Pitt at Florida State Postgame Thread

Well it turns out that a bad Florida State team was just the tonic Pitt needed to snap its four game losing streak. But before we get carried away with all this “Pitt is back” stuff, lets just take a look at the facts.


QB – None of Florida State’s QB’s had much success throwing the ball coming into the game. Jordan Travis had completed only 50% of his throws and had a 4/4 TD to INT ratio coming into the game. This is exactly the kind of QB that plays into Pat Narduzzi’s scheme. Three interceptions were thrown.

OL – Florida State ranked 85th in sack rate going into the game, and then lost their starting OT in-game. Again, a match made in heaven for Pitt’s DL and Narduzzi’s scheme. And wouldn’t you know it, Pitt sacked Florida State Quarterbacks seven times.

RB – Pitt’s run defense has been one of the only consistent bright spots this season, but interestingly Pit gave an average of 4.5 YPC to FSU’s backs. They combined for 13 carriers and 51 yards, and had Florida State not abandoned the running game they might have worn down our defense (and limited those aforementioned INT’s)

WR – Tough to say because they were limited by QB play and I had to listen to (most of) the game while driving the family home from a petting zoo, but the stats show that Pitt for the most part shut down FSU’s wide receivers.

TE – As usual Pitt struggled to contain a talented tight end. FSU’s Camren McDonald tallied 7 receptions for 61 yards. Chase Pine has limitations reading defenses, but what about putting him 1 on 1 with the TE on every single play? (I know it’s not this simple…)


QB – Kenny Pickett is a difference maker in this offense, and even at less than 100% he elevates a terrible unit to “something around average”. I’m not saying that in a tongue-in-cheek way. Pitt would score about 10 points per game without him (in fact that’s about what they actually scored without him…) Pickett is the offensive MVP so far, even after missing two games.

Nick Patti emerged as a surprising weapon at the goal line, and Kudos to Whipple for “squeezing” as much as he could out of his red zone offense by inserting the mobile backup. (Although he did it one too many times and it likely cost Pitt a touchdown.)

OL – I was able to watch the highlights and (at least on the highlight runs) Pitt appeared to be run blocking a little better. Buuut against FSU that should have been the expectation. From the Tallahassee Democrat (newspaper) game preview:

Not only has FSU lost the battle at the line of scrimmage, but its rushing defense is among the worst in the nation. Through six games, FSU’s defense is giving up an average of 208.6 rushing yards per game. That ranks 83rd out of 104 teams in the FBS. 

RB: See above

WR: Jordan Addison is having a Freshman All-American type season. (and Thank God he is). Rumors of Jared Wayne’s demise were greatly exaggerated. Would like to see him get more targets. I sure which Shocky Jacques Louis could run crisper routes, bc then he might get more targets. Still, FSU doesn’t exactly have an elite secondary and Pitt was playing against an injury-riddled unit. From Tomahawk Nation’s postgame report:

Secondary: Can a depleted secondary take away the explosive plays? It’s a mixed bag of results. Brownlee played well in the first half. Pickett is a good quarterback and didn’t make a lot of mistakes. With the lack of pass rush Pickett is just choosing his spots. Pitt really attacking one-on-ones and outside the numbers. Overall it was a short-handed unit against a good quarterback who had the benefit of multiple short fields. A recipe for disaster against a bad defense.

TE: Daniel Moraga, 1 rec, 5 yds

Overall – This offense isn’t as good as the 40+ points they scored.

note: If you haven’t figured it out this is a joke twitter account, and these plays are from what looks to be an approx 10-yr old video game.

Special Teams / Coaching

I tuned in early enough to hear Kessman miss a field goal (shocker), and DJ Turner make some decent returns. From what I hear the Aussie had a good day.

Can’t speak to the coaching since I didn’t observe the whole game, but maybe you guys can?

On to Georgia Tech… Hail to Pitt.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

173 thoughts on “Pitt at Florida State Postgame Thread

    1. Indeed.

      Here comes all the discussion about why we aren’t allowed to enjoy it.

      I went back and read the pregame predictions.
      Guess what? – Ike wins the game ball.
      The rest of your predictions were so far off, I suggest you stick to the penny slots.
      Some hedged their bets with a Pitt win, but how many of you thought Kessman was going to kick a game winner.
      Dan – don’t even go in the casino (haha).

      Anyone want to cue up Teddy Roosevelt’s man in the arena speech since I tend to stay away from game predicition? I certainly deserve it.

      It just goes to show that all the stats we look at fail to measure whats inside the kid’s heads as they take the field each Saturday. No one here who follows the team should be surprised that they bounced back and played hard.

      Say what you will about Pickett’s shortcomings, but the kid is a gamer and a football player.
      Do some of you guys realize how silly you look when you put forth rumors about why he won’t come back this year? I’m a fan of his. Like his toughness and commitment.

      This team should be the worst ranked 6-2 team right now and if Kenny isn’t injured, may be even 7-1.
      Im not backpeddling from my thoughts on Narduzzi’s fitness for the job, btw. Still think he’s the wrong guy.

      Really enjoying the Hokie loss…. two guys texted me the moment Ford opted out…. those effers are licking their wounds today.

      Irish looking like the real deal (as much as I don’t like that.).

      I sure hope we beat GT next week.

      Who’s ready for another pregame tailgate before the VT game?

      Steelers vs Bovine Cartel today at 4:25pm. Trap game – I hope Tomlin get these guys meantally ready to play today – evn if they are pros and shouldn’t need it. #heedJoeGreene’swarning

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  1. Pitt has had its share of quality losses thru the years where they have played good opponents but came up short. so I wouldn’t hold up my nose up for a non-quality win. But I guess the attitude of this article reflects the attitude of what exactly Pitt is, and has been … an above average program (but no more)

    But at least Pitt didn’t lose ….

    to Liberty at home (Va Tech)

    to Maryland by 16 at home (PSU)

    to Indiana by 17 (Mich)

    to Iowa by 42 (Mich St)

    PSU and Nebraska are winless, Michigan is 1-2, Defending NCAA champ LSU is 2-3 giving up 45 pts to Missouri, 44 points to Miss St and 49 to Auburn with a defense loaded with 4 stars and a DC being paid $2M.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg

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  2. I picked Pitt to win and I also picked FSU to beat us on penalties, which occurred. It”s always good to get a win and I am ecstatic that Battle, Royal and other defensive backs got some great experience with Ford quitting.

    Our running game was still bad. If you take out flea Davis big run of 22 yards, where Moraga had a great block, he ran like 12 times for 22 yards if I recall. Those are bad numbers against an awful defense. Addison had a real nice game. FSU was missing their top 5 DB’s and it showed. That said, the result is what it is supposed to be when the other team is not as talented. We shouldn’t act like we are top 25 by beating fsu who is now 1-5 in ACC play.

    I said this during the game and still believe it to be true. Norvell was expecting SOP to show up by going for it on 4th and 5+ twice in our offensive territory and not making it. I think he thought that it was Pitt, so therefore he should make it. Bonehead coaching move.

    Seven sacks will decrease the run against numbers or actually improve the Pitt stat. I don’t understand why sacks go against the run numbers in college, but in the pro’s, the sack losses go against the passing numbers…..because they are actually passing the ball, not running it.

    Weaver had a good game for sure and Habba had some nice pressures but just couldn’t get home. Overall, i liked the effort of the team, but lots of room for improvement.

    The Hugh Freeze experiment at Liberty seems to be working out well for them. Good stuff! State Pen quit.


  3. So nice to end the losing streak (haven’t experienced a win since late September) and gloss over the W and start talking about next week. Lost in the win is beating Norvell, a guy who bolted out the door with Graham back in 2011 and never said a word to any of the players.

    I don’t know anything about Tech’s offensive line, but the Pitt defensive line will be getting after the freshman QB with bad intentions.

    Winning in Florida yesterday had to have given our Florida recruits a good vibe and now heading into Georgia next week, Pitt can do the same for those kids.

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  4. You ask about coaching since you were at a petting zoo with family – good man!

    The GOOD: DC Bates made some adjustments when the Pitt D was stumbling out of the “locked” gate and Pitt was down 14-3. The D responded with a great game from that point on.

    FYI – The Pitt O scored 34 points with numerous short fields – the Pitt D scored 7.

    The BAD: Duzz was slow to make decisions on penalties – take vs decline – and some were very obvious, yet you could see the pain on his face when trying to decide. Maybe he was not used to so many opposing penalties and he hasn’t practiced that coaching skill enough yet.

    The UGLY: OC Whipple’s most creative moment yesterday was to bring #12 QB Patti in on short and goal. FSUx did not see the change and assumed KP would not run – Patti walked in for the TD untouched. Good call Whip. The next series with short and goal, Whip did the same thing (IKR), but FSUx’s coaches looked dumb as rocks and missed it again – Patti TD. The third series with short and goal, Whip looked dumb as a rock – 1st and goal at the 1 inch line he sends KP into the mosh pit with a bad ankle – stuffed. Then on the next 2 plays he tries #12. Kessman luckily kicked a 7 yard FG on 4th down.

    I’m not sure what kind of subs they ordered at halftime, but they did win the game.


  5. Big Blue Michigan loses again, gotta love it. Donovan Jeter said he wanted to play for a winner in front of very large crowds. 0-2 You can’t always get what you want but sometimes you get when you need like a wake-up call, Karma can be a real bitch. Yeah I know, I take pleasure in others miseries sometimes although Michigan is in my top 5 teams of dislike. psu #1……… So I’m happy today. 🙂

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      1. I love Michigan as well. Most kids who pick the school don’t regret it.

        No yellow seats
        Great education
        National tv exposure

        I’d chose Michigan hands down over pitt any day.

        Tex – a Michigan subway alum


    1. C’mon Mark- you obviously forgot who our OC is. That kind of thinking requires- IDK- a little common sense mixed with some creative football IQ!

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  6. Big ten getting exposed without all the fake 3/0 starts playing crap teams.
    Start ranked for no reason
    Go 3/0 move way up.
    Play each other lose and stay ranked.
    It is a scam.
    N.b UPIT thanx for the link.

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  7. Vincent Davis is a third down back in this offense. Not an every down back. For God’s sake play Carter and the the other Frosh RB.

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  8. I picked Pitt to win…but i always do. Haha.
    Disappointed I did not see a flea flicker or statue of liberty play.
    Carter scores easily on goal line plays if used…
    Smoked a victory cigar pregame (idea I stole from Scooter who is a visionary)

    Got a phone call from an old poster last night that made my day!

    Loss of Ford may be addition by subtraction…who knew?

    Off to GT…i’m excited again. Winning does that to me. 😎

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    1. —I don’t know about scoring easily, 😊, but why we don’t see Carter in short-yardage situations and near the goal line is a mystery…

      —Scooter is indeed a visionary — the Force is with him…🎅

      Go Pitt.

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  9. I watched the beginning of the game before switching to something else. (There was something else a little more important going on yesterday.) I saw Vincent Davis (try to) run the ball three times. In each case he was stuffed, and I asked myself: why is that pipsqueak the starting running back?

    I’ve seen him before, of course, but each time I am stunned: is this the best Pitt can do? Later on, I checked back in and saw Carter and Abanikanda carry; now, they looked like running backs. Mysterious goings on, on the South Side.


  10. I was curious so I looked it up: Brandon Hill was a 3-star 5.6 recruit from Florida. Main offers, besides Pitt, were from Cincinnati, two Big Ten teams and several other ACC teams…

    Go Pitt.


  11. I didn’t make a prediction on the prediction thread but did make a 24-17 Pitt victory prediction in my Up Next -Florida State article. That was with Joey Yellen starting. I got FSU score correct but never thought the Warrior KP would play.

    All the stats mentioned by Mike, newspapers, & commenters were in my Up Next – Florida State article. I know it is just a bunch of numbers but it can help in making your either posted or personal prediction. I give my interpretation of the stats but it is up to you to decide what it means to decide a win loss.

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      1. Mark – I really thought Pitt had a 75/25 chance to win with JY. With the stats I presented in the article & looking at FSU & what they had done against opponents, I came to that conclusion. I really thought Pitt’s DLine would shut down FSU’s rush attack & once that happened It was FSU QB’s against Pitt’s overall defense. FSU’s QB’s. IMO, were not as good as Yellen. FSU’s defense generally is bad. Pitt with Yellen wins.

        Unlike probably everyone, I have plenty of time to fill even with being outside 5 to 6 hours a day. I have decided to spend a lot of that time on college football – not only Pitt but the ACC & college football in general. I track a lot of stuff. I usually send my Up Next article to Mike by no later than Wednesday morning. Wednesday night, I start researching the following weeks’ team (Ga. Tech) for tidbits.

        It keeps me occupied & away from watching an Avengers movie for the umpteenth time or the news.

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    1. How do you say that seriously when Clemson was missing the best QB in the nation and the Tigers best LB?

      I guess we’ll probably see the rematch in the ACC championship.

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  12. Fun fact: Michigan had beaten Indiana in 24 straight games before yesterday…

    How much is Harbaugh making? Tex might have to come up with New-Head-Coach-Search lists for Michigan and PSU… 😊

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      1. He is more a thief than Narduzzi. He needs fired immediately. Never did like the harbaugh clan.

        Tex – member of the Stewart clan. Highlander by blood.


    1. I have one ready for Michigan. The only list the Nitters will get from me is my grocery list.

      Yesterday was a good day with the pedos and Hoopies losing. My Horns beat those inbreds.


      1. I heard someone say on the radio that Harbaugh is the only Power 5 Head Football Coach with less than 2 years left on his contract…


  13. Congratulations to the players on their victory over FSU!! This does not change my mind about the coaching staff. Pickett is a real warrior and deserves a lot of credit for the victory. He was finally given some support by the rest of the offense yesterday against a much less talented opponent.

    Hopefully we will be able to play this well against Georgia Tech but I am not counting on it. My feeling is that the FSU game is the last victory of the year.

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    1. John – I agree with most of your 1’st paragraph but not on the use of the words “less talented opponent”.

      Over the last 4 recruiting class FSU 61 of 90 (68%) were Rivals 5.7 stars or better. As I have learned from reading the POV Florida recruits are the best. Even their transfer portal entries to the roster are Florida born & bred. You probably should have used “less experienced” or “terribly coached”.

      My preliminary research on Georgia Tech is a Pitt victory.

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      1. There is no excuse for the Seminoles to be this bad. They have literally three times the Stars than Pitt. Horrible coaching and development and probably a mismatch of talent with scheme. Easy things to correct however. Talent is tough to change quickly.


      2. Pitt-cocks Fan: I would not count on a Pitt victory at Georgia Tech. Pitt now feels pretty good about themselves and that may be their undoing. As for FSU I will grant you that they were inexperienced but not that they were more talented. The group of players that were actually playing yesterday were not the best team they could have fielded if all their players were healthy. Their second and third string players are not 4 and 5 stars. I am also a person skeptical of all these rating systems in their entirety. Yes, most 5 stars will develop into great players. The difference between 4 and 3 stars is way overblown. I would rather coach a group of motivated 3 stars than a group of spoiled 4 stars who think they should be coddled and fawned over.


  14. Pitt ranked around 60th on average across different polls. Louisville and PSUX are ranked higher than the Panthers.

    Searching for at least one poll that shows different results. Not that it matters.

    W_F is ranked on average at 26


  15. Running back for the Colts just scored a TD by leaping to the top of the pile, launching from outside the 2-yard line.

    How ‘bout we find which Panther has the best hops and make him the one-yard-line leaper? Or get a basketball player…

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  16. Great point of the article, no sense giving PITT any credit for a road win while we can just poo poo the win dissing on Fla State. C’mon Mike. There were asses kicked and names taken. All of a sudden PITT is suppose to take a win on the road in Tallahassee as expected? Sounds like many are contradicting themselves?


    1. Oh don’t get me wrong a road win is great. What I’d like to communicate is that these guys were probably the 2nd or third worst team in the schedule and their weaknesses played directly into our strengths.

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  17. Nope Tex, just a smidgen of respect when it is deserved. When did that become so difficult? When PITT loses, the barrage of insults and name calling seem to flow off the tongue effortlessly.


  18. I gotcha Mike nothing to pound on your chest about but should be a cause of happiness.

    Bad news, looks like I may have got my youtube mojo back so I will continue to bang on the drum for PITT


  19. A desperately needed win for the Dooz and Company yesterday. And when it was 14-3 them and then almost 21-3, it seemed like we were about to get routed. But after the near 3rd TD for them in the 1st Q, the whole game flipped around.

    We outscored them 38-3 after that initial 10 minutes of the game. So whatever MAGIC potion was used. I liked it….we need some more !

    Pitt @ Florida State 37-17 1982
    Pitt @ Florida State 41-17 2020

    We can Do Magic (apparently)

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  20. Watched parts of a couple games yesterday. It’s not news, but what is painfully clear is that to have an effective college offense, you need a QB who can run and a TE who can catch. Course you also need an offensive scheme that takes advantage of the mobility of the QB…

    I can’t remember KP ever having a threat at TE.


  21. Good to see the POV SOUNDTRACK IS ALIVE….thought it was “ THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED!” there for awhile … MAKE NARD DC until he can figure it out with his BRILLIANT D MIND…. in the meantime hire a newHC with a brilliant O MIND … pay Duzz 1.5 mil a year … at his ole age- he would take it— he’s in over his Italian head…,


  22. Congratulations to our Panthers for an impressive win. 41 points.

    On coaching, how many times have we had a first down and feet or inches to go and have been unable to punch it in? Come on man. Its a recurring nightmare.

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  23. FSU roster is 73% freshman and sophomores. Pitt had a good game and the result was expected, right? Pitt was favored by 3 and playing away is an additional 3, so they should have won by 6. I am not a bettor, but i think that is the first time Pitt covered this year on the road.

    Joel, if you go back to my prediction, I do more than just type pitt wins. I not only predicted a PItt victory, but also that FSU would have more penalties than our team which is a feat in and of itself. That happened. I also suggested that Pitt would need no turnovers to win. We won that one 3-0. That happened.

    I predicted the game without Pickett, so i missed on qb mobility and red zone effectiveness, hence more fgs. Stated that. Only later did the news of Ken Pickett starting came out.

    I predicted that our running game with flea, would not be effective. Generally, it wasn’t, outside his 28 yard scamper aided by a most tasty block by Moraga he failed. Absent the one carry, flea ran 12 times for 22 yards. That is not effective. He continues to have the worst yards per carry of any pitt running back this year. I predicted their running game would get alot of yards but they would be canceled out by sacks. The announcer also mentioned that fsu went away from a very effective running game

    I also missed when i said that FSU would attack Pitt’s seam on the defense. Funny thing, but if you listened to the ACC announcer, on several occasions, the seam was wide open. The announcer caught it, but missed by the fsu qb.

    In order to be boring, maybe everyone should just type win or lose and stop. I tried to find your prediction, so thanks for putting it out there……..not.


      1. DLineman were 220lbs back when Eric Allen ran the ball.

        Today they average 6’6” 280lbs and run 4.5 to 4.8 40’s.


        1. Maybe some were, but I know Mean Joe Greene was 275 lbs, Bubba Smith of the Spartans/Colts was 265, Alan Page and Carl Eller and Jim Marshall of the Purple People Eaters were all over 250 lbs.

          And these guys were tough, they played with broken noses, broken bones in their feet. NFL wasn’t a gravy train back then. I would imagine college football wasn’t either.

          The Flea was huge star in the CFL for the Toronto Argonauts…he avg’d 15 yards per touch. Impressive.


          1. Glen Hyde played DL for Pitt in the Flea’s time, he was 255 lbs.
            Ralph Cindrich was Pitt’s MLB in 1971….same defense as Hyde…he was 228.
            Ralph played 3 or 4 years in the NFL and Hyde’s career after being switched to OL
            lasted about 10 years.


    1. I read your prediction Huff. And read your post above where you said that same thing. You certainly explain your rationale for your prognostications, which is most often on the mark.

      Ike was really the only one calling for a larger margin of victory. And I may be mistaken, but recall he also predicted KP would play and have a good game.

      I don’t normally post predictions but since you’ve called me out… Pitt wins by less than a touchdown in Atlanta next weekend.


      1. lol, got you out of your prognosticators shell….early!! Most are running about 50-50, which is about right. That’s not bad in Vegas as it is for entertainment only….of course.


  24. I predict I need an enima after this week. Italian hoagies clog the dam with me. They give beavers a run for their money.


    1. Yea….that was something you don’t wanna visualize. Tex needs some olive oil on his hoagies.


  25. The Stiller’s Boswell has a case of the Kessman’s today. 2 FG’s and 2 missed XP’s. Not really watching, just following it online. Down 18-19 those 2 missed XP’s could be the deciding factor ….unless he gets a chance in the final stages……to redeem himself.

    Redemption is a big NFL theme(among others), so let’s hope it plays out that way !


  26. So, assuming Narduzzi is safe, how many more wins do Whipple, Borbely, Powell, and/or Salem need to save their jobs?


  27. Ironhead’s kid makes the deciding play of the Stiller game. Freakin announcers should have mentioned Ironhead’s legend was born at Pitt.


  28. Use to be a sign on the Field Railing at the 50 yard line of all Steeler Games at 3 Rivers Stadium.



      1. Being that Canada declined their offer to stay at Pitt years ago, I doubt that happens. Plus, the NFL life is more attractive to some coaches. No recruiting and a real off season.


  29. Say what you want about Belichek but he always goes by the “book”. The book says kick the FG Coach Tomlin! Game took 10 years off my life and I’m not sure I have 10 years to give!


    1. Totally agree….as i posted above(bonehead move comment). The Cowgirls can only tie if you take the 3 and kick the FG, that puts you up 8.

      And to go farther if you want, if he boots the regular XP after the last TD and the 3 at the end. You’re up by 9 points and the game doesn’t come down to the last play.

      Also if he boots the regular XP, it takes away any decision on the last drive. You automatically kick the FG, that puts you up 9 points. These decisions to go for 2 points can reek havoc and vastly change
      the whole dynamic of future decisions.


  30. I was very impressed with ND when they beat us. Very good team that played lights out against us. But I don’t know if their win last night was for real or just a product of Clemsons missing players. We will find out in ACC championship.


    1. Provided Lawrence and Clemson’s others play,…I predict Clemson will blow them out.

      Heck they came extremely close with their backup Freshman QB. Why can’t we have good
      backup QB’s. It seems to be very commonplace in NCAAF.

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      1. Yeah you might be right. But Notre Dame also gave away A lot of points in that game. The freshman tight end cost them two touchdowns in the first quarter and then they had the fumble in the end zone by Ian book. Notre Dame would have to play a pretty perfect game to beat a full Clemson team but I think it’s possible


        1. You might be right too ! It’s a crazy year (as we all know) and anything is possible. Who saw Clemson’s defense giving up 519 yards and 47 points to an ND team that scored 12 points against a bad L-Ville team, just 2 games prior.

          Jerry Palm of CBS Sports still has Clemson in the Final 4 and ND on the outside looking in.
          Haven’t looked at the other sites, with a few losses by others(Ohio State), you could see both Clemson
          & ND in the Final 4.

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  31. Now that we all agree that Narduzzi keeps his job, the focus should be on the OC. Whipple gets good marks for his play calling against FSU, so maybe he should return! And the RBs put up some yards so the OL is coming on! What’s everyone complaining about? 😄


    1. Stop it! Quit sounding unreasonable…

      One game vs a poor opponent does not wash away the bad taste left behind from four poor performance losses.

      There, I said it.

      Now, behind the locked gates of Pitt FB, the team begins to focus on that 1 yard needed to score vs GTech. How and who can get the job done. Many on POV have their opinions, but Whip has to figure it out and dial up the correct play. Can he do it without squeezing the Charmin?

      We’ll find out on Saturday evening, cause all is secretly silent on the South Side.


  32. You’re right, Erie. I just lost it for a while after a well needed win. I do think Narduzzi keeps his job with one more win. With COVID and the financial issues there is no stomach for beginning a HC search. So he would probably need to lose the remaining 3 games for Pitt to even consider it.

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  33. WMG (Whipple Must Go) and take Beatty, Borberly, and Powell with him.

    Clean the entire offensive (by every definition) house.

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  34. The Steelers over/under was 44. They win 24-19 (43). Missed xp and 2 point conversions would have put them over.

    Agree with Mike. Have to keep Beatty for sure. He is an ace recruiter and it isnt his recruits necessarily that are responsible for the majority of drops. Moraga had some nice blocks in the run game.


  35. People are basically cynical on a sports message board/Blogs but can we all agree it’s a great Monday morning when…..

    PITT wins
    psu loses
    Steelers win
    WVU loses
    the weather in WPA is predicted to be 75 degrees and sunny. Have a great day folks

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  36. Steelers were due a let down after the Ravens and the Dallas QB played very well.
    Noticed the Steelers comeback was without Conner who had a really off game.
    I don’t fault Tomlin. Dallas had already blocked two kicks and Boswell missed an extra point.
    A first game QB with 38 seconds and no time outs should never beat the Steelers D.
    Two games in a row where Conner couldn’t pick up the final third down. He didn’t look happy.

    I can see Pitt not making any changes. Rationale being they lost two games by a point and two
    with a second string QB. Revenue will be crushed, budgets will need to be cut etc. Athletic department
    a low priority. Not like donations are going to drop when they don’t exist to begin with.

    By the way, all the talk of Narduzzi losing the team and other guys quitting appears to be hogwash.

    The real question is what does PSU do where football is the highest priority?

    ND is pretty good, will be interested to see the rematch with Trevor Lawrence. By the way how does ND get the home field for that one? Part of the deal to join full time this year?

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    1. Hogwash when the team is winning, maybe not hogwash had they laid another golden bloused egg. Time, place and circumstance continues to be my mantra. Almost what wwfwb says about when you play. I use time, place and circumstance rationale for just about all things and it is critically important when engaged with an opponent.


      1. A football is oblong Huff and these are just young men with refs that need their eyes checked a little more often. It’s more complicated than you make it out esquire. Human error is more likely to be the deciding factor than not. Well…… unless the talent odds are stacked against a team……….. then, there are plenty more mitigating factors involved. $$ …… This isn’t litigation it is mostly gray and not black and white.

        I’ve had years of experience with juries (when it was part of my job to listen to them) and I can tell you many many stories how unpredictable they can be. It’s shameful.

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  37. I have often written here that many times it’s as important when you play someone as it is who you play.

    Yesterday, the only undefeated NFL team took on a 2-win team with a porous defense that used its 4th QB who was just signed to the roster 2 weeks ago. And all of a sudden the Steelers could not run against the worst run defense in the NFL. You can’t tell me that the Steelers coming off impressive road wins at Tennessee and Baltimore were properly focused yesterday. They should have lost

    This reminds me last year when Pitt lost a tough game at PSU and then had an emotional win over UCF, and then had to play Delaware.

    Two weeks ago, Pitt was the only P5 team to play in its 7th straight week against a very big, physical and obvious very good Notre Dame team who was playing only its 2nd game in a 4 week span.

    Many of you will say that this is just an excuse …. and I agree … but it’s a damned good one

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    1. Not an excuse Bill but a fact. Sitting at home many lose sight of what it takes to ram ones body into larger bodies for an education that many don’t even want. Sometimes the goal gets lost in pain.


    1. I don’t think Gallagher is stressed over it. They have a great protocol. They had a small spike earlier in the year also. I think they have 56 kids that tested positive within the last two weeks. That is less than .5% of the undergrad population. Thankfully, colleges and high schools made adjustments to go virtual for a week or so, then back to class while monitoring so the numbers go down quickly. They better get used to it.


      1. Pitt is doing a very good job. Kudos to their discipline and approach.

        Pitt is a scientific school mind you.


  38. Great that them Stillers are 8-0, but that offensive line has got some oldies on it who are at the end of their careers.

    Steeler’s can’t get a yard; Pitt can’t get a yard.


  39. What does it say about Pitt’s offensive recruiting over 6 years when a Freshman Addison is their best big play threat? And instead of punishing Izzy by holding him out, why not give him some first down snaps when pass blocking skills are not needed as much? Narduzzi seems to like to punish players instead of encouraging them with playing time.

    Pickett is a slightly above average QB who has had many games played to see defenses and learn his craft. His passing stats are a product of many games played. Most college QBs don’t play this many games in their careers. Narduzzi’s total commitment to him is a major reason why they have no seasoned back up QB to step in if/when he gets hurt. In addition, I don’t see any real effort to get someone ready for next year if Pickett leaves for the NFL. Why not put Yellon in for some snaps in the 4th quarter after he prepared all week? It seems Narduzzi worries only about winning the next game in order to keep his job, and this will hurt the team next year.

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    1. Is there no talent or does Whipple have no clue how to use it?
      Abanikanda, Carter, Vincent Davis (would be a different kind of back in a college offense), Kyi Wright (never thrown to), Wayne, Barden, Gipson, Jacques-Lois (rarely thrown to), Hennigham.
      I also think Whipple’s offense is a an up hill battle for young QBs. You have to get young QBs some reps in games occasionally.

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      What does it say about Pitt’s offensive recruiting over 6 years when a Freshman Addison is their best big play threat? (IT SAYS THEY MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN A GOOD RECRUIT) And instead of punishing Izzy by holding him out, why not give him some first down snaps when pass blocking skills are not needed as much?(BECAUSE SOME WOULD COMPLAIN THAT PN ISN’T HOLDING KIDS ACCOUNTABLE AND OPPOSITION WOULD KNOW IT IS UNLIKELY A PASS PLAY) Narduzzi seems to like to punish players instead of encouraging them with playing time.

      Pickett is a slightly above average QB who has had many games played to see defenses and learn his craft. His passing stats are a product of many games played. Most college QBs don’t play this many games in their careers. Narduzzi’s total commitment to him is a major reason why they have no seasoned back up QB to step in if/when he gets hurt.(HE’S PLAYED OTHERS A BIT THIS YEAR BUT I AGREE SOMEWHAT) In addition, I don’t see any real effort to get someone ready for next year if Pickett leaves for the NFL. Why not put Yellon in for some snaps in the 4th quarter after he prepared all week? It seems Narduzzi worries only about winning the next game in order to keep his job, and this will hurt the team next year.


  40. Reed, you do know all teams are already and automatically eligible this year? Doesn’t mean PITT will get a bid though. Two more wins should get them in?


    1. I believe three bowls already cancelled their affiliation with the ACC. There will be slim pickings for bowl slots. These bowls don’t make money without fans.


  41. I hate to spew anything negative, but of course I will. It was great seeing Carter and Izzy run hard and go forward behind the 2nd string line. I’d love to see what Carter would do with 20 carries, but I’d guess it would be close to 100 yards. I have no idea how this team determines who should start on offense, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I’m sorry, but you will never convince me the Flea is an every down back.
    Shocky was the next great playmaker and he seems to have little impact this year. Hopefully Addison doesn’t fall in the same category next year. The offense still has no creativity. Running Nick Patti 3 times from the 1 at the end of the 3rd quarter was stupid. If they put him in the shotgun on first down, had him take the snap and then a step or two towards the line and then he could have threw and easy TD. Use one play to set up another. Common sense coaching. If this team played Mia, BC or NCST next week, I’d bet they would lose again because they would be out coached, not because of talent. That says a lot because Diaz isn’t the greatest coach in Miami.


  42. tvax1, Addison as their best offensive player tells me they haven’t gotten enough play makers over 6 years. There should be good WRs playing who are Juniors and have learned the system, with Addison pushing them to get better. I agree Shocky was supposed to be the next great receiver, but he has disappointed through drops and a lack of consistency. I’m not sure how you hold a kid accountable who is trying hard but needs some experience. Next year you will be saying that Yellon needs to be held accountable for his interceptions. Good coaches get players ready to step in when needed. They could still throw to a TE (if they had one) or a WR on a short crossing pattern when Izzy is in the game on first down.

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    1. So instead of saying PITT did a great job and found a diamond in the rough we criticize other recruits. Shocky was rated way higher than Addison for you star gazers and Wayne is a great pick-up. I think Bardon is really good too but there aren’t just enough footballs to go around right now.

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          1. Narduzzi doesn’t turn coal into diamonds. There are no diamonds to be found in Indiana. Pitt needs to find nuclear players. That’s something I can get on board with. We win and we glow.


  43. I still say a receiving threat at TE would do wonders for this offense. On nearly every other team, the TE spot makes catches for TDs and makes catches for crucial 3rd down conversions… We do neither…

    Go Pitt.

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  44. Speaking of TEs, I wonder whatever happened to Krull.. I guess he can come back for another year, but is he just another transfer that failed? Shocky is typical of many reaches by the staff that are supposed to be a diamond in the rough. But somehow they run out of eligibility before they get there. Look at Pinnock. Last year we were saying he was a really good lock down cornerback. This year he has been average at best and is now in the Narduzzi doghouse.


  45. —Is it time to move SirVocea Dennis to middle linebacker? This guy makes plays. Been a long while since we had a real playmaker at MLB.

    —Thought I saw Pitt favored by 7 at GT…

    —On the TEs, would like to see Krull play a couple games to see whether it has any impact on the offense…


    1. I made the mistake of paying $4 dollars to see that movie when it came out. I’m not making the mistake of seeing this tight end attempt to play. My eyes can only handle so much.

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  46. something to chew on ….

    Team Leading Tacklers:

    1) Sirvocea Dennis 51 (unrated when committed — then 2 star)
    2) Paris Ford 45 (4 star)
    Damar Hamlin 45 (4 star)
    3) Cam Bright 34 (3 star)
    Pat Jones 34 (2 star)

    Tackles for Loss:

    1) Dennis 13.5 (unrated / 2 star
    2) Weaver 11.5 (2 star)
    3) Jones 11.0 (2 star)

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    1. If we could evaluate offensive diamonds in the rough we evaluate defensive this team would challenge for the coastal every year


      1. That’s the game some of you play… Be honest, all the crying at the end is over final recruiting ranking and you know it. and BTW, what about commit-able offers? Funny how that gets lost when it’s not in PITTs favor. Example. Sibley and Weaver both had big offers but when PITT signed them they were “non-commit-able offers: Crazy how Sibleys remains the same but Weaver all of a sudden is a big time recruit. Fudging the numbers much?


        1. Narduzzis recruiting and coaching leads to mediocre seasons. He’s a 7.2 win average coach making top 25 pay. Dem the facts. Can’t argue your way out of that.

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    1. Jerry O was a great player. Always around the ball, very cerebral. From Youngstown I believe? They have very smart people from out there. 🙂

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  47. some random news

    — Defending national champ LSU is a 24 pt underdog at home vs Bama. And this was before the prime time game being in jeopardy due to another Covid outbreak at LSU

    — the Auburn – Miss St game is already cancelled this week, and

    — Texas A&M has also halted practice

    — Mich St basketball HC Tom Izzo, Arkansas FB HC Sam Pittman and 2017 Masters Champ Sergio Garcia has all tested positive

    — in addition to Narduzzi, fans at SC has called for Bill Muschamp’s firing, as did fans at Tennessee for Jeremy Pruitt, as did fans at Mich for Jim Harbaugh … and I assume many. many more. (Wonder what the dairy farmers are thinking these days?)

    — the Washington Football Team has hired a Chief People Officer due to the large amount of sexual assaults reported in the offices over past years. May I suggest their new name should be the Washington Predators

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    1. South Carolina wishes Texas A&M cancelled practices last week. But are thankful they didn’t if it means Muschump goes.


  48. Brandon Hill ACC Defensive Back of the week. Pretty nice start considering the publicity around Ford opting out. Then again it’s always good playing in the defensive backfield for Pitt when our front 7 ends up with 7 QB sacks. Not so good when we could’t get to the QB in the BC, NCState, Miami and ND games.

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  49. Pitts future AD in MNF. I encourage everyone to watch. And he’s dressed for success. No yellow.

    Tex – angling to be his agent.


  50. jumping back in late –

    Dennis was injured as a junior in high school and it was between Pitt and Army (?) – one of the acadamies. He explained that in one of his interviews.

    Sibley was a strong 4 star nationally and also got injured in high school. After the injury, OSU backed away from him and he was a non-committable. Pitt stayed with him and he apparently has had trouble staying healthy. I like how he runs candidly and deserves a better shot than flea at this point. Flea isnt disparaging. It just means he is light and always around, causing me to scratch my head and wonder why he plays so much. Nothing personal, I just think when all other things appear equal, play the bigger, faster, strong dudes.

    Salhuddin was a strong 4 and got injured here…rehabbed…lost his spot in rotation and left.

    Weaver was a 24/7 3 star and a Michigan de-commit. He had offers from Illinois and others. Rivals 2 star. He obviously had a better than 2 star grade on analysis to bring in the Mich offer and commitment. Rivals will give you a 2 star if their people havent evaluated you in person. Athletes get 2 stars for various reasons. Doesnt mean you are awful. So remember that when complaining about lowly 2 stars. They arent necessarily diamonds. Sometimes, they just havent been mined at all.

    I have seen many a coaches contract in the NCAA and they get incentivized for recruiting rankings. That”s just facts. I’d probably take a 4 star over a 2 star and trust that most 4 stars out perform 2 stars. And, I’d get some extra cash along the way. Woohooo!

    Pat Jones 24/7 3 star, Rivals 2 star. VTech offered him and he visited them right before committing to Pitt. He also had other ACC offers and Illini. Top 35 player in Va.


    1. Point being both players had multiple P5 offers. Pitt wasn’t the only school that saw talent. Not like Narduzzi can pick a diamond out of a heap of horse manure.


      1. i don’t understand, but its early. Maybe I just cant get the commercial out of my mind, singing liberty, liberty, liberty…


  51. I listened to most of the game on Saturday, saw very little of it. Given that Kenny was playing on a questionable ankle, was their any adjustment made to having him come to the sideline for every play?


  52. Maybe Mark, I think Whipple yelled out the play before KP got to the sidelines saving him a step or two each play. That really adds up at the end of the day.

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    1. Charmin yelling to Ken…… “give it to that new kid, yeah # 3”. Depending on scenario’s, he may have yelled “you are coming out because I can give it to your backup qb three times from the 1 yard line and get the same result”.

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  53. Funny how there was no mention of the crappy job Norvell did last weekend. Maybe a little too much attention paid to the winning coach and how lousy he is?


    1. Ike, you may want to re-visit the Norvell comment. I know that I stated emphatically that Norvell (in my opinion), perhaps cost fsu the game by going for it on 4th and 5 or so a couple of times with at least one of those early in the game, and in Pitt territory. It was awful coaching, but expected behavior due to our propensity to implode.

      Norvell expected Pitt to not capitalize on his gaffes and it cost them. I do think a few others agreed with the observation. Other than those poor decisions, I dont think he did anything else that was too bad, except abandon a running game that was very effective early. I think another reason that noone berated their coach after those gaffes was because it was apparent that fsu is a bad team. They have very little talent and their 1-5 record shows what they are….just awful. It”s his first year, not 6th, so talent level is forgiveable, not poor decisioning, hence the comments..


  54. I was impressed with the demeanor of the Pitt back-up players on the sidelines. The other QBs, for example, seemed very supportive of KP and Patti. I thought Beville would be stilled ticked off about being pulled so quick against ND…(and I wouldn’t have blamed him…)


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