Pitt at Florida State Prediction Thread

Anyone care to make a prediction?

I predict Pitt still won’t be able to run the ball, and still won’t be able to score in the red zone.

I predict a sloppy game all around.

I predict that Florida State busts some long passes against what is now turning into a very young secondary.

I predict that Pitt loses again… 24-10.

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  1. To quote a movie: “ I say….that what you say….is what I say”. I agree all around.

    It won’t be pretty on either side. Pitt will keep it “mostly” close…just to the point that it is frustrating when they can’t get it done.

    The bye week should help in that they looked so tired against ND and that stretch of games. However, I need both fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve said “you’ve had a bye week and THIS is what you come out with!?!?”

    Pitt 9 a FSU 24


  2. We will see two very inept offensive teams.

    The Pitt defense will score tomorrow and the Pitt offense will turnover the ball allowing FSU to kick the wining FG.

    Pitt 2
    FSU 3

    Narduzzi’s adjustment at halftime will be having the entire defense run over to the sideline for the play call.

    Pitt will implode tomorrow giving a whole new meaning to SOP.

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  3. Florida State 48 – 3 Pitt
    Pitt has no chance….. none. In addition to being outcoached badly, FSU has better players on both sides of the ball and a sharp new QB who can run and pass. This game is over at halftime.

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    1. Dallas has a better chance of beating the Steelers than Pitt does of beating FSU. The team has quit….not just Ford, 75% of the whole team is AWOL between the ears. Now as for the coaching staff….


  4. Free Fantas to everyone. I plan on sleeping through this contest. Pitt is garbage.

    Tex who has the dumpster, gas and match


  5. I had this as a win. So far I have 4 wins (had Miami loss) and 3 losses. I threw my crystal ball into the recycle bin. No lost cash as I was lazy and did not get to the betting parlor.


    1. No home run hire will want to walk into this dumpster fire. Narduzzi will hire no young and innovative OC. He’s not hiring his potential replacement. Anyone new to the coaching staff knows that Narduzzi is dead man walking. Nobody walks into that situation unless they are desperate.


      1. Pitt would have to guarantee at least two years of the contract, maybe three, knowing Narduzzi is on thin ice. That isn’t Pitt’s style, so Narduzzi might end up with a washed-up guy like Marc Trestman.

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      2. If Heather and Gallagher get the word out that they want Narduzzi to stay and offer enough money, they can get an OC from a lower level or a hot position coach to be co-coordinator (which is done quite often these days).
        The problem, as I have stated before, PN would have to be forced to hire a RPO spread or air raid OC because he won’t do it. Who is going to give him the ultimatum?

        Someone needs to ask Bates, which style offense is hardest to defend? Because if I am not mistaken, Northwestern was one of the first Big10 teams to spread teams out.


    1. There has been zero talk of it since a message board rumor was posted mid week. The guy also said Pickett will play then a day or two later Narduzzi said Kenny has been practicing more, so the poster might know something.


          1. I’m flat out calling Narduzzi a liar. Yet another reason to the many reasons to can him. But this blatant lying really rubs me raw. That can’t be defended even by the most ardent Narduzzi lapdogs.


  6. My prediction for Pitt….

    0 – Kenny Pickett
    1 – Joey Yellen
    2 – Suspended players
    3 – Lost fumbles
    4 – Thrown Int’s
    5 – Runs for losses
    6 – Dropped passes
    7 – Points scored
    8 – Penalties (at least….for the usual for the MOST UNDISCIPLINED TEAM in D-1 football)

    State 30 – Panthers 7……BAH!!!!

    Hope I am wrong 😦


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    1. Obviously you did not read my review of FSU. FSU has 60 in 6 Games – 10’game. (NCAA Rk.#102).Pitt has 58 in 7 games 8.29/game Rk# 89.

      How do you get Pitt as MOST UNDISCIPLINED team in D1?

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    2. Sorry to get snappy. I would have let it go as an opinion but once you capitalized it I had to respond. Once again I am sorry to be so snippy.

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  7. Just when you thought coach Pat lost the team and they won’t win another game and Heather will be forced to fall on her sword, we will win.
    Pitt – 13
    FSU – 10.


  8. Maryland kicks our butt – 38-10, we drop to 0-3, and Sandy fires James from State College. She immediately turns around and offers NardDog $5 Mil per, and he accepts. He guarantees her his D works in the B1G.

    Wait – this is the psux blog, right??


  9. I am going to predict Florida State will beat PItt……in penalties. Ha! Pitt wins this game and as I type, i will figure out how.

    First, I do believe that the Pitt defense will have trouble with the FSU running back game. Statistically, the net run numbers won’t look bad for Pitt (as we will get sacks that reduce the net run number, but not effectiveness, stopping running backs). It’s a misleading statistic in my book as far as stopping the run goes. FSU will spread out our defense and attack the middle thru the air, go figure! On the run game, run away from their three wide receivers to open up a seam to the weak side (unbalanced). In the passing game, vertical stretches / post digs to split cover 4’s will be problematic as they will have success in play action. The qb will use the shovel passes to keep our defense honest.

    Offensively – The Davis runners do not strike fear into their opponents. Pitt is predictable thus far and does not give their opponents anything to fear. When our qb goes under center, there is an 85% chance of a run. Review the film. FSU linebackers struggle in space, so not having Pickett moving the pocket is more problematic for Pitt this week. Pickett would not have been a difference maker at ND, but would be as far as moving the pocket, against a weaker fsu linebacker unit in space. Our OL is awful, still. I would suggest putting in some of the new guys (freshman) for a few reasons. First the young players will get some actual tape on themselves on which to grow, during the long off-season. Second, if Pitt experiences more quitters, it gives these young players some playing time, wets their whistles, to come back and perform better.

    So how do we win? Less penalties. No turnovers. Field goals dominate. Unfortunately, a field goal fest and we win 23-20


  10. PITT is lonnnnnnnngggggg overdue for a terrible season and the stars are aligning- the ducks are in a row….PITT has a chance to win the game on a last second field goal- Alex does his best Seminole impressonation-“WIDE RIGHT!!!”


  11. Pitt wins 26-23 in 2OT

    Kessman misses the game winner in regulation, but hits the winner in the 2nd OT. Neither team scores in the first OT.

    The run game is Pitt-iful again – Yellen throws for 300 yards and 2 TD’s with no INT’s.

    Duzz and staff make no half time adjustments with a 23-13 lead at intermission.

    The D is ok with 3 more starters out of the line-up. Several FR players step up on D to compliment the veterans who remain.

    Go Pitt!


    1. How do you know it’s pinnock? Dude seems like a stand up guy.

      Pickett … man what grit but if he goes is this a good decision for his career?


  12. Bad and good news for many:

    The Bad news is, Pickett looks to start and will lead PITT to a win tomorrow. I know that may be tough for some of you to swallow. (a PITT win that is)

    The good news is that it kind of assures us that KP will move on next year…….. (YEAH, for some)

    PITTs defense shows up and with Kenny a victory follows.

    Fla S….17

    Richard, you pour a lot of hard work into craft so people should read and use it as a resource. Plus you thinking you’re being snippy is kind of funny. 🙂

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  13. Even if Pickett plays tomorrow, Pitt will lose. “Elvis has left the building” folks! If we are very lucky we will beat Georgia Tech, otherwise I see no other wins the rest of the year. As I said previously, Narduzzi is just a fired coach going through the motions for the rest of this year and all of next year. Assuming next year is played under normal circumstances.

    Clemson who makes a ton of money from fan attendance at their games, just axed a couple of their sports:: Men’s track and X/C. I guess they just could not get Dabo to take a temporary pay cut. Both sports will be gone after June. Clemson by the way has one of the lowest, if not they lowest, academic endowments in the ACC.


  14. There have been better and there have been worse, but none have had the heart of a lion like Kenny Pickett. I guarantee he won’t quit on this team. PITT 24-20.


  15. This could be Pickett’s last stand.

    FSUx players will make sure KP knows his ankle should be elsewhere and will twist it and flush him from the pocket all day. They have elite NFL talent in their secondary, so the box will be loaded with 4 & 5 star talent – the run will be non-existent and there will be a few late hits on the QB – FSUx lykes to create penalties even more than Pitt.

    This feels lyke desperation, when the season is already lost. Pitt should be grooming the QB of the future, not playing an injured QB from Christmas’ past.

    What does anyone involved have to gain? KP has had a decent stat line for 2020 in games played except for TD’s and wins/losses. Duzz has job security (IKR), so he should want to play the QB of the future for developmental reasons.

    The decision is consistent with is his “in game” management though – HORRIBLE!


  16. From the Tallahassee Democrat (news):

    Why Florida State will win

    Yes, FSU’s defense has struggled the entire season, but this will be a great opportunity for it to get back on the right against a (young or injured Pitt) quarterback. The Panthers are also one of the worst rushing teams in the country as they’re averaging just 98 yards per game to rank 104th.

    Offensively, the bye week was beneficial to FSU quarterback Jordan Travis. He clearly was not 100 percent in their loss to Louisville as he didn’t have the impact on the Seminoles rushing attack like he did in previous weeks.

    Expect Florida State to put more of an emphasis on Travis using his legs and making plays outside of the pocket against Pitt. That should also help open up their passing game. (Uh-oh)

    Why Pitt will win

    FSU’s offensive line will be facing one of the more physical teams in college football. Pitt is averaging a nation-best 4.43 sacks per game. Defensive linemen Patrick Jones II (seven), Rashad Weaver (4.5), and linebacker Phil Campbell III (4.5) all rank in the top 16 in terms of individual sacks.

    Pitt’s defense is old school and physical, unlike anything the Seminoles have seen this season. As good as its rushing attack has been, FSU will have to be able to throw the ball consistently if its going to pull off the victory. Pitt’s defense also hasn’t allowed more than 115 yards on the ground to any team this season.

    On the opposite side of the ball, FSU’s defense allows 490.5 yards per game, which is 104th in the country. It has also surrendered 14 passing plays of 30-plus yards, which is tied for the most in the ACC with North Carolina and Louisville. FSU’s is also giving up 35 points per game, which is next to last in the conference.

    COMMENTOR’S NOTES: I’m looking hard for the entertainment value in this game – this last paragraph is chalk full of stats I will keep an eye on. If I’m Whipple and Duzz is completely trusting me alone for the offensive game plan, I have the QB (and Tipton – trickery) throwing downfield to Addison, Turner, Shocky and Barden. I’d mix in short over the middle dinks to Wayne, Mack, Addison,Tipton and the TE, along with several wheel routes with the RB (at least once per qtr). I’d be relentless with that strategy all day. Now, if Duzz shuts that down with a lead to go conservative, I’d turn in my resignation after the game regardless.

    Now that would be entertaining…


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  17. The betting line hasn’t moved but that doesn’t mean Pickett will play or not.

    I really cannot see the Panthers winning today, this is a big game for FSU regarding Norvell establishing his footprint and this is a very winnable game at home for them.

    I think we can agree Narduzzi and company are pretty much non-creative regarding exploiting offensive matchups, overall adjustments, etc, he has proven this over his tenure, why would he change?

    In retrospect when Canada was here they were creative, so there was hope on the offense but his hiring of Watson and Whipple leave a lot to be desired.

    It’s pretty clear without a running game, a very weak offensive line with no TE threat this offense is going to struggle.

    If Pickett does play I hope his ankle is healed because he will be running for his life. Joey Rebel Yellen is going to struggle to stay upright and healthy unless we go to a quick passing game to get the ball out of his hands.

    Our defense should play a solid game but they have to deal with a mobile QB and unless we can hold the ball and sustain possession they will tire, our secondary looks good when the defense gets QB pressure but the FSU QB can buy time and that’s a recipe for disaster.

    I feel they will not win another game this season giving the administration a decision to make.

    On a different topic:

    Erie, how good are Erie McDowell or Erie High? The winner gets CCHS in the next round of the playoffs.

    CCHS is peaking at the right time and are going to be very competitive no matter who they play.


    1. Both teams have great athletes – McDowell is more of a passing team with a D1 prospect at TE. Erie is more of a speedy rushing team with a D1 athlete at RB in Steve Smith.

      I believe CC is the better team because they can recruit their players. Both McDowel and Erie are public schools who play with who lives in the district.

      McDowell beat Erie Cathedral Prep twice this season, while Erie HS lost to CP twice. McDowell beat Erie in the regular season.


  18. Thanks

    CCHS lost to North Allegheny and Mt. Lebo in the regular season but beat both in the playoffs.

    Due to a QB change at CCHS it really changed the season dramatically.

    CCHS has a pretty good and accurate passing game along with their running game. The defense is good but not dominating.

    Sounds like a potential good matchup for all.

    Thanks and take care.

    I follow CCHS football being a proud graduate 1977.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t recruited but rather went there because I didn’t want to go to Gladstone and eventually Brashear.


    1. There is a large RB at Clairton too – had a few monster games rushing – a senior with good grades and no Pitt offer.

      Pitt has 2 RB’s in the current class already.


  19. James, pretty much all the males in my family have attended CCHS…my fathers uncle was in the first class at the school.
    I’m a ’68 grad.
    We used to fly a CCHS flag under the Pitt flag at tailgates prior to the POV.
    Hope to meet you someday.

    If Kenny plays the good guys pull it out on a trick play (when is the last time Pitt successfully ran a flea flicker?)


    1. The problem with a flea flicker is you have to be reasonably assured the running back won’t get tackled before he pitches it back…


    2. My dad went to Central was was the captain of the team. He player center. He was only 6,’ 200 lbs or so.


  20. To me this is a toss up. But, if Pickett plays at least we’ll have a passing game. It may not be enough.

    The key spot is our DBs. I think they will be confused out there, again, and so we give up more big passing plays and that will be what makes this a close game.

    Pitt 27
    FSU 24


    1. LOL Reed. Pickett a passing game. You mean overthrows and 4 yard slants? Oh and running vs staying in the pocket. He won’t finish the game if he seriously hurt his ankle.


  21. I’ll bet when VT scheduled Liberty a while back they thought they were going to be a cup cake. Should be interest…


      1. Liberty scored 14-3. UNC – Duke was my commercial break 2’nd game. It is a blow out. Hunting for a 2’nd game to watch.


  22. WPXI article:

    Florida State has been able to count on a ground attack that has produced 200 yards in back-to-back games. Led by Travis (389 rushing yards, 5 TDs) and 5-foot-8 tailback La’Damian Webb (336 rushing yards, three TDs), the Seminoles are racking up an average of 197 rushing yards per game.

    But an improved Seminoles offensive line and ground attack will meet its toughest test on Saturday. Pittsburgh is allowing just 1.94 yards per carry and 69 rushing yards per game.


    Narduzzi spent the offseason insisting the Panthers needed to be more balanced in 2020 after relying so heavily on the pass last year. It hasn’t worked. Pitt is currently 93rd in the country in yards rushing per game (98.0), a number that has dropped to 65.5 yards per game during their losing streak. Things could turn around against Florida State, which has allowed 208.6 rushing yards per game (92nd among the 115 FBS teams in 2020).


  23. Kind of strange, but there was a long article in the PG today about the “toxic environment” on the Oregon State Women’s Volleyball team. Our buddy Scott Barnes didn’t hire the coach, but the coach has been at OSU for many years as an assistant and since 2016, just before Scott Barnes was hired, as the head coach. Based on the article, the coach sounds like a real jerk.

    I’m sure Scotty will fix the problem…


  24. Liberty at Va. Tech was a great game to watch. Tied 35 – 35 with 12 seconds left, Liberty attempted a FG. VT blocked field goal attempt but VT had called a time out. Liberty made field goal retry. Liberty wins. What a great, fun game to watch.

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