Pitt at BC Postgame Thread

Defense Exposed.

Offense a mess – Before Pickett was hobbled.

Kicker Sporadic.

ACC Championship hopes Dashed.

Heading to Miami next week.

Gonna be a long rest of the season folks.

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  1. nothing on the referees 2nd half either,,,, if anything we had the benefit there

    seriously Whipple should go, Narduzzi as soon as possible

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  2. Wait until next season when you get to see our QB play go down hill. Not much to look forward to IMO. l


  3. This sucks but instead of feeling sorry for myself, I feel sorry for the players. They represented and played hard. Feel real bad for Alex but I guess it comes with the territory? HTP!

    Have your fun boys….

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  4. I decided to skip the game today and spend time with my daughter. Looks like I made the right decision! I couldn’t help but check the score throughout though.
    I really like Narduzzi but it just isn’t going well. He’s had enough talent the last two years to have better seasons. I don’t believe it is the recruiting. It is just poor execution week in and week out. That’s on the coach.

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    1. narduzzi stacks the defense with his top recruits. consider ford or malin as rb’s. remember our safety 3 years ago top defensive back who split time at RB and was the best RB by far. Consider top LB’s as fullbacks.
      Narduzzi pride will not allow him to sit KP while promoting him as one of the best QB’s in the country, seriously. Watch Picketts release and the lack of velocity on the ball. It’s not the receivers dropping the ball they have to wait for the ball fighting the restraint of the air, then fight off clasing DB’s.
      Can Yelln be so bad, or just not a Narduzzi pet. His stats against Southern Cal a much better team then kP plays every year, except clemson, far surpass any of Kenny’s. This is the old Tito phenomenon, revisited. Finally put some beef in the backfield, Sibley and Carter, id unwilling ti bring Hamlin or Ford over.

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  5. I’m telling y’all right now the problem with this team is that the head coach is ok with losing and mediocrity. He is not a championship caliber coach. Good head coaches wear these losses on their sleeve. Watch the press conference. And by Tuesday he’ll be making jokes already.

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  6. There are some coordinators (Foge) whose cream (Foge) never makes it (Foge) to the top of the bottle.
    I’m scratching my head to think of any others.


  7. For those of you new to the world of sports, Welcome! But as a 69 year old who has been through a National Championship and 2-9 seasons, let me assure you, the results of a game or season will not change your life. But vent away.

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    1. ^^ But sadly Wolfe, it does and will. People relish in bad news and their desire to be right no matter what. Let them be right. I’m ok with that. Most of them haven’t bought a ticket to a PITT football game in years.

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  8. Consider Scanlon for XP.s? For experience? No. 15 targeted every week for big passes? Too many O linemen pulling on running plays so that tacklers shoot through the gaps too easily? Our receivers are not getting enough separation so that Kenny always seems to throw into coverage? Expecting too much?


  9. Checking in on my over-under after this disappointing loss:

    Pitt penalties: 6.5 – under 6 for 46
    Kenny Pickett passing Yards: 260.5 – over 25-48, 266, 2 td
    Pitt rushing yards (net): 93.5 – over 105
    Pitt sacks: 4.5 – under 4 – Can’t find them on ESPN, but I counted 4, so Under. I think Pitt is undefeated under Narduzzi when they hit 5.
    Pitt points: 24.5 – under in regulation (23) but over in OT (30 and the infamous XP missed round the world)

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    1. Sacks 5: Jones – 3. Weaver – 1, Dennis & Pine 1/2 each.

      Per ESPN box score Find Defensive stats at bottom of page.


  10. 2 (two) 1 point losses to VERY mediocre programs….where does that leave THIS program?

    inconsistency in all 3 phases of the game – offense, defense, special teams
    high number of penalties
    frequent number of dropped passes
    missed assignments

    Looks like a coaching staff in disarray.

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  11. I love Pitt and I wish them nothing but success. Pickett put out the gutsiest performance I’ve seen in all of football in a long time.

    That said – I don’t think Pitt wins another game this year. The offense was already too vanilla and now there’s a target. The defense can’t keep up.

    Whipple – nice knowing ya.

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    1. Pitt always gets a mild upset. I’m guessing 4-5 wins and no 4th place MAC opponent at a bowl game now.
      Speaking of bowl games…..why would they have any outside the playoff, if no fans can attend?

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  12. Kessman needs replaced for sure. I hate to blame the kicker for everything but he’s an easy thing to fix.

    Whipple’s play calling erratic to say the least. OL though they did make a change was not effective on the run. Pickett is our bright spot, he’s turned into a heck of QB. It’s too bad he gets no support. Whipple making a limping Pickett run to the sidelines to get a play looks idiotic. RB put Sibley in. He’s your best. It’s obvious the small fast guys aren’t working out. We need smash mouth.

    Defense, I think I have seen enough of the Duz’s press defense. After 5 years, of it, we can’t play it!! Too many open receivers running all over the place. Linebacker and DL are the bright spots

    Thought we were going to get past the past PITT but looks like it’s the same thing for this year.


    1. Those calling for a head coaching change, please explain your reasons for expecting an improvement. Even if we accept your contention that there are better coaches available out there, what makes you think they would come to Pitt? Why would we expect anything other than a drop in results with the hope of improvement in five or six years? Basically the same thing we have had for the last 30 years?

      As for me, my only hope under such a scenario, and I’m not at all calling for it, is that Heather significantly exceeded my expectations with the Jeff Capel hire. I view that as almost lightning in a bottle. I don’t expect that to happen again.


      1. Well, Capel is looking at a third very difficult season and the joy of his hire may be rubbing off. Hopefully not. But there’s a chance we will only play ACC opponents.

        “Pitt can never do better” is a defeatist attitude. It wasn’t that long ago – and I now look back at 2008-09 as a golden time for Pitt sports. No, it wasn’t the Majors/Sherrill era, but Dixon’s success in 2008-09, the only real #1 ranking for the basketball team in Pitt’s recent history, was better than the hoops program during the national championship and three 3 11-1 seasons. Wannstedt, no Jackie Sherrill, was able to achieve a bowl victory and end-of-season ranking in 2009. That was the last time for us. Narduzzi managed to blow it in 2015, 2016, and 2019.

        10 years ago. Of course, there is the Big East in the picture, but there were national rankings and national attention.

        How did the Pitt administration F* it up with more money in the mix?


      2. “Those calling for a head coaching change, please explain your reasons.” —Farmers High School of PA

        Because the on-field product sucks, Farmers High. And additionally, I’m not anymore okay with 30 yrs of mediocrity.

        Stupid questions — yes, you’ve told the world you’re about age 70 — deserve elementary, stupid answers in reply, it seems.

        I’d rather become a “stated” soccer-school, at this point.


        1. And yet … as our septegenarion friend quite lucidly states: even if the coach changes we’ve seen the same thing for 40 years. Under several coaches. What really makes you believe anything will be different?

          Age isn’t a factor …


          1. Because it has been better. Chryst brought offense talent. Wannstedt could recruit running backs. And, my friend, the could it better question is best asked after the Clemson game.


      3. Our kicker missed the uprights by 20 yards far-right on a PAT, and you’re seemingly OK with it!? What a fan, Farmers!!


      4. Wolfe: She isn’t responsible for Capel. She offered the job to at least one other coach, who turned her down. Gallagher got involved and we got Capel.

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  13. Well this is season 6, The head coach high point so far is 8/5, low point 5/7.

    This season possibly 5/6 best case scenario. Maybe 4/7 per Danh72, I’m leaning towards his pick and I apologize for laughing at it initially.

    A decision has to be made at the end of the season, if the administration is satisfied with mediocrity then no changes are required.

    This program is going nowhere.

    No personal insults to the coaches but they just don’t have it in them to rise above mediocrity regarding the product they are putting on the field.

    Is it not recruiting to a certain strategy, poor coaching technique or just substandard players and coaches all the way around.

    Kenny Pickett played on one leg and tried to will them to a win but it just didn’t happen today, the team never quit but it just seems like they can never put it together.

    Am I crazy or was Pickett still hobbling over to Whipple at the end of the game and OT?

    SOP or not SOP that is the question?

    Looks like SOP to me with no end in site.

    Good night and god bless Panther fans.

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      1. Possibly FSU or an upset of a ranked opponent because they take us lightly.


        I’ve been watching Pitt football since 1964 so I got you by a few years.

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        1. I’ve been watching Pitt football when I was about two weeks old – 1955. Parents took all of us to the games.

          So yes, I’m jaded as hell… Think about it – I have been a Pitt fan for 65 years and have seen only 4 or 5 really great seasons. And POV’ers wonder why I’m so “cynical” (i.e. realistic). I’m not – I just have been smothered by this frustration years more than most of you.

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          1. If you made it thru the 1960’s (sans 1963) and then the 1990’s….one decade of putrid football should be enough for any fan base. We had 2. At least after the horrible ’60’s we did get the complete reversal and jubilation of the Major’s/Sherrill Era. Nothing close to that after the horrid ’90’s. I am one that believes Wanny was the last chance of achieving anything close to the aforementioned era. And 11 years later nothing has changed my mind.

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  14. Can someone please explain why Sibley doesn’t get more carries? Can’t they feature him a little bit in the red zone? One carry today is a joke. I have to wonder if Narduzzi puts the best players out there, or if their abilities slip under his coaching. Last year we thought that Shocky and Wayne would be stellar receivers with some experience. Does anyone think that they will improve much at this point? With no TEs or running game, a 4 wide out set is about all they can do, and they don’t have 4 good wide outs.

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  15. I didn’t watch Pitt football last season. But…this year I thought I’d at least watch a few games in the beginning of the season. Maybe not the greatest decision but there it is.

    I’ll say this – regardless of the W-L record at the end of this season I think this may be one of the least talented, balanced and maybe most poorly coached team I have seen in a long time.

    The preparations for these games is evidently lacking and thus we hurt ourselves by penalty infractions and poor production. “We usually lose one of these” has been said many times but to lose two games to underdogs is crap.

    Spare me the away game thought also – means nothing this season. We better hope that FSU is as bad as advertised – that could be our only other win. GT has always been tough for us.

    Oh, and BTW – did any Pitt DBs take the field in the last two games. I didn’t see them but maybe they were still at the line of scrimmage as the other WRs are walking into the end zone.

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    1. I guarantee you this is the last time I will buy into the hype about this team. I did think they were going to be good this year. Team has taken on the personality of the coach. Undisciplined and ok with losing.

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      1. The best way to watch Pitt football is the never, ever buy the hype. Pitt never delivers.

        Take a look back to right before the start of the 2017 season when we were coming of two 8 win years… Posters on here were going thru the roof with their predictions – and PN delivered a 5/7 win year.

        Optimism is one thing but you need to try to look through the Pitt-delivered hype. That’s what they are supposed to do.


        1. 2010 was the same way, we were Pre-Season ranked No. 15 and coming off the 10-3 season.
          Lost the first game and never sniffed the Rankings again. Haven’t been ranked at the end of Bowl Season since 2009. 11 years and counting. Pretty sad stuff.


  16. I don’t understand why on that punt that ended up on the one yard line we didn’t ask for a review. The BC player had his heel on the goal line and the football touched that foot, making it a touchback. Did anyone else see that?


  17. Reading Burnt Orange on SB. The Longhorn fans are calling for Hermann’s head. Amazing. They have all the money in the world and fans feel the same way we do. Miami, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Clemson. Unless something changes, and I don’t see how with the limited offensive talent and Whipple (I’m all for hiring the elderly but he looks old and confused), we finish better than 5-6. And this was supposed to be Narduzzi’s best year??

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  18. How many points did Kessman miss today? The point after following first touchdown, a field goal, and another point after. Am I missing one?


      1. It this is not the first game where this has happened. He is also “known” as a long range kicker. Not so much really.


  19. Getting smarter as I get older, called that feeling of SOP at halftime. So didn’t bother with the watching of the 2nd half. Why put oneself thru further agony. Somethings never change…..like Pitt in the last 37 years.


  20. Our wins look pretty lame now, after GT destroyed L-Ville and winless Duke beat Cuse by 14 (more than us).
    We could maybe dominate FCS if we dropped down. I remember Dayton did that for a few years, once upon a time in America.


  21. Pinnock had no tackles today. What does that tell you? I don’t get this team. The secondary went from a strength to a disaster almost overnight. The safety’s are making tackles but are giving up big plays at a significant rate.

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    1. A 6-6 last place in the division MAC team threw for 311 yards against this defense. Of the 438 Total Yards they had. Can you say…Overrated. Getting a few sacks and TFL’s for losses doesn’t mean much when you have a habit of giving up huge plays for TD’s.


  22. I think one problem was that Jurkovec wasn’t double-clapping before the snap. It looked like our defense kept wanting for the other beat.

    Narduzzi over-coached on making the kids expect that to happen two weeks in a row.


  23. No wrinkles in the offense. No imagination at all with the plays we are seeing. 4 games and not a one. Izzy has a nice series with a td catch and he doesn’t play the rest of the game. The good teams make big plays, Pitt doesn’t. Williams drops an interception and 2 plays later BC gets a td. Stupid retaliation penalty when the 15 yards Pitt would have got would have given them a first down and they ended up punting.
    Tight ends are non existent, which is unacceptable at this level. Whipple offense on par with his predecessor Watson.

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    1. Yea but if he keeps winning at Cincy maybe a better P5 job opens up. Maybe I’m just down in Pitt after the last two games but I’m wondering just how attractive Pitt is as a coaching job? Agree Fickell is probably and upgrade


  24. If I’m Heather and am objectively looking at what’s wrong with this team, I’d say that the DC and DL coach and players are solid, but nothing else is above average. What it would take to get to an upper third type of program in the ACC is not currently within reach. And surprisingly it is not money.


  25. Blame Kessman all you want, but the defensive secondary did NOTHING today. At least Kessman gave us the opportunity to go to OT. His FG misses were long shots to begin with. I’m putting this loss on the D, although there is enough blame to go around to all facets of the team.

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  26. Just got back and did not get a chance to watch a single play.

    Observations – Our kicker missed a few long field goals, but also made a 58 yard field goal. Pickett makes awful decisions as evidenced by what caused the 58 yard field goal when he took a bad sack instead of getting rid of the ball. If you are relying on a 58 yard field goal to tie a game, you were a loser to begin with. That is a shot in the dark and it connected. KP mishandled an earlier run option and tried to pull the ball out of our rb hands and fumbled. The fumble got credited to the rb…..it was KP’s fault. Time to give some others a chance.

    Pre-game Observations – I predicted a very long game and it was. At least 3 1/2 hours for a college game. crazy! Predicted that the right side of our DL would have a lot of sacks. They did. Predicted Jurko wouldn’t make it thru the entire game. Apparently he did, but comments indicated he looked beat up, so i got that wrong. Predicted Pitt would win. Missed that, but i predict them to be 1-0 on all Saturdays.

    @Farmers – heather didnt first hire Capel. She whiffed on her hire, Hurley. Actually, none of those were her hires. She hired out the hiring. She just paid. This thinking is what causes mediocrity. Reed rightfully points out that it is Pitts job to convince the fanbase how great the AD and Head coaches are. There are several that see through this hogwash. Most dont. We all like Pitt alot and root with our hearts, not our brains. We should be smarter.

    I would love for Jerry D to say to the coach…hey coach, there was a reason I did not vote for Pitt in the polls and you mocked me openly. I won’t vote for them this week either and will struggle to do so going forward, but let me go to the tape to see first!

    Pitt lost all four segments of the game – Offense lose. Defense-Lose, Special Teams, Lose. Coaching – Lose.


    1. No other QB on our roster would have been better than Kenny. The OL continues to disappoint and that forces a lot of other issues like QB’s taking bad sacks.

      Noting that you have a lot of observations for a guy who didn’t watch a single play. 😉

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      1. Well Joel, I read before I type and I read the entire in-game comments. I also read the play by play box score. Very easy to piece a game together. Some just love to try to “catch” things that don’t exist in an effort to get a one up. Keep trying my man. With this group, you cant afford to make a statement without backup. I may have mentioned the cancel mentality for being realistic and recognizing shortcomings on here. It doesnt mean you are not a fan. It means you might have been an athlete or worked in athletic departments, or faculty, or professionally, with a different slant etc. than the rest. Its not a bad thing.

        Thanks for implying I may have watched without knowing. I didn’t. Cant say (and others will attest) that I have ever watched a game and not commented, so you my friend are wrong.


  27. Oh, and the WR”s from BC would have a big game and not push off as much as the ncst receivers did….against our little guy.


  28. Looking at the post-game stats, one thing stands out. Pickett avg’d 5.4 yds per pass, pretty pathetic.
    Jurkovic, who is a first year starter, avg’d almost double that…. at 9.0 ypp.
    The question is; is the offense limited by the abilities of Pickett or Whipple….or a combination of both.

    Whatever the answer is to that question, one thing for sure, Pitt’s offense is quite boring to watch.
    When we do manage to score a TD, it’s on laboriously long drives. There is no quick strike ability, nor
    are even plays called to even try to get a quick strike. TD drives today were 70 yards in 15 plays. 86 yards in 9 plays and even the tying FG drive was a ultra laborious 12 yards on 8 plays.

    Pickett’s career at Pitt is over after this season, so should Whipple’s.


      1. Jurkovic was sacked 7 times to Pickett’s 1. But still avg’d nearly double the yardage per pass. So the OL isn’t great, but most middling programs like Pitt don’t have great O-lines.


  29. Pickett’s poor completion rate stands out. I don’t know why they continue to throw those long sideline passes that never connect when it is 2nd and 6 or third and 4. The play calling is horrible and the pathetic running game is inexcusable. If they want to use short passes to replace their running game they are not throwing to the RBs. It’s like there’s no plan to make use of the talent they have

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  30. I avoided the game thread – and god bless those of you who can do that and watcha game.
    ANd perhaps some – or even many – said this in the prior post, but:

    When you are on the road in OT or near game’s end and you have the choice of kicking a PAT or going for two, you go for two. Especially with our one dimensional offense (that dimension is Kenny scrambling btw on a bad ankle).

    You go for the win.

    A DC turned HC always thinks “his defense” will win the game for them. Which is not a Narduzzi specific shortcoming. Its a Wannstedian mindset as well. Hell, the Stache may have invented that mindset. We all saw Jurkovec make an excellent throw on 3rd down to take the lead in OT, so whay would anyone not assume it could happen again? There are tmes to simply go for it and that was one of those.

    More troubling was watching the OL again struggle throughout the game. Fix that units alone and this team looks a whole lot better. The position they have been putting Kenny in – and the defense for that matter – is tough. Not just tonight. This season and last.

    Folks, I’ve been a wait and see guy with Wannstedt, Chryst and Duzz. There came a point in Wannstedt’s time when it was 100% clear to me he was not up to the job as HC. I came to that same conclusion tonight with Narduzzi. The OL is atrocious, we can’t recruit TE’s and neither the OC or the OL coaches are inspiring young recruits to join the Panthers (and thank god for Chris Beatty btw). And did I mention the OL is not good. The problem is large and Lyke has her hands full. With the current economic situation as well as COVID, her possible moves are limited. Best we could hope for I suppose is Borbely to retire and replace him someone who has both great (i.e. better than good) recruiting skills and is a great positional coach.

    I think we will win some more game this year, but its going to go down as a year when the team could have made a nice showing but was hamstrung by the nearsightedness of a HC who couldn’t see past his DL.

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      1. 11 years and counting. Wanny last Pitt coach to have us ranked in the Top 20 at season’s end at No. 15.
        I’ll take that anytime.
        We might never see that again.


        1. Averaged 7 wins/yr. By POV realist definition, that makes him mediocre.
          His only Bowl victory was made possible by an offside call on a UNC lineman at game’s end.
          Oh and the game before that was Mardy Gilyard.

          I’ll say this for him though – at least he eased Cavanaugh out of the picture before that magical season and brought in Frank CIgnetti Jr as OC.

          In short, 2009 was a blind squirrel finding a nut if I’m blunt.


      1. Maestro – as you know I try to be objective and measured. Make no mistake, its not a anger-laden outburst following a disappointing game. And I only had two Mich Ultras during the evening. I’ll keep watching and rooting – and goinng to games if permitted – but had to acknowledge what Im seeing. A real shame – two really good OL and one TE and this season looks a lot different.

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  32. When and how did our secondary become such a liability? Pinnock and Hamlin have both been terrible.

    Our offensive line is just atrocious. I’m not a huge fan of Vincent Davis, but the guy just has nowhere to run.

    Does anyone legitimately believe that our football program has potential greater than 6-8 wins annually under Pat Narduzzi? Coach Bravado has under delivered consistently. We are going nowhere under his leadership.


  33. Wonder what happened to Tex…today. What with the Longhorns choking again and Pitt being Pitt.
    The Double Whammy. Hope he’s alright !


    1. Bourbon helps ease the pain. I was expecting both losses however. I don’t know which is worse. The $7 million dollar man or the $4 million dollar meatball.


  34. Miami proving to be a Paper Hurricane…..again. Clemson trouncing. Maybe they’ll be disinterested next week against Pitt, after today’s beatdown. Our only hope !


  35. The players have no accountability because the head coach has none. He’s an excuse machine, and an inarticulate one at that. This is incredibly sad.

    Also, the most disappointing surprise this year is that our D backs really stink. Really surprising. Slow, bad instincts and always out of position against average and below average receivers. Pinnock is most glaring but Hamlin stinks and seems to have regressed from last year. Hope these guys weren’t counting their NFL cash too soon.

    Can you imagine what Clemson and ND will do to this secondary.

    If some were thinking that an excuse to keep rock head Narduzzi was that he is, at least, a defensive guru then I would like to see that evidence.


  36. Everyone,
    I read the blog every day. Post very little.

    Blame the BOT, Blame atom scientist, Blame Lyke, Blame Narduzzi, Blame Whipple, Blame Pickett, Blame Kessman, Blame Reed. Blame Ike. BlameTex. Blame UPITT, Blame Nerdberg, Blame Pederson, Blame wannstache, Blame nerdberg for hiring Pederson again. This is a trend people..

    We have a huge problem. I have said it a long time ago. Our university is not interested in winning. My father played there and became an orthodontist through there, brother became an orthodontist though there, know many great successful men that played there, I graduated, coached there in the athletic department, wife worked development there….my family knows this university both athletically and academically…We have a huge problem. Pitt is an institution that isn’t interested in athletically winning.

    To all of us suckers…guess what?…We will SUCK until something changes. IT WILL NOT CHANGE. How many years have all of us have been saying “next year” or “we need stability.”

    I am not willing to wait any longer. They won’t make a change this year. So what, maybe they will do it next year. What will be different? Nothing.

    Our programs will never win They will never put the required interest in athletics. It’s over. Hire the next person, hire a Pitt man, hire an up and comer assistant, hire a retread, hire Jim Tressel, build an On Campus Stadium…WHO CARES…WE SUCK AND WE ALL ARE STUPID FOR CONTINUING TO BELIEVE!




    1. Not stupid for believing Pitt can do better. But belief requires more than faith. It takes action and coming together as a united force.

      Far too many fans are complacent though. Far too many accept the status quo. Far too many hide behind stability when change is the answer.


  37. There is never a plan B with this coaching staff. They have a set plan and whether it works or not they stay with it in second halves. There is no attention to detail and no thoughts to unintended consequences. For instance…being the only D1 team that makes the QB run to the sideline to get plays….what if he hurts his ankle?.. and cannot come over? Harry High school in concept, killer when your QB is hurt.

    As far as our D backfield, a Chinese fire drill in action, putting men on islands and always playing press defense doesn’t work as proven last 2 games. Pitt Football is exactly where I thought it would be under an incompetent head coach. Love you Heather, but this is your mess!


  38. Please alert Pitt’s world class philosophy department: I have now seen the Platonic ideal of Pitt losses and know what the perfect form looks like. I’d say the result could only capture the Pitt fan experience better if the stakes were higher, but really, losing a game that even prevents you from sitting at the high stakes table is quintessential Pitt.

    As for game analysis, what we saw last week is pretty much what we saw this week and should expect for the foreseeable future. A few thoughts:

    The offensive line is the biggest issue on the team. A lack of push in the run game puts way too much pressure to execute on an offense that lacks overall talent and doesn’t have a scheme to hide its deficiencies.

    Related to the last point, Pitt’s offense requires long marches with countless third conversions to reach the end zone. These aren’t the Brady-Belichick Patriots and it’s hard to win like that in college. Pitt just doesn’t play with the precision necessary to succeed with this style.

    Also on the offense: maybe it’s me but it seems like other teams are much more effective at completing passes along the sideline which stretches our defense and opens up the deep middle. We don’t stress the opponent’s defense in the same way.

    I’ll say it again: if you’re going to be a methodical, defense-first team, you have to play clean to compensate for the lack of explosiveness. Pitt is – this hurts to say – sloppy and sometimes confused. The false start on the 4th down attempt that forced a punt (probably better in hindsight but not what was intended) sums it up.

    If the defense doesn’t get home immediately, it’s pretty much a wrap. This is partly because Pitt’s defensive backs are often in phase with the receiver but fail to get their heads around or to make a play on the ball – much more so than other teams. This was really noticeable the past two weeks when compared to how the N.C. State and B.C. secondary played.

    I’m not the yell at the TV type, but when Pickett took that sack to set up the mile-long field goal, I surprised myself when I involuntarily shouted at the screen.

    That said, I think some of the criticism Pickett is getting is over the top. It’s not that the analysis is wrong, per se, it’s just that he is so far from the problem on this team it seems strange to focus on him. I guess that’s the life of the QB. I think Pickett is a good college QB and he tried to will Pitt to victory today. I felt the worst for him of any player. It’s true there are better pure passers but you need his legs and grit with Pitt’s porous offensive line and no running game to slow down the D. A lot of quarterbacks that look better than Pickett would look worse if they were playing with his supporting cast.

    Like everyone else, I don’t understand the running back usage and really have nothing insightful to offer here but would like to see more Sibley and Izzy. Not sure what A. Davis offers as a runner. V. Davis is strong for his size and has his moments, but is better suited as a change of pace back than as a bell cow.

    The missed extra point in OT was devastating but I agree with an earlier poster who said that going for two was the right call. I don’t expect Narduzzi to make that call because although it increases win probability I’m not sure the risk-reward justifies it from a job perseveration perspective, just because of how people view those decisions. Still, Pitt had to work so hard to move the ball and get in the end zone compared to B.C’s quick strike capability that Pitt needed to try for two and end the game when it had a chance rather than getting into a war of attrition.

    Pitt has a lot of problems but what hurts more is they are about four players away (two offensive linemen, a tight end, and a corner) from being a good team. I’m not talking All-Americans, just slightly better than average players that aren’t glaring weaknesses. Change that and we’re sitting pretty but I guess half the programs in America could say the same.

    At this point in the regime with a team of seniors and potential pro juniors, we should be peaking. Instead, a chance to move up in class is looking more like a step backward. Such is life as a Pitt fan. H2P.

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  39. Pitt would be 5 and 0 if not for two 1 point losses. Maybe if 1 or 2 injured starters could play, it would be different. Injured starters matter in the final result.


    1. But you could sat the same thing about our 2 ACC wins. We snuck past a really dad Syracuse team. And wasn’t it a pick that ended Lville’s last drive to win? And Lville is proving to be not so great too.

      Theres no excuse for what we watched the past 2 weeks. Every team has injuries. After 6 years there should be enough depth to get past teams like NCST and BC.


  40. Lots of Angst; I feel your pain, particularly age 77 Isnore99’s pain. We are walking down a blind alley and we are certain to bump into the brick wall at the end in the misty darkness as there is no hope …

    POVites, Here is what has to happen: Patrick David Gallagher, Chancellor of Pitt since 2014 KNOWS that his AD will not fire her head football coach.

    Does he fire Heather this year? Say he does.

    I’m willing for the new AD (many better candidates than Heather and willing to get that lucrative ACC money at a Lucrative ACC School; and I like Heather socially and have attended cocktail parties with her; she is a genuinely nice person; BUT … ) to give Coach Pat the 2021 season but instead of him pounding the desk at his 6 member Pitt interview for the coaching job in late 2014; the new AD pounds the desk THIS TIME and says 9 wins in 2021 and MAYBE you get to stay for 2022.

    Chancellor Gallagher, who I met back in 2013 at my son’s Pitt Pharmacy School graduation, ( he gave the speech, but wasn’t at Pitt yet) I know you or your assistants read pittpov and if you don’t take action your letters asking for money will be fireplace fodder.

    Hail to Pitt


        1. To finish the circle…….And for that opportunity to get a P5 AD job (which she was not qualified for based on experience and success), she extended the Head Coach. Typical quid pro quo.


  41. How many times did even the dufus tv announcers openly question things like why Pitt continued to run their smallest back in power running situations or why Pitt didn’t use different formations to take advantage of virtually all of BC’s safeties being out of the game. But of all the exasperating things from this coaching staff I saw today, what sums it up is this: Even when our “Russell Wilson” quarterback is gutting it out and limping heavily, Whipple STILL has him run over to the sideline to get every genius play call.


  42. Well, how can we expect a HC who watched his offense get roadblocked at the opponent’s goal line four straight plays last week then go and line up at the same spot for one single snap to win this game?

    We can’t because he has lost confidence in his offense. That is what jumped out at me watching Kessman come out to kick on that last play…Narduzzi hates offense.

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    1. Good point, Reed. The couple of times we have scored from the 1 or closer have usually been quarterback sneaks. And that was always after multiple attempts. An extra point is from the 2. Quarterback sneak is not an option there.


  43. Pitt’s selection process for Athletic Directors and football coaches is criminal.

    You have sports leaders who perform below even the most basic expectations.

    But I’m a monster for advocating burning the front porch down.

    I’m fake news for seeing this train wreck over three years ago.

    I’m a hater of Pitt because I demand better.

    Go on living in your alternative reality with alternative facts and being members of the Koolaid fan club.

    But your cult like devotion of Heather and Narduzzi will be your undoing. All cults end badly. Wake up and leave before it’s too late.

    There is another way. There is another side.


  44. …..and no one has mentioned the BLUE BRITCHES!!!!!! not winning many games but we are being treated to a fashion show!!!!!


  45. I agree with many… it’s time to cut ties with Narduzzi and company… he hyped this team and made believers out of many of us- results don’t match the BS….his style of D has been exposed to everyone and I don’t see Duzz having one of those “ I was blind but now I see moments.!”

    We lose a ton of seniors this year and next year will be much harder ….better to go through it with a HC and staff capable of rebuilding and give the fans some hope for the future.

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  46. I could not sleep last night. Left the bed at 4 a.m. First time in many years. We still had a chance to win in another overtime if he makes the PAT. Losing by failing to go for 2 points maybe would not have hurt as much. Maybe. I am 79 and like most of you need my sleep. Gosh, those kids did try. I guess they are just not talented enough. Probably just my sleepiness getting the better of me. But gosh, it still hurts.

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    1. Years of mediocre recruiting
      Years of going through OC’s like toilet paper
      Years of going cheap on dull coordinators
      Years of hiring for low risk experience instead of the best innovative man
      Years of excuses


  47. Time for a change. This was the year it should have all come together.

    We won’t have to call for Narduzzi’s firing, his record this year will do it for us.

    So disappointing. Whipple was a horrendous hire.


    1. Try experiencing this crap show for the last 40 years

      I’m surprised not more of us are alcoholics or have serious depression

      Like I’ve always said, Pitt fans are some of the most loyal of any school given the crap endured


    2. JoeL, that is a very damning tweet. Do you know any background on it, or what she is referring to, other than walking in our shoes for five weeks?


  48. Whipple’s offense is just awful. Broken play after broken play. Too many plays that just get blown up because there are too many and they are too complex. The ones that work look great but they are too few.
    Again, one play from the wildcat, what in the world is that about? KP running on a bad ankle is our best option? Rarely enough confidence to throw down the middle of the field. And the dropped balls and stupid mistakes.

    KP is a double edged sword, yes he picks up some nice yardage with his legs, but he rarely stays in the pocket to let the play develop, he starts running way to soon, and rarely throws the ball away. He has more confidence in his legs than his line, receivers or his arm. You have to admire his guts and will but when you compare his ability to a guy like Jurkovec it is no contest. The lack of a running game after watching so many great backs at Pitt is also very sad. Wasn’t it odd how the offense scored easily when KP was in the tent? Not sure what to make of that.

    On defense the sad thing is the pass rush is finally a beautiful thing, but when it doesn’t get to the QB, it is all over. The inability to get off the field on third downs makes the D hard to watch. The opposition has learned if you hold our ends it is rarely called unless it is egregious.

    I feel bad for the kids, they all play hard and never give up. If Narduzzi can not win with this group of kids he just can’t win. Other than Canada his choices of O-coordinators has been his demise.

    Winning games requires making big plays when the game is on the line. Pitt not making enough of them.

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  49. Jason, good point about the blame enough to go around. And anyone can certainly blame me (and Ike!) for the state of the program if they choose.

    But, let me hasten to add that while I was writing for the Pitt Blather from 2007to ’16 then on the POV I was the just about the only voice that continually held a light up to discuss all the things that weren’t sweetness and light about Pitt football.

    I chuckle to read Pitt fans complaining about Pitt’s long time mediocrity and problems but not trying to get the mainstream media and professional websites to cover those same issues.. or the admin to address them.

    And I got raked over the coals for that on here as have other posters who don’t buy into the yearly June to August hype.

    The last straw for me was when I drove up to an early season game in 2018, walked over to the POV tailgate and a long time poster said “You are so negative!” To me right off the bat. No “Hello” or “How are you” but slammed me as soon as he saw me. I turned around and went into the game and that was it for me.

    It’s OK to be optimistic about something but when that something disappoints then it’s also best to be honest about it. How many Pitt fans write to the AD to express concerns? Very, very few. Some say they cancel season tickets but that means relatively nothing compared to the millions Pitt rakes in from ACC money.

    How many fans write their opinions after articles written in the Post-Gazette or the Trib? Both the sportswriters and the Pitt Admin reads every article and comment printed about our program in the mainstream media.

    If you are fed up and want change then try to rattle the cage with your feelings about the HC, staff and admin at Pitt. Commenting just on here ain’t getting it done. No one at Pitt is going to read through 150+ comments to get your opinion. You have to thrust it at them.

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    1. Reed,

      I’ve written to the AD and Im sure you are aware of the following, but lets be a bit more specific about what it takes to actually get a letter in the hands or screen of the AD and read.

      Her emails via the address on the Pitt website are read by an assistant, not her. They are screened and forwarded when the admin senses there is something distinctive and worthwhile in the message. Otherwise, one is just registering a no conficence vote – something she is already aware of. The same as 150+ comments.

      Its not enough to simply thrust it at them – give them something interesting, insightful and respectful to read.


      1. Money gets their attention. If Pitt sees a drop in season ticket holders, they get nervous. If they see a decline in donations, they get scared. If they see advertisers running to the hills, they wet themselves.

        Money talks.


        1. Big money talks, Tex. Little money doesn’t unless there is a grass roots movement such as we saw with attendance at the Pete.

          And you cannot take away big money and get their attention unless you are already giving big money.


  50. Even more sad is even if we squeaked out victories in the last two games, the program has not kept up with the Joneses and is further away from the top echelon and has slipped from the middle of the pack and is closer to the bottom, and trending downward.

    Will Pitt play a gimpy KP or Yellen next week in Miami? oh boy!


  51. The athletic dept does not have the $$ to fire duzz . You guys sure as hell ate not stepping up tomthe playe


    1. We can get a just as good younger coach for half the salary. But Pitt won’t take chances on hires of smaller school’s HCs. Instead we recycle coordinators. Why not roll the dice on a true up and comer and give him fours years to see what’s what?

      We need a dynamic recruiter who will get us out of the low end of the Power 5 recruiting success.PN’s last three years, as an established HC we have been 44th, 49th and 36th. That isn’t cutting it…anyone who can smile and eat a Detroit’s mother’s cooking can do that if not better

      BTW – you have no idea who gives what. Lots of people donate anonymously.


  52. I believe the phrase is A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE, not A Commitment to Mediocrity.
    Heather, your thoughts on the matter.
    Patrick, anything come to mind?
    BOT, care to add anything?


    1. To commit to being excellent you need a few things

      A good ownership group. Thats the BoT

      A good general manager. That’s the AD

      A good coach and staff

      Good facilities and practice fields

      Good players

      Good budget

      None of these things is impossible. And you don’t need to be excellent or elite on any one of these things. A bunch of goods help create excellence

      The biggest obstacles are the structure and composition of the BoT, Pitts low revenue generation, Pitts identity and the selection process for leaders, both internal and external

      Changes to these things will change the culture and move the program away from SOP

      That’s how you build a front porch and a consistent top 25 program.


  53. Whipple’s offense gets Pitt 5 wins if they are lucky.

    Narduzzi should retire on his own with that record. LOL


  54. This schedule didn’t do Pitt any favors at all. No other school is sent twice to Florida and plays ND and Clemson. Looks like NC State is better than its 4-8 record from last season. Maybe after Pitt goes 4-7 this season it bounces back in 2021. Is that important enough to the university?

    Doubt it.


  55. The reality is that if you take a pessimistic view on Pitt football you will always be right. Losses like we have had yesterday and last week are not isolated to Narduzzi. They have been happening for almost 40 years. So while I am seriously wondering whether Narduzzi deserves any more time, I also think it’s silly that some of the “realist” posters are now puffing their chests because Narduzzi is having a bad year. The honest truth is that he has won more than Just about any other coach at pitt over the last 40 years. This isnt a Narduzzi problem solely, it is a pitt problem. My gut is telling me Narduzzi needs to go, but do we really think that the next coach is going to be a whole lot better? And if he is, will he leave at the first opportunity? Prior to Narduzzi, we had two coaches leave in spite of having less success than him.
    Pitt is a mess and there are no simple answers.


    1. It is a bigger Pitt problem. The problem creates coaching failures. Again go back to the talk of the front porch by Gallagher.

      Did he ever say how it would look? Did he ever say how he would build it? Did he ever say how he would pay for it?


        1. You can transform the culture that way. Otherwise expect more SOP. Expect more seasons like the Pirates or the Browns.


    2. Just look at Chryst. At Pitt he had a lot of maddening losses in just three seasons then bolts for a university that implemented a system in 1990 and that has helped him to a 34-10 record to date. Pitt has no where near the leadership that a school like Wisconsin has, along with many others.

      Narduzzi gets one more year to get the freshmen on campus (all those linemen) and to hire a new OC, OL and TE coaches. One more chance to get the offense right. Odds are he won’t succeed in any of the hires, but they still need made.

      Having some of these seniors back if they choose to do so I think will be beneficial. Pinnock is having a bad season but maybe a fifth year will be more positive. A few more losses and Jones and Weaver should call it quits and get ready for the NFL. They owe no one anything.


      1. At Pitt, coaches are set up to fail. But there are a few that go against the odds and the constraints.

        See soccer, volleyball and wrestling. Not recruiting hot beds. Mediocre to poor facilities. Elite competition in soccers case. Low budgets. Little fan or donor support.

        But these coaches find ways to win

        So it can be done. With the right coach at the right time who is a good fit.


  56. it seems that the offense is getting the brunt of the criticism here but the defense has given up 30+ points 2 weeks in a row, I hesitate to bring this up because each year (and its schedule) is unique ….. but a year ago, Pitt averaged only 21.2 pts on offense while giving up only 22.5. Last year I don’t remember giving up so many big plays.

    I’m the implying the offense is blameless by no means but the big promise of this season was based on the fact that the defense may be even better


  57. I really did not like when Ford made his muscle man pose after his big hit on Jurkovec, lucky he didn’t get flagged for that. Maybe wrong but the safeties are underperforming and it isn’t just Hamlin.

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    1. Should have been called for unsportsmanlike penalty and possibly targeting… took a cheap shot on a runner who was going nowhere….Ford has shown a lack of character prior to this…


  58. After another epic failure and continuing to meet SOP expectations by losing to a team we were favored to beat I hear coach Narduzzi again repeat the mantra its on me, we as coaches have to do better. So, if we apply a little logic that would suggest something akin to accountability. Looking ahead to a season that may not yield 4 or 5 wins, clearly unacceptable performance in the 6th year of his tenure, lets hold mister “we are not respected” accountable for the following; extremely poor recruiting for offensive positions, lack of player development (you know the hype coach up those 2’s & 3’s to 4’s and 5’s on the field), poor game management, inability to adjust in game, lack of disciplined play and a general failure to produce an improving program. Again I am only asking for respectability, with the hope of becoming a legitimate top 25 program. So if its on the “coaches” then its on you Narduzzi, time to fire him.

    The idea that the next coach will be no better and Narduzzi is OK is acceptance of failure which I cannot accept. As a long suffering Pitt fan I still believe there is a better coach out there, looking for his chance and one that would be happy to take it at Pitt. Narduzzi must be removed or nothing will change. You have to win to recruit better, which yields a better team, likely more wins etc. We all know how it works. But that is clearly beyond the ability of this coach. He must go. He is lacking in every respect.

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    1. I don’t think there was much retaliation, should have been no call after the personal foul on a marginal late hit


  59. Yeah, I’ll take a little of the blame for the loss. I got lazy and stayed upstairs in the living room to watch the game instead of going downstairs in my little man-cave to watch it. So I guess I’m also getting a little tired of falling short of expectations and didn’t think it was worth it.

    I can’t understand what happened to PITT’s defense, hero’s to zero’s.

    I wouldn’t have gone for two last play, at least in the first OT and with a gimpy KP. But I do feel ripped off for not having the chance to watch another OT session.

    What is the saddest is that so many PITT players have hurt their NFL résumé with two losses. It will be interesting to see who leaves or who stays for the extra season given to them. I’m very sure of 3 that will be leaving.

    Wonder why Drexel played the whole game?

    When the extra point didn’t go through the “uprights” I immediately thought, why isn’t the one called an “upleft”?

    I’m ike and I approved this message.


    1. Was your man – Owen Drexel at guard or center? Saw Morrissery as often as Drexel. What guard didn’t play?


  60. The defense is talented enough to keep us in about every game, but the offense is not doing its part. You can’t expect to win 20 to 16 every week. I think Whipple’s offense is unimaginative. There no real creativity and he has not changed to take advantage of strengths and ignorance weaknesses. If Sibley comes in, you know he’s running the wildcat. How about using him a couple of other times as just a RB so it is not such a tell to the defense. Maybe have Sibley throw a pass. This isn’t about Jimmy and Joe’s, it is all Xs and Os. Avonte Maddox was a whooping boy at Pitt, but here he is starting today against Steelers. The defensive system is outdated and needs to change.

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  61. While not an ardent Narduzzi supporter, I did think the guy should be given a chance. Well he has and he has failed. Not sure the trigger will be pulled this year, but it is pretty much inevitable at this point.

    Let’s just hope when it is that we get a staff that is worthy and can overcome the built in obstacles to winning at Pitt.


  62. To those who another coach won’t make a difference, perhaps that is true. However, to maintain a level of interest in the program SOMETHING has to change. With both the offense and defense failing I don’t think a coordinator change is going to appease the fan base. Unless you are a top ten team performance is cyclic. This was supposed THE YEAR in this cycle and the team is soiling the bed. Narduzzi’s upside looks to be 7-8 wins tops and only with smarter scheduling than typically seen. Maybe he gets a one year Covid reprieve but I feel his ouster is inevitable. Unlike the last two coaches he won’t be leaving for a better gig elsewhere. H2P!


    1. The guy is a one hit wonder and a vagabond, can you say Paul Hackett?
      We need someone that can recruit and is on the way up.
      The guy has never stayed anywhere long enough to recruit.
      We need someone with enough charisma to recruit top 20 classes year after year.


  63. I’d hire Matt Canada today with the stipulation that Charlie Partridge stays on his staff. I will throw this crazy thought out there. My short yardage back would be Chase Pine. Conner size and played QB in HS, where he rushed for 8 tds. Threw pretty well also. That would be the type of creative thing Matt Canada would bring, like using Brian ONeill.


  64. Reed and Ike, in no way do I blame commenters on here. Sarcasm. You also don’t need to justify your time writing & illuminating Oakland during your days with the Blather or POV.

    Rattle the cage? This is the problem…there is no cage! The simple truth is they have never fully committed to being good, kept all of us, including football alumni at arms length so they actually don’t have to fully answer or change. There is not enough of us to force change because it is designed that way.

    Thrust it at them all you want. Decades of hot garbage, train wrecks, inexplicable decisions, inept mgmt. should be catalyst enough, even for the most mediocre to see. This is exactly the design. They don’t want to be in a situation where comments, complaints, ticket sales, wins/losses, head coaching changes, On campus stadium debates, mainstream media articles factor or move the needle. This way they don’t have to listen or be better. They don’t have to undress themselves and let the stink out.

    Folks, this is the way it is. It will not change until our university directionally changes it focus, attention and commitment to managing a successful and winning athletic department. It can be better, but will it? I would bet it won’t get better until we all can view apparent, systemic differences than what we witness today. Until you see those type of things happen at Pitt, just get a little more comfortable with mediocrity, or in this case, this stretch of time, less than that!

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    1. LOL Jason, I knew that was sarcasm I just kept the joke running. I really don’t believe where I watched the game mattered at all. 🙂 I’m ready for a few changes big or small. Although I will seriously predict whoever the new coach could be, would be unsatisfactory to the same folks who aren’t happy now. We all should know PITT by now and what you see is what you will get. PITT is not progressive enough for some and never will be.


        1. To many zero’s Reed, plus I did stop this year altogether. $50 to the Panther Club and that’s it. I don’t see myself ever going to another PITT game. I guess Eli is not so “Lucky” after-all. I’ll make an extra effort to watch the game in my little man-cave.

          But it’s ok Reed, put The Weight on me, wish I could play the song. I know it gets to you. 😉


  65. If Pitt fans don’t hold Pitts leaders accountable, there will be no change. You get their attention not by writing letters but by stopping to write checks.


  66. We should all buy stock in the ACCN/Pitt network where all our games (except ND) this year will be played. That is the best indicator of our final won lose record.


From David Todd, via Dokish twitter account:

    “Pitt D strikes again. Man coverage on the outside. 77 yd TD for BC.

    I mean at this point I think it’s fair to say Narduzzi is an idiot. Been getting killed playing man for years, got killed last week. Killed again today. Terrible.”

    For those who have disdained Dokish because of his rosier-than-red rose-colored glasses in looking at Pitt football, even he has thrown in the towel:

    “I have nothing against the Pitt players. It’s the head coach that is failing them. I wanted him to work out, but it’s clear that experiment is over.

    There’s good talent in this program. They aren’t being utilized properly. The head coach isn’t good enough. The university has no desire to be elite. That’s what I’d say if I cared anymore.”

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    1. The university doesn’t need to be elite. It can’t become elite. It has one of the lowest revenues of any P5 school.

      No revenue engine. Small fan base. Too few rich donors.

      But it can be consistently ranked in the top 25 and occasionally go to a very nice bowl.

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    2. Dokish was always fair, balanced. Folks didn’t like what he had to say because there was some hope and optimism which goes against others agendas.


      1. He’s wishy washy. Always too much of a homer for me. Rarely consistent on constructive criticism.

        Tex who Dokish banned twice

        Once for saying he wouldn’t find me at any of his parties. He drew first blood on that one.

        Another when I told him to chill out

        The man has thin skin and is overly emotional.


        1. Dokish is just another hard core fan. When the team does well, he’s the #1 fan, and when they don’t ………..


        2. I have to agree he blocked me on Twitter long ago so I stopped reading his stuff altogether


        3. Dokish tends toward optimism, but when he turns, he turns hard like a formerly supportive, now bitter lover. Periodically, he says he’s done with Pitt but always come back. A masochist like most of us.


  68. Remember the definition of insanity. The Pitt culture will never change. There just are not enough people that actually care. I’ll bet the number of Pitt grads that actually watch a game per year is less than 10%. Those of us that remember when Pitt was great will mostly be gone in 10 years.

    Athletics has always been an afterthought at Pitt and always will be.

    I am very appreciative to have got to know the POVites who have a real love/hate relationship with Pitt. there are far too few of us. That is the problem, just not enough of us to make a difference. It is good to know some that do share the passion. Totally understandable why so many have tuned out and turned it off.

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  69. I think Whipple has mental issues. When I see him on camera during game time he looks dazed and confused. Kenny takes a beating out there and he never gets an “at-a-boy.” And the kid is carrying are problem riddled offense on his back. The oline coach and the running back coach don’t seem to have their #it together. Aren’t there 4 RBs in the RB room?

    I really don’t think players are the problem here. After next weeks loss, the coaches will start to lose this team player by player.


  70. 24 years ago there was serious talk of Pitt FB dropping down to D2. 11 years ago, the team went from 5 wins to 9 wins …. and the recruiting budget was lessened. Shortly after that, academics seem to become more important than Ws.(remember the 60s?)

    Maybe a coaching change will help … but don’t expect miracles. In no way does today’s environment and circumstances reflect the mid 70s


  71. We can cry and whine all season, but the sad, undeniable truth is we will be significantly worse next year when our defensive ends and Ford leave.


  72. Look, most Pitt fans would be happy with 7 or 8 wins if we didn’t blow the game in our losses. But when you have the same HC and staff making the same mistakes over and over then the seasons are frustrating.

    I’ll trade a win against Clemson for two wins against normal teams in well played games.

    And…I’ll stick to my guns regarding Narduzzi alienating the media and the fans with closed practices. If any program really needs to embrace the sportswriters and, in turn, the fans it is us. What happens now is we get forced fed pablum and Pitt alienates what should be a flow of info about the team, players and staff as a run up to the season.

    DW had open practices and scrimmages then closed maybe 30 minutes at the end for secret stuff. Game week was 30 minutes in the beginning open then the rest of the time closed.There was much better media coverage then and it didn’t hurt the team one bit.

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    1. Duzz’s biggest wins came with his best OLs(which he didn’t recruit) and his defenses stunk up the place…. had leads the last to losses which HIS vaunted D couldn’t hold… that’s what kicks me in the balls!!!


  73. I guess having Jimbo Covert on the BoT is doing nothing for the football program. A deal must have been made: we’ll retire your jersey if you keep quiet about the program.


    1. Hey natebailey4, When you are elected to the Professional football Hall of Fame you don’t need Pitt fellow BOT ‘s to validate your worth.

      I have two “Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation” with Jimbo Covert:

      I worked for a Fortune 50 (not 500) company in 1983 and had to take a business trip from Pittsburgh to Chicago in April 1983. Jimbo Covert and Tim Lewis were sitting together two seats ahead of me.

      .The following week Jimbo was picked round 1 # 6 pick as an OT for Chicago.

      Tim Lewis was picked round 1 #11 pick by Green Bay. Dan Marino would be the #27 pick.

      When I graduated from Pitt, my second apartment was at the corner of Fifth and Shady, Pittsburgh, PA in 1976, Nate.

      I understand that not too many years later that Jimbo and Danno inhabited my apartment building while students at Pitt.

      Nate, my gut tells me that Jimbo for how he has elevated his alma mater in a classy manner “is NOT keeping quiet about the program.” Pitt football right now stinks to high Heaven but some of their fans stink more..


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