1-2);


    1. and all 4 coaches make more or much more than Narduzzi …. in fact, Harbaugh makes > twice of what PN makes


  7. Other than hoping for the Nitters to lose each week, I don’t follow them much. What is going on up there at Unhappy Valley? I always thought Franklin was an ace recruiter who brought in excellent classes. Does he suck as a game coach?


  8. Just for kicks I read the post game comments on black shoe diary.

    A lot like POV after a bad loss.

    Except for the vulgarity, personal insults and name calling.

    Thanks, Maestro for keeping us all in line.

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  9. psu in general but CJ Thorpe in particular are dirty players. I cannot put into words allowed on the POV how much I enjoy that team losing.


  10. I was never a Franklin fan. I don’t know how he is able to bring such good players in. But I must admit that I’ve never heard any rumors that they are paying players.


  11. I did not see that BC was off sides on that onside kick.

    What number was it?

    BC scored 90% + points more than Pitt. Jerkovic is better than any Pitt QB.


  12. go ahead and keep complaining. Michigan is now losing 28-0 to Wisconsin 28-0 early in 2nd period, and will very likely now go to 1-3.

    Here are how Mich recruiting classes are rated by Rivals

    2021 7th
    2020 11th
    2019 10th
    2018 24th
    2017 4th
    2016 4th

    Their HC makes well over 8M, their coordinators make around $2M


    1. That’s coaching and scheme. I’d fire them all first thing Monday if I were AD. Michigan has the money for buyouts. They can’t afford to sully their brand anymore.

      Tex – a subway alum of Michigan.


    1. I miss those sweatshirts.

      Paulie is a good fit at whisky. He was never a good fit at Pitt and was doing on the job training.

      Whisky should send Pitt some money based on these results. Pitt appears to be a good proving ground. Good place to cut teeth. Good way to sell the Narduzzi opening next year. 🤠


  13. As we ponder the issue of whether or not to replace Narduzzi, we should seriously as this question: can ANY coach win at Pitt? If I were a potential new coach I would certainly be asking myself this question. 35 years of mediocrity must say something. What must a new coach bring that all the others haven’t? I really think it is going to take a Pitt alumnus to do it. It has to be more of a mission than a job or a contract. There is enough money available to do the job, but can an outsider ever sufficiently understand the Pitt culture and politics to do the job? Look at Chryst as a good example of a capable guy who produced mediocre results.

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  14. So sorry to hear of the passing of your father, Tvax. Has to be especially hard at this time when you can’t get the in-person support and closure of family and friends.

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    1. it’s been a good day of electronic media with texting photos/messages in multi-person strings, FB, and multi-person phone calls, etc

      bummer with Dad’s new phone buzzing every post in the strings

      when did 4 plus person calls come into being?
      no Zooms yet

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      1. Tvax – I am so sorry for your loss.

        I do not know when 4 plus person calling came into vogue. I do remember when I lived in east Texas, i went from a 8 person party line (started 1975) to a 4 person party line – 1986. Sold my place to my brother when I moved to SC & he finally got a private line in 2001.

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      2. tvax

        Sorry for the loss of your father. Your memories of him and writing style have stuck with me even after I have read your posts a few times. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Your father sounded like he lived a full life.

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  15. Is it possible that the success of Paul Chryst at Wisconsin is just one more indicator that our limitations as a football program go way beyond the coaches and administrators and cannot/will not be fixed by doing another coach replacement? But we’ll do it anyway because it is the easy “fix”. Maybe in another 40 years we will realize that being better than average in the current college football environment is in itself an accomplishment.

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    1. a point I have been trying to make here for years. And the one asset Pitt FB always had going for it has pretty much dissipated.

      Pitt can be (and is) competitive in the ACC but I cannot ever see the program being dominant again.


  16. Seeing PSU unable to score on their last two drives that made it to the red zone was unreal. How many times have we seen just the opposite, almost a given that they would score. What odds could you have got to bet PSU 0-4?
    The rest of their schedule should be a piece of cake, but who knows?

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  17. It still goes back to recruiting, Chryst did well here on offense, Narduzzi on defense. Only half a football team at any time. No doubt one will be stronger than the other, but the disparity has been ridiculous.

    I was also thinking about rivalries. PSU and WV are no longer our rivals, even in recruiting, neither have gotten much out of WPA lately.

    ND should be our biggest rival now. They have destroyed us in recruiting, getting the best linemen and QB out of the WPIAL. Where would Pitt be if we would have gotten those kids? Also we still play ND, maybe even more often if they join the ACC full time, which they will at some point.


      1. I agree, GC. If ND gets into the playoffs this year, and they should, it would be a strong incentive for them to join the ACC full time. If they can work out an arrangement where ND keeps their NBC contract and plays an away game or two on the ACC Network, I think it could happen.


    1. The Nitters and Hoopies will always be my personal rivals. The hatred doesn’t go away just because games aren’t being played.


  18. Watched portions of WVU, PSU, NC State games.

    Zero reason for PSU to be so bad with their great recruiting. Maybe it is karma for stealing an OC from a team in their own conference.

    WVU looks pretty good but their schedule gets harder. Love their offense.

    NC State played Florida State. Enough said. Boring blowout.

    Lots of teams relying on running QBs in RPO spread offenses. Those QBs take some huge hits. Wonder what percent make it through a season without missing a game. It is exciting to watch when it works.


  19. So the Masters just isn’t the same in the fall and doesn’t feel like a major. No fans has something to do with it, but the PGA and US Open felt better. Maybe it is just me.

    It might change today if things tighten up.

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  20. Thanks for the note, Gordon. I didn’t think the final round started until 1 PM today. I would have missed it.


  21. funny, just found out Dad played football with George Chaump
    knew he was friends with him and opportunity to go to games when I moved down here in ’89


  22. It was 2017 when PITT went down to “Death Valley” to play Clemson on the road and beat them. We all know Clemson went on to win the national championship that year. A year or so later PITT won the Coastal division giving them the right to play Clemson again, we all also know that result. Putting those two together in a short span of time is why I think PITT can win the Coastal and win 8 or more games a season moving forward. Instead of making excuses look at the facts.

    Anyway you slice it, this is an asterisk season and just doesn’t count. Wisconsin is 2-0 or 3-0 on their way to the playoffs?? How dumb is that?

    Michigan is 0-4

    What made my day? Tiger shooting a TEN. Almost like ND losing

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  23. Big10 teams didn’t get to rack up 3 rent a wins… I like it that way….you can say what you want about ND… they have always played a national schedule.


  24. Yvan, sorry to hear about your Dad… sounds like he was just not your Dad but your best friend…. that’s the earthly relationship my Dad and myself had…I feel he is right here with me!! He is there with you…

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  25. If the problem at Pitt is recruiting, then I think the right coach can win here. However, one missing ingredient is the “tradition” factor. When Pitt won in the 70s and 80s, Pitt could attempt to overcome its shortcomings by selling its winning tradition. After 35 years of mediocrity, 18 year olds are no longer buying it. Teams that won championships wearing leather helmets just don’t count anymore.

    I truly believe that Narduzzi wants to win at Pitt, his first venture as a head coach. But not coming from Pitt he isn’t exactly trying to “wake up the echoes” as they say at ND. Some Pitt blood is needed to take on this mission, although after Wanny’s treatment it could be hard to find. What was the magic sauce that Johnny Majors found or brought to Pitt? Sure, he brought in lots of recruits, but other colleges had that option as well. The administration really needs to think this through before dumping Narduzzi and attempting still one more futile attempt at winning.


  26. Tradition these days is tv exposure. Nice bowls for the swag. Pipeline to the pros. Packed stadiums. Hero worship. Under the table favors and leeway.

    Once the Golden Panthers were nuertered, Pitt became irrelevant nationally.

    But Pitt can still be a dominant regional. Top 25 rankings are very reasonable. Pitt has the budget to do that. It is failing today. That’s a leadership issue. See Narduzzi and heather.

    Time for a change.


  27. So sorry for your loss TVX. I think one of the reasons we push hard to win now are that many of us are older and don’t know if we will be around to see Pitt win again. I had a major health scare this year at 70 that caused me to have to give up alcohol. And you know how I loved a glass of scotch!
    That’s why when “this was finally to be the year” and we fall flat under the 6th year of horrible coaching from Narduzzi, it is even more frustrating!

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  28. ESPN has us going to the Military bowl (MD) or the Servpro bowl (Dallas). Navy will be waiting for us again.


    1. Any bowl in DFW and I’m there. I’ll root for Pitt but will pay for a flyover with a banner saying ‘Fire Meatballs’

      I also plan on bringing some blue blouses to present to heather.


  29. Tex, tradition is whatever sells. WPA recruits used to come to Pitt because of the local tradition, which was used to sell them on being part of returning Pitt to prominence. That’s how Majors got Dorsett. Winning teams produce those things you mentioned. Not enough time is spent by the administration in thinking about how Majors and Sherrill, and maybe some of the old great Pitt coaches, actually turned things around and produced winning teams. If the problem is recruiting, then keep Narduzzi and figure out how to bring in more top athletes until convinced that he can never recruit sufficiently.


    1. It’s simple. Those two were great coaches. They overcame any recruiting obstacle or bs by the administration. Pitt doesn’t need a great coach to recruit above mediocre and to get top 25 rankings. They need a better hiring process.


  30. And hiring an OC who won’t go out on the road to recruit offensive players is obviously not the answer. One year contracts are another problem for up and coming coaches who will move on by the time their recruits get experience. A HC MUST be able to locate and hire good assistant coaches who can recruit, and then give them multi-year contracts to stick around.

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  31. OT – Seven ACC teams received the United Soccer Coaches Team Academic Award for maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale for all players on the roster during the 2019-20 academic year: Clemson, Duke, Louisville, NC State, Syracuse, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

    The #1 ranked Pitt men’s soccer team takes the field at 6Pm in North Carolina vs Duke on the ACC Network.

    Pitt’s best player is SO Valentine Noel from France who is tied for the nations scoring lead at 5 goals.


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  32. Tvax, my condolences also. Sounds like you have a lot of good memories to help get you through this.
    Facts, well, it was 2016, not 2017 that we beat the ‘Scum. Also, no asterisk, if you use that logic titles we won during the war years get pitched also. The season is what it is. Some teams hate it, i.e. the Nitters, Michigan, LSU etc. Some love it like Indiana, Marshall, Florida, Cincinnati. Anyway you cut it, I’m disappointed with the play of our best team in years, but not surprised.

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  33. Our #1 ranked Pitt men’s soccer team in a nail biter tied at 1-1 in the 2nd half vs unranked Duke.

    They look sluggish.


    1. When you watch the replay of the Duke goal it appears the Pitt players gave up on the play and did not hustle to defend the Duke onslaught.


  34. Pitt’s star Noel just scored the go ahead goal – set up nicely by his teammate with 27 minutes left in regulation.

    Go Pitt!


  35. SC HC Muscamp fired today. OC Bobo named interim HC.

    Duzz still in charge at Pitt and Heather has yet to address the media since the Panther’s 4 game losing streak.


  36. I don’t think poor recruiting is the issue at Pitt. In fact, I think Pitt recruits well despite not having much to sell. The issue is just not having much to offer … what are you going to sell?

    local / national exposure?
    recent success?
    on campus stadium?

    Please stop me when I hit on something…

    Boosters offering large payouts?

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  37. PsuX just lost another basketball commit. He is 6’10” and held offers from Villanova and Miami. Ouch! Their entire 3-man class has now decommitted.

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    1. PSU does have a first class basketball arena, does have a large on-campus student population, and does play in possibly the 2nd best MBB conference with plenty of exposure. It also is not that far from the NYC/NJ/Philly/Balt corridor.

      Yet, it cannot sustain a good program. I can’t remember the last time it qualified for an NCAA (but did win the NIT a while back.) It certainly has the ability to pay for a top-notch coach but I’m pretty sure top-notch candidates are not interested.


  38. Tvax- just catching up on past due reading. So sorry to hear about your dad/best friend. I hope and pray that the flood of good memories will ease the pain of your loss.

    The memories never leave. Lean on them.

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  39. Tex said above ^^” No recruit these days cares about what Notre Dame did 70 or even 30 years ago.”

    Tex, this comment gives away why you are so frustrated with PITT football if you believe what you say. There is absolutely a big difference between the schools and their tradition. The fanaticism for ND is off the charts. << Not a great example my friend.


    1. Show me the elites lining up to play for the Domers because of their tradition. Rockne, 4 ghostmen, Rudy? Few kids these days know history. And what Notre Dame did 60 years ago is irrelevant to today.

      Tradition is overrated and overvalued by those in their senior years. That’s you Ike. Some of you guys might have even played with Rockne.

      Few if any young kid puts tradition at the head of the line. Seriously who really cares what a school did even five years ago. You think many four stars actually care that pitt had dorsett and Marino. That pitt won a division title. One in six years. No

      They remember what you did recently like last year and look at the programs future direction and their part in it.

      Frankly the Irish have been mostly irrelevant since the early 90’s and holtz. So much for their tradition. Their tradition each season appears to be overrated.

      On the flip side, elites flock to bama since their tradition is winning national championships over the past ten years. They don’t care that Stabler and Namath went there. They get the best facilities and coaching and best shot to the pros. That’s tradition as defined by 18 year olds.

      Pitts tradition is mediocrity. What kid wants to sign up for that. That’s why pitt needs a new coach to sell the future. Narduzzis future is more 7 win seasons and crappy bowls. Elites need not apply.


      1. I despise ND more than any sports team in America. psu 2nd and New England gave them a run for their money. I’m the biggest homer. Tampa Bay may soon enter the picture.

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      2. Notre Dame is a bad example to use for your tradition argument, Tex. The tradition of ND goes way beyond their football history. Their students have a reverent respect for the university, the campus, and the grads who went before them that has little to do with football. ND is the Holy Grail for parents who would never consider sending their kids to a public grade school or high school. Look at their football roster and I think you will find that most of their players came from a Catholic High School.

        I know several Notre Dame grads and their relationship to the school is much different than we find with schools like Pitt.

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      3. Ouch, Tex. But you’re on the money with your scathing review.
        The question really is why you’re so intent with Pitt being “elite,” past or present.
        It’s a daydream, pal. Just get used to a potential 10 win season every 10-15 years and you’ll be okay.
        On the flip side, MBB could do some occasional damage to right your ship.
        We’ll see. But maybe give it up for mediocrity and call it a day. This fan (me) isn’t waiting any longer.


  40. Tvax, So sorry about your Dad but glad you have such great memories. I lost my Dad and Mom some years ago and the memories are forever, thankfully. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

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  41. Stay with me, this pertains to Pitt.

    Saturday night I watched my other alma mater (Oregon, ’91) come back and handily defeat the Washington State Cougars, 43-29. Joe Morehead knows a thing or two about running an offense. A post-game article in the Oregonian (the state’s largest newspaper), was about him and the game. The column discusses several issues that bear directly on issues surrounding the Pitt situation:

    making half-time adjustments
    all the things that a not-good OC does during a game (comparison with Whipple is eerily similar)
    the impact a really good OC has on a program (on the heels of having Marcus Arroyo, a not-good OC)
    what happens when the head coach puts the program’s interest ahead of his ego when hiring an OC



  42. I hate to say it fellas but 4 and 4 with the old Nard Dawg is looking pretty darn good right now. I’m giving him a pass not having Pickett for a few games as well. There is no excuse for not having a winning season at PSU, Michigan, LSU, Michigan State, Nebraska, Florida State…we usually finish in the six or seven win range but I don’t think the teams listed above will make that record despite all of those financial advantages, ace recruiting classes, and wonderful facilities.

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    1. PJ Fleck signed a 7 year, $33M extension last year at Minnesota last year. He is currently 1-3, having lost to Michigan 49-24 and Iowa 35-7. Last year, he led the Gophers to an 11-2 record and a 10th ranking.

      I don’t think Minnesota will or should panic here. But it just supports the fragility of college football ….and especially this year with teams getting 1 or 2 unplanned weeks off.


  43. so Bill Mushamp was fired at SC …. SC is an SEC school. An SEC school also hired and fired Joe Moorhead as HC after only 2 years. It seems some programs will just never get ahead.

    Moorhead was 14-12 in 2 years there (7-9) in the conference; they only gave him 2 years. They hired the controversial Mike Leach to replaced him and MS is now 2-4. The man Moorhead replaced at MS is Dan Mullen, current HC at Florida. Mullen was 69-46 overall but just 33-39 in conference play (Note that Jackie Sherill coached at Miss St, which was the second school he put on probation after Tex A&M)


    1. Rich from SC is certainly more knowledgeable here …. but So Carolina is an SEC school in the same state as Clemson. And from 2009 thru 2014, SC beat Clemson every year, but hasn’t won since. Thus, there is little patience for SC HC’s these days, especially now that Clemson is one of the top programs.

      BTW, I’m reading Billy Napier is considered the fave for the SC job. He is a Georgia native


      1. I was not surprised Muschump was fired. Fans were disgruntled last year and no leeway was given for this year. The last straw was last weeks game against Ole’ Miss. For a former defensive coordinator, giving up 59 points & 159 points over the last 3 games was the last straw.

        He was not the fans 1’st choice to follow Spurrier. Most wanted Tom Herman now at Texas. In fact, he was probably not on anyone’s list. My wife was livid at the hire.

        The football golden years where the Spurrier years. The heights were 3 straight 11 win season but only won one division title. Its tough to win anything in the SEC. Vandy & Kentucky are the only two schools were winning titles are not expected. Google Mark Stoops contract with Kentucky. He gets a one year extension of his contract if we wins 7 games a year.

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    2. South Carolina is one of the tougher Power 5 jobs in the country. Like all SEC programs (except maybe Vanderbilt), they expect to win but the arms race in that conference is significant. When you’re in a conference with Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, and Florida – and you have an annual out-of-conference-date at Clemson –what can you reasonably expect a coach to do long-term at South Carolina? Spurrier had some success there, but it’s a tough row to hoe.

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    1. I remember hearing that Harbaugh is the only P5 Head Football Coach with a contract of less than 2-years.

      Interesting, and likely indicates that a change is coming, I would guess…


  44. On this date in 1929 ND and Southern Cal faced off before 112,912 fans at Soldiers Field in Chicago. ND prevailed 13-12. It was the 3rd time in the 20s these 2 teams played before crowds of 112,000 fans. What an era in college football… bet some of the players became doctors, dentists, engineers and lawyers!!!!


  45. Farmers is right, Tex. If you believe tradition is only football success you are sadly mistaken. High school players also listen to parents, uncles, neighbors and others who look at academic reputation and other factors. The ND experience transcends football if you have ever been on campus.


    1. There a few schools where the tradition is so strong it can survive a decade in the wilderness and still attract recruits. Notre Dame is one of them (in no small part due to the NBC contract). It’s a pretty small number of schools, though. Ask Nebraska. (Or Pitt)


  46. U of SC coaching hire update. AD Ray Tanner (he was the former head baseball coach with two national championships) said he expects a new hire within 30 days.


  47. Pitt is certainly not the only school with FB tradition. Did you named that Minnesota claims 7 national tiles, plus 2 unclaimed ones (1911 and 1915) whatever that means. Here’s an article from last year from ESPN that lists the 50 best programs in the history of college football


    Now, it includes Ivy League and many small college teams (N Dakota St, Mt Union, etc) that are listed higher that Pitt which is ranked 33rd. But it also lists Nebraska, Tennessee, Minnesota, (and Florida St) above Pitt.

    It also indicates how there were so many ranking systems in the early 1900s causing many schools to claim national titles that wouldn’t hold much water these days

    Here is what is says about Pitt:
    From 1915 through 1938, under the legendary Pop Warner and under Jock Sutherland — a coach Gen. Robert Neyland thought to be the best ever — the Panthers walked among the college football elite. In 1937, they won the second AP title despite a tie with Fordham; they might have won the first, in 1936, if not for a tie with Fordham. (The teams tied in 1935 too, but there was no AP poll.) But Sutherland resigned in a dispute with the university after the 1938 season. And save for a decade under Johnny Majors and Jackie Sherrill from the mid-1970s to mid-1980s, the Panthers have been just another program. It’s hard to win in the shadow of an NFL team; Pitt is a tenant at the Steelers’ Heinz.

    As I have been trying to explain for a while here …. the Majors/Sherill era is the aberration, not the norm.


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