Up Next: Bye Week (A Review of ACC Offensive Statistics through 10/24)

By Richard Hefner

Editor’s Note: This is a little late this week, and I apologize. Hurricane Zeta came through Atlanta on Wednesday night and just like the Zeta house on campus, they did a number on the city. (I’m kidding, I have no idea what the Zeta house at Pitt does or ever did, or if there even is one). A tree blew over in our neighborhood and knocked out power until yesterday evening. All is well now though so lets get the show back on the road!

Normally in this series of articles, I would give a quick review of last Saturdays game & our upcoming opponent. Well Pitt lost. Notre Dame won. And all heck broke loose. That is all I will say on the matter.

Next week is Bye. Not much data on Bye. Have not seen him/her/it since the start of the season. The ACC season started on 9/12. According to the ACC calendar last week was week #7. Pitt will be playing Bye in week #8. Unless you are using the ESPN calendar where next week is week #9, since 13 FBS teams played either each other or FCS opponents.

Below is a chart by school, w/e date and if Game was played, a Bye was scheduled, or original game was either Postponed or Cancelled. There is also a column labeled “Streak” for longest number of games played between “Byes”.

This is the schedule as of Tuesday 10/27/2020. It can be changed if there is a Covid related outbreak. The chart has four colors. Yellow & gray to separate rows, blue (but lighter) to represent Pitt opponents during the week scheduled. Finally, there is an orangish color to highlight longest streaks.

The bad news, Pitt plays two opponents the week after there second tussle with Bye. Pitt plays Clemson. The good, Pitt plays Va. Tech the last week of their 9-game streak.

As of the 10/24, 101 FBS teams have now played at least 1 game. 25 teams have played 1 game, 2 teams played 2, 7 teams played 3, 14 teams played 4, 27 teams played 5, 21 played 6 and 5 played 7. Of the 5 who have played 7games (Army 6-1, Middle Tennessee 2-5, Pitt 3-4, Texas State 1-6, & UT-San Antonio (UTSA) 4-3), only Pitt did not face Bye. (Before you go nuts over Army’s 6-1 record, they have played & beat 3 FCS teams including a 14-9 beatdown of The Citadel. I have family connections to The Citadel.)

If you use stats, please use the relevant one when throwing out numbers and rankings. NCAA stats usually give two different sorts of the same data: sacks, TFL, penalties and so on. You can see a stat that uses totals or another on a per game basis. A total stat that shows one team with 10 ranked #23 & another with 60 ranked # 82 out of 101, are, on a per game basis, ranked the same if #23 has played 1 game while the other has played 6.

In a normal year, difference in games played are not as divergent. In the year of the Covid, this discrepancy will be everlasting as comparisons will have some teams playing 6 & others playing 11.

On to some comparisons. Usually, I review both offense & defense of our upcoming opponent. Due to personal, data gathering, formatting, rabbit holes and other waste of my available time, I decided to limit my article  to only present stats on the offense.

I am going to start the offense review with QB’s. Before we begin, the NCAA has minimum requirements to be ranked. For passing efficiency, the NCAA requires that a QB meet two requirements:

  • 15 attempts per game
  • Must play in 75% of team played games

The second definition leads to some strange NCAA rankings in QB related stats. For example, Kenny Pickett is not ranked in Passing efficiencies because he did not meet the minimum requirement of team games played (75% of 7 = 5.25 games. Kenny has played only 5). Passing efficiency has 91 players ranked. While KP is not ranked in Passing Yards per Game, Amari Rogers, a Clemson WR (passing stats- 1/1 for 8 yards) is ranked #130 of 131 because he has played in all 6 games as a WR.

Hopefully, you can read the above chart. I made it as large as I could. The chart is sorted on “Passing Efficiency”. The NCAA Ranking is based on “Passing Efficiency”.

I tried assign a starting QB to every team based on my limited knowledge of what is happening at individual teams.

The last 5 either started or where ranked at one time. Blackman at FSU started first two games and replaced by Travis. Leary at NC State started last 5 games in the 2019 season. He was the presumed starter in 2020 but missed first two games due to Covid quarantine. He broke his Fibula 10/17 against Duke & is out 4-8 weeks. Stone replaced an injured Armstrong at Virginia but is now back on the bench. His stats got him ranked at one time. Burmeister at Virginia Tech started for the first two games, got ranked and lost his job when Hendon Hooker returned from a Covid quarantine. I added Yellen to add more fuel to the fire. I could have looked up what is going on at Syracuse with Danny DeVito. But I did not. I do have a small semblance on how to manage my time.

In the ACC, KP is 8’th in passing efficiency. If ranked and if KP met the NCAA requirements (with his same numbers) he would be ranked 50’th out of 92.(If you rank him, you have to increase the total number of ranked players from 91 to 92.)

Reed can fill us in on KP’s YPA and where it stands hypothetically in the ACC & NCAA. I need & I demand reader participation for my herculean efforts. (Not really, I read or heard the words herculean and yeoman in the last week and decided to work them in. I succeeded.)

On to team offense. The first chart is ACC team Pass Offense.

First off, I want to say that the charts were arranged alphabetically – Pass before Rush before Total. Not because it puts Pitt in the best light.

Secondly, the charts are sorted by Yards per Game. Makes sense considering the ACC had 1 team playing 7, 9 playing 6 & 5 playing 5.

I knew North Carolina had a super rushing attack. Their top two backs, Williams & Carter, have accounted for 1,146 of team rush total 1,245 yards. VT’s Herbert, a transfer from Kansas, was a steal pickup with 656 yards in 5 games. Throw in Hawkins from Louisville with 693 yards, The ACC has 4 of the top ten in total rushing yards. Though in rushing yards per game, they all fit in to the top 14.

Just think if Pitt was ranked 67’th( bottom of middle third of 101 teams) with around 136 yards/game instead of 91’th with 98 yds./game. We may not be undergoing the catharsis we are experiencing.

Using above data from Team Offense charts, we can calculate the Pass/Run ratio. By golly, Pitt is 3’rd in the ACC in being pass heavy. You now have proof!!!

Actually, the ratio is understated due to QB “sacks” being counted as a run play.  Passing percentage will not change but actual run percentage will go down, increasing he difference. I propose adding a third NCAA category called “QB Sacks”. Use same metric used to record sacks including negative yardage. Since that will not happen, use already available allowed sack data. Speaking of available allowed sack data, here it is:

The real only value of this next chart is it breaks out plays by 3 categories. It shows averages that can be used to compare teams or opponent DL payed better than worse than average. As I have said before stats are good if used in context. A single stat may look good, bad or average. You do not really know unless it is in the context of comparing to something or ranked.

That is the offense side of the Bye week. Hopefully, I can work up the defense side before we get into new articles dealing with press conferences and latest Pitt atrocities.


335 thoughts on “Up Next: Bye Week (A Review of ACC Offensive Statistics through 10/24)

  1. So what is the solution? Your research and analysis validates what we see. So our eyes aren’t deceiving us.

    New OC
    New scheme/system
    New training/practice
    New talent

    On a serious note, I doubt our AD understands your data and analysis. That’s a problem.

    Like Huff said, Pitt needs some analytics guys like what Saban has. I nominate you.


  2. I have been a fan of Bye for many years. My second favorite team behind the Panthers.

    Everyone wants to see Bye on their schedule, yet no one ever beats them. Maybe its because they run a very low key program and opponents are often looking ahead to their next foe. We all know what a mistake that is.

    The Big10 has apparently figured it out this year because no Big10 team has Bye on their schedule.

    So, my question is this. How can a team that never loses not be ranked? It’s a travesty.

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  3. great job Rich but have a question: How can Danny Devitto be expected to complete any passes at his age and height?


    1. Good catch. Usually when mentioning the Syracuse QB, I say or write Tommy Devito (grandson of Danny).

      I will have a talk with my proof reader.


  4. Thanks for these stats. The numbers confirm that a rushing attempt is basically a wasted play for Pitt. At less than three yards per attempt, you can’t even justify running on a “keeping the defense off-balance so they don’t tee off on the pass rush” basis. There’s no reason for a team to respect the rush, so if you run, you’re just giving up a precious opportunity to move the ball, extend the drive, and generate points. There are only about 73 offensive plays in a college game (probably fewer for Pitt since we play slowly — running to the sideline and all that). You can’t just toss 30 of those into the sea.

    A team like Pitt should probably be running 15 times a game max, and some of those should be misdirection. It’s not my preferred style of play, but the capacity and performance of this team suggests that approach gives you the best chance for success. Now, it might be different if the shutdown defense many anticipated emerged this year, but since it’s clear Pitt will need 30 points to beat anyone decent (which is the norm in college football), you have to try and maximize your chance at scoring even if that creates a higher chance of getting blown out via turnovers. The goal is to win, not to reduce the margin of the loss.

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      1. Fair point. I’d like to see balance in the offense if I thought Pitt was capable. The inability to capitalize on the success of previous Pitt running backs is puzzling, especially since, according to the rankings, we recruit better at RB than just about any other position. Also, it seems like we didn’t make any hay off the dominant run game we had with Ollison and Hall. Another disappointment.


    1. I had the stats for average plays for game for each team. Left them off for readability on the two charts I made for P/R ratio. The average for all ACC teams is a rounded 72 plays per game. Close enough for government work to your 73. Pitt comes in at 73.

      It may seem we play slow but Pitt is slightly above ACC average. The reason for the difference may be Pitt’s passing 55%. completion rate. 148 completions on 269 attempts. Those 121 incompletions stop the game clock allowing the QB to make his journey to the side line. Those incompletions are 23.7% of Pitt’s 511 y-t-d plays.

      Good suggestion on the average plays per team. May try to use it in the future.

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      1. Thanks for this. I stand corrected. You make a good point about Pitt’s low completion rate stopping the clock constantly and allowing them to play faster than you would expect (in terms of game time). The fact that 1 out of every four plays is an incompletion is staggering on a team that is miserable at running the ball. Not a lot of options.


  5. from the PSN article…

    …the Panthers need to find an offensive coordinator that will both be able to bring a dynamic offense on board and will want to work with Narduzzi long-term. If that can’t be found, then maybe he’s as much of the problem as the coordinators have been.

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    1. not sure I understand. Chaney and Canada took SEC jobs (Georgia and LSU) and Watson was fired after 2 years of poor passing. Further, I read here that Nard is ‘hands-off’ which I think is ideal for a veteran OC


      1. Yea, I don’t think working with Narduzzi is the issue. I think it is money and opportunity.

        Just find a guy that runs an explosive offense. Tons of OCs out there.


  6. Not sure what any of this means except we’re bad a running the football and with KP out we’re also bad at passing. We do lead in 1 category – more offensive plays..at least we lead in something…oh wait we’ve also played more games.

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    1. KP add the dimension of running when pressured. 5 of the 15 sacks allowed where JY’s. My unofficial stats have his running stats as 6 for -46 yards. KP’s unofficial running stats (including 8 sacks is 45 for +119 yards. It does look like he has better pocket presence but has (or been total not to run) running ability.


  7. Just read on PSN that Ben DiNucci will be starting this weekend for the Dallas Cowboys. I can’t wait to watch that game – not sure why but I do know I can’t wait.


    1. I thought about it a bit more and here is what my don’t BS myself mind brought me to. I watched BN play for Pitt and at one point I thought he was better than Max Brown and should start. Then I watched him some more and came to the conclusion that to be nice he just was not a Division 1 player (and his first down arm signaling didn’t sit too well with me either). I hope he does well in the NFL for him but also just to put me in my place. I need that to happen every once in awhile.


    2. You mean the guy who when benched versus Miami stood away from his teammates and never interacted with Pickett? Ben put the ball in Scott’s hands in the bowl game and I always gave him credit for it.

      I also always adamant that he should have taken that Ivy League offer.

      Please, please, please let DiNucci start versus the Steelers next week.


  8. Lots of good offensive coordinators out there. Id take a great O-line coach who can really recruit as my 1st pick.

    Coordinator with my 2nd.


  9. This sums up for me why Narduzzi needs to get the can after the season:

    “What I want to hear from the head coach is game after game, why the team is still unable to run the ball, failing to score in the red zone, giving up big plays in the secondary, dropping passes, allowing too much penalty yardage, failing in games decided by a touchdown or less. Eighteen of Narduzzi’s 33 losses have been by seven points or less, which is a sign that he’s not making the proper in-game decisions and adjustments.”


    That and the sub-moronic Mr. Whipple hire. This year has the team loaded with seniors at top positions on defense and a senior QB. Next year will be way worse unless they schedule 3 cupcakes.

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    1. Pitt’s OOC schedule has Tennessee away & home game with Western Michigan, UMass & New Hampshire.


        1. Heather just can’t win with you Tex. BTW, Tennessee is nowhere near a sure loss either. The argument has become laughable to me. It would be great if people showed at least a tiny shred of objectiveness.

          ^^ There is two minutes of my life I won’t get back.

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          1. Heather Lyke IS the problem. Narduzzi sits on committee that hires her, Narduzzi gets a seven year extension after a 5-7 year. Pitt fans are incredibility naïve or just all have ADHD. No wonder by we have fat butt Narduzzi and his ridiculous salary. “Ah, don’t talk about Heather….I love girls sports.”


        2. And Narduzzi’s arrogant self-tribute in the PG this evening is evidence of her grostesque incompetence. And this “ah, poor Heather” attitude is exactly why we have an under-talented, over-paid buffoon in Narduzzi.


        3. Less than $2M. Western Michigan is a H/A.. UMass is $13M. No $ on NH so a very, very, generous $ amount to NH.


  10. Richard — excellent work by you — and I like the writing style you’ve settled into… 👍

    Here are a couple of other ugly Pitt stats I came across…

    —24% of Pitt’s runs have been stopped for no gain or a loss. Yikes.

    —Only 48% of Pitt’s possessions in the “red zone” have gone for TDs (excluding the AP game);

    —Pitt has converted only 6 of 33 third downs where they needed 9 or more yards.

    —On the other side of the ball, Pitt has already given up 10 TD-plays of 30-yards or more…

    Some of these stats bring to mind watching the late 60’s teams when I was at Pitt…

    Go Pitt.

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  11. Richard, the work you put in is amazing to me. After all you’ve been through the past few years you have found your purpose and I’m very happy for you. You deserve much credit! Problem is…………. you boggle my feeble mind with all the information. 🙂

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    1. Ike – quit the aw shucks attitude. You are as sharp as a tack.

      My hobby keeps me sane as info & data changes daily in the college football world. Rather be reading & thinking then watching repeats of TV shows I like,

      Speaking of TV shows, my now watch show is Green Acres. I am in love with Eva Gabor, To bad she would be around 120 or so if still with us.


    1. One thing I noticed is that Minnesota’s entire line is homegrown. I know they have some big boys up there, but is the local talent in Minnesota that much better than what Pitt has available within a few hours drive, even accounting for the major powers poaching some of the stars? Same goes for Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa St, etc. I have to believe it’s a development issue in many cases.

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      1. It is development and keeping most of the good ones at “home”.

        Pitt cannot seem to do either under Narduzzi.

        ND had 2 WPA linemen on their roster who would be starters at Pitt. I can name 3 other current examples off the top of my head, but lyke iek I don’t want to waste my time typing.

        What is the point? We know & see the problems, yet the Pitt administration chooses to do NOTHING.

        My lawn guy survived my firing mentality by coming back, repairing the damage he created and one upped that by completing another service with no charge. Try applying that scenario to Pitt FB??

        It hurts my head…


  12. Great info! I am probably one of the more “wait and see” Pitt fans with the coaches. But Whipple should have been fired this week. Narduzzi’s ineptitude with offense will probably be his undoing.


  13. Maybe we should give the younger guys a shot at some playing time on the Oline. I’m thinking especially about Goncalves and Zubovic at guard… Can’t hurt based on one out of four of our run plays being stuffed for no gain or a loss…

    Go Pitt.


  14. I’m with Big B. Watching a fabulously coached Minnesota team take apart MD w an unstoppable running game. Look at that big athletic O line! I’d take the Gopher Coach in a heartbeat!


  15. Mary-Land? James Madison and North Dakota State would knock the snot out of Mary-Land. They stink to high heavens.


  16. Heather Lyke is exposed for the weak, pathetic AD she is. Of course Meatball can say F you to the fans. He could care less. “I only care about my players.” That’s nice, Nardy, but you have a program that’s sucking in more gas than by 1968 Mustang.


  17. You may want to reconsider your assessment of Maryland. With young Tua Tag at QB they’ve just tied Minnesota at 38-38. Blazing speed and misdirection from MD. Something we rarely see at Pitt.


  18. Narduzzi was on the defensive today. He probably reads the POV. Wonder what his handle is.

    He’s fortunate to have hired his boss.


    1. His boss is a criminal (in my book) for extending the Nard and then hiding from that fact.

      Accountability is important for a good organization to succeed. Pitt has none (see Barnes/Stallings, Cornhole and now Duzz/Lyke…).


    2. From the Trib…when PN was asked about QB subs in ND game:

      He said Joey Yellen, who has started the past two games, took most of the reps this week.

      Davis Beville was in for only one series last Saturday, and Narduzzi pointed to the young quarterback’s bobble of the first center snap.

      “Maybe we should have given him another series. But just coach’s decision,” he said. “It ain’t easy. He’s a young guy going out there. We have two redshirt freshman quarterbacks. That’s where we are right now.”

      …so the O coordinator calls which QB goes in I suppose. For some reason I thought it would be the HC or a joint call after some discussion…not solely the OC’s call.

      Perhaps that shows more disinterest in the offense by Our Fearful Leader as has been talked about.


      1. I thought Beville was injured when he didn’t go back in. He is our best hope at QB, IMHO. I saw him walking around on the sidelines looking very frustrated — I don’t blame him.

        My guess is that if he doesn’t start getting some playing time, he will be gone. Yellen has not run threat at all and will make it even easier to defend us… Very disappointing.

        Go Pitt.


    3. Tex – You are right.

      Frauduzzi here.

      Lyke Has no spine. I have her around my meatballs. She won’t fire me. I hired her. Our Chancellor is a 🤡 too.


  19. On the last thread, Reed posted a three part article from PSN on Narduzzi in comparison to prior coaches and years. They seem to indicate that Narduzzi is right about average across the board and seem to be making an argument that Nard isnt all bad. And I agree. He isnt all bad, just mostly bad.

    The big flaw in the PSN argument is the $$$$ benjamins that are being paid to Nard, vs. Chryst and Graham and Haywood…oops! In addition is the coaches salaries and recruiting budgets. If you add that in, his results would most likely be diminished further, as larger spend tends to create better recruiting, wins, etc. So their research is flawed.

    I just saw that Nard now has a worse winning percentage than Wanny.

    I heard narduzzi’s handle on the pov is Upitt……..lol!!!! Had to bust your chops boyeee! I will be in the burgh this weekend for a hockey tournament if anyone wants see some really good youth (15yo) hockey?

    Tex is right about Pitt and college hockey. There are 5 AAA (Highest Competition Level) in the pgh area. So much great hockey in the back yard, let alonf high school hockey. Good grief Pitt. Get your head in the game!


    1. He is paid 3M more than Wanny and Potato Sack Paul. Lyke is a disgrace. Fire the head of the snake first. No one cares about soccer, woman’s fencing or woman’s hoops or cricket. She is a joke.


  20. We should at least try to be as competitive as the Tarheels who showed Larry Fedora the door after 6 years and John Bunting a UNC grad/NFL star even sooner…


  21. I thought I saw a post with the handle meatballs4brains…i could be mistaken. Have been drinking a lot here at the beach.

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  22. Maryland defeats Minnesota in overtime on missed PAT last night. Good, entertaining game to watch.

    I believe both of these teams would beat Pitt (with or without our current injured players on the field).

    Pitt’s depth is proving to be weak and the starters would be back-ups at most top 25 programs except for a few.

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  23. Richard, you stop it, Takes me three days to digest all the info you put down in writing. I’m a piker. 🙂

    Just hate rooting for OSU but today is the day it just comes naturally.

    Speaking of which, I’ll beat rooting for the Yellow Jackets later.

    Fallback tonight folks.

    Do Eskimo’s still live in igloos?

    Arnold the pig is the big star on Green Acres. My Hainey is funny as hell as well.


  24. Pulled this from the Post-Gazette:

    Narduzzi is eyeing a much-needed win in Tallahassee after a much-needed off week.

    “The only thing that can get your confidence back is a win,” the coach added. “So we need to go out and play well. We need to be coached up well. We need to execute well. The way to get confidence back is to get a W. That’s the most important thing.”

    ====EE follow-up below:

    Let’s look at his (Duzz) keys to getting a W vs FSU and wonder…

    -1). Play well? Hasn’t happened since Peay (6 games of not playing well is a pattern).
    -2). Coached up well? By who I ask…
    -3). Execute well? Duzz, have you looked at the stat sheet with regards to the number of penalties this team has accumulated and the total number of rushing yards? Or do you just watch film and eat popcorn?

    So Pitt fans, how is your confidence and belief that this FB team can bring home a W next weekend?

    OT – Heather sighting this past week after the booster meeting (fictional portrayal; but who really knows) sitting at Starbucks somewhere not in Pittsburgh, comparing notes with Scott Barnes. 🤔🧐😕😷


  25. From the Trib…when PN was asked about QB subs in ND game:

    He said Joey Yellen, who has started the past two games, took most of the reps this week.

    Davis Beville was in for only one series last Saturday, and Narduzzi pointed to the young quarterback’s bobble of the first center snap.

    “Maybe we should have given him another series. But just coach’s decision,” he said. “It ain’t easy. He’s a young guy going out there. We have two redshirt freshman quarterbacks. That’s where we are right now.”

    …so the O coordinator calls which QB goes in I suppose. For some reason I thought it would be the HC or a joint call after some discussion…not solely the OC’s call.

    Perhaps that shows more disinterest in the offense by Our Fearful Leader as has been talked about.


  26. Zeta has also struck the upstate of South Carolina. I didn’t lose power but did have significant limb damage. Dead oak in 3+ acre yard shed 3 large limbs. Not a large problem but another large limb broke off & brought down anther tree. The two of them cover the area where I pile my large yard debris. I need to clean that up before I start on the dead limbs.

    Why did I mention this? Because I was still in the process of gathering defensive ACC stats for a second article. Overall, Pitt’s defensive data that i have gathered is way better than the offensive side when compared to other ACC teams. But I believe we know that.

    Because of time constraints, I will wait until after the season ends before I do the defensive / offensive side . I will continue with the Up Next articles. The Pitt offensive data put me in a somber mood & I do not like being somber.

    Off to starting my outside day.


  27. The more I think about the fact that AD Lyke hasn’t spoken publicly about Pitt football for three months the more I feel something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    Allen Saunders wrote he’s put in 11 requests for an interview and has not heard back from Lyke…not even a “no” response, even once. Obviously the same holds for the other beat and media writers.

    To me that is indicative or some real problems in Oakland.

    Has she talked about any other Pitt sports like men’s soccer, etc?


    1. She may be under orders to stay silent because the BoT knows there will be questions about Narduzzi being on the hot seat and they don’t want recruits and this team to know that’s true.


  28. “Maybe we should have given him another series.” — The word “we” in that sentence is plural.
    “But just coach’s decision…” The word “coach’s” is pronounced the same as “coaches'”. You can’t tell whether PN meant Whipple or Whipple and PN so there is no linguistic support for the conclusion that PN claimed that the OC unilaterally made the decision.


  29. Rich, what websites do you draw your info from?

    Hard to believe our pass efficiency defense is so down compared with last season. 130.19 (average) from ’19’s 112.93 (excellent).

    Its those long passing plays that kill us.

    Also, every effective college & NFL offense has good TE contributions from guys who can run block as well as catch & run. I’ve noticed that we go out with no TEs in formation a lot which I feel impacts our run game.

    PN has just not been able to recruit good OL or TEs since he got here. I think the best action we’ve seen out of a PN TE is the video of Tyler Sear after he had his wisdom teeth pulled.

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  30. Some media stuff:PN interview on P-G:


    From Jerry D at the Trib:


    “Leading rusher Vincent Davis has lost 71 yards, giving him a team-leading net of 263. His best game was a 66-yard effort against a bad Syracuse team while Pitt’s next-best was freshman Izzy Abanicanda’s 41 against Louisville. Abanicanda has totaled only 11 carries for 13 yards in the ensuing four games.”

    That’s 71 yards on 91 carries folks.

    “In two seasons under Whipple, Pitt has had only two 100-yard rushers — Todd Sibley (106) vs. Delaware and A.J. Davis (103) vs. Syracuse, both in 2019).”

    ‘Nuff said.


  31. I can think of two likely reasons for Ms. Lyke’s recent low profile (excluding Covid).

    She may be busy vetting the list of HC candidates provided by Tex.

    She may be tied up with a career coach polishing up her resume.

    How many interviews would she have to do before someone asks the obvious question? A statement of confidence in the HC’s ability to move the program forward. There’s no right answer for that question. By the time the question comes up, the situation is already dire. She can say yes but no one will buy it. Votes of confidence are usually followed by a fired HC within a few weeks. Say no and the HC is as good as gone.

    So hunker down, Heather, and hope for a miracle finish.


    1. As i replied to Reed earlier, you may be right and she may be under orders be quiet about football. Realistically she figures on a 2-2 finish which would give Pitt 5 wins in Narduzzi’s 6th year with a senior laden team. #HotseatTime


      1. Orders from whom?? She allegedly runs the place. 11 non-responses to an interview request or any request would lead most to an immediate hot seat. The people (media) that she needs on her side are the same people she is alienating. It’s another AD blunder, if true. No reason to doubt Saunders.

        Between hockey games in the New Kensington area. Kid won 3-2. He was a plus 2, with an assist. Good stuff!

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        1. The Duzzy extension is under the spot light and has Heather’s seat hot as well.

          Answers to questions about the extension are a bad look for the Pitt administration. Sir Patrick G has locked the gates, boosters are peay’d off and the BoT’s are watching the PSUx vs tOSU game tonight hoping their team pulls an upset.

          Nothing to see here…


  32. In this era of COVID misery, many AD’s have stepped forward to lament the financial struggles imposed on them.
    Peculiar that Heather wasn’t one of them.
    I hope she isn’t ill, as that is the only excuse for not being the visible leader of Pitt athletics.

    There’s no excuse for extending a coach who helped her get the job, however.


    1. If ill, that is a different response to Saunders……but not after 11 attempts. Two, maybe three deserves a very short, she is out of the office and we are not sure when she will be coming back in.


  33. Lyke is a problem. Never qualified for the role. She is no Sandy.

    Gorilla Paws never qualified. He was a decent DC in a conf that runs on first, second and passes on 3rd down. His HC made him look good.

    Frauduzzi’s smugness, cockiness and holier than thou is disgusting. In 6 years he beat Clemson once. That is all he did. .500 record. Fans hate him. He is a phony and helped hire Yellow Half sleeves.

    The problems are many. Our Chancellor is a clown.

    Imagine for a second someone cleaned house and brought in qualified leaders.

    Oakland is a cesspool. Cleans it up. Bring a small 40k stadium. Hire new coaches and an AD that is qualified and not hired bc she is a woman and they are trying to be PC. Again, hiring woman in these roles is great but make them at least earn it aka Sandy Barbour. She has balls and wants to win. Heather only cares about webinars and sucking Steelers teet and that fencing Places too 5 in ACC. Capel
    Has also proved to be a bum. Year 3 and he hasn’t done a thing.


        1. No bars, no restaurants worth a dang and NO Big O. Most iconic thing in Oakland was the O. And now it’s going to be some tofu place or something. No reason to go back to a campus I wouldn’t even recognize, since all the Peter’s Pubs, Wooden Keg’s, Zelda’s, Decades, etc. etc. are gone.

          It’s a magical place alright…..full of Harry Potter smart phone zombies eating tofu.


  34. Here is the other ugly stat to playing “bye”. Our record against the next opponent AFTER playing bye has been simply awful. One would think that with the extra time and prep in playing bye Pitt would be well rested and prepared for the next opponent. Not so much.


  35. Lyke never responded to my email. I did not think she would.
    However, to hide in the backroom while the biggest program you manage is burning down, is a dereliction of duty.
    That alone is enough to be replaced.

    The Chancellor had no problem telling one of the biggest donors in Pitt history to F off. The guy is an incompetent government hack.

    So here we are…….


      1. What a guy. Let’s his students load up on government backed debt and raise tuition and fees at 10x the rate of inflation.
        Take a salary that is way above anything an educator should receive and then kick 20 percent back in a 1 time deal.
        The business of higher education is a scam.


            1. It essentially the same thing. If you don’t agree with one you should not agree with either.
              You just can’t understand your inability to see it.

              Without an Ad hominem statement


      2. Narduzzi should be giving back more than ten percent. I want my money refunded from the game last week. Seriously. I might just bill Gallagher for my car rental and plane tickets as well.


    1. I would ask her how the finances are going. Any cuts in store

      Is this where you expected football to be after that extension

      Any regrets.

      What’s the biggest problem with getting football over the hump right now

      What explains Pitt’s poor track record over the past 30 years

      Updates on Victory Heights Will track ever get an outdoor track.

      Any initiatives to nurture fans and grow new supporters in the Olympic sports

      Thoughts on how men’s soccer can quickly achieve number one but other programs struggle to even reach .500

      Do you have anything besides yellow in your closet.

      Do you view pitt as a stepping stone to get back to the big 10


  36. FSU is a desperation game. Lose it and we are a losing team with no bowl. Win it and we still have two chances for a losing season unless Clemson has virus problems. This is not a very good uplifting future. When does BB start?


  37. Some of Pitts programs may be covid casualties.

    Revenues aren’t coming back this year and possibly next. Pitt could very well lose nearly $40 million in revenues given lost ticket sales, fewer bowls, less TV money, lower donations, less advertising, concessions and merchandise.

    Plus they have several million dollars in covid related expenses.

    I can see 4-5 sports programs getting the ax. And layoffs in the department.


  38. No way Tex, PITT has not lost a single sport and they will not lose any as far as I’ve been told. I guess we will have to wait and see. The plans right now are not to close any down. All the while, other big AD’s around the country have thrown in the towel on some.


    1. Pitt is losing money. How will pitt pay for these programs? The revenue hit is $40 million on the high end. Plus unplanned covid expenses. I can’t see how Pitt avoids layoffs in sports and yes program cuts. They already have riffed academics. Heather can always raid the general fund already depleted from previous year raids and now covid.


  39. The Chancellor is not a clown. He is just not that interested in sports, especially now with COVID, so get over it. Lyke may well feel that she must replace Narduzzi at some point. But hope springs eternal that Pitt will at least finish 5-6 this year, and will give her sufficient time to evaluate potential replacements after the season is over. I can see where if Narduzzi is sacked in mid-season and an interim coach is named, it could force some quality candidates to publicly bow out to avoid losing their recruiting classes. And good coaches with integrity will not express interest in a job that is not (yet) open and be accused of helping to force a coach out. Also, if quality coaches take themselves out of the running it could send a message that no one wants the job because they cannot win at Pitt.

    No matter how you look at it, Lyke is in a box right now. She doesn’t want to give a vote of confidence only to fire the guy later, and less than a vote of confidence would basically confirm that PN is gone. That said, she still has no backbone for not taking on the elephant in the room, and her silence confirms the dire circumstances the football program is in. That’s why they pay her the big bucks… Oh yeah, I forgot, they don’t.

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      1. Not a clown. An atom counter. Literally. Smart man. But knows very little about sports or running a business. And has no idea of what he’s talking about when he speaks of the front porch.


    1. She actually is making close to the average comp in the ACC now. Gallagher gave her an extension after finishing last in the directors cup

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      1. Be careful, Tex. There are some regulars on here who shudder when confronted with reality. Maybe it’s reverse sexism? They are so afraid to be typecast as typical males they can’t take their blinders off when discussing Quid Pro Quo Lyke (who gave extension to man who sat on committee to hire her). I’m not sexist. Have had female bosses for a while. I know a good one. I can see ineptitude. Heather is inept.


    2. Okay. He may be brilliant. I don’t like his being in absentia when it comes to Pitt sports. He was the one who observed a tiny crowd at the Pitt-Georgia Tech game in 2014 and said there would be a change. He hired Pederson. All good.

      He allowed scum bag Barnes to hire Stallings without exercising his veto power. Idiot move.

      He put Narduzzi on committee to hire his boss (dumb & unethical) and approved an extension that was a quid pro quo when aforementioned coach was cruising to a 5-7 season.

      So…Gallagher is either so much an egghead who shouldn’t be chancellor because he is so easily duped into approving decisions that put the university finances at risk or he is unethical.

      Either way, I don’t want him to my chancellor, especially as I have two degrees from Pitt and all together my family has five..


    3. The chancellor is a clown because Oakland is a cesspool and he has done nothing to improve Oakland or the University teardown and buy the entire South Oakland and make it nice so people can be proud to not live in a slum town.

      Athletics is part of what he sees over and he has failed at that as well.

      He also hired like an allowed Narduzzi to be hired and barns and clown Stallings


  40. Tex, ike is right. Pitt is not going to eliminate any minor sports just to pump money into football. That’s absurd. Unlike you, there are people who actually have interests in other areas of the university, such as other sports, academic programs, research, etc., and the Chancellor has responsibilities to all of them. Pitt is probably focused on soliciting donations to keep these other areas intact.

    And Upitt, your criticism of Capel is totally ridiculous. He is not a bum, and has shown so far that he can recruit to compete in the ACC. The wins will come. You have clearly forgotten how far the BB program had fallen.

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    1. I only give to soccer and volleyball. Most likely wrestling is next. I do not give to football. I also give to CAS. Let’s be clear on this.


    2. He is 10 games under .500 in 3 years and plays cupcakes. He is a clown and proven not a HC. Ask Oklahoma.


    3. If Pitt was smart, they certainly would eliminate some non-revenue producing sports. It’s not about pumping the unused money into football. It’s just savings for eliminating a few sports. I know there are discsuuions happening at a lot of schools to re-think the number of non-revenue producing college sport.

      I do like Capel. Not for what he has done with regard to wins and losses yet, but because he is recruiting better players than the last 10 years. Now personally, he and I would disagree on several things, but the jury is still out for me on whether he is successful now or not. He is a push for me this year, but will re-visit this after this year, because it will be time to think the progress thru a bit more.


  41. I will agree on Duzz and Heather. Both are out of their element. I will disagree with Capel, good coach hamstringed by playing by the rules. I will rather strongly disagree about Gallagher. I have been lucky enough to spend some time with him. Please, you really make yourself look small when you say stupid stuff like that, now, if you have spent some time with him and feel that way, well, I have nothing to say. If not, please.

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    1. The man does not know how to run a business and pays lip service to sports. He should shut his mouth before uttering a word of the front porch. You need a design first. You need people to build it. You need to find money for it.

      Pitt has no identity right now. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. It doesn’t know how to get there. It doesn’t know how to pay for it. It doesn’t have the personnel or culture to nurture sports and have it make money.

      Its clearly obvious to me that Gallagher needs to stick with academics.


    2. Who are you supposed to be? He is a clown. Go have tea with him I will
      Judge him by the clowns he hired. Barnes, Stallings, Lyke, Frauduzzi. Capel has done nothing.


    1. Spoke way too soon Big Dan Phil stunk second half. Plus he threw two interceptions that were called off due to Clemson penalties.

      BC with at least 13 penalties in the game. Thought BC was a well coached team?

      BC with no running game.

      Hafley should have called PN and ask him how do you beat Clemson down in “Death Valley”

      Jurkovic is not a freshman and KP and Nate were and are better than Phil at this point. He’s flipping the ball in all directions hap-hazardously.

      Clemson didn’t have their starting all American QB. Should make some of you realize how much PITT misses KP.

      Dabo blew two timeouts on a two point conversion and then still kicked and then miss.

      College football, PITT and Narduzzi are not exclusive. It’s all inclusive. Move a step over and look beyond that one tree you all stand behind. There is a very big forest out there known as college football players. There is a reason why only a handful make it to the NFL.


      1. Ike, thank you for the humor. Nate was NOT a freshman when Pitt upset Clemson. Jurko will get an extra year if he wants it due to covid as would Ken Pickett. If Ken trys for another year, Pitt needs to decline that. The quicker we move on, the better.

        If Hafley called Narduzzi, what would that sound like? Ummm, hey Jeff, I don’t do offense, call my oc. …..ooops! Not our current one, I was joking. Call the Steelers guy that works in steeler stadium. He can help you, i can’t.

        We lost three in a row with KP. We would most likely have lost our 4th in a row had he played against ND. However, we will never know the answer to that. Pitts offense is terrible with KP and terribler without him.

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  42. Jurkovic is three years removed from high school I think, so he should go pro so the Steelers can draft him late in the first round.

    Disgusting watching these other schools with new coaches running college offenses and Pitt has an old man calling plays and a bum offensive line coach.

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    1. Then do something about it

      Write heather
      Call the office
      Trick or treat where she lives
      Post to social media
      Get them to ban you from their twitter feeds
      Stop donating
      Stop attending
      Stop buying those coal colored uniforms.
      Become a realist like me

      But don’t just sit there and take it

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      1. ^^ Stop Stop Stop. Stop doing this and that? How hard is that to do? It’s the cowards way out. “I’m not going to send money” Does that hurt PITT or make it easier for you? To sit behind your keyboard while you sit on your soap box and yammer on the same dribble 25 times a day. Mike, you think you have the answers but your real answer is start rooting for another team. Problem solved. << You will quickly find the same questions elsewhere.


        1. I don’t reward mediocrity with my dollars. And if I start a go fund me page to oust heather and Narduzzi, I bet I raise more than what heather did with her five friends who have millions but only gave heather the coins lost in their sofas.

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  43. Clawson with 24 points on the Cuse D early in the third. I remember when Pitt put up just 21 on the Orange’s defense and some fans were defending Pitt saying “Cuse went to 3-3-5 defense, which is tough to play against.”


    1. I’ve yet to see Pitts front porch. All talk at this point. I guess Heinz is the image Pitt wants to convey. Gallagher should stick with academics and his physics set.

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  44. unless you are going to pay 4-stars or for attendees, what good is pumping money in the program? Very little ROI (if any)


    1. You build a front porch that enhances your brand equity, communicates your identity, attracts prospective students, helps connect alumni. It’s money well spent.

      Problem is – Pitt has no plan or blueprints. No competent builders. No money for the construction.

      Hence our porch is borrowed from the Steelers.

      Trick or treat.

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  45. RB Conner Hayward (son of Ironhead) with a very good game as his Spartan’s upset Michigan.

    BC shutout by Clemson in the 2nd half and lose by 6 to a back-up Tiger QB.

    Both good games to watch.

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  46. Well, if it makes anybody feel better, I met with the Chancellor in the last year. My impression was a bit more favorable than tex and upitt but less favorable then joe knew.

    But I need to be clear. My discussion was more in his wheelhouse and was not athletics based. I didn’t go deeply into athletics (not allowed) as that was not my purpose for the meeting. Therein lies the rub. For those that focus on his athletic accumen, they should be disappointed (most everyone here including me). If the focus is on academia, a different impression probably results (Joes Version). I don’t want to speak for Joe but it would be interesting to know the focus of the conversation he had with the Chance which should provide perspective.



  47. I don’t question his academic chops. I do question his business acumen and understanding of the front porch concept. He has no plan. Victory Heights is laughable. $250 million and Pitt gets a new 3500 seat venue and a new sports medicine building. That’s it?

    And I do take issue with Pitt trying to be everything for everyone. It’s a bloated and inefficient mess and needs to specialize in what it does best.

    Pitt is a science and engineering school. That should be the focus and identity for the undergraduate programs.

    And it should privatize. I know there have been very high level discussions regarding this.

    And finally to get off my high horse, pitt needs to run a balanced budget every year for sports instead of heavily subsidizing athletics. It’s a moral issue with me. That means having to make some unpopular and tough choices.

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    1. Pitt is a technical school no doubt, Pitt has a pretty large endowment.

      I guess the administration has to make up its mind regarding its commitment to athletics and what they want to achieve.

      That’s the beauty of this blog, discussion and opinion.

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  48. School of dental medicine gatherings. Programs, staffing, building and facilities. Actually was slot more personable and engaging than I expected. Slightly out of his comfort zone, but each time he struck me as a listener, and was able to grasp problems and issues quickly. Now, maybe he had good people preparing him, but he was anything but a clown.


  49. I noticed that Clemson said their Freshman quarterback would be starting next Saturday against ND. Gee, what an interesting approach, being open with the fans and public!

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    1. This is a brilliant strategy Voice. Start the backup. If clemson loses, they keep in the college playoff race because they lost without their star QB. If clempson wins, they show the leaders that they are worth based on their TEAM. Excellent strategy. Win/Win

      Wow, proactive thinking to prioritize its football team and protect its ranking and place in the playoff. Lose by less than 10points and boomshway, no negative impact at the end of the day, provided they lose no more. How do we get thinkers, like that? You can the current thinktank and replace them with real thinkers.


  50. Rooting for The OhioState Buckeyes tonight. Pretending they are Pitt.
    I suppose that wishful thinking is along the lines of thinking a bevy of Vicky Secret gals trick-or-treating will show up in my hot tub.
    Desperate measures for desperate times.

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  51. I do not know about the rest of you POVite contributors but I am tired of 2, 3, maybe 4 bloggers dragging my alma mater due to the failure of Football Coach Pat Narduzzi in the mud. And grimacing in joy in doing it.

    Because my son was one of the Pitt Pharmacy School Class Officers for ALL 4 YEARS of his Pharmacy School years at Pitt, I got to meet Chancellor Gallagher and he is many things but he is not a clown.

    Never has a Pitt football coach been given the money for assistant coaches and recruiting and travel and his own bank account. He failed his fans and he failed AD Lyke and he failed Chancellor Gallagher. They know this. They know big-time that they screwed up. It is easy for you to throw your mud. There are major repercussions when they throw mud.

    This is of course on their problem list along with running a major university in the time of Covid.

    Shame on all of you POVites for putting up with this mud slinging and not using the knowledge you gained from the University of Pittsburgh to counter the Neanderthal, off the cuff remarks of these 2,3,4 bloggers.

    And to know where I stand; I know Coach Narduzzi and a photo of him and Capel with their arms around me is in the bar at my home. I want Narduzzi gone after this season unless he loses only 1 more game.


    1. Tony, dear, do you need a little Prozac? Some Zoloft, perhaps?
      I love the banter and humor provided by the ‘Neanderthal 3.’
      They bring levity to another disappointing season. I believe if the BOT shared their enthusiasm we wouldn’t be mired in football mediocrity for nearly FOUR LONG DECADES.
      And in regard to mud-slinging, the University threw mud on itself by parading those hideous costumes on national television. And don’t forget the Barnes fiasco, the Stallings debacle or Coach Pat throwing in the towel with 1:22 in the first half.
      So, instead of complaining about the harsh words of others, worry about Pitt pretending to strive for football excellence and yet falling year after year.

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      1. Hi Gasman, I sort of know you. We have a mutual friend in Mark Kindler. Your comment has affected me in a negative way. I’m done; you are right. I capitulate..

        You won. Though I am a Pitt mechanical engineer and my patent #4,131,220 revolutionized the steel making process; you are more relevant then me.

        But I’ll bet that patent which took me around the free world trumps your medical bills.

        Maybe the Doc, needs a Prozac script?


          1. Happy to hear you are successful.
            A Pitt grad makes good.
            And if you’ve made more money than I (check your grammar, please), then good for you, too.
            This isn’t a contest. On the contrary, when this virus is over, I’ll sit down with you and buy a few rounds.
            And, I don’t know Mark Kridler.


      2. How about the embarrassment of hiring a wife beater, after having a great guy like Wannstedt as coach, one in which they didn’t even appreciated Wanny taking a lower salary and taking a job, basically nobody wanted after the way Pitt treated Walt Harris. Who ONLY SAVED the Program from FCS status.

        Pitt is quite capable of throwing mud on itself. Run by a bunch of dolts for several decades.

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        1. Ed Bozik killed Pitt football in 1982 by running Sherrill out of town, we haven’t recovered since.

          We had some good coaches since but they were terminated by incompetent administrators. Wanny, Walt and Mike G were good coaches, not perfect but fired.


    2. Go have some with Gallagher (CEO) of the University. And by the way everyone is dealing with Corona. It isn’t just at Pitt. So I hope when you look at your photo hugging Frauduzzi and 15 games under .500 you appreciate they both make over 7M in total a year to be embarrassed. Hope that makes you proud of your degree vs angry. I choose angry.

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    3. Let’s be clear. I never said he was a clown. When I give a nick name, there is some truth to it. That’s why it hurts.


  52. Next time you see a Butterfinger candy wrapper (Pitt colors, not 50 shades of grey) think of the Pitt receivers.


  53. Tiny Wake Forest rolled over Syracuse 38-10, only wish the Nardoozi’s were that impressive.

    And a bad GT team even game Notre Dame more of a game than the Homestead Grays.

    Can the Nardoozi’s put in a Bye Week for the rest of the season and save us.


  54. Penn State down 21-3 to OSU with a little over 2 minutes before half and with the ball on their end of the field. Surely they will use their timeouts to try for a score before the half to cut into the lead. Well nope. Three and out then punt. Guess Franklin is telling his team that he has given up. What a poor message from the coach. Guess that means his players will give up in the second half. No wonder their program is such a dumpster fire.

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    1. Farmers – Not sure what you were watching so i typed the plays out. I surely did see State Penn try to throw the ball for sure in an effort to matriculate the ball to score. Defend Nard in some other way. He quit and this example will show you in detail, how other coaches who want to win, call plays. For emphasis, State Penn had a first and 10 from the 19. Pitt had first and 10 from the 36!!!! Thats a big difference but it didnt stop Franklinburger from trying. It stopped our coach though! This should anger all Pitt fans because the example farmers uses to try to defend our current coach, actually sinks him deeper.

      Ohio State kicked off with 2:23 left in the second after a score.

      (2:23 – 2nd) 28-D.DiMaccio kicks 62 yards from OSU 35. 18-P.Washington to PSU 19 for 16 yards (16-R.Watts).

      First Down Play from the 19 – (2:17 – 2nd) 28-D.Ford to PSU 22 for 3 yards (72-T.Togiai20-P.Werner).

      2nd Down Play – (2:13 – 2nd) 14-S.Clifford sacked at PSU 17 for -5 yards (72-T.Togiai). They tried to throw the ball to advance it so they could score, even though they were at the 22. It was a sack…on a PASS Attempt. No quit there.

      3rd Down Play – (2:06 – 2nd) 7-W.Levis to PSU 20 for 3 yards (20-P.Werner41-J.Proctor).

      4th Down Play – Punt from the TWENTY, not the 36.

      Franklin ran on first and 10 from its own 19. Pitt ran on first and 10 from its own 36, a huge difference in field position. On second down, Franklin passed the ball so he could try to get in position to score. Pitt ran the ball on second down. See the difference??????

      On 3rd downs, they both ran the ball, however PSU ran the ball from the 20. Pitt ran from the 30’s.

      On 4th down, Pitt got its punt blocked for a TD for the opponent. PSU punted for 48 yards and covered it. They held OSU’s office who also didnt just try to run it three times. OSU tried to pass the ball as well in an effort to score again. Two coaches, with time running out, trying to score and one coach, who QUIT on his team. Awful!!!


      1. Got it, Huff. Penn State takes possession with 2:17 left. Two 3 yard running plays and a pass attempt for PSU. I believe Penn State was attempting to run out the clock but had to try for a first down for that to happen because of the time remaining. Hence the two running plays.
        Pitt takes possession at the 25 with 1:29 left. Four running plays for Pitt. I believe they were both attempting to get to the locker room to regroup. You see it differently. That’s okay.


        1. Pitt had a first and 10 at the 36 and ran unsuccessfully three times in a row. Our coach quit on the players. Franklin didn’t. I don’t like franklin at all. He is repulsive to me as a human, but that is just personal. Narduzzi is not repulsive to me as a human.

          Penn State had a first and 10 at the 19 and ran once for three yards. Then they PASSED on second down and got sacked. They were not trying to re-group or run out the clock. They were trying to pass the ball downfield to score….which they ended up doing as time expired in the quarter by the way. +1 for Franklin.

          Now Franklin gets a -10 for going for it on 4th and five early in the game in his own territory and making a failed, awful choice of play. OSU used that idiotic call to score and break the game open. The sell out crowd at happy valley, wasnt happy.

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          1. My favorite non-Pitt football game is Penn State – Ohio State. James Franklin is 1-6 against THE Ohio State University.


  55. When we have college fairs here in Houston Penn State always has reps and outreach.

    Despite our sending numerous invites, Pitt had never sent reps and inconsistently sends out brochures and apps.

    Front porch? Not so much.


    1. Penn State has much broader appeal than Pitt. The school has an identity. They commit to football excellence each year. Their alumni are everywhere. Their alumni proudly display their colors.

      In my over 20 years in the Republic of Texas I have come across only a handful of Pitt fans. Literally. Either alumni or a family connection. This was gathered through conversation or looking at their apparel or vehicle stickers.

      Unfortunately, I have witnessed 50 times more Penn State in North Texas.

      Penn State knows how to market their brand and build a network of nation wide supporters. And their brand is stronger than ever despite the Sandusky scandal.

      The Pitt brand only appeals to older Yinzers who recall the glory days or to Gen Z kids who casually walk by the TV set and the new colors grab their attention for a nano second.

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  56. No drugs for Tony. He might get dizzy and fall off his self-constructed high horse.

    Tony, do you need oxygen?


  57. not going to happen but anyone having the dream that PSUcks loses out?

    consolation anyone?

    GO TERPS!!! (at least next week)


    1. There is still fight in the nit players. Franky hasn’t lost the team yet. Maryland on the other hand is hungry and will be juiced up for this game. I hope it is on at a different time slot than Pitt’s game vs FL St as I’d lyke to watch the Pitt game.

      On second thought, the weather looks to be sunny and 66 degrees – entertainment to be found on the golf course. Fingers crossed that Maryland and Pitt find ways to win over nationally acclaimed power 5 programs.

      Do either have 9 National Championships?

      Does Pitt FB have a marketing dept.?

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  58. WV creamed number six Kansas St.

    Lot’s of great offense on display yesterday, in many games.

    Jurkovec could have save a lot of jobs at Pitt.

    But it is the WPIAL linemen at ND that will give them a chance next week, that and no Trevor Lawrence.


  59. Gallagher extended Heather’s contract so he must be satisfied with her performance. She probably also has the authority to fire Narduzzi. This all comes down to money and are they willing to put up with Narduzzi for another year.


  60. Glad to see Ben has 1 fan.

    Pitt has 9 NC’s, last one 44 years ago, the rest closer to 90 years ago or longer.



    1. How about meaningful bowl wins or final ranking in the top 25. You do that over several years and it becomes easier to recruit.

      And yes a far easier ooc schedule is needed. Find the money to rent wins.


  61. Nothing against the kid but I never in my life saw worse quarterback play in a P5 player. He was so bad that my two children laughed when they saw him on TV. Both will be laughing again tonight. Thank God the school the announcers will refer to is James Madison.


  62. Erie, Bizjournal reported sometime ago that Pitt has extended Heather’s contract through 2024.


    1. Her pay is now more commensurate with the typical ACC AD. She was brought in cheap. Made $250 at emu. Pitt gave her roughly a 70 percent increase.

      Gallagher is severely underpaid. Pitt is a top 50 school globally with a top ten endowment but his pay is well outside the top 50.

      Tex who saw a number 6 ranked team fall yesterday to a certain school


  63. Well:
    You see PSU and Michigan and even they can not really compete. So Pitt just lays back and collects power 5 money.
    Those teams have 100,000 fans, great recruiting, and unlimited money.

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    1. Pitt enjoys the welfare.

      Pitt can tout the worst facilities for volleyball in a 70 year old unconditioned building with a severe safety issue of floor condensation.

      Pitt can offer a track program that doesn’t have a outdoor track. Hasn’t had one since 2001 and Victory Heights does not address this glaring facility issue.

      Pitt can finish dead last in the directors cup getting beat out by more than 70 non P5 schools

      And still collect nearly 30 million each year

      And a good chunk of that check is used on the football program to achieve a top third spend producing mediocre 7 win seasons and crappy bowls on a icy field.

      Yes I’m negative when I speak the truth and facts.

      Does anyone really think, if you gave someone money every year yet they continue to embarrass you and show little progress compared to the others you give money to, that you wouldn’t reconsider giving money to someone else more worthy.


  64. Many years ago I belonged to the Golden Panthers – got good tickets for groups of friends even to FB games in State College. Of course a lot have changed at Pitt since then. Our athletic facilities (other than BB) are terrible. Heinz rent a field is not a college FB stadium. It shows Pitt’s interest in athletics for the students and alumni.

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    1. Pitts interest or committment to athletics will only change if structural changes happen. That’s the BoT. And it won’t happen because too many insiders benefit from the status quo. Students and alumni would need to force the change. Poor school spirit, lack of emotional attachment to sports, etc is by design. Always follow the mission statement.

      You know how and why southern schools emphasize and committ to sports excellence. Because their alumni demand it. There is power in numbers. There are too few alumni that care. Seriously, you can’t become a member of the Texas BoT unless you are passionate about longhorn athletics. I don’t jest. It’s a unwritten rule and goes without saying.


  65. At the Risk of offending you non-Steeler Fans, what a difference a year makes. A healthy Ben and James Conner, plus two rookie wide outs and a new tight end have made a world of difference.

    Hopefully they can overcome the Bush injury. Should be a great game today, the Ravens are loaded with talent, probably even more.

    Big playmakers on both teams and both sides of the ball.

    As compared to Pitt with too few big plays on either side of the ball.


  66. Tony, the last thing you want to do on here is flop your professional achievements onto the table to measure it up against others (sorry Annie). That isn’t what the POV is about.

    It’s a blog my friend. That’s all it is.

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    1. And all have fewer star recruits than Pitt. But they all have very good head coaches. The Coastal Carolina guy made my list. Young, offensive background, proven success, good fit, hungry for the jump up.


  67. Pitt opening as an underdog to FSU.

    Pitt -0.5

    That’s a bit different, since I live in Florida I’m probably going to the game.

    One other thing the Steelers found a way to win. Good teams usually do, bad teams SOP usually find a way to lose.


  68. Let’s continue to crucify Narduzzi for Mack dropping a perfectly thrown pass on a two point conversion and Kessman missing a PAT wide right. That’s some horrible coaching right there?

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    1. When I coached, if you failed in your duties, you were benched and I got in your face. I then made practice extra tough on you and drilled in the stuff you were lacking. And I made it clear, you’re easily replaceable. Narduzzi is no coach. I eagerly await the day I can drive him back to Youngstown and drop him off by the curb outside saint Mary’s. He needs to confess his many sins committed while at Pitt to a priest.


  69. Irk, when I coached my pee wee boys never dropped a pass or missed an extra points… we pounded the ball on the ground and always wet for 2!!!


  70. Looking forward to the Nuch starting tonight just like I anticipated Palko staring for the Chiefs…. different out/ comes???


  71. I’ll be rooting for little Ben.

    B, back in my young days no one kicked a PAT. We had ONE pass play and the QB didn’t throw the pass, the fullback did, to the QB no less. Get down, get set, shift. Archaic at best.


  72. Anyone else here think that some of the Steelers offensive success this year is due the addition of Matt Canada to the coaching staff? I suspect he may get an NFL OC gig next year.

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  73. Ike, Did you have leather helmets then or was the game still played bareheaded? If it was that could explain a lot. (Sorry for the bad joke but you presented such an opportunity.) H2P Soccer Gramps

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    1. I agree. Would make five losses in a row.

      If Narsnoozi coaches next year, expect a dumpster fire. The wheels will come off.

      No new coach will want to walk into that mess. Pitt will end up with the IUP coach.

      Might as well drop down to division 3 then.

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  74. I’m not sure but I believe your favorite coach is having a press conference today so you guys may want to rest up a bit


  75. Watched tons of college football this weekend. Even the WVU game.

    A RPO/spread offense must be easier to learn and adapt to than what Whipple is attempting. Freshman and SO QBs all over the country step in and succeed.

    A QB that can run is nice to have in college football, but it largely depends on the offense. WVU’s QB is hardly a runner, but their offense doesn’t really require it.

    Even when Whipple spreads the field with a bunch of receivers, the scheme must be terrible. All the teams I watched successfully threw the ball to RBs in the flats and ran the ball on draws because the LBs were preoccupied with WR. There was no power run game. The scheme spread the field such that it was pretty much OL on DL for at least 3 or 4 yards.

    I would argue WVU has no more talent than Pitt on offense but substantially more talent in offensive coaching.

    Since Pitt will not fire Narduzzi after this year, I will wait to see who the next OC will be. If the OC does not run a college offense I will not watch one Pitt game. 🙂


  76. By the way, the Steelers improvement is based on one thing. Rothlisberger’s return. They better hope he stays healthy or they are toast.

    Canada would not be the kind of hire Pitt would need if they fired PN. He is just another recycled coach with questionable success.


    1. Ben plus two outstanding rookie receivers and a great tight end. But you are right mostly Ben.
      Conner is helping a little but he is not a game breaker.

      Again, Canada does well when he has great tools to work with, but the main problem with Pitt is recruiting, always has been always will be.


    1. Good for him. Coach Pat isn’t worth playing for. The flood gates have opened. Narduzzi has lost this team. He lost me over three years ago. Finally people are starting to wake up. I see you’re awake Ike. 🤠

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      1. Yep, Narduzzi is the only coach in the NCAA having players opting out. Step out from behind that tree Tex, if Texas has trees down there or the cactus.


  77. I said before the game that if they didn’t beat BC they would struggle to win another game.
    Chances are way less than 50/50 that they do now.

    They just need a few cases of Covid to end the misery.


    1. And a loss should cost Narduzzi his job. I’m praying for a loss. First time EVER that I will root against Pitt. I feel good about that. Got to think long term strategic. What’s good for the future program.


  78. IMO only:

    Paris Ford is a head case, he is talented but not a unique talent.

    He will play professionally but we shall see how long and for who.

    I can’t pin this one on Narduzzi but rather someone thinks he is above his team and a legend in his own mind.

    That’s my take.

    Anyone going to Tallahassee?

    Let me know we can discuss over a few adult beverages.


  79. ^^ The truth finally comes out except for the “first time ever” comment. I don’t believe that and it’s just bogus. You put your own bias in front of what’s best for PITT. Giving up is not very PITT like and Narduzzi did not give up. I read where “jimmie one finger” used the term regroup last week. Just fall on your sword Tex

    There must be cherry trees in Texas? Lot’s of cherry picking going on down there.


  80. We’ve got peach and pecan trees here in Texas. The very best in the entire world. No apologies to Georgia. Come on down one day I’ll show you. 🤠 👢 🌵 🌶


  81. Paris Ford made the best business decision for himself. Criticizing it is ridiculous. Pitt can’t redeem this season to the point of making risking injury worthwhile. Not sure why this is even a story. He has millions at stake. Pay college players fair market value and this wouldn’t happen.

    … and Duzz quit on the season when he had 90 secs left and 3 TO’s at the end of first half against ND. Score there and first possession of second half and it’s a one possession game.

    … why in the world would I stick my neck out for a quitter like that?

    Good luck, Paris. Thanks for coming to Pitt. Once a Pitt man always a Pitt man. You represented Pitt well.

    The college landscape is changing folks. It’s not going to go backwards. Might as well ride the waive.

    We need a coach who understands this and will play a brand of football that will make players want to stay.

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    1. Came back to try to win an ACC championship. Not going to win an ACC championship, no more reason to stay. I got no beef with this


      1. Exactly. There was nothing left to play for this season. He came back and played until the risk outweighed the reward. He literally would be risking potentially millions on a lost season.

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  82. The only negative I see to Ford opting out is that he is not exactly going out on a high note in terms of his play. I suspect more than one factor played a part in his departure, but at the top of the list would have to be the team’s nosedive and bad vibes surrounding the team atmosphere combined with the logic of preserving his health for the Draft. The Covid thing is bogus for most all players. He is a gifted player and with good coaching (and maturity) at the next level it would not surprise me to see him thrive. I wish him the best.

    Here’s a question: if Pitt losing out would guarantee Narduzzi’s ouster, would you root for us to lose out as Tex alluded to above? Just a few years ago Pitt hoops was in that position with Stallings (certainly a much worse situation) which left many fans in the position of rooting for us to lose then… I’m still projecting one more win, and I just don’t think its realistic PN will be gone after this year regardless.


    1. And we fans deserve better. Remember those fans give money. Players play. They also get a free ride if there are fans or no fans.


  83. Does this open the flood gates for Patrick Jones and Rashad Weaver to also opt out? I would not be surprised. I’m guessing Paris in the 2nd or 3rd round right now, depending on combine numbers. Jordan Whitehead was a 4th rounder and I’d put Paris a little ahead of him as far as talent. If Jordan wasn’t a part of one of the worst pass defenses in the country, he could have been a higher pick. I don’t blame Paris at all and I’m not sure if he continued to play if he would raise his draft stock much beyond where it is right now. I just hope a mass exodus does not give HL the opinion that HCPN deserves another year if they continue to lose.


  84. notrocketscience – I can always find story lines to root for. I won’t root for Pitt to lose but I do hope Duzz is done. I had his back for 4 years. Said he had to turn a corner in year 5 … he didn’t … still, the stage was set for this season so the optimist in me hoped that he was just a year behind the curve … nope … time to move on. We have a stable program and can handle a switch, now. If I have NFL aspirations, there’s no way I finish out the season for Pitt, and as a parent I would encourage the same of kids. There is no “I” in team but there is a “me”. The risk/reward for an amateur sport is not worth it at a certain point … the ND game looks like that was Paris’ break even game.

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    1. I too believe PN has to go. I always said this was the year he had to prove himself and he failed with his OC hire.

      I am sure Ford and his family believe this is what is best for him. I think he could raise his draft stock by playing, but he certainly will not hurt it by sitting.

      I think him opting out certainly opens the door for Jones and Weaver. That would look really bad for PN.


  85. I’m opting out of the VT home game…😎
    No value in it for me.

    Also, I have never rooted against Pitt in my life and won’t start now. How I act in private will have no effect on Duzz’s contract.


    1. But you will have more hope and less long term heartburn with a new coach. I’m rooting based on my health. Purely selfish reasons.


  86. I remember hoping the Pens would lose so that they would get Mario.

    Not quite the same thing. I would never root against Pitt, these kids deserve our support no matter what.

    Narduzzi is a dead man walking, whether this year, next year or the year after. Heather is on the hook for the ridiculous extension. Somewhat similar to the Stallings situation financially only with less revenue.

    A rock and a hard place.

    Most adversity i have seen facing this team for a long time because of the high expectations and miserable performance. We have had bad years before but not when we have had so much perceived talent.

    Any of the players with a good shot at the pros has to be concerned about injury at this point with nothing to play for but pride. I wouldn’t blame any of them for opting out at this point. Opportunity for the young guys.

    When will our latest recruits start to bail?

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  87. The only good thing for Heather is that fans can’t show their displeasure by not showing up. The VT game would be a ghost town.


  88. Pulled this from ex-Pitt FB player Louis Riddick’s Twitter account –

    “ When you see the same fundamental mistakes by multiple/different players within a position group, that is a coaching issue.”

    Louis is an NFL guy right now, but his comments fit the Pitt narrative, IMO.

    I called the “Opt-out” parade after the NC St game and again after the BC game. More to come…sadly but understandably.

    KP would be smart to end his Pitt career now –

    Jones has nothing left to prove.

    Weaver missed last season and may figure he needs more film.

    If one of the DE’s joins the parade, the other DE should march in step and follow the other out of the Pitt locker room. There is nothing for these young men to gain at Pitt from this point forward except their degrees.


  89. Fran:
    I got your headcover.
    Duzz lost me at the Home PSU disaster. I hate to be right, but I am. The real culprit is the committee that hired him .
    You hire an aged out career assistant to run a power 5 program. You get all of the bad things of an older failed head coach and no experience.

    You bring in a guy from the old way that could not get a job at the correct age as a top assistant. So all the new innovate things in the sport are passed over and you are left with a bad coach, with old ideas and a network of unrelatable outdated coaches.

    It was all doomed from the start. I did not understand it then. I do now.

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      1. A lot of us didn’t necessarily love the hire but were willing to give him a full recruiting class. I’ll give the next guy four years too.


  90. If I was Paris Ford, in this situation, I’d do the same thing. Pitt had a head coach that is nothing more than a DC and an OC that is nothing more than a quarterback coach. Not a winning combination as the results show. I expect more of Pitt’s star players to follow. Duzz has lost this team, but he gets to keep his contract and the $16 million it guarantees. Ain’t America great!


  91. Surprised no one on here has mentioned the bitching match between Ford and the coaches on the sideline after he was pulled to give the two deep some actual game reps last game.

    Si, if some of the above comments saying “Ford has nothing to play for” do those same posters feel anyone can just leave the team when they feel like it?

    Beside, why is anyone calling this ‘opt out’ in Ford’s decision.

    Players were given the option to opt out BEFORE the season started due to C-19 and had another year of eligibility granted.

    That is not the case here. He cannot comeback for a free season at this point. I believe that is the case here.

    He quit plain and simple and did it when his teammates needed him most.
    If this was a regular season and a Pitt player quit halfway through would you all feel the same?

    I doubt it.

    Why put lipstick on that pig?

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    1. Yes, I think unpaid players can leave the team any time they feel like it. Pitt isn’t playing for anything anymore. Why would anyone risk potentially millions on a dead season? They aren’t under contract and the National Letter of Intent they sign is done without the presence of an agent … because they’re not allowed to have one.


  92. This year is over for Pitt. Several games ago I revised my season record down to four wins, with the caveat: I was scratching my head trying to figure out where win number four would come from. Still don’t see it.

    Good luck and best wishes going forward, Paris. Narduzzi really did you wrong when he wasted one of your years trying to make you a CB when anybody with half a brain knew you were a natural safety. With good coaching at the next level, you’ll do well in the pros.

    Time to turn my attention for the rest of the season to my other alma mater, the Oregon fighting Ducks. (Law school) — this Saturday vs. Stanford in Autzen Stadium. What a glorious setting, lots of memories from three years of Saturday afternoons in the student section (even if the team wasn’t all that good back then). Bonus: same TV announcers as for the Pitt-ND game.


  93. Comparing this year’s Ford to last year’s model… really no comparison.

    Obvious that he was not playing with the same “reckless abandon” as last year, probably out of fear of injury.

    In that case, why stay?

    Why make him stay?


    1. No one is advocating he stay. That is entirely his choice. But don’t throw a Covid smokescreen over what is just plain quitting.

      Nobody would have blinked had Ford opted out pre-season. I’m not sure I’d have wanted my kid to play ball this year either. But to do it after a four game losing streak and screaming on the sidelines? Not so much worried about Covid as just not wanting to play any longer.

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  94. And that is why both heather and Narduzzi need their walking papers. They are not bigger than the program although both believe they are. They will both be six feet under and Pitt will still be around. People are replaceable. A number. Both are zeros. Pitt fails to find a ONE.


    1. Tex, now your just running out of things to criticize Lyke and PN for, we get the point. I hardly think they believe they are bigger than the program. I doubt you can read their minds and actually know what they think. LOL

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    1. He did Ike. I know for a fact. Yet your Narduzzi continues to deny it. Oh Kenny is making progress. Oh Kenny might be okay and play this week. B f S. And you adore this lier? Kenny is out for the year. And Pitt tries its best to hide the truth. F Pitt.


      1. Reed and here I thought your moniker is Won Hung Low?

        Tex PN never denied the fact. He refuse to answer or no one had the guts to ask him about KP.


  95. Fire Narduzzi
    Keep Narduzzi
    Hire an coordinator for a HC
    Hire a coach from a lower tier school as HC
    Hire a retread as a HC

    No matter what, Pitt fans will complain because it isn’t a big name with a history of success. Pitt doesn’t have the resources to pull that off.

    There is no proven recipe for success for Pitt’s budget. Ask the 20 something FBS schools that had new coaches this year.

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    1. Pitt has a top third spend in the ACC. Let’s deal with facts as opposed to your narrative please.

      Tex who knows you failed science.


  96. I give the Clemson coach Sweeny kudos for just flat out saying the QB won’t play. No misinformation, no fear of what the other team might think, no silly-ass bullcrap.

    Just telling the truth to take any heat whatsoever off the player.

    But here is what Narduzzi will do. He’ll keep lying about KP’s chance to play in future games. What that does is in some fans, and media’s minds, allow a kernel of doubt that KP might be goldbricking…

    What purpose does this serve at all? It sure as he’ll doesn’t help Yellen’s confidence any I’ll bet.

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  97. Pitt distorts the truth if not flat out lies. I will not support this abortion. In time you will know I am right and all you naysayers will bow down before me.

    Trent Reznor.


  98. No one has mentioned that Ford is also giving up the full 2021 Pitt season which he is entitled to due to his redshirt season of 2017. He’s a rsJR now.

    Wouldn’t it be a bite in the ass if he transferred to another school for his rsSR year?


    1. Paris wants the $$$$$ now. Bet he already got some agent money. He’ll be driving around in a Benz within two weeks.


      1. No – I don’t think so at this late date. This is the NCAA ruling on Covid Opt-Out:

        “Each division must determine no later than Aug. 14 the eligibility accommodations that must be made for student-athletes who opt out of participating this fall or for those whose seasons are canceled or cut short due to COVID-19. College athletes and their families must know what their eligibility status will be before beginning the fall season.”

        Note the “opt out of participating this fall” and “those whose seasons are canceled or cut short due to COVID-19.” (Tywman for Pitt)

        Two different things Ike.

        First is player can opt-out prior to start of season. (Clemson QB if he chooses not to play any longer because he caught the Covid virus.)

        Ford loses this season of eligibility regardless – but should he want to play the 2021 season (for WVU let’s say😮 ) he’ll be a rsSR.

        Second is he can opt-out once the season has started if he has contracted Covid during the season


  99. OK Folks Big News: Comcast subscribers will get to watch the Pitt GT game on ATTSportsNet at 7pm on 11/14. The should bring in a record viewership audience for that channel.


  100. With respect to Ford, Pitt needs to ensure that Ford speaks kindly of Pitt in all things in order to keep peace in the local media and with local high school football coaches. They should issue a joint statement that Pitt and Ford feel that the best thing for Ford right now is to get as healthy as he can and prepare for the combine. Use the defection as an opportunity, instead of a curse. Free advice to Pitt again. Get in front of the issue.

    When you look at this years tape objectively, it is obvious that Ford needs to get stronger and faster to improve his draft grade. Three to four devoted months to personal training should help him immensely. He has the instincts, but instincts alone won’t make him successful. Maxing out your body physically and combining that with your instincts, makes you special. Ford isn’t special right now in my opinion. This year showed he was a half step late in coverage and not strong enough to overmatch stiff arms in tackling. Things that can be improved upon dramatically, with training and coaching.

    Dinucci was awful last night. Maybe he turns it around, but I doubt it. I actually followed a few twitter feeds from Dallas and Philly, during game. Dallas sites crushed him. He will have a better chance against the steelers because of some defensive injuries, maybe. The entire drafting of dinucci, by mccarthy was done as a favor. Mccarthy’s late brother coached dinucci in basketball. Facts start to come out about friendships that trump talent. But, who would have ever thought Dallas would ever be on their 3rd string qb by week 7. McCarthy tried to set up dinucci for life and it may backfire.

    I think this is similar to nard and Pickett. Nard always talks about Pickett glowingly, yet Nard says he has no idea about the offense, so which is it? Tying yourself to the wrong athlete can be career limiting. AD”s that tie themselves to a coach based off of feelings (and rewarding), can have the same effects. Manage by objective evidence. Based on objective evidence, Narduzzi and Lyke should be gone.

    Wentz had a terrible game last night and the Philly tweeters were calling Wentz, the next Nate Peterman!!! Good grief! I never expected a Pitt qb to be reference as a verb. I think the quote was “Wentz petermaned”. Bad night for ex-pitt quarterbacks.


  101. Especially like this exchange – wonder who the questioner was – probably Jerry D.

    Q. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. With your running game, what are your options there other than just block the guys better, hit the holes harder, and what can you try to do to try to improve it outside of just running the same plays?

    PAT NARDUZZI: You’ve got to change it up a little bit, and obviously we like to throw the ball and that’s where our strength is at least, is throwing the football. So you’ve got to work on it. And I guess we’ll find out, find out if we make you insane for another Saturday in a row. Hope not.

    Q. I’m a little more worried about your sanity than mine at this point, but at some point do you get to the point and say, ‘Hey, look, that’s just something we’re not good at this year and let’s just throw it 78 times,’ and see what happens?

    PAT NARDUZZI: No. We ain’t doing that. We’re going to continue to try, and eventually just keep pounding that rock, pounding that rock. The first hit might not make it, but after that 115th, 200th, 2,000th hit on that stone, that thing will crack open and we’ve got to continue to push and work to dig through that thing.


    1. Not enough banter for it to be jerry. I’d say mcgonigal. He’s been taking as hard a line as any pro journalist will with Pitt


  102. I believe that Heather had her contract extended AFTER she extended Narduzzi’s contract, so the BoT must have agreed with it.

    By the way, I can’t see Pickett opting out of the rest of the season (if he can play) since PN promoted him so much. Can someone please explain why Pitt doesn’t have a decent Junior QB on this team serving as the backup?


      1. see, this is where you pile on without thinking. How does Tra’von Chapman and Adam Bertke grab you? Ooops how does Bertke grab you? (Voytik was a Fraud recruit)


      2. Imagine if Narduzzi didn’t add Peterman? Chryst’s QB recruiting was such a disaster that Pat would have been fired likely after year 3, definitely four, if he never added Nate.

        MacVittie was the sign that Pat wasn’t going to be a splash hire. A coach MUST sign a legit QB in his first full class. Wannstedt missed on Thaddeus Lewis and many more wins from 2007-10 to where he never would have been fired.


    1. Again, don’t think a player can opt-out at this juncture unless it is Covid related by the player contracting the virus or the team/conference shuts down the season due to Covid.

      Any opting out of non-Covid reasons by a player once season started is a loss of this season’s eligibility (per NCAA).

      A player would be quitting if they left the Pitt team now.


  103. Reed’s right about Ford losing this year of eligibility. But I’m guessing he is already talking to agents, so the dollar signs are in charge now. This guy is selfish and immature. He cares more about his own stats that team success. Walking out on his team is a disgrace.


  104. I don’t blame him at this point. He does have a lot of growing up to do yet…both physically and emotionally IMO.


  105. Thanks missing…65 years young today. Although I’ve aged year for the last three games.

    Still think we can pull out at least, and probably two more wins. The way our DBs have been playing Ford is no loss at all. Don’t know if anyone else noticed that on the big passing plays given up this season he’s been waving his arms at the other DB(s) a lot.


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