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Up Next: Florida State, by Richard Hefner

Both teams faced a split-squad Bye team last week. Both teams had  preseason hype entering the 2020 season, but each teams’ hopes were dashed. Pitt’s hype ended in their 4’th game with a 1-point loss to NC State followed quickly by 3 more losses. Pitt’s record is now 3-4 (2-4) in conference. Florida State hype was toned down after a close opening game loss to Georgia Tech. The hype ended after the 2’nd game blowout (10-52) loss to Miami. FSU record is now 2-4 (1-4) in conference. 

Both teams played a member of the FCS Ohio Valley Conference in their OOC game. Pitt played 2019 OVC conference champ Austin Peay (Fly’s open, Let’s go pee Peay). FSU played the 2017 and 2018 OVC champs Jacksonville State. Put your money on Jacksonville State to win in 2020/21. FCS teams are scheduled to play a conference schedule in the spring of 2021. But NCAA rules limit total number of games played in fall 2020 & spring 2021 to 11. This leads to my weekly mention of The Citadel. Due to playing 4 OOC games in the fall 2020 season,  they will only play 7 of their 8-game conference schedule.

When Pitt entered the ACC the first game out of the box was a home visit by FSU in a Monday night game that resulted in a 41-13 loss. That FSU was led by QB Jameis Winston & the head coach was Jimbo Fischer (2010-17, 83-23). By the end of the season FSU was 14-0 and won the National Championship with a win over Auburn in the last BCS bowl game. In the next three years FSU went 13-1 (including a blowout loss to Oregon in the first CFP playoff game) & two straight 10-3 seasons. But by then, the wheels were wobbling badly.  The rise of Clemson,  off the field issues (including the arrest of that dynamic QB Jameis Winston for shop lifting crab legs from a Publix supermarket in Tallahassee), and a lack of academic monitoring that led to (while Huff III may not think highly of it) NCAA APR problems. Not bad enough for probation but was the lowest of D1 (FBS and FCS) teams and  barely above 930. The wheels came off in 2017 with a 7-6 season where FSU had to scramble to find a G5 team to play the week of the ACC championship to garner their 6’th win to be bowl eligible. Jimbo fled to Texas A&M for a guaranteed  $75M, 10- year contract.

Enter Willie Taggert( 2018-19, 9-12) to lead the Seminoles. He was an up comer after stints at Western Kentucky & South Florida, He took the HC job at Oregon in 2017 but returned to Florida and FSU one year later. Wheels that come off sometimes take time to fix. FSU and FSU fans did not have time. After a 2018 5-7 season and after a 4-5 start to the 2019, Taggert was fired. It cost FSU over $20M in buyouts to Taggert and Oregon.

Enter Mike Norvell (2020, 2-4) to take the helm. Norvell had an impressive stay at his time at Memphis.

Recruiting at FSU has declined from Fischer’s last two years & Taggert’s transitional year(2018)  from averaging Rivals 5.8 4-stars to 5.7 3-stars in Taggert’s last year (2019) & Norvell’s transitional year. Still good but a decline from the golden years.

From October 2019 to October 2020, FSU has had 17 players enter the Transfer Portal. Five of them have left since the ACC started play on 9/12/20.

To help fill their 85-man scholarship roster, FSU took in 7 from the portal

The OT from FIU & CB from Florida Atlantic were All C-USA 2019 honorees.

Who are the identified preseason “Stars”? The names in bold where ACC preseason selections to the All ACC team. Four selections in total.

Based on this chart, the strength of FSU is on the defensive side. Later we will look at defensive stats.

The above chart would normally give names to watch. But in the year of the Covid, normal is not normal. D.J. Matthews has entered the transfer portal (9/15/20) and is no longer on the team roster. Hamsah Nasirideen has missed all 6 of FSU’s games recovering from a knee operation. It will just be Pitt’s luck that Nasirideen will play because he is on FSU’s depth chart as one of 2  “Or’s” behind the previous starter. Link to FSU’s depth chart:


No FSU Oline player made the “Stars” list. Are they pushovers? Are they underrated ? Here are some charts/data to help you make decisions.

Not a bad yards/game average. FSU ranks 27’th of 103 in rushing yards per game. Definitely leaning to underrated. How about Sacks Allowed & Tackles for Loss Allowed. Another chart or three.

I am going with underrated. While Pitt slightly protects its QB from Sacks than FSU, Tackles for Loss Allowed (that combines sacks and true runs tackled behind the line of scrimmage) really swings to FSU. The third chart helps breaks that out with my % of run plays stats.

What about FSU QB? Travis Jordan has started the last 4 FSU games. He was a Louisville class of 2018 signee (Rivals 5.6  3-Star). Redshirted the 2018 season and sat out the 2019 season after portal transferring to FSU. Covid being Covid, he can still get nearly 4 years of starting time at FSU. Here are his passing stats compared to Pickett & Yellen (with & without their FCS games). Only 91 QB’s have made the NCAA eligibility requirements.

If comparing QB’s, Pickett > Travis> Yellen. Yellen will probably start.

Here is the comparison of offense stats.

Overall, the offense goes to FSU.

What about the defense?

As I said when discussing the “Stars” chart, the defense is FSU’s strength -3 DLine men, a cornerback & a safety.  The cornerback, Assante Samuel, is the real deal. The safety, Hamsah Nasirildeen, unless Norvell is shucking and jiving, will see some playing time and if past years are any indication will excel (just like my use of excel). Marvin Wilson was thought to be a better DT than Jaylen Twyman. Cory Durden is the starting nose guard according to the depth chart I linked above. Robert Cooper is his backup.

So, let us compare team defense.

All team rankings are out of 103 eligible teams.

Who would have thought that FSU had such bad numbers? Even Reed would say that Pitt has a better pass defense using just these stats based on games played.

What about those defense linemen? Are they getting sacks & TFL’s?

Pitt’s DLine is. FSU is not or at least at this time is not. What is impressive is Pitt is getting TFL’s on nearly 1/3 of all run plays.

Here are some additional stats – penalties & turnovers.

Wow, Pitt is playing a team that is even more undisciplined then they are. Between the flag fest & incompletions, this matchup may take 4 hours to finish.

If KP played at his normal health, I would call for a Pitt victory. That is even with the loss of Paris Ford. But we all know that Joey Yellen is going to start.

JY had a horrendous game against Notre Dame – 10/27 for 101 yards, 0 TD’s & threw 3 interceptions and a rating of 46.2  If JY can match or better his numbers from the Miami game (22/46 for 277 yards, 3TD’s & 0 interceptions 105.6 rating), I would call a Pitt victory. JY will beat his Miami numbers. Pitt wins 24-17.

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  1. Great report, Mike, as is usual with you. Hope Pitt can measure up and play inspired. I fear that they are playing gun-shy, fearful of the next unexpected bad thing to happen. Confidence can be easily shaken, especially with kids, especially among those kids who are unused to failure in their past athletic careers. Their reaction in games seems to me to be a kind of shock of recognition, to borrow a literary term, to indicate the shock felt by someone when some unexpected bad thing happens. Perhaps like when a high school star realizes that what got him success in high school won’t work at the college level. Either a person goes into a funk and quits trying or he or she tries to firm up the resolve to improve. Innate talent helps, but inner fortitude can sometimes put a person back into the game, to offset a talent deficit. Good coaching also helps. Sad to say, however, some talent must be there first. At least in my opinion.


  2. An update on “Pitt should have hired this guy”

    Every year, a POVer singles out a HC who is doing well and claims “Pitt should had hired him instead” Here is an update of the past few years

    .2018 – Dino Babers, Syracuse: we all know how this has worked out, but for sh!t and giggles, you may want to check out how Cuse’s 10-win team fared against Notre Dame in 2018.

    .2019 – PJ Fleck, Minnesota: Fleck took over a 9-win team and in two years elevated the Gophers to an 11-2 record and a #10 ranking last year. I have little doubt he’ll still do well but Minnesota was ranked in Top 20 when they started this year. HOWEVER thus far they are 0-2, having lost the home opener to Michigan 49-24 and then just blew a 17 point 4th Quarter lead .. to Maryland?

    .2020 — Chris Klieman, Kansas St: a POVer mentioned this guy about a month ago after their impressive win over Oklahoma, and thus far they are at 4-2. BUT, their 2 losses are to Arkansas St (currently 3-4) and to WVU 37-10.

    Can you imagine the POV crowd if Pitt was 0-2 and blew a 4th quarter 17 point lead … or if Pitt lost to a 3-4 Arkansas St and WVU 37-10? And these are the guys who have been handpicked.

    The grass is always greener I suppose. I keep telling all of you that in college football, there are the elite …. and then there are everyone else.

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    1. PS — the team Pitt is playing this week is now coached by this past year’s Hot Hire, Mike Norvell. Even with a team loaded with Florida talent, he is 2-4. Now, it’s unfair to judge a coach IMO in his first year but the once proud FSU program has fallen on bad times recently. And unlike Pitt, they are surrounded by HS talent, has a large fanbase that attends in an on-campus stadium, has had recent success (national title in 2013) and has no NFL team to compete with

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        1. absolutely Rich. There is no reason why FSU should be faltering so badly … not just this season but for the past 3 years. And they have everything going for them.

          (and yes Tex, Norvell is being paid more in his first year than what Nard is paid currently)


          1. FSU has no excuse to be this bad. They should always be reloading like Bama.

            I don’t know what people see in Norvell.


    2. It’s far tougher to win at those places than Pitt

      Pitt really has no excuse at this point given its football spend


  3. I need to have another talk with my proof reader.

    I put up a chart with a list of preseason “Stars”. A few sentences later I say ” No FSU Oline players made the “Stars” list.”

    Two things: FSU did have a Oline player – Dontae Lucas. I am also a glutton for reading bad prose.


      1. Tex, on this we can agree. I wouldn’t mind seeing Whip out and someone else call plays. The worst that could happen is the offense score 3 less points. Not a big deal…


  4. Although I catch your meaning Rich and wwb, I don’t accept it’s premise.
    1) Another teams struggles don’t make me feel any better about my team’s.

    2) Are any of the other teams/coaches mentioned struggling in what was expected to be their break out season?

    3)I would trade for any of those coaches except Dino Babers.

    This teams struggles date back to last year. So many times I remember not only me, but people I was sitting with wanting to pull our hair out, including the gimme games on the schedule (right Annie, Fran?).

    I am not buying be careful what we wish for.

    Let’s make Pitt football fun again!

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    1. Don’t know much about Klieman yet but FWIW I would take Fleck over Nard also. But what I am trying to point out that FB programs have their limitations. They may have a great year or two, but that’s it

      Think about these programs

      Nebraska, USC, Texas, UCLA, FSU They all have so much more going for them than a program like Pitt, it’s not even funny

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      1. Nebraska and UCLA are much like Pitt. Former top 10 schools whose glory days are long gone and not repeatable. I do feel for Nebraska though since they got Cornholed just like Pitt.

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  5. FSU is going to beat Pitt, they are horrible but our offense is inept but our defense will score.

    FSU 3

    Pitt 2


  6. Somehow I feel the team is in shambles, loss of a key defensive starter, no KP, probably a few others thinking about following Ford’s path. I don’t see anything uniting us. They read the same stuff we do, Nard on the ropes. What does that lead to in this game? Battle of the penalty teams with FSU committing one less.


  7. Definitely a big test for coaching this week. Will the coach rally the troops to overcome this years adversity?

    Can he keep his players from giving up? Are they still listening to their coaches? Will Yellen and the offense do better against a team with similar problems winning football games?

    A big problem has been the lack of guys making big plays when they are needed most. Now that our two biggest playmakers, KP and Ford are gone will anyone step up?

    These guys are truly playing for pride, is there any emotion left or will they be totally flat?


    1. Two starters are rumored to have “stepped down” and will be suspended for this FL St. game.

      This team can not afford any more hits to their depth unless it happens to be the two smallest starters or two OLineman or a combination of the two positions.


  8. GC…. leave it all in the golf course Saturday… before you watch a PITT game. This is shaping up to be one of those early 70’s years …….


  9. Lets all call what Paris Ford did its truthful name. He did not “opt out’ in any way, shape or definition. According to the NCAA Covid rules a player can only opt out two ways:

    1) The player may ‘opt out’ of the full season and retain that season’s eligibility BEFORE the team plays a game or if the school cancelled the season once it has already played a game.

    2) A player is allowed to ‘opt out’ during the season if he personally contracts the virus during the season after a game has been played.

    This is more than just semantics. Any player who decides to stop playing and qualifies under these NCAA opt out rules can gain back the lost 2020 season of eligibility.

    Ford doesn’t fall into either of these rulemakings – he flat out quit the team. So, he loses this season’s eligibility because in his case he’s leaving to try for the NFL. Or because he was pissed off or whatever…

    Now, if he changes his mind about the NFL he can return to college ball for his rsSR year in 2021 because he’s now only a rsJR – that’s normal. Had he actually caught Covid he could come back to college ball for two full seasons because he’d get his rsJR year back AND have his rsSR year.

    Big difference between “opt out” and “quit”.

    He quit. Plain and simple.

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    1. I don’t blame him. He has very little to gain by playing. And he’s probably grown tired of Narduzzi like I have. And all the restrictions placed on him due to covid protocols and NCAA rules. He’s now free.

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      1. I agree, and Patrick Jones if he has any brains will do the same. He’s a projected 1st round pick. Maybe he wants to show the scouts what he can do against the best when we play Clemson, but why risk it when he’s already a 1st rounder?

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    2. Is it better to have a disgruntled “leader” on your team? He obviously gave up, in a vacuum that is a bad thing, but with his financial future on the line, probably a good decision.
      I have always heard it is easier to get hurt when your heart really isn’t in the game.
      Does this hurt his draft status, maybe a little, but the second pro contract is where you cash in.

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    3. I agree he is a “quitter” and looking out for #1…but he needs to go…head isn’t in the game is only a detriment to the team…amazing how society has changed in my short time on this earth- Quitting was frowned upon, looked down and and even ridiculed…not so much now-a-days…Good riddance and best wishes “Quitter.”

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  10. Florida State has no excuses. None. It has shown in the past how all in it is on winning football.

    From that tutor years ago saying many players on the team could only read on a third-grade level to letting a rapist play quarterback because he won the school a title.

    Growing up I used to love watching FSU, but I’ve detested them for quite some time. Too bad Pitt employs a bunch of losers on the coaching staff because this should be a W but it will be a loss, especially with Williams and Woods likely the starting corners this Saturday. Woof!

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  11. I strongly agree with wbb that cherry picking the successful guys each year and ignoring the much more prevalent failures is laughable.

    However, the grass is always greener, till it is not.

    And predicting the failure of a new Pitt head coach is a given and always predetermined conclusion.


  12. A beautiful day to play golf in WPA. Going to take BigB’s advice today and Sunday. Home in time to watch the Steelers make DiNucci’s life miserable.


  13. Golfing today and Monday… Yard work over the weekend.
    Gordon, I dont think The Nooch is playing Sunday.


  14. You can’t win many games with a one dimensional offense. Even the FSU coaches can figure out a defensive scheme to shut down our dismal offense. I see no chance for Pitt in this game and as such take FSU and give the 2 points if your a betting man.


  15. Garrett Gilbert or cooper rush will start. Little Ben will not. Dalton out for Covid now. But it doesn’t matter who starts. It will be a slaughter. I expect 90 percent of the stadium to be Steelers fans.


    1. upitt – i am in st. pete today. just finished golfing with some docs at Bellairre CC. heading out on southwest at 6:15. Where are you hanging out?

      ben showed what he had on Sunday, or didnt.


  16. The trend I observed with Pitt’s D, is when they overmatch the opponents’ OL and get pressure on the QB consistently, especially with the front 4, we win games on that alone, but when the other team wins the line of scrimmage (especially when their OL give adequate protection, ie, Ncst, BC, ND) then our D gets toasted due to below average coverage from our defense backfield & linebacker core. In other words, our Defense is nothing special when we don’t get consistent pressure from our front 4, and frankly, I think our defense is undisciplined and poorly coached.

    Regarding our offense, I’m not even interested in discussing until after Borbely & Whipple (in that order) are fired.

    So after reading above and focusing on the Florida St. offensive line analysis, my concern is that this game (the only remaining game I predicted we will win) may not be the matchup I was hoping for and will be completely up for grabs.



  17. Strong defense, but if I see a tight end catch a TD I’ll throw my guacamole at the TV. RBS need to be changed. Bench the Davises. They must have great practices but don’t perform.
    I hope Yellen gains from his experience. I like the way he steps into the pocket but he can’t run and needs to hold onto the ball.

    With a more creative offense and solid pass defense they will win.

    A leap of faith for 20-13 victory


  18. Unlike some, I actually do think Yellen has potential because he seems to see the field well in my opinion, but I just think his immobility is a bad fit for a team with a weak OL and no run game


  19. Yellen is going to get killed. He is about as mobile as Savage was. Savage was good when he had time but got the living hell knocked out of him when he didn’t (like the Pizza Bowl game). They need to have Beville or Patti (or both) ready because Yellen will not survive behind that sieve of an OLine. FSU will get after the QB with no credible threat of a run game.


    1. With a run game as awful as Pitt’s run game is it’s essential to have a QB that can on occasion run with the ball. Yellen doesn’t qualify in that respect and Pitt has to look for other options in the QB slot. Since I don’t think the run game will get any better next season Pitt better be on the lookout for a duel option QB via the transfer mode.


  20. for those of you who complain about noon kickoffs …. please note the PAC 12 opens this weekend on Fox with ASU at USC starting at Noon ….. EASTERN Time

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  21. I’ve been on a sabbatical from Pitt football for a while – but I happened to turn on the FAN last night expecting Zeise, but got the Coach Duzz Show. The bad news is Coach Duzz said the Davis brothers will be the main backs on Saturday. I hate to say it, but AJ would be a very good back one-level-of-competition down. He just doesn’t seem to have the quickness or burst for this level.

    And I’d really prefer to see Beville get the first-team snaps and play a few games. He adds the run threat that Yellen does not pose.

    No running threat at QB is an enormous advantage for the defense…

    Go Pitt.


  22. A point of clarification re: Paris Ford…

    I have no problem whatsoever with him deciding to leave the team. His choice to do so and I respect that.

    My main point is that almost every sportswriter/media guy is misusing the “opt out” phrase to describe players leaving their teams and programs at this point in the season (unless they have contracted Covid and left for the rest of the year).

    Kids who are health and stop playing for the rest of the season, for whatever reason, are not opting out.

    Might seem a minor point to use but it is a huge difference for the player.

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    1. and that is the difference Reed. It could be said one way or another but Ford quit. In Ford’s case it doesn’t make a difference though, his plans are and were to move on from PITT. Most likely to the NFL.


  23. Our running game…put in Sibley and give him the ball 20-25 times against FSU. That can’t be worse than giving it to 3 or 4 RBs and getting the same crap results as we have been getting.

    If Mr. Wiffle and Emperor Patricius don’t understand that RBs have to build momentum in a game they are idiots.

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  24. Got a nice thank you from the Pitt women’s Basketball team, even though I’ve only made modest donations. Coach White explained in a video that each player on the team had been provided with a new laptop computer – from boosters donations to the Championship Fund. The video showed the players being surprised and delighted to get the computers. Some said it was the first time they had their own computer – and how it will help with their online school work…

    They start playing in less than 3 weeks…

    Go Pitt.

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  25. Why isn’t Patti starting?
    Hasn’t he shown the most?
    And why are two players suspended?
    If this continues to unravel, how many players will bolt at the end of the year?

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  26. Retweeted

    Pᴀʀɪs Fᴏʀᴅ
    Nov 3
    Momma kick ya feet up I’m about to take away all that pain.


    Smart son…


  27. If you watched P Ford, he was laying off and trying to make interceptions for his statistics. Unfortunately, he was a step late on at least three occasions which resulted in td’s. His tackling was not as strong either this year. I felt he took some really bad angles.

    Right now, he probably cannot lift 20 reps. He needs to improve his speed and strength. He has good instincts. This seasons poor coverage, tackling, and quitting will not help him. .

    UPitt – just got home after being in tampa for a few days. Played bellairre and feather sound. Nice tracks. Will be back in fla in a couple of weeks and either tampa or vegas for super bowl.

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  28. Ford has been saving his shoulders since before the season began. I don’t blame him but he did try and have his cake and eat it to.

    The bigger question is…………. who takes advantage of the free extra season? Camp, Bright, Krull, Mathias, Hargrove, who will be a senior next year or anyone else? Bigger question? Does Whipple, Borbs, Salem or Narduzzi get a free pass?


    1. Ike – none of those guys you mention will get drafted in the next NFL pageantry. They probably all come back unless one is suspended for the FL St game with Pinnock (rumored).

      I heard several players took P.Ford’s side over the weekend and their suspensions are related to some happening from last weekend…

      FYI – P.Ford was removed from the starting safety position on Sunday, 11/2 around 2pm on Ourlads.com

      Pitt would be wise to make this a positive departure as P.Ford has a Shady McCoy lyke personality and could make millions at the next level.

      Let’s not lose sight of the fact that right now we could be down three additional starters on Saturday – take that into consideration when making yinz predictions.

      Starters MIA: Offense – TE, QB. Defense – DT, CB, MLB, S. Others – (2) rumored to be suspended CB & (?)

      EE who hates excuses!


  29. Right Rick, big blow up on the sideline when “P Diddy” was benched and it continued the rest of the weekend.

    As far as these other players, I also agree that they won’t be drafted but that doesn’t mean they won’t walk. Either their decision or the coaches?


  30. going back to theme of the article wrote by Rich, here are FSU’s Rivals Recruiting Rankings over the past years: (look it up if you don’t believe me)

    2020 20
    2019 17
    2018 10
    2017 5
    2016 2
    2015 3

    Note that they finished undefeated in both 2013 and 2014 and won 10 games in 2015 and 2016, but from 2017 on, 7-6, 5-7, 6-7, 2-4

    Speaking of a low ROI! I do not any numbers of how many transferred out


  31. FYI: a lot of fans think that college players just take a gamble to forego their last college season to enter the NFL draft. But what actually happens is they get detailed evaluations on draftability from various sources.

    The main one is run by the NFL itself:


    But players can also pay other for-profit businesses to give them a preliminary status report for them to use to help make that decision. This differs greatly from the player hiring a representative agent to interact with NFL general managers to boost the kid’s image and apparent worth to the NFL team so as to get a boost in the draft.


    Pitt had a WR (forgot who) who left early for the draft after DW told him he would not get drafted. He didn’t or was drafted in last rounds so screwed himself of a chance to better his draft status with a good SR year. Turner? McGee?

    As for injury the NCAA offers Loss of Value insurance to cover the player in case they get an injury that keeps them from playing at the professional level. That is being looked at now.

    The athlete has many other options for private insurance also. That might get expensive…

    So, while the thought that players leave the team due to fear of career-ending injury is a valid reason kids leave early it isn’t the only one. Some leave because of academics or were ‘asked’ to leave by the coaching staff no matter how good the kid was.

    To me it seemed most kids who talked about leaving early just wanted big money asap.

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    1. Hey Reed, good synopsiis. Quick correction with regard to Loss of Value Insurance. That is almost correct. LOV is only offered to football athletes that are projected in the first three rounds. There are only 6 insurance companies (Lloyd Syndicates), that offer LOV. Two years ago, 86 players were offered the insurance. Last year, 18 were offered. There are very few players being offered because there are so many things that need to occur for a player to be eligible to collect on a policy.

      The more important coverage available is for critical injury. There are multiple levels of CI that get offered to athletes. The limits for payouts on critical injury are much lower due to more possible injuries, but they are scheduled and have very specific surgery requirements within a certain number of days, etc.

      Several years ago, the NCAA allowed schools to pay for all of this insurance directly out of the school budget. The purpose was to eliminate the agents from getting to family members, promising them coverage, only to find out that the coverage payouts are awful. Unfortunately, once the agents do this, there is an eligibility issue and impermissible benefits. That is the crux of why we went to the NCAA to get the schools to pay for premiums.

      That said, the athlete can take an approved loan to buy additional insurance, and the loan is secured by the draft reports available. I could write an article on this entire process as it is definitely behind the scenes and not many schools know how it works. They put compliance people in charge that are clueless. This is an area of specialization that few understand and there are a few “consultants” that sell their services to the schools and conferences ( who also dont know what they are doing here because it is so nuanced).

      My guess is that Pitt paid a portion for Twyman, Jones and Ford. Usually, the university pays up to 25k, but I have seen higher, depending on whether the athlete is a top10 pick. Usually, loss of value is about 25k for 10M, and the benefit payout is pro-rated between projection and actual, etc. By Twyman not playing, the AD probably got used for a policy. Hopefully she played hardball with the athlete which is starting to happen when players quit or opt out.

      Fun stuff. But to be clear, the payouts are hard to get and you need to know the ins and outs of a policy. Unfortunately, the schools and agents don’t really understand and get used. Its awful for schools as many AD’s are clueless and rely on consultants who bill them to help, when it only takes about 40 hours of study to figure the entire game out. AD”s = gullible. My sense is Pitt pays about 15k per year and gets about 100 dollars worth of value for it.

      Maybe i will pen an article on it some day……

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    1. played 3 years at Pitt 2003, 4, 5 …… undrafted but signed with Arizona as FA (maybe with Fitz’s urgence … who knows?) and then signed with the Lions. Could not find any NFL stats for him but he had 127 receptions at Pitt


  32. Wheels come off if Pitt loses tomorrow. More players will bail. Pitt may lose enough players that they can’t form a team with the min scholarship amount. See California.


  33. If there is an extra year of eligibility for seniors, does that mean that total scholarships can exceed 85?


  34. As of now no, but the NCAA is “working on it” which means they are visiting a psychic to contact Joe Paterno for his advice on the matter. He’ll say as long as the kids are over 15 years old it doesn’t matter.


  35. Huff, there is so much behind the scenes stuff that goes on in college ball the average fan would be amazed.

    For instance I’ve been 6’6″ all my life but when I asked a guy to check my height on the vertical scale at Pro Day it came back 6′ 7″ – and that was with shoes off. Since had a medical appt just the week before I knew something was hinky. But recruits want NFL scouts to think they are taller.

    Kind of like when we watch film of a player on the recruiting sites…well, on some sites the parents and HS HCs submit film, stats and info on the recruit to that site. You know there is no way any site can check the veracity of thousands of JR & SR HS kids playing ball.

    Also, I’ve always written that fans HAVE to take offers listed on a recruit’s page on the sites with skepticism. The NCAA forbids the colleges to talk about or disclose any offers they may have made to recruits prior to LOI day. What offers you see listed are what the players, parents, coaches have told the site were valid offers. Not really in a lot of cases.

    I always look at two things; did the kids take official visits (allowed 5) to the school and are the actual recruiting staff for ‘offers’ by schools listed by name? If not take it with a big grain of salt. Of course the school recruiting the kid loves to see multiple schools listed, even if not true, and the bigger the school the better because it makes them look like great recruiters.


  36. ESPN’s matchup predictor has Pitt favored 56% to 44% but line is +2

    AI has a long way to go 😉

    IF Heather has any future at Pitt, she has her eyes on PN constantly and finds a way out of the buyout,,,Whip getting the boot is an absolute and if not then I don’t need to know anything else as to how the next decade or so of Pitt football will go
    If none of that happens then I question the intelligence of any/every Pitt fan screaming for a return to “greatness” because it ain’t happening. Can’t imagine there isn’t anything in your life that is worth more of your energy and effort…..like, well ANYTHING!


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