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  1. The BIG surprise was the Game SHOULD have, COULD have been won. The only things missing were better coaching on the part of Narduzzi and his Staff… a few less DROPPED passes… something called a RUN GAME… and a little more HONESTY on the part of the Refs.

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  2. I am going to repeat a thought that I posted earlier. I believe that we will see MAJOR coaching changes after the upcoming Pitt season collapse. Our recruiting will suffer (unless we hire a fantastic coach
    (ain’t gonna happen) and we will have a slew of decommitments. A very ugly picture indeed.


  3. Heather will never admit her mistake. There is no booster willing to pay for natduzzis buyout. Gidde up for another three more years of pain.

    Tex proud sponsor of Texas bourbon


  4. They are not changing coaches
    This recruiting class is excellent. Particularly in W Pa.
    I agree with the poor play selection and decisions. But the relationships and commitment of everyone to each other is strong. No covid is really impressive. And without those blown coverages it’s a win.

    They could give Notre Dame a good game. Who knows??

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  5. OK, That was just a test, as my last several posts, all lengthy, did not post. I will take the overnight to gather thoughts and try posting in segments tomorrow.


  6. The bottom line is that this Pitt team can’t get out of its own way! I will say, I disagree with those that say this team lacks talent. In particular, our young talent is impressive.

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  7. We are 6 games into the season and receivers are still running wide open in our secondary. That’s coaching pure and simple. Also, every once in a while could we drop the macho crap and play some zone.Pitt is the easiest team to scout in NCAA!

    So many other coaching problems to discuss. Here’s another. Of Pitt’s @16 penalties today, at least two were caused by the Pitt QB having to run to the sideline to get plays. Would it be possible to join the entirety of the rest of Division 1 Football and run our plays in the The backs?? Especially since it seems we use all of them at random times anyhow.

    I’d fire Whipple when he gets off the plane and tell Narduzzi he’s next if he doesn’t clean up this mess of a football team!

    Too sad to be mad….

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    1. I used to think having the QB run to the sideline was on the QB not being football smart – not able to read the D or able to lead a “complicated” offense. I’m now wondering if it is Whipple that can’t decide on a play, read what the D is doing and needs the extra time to make up his own mind while his QB logs miles back and forth.


  8. Hey, how ‘bout Hugh Freeze and the 5-0 Liberty Flame kick’n the Orangemen’s ass…. must be using that escort service that worked at Ole Miss…bring the Freeze Machine to PITT… he’ll get’r done…..

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  9. Lets not kid ourselves. All the talent on this team is on Narduzzi’s side of the ball. On offense we have no real upper echelon talent whatsoever. Not Pickett, not Mack, not Silby, not anyone. Certainly not on the OL. Yes, I include Morrison in that group. He is good but not a star. Narduzzi can’t recruit kids who turn into bona fide stars to save his life.

    That is the way PN has recruited – he knows what type of players he wants in the defensive positions and he recruits right to that…regardless of how many stars the kids have.

    Because of that he feels a strong offense isn’t really needed so much he is lukewarm in recruiting O players. He has no real idea about what makes a good, balanced, offense work well, so he treats the O HS kids as second class targets – and that shows.

    The fact that he inherited so much offensive talent and couldn’t keep the good O recruiting going is exactly why we are where we are in his sixth (6th!!!) year.

    It ain’t going to get any better than this fellows – not when you have a HC who refuses to learn from his mistakes.

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    1. And offense is the name of the game. Does his immediate supervisor concur with his tunnel-vision recruting? You had Whipple pegged. I wish they would have listened.


  10. Post game quote:

    “We had a lot of hopes for this season,” Pitt linebacker Phil Campbell said over Zoom after the game. “We never would’ve expected to lose three games in a row. I’m still in shock about it. It’s a tough one to swallow.”

    Better get used to it kid. That losing streak might extend at least one more game. Then you have two games that we win SHOULD win. But the last two will kill us in the end.

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  11. how disappointed are the kids in the NCAA leading penalties and dropped pass stats?

    someone already wrote it but Yellen proves that KP pulls down and runs far too soon and trusts his legs far more than his line
    on one broadcast someone mentioned that KP really worked on his SPEED during the offseason,,,,not something he or almost any decent QB should be spending any time on

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  12. The Canada year should have taught Narduzzi something. He was probably hoping to get something similar out of Whipple, but didn’t count on the deterioration. Did Whipple recruit a good OL at UMass? Maybe he had better players there…


    1. He did not. And he went though 3 qb’s in his final year there because they kept getting killed. Also if you look at his offensive stats in umass it took him three years to get o respectability so I’m really not surprised about this years suckiness

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    2. he had a super fast and talented WR in Isabella who was far superior to the level of UMass defender

      How fast is Andy Isabella?
      Andy Isabella runs an official 4.31 40-yard dash at 2019 combine.


  13. Old Pappy doesn’t even use toilet paper these days. He wears a diaper at his age. And I thought Narduzzi was a fraud and a thief.


  14. With two upper-class, experienced safeties, we shouldn’t be having the coverage busts. Obviously our opponents have figured out our “reads” and are taking advantage.

    I’d put Paris Ford in the middle of the field 80 percent of the time. This would take away a lot of the big plays— which are coming over the middle… Let Paris play centerfield — can get any worse…

    Go Pitt.


    1. That right there is the frustrating part Major. Our D got torched the exact same way in all three October games and the Pitt coaches are making no adjustments. Well, some are using bubble shields instead of cloth masks…

      Your suggested change is better than any adjustments we are seeing as the disappointing losses pile up right under our very own noses – and all three losses smell really bad. Blown coverages, dropped passes, poor coaching decisions, penalties, FG attempts inside the red zone and an extremely poor run game plan as we consistently hand the ball to a carrier who averages 3 yards per attempt (yesterday it was ZERO ypc).

      Let me do the rushing math again -> 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 (4th and 1) PUNT?

      Pitt was 0-2 on 4th down yesterday. There is no creativity in play calling, no smash mouth FB (those RB’s sit on the bench with better ypc).

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      1. More telling is the 3rd down conversion. It was at one point something like 3-15. Sorry for not knowing exact number but it was abysmal.


  15. Listened to the game on the drive home from Maine.
    Oh, weren’t the colors stupendous!
    Busiest traffic since the start of Covid.
    As for the game, Bill Hillgrove has become an embarrassment to himself…cannot even keep track of the downs.
    As for the drops, penalties and defensive backfield gaffs, all I can say is, well, weren’t the fall colors stupendous?
    HCPN has shown a complete inability to learn from his mistakes.
    Time to see if Heather has the same impairment.

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  16. Florida State is leading North Carolina 10-0 in the second quarter. They got a huge play out of their TE in the seam across the middle so Pitt will see it again.


  17. An unimpressive prediction:
    With the Covid free-pass in eligibility, many Pitt players will be returning…”Cause after 2020 we have something to prove.”
    And in 2021, the players will keep making the same bone-headed mistakes.
    No reason to believe year 7 will be any different.

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  18. All of us know the recruiting on the “O” side has been pretty below average- to be kind…. Duzz’s D is totally exposed…. accurate passer with time, big fast WR’s who can catch throw in the TE to the equation and Duzz’s D’s going down… secondary breakdowns and long TD’s…. Has anybody seen him to make any adjustments to change this Groundhog Day movie that we continually watch…?? Hire Hugh Freeze….Hey y’all, southern dude like Johnny and Jackie… worked before so why not cause the Duzz experiment has run it’s course…


  19. @tvax – said that during the actual game. Also, the fact that he threw to multiple receivers indicates he actually knew where more than one of them was supposed to be AND that he kept his head up to see them open AND he didn’t drop back and almost immediately before tuck the ball to run. A lot of QB lessons for Pickett watching the film.

    Narduzzi, I am sorry. He just needs to be canned. Here’s another reason why. During the post game brief presser, someone rightfully asked why Sibley only had 4 carries for 23 yards in the first two series and never saw the ball again. He said, I don’t get involved in the offense and maybe he should have carried more times. Something to that effect. Here’s the problem. He is the Head Coach. He is paid $4M to coach the entire team. If he “hands off” the responsibility to someone else, he still has to answer for the problem and it is his head that should be on the proverbial “chopping block”(penalty), not the OC. Second, if he is any good at in game coaching, he would see that Sibley was effective…because he watched him being effective. Is it not too much to ask for him to tell Whipple that he might want to “hold” (another penalty) onto that play calling pattern because it was working. Why would Nard “drop”(not a penalty, but a receiver disease) that line of play calling and put in someone who falls over very easily when he is touched on the “seam” of his threads.

    Third, he coaches with emotion and not smarts. Most people do not make good decisions when they are emotional. He challenged a call that anyone who wasnt wearing a full “face mask” over their eyes could see plain as day, yet he did it anyway. It wasn’t even close and could have cost the team had they been able to score the pigskin. All he did was “delay the game” and look like an idiot in the process.

    This is why feelings and emotions never work. This is why we ended up with the AD we have, who is afraid to can her friend, who got her hired and extended. It starts at the top. The easiest way to fix all the firings you all are calling for is to fire the chief. Getting rid of the small fries doesnt fix the big problem. There is no evidence to suggest that Narduzzi is capable of coaching an entire team. He said as much today. That is in itself, telling.

    Based on the small body of work I saw today, Yellen seems to have the edge over Beville and I would expect Beville and Patti to hit the transfer portal after the season IF Yellen continues to play well.. Beville did nothing wrong. He had a “false start” because I am sure he thought he was going to be the starter when Pickett originally went down. He looked okay to me. Sibley, I feel sorry for that dude. He lost out to a weaker football player that missed blitzers again, but noone wants to talk about. .

    I am sure I could incorporate more penalty lingo into this rant, but typing a lot more would be considered “illegal use of the hands”.

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    1. silly,,,,in a very good way

      I’m 100% in agreement on all points

      sad thing is, looking at the level of play in the ACC outside of Clemson, everyone else is beatable if our coaching could make the best of our significantly flawed talent

      even where several are giving PN credit with the Defense, we all know the NC State and BC games revealed their weaknesses too
      and let’s face it, the talent on the D side of the ball that has proven to translate even to the NFL, sure didn’t look great under the “HCPN system”

      so, my only question remaining is WHAT’S THE BUYOUT?

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      1. That’s a tough call. Nerdball rehired his buddy Cornhole and then gave him a golden parachute. Gallagher was the first to mention the front porch but it was only a buzz word for him. He doesn’t understand what it means. Have you ever heard from the atom counter regarding the blue prints and design of the porch, who would build it, how long it would take, the cost and how to pay for it. Nope. Because he doesn’t have a freakin clue. To his credit, he may be able to answer the molecular weight of the porch.


        1. Gallagher likes sweeping gestures. All hat, no cattle. Remember his shock at a Georgia Tech football game – was it 2014 – the fumblepalooza that was featured in Deadspin? Empty seats all over Heinz. Claimed it was “unacceptable.” And his not so secret exit interview with Chryst that sealed Cornhole’s fate? And when he was hired he really stressed programs recruiting but for football not so much…And allowing scum bag Barnes to foist Stallings upon us, a mediocre has-been coach?

          Not so great. All front porch, no house.


  20. Hugh is not on my list. He’s damaged goods.

    Again, heather can have my list for my consultant fee. You can personally have it for a bottle of excellent bourbon.

    But again, again, all have achieved tens wins, all are head coaches, all have offensive backgrounds, all are relatively young, all run clean programs and don’t have any baby mommas.

    A good coach can do wonders and overcome adversity/obstacles and not make excuses. And a good coach is good due to his staff around him. That’s narduzzis biggest failing. This is true in a sport like football with multiple position coaches and different players for offense and defense.

    Narduzzis a career coordinator. He’s not head coaching material at a P5 school. Pitts selection process is criminally negligent.

    But heather must go first. She unfortunately will never fire him and no booster is stupid enough to bail her out.

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    1. Sibly (whoever he is) asking Nardoodle about Whipple’s QB fetish of sprinting to the sidelines between every play for instruction…and Nardoodle said he didn’t know, he doesn’t coach the offense.

      This tweet is trending and not a good look for the fat Italian.


      1. Correction: Andy Staples: Relevant people
        Andy Staples

        But you do watch your QBs run to the sideline and back pretty much every play to get those calls in the Year Of Our Lord 2020. That no one else does this should tell you something.

        (Yes, I’m still mad about the mayonnaise.)
        Quote Tweet

        Christopher Carter
        · 6h
        Narduzzi on Sibley averaging 5.8 yards but only getting 4 carries in the game: “I don’t make the calls on offense.” #Pitt #H2P


  21. Fla State 17-0 over UNC if you thought Pitt might win this one, you need to rethink. See…other teams actually get better as the season moves on. Never Pitt under Narduzzi, for 6 years it’s the same mistakes over and over. Maybe once or twice Pitt has actually looked like a disciplined team.
    Huff is right. You cannot manage with emotion. Narduzzi and Whipples sideline outbursts destroy the team. That’s why there’s such a failure in details. I cannot take another year of this incompetence.

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    1. You’ll need to bear another three thanks to heathers contract extension. No money for the buyout after the Stallings fiasco. Unless they have some major dirt on Narduzzi, he’s here to stay.

      I still think Narduzzi will beat kelly. Kelly is one coach that actually makes more game day brain farts than mister meatball.


      1. I would like to agree with you but the last Pitt coach to beat ND was Chryst and that was pretty much a result of one of their star players ejected for targeting. Otherwise, Kelley owns us. And Wannstedt beat ND twice in a row with Pat Bostic leading a second half rally resulting in 4 OTs and Pitt won 36-33.


    2. The new Pitt fan narrative are these Narduzzi outbursts. He screamed once yesterday and had to reason to scream a lot more with all the holding on his D-linemen that were not being called. The one on Hayes was so egregious, but this will be life in the ACC.

      No one at Pitt will raise a fuss. Too much money from the ACC to keep the Olympic sports afloat to rock the boat. Get used to this. Better hire Urban Meyer then because only he can recruit enough talent to overcome the other team and the officials.


  22. i kinda disagree on the emotion part being the problem because if controlled by higher level thought process throughout, it can be just fine

    i’m sure everyone agrees that with football the emotion is great to see on the field
    problem is the missing higher level thought process part and that unfortunately includes both on and off field with Pitt


  23. I’m beginning to agree with Tex about Lyke. Both Gallagher and Lyke are doing a pi**-poor job of managing the program. They are over-paying Narduzzi based on the results he gets, and they should be in his face. Only fools pay high and expect low.

    I’m glad Pitt is willing to pay the head coach so much that the program boasts the third highest paid HC in the ACC. Getting what you’re paying for is as American as apple pie. If they don’t know what to do, they should call LSU where national championship coaches land on the hotseat.


  24. lol @ kinda…….so unemotional of you tvax. You need emotion to play sports and to get your kids pumped up.. You can’t have emotion over-ride your ability to think clearly when needed. I think we are saying the same thing. He was clearly seeing something with his heart and not his eyes today and could have cost the team by using a timeout, because emotion got the best of him.

    are good decisions made during emotional outbursts? I say, mostly not. Definitely not in my house!


    1. we are in agreement

      the kinda is in that there are many examples of great coaches who USE the emotion piece at the right time and place and in the right way to get the best out of others,,,,clearly the challenge wasn’t that at all

      the kids playing the game can use their emotions to their advantage IF channeled properly
      one thing I tried to get my son to do from early on was to channel every bit of emotion into his physicality on the mat,,,,it became a key to his success, while his Dad never quite mastered that control in watching him


  25. Dan is right. Pitt teams never seem to get better as the season goes on. Witness BC and NC State, and now FSU. They are getting better. Then look at how Pitt has finished the past two seasons. This season looks like it’s headed South like the last two. And the number of drops an penalties reeks of a team that is undisciplined.

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  26. No secret we weren’t going to win today’s game even if Pickett played. Also no secret it’s the offensive line. No offensive line equals no running game. The rest of the team parts are good enough to have a good winning record. Defense played well again. “Big hogs” should be the easier part of recruiting Chryst was able to get decent offensive linemen while at PITT. Keep in mind it’s not easy to recruit at PITT.

    Also we get a “far” QB transfer Arizona State and Boston College gets the transfer from the home town Pittsburgher, whom the papers claim grew up a PITT fan!!!! Hafley out recruited PITT in his first month on the job.

    Obviously Heather has to look and see if there is another super recruiter on the rise out there.

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  27. We seem to forget HCPN’s true talent is as an illusionist: Clemson, the Nits (once…before getting annihilated the last time they played at Heinz) and Miami a few years ago. He entices fans to believe we’ve turned the corner. Upward and onward.
    But the simple fact is we’re really still mediocre, leading the nation in drops and threatening to lead in penalties. His only bowl win was against a MAC team ranked sixth in the conference.
    The hocus pocus show has worn thin with fans, but evidently works well with administrative folks who believe $4M a year is a bargain.
    Shame on them.

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  28. Can someone explain why we wouldn’t be a good landing spot for an up and coming coach with the rest of the Coastal division being so beatable. I really believe this Miami team like the last two were there for the taking if this team had better coaching. I feel for the players.

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  29. The O-line is so bad it doesn’t matter if the rest of the team is clicking because the big softies up front get pushed around too easily.

    The Shockley drop in the fourth quarter was such a back breaker to the team. Wide open and he used terrible fundamentals. Beatty has done nothing to improve the returning players but did a good job bringing in Addison.

    There better be funds to hire a really good offensive staff because it will be needed to turn around this program. The Memphis coordinator is an Ohio guy and did a good job at Indiana previously. I have no faith a good O-line coach can be found and he needs to bring in two grad transfer for any success in 2021.

    Bates appears safe but three breakdowns today is so unacceptable. I think Pine was responsible for two of those TDs. How Pinnock can blow coverages as a senior is also quite baffling.

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  30. IMO, if Duzz isn’t fired, then the entire offensive staff has to go. How sad is it that we had 2 INTs returned inside the 10 yard line, but could not get the ball into the end zone? I am starting to feel like an abused woman who keeps returning to her abuser because he says he’ll change- this will be the year all is good. It took me a while bc I don’t like to make snap judgements, but I am officially off the Duzz train.

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  31. Another game and the same problems surface: Penalties, Dropped Passes, No Rum Game and Blown Secondary Coverages.—–The only good news is that it appears Yellen could not only be a serviceable QB going forward but one that may excel if Pitt can ever get a ground game going to offset its passing game. He can’t run as well as Pickett but he seems to keep his eyes looking downfield for any open receiver. Also I think he’s got a better touch on his passes than does Pickett.

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  32. The “No Rum Game” is on you. Just get a bottle of Captain’s at your local State Store (PA) and use either the dropped passes or penalties as a drinking que.

    I was going to suggest using coaching mistakes, but we don’t want to kill you with alcohol poisoning…

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  33. Hamlin flat out stinks tipton stinks jockey stinks mack stinks O line stinks duzz coaching stinkswho cakled the fake punt mitchell st coach stinks


  34. I’m old school football but give me a good pocket QB who can stand in to the last millisecond instead of one who can go 50/50 to the scramble run.

    Pickett is a good example of the last one. We all know he takes off way too early sometimes but a passing QB MUST be able to use his check 2 and check 3 receivers to have an effective passing game.

    Effective is the key word when discussing QB passing. KP’s passing efficiency rating (PEF) score over his first two years as starter are poor averaging 122.3. That is good for 90th and 97th nationally.

    I don’t care if he throws for 5,000 yards – if his efficiency stinks so does the whole offense.

    BTW – to put things in perspective here are other Pitt QB career PEF ratings while under center at Pitt:

    Peterman: 151.1

    Palko: 140.8

    Sunseri: 137.9

    Rutherford: 137.9

    Voytik: 137.7

    Stull: 136.4

    Pickett: 124.4

    KP is way below our other multi-season starters. Lots of yards are nice but not the main thing for a QB.

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  35. Wanny took t j clemmings off dvline aI md turned him onto an all american offensive tackle . We have tons of deptg on d line duzz recruits d linememn bery well turnna few of those guys into o linemen msy get a john malecki out of the switch our o line stinks


  36. My top five in HC replacements does not match the list Tex is holding for ransom as at least one on my list has already been ID by Tex as not on his list:

    -(1). Curt Cignetti – HC at James Madison – brings brother Frank Jr as his OC
    -(2). Billy Napier – HC at Louisiana and with Alabama/Saban bloodlines – not on the list of Tex
    -(3). Luke Fickell – HC at Cincy – former player and interim HC at tOSU
    -(4). Chad Lunsford – HC at Georgia Southern – comes from a fertile recruiting area
    -(5). Matt Canada – former interim HC at MD and currently having a positive impact on the Steeler’s O – only guy who has not won 10 games as a HC on my list – I was debating between Matt and Rick Neuheisel who won 10 games at both Washington and Colorado

    So I guess I gave Heather six HC-ing candidates to consider immediately –

    EE who just wants to be entertained and win 10 games or break 80

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    1. Erie, Rick Neuhisel would be an interesting and entertaining choice but it might be difficult to get him to leave his sweet, low stress broadcasting gig.


      1. He dabbled with the offseason pro league that disbanded in the past 18 months – he has a desire to return to coaching.

        Money is better 🤔


  37. The bottom line is that you need to score lots of points in today’s football if you want to win many games.

    A team that freezes up when it gets near the red zone can not win. The lack of any forward push by the O-line is death when you get to the red zone. James Conner was pretty much unstoppable in the red zone.
    The Ollie/Hall combo weren’t bad either.

    Whipple’s red zone offense is the absolute worst. Expecting it to get better is folly. Narduzzi washing his hands of offense means he is still a coordinator and not a head coach. Head coaches take an interest and apply their time to correct weaknesses of any and all units. They want to know why things aren’t working and correct them. That is the job of any CEO. Any CEO that tells their board I delegated so it is not my responsibility is fired.

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  38. Here is a quote from someone with STRONG” ties inside the Pitt athletic department:

    “ Whipple is bad. He should be gone. Pitt’s defensive scheme requires NFL-level talent throughout the entire secondary. When they don’t have it, it falters.

    This team is more talented than 3-3. That’s the worst part of it all.”

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  39. Last years 8 win season was a success in Pitt standards. But it was maddening to watch mistake after mistake and poor play on a weekly basis. I thought this year would be better but the bad play has continued and it is even more frustrating that this team makes the same mistakes. This team could be 6-0 if it minimized penalties, dropped fewer passes, and avoided the 1-2 defensive breakdowns per game. There is enough talent and you can’t question the kids effort. Coaching them on game days is the problem.

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  40. Still loathing poopy-pants after all these years, but I can’t imagine him (Or any other competent coach on the planet) saying, “I don’t call the plays.”
    I also can’t see his team leading the country in drops and threatening to lead in penalties.
    Time to stop being snarky, stop being cute and coy (Kenny’s just where we thought he’d be), and
    And I still detest poopy-pants.


  41. An article on Yahoo Sports lists Narduzzi as one of the losers in college football this week.

    Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi: Pat Narduzzi once sent his field goal unit out on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line with under five minutes left in regulation when his team trailed its rival by a touchdown. So it shouldn’t have been surprising when he opted for a field goal on fourth-and-3 from the Miami 12-yard line when his team trailed 28-16 with 31 seconds left in the third quarter on Saturday.

    Instead of trying to cut a two-score deficit to a one-score deficit, Narduzzi instead wanted to cut Miami’s lead to just nine, 28-19. Predictably, Pitt’s offense would not even enter Miami territory the rest of the way in an eventual 31-19 loss. Narduzzi’s explanation after the game did not make much sense, either. He also claimed the decision came “early” or in “the middle” of the third quarter, when it actually came in the final minute of the quarter.

    “You want to go for it on one hand, but you want to take points,” Narduzzi said. “It’s still early in the third quarter or middle of the third quarter, I think. There’s still plenty of time left and I think you got to take the points.”

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  42. Pitt has more than enough talent on both sides of the ball to win.

    Whipple’s offense is so bad. He was a terrible hire. The scheme doesn’t showcase the talent.

    Yellen threw to the middle of the field more in one game than KP did all year. He has better field vision.

    If PN could be trusted to hire a real college OC, he may be successful. His obsession with a Michigan State like offense is his weakness. He will never hire a spread OC so he has to go.

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  43. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: they brought almost everybody back from last year and not only didn’t get better, but instead somehow got worse. My enthusiasm is nearing an all time low. Jeff Capel better start racking up some W’s this year.

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  44. Good morning everyone,

    After last week’s loss, I wrote that I had (finally) given up on Narduzzi. No change after yesterday.
    With a tip of the hat to the late Phil Musick…

    Some things I think I think:

    Narduzzi won’t be fired at season’s end. Not because he deserves to stay, but because the school cannot afford to both buy him ot AND hire a coach at market rates. So, get used to him being here for another year.
    One might guess that Trustee James “Jimbo” Covert can easily see what ails the program and has offered an opinion to Heather Lyke.
    If someone magically coughs up Narduzzi buyout money, I fully endorse the hiring of Curt Cignetti from JMU as Erie suggests. Excellent idea Rick and maybe we’d get a 2 for 1 with his brother joining him as OC.
    Back to economic reality… At season’s end, if I am Heather Lyke, I sit Narduzzi down and tell him in no uncertain terms that Tim Salem, Dave Borbely and Mark Whipple need to be outsourced to the macroeconomy. An AD should not do that normally ini my opinion (although Barry Alvarez was on solid ground in telling Chryst that he would not be permited to hire Matt House), but as Duzz should be a lame duck, all is fair game. he should also be told in a very HR firendly way, that whe should “hire for potential” ini stead of experience. In other words, lets lower the mean age of the coaching staff.
    Chris Beatty should be retained and should be given a bigger role in the offense to do so.
    In the past two weeks, Chris Peak has turned the heat up a bit on Narduzzi. Yesterday it was him who asked Narduzzi about Sibley’s mysterious disappearance from the running game after three carries early and an average of 5.8 yds for the game. Narduzzi struggled to answer the question. I struggled to understand how AJ Davis got any touches yesterday. Something is just not right and its clear that touches aren’t 100% tied to in game production. And the Sibley situation has been going on for a while.
    I believe that the ACC refs don’t like Narduzzi at all, going back to his first season. He just doesn’t appear to know how to engage them properly and calling them out each week in the postgame doesn’t help. And I believe its is ONE (i.e. not THE) contributing factor in some of the calls against the team.
    In modern football, its OK for QBs to be running threats. If someone wants to say Yellen is a better passer than Kenny Pickett, I can understand that. But three years behind this OL unit and with stonefingers at TE during the prior 2 years and perhaps Yellen will get happy feet too. That said, I didn’t get to see all of his throws, but he looks like he has good touch and accuracy.
    Those of you who have ridiculously suggested that ther is probably something in Pickett’s throws that cause so many drops…
    If you find yourself spending a lot of time analyzing our defensive mishaps, you aren’t looking in the right place. To borrow from an former POTUS campaign slogan, “Its the offense, stupid”. Just fix that and the entire game dynamic changes. Fix the OL and the offense gets a lot better. Consider how decisions on offense have CONTINUOUSLY have placed the D in a bad spot. Im not saying the D is without fault, I’m just saying that the occasional breakdown at safety or CB isn’t a killer if there is an offense that can score TDs in the red zone.
    One thing I would put money on today…. on Tuesday, I will be the recipent of two tickets to the ND game. This is that being a fan of the program does to you. Annie, once again you nailed it.

    Enjoy your day, folks.

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    1. I really like your statement on ‘need to be outsourced to the macroeconomy. ‘

      A long time ago when I was in the corporate world we used to say ‘make them available to the industrial market place.’

      I do not care for Narduzzi and believe his tenure should be up but i have a sneaking suspicion he gets 1 more season and yes the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball needs revamping.

      We shall see what unfolds but something will transpire.


    2. JoeL, that was most insightful. I’ve go to say I agree with practically all you’ve posted here. I think Coach Cignetti from JMU is a qualified and interesting candidate. As a matter of fact, he’s be on a very short list of mine. I doubt TEX has a more plausible name than his. No TEX, I’m not sending you any liquor to see your list.


  45. You know what is supposed to happen to WRs who drop passes in a game? The sit on the bench for the rest of the 60 minutes.

    That’s coaching.

    You know what is supposed to happen with players who have blatant and stupid penalg.ties (ie facemask, roughing the passes, late hits…? They sit on the bench for the rest of the game.

    That’s coaching.

    Doing this sends two messages; first is no one is above benching and secondly it tells the 2nd and 3rd string kids they better bust ass in practices because playing time might happen a lot sooner than they think.

    That’s coaching…but PN is stubborn and can’t envision not doing the same thing over and over every week and every year.

    Also, PN’s post-game answer when asked why Sibly didn’t get more snaps after doing well at the start of the game:

    “Todd Sibley carried the ball three times for 21 yards in the first quarter and was given only one more touch the rest of the game. When asked why Sibley didn’t get more carries, Narduzzi responded: “I don’t make calls on offense.”

    Which is exactly what I commented about this last week. He doesn’t care about anything but defense so he won’t walk three steps over to Whipple and tell him to keep giving the ball to the rusher with the hot hand.

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  46. A few on here said Narduzzi was a bad hire.

    A few said Lyke is in over her head.

    A few said Whipple hasn’t done anything and was outdated and had little to no success at a no name program.

    Many on here defended Whipple. Recruiting will thrive to get a chance to play in this offense. Seriously people said that.

    Many said Narduzzi will win 10 games.

    If you said the opposite you were called a hater of the program.

    Well it appears 90% of the this blog has changed the tune.

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  47. From Erie’s list, Cignetti and Canada would seem to be the most likely choices. Some have said that Canada isn’t a great person but I’m sure most of the best coaches are narcissistic and I think he would have a chip on his shoulder to show Maryland (abd LSU) that they made the wrong choice.

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    1. I am not sold on Canada…life long assistant and a drifter…inherited real talent at PITT and did well with it in his “one and done” year….how is he as a recruiter? who did he recruit? Does anyone have an answer to those 2 questions.


      1. Canada wasn’t there long enough to recruit. You need talent to be effective as a coach, so I cannot ding him for doing well with what he inherited in 2016. The more crucial hire will be the O-line coach. Three changes are needed and that is if Morrissey returns, but he has been bad also.

        The next guy has to bring in a good grad transfer at guard, get Gonclaves to man the other guard spot and get the right tackle spot solidified (Branson Taylor). The right side of Kradel/Houy is a weakness never getting fixed.


  48. When you have a jag personality and you treat the fan / donors like feces. You better win because if you lose you have no good will duzz treats us like feces i may enjoy watching him getting s canned


  49. It might have been a hundred years or so, but I did play HS Football at LB. The only thing I remember when I got into a game was “who has the back out of the backfield?”

    Pitt is getting killed on wheel routes and Miami actually hid their best receiver in the backfield so he’d be wide open, which he was. Scouts see the Chinese Fire Drill and futility of Pitt’s pass defense and actually scheme for it. And….Pitt obliges because it’s been going on for six years!

    The utter incompetence of this coaching staff is baffling!

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  50. Have been a Pitt fan (and alum) since the early ’60’s, except for a few years in the late ’70’s and early 80’s Pitt had mediocre football programs as well as mediocre fan attendance. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh is Steelers country and Pitt football will always play second fiddle to the Steelers. Biggest mistake was tearing down Pitt stadium and moving into Three Rivers — Steelers home field. Let’s face it, Pitt can make coaching changes but Pitt can’t recruit star high school football players when they know they will be playing behind the Steelers.

    Pitt administrators will never invest what’s needed to get into the top-tier football programs like Georgia, Alabama or Penn State, so we just need to be realistic, be gracious losers and buy lots of single malt or whatever beverage will make us forget about Saturday Pitt football.


  51. Regarding Pitt Linebacker responsibilities on the two WIDE OPEN Miami TD passes…

    Looks like Sirvocea Dennis got caught flat-footed on the first one.

    With the second TD, it’s a little unclear. Chase Pine looks to be tied up or being HELD by another Miami player as the targeted receiver runs by. Seems like Pine tries to get the attention of others in the secondary when he recognizes what’s about to happen.

    On this play, it looks it was a well-designed play by Miami. It could be that a safety might have ultimately been responsible for the deep middle given the way the play unfolded.

    As to whether Pine was being held, that would NOT surprise me considering the direction the flags were and were not flying throughout the game.


    1. Here are my thoughts on Canada as he almost did not make my top 5:

      Fire Duzz and hire Matt with stipulations – entire D staff stays in place and Powell remains as the ST’s and the RB coach for now. All other offensive coaches get let go with Duzz.

      If Matt bulks at any of that, close the door immediately and move on to the next candidate.


  52. Speaking of… just took time to watch a replay of the Miami TD pass involving Chase Pine.

    YES, he was being held. WORSE, it was by a Miami LINEMAN 5 yards past the line of scrimmage.

    I’m pretty sure that is a penalty in college football.


  53. Ever notice that in baseball the good hitters get the close pitches called a ball, while the bad hitters get the same pitch called a strike?


  54. A couple of things about Cignetti…he’ll be 60 years old next year and he was on Saban’s original staff at ALA where he was a position coach and recruiting coordinator for 7 years.


    1. Too old

      The right path would be something like this

      23-24 grad assistant
      25-30 position coaches
      31-35 coordinator or assistant coach
      36-40 first hc Job
      41 plus second coach Job

      I’d like my HC’s to be offensive minded, experienced at head coaching (responsible for and managing a complete program) and relatively young. Mid 40’s

      No need to have Pittsburgh ties but should be familiar with Pitts recruiting footprint.


    1. Joe – I’ve been in your shoes – break your post into shorter sections and post multiple times like chapters to a book.

      Also, select & copy your post to a word doc or similar until it actually gets thru WP security.

      Really enjoy your comments…


  55. It is the job of the coaching staff to yell at the refs when they miss a penalty. The coaching staff should know the ref staff for each game and their tendencies. A game plan should include the staff figuring out how the opposition will attack our plays because that is what they will run. Half time is meant to adjust things, is it not?
    I am sure ND is figuring how to use their really good TE’s against out DE line and as receivers. Oh well just mumbling. Hope the ND game does not mess up my dinner hour.


  56. I agree with Tex in general here…Oldest average age of staff is LSU at 55. Pitt comes in second at 50.1
    For reference OSU, Mich, Clemson, Bama all between 45 and 47.
    Totally agree with those that want someone with HC experience.


  57. There’s a reason Narduzzi keeps harping on how the team is playing really hard. The final straw for a coach is when it becomes obvious the players have quit on him. Narduzzi’s message seems to be: well, we may be losing but the players still like me.

    By the way, Erie and Tex, please do us all a favor and get your HC lists over to Covert who can slip them to Heather. The first step in replacement is for her to realize that there are some qualified candidates out there.


  58. In a perfect world, Whipple would just be our we coach and Narduzzi would be our dc. Both have performed admirably in those roles in my opinion for Pitt. Narduzzi struggles to run a whole team and Whipple struggles to run a whole offense


  59. Latest polls – OK St #6

    Cincy #9
    BYU #12
    UNC #14
    SMU #16
    Iowa State #17 and lost to an FCS team
    K-State #20 and also lost to an FCS team
    Minn #21 and has yet to play a game
    Marshall #22
    NC State #23
    Coastal Carolina #25

    All teams I expected Pitt to be better than in 2020, the year of the Duzz.


  60. #2 Pitt Men’s soccer at #5 Virginia at 7:30. Broadcast on ACC Network Extra. Probably few have access to that channel.


  61. Look folks, Chris Peak mentioned this: in this pandemic time of money bleeding from universities and them not getting the revenue from fans at the games Pitt just can’t justify throwing millions of dollars to the wind just to get rid of PN. Not while they are cutting back in other mission areas and laying off employees (which I understand they have done some of).

    I’d be OK with firing Whipple and Borbs and bringing in a younger, hungrier OL position coach and a better, more balanced & younger coordinator on the O side. If we can expect more of the same of what we have seen for the 2019 and now the 2020 seasons it couldn’t be that much of a risk to do so. It already sucks so what is the harm?

    Can we imagine if we had even a average or better than average offense to go along with our pretty good defense – that would give us 10 wins next year I’d bet.

    We HAVE to get an O coordinator who sees real value in TEs who can run routes and block. What we have no is pretty lame compared to years past. Its almost like recruiting good TEs has been an after thought for Narduzzi.

    Here is PN’s HS TEs recruiting:

    2015 – 0
    2016 – 0
    2017 – Sear (gone) Carrigan (done nothing)
    2018 – 0
    2019 – Collier
    2020 – Moraga (3 for 37 and 1 TD)

    Must do better.

    On another point I never stated that the sole reason for receiver’s drops was Pickett’s passes – I just mentioned that might play into it on some of his throws. The problem is with the Pitt WRs for sure.

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    1. Reed – others have indicated that KP’s ball is a factor in Pitt being the drop leader in CFB the past few years. Yellen may have been the victim of more drops yesterday than an average KP game.

      Our receivers proved yesterday that they just cannot catch the FB very well…


      1. Correct Erie. Multiple folks have surmised that. Im not in that group. Ball is thrown to you… you keep your eyes on it and catch it with your hands. Sometimes in the cradle of your arm. But the idea the KP has some sort of strange spin, velocity, whatever is really off point. Guys have to pull balls in.


    2. The problem is he won’t hire that type of OC.

      You would think a former DC would want an offensive scheme that is toughest to defend. That isn’t a 2000 Big 10 offense style.


  62. I understand that a HC change is not likely given the factors you’ve cited above Reed, and the more likely changes for next year would give fans a reason for some hope but this would be Narduzzi’s 5th OC in 7 years and I expect to see more excruciating FB in the foreseeable future.


  63. It’s not just Mark, not just Heather but the PITT administration ha no plan right now to change course. That’s not up for debate.

    Other changes maybe?


  64. Watch some of the second half of UNC loss to the Noles. Howell looked good, but they got the ball back with 2:30 to play and I figured they march down and score for the win. UNC WRs were making nice catches the whole second half. But in the final drive they dropped 3 passes and lost.

    Those drops never would have happened if their opponent had been Pitt.

    Go Pitt.

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  65. Today’s game against the Browns was the best game the Steelers have played in many moons. Reminded me of how the 70’s Super Bowl Steelers used to play…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Pitt women’s soccer won yesterday too. Men were up 2-0 in the first half. The tying goal from Virginia came with less than 40 seconds to go. Great OT win for them. At least our olympic sports are doing us proud.

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        1. Soccer has really gotten good. In fact, men’s was the only change from the dead last cup finish. Even with the men’s points, pitt would have sat at the bottom of the ACC. Pitt really needs the basketball program to do well, both men and women.

          Soccer is in good hands with coach Jay. Women’s soccer looks strong. Volleyball is very good, near elite. Wrestling is very good.

          But that’s it. Pitt has far too many mediocre to bad programs.

          My take away is that a good coach can do wonders despite mediocre facilities and a dearth of local talent. Hence no excuse for Narduzzi. Instead of finding ways to win, he finds excuses to lose.


  66. I usually get so upset after a loss but not having Pickett from the start really decreased my expectations. Not only did I accept the loss before kickoff, but one could not help but laugh at three fifteen yard penalties in the first half of the FIRST QUARTER. What are we doing? Watch this Bum Phillips clip below.

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  67. Just read where all sports viewership is dropping, not just the NBA, US Open Golf and Stanley Cup both down by 40% year to year. If NCAA Football follows suit wonder what it will do to the next TV contract? Experts opining that streaming is having a big impact. Will ND join the ACC for financial reasons?


    1. It’s more than streaming gc….work on the golf game, get your hands in the garden, skin a buck or run a trot-line…a country boy can survive without sports…Watched a couple of Bum Phillips videos after watching that short clip posted above…amazing how entertaining the characters were during those years- for me it’s not worth using my limited supply of sand in the top of my hour-glass….

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      1. Big B, even country boys like me from the woods of Indiana County need to have some sports. Having no sports is like having no sex. Although watching a Pitt football game is more like a circle jerk.


      2. Bum was one of the greatest. I loved that team. I was a kid and rooted for the Steelers, but Houston was a strong second. Big Earl!
        They just got screwed that they had to play Pittsburgh. Any other year they would have won it all. It was like Sham. Likely the second best horse of all time and could not beat Secretariat.


  68. Agree that Pitt probably won’t change coaches due to financial constraints unless a sugar daddy wants to blow some of the millions made during the pandemic.

    So if the offensive coaches are replaced, who can Pitt get that can right the ship quickly, especially when Narduzzi’s days are numbered.


  69. this won’t mean much to many hear …. but sad to see the great Doc Emerick announce his retirement. Thought he was the best play-by-play announcer in any sport over the last several years

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    1. He has battled some health issues recently.

      Had a chance to chat with him brefly up in the Igloo skybox area after a Pens game (he and John Davidson had just called the game). Could not have been nicer.

      I understand he was once on the faculty at Geneva College in Beaver Falls.


  70. The first regular season football game in 1977 (after Pitt’s NC) was against Notre Dame in Pitt Stadium. Early in the game Matt Cavanaugh went out with a hand injury. The backup came in and couldn’t get synced up with the center. Fumble, fumble, fumble and more fumbles. It was hard to watch. The next day Jackie fired a coach and the quarterback left the team and school afterward. And Narduzzi says he isn’t responsible for the Offense? Then cut his pay by 75%.

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    1. Backup QB was Wayne Adams. He rarely took a snap in practice. Pitt was the much better team that day but his inability to ride the center and take a snap killed us. BTW Notre Dame went on to win the Nat.Championship that year. Pitt went on to crush Clemson in the Gator Bowl. I was there for both !


  71. the Pitt coach who may have been fired in 1977 was OC Bob Leahy. If he was fired after the ND game, then that was the first and only game he was OC at Pitt, as he was Sherill’s OC at Wash St and Jackie brought him with him. Records show that the 1978 OC was a guy Don Boyce who also doubled OL coach. (Joe Moore was in his 1st year as RB coach and took over OL in ’80)


    1. I I will always remember the sea of orange at that Gator Bowl. Pitt May have had 25,000 fans. Clemson even had a 45 record called “Tiger Rag” which I bought post game. Yes, Marino was awesome. Game was over at halftime. Best times for Pitt Football.


  72. Another disappointing loss, but not unexpected. Joey showed a nice touch on his passes and was accurate for the most part. Vince needs to be the change of pace back and not the featured back. Moraga caught a td pass, yippee for the tight ends.

    Seems like the Ripple offense only uses the run to set up the pass and with the new qb, coach Ripple totally ignored the run game as evidenced by the lack of playing time of Sibley. Between Borb’s seemingly ignorance of run blocking, the oline did OK with their pass blocking, and coach Ripple’s total concentration on the passing game, the run game was totally ineffective.

    Here’s hoping Joey and Davis prove better players than KP and this forces KP and Nick to the portal. Bring in another 4 star qb in this next class.


    1. Joey Yellen looked decent, but the college game cries out for a QB who can run— at least as well as Kenny Pickett. Good teams pick up at least a couple crucial first downs every game from scrambles and planned QB runs…

      Why I’ve been hoping for Davis Beville to be good enough to win the job…

      Go Pitt.


  73. People, stop! Our football head coach has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, including the AD and Chancellor.

    When the heat is on for no scoring, our coach throws the OC under the bus and says he has no say so on the offense and play calling. What he is saying is that if my bosses don’t like how we don’t score, I have someone to fire….instead of myself. Watson and Chaney come to mind, now Whipple. When do people begin to Motumbo and say no, no, no, not in here! It is Narduzzi’s fault. He is CEO. I’ve been saying this for a long time and it seems it is slowly gaining momentum.

    When Pitt bball gets out rebounded, or scores in the mid 50’s per game, does Capel point the finger at his brother and fire him because he is responsible for rebounding? Or the offensive scoring coach? NO!! Only Narduzzi does this and our inexperienced AD takes it because she doesn’t know better. At some point, the CEO responsible for hiring people needs to get fired for hiring……the wrong people!

    What is the expectation set for narduzzi by our AD? If it’s graduation rates (which is a scam), and off field issues, why not let the public know so that expectations for championships can be dampened. If it’s championships, which she claims, say so. Pitt has locked the gates and their computers which house the answers, but why?

    Now my serious question to the folks that actually type this. Should a lack of Covid cases really be a measurable? Stop that! It’s an excuse. Hey Heather, yes we got field goals instead of td’s because we were so busy making the team be socially distant, instead of practice correctly! The reality is that our db’s have been socially distant and same with me and the OC. If narduzzi doesn’t go this year, lyke and narduzzi go next year. Lyke needs to understand her own survival. Stop firing the OC who Narduzzi hires. IT’S NARDUZZI! As head coach and CEO, he can’t say he isn’t involved in 1/3 of his operation. That is stupid and he should be fired for that statement alone. And, he should give back part of his salary. Maybe Heather says the same thing to Gallagher, Hey Chance, we have 17 varsity sports, I don’t get involved with football, thats the associate AD. I am busy with the ping pong team….omg, could this be a learned behavior!


    1. first off, Chaney (like Canada) accepted a very good offer from an SEC school.

      second, as a lifelong defensive coach, Narduzzi knows that his OCs (all 4 of them) have had previous and extensive OC experience …. again, all 4 of them. I don’t believe at all that Watson was his 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice (since he wasn’t hired until mid Feb) but do think Whipple was his 1st or maybe 2nd choice since he was hired in early January. And Pitt indeed needed help in the passing game, and Whipple has been known as a guru in that category for some time.

      And I think everyone should be well aware of this fact by now. Now. should Nard have said what he did …. No, but again all should be well aware of who runs the offense.

      FWIW, going into this past weekend, Pickett was the passing leader in FBS. Remember, this was the same guy who passed for 8 yards vs Clemson just 2 years ago. And think how much more effective he would be if the receivers held on to more passes (I’m sure Nard is telling them to drop them just to spite his OC)

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    2. Good post.

      Differ on graduation rates though. I don’t believe Pitt massages the kids’ grades to pass courses to graduate.

      Now, what sort of classes they take and with the tutoring and study areas Pitt provides the athletes it is probably a lot easier for the players to graduate than the rest of the general students (like at almost all other P5 schools I’m sure).


      1. Funny, wwb, I never mentioned Pickett!!!

        My point on the graduation rates is that the grades are all close in Div 1. As an example, Pitt might be ranked #12 with a 988 grade and the 130th or last ranked school was at 933. The difference is so small, but the university touts it as something spectacular. Its just not. It sometimes comes down to having just one more person graduate or one more getting a passing grade. The concept was a poor attempt by the NCAA to cover the reputational hit it was taking about athlete students versus student athletes. It was also contrived to assist with the litigation around unionization and payment of players as employees.

        We have to see through the bs that Administrators and PR folks put out there. I may not be 100% right, but trying to put pieces together.


    3. Write the check Huff and make it happen. Give Heather back some of the money you got from overcharging her. Until then though, its not realistic to think the CEO will be tossed this year due to economics. I haven’t seen posts here suggesting that firing the OC is the complete solution. Its a tourniquet approach to be applied until proper surgery can be performed.


      1. LOL Joel. I didn’t type that he will be gone. I inferred he should be gone. So many say coaches have such large egos and are control freaks. Not this guy. He handed off over a third of his job to others to do and then blames them for failing. He remains the innocent party. Either you are the CEO or you are not.

        Pitt is cheap in all they do. I only support those that help themselves. Pitt athletics has neve3r gotten to step 1 in the recovery process that has been on-going since the early 80’s.


  74. I was thinking back to the Borebly hire. There were some very compelling stats that Reed put out about his lack of ability to coach pass protection. The 2018 season with Hall and Ollison’s success pretty much backed that up. I don’t think you can argue the OL had any more talent back then it does now. If I recall, it was Morrissey, two RS SRs that never started in Dintino and Herndon, a grad transfer in Millan and the overrated Bookser.

    This year the OL is certainly better at pass protection but sucks at run blocking. My point, Borebly certainly bares part of the blame but the majority of success in the passing game or run game falls on the scheme the OC implements. I also do not believe our running backs are any worse. The offensive struggle is all on Whipple.

    Whipple and Watson were bad hires by PN. PN will never hire an OC than will run a high scoring college scheme. Time for a change, unless he wins out, LOL.


  75. He needs to own up. Heather needs to make changes. Force them. I’d fire the entire offensive staff. I’d hire a professional recruiting guy. I’d promote partridge to assistant coach. I’d give Narduzzi one last year. In the meantime, I’d be lining up boosters to absorb the buyout. And I’d be paying Tex his consultant fee for his list of five HC replacements.


    1. funny that you will only name 1 of your 5 HC candidates ….. the guy from Toledo. Jason Candle may still be a prime candidate especially since he won 11 games in 2017. Yet, in the last 2 years, he 7-6 and 6-6,

      Now, I know Tex likes Billy Napier (so do I). But will the lifelong southerner come north. BTW, his UL Cajuns did just lose at home to Coastal Carolina.

      Tex has always been a Doc Holliday fan … and his 4-0 Thundering Herd are ranked, and rocking and rolling. Yes, he is doing great in his 11th year at Marshall.

      But are you aware that in his 7TH SEASON at Marshall, the Herd finished 3-9? Heck, had Tex, and many others here, been AD there, he would have been shown the door right then and there

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      1. Seriously wwb!!! in year 4 he won 10 games. In year 5 he won13 and in year 6, he won 10 games. I think you proved Tex’x point. In year 7 he did only win 3, but has not won less than 8 games since, except this year when he has only won, 4. But, he only has played 4 games this year.

        Further, even if he stunk the joint out (which he hasnt), his price tag is 750k per year and he is a hometown boy, being born in Hurricane which is about 15 miles or so from Marshall headquarters!


  76. I believe Partridge is assistant head coach.

    Can’t argue that firing the offensive staff will hurt recruiting. The overall record this year will hurt it more.

    I was looking at WVUs record since joining the Big12. One ten win season, the rest of the years pretty ordinary like Pitt and most of college football.


  77. since when is it throwing someone under the bus for simply saying, i don’t have a say in the game day preparation and game day play calling

    Tex, I believe Charlie is already asst head coach?


    1. Who do you think he is blaming Ike? What he said (plain as day) is like saying the president of a car dealership says to his Board that he keeps his hands out of the sales business. Good grief man. That is irresponsibility personified.

      Give me a list of head coaches that make 4 million, that wash their hands of the offense…..or defense!


      1. I will say this… if Narduzzi isn’t going to respond to questions on offense, then just put Whipple on after each game. Someone from the program should be answering questions on the offense. I don’t know if he meant to throw someone else under the bus or was tryng to avoid answering something he didn’t want to answer – only he and a few others know that. But it was a bad look.

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      2. Then isn’t PN really blaming himself Huff? At least that how I read your analogy. I know the car dealer president looks at fault not the bad car salesmen. I don’t feel well enough for a debate today.


  78. I’ll throw a name out there for HC or OC. Joe Moorehead. He didn’t get a true shot at corrupt Mississippi State. The OC at Oregon now.


  79. Saw this posted on the Lair. I can relate because I was there for Dave Hart…

    “In the 30 games of the Dave Hart era Pitt scored a total of 277 points, or an average of a little over 9 points per game. In that entire span they scored over 20 points in a game exactly twice, never even once coming close to a 30 point game.”

    BTW, that was posted in response to someone posting that this year’s Pitt team has the worst offensive talent ever…

    Certainly our RB, TE, and OL recruiting leaves a ton to be desired — but the offensive scheme isn’t helping…

    Go Pitt.


  80. —Saw where RB Izzy didn’t make the trip to Miami. Was wondering where he was… (I must say that AJ Davis just doesn’t have the burst or the wiggle to be getting playing time.)

    —I was surprised to see that Yellen had six hookups of 19 yards or more.

    —However, we were a woeful 3 for 17 in 3rd down conversions versus the Canes.

    Go Pitt.


    1. Many dropped balls by the receivers…

      One 3rd and short was screaming for a TO to be called by our coaches late in the 1st half. Duzz ended the half with all three TO’s in his back pocket.

      Missed opportunities!


  81. My view now of the offense after seeing a different QB than KP is the following:

    the passing offense of MW is not the problem and o-line pass protection is good(not very good, looked far worse due to KP), the running offense piece looks weak overall and that appears both scheme and personnel
    our receivers drop a crapload and that include all of them but Addison seems to more than make up for his few and Mack comes close too
    Yellen seems to see the field like he should and continues to see the field through pressure while KP often doesn’t see the field and makes early and at times bad choices including running and losing any view of the field both unnecessarily and erratically
    no D-1 offense should have their QB need to run to the sideline on nearly every play, PERIOD! it looks bad(which is something I almost never care about) and it has cost in penalties AND i think it aids the defense in a way that it lets them completely rest between plays where they otherwise need to be anticipating the snap of the next play

    that is my thumbnail primer for now
    i’ll give more info after receiving my consultant fee 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think Kenny is coming back from his injury this season so in Yellen we trust.

      If Kenny did have some surgery, he’s at least out for 4-6 weeks if not longer depending on the procedure

      Has anyone seen pictures of Kenny in a boot and crutches. When does Narduzzi have to disclose the injury report?


    2. damn, difficult to read as my numbering and bulletpoint format all disappeared

      in addition to my clear as mud writing to start with 😦

      My view now of the offense after seeing a different QB than KP is the following:

      The passing offense of MW is not the problem and o-line pass protection is good(not very good, looked far worse due to KP), the running offense piece looks weak overall and that appears both scheme and personnel

      Our receivers drop a crapload and that include all of them but Addison seems to more than make up for his few and Mack comes close too

      Yellen seems to see the field like he should and continues to see the field through pressure while KP often doesn’t see the field and makes early and at times bad choices including running and losing any view of the field both unnecessarily and erratically

      No D-1 offense should have their QB need to run to the sideline on nearly every play, PERIOD! it looks bad(which is something I almost never care about) and it has cost in penalties AND i think it aids the defense in a way that it lets them completely rest between plays where they otherwise need to be anticipating the snap of the next play

      there, no extra charge for the consultation either, hmmmmn, now what Bourbon should I require?

      what is the good stuff @Tex?


  82. fwiw, I wouldn’t mind Pgh native Moorehead being hired here. Nirvana would be keeping Partridge and Beatty and getting the former PSU OL coach, who, like Moorehead is a Pgh native. But of course, that is asking way too much.

    But what I don’t want is hiring a new coach just for the sake of doing it. As Pitt fans know all too well …. before you fir a HC with a plus 500 record here, you better damn well know you have a better one replacing him


    1. I think Pitt could pay a coach $2.5 million and get to bowl games every year like Narduzzi and average 7 wins. Savings of $1.5 million annually that could be used for a better staff and higher recruiting budget.

      Right now pitt has too much money tied up in one mediocre coach going nowhere.


  83. Power Rankings for the ACC (current):

    Notre Dame
    Virginia Tech
    North Carolina
    NC State
    Boston College
    Wake Forest
    Florida State
    Georgia Tech

    Seems about right to me. Note our two ACC wins are the ACC’s #9 and #15.

    Are we fans looking forward to Nationally ranked # 1- Clemson, #3 – ND and #19 VT? Hell, now that FSU beat #5 NC I’m wavering on that being a gimme like I thought pre-season.

    I could see 4-7 happening pretty easily.


  84. speaking about firing an assistant …. two days after getting upset 34-7 at home by Kentucky, Tennessee just axed its DL Coach. The Vols had 4 turnovers in the 1st half … including two Pick-6s!! Definitely the DL coaches fault

    Liked by 1 person

  85. don’t know if this has been noted above but it appears that I’ll finally be able to watch Pitt FB live …. if I heard correctly, the game is at 3:30 on ABC …. with 5,500 (hopefully) Pitt fans in attendance


    1. ND games are always on the big networks. The Clemson game should be on the BIGS also if for no other reason that its Clemson’s last game and will have playoff seating implications.—-By the way I wouldn’t be counting the GT game as being a victory for Pitt this year. A 3 and 8 season is a distinct possibility as I’m still expecting Pitt to continue making the same mistakes as always with penalties, dropped passed and combined with an almost zero run game.


  86. Pitt very unlikely to fire Narduzzi due to current economics (and the Stallings buyout). Next to no chance.

    Pitt very unlikely to fire Whipple and the rest of the offensive coaches, (double meaning there with “offensive,” couldn’t help it), because . . . . there would be no, absolutely no, job security for a new OC and his staff. He would know Narduzzi is on the hot seat, and at best will be around for just another year or two, and a new HC would, rightly, want to bring in his own crew.

    So, there it is, we are stuck.


    1. Not necessarily again I ask what is the Narduzzi buyout clause?

      They are going to finish the season with a losing record, heads will roll, either Narduzzi’s or some others.

      This team, culture and program are on Narduzzi and they have made no progress. 8 wins maximum over his tenure with undisciplined play year in and year out, it’s the same poor game day coaching and poor preparation and no or very little adjustments.

      The administration either settles in for a ceiling of 8 wins with a floor of 5 or it makes the determination to get better.

      Narduzzi is incapable of getting Pitt above the mediocrity that has been here since Jackie Sherrill left for Texas A&M.

      Last season Pitt was 7-3 over its first 10 games.

      Since then Pitt is 4-5 over its last 9 games, soon to be 4-6. Pretty bad with more losses to come.


  87. I think fans tend to forget that in 2017 Narduzzi had the lowest win total (5) in a `12 game regular season in a decade (since 2007).

    Funny enough both those seasons ended on a winning note with DW beating WVU (yeah us!!) and PN beating Miami.

    if we go 4-7 this year it will be the lowest win total since 1998 when Walt Harris went 2-9. Of course this 2020 season will always have an asterisk attached as an 11 game season.

    The more reading I do about FSU and GT I’m not counting those as automatic wins any longer as I was pre-season when I predicted 6-5.

    But – Narduzzi does pull wins out of nowhere every so often (PSU, Clemson and Miami) so who knows.

    My take on his job? He’ll be around until his contract ends or another school ponies up his Pitt buyout bill. Which some schools do – but maybe some other program will look at Narduzzi and think “Of course he couldn’t win there at Pitt. They have no real recruiting grounds and the admin doesn’t really support football like we will if he comes here”

    Truth is schools hire HCs with losing seasons all the time.

    Most of you know how I feel about Narduzzi’s recruiting – I believe it is very poor and not just on offense. It’s evident that our two-deep on defense is pretty poor once you get past the starters. That’s basically why he doesn’t pull starters for poor play (like our DBs over the last three games).


  88. Speaking of pass defense – in our last three losses the opponents’ passing game is this on average:

    21/37 for 305 yards with 4 TDs and 0.6 INTs.

    The three games passing totals results in a Passing Efficiency (PE) of …. 158.15 which is horrid defense on our part.

    Which is also weird because after our first three games were had a great PE defense ranked # 2 nationally hold opposing passing games to a really poor 80.89 with only two TDs given up and an average of 121 yards per game.

    Of course Austin Peay skews thing a lot in our favor but still our passing defense was very good against UL and SYR. Then:


  89. Pitt should not think of a HC change as a way to save or reduce HC salary. In the scope of things, namely winning, there are more important issues to consider. I still believe that Heather is building Pitt athletics from the bottom up. It is not a coincidence that volleyball, soccer and wrestling are doing well. So as long as the football players stay out of trouble and graduate Narduzzi will get another year to improve.


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