Reading Between the Lines with Pat Narduzzi & A Look at NC State

Pitt Head Coach Pat Narduzzi gave his weekly Monday Presser today, and our crack team here at the Pitt POV is here to help Pitt fans read between the lines.

PAT NARDUZZI: All right, guys. It is Monday again. Obviously coming off a nice win against, I think, a very talented Louisville team. Obviously we joked last week about the speed that they had, and obviously we’ve got some speed, as well.

Translation: Actually, despite what you all may think, I kinda know what I’m doing on the recruiting trail.

Our kids played hard. We obviously weren’t perfect, and there’s a lot of stuff we watch on Sunday night in really all phases that obviously we could fix, but defensively we were pretty strong. Had a busted coverage for a touchdown, really two busted coverages for touchdowns, one in the passing game in the red zone after a turnover in a sudden change situation.

Translation: We need to stop busting coverages.

And really in the run versus an unbalanced formation it was a little bit different. Popped us. And again, we didn’t line up perfectly, which I didn’t know from the game field. I thought it was just a fit problem. Obviously always things we can clean up on defense.

Translation: Yeah, no we didn’t see that one on tape.

Offensively really did some good things. Encouraged with our run game and how we’re moving the ball and what we’re doing in that part of the game, which is better than where we’ve been a year ago, and I think just every week if we can continue to get better there. But hurt ourselves in the red zone when we get down there.

Translation: We need to get better in the run. You know that.

As much as I’m happy for Kessman, if he sits on the sideline and kicks into a net all day I’ll be excited for him. He can just kick in the net. He’s never missed one in the net yet.

Translation: I’d kiss him if I could. But as you can see I didn’t need to. Not ruling it out for the Clemson Game though.

I’m happy with him over there, but we’ve just got to score more when we get in the red zone. As you watch the tape it’s like one guy here, whether it’s a throw, a catch, a block, just one guy, and that’s how offense goes.

Translation: Yep, I’m covering for ’em.

Quite honestly that’s how defense goes. One guy doesn’t do his job, we’ve got an issue.

Translation: Bates is ahead of Whipple at this point. But in fairness, Bates has had an extra year, and then there’s the turnover…

Special teams obviously saw some things. There was some emphasis we made with our kickoff team — excuse me, our punt team. We had two penalties the week before. Our gunners weren’t very good and we kind of went old school and kind of turned back the time a little bit on that.

Translation: I told Powell to get on their a$$es, and he did

Kirk is kicking really well right now and our coverage was much better. We lined up better. We didn’t have those issues like which did against Syracuse.

Translation: I told Powell to stand outside Kirk’s apartment the night before the game and make sure nobody entered or left, and it worked.

And then obviously the field goal team. Just changed up some things we were doing and tried to make it more realistic. I think I might have told you Thursday we had all the team yelling and screaming at them just to get them locked in. Whether I had anything to do with it or not I have no idea, but obviously he had a lot of success there.

Translation: We tried something different and we got a different outcome.

I think that’s all I’ve got.

Translation: That’s not all I’ve got.

We’ve got a great North Carolina State team. We know they’re athletic. I know 2017 when they came here they beat us, and I haven’t forgotten that game. Went and watched that game late last night, and have worked the Wake Forest and Virginia Tech games this morning. Watching a lot of Texas tape.

Obviously that’s where their coordinator came from. He’s a Youngstown, Ohio, guy, so we’ll watch a lot of Texas stuff.

Translation: Nothing says Youngstown, Ohio like Hook ’em Horns

Q. Last night when you went back to re-watch, I guess, the ’17 game, what stood out to you? Anything, even just like little things just like pop up where you’re like, Oh, I remember that or whatever?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I remember they’re really athletic. I mean, they had a lot of guys drafted off that football team. I think if you count them up and put them in the NFL right now, they were a really talented football team. We ran into a buzz saw. They’re talented now, but they were really — you know, they had Chubb at D-end and Samuels, who’s next door this week at tailback, and really Mr. Do-it-all in the backfield for them.

They were just really good. Tailback is one of the — I forget his name, but I’m sure he’s somewhere. He’s not there now I don’t think, but he’s probably somewhere in the NFL. Their D-line and O-line were a bunch of first and second round draft choices from what I recall.

But they were really good. We had a battle. We didn’t get blown out. We were young that year, too.

Translation: Yea, they were pretty good.

Q. It’s hard not to notice, you mentioned on Saturday, you heard a lot about (Louisville’s) speed. You said, “I was never worried about that,” which says that you believe that your defense is pretty fast —

PAT NARDUZZI: And our offense.

Translation: I think our offense is fast. Someday you might actually see it.

Q. Your defense looks really fast, but do you think people sleep on that? When I hear you say that, I hear you say in addition to “I think we’re fast” that I hear you say other people don’t think you’re fast defensively.

PAT NARDUZZI: Well, you know, it’s what you read. Jerry (DiPaola, Tribune-Review) is sleeping on us. He’s always the one that asks the slow questions; right, Jerry? Give me just a head shake.

Translation: Actually I really like Jerry.

Q. No. I (DiPaola) don’t agree with that, Pat. Sorry.

PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t know what it is. Must be just slow in Pittsburgh. But we recruit, too. Those guys, we have scholarships. We just don’t get all walk-ons. But we recruit, we have scholarships that we give out, and we try to get fast guys, too.

Obviously our guys were faster than their guys last week, which is what I thought going into the game. I did not think — I truly didn’t think they could move the ball on us. You take that 75 yards out (on one run), they have 75 yards — you know, 150 yards total offense, and that should not have been.

Even the touchdown should not have been. Again, could have been another goose egg, guys. That’s three in a row, and defensively we’ve got to just — you want to win big-time games and win them all. You can’t give them anything. You just can’t give them anything.

But I think our speed is pretty good.

Translation: Yea…our defense is pretty good.

Q. Was that a point of — when you took the job, was that sort of a need that you felt needed to be addressed defensively and you realized it was going to take some time? Even Coach Satterfield said the other day, he said, Look, they do a great job of getting their guys, redshirting, developing them, and bringing them along. Was that an area you were specifically looking at when you took over?

PAT NARDUZZI: Not really. We’re just looking to get good players. We’re looking for speed and football players. It’s not like you’re going, Gosh, we’re slow. I don’t remember us being slow. I just know every year we’re going to continue to recruit the best players we can.

Translation: We were slow

We’re looking at size, speed, and football players. We’re looking for guys that can play the game, two star, four star, doesn’t really matter. Some guys get more four-star fast guys, and we’ll take the two-star fast guy because they’re out there — you know, we’re just looking for guys that play hard, play with great effort, and that’s what we have right now.

Translation: I’m doing pretty well with two-stars. Keep testing me.

Our kids, no one is going to question their effort, wherever it is. I’ll go for example like Rashad Battle. He’s one of our gunners right now, and two weeks in a row he’s just wiring up their punt team. They’re trying to cover down on a punt team, and Rashad Battle is with one hand — he’s got one hand (cast) right now; I hope he has two this weekend — but he’s wiring people up at the line of scrimmage. Just playing hard and playing with technique and taking coaching.

Translation: What I meant to say was NOT that I hope Rashad Battle has two hands in a cast this weekend. By the way. He’s a stud.

Q. You were down a few tight ends this week. What did you see from the guys that were on the field on Saturday?

PAT NARDUZZI: You know, I saw some busts. I saw some mistakes. I think you play five offensive linemen, and actually we played six offensive linemen, really seven offensive linemen, and we talk about mental errors.

Translation: Krull may not be able to catch, but that son of a gun sure could block.

We had more mental errors in the tight end room than we had in the entire offensive line who played, you know, how many plays. There’s one tight end out there probably per snap maybe every once in a while you put two. We just had mental errors there. I think Danny Moraga is really good. Grant Carrigan didn’t have any. He had a winning performance.

But you’re putting out maybe a smaller athletic guy out there than Grant. Grant is tough and has gotten a lot better. We’re excited about what he’s — he’s become a better blocker because that offensive line work that he’s had.

Translation: I think Danny Moraga is really good….at catching the football.

So I’m excited about where Grant is, especially with that winning performance that he had.

Translation: Get ready for the Tight Ends to not catch any passes next week.

But we had MA’s (missed assignments) out of those guys, and we have to clean that up.

Translation: Again with Moraga here…

Q. We asked you after the game about Vincent Davis, but where have you seen the strides from him over the last year, obviously getting the bulk of the carries now through three weeks?

PAT NARDUZZI: I wish he would catch that one snap when he was at quarterback, I can tell you that. That would be nice. But we’ll practice that this week.

But Vince Davis has done a nice job. He’s just more mature than he was a year ago. He’s obviously not playing with a broken forearm in a cast out there, but he can make you miss. He’s playing with a lot of confidence and he’s a spin runner and not easy to take down. He’s making people miss.

Translation: I like that he has two hands with which to cover up the ball.

Q. Speaking of your tight ends, I was wondering if the lack of production from the tight ends so far this season affects your game, your play calling on Saturdays, and your game planning during the week?

PAT NARDUZZI: I think game planning during the week, of course. You’ve got to kind of switch around what you’re going to do depending on who’s ready to go. Play calling, I mean, you’re going to put the ball in people’s hands that you’re going to make plays.

Danny almost had a great catch over the middle there. I thought he was going to pull it down, to be honest with you, and he’s got the ability to make that catch.

But it obviously affects your game planning. You don’t know Tuesday or Wednesday who you’re going to have, who are you not going to have, who are you going to have. You never know with this pandemic who you’re going to have, as well. There’s a lot of things that change what you’re going to do offensively, defensively, game planning wise.

Translation: I sure wish Danny could run block.

Q. Jordan Addison’s 21 catches leads the ACC; you talked about him all fall camp, but is he doing what you expected him to do?

PAT NARDUZZI: I would say Jordan is. I didn’t realize he was leading the ACC, but seems like he’s got about seven catches a game, so 7-7-7. But he’s done a nice job, and there’s a couple that you’d like to take back. He’s had a couple deep balls that he could pull in, but he’s done what I thought. He’s done probably more than I thought.

Translation: 7-7-7! Jackpot!!!

I think we talked about it last week, but Quadree Henderson in his first game compared to Jordan Addison’s first ballgame. Jordan is just going to continue to get better as this season goes on. We’ve got to keep getting him the ball.

Translation: I think Jordan has caught more balls in three games than Quadree caught in an entire season.

Q. You talked about playing seven offensive linemen. What did you think of the guys that came in after you lost Gabe Houy, his performance, and what made Carson Van Lynn get more of the reps there as the game went on?

PAT NARDUZZI: Just watching a few plays — you know, obviously when Keldrick was in there, you know, saw a guy run by him. I saw him getting out of his stance a little bit late. I kind of focused on that, because when Gabe was out I was like, Oh, gosh. What are we going to do? Who’s going to be that guy?

Translation: Yes, my a$$ did pucker.

And again, he’s just getting better. I like where Keldrick is. He’s probably not where we want him to be right now. He probably thinks he’s maybe further along than he is. But when you watch the tape or I watch from the sideline, I just didn’t feel comfortable with what happened there.

Translation: Thank goodness he gets and extra year.

And then we moved Carson over and Carson played a really good game. He had one bust in protection; you guys could probably watch it. He saw a corner coming and there’s a guy that’s like 260 in front of you, or 280, whatever he is, and then there’s a 185-pound guy there. He jumped out and tried to block the corner and left a big ol’ five technique for Vince Davis to block.

Translation: Trying not to make it seem like I’m all down on Keldrick and all up on Carson.

Vince started to go off to the corner, and then Vince has got to come back and block the 280lb D-end. So little things like that. Again, I think that’s more plays — I think Carson had 47 plays, which is more plays than he’s ever played in one single game.

Translation: Carson’s my guy.

So it’s awesome for the depth chart and those guys to get those serious ACC reps.

Q. What’s it do for a defense when you have so many guys who can get after the quarterback so often? I think you had five guys who have multiple sacks through three games. As far as the morale, the makeup, the sideline, what’s that do for the overall well-being of the defense?

PAT NARDUZZI: I think it gives everybody a lot of confidence. I’m sure it gives that secondary a lot of confidence. It gives everybody confidence. I think it gives the offense confidence that they’ve got to block those guys up front.

Deslin goes right into that — I mean, Deslin had some TFLs and made some plays in the backfield, besides Patrick having an unbelievable game, and Rashad.

But I think having those guys on the edge certainly changes things offensively.

Translation: Did I mention they were two-stars?

Q. Going back to that 2017 NC State game, if you don’t count the one pass he threw against Syracuse, that was really Kenny’s first action in college. What do you kind of remember about that, about what you saw out of him three years ago in that game?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, what I remember is him scrambling for his life in that game because they thought they had a freshman quarterback there, and he did a pretty good job under pressure but he was scrambling for his life. They were blitzing. They were blitzing about every down just trying to see if they could rattle a freshman quarterback. That’s what I remember there.

Translation: I told Kenny after the game to dust off his white throwing glove.

Q. One of the things that Scott Satterfield said after the game that gave them a hard time was when you guys got into your delta package knowing which linebacker was coming. You don’t blitz a ton, but as a guy who’s a noted defensive mind, how much do you take those opportunities in that three-three front to really dial up some creativity and try to confuse some offenses by hiding some guys or maybe trying to do some different things with who’s coming on the rush?

PAT NARDUZZI: That’s all we do. That’s why we like that front. We get into that and there’s a threat of multiple guys going, whether it’s Brandon Hill or Damar Hamlin the week before from the field.

Phil Campbell has had an incredible year for us so far. Maybe the unsung hero of that defense. He plays fast, hard, tough. But Phil Campbell out of the boundary, and then you’ve got SirVocea and Cam Bright inside. Which one of those guys are you going to block? When there’s seven of them sitting up there and you’re trying to change protections and you’ve got different blitzes called, it’s kind of hard and that’s part of the scheme part of it. When I talk about guys getting sacks, I mean, there’s a lot of indecision.

Translation: So what I’m saying is I’ve got a two star that I flipped from the Air Force, and two converted Safeties and they might the foundation of the best linebacking corps in the ACC.

Now, again, North Carolina State is going to come out and gap protect probably. They’re going to sprint out, so we’re going to have to work a lot of sprint out pass just trying to get away from the pressure.

So we’ll have to be prepared for the gap protection this week where they max protect and really try to leave no seams, and then obviously spread out away from our pressure. Depending on whether Leary or Hockman is in there, they’re both right-handed, left-handed, we don’t know which quarterback they’re going to face. I expect to be seeing both of those guys looking at that offense.

Translation: Well it didn’t work very well against Virginia Tech…

Q. I know he played much more later in that season, but how much do you think Kenny learned from that stint against NC State in ’17, that experience late in the game? Even just as a guy getting in for the first time really.

PAT NARDUZZI: Oh, I’m sure he’s a heck of a lot better right now, if you go back and watch that tape compared to where he is now, he’s learned a ton. Not just from one game, but the only way you get experience as a quarterback is to get those game reps and be put under the fire. He was under fire.

Translation: I’m just happy he made it out of that game without getting hurt.

Q. I know both you guys are defensive guys. What do you know about Tony Gibson, and have you ever been in a game against him, and what about his defense makes it good?

PAT NARDUZZI: They’re in a three-three stack and they can bring pressure from anywhere, so you’ve got to be aware where he is. Really I know Tony recruiting-wise. Hung out in the airport at some gates a few times and just talked ball and personnel and recruiting. I know he’s a great recruiter and a great coordinator. He’s had a lot of success as a coordinator, whether it was at Michigan or West Virginia.

So they’ve always had success, and I’m sure he’ll have those guys ripping and roaring when they come up to Pittsburgh.

Translation: If he saw the Syracuse tape we might be in for a long day.

Q. On Saturday you all had nobody missing due to COVID-related protocols, down from three the week before that, seven the week before that. What sort of measures or steps did the program take or has the program taken to sort of control that and to get those figures down?

PAT NARDUZZI: You know, our figures have been low from the beginning. Without getting into numbers, they’ve been really low. Really haven’t done anything different than just continued to have a constant reminder that it can happen to you, whether it’s sticking up all the postponed games from last week or this week. You know, you’re one game away.

I talked to them after the game about how I guess the bars are open in Oakland. Just a constant reminder of, Hey, you’re not allowed to go to a bar. Bars are off limits. I don’t care who’s opened them up. I don’t care if you know the bartender. I don’t care what you know. The bars are closed, and I told them they shouldn’t hang out with a girl that’s been to a bar. I’d check and see if they’ve got a stamp on their hand. If they got a stamp on their hand, I wouldn’t let them in. I’d say, See you after this season is over.

Translation: If she has a stamp, you know she’s a tramp.

But, you know, just constantly staying on them and reminding them that we’re not out of the woods yet. We could go from zero to having 17 of them in quarantine this week. That’s what it is. I think that’s kind of what everybody needs to realize, is just because we’re good right now doesn’t mean you’re going to be good in the future.

Translation: They still haven’t figured out we’re tracking their phones.

Q. As much as you tell them that, is that something that has to come from leaders within, has to come from a really strong message from their peer leaders?

PAT NARDUZZI: No doubt about it. It’s kind of interesting you ask that, because Friday night I’m eating dinner with the captains. We have a captains’ table for dinner. That’s how I found out. I didn’t know the bars were open in Oakland. I had no idea. I don’t even know when they opened. They said, Bars are open. I was like, Really? That’s going to be — I’ll make sure I mention that after the game. Thank you, guys.

Translation: We have the best captains. We really do. (Editor’s note: No snarkiness here. I loved reading this anecdote.)

Because nobody tells me that. But hasn’t been on my checklist of checking the bars. It’s a dangerous spot for our kids to be in right now. If you want to play football, that’s not a spot you need to be in. Everybody would like to go have a celebration after a game and just go out and have fun, but you can’t do it.

Translation: Kids are focused. I’m focused. We’re gonna stay focused until we have a reason not be be focused.

Q. Speaking of kind of building off that, the fact that you guys have stayed so healthy has allowed you to condition and prepare maybe as normally as possible given the circumstances. Other coaches, I know David Cutcliffe and Fuente have talked about their schools have missed practice time, and they talked about in their games their kids were gassed in the second half. It doesn’t look like your kids are gassed at all in the second half, particularly on defense. How much of that is just the fact that you guys have been able to kind of keep things normal because you’ve been able to kind of keep the tests under control?

PAT NARDUZZI: Well, I think that helps. I don’t know what everybody else has done or not done. I go back to Navy, just listening to — again, I don’t listen to many interviews, but I don’t know if anybody was playing or just listening to the one after they got beat by BYU in the opener and were gassed and didn’t tackle, and our guys are in condition.

If we’ve got 50 guys out there — I can’t tell you we’ve had a full roster out there every day, but it’s our job, it’s Coach Stacchiotti’s job that anybody that did sit out for 14 days or 10 days, that we get them in shape.

Regardless of whether they practiced last week or didn’t, it’s our job to get them in shape and get them ready for a game, whether it’s in a day or two, whatever the prep time is.

Translation: Coach Stache? Good hire.

But we’ve been (knocks on wood) fortunate that we’ve stayed away from that, and I just hope it continues. Again, it’s the kids. They’ve got to do it. They’ve got to want it. And I talk every week about how they have to earn the right to play another game, and we’ve got to earn the right this week to play No. 4, and we had to earn the right this weekend. Because that’s what scares you, is what happened this weekend after the game. What did they do? Where did they go? I can’t babysit them.

Translation: No translation needed.

Q. Over the weekend, kind of on that same note, Syracuse and I think it was Georgia Tech, their game was delayed because they didn’t know if kids were negative or positive. Have you guys had any close calls in terms of getting results back with Mako? I know the last two games have been noon kicks, so I don’t know if that plays into it either.

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, we haven’t had any problem getting — I wake up in the morning — it’s been awesome to be honest with you. When I wake up in the morning I know. Shoot, I think the first weekend I knew at midnight. I think I found out at 5:51 Saturday morning that the coast was clear and we were good to go.

Translation: If you think I’m going to throw the testing company under the bus you are sorely mistaken.

But so I don’t know what happened at Syracuse. I’d like EJ to find out and people just to find out just so you kind of get prepared for the next thing, what happens if you do get a positive on a Friday, what was the situation. I don’t know. Were they invalid? I don’t know what the tests were.

I don’t think you can retest on a Friday. They really give you two things there from what I understand. You get two tests, so if the first one is positive they go to the second sample. So you’re getting a swab. They stick it in a vial and do it again and then stick it in a different one.

So if that comes out positive, they go to the second one. If that one is positive, then you’re positive. They’re not — there should be no delaying of a football game from what I gather.

So I don’t know what happened there, so I guess I can’t answer, unless one of the things was invalid. Maybe the second one was invalid. I don’t know. We have not had any issues at all, though.

Translation: I’m SOOOO tired of these COVID questions.

Q. How did Chase Pine do in the replacement for Wendell Davis at middle linebacker? And in that vein, any new information on Wendell and Lucas?

PAT NARDUZZI: No new information; day-to-day. We’ll see how that goes. Chase Pine, like we know, did a great job. I don’t want to call Chase a gamer because I don’t like gamers and I like Chase. But Chase is — you go back to maybe the last game he started was Stanford, and he played an unbelievable game down in the Sun Bowl. So I knew he would play lights out. I just know how he is. He played hard, he played physical, he got everybody lined up, he did all the things that you expect our middle linebacker to do.

He had an outstanding game, and we expect him, as long as he’s that starter, and, shoot, he may just earn the job by getting it done every week.

We hope Wendell is back quickly, but we move on to the next. The next guy is up, and we certainly have a lot of faith in Chase Pine.

Translation: Chase still doesn’t practice hard, but at this point I’ve got no choice. Man is he talented though.

Q. Speaking on that gamer note, you talked about how you were trying to get that message across to Calijah Kancey last week. How do you think him and the other young players approached the game, and what’s your read on them having to stay focused after a big win over a ranked opponent like this past Saturday?

PAT NARDUZZI: You know, just one day — the focus part is easy. That’s my job, is to make sure we get back to business tomorrow and we practice. They’re in here watching tape and eating a brunch this morning and getting some study hall hours in because it’s their academic day.

But the young guys did a good job. Inside, whether it was Kancey or Devin Danielson, David Green ended up starting the game. David had the best week inside. It’s kind of like the tailback position, who’s having a great week of practice, and we’ll start that guy.

Obviously David was the guy last week. Who’s going to be the guy this week based on what they do offensively, who can stop what they do, and I think that’s going to be the big thing.

Translation: And you were worried when Twyman Opted Out? Hah.

Q. I know you talked about this last week a little bit on Thursday, but since then, Mr. Hamlin has put out a petition for the parents and then Jimmy Morrissey on Sunday tweeted, “please let my parents come to the game on Saturday.” Is that frustration starting to boil up, that these kids want their parents to at least watch them play?

PAT NARDUZZI: I hope so.

Translation: I know the Pitt POV doesn’t allow political comments, so I’m just going to skirt around this issue. But yes, it’s some bull$hit.

Q. As a parent is it frustrating for you?

PAT NARDUZZI: It is. You sit in these homes — I hope it’s starting to boil up. Again, here’s the thing. I’ll go back. These parents are coming here. Kenny’s parents are meeting him at the stadium every day. They’re here. They just can’t go sit in the seats.

So they’re all here, so where are they watching the game? They’re probably going to some bar for four hours. I would rather them not be in a bar, I’d rather them be sitting in Section 138 with nobody around them. We’ve got a 75,000-seat stadium. I’d rather them be there than some bar next to who-knows-who because after the game those parents are going to be with our kids.

That to me is the scariest part. I still don’t understand it. The safest thing for everybody to do is to put those parents in those stands because they’re going to be with our kids afterwards, and if we don’t want any problems and we want to play football, to me that’s the best thing to do.

Translation: Did I not mention this was some bull$hit?

Q. Any idea if that’ll be a possibility this weekend, to get parents or limited number of fans in the stands? We know there was an announcement that there were no fans for September, but this week —

PAT NARDUZZI: I think there’s a chance. We don’t know right now, but I’m going to say my prayers tonight, and there’s a chance. I don’t know when we’ll know, but I think there’s a chance for sure.

Translation: So the odds are more like 1 in 1 million….

Q. For parents or just a small amount of fans?

PAT NARDUZZI: Parents will be the number one thing, I think. I’d be fighting for number one is the parents, but there’s a chance for anything; who knows. The Governor is going to make that decision. That’s not for me or Heather Lyke or the Chancellor. That’s for the Governor to make that decision to make sure we’re all safe, and we trust that he’ll make the right decision.

We all want the parents to come. We all want our families to go. We want the fans to go. I want the band to go. I want the Panther Pitt to go. I want everybody to go. But the Governor has got to do what he feels is best for everybody involved, and I’m sure he will, but the smaller it is I think it’s even safer. We hope and pray.

Translation: Just like the good fans at the Pitt POV, I don’t like commenting on politics. Next topic please.

Q. I was just wondering about NC State’s running backs, Person and Knight, and what do they do that concerns you?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, Person is really listed as the starter right now, and I think they’re both really good. Knight, he looks big and physical and fast. I think Knight has got more carries than Person does, but they’re a two-headed monster there and they’re both really good. They run a lot of inside zone, outside zone, some similar runs that we saw last week, even out of some similar formations. The offensive line is really good up front.

Translation: You saw what we did against the outside zone last weekend right?

They’ve got speed up there — as a matter of fact they’ve got big wide outs. You look at the Devin Carter kid is 6’4″; I’m not even going to try his name, Emeka is his first name 6’3″, 220 pounds, I believe; they’ve got some big wide outs out there. And I know their receiver coach George McDonald who I’ve worked with Northern Illinois in the past is a great receiving coach, so I think he’ll have those guys prepared.

Translation: Look, for the umpteenth time, we are not sleeping on these guys. Not after we got busted down to #24. Appreciate the question though. $%#^@ sportswriters.

As part of our Double-Feature, Up next is Richard Hefner’s weekly ACC opponent preview. Enjoy.

A Look at Pitt’s next opponent: NC State

By Richard Hefner

Pitt, coming off a victory over Louisville is now 3-0, 2-0 in conference play. Our next opponent, the NC State Wolfpack is 1-1 with a win over in-state semi-rival Wake Forest in a shoot-out 45-42. The loss was also a shoot-out but only one way in favor of Virginia Tech 24-45.

NC State @ Pitt is scheduled for another Noon kickoff on the ACCN. The best ACC match-up is North Carolina @  BC on ABC at 3:30. The college loving football fan wants to see Sam Howell in action while giving a sop to the Northeast fans. The 4:00 & 8:00 ACCN slots are filled by true southern teams. Maybe there is a cabal.

Dave Doeren is entering his 8’th year as head coach of the Wolfpack. Overall, his record is 47-42 with 2017 & 2018 season his high point, a pair of back to back 9-4 seasons. His low point, last years 4-8 less than stellar result.

As usual, I start with recruiting. How has he fared? Results of 2020 & summary of

2016-20 follow.

NC Stat

BTW – NC State’s 2020 is currently rated the #40 class on 18 commitments.

I like to look at a 5-year recruiting history to see trends

High points are in the 2017-18 classes. A result of the 2017-18 wins?

Pitt has less recruits (105 vs 115), better star rankings (3.03 vs 2.95) & a greater # & % of 5.7 & above (33 – 31.4% vs 29 – 26.1%) in the 2016 – 20-time frame.

NC State lags in recruiting compared to its rival North Carolina. Is it because it is a farm school in capitol city? While its rival is a technology centric school in a bucolic location?

No one I am aware of opted out due to covid.

NC State did have some transfer activity. 11 players entered the portal. One of them decided to return to the fold. The timing of when 7 entered the portal may have allowed Doeren to fill roster spots with 2020 recruits. The last 2 leaving may have allowed the signing of Grad transfer DE from Penn State – Daniel Joseph or giving a scholarship to deserving walk-ons. 

May as well get this over with. In the 2019  4-8 season, NC State started three different QB’s. The first starter, for 4 games, was Matt McKay who did not wait long to enter his name in the portal. The second QB to get a crack at the job was Bailey Hockman who got 2 shots as a starter only to be replaced by Devin Leary.

So far in 2020, Hockman  started the first two games but was replaced by Leary in the Va. Tech game. Leary misses the first game due to covid. He is the QB for the future. He was a 2018 Rivals 5.8 4-star.

There passing efficiency lines for the 1’st two games.



Editor’s Note: I saw a bit of the game. Watched Hockman throw his second INT and then saw Leary’s first drive. Leary looked really crisp coming off the bench, but it was also the third quarter, and the game was well in hand, so I had to ask myself whether he was doing it against the Hokie’s 1’s or 2’s?

IMO, Pitt will see Leary start.

Editor’s Note: I agree with this assessment. The bigger question is “will he finish?”

Who are the potential “Stars” for NC State based on returning All ACC , Athlon & PFF?

Eleven in total. One a returning & 2020 preseason All ACC  punter Trenton Gill.  It looks like NC State has a pretty well thought of special team specialists. Hopefully, we see a lot of Gill & kick returner Bam Knight and much less of kicker Dunn and walk-on Thomas.

Based on the choices, the Oline is the strength of the offense. How is it working out? NC State’s 204.5 rushing yards/game is ranked 20’th (out of 72 FBS teams). Team passing offense is 46’th at 220 yds./game. There is one slight problem. NC State has given up 7 sacks in 2 games. Pitt’s Oline has also given up 7 but in 3 games.

The RB’s racking up yardage is the above Bam (born Zonavan) Knight (191yds/7.1YPC) & 2018 Rivals 5.9 4-star Ricky Person (163 yds/6.0YPC).

The defense needs work. I am not going to do a deep dive but giving up an average of 43.5 points/game is not a good indicator of greatness or even averageness.

In my own ACC power poll, I have NC State 10’th & Pitt 4’th. It is based on ACC teams played & who those ACC teams played. It is not based on potential. The early Vegas line is Pitt +13.5. I think that is fair. Pitt’s O scores a few more points than lately (but not Austin Peay numbers). Pitt 34 – NC State 17. A few more 2’nd & 3’rd teamers get some work in after Pitt goes up by 24.

130 thoughts on “Reading Between the Lines with Pat Narduzzi & A Look at NC State

    1. He’d be so much easier to love with a decent offense and offensive coordinator who had fresh, dynamic plans for the offense. On offense, Duzz gets a big fat D. Our weak offense is going to result in another season that falls short of expectations.


  1. I can’t understand how Pitt could miss so badly in recruiting running backs, many of whom were highly rated. Except for Izzy, I don’t see anyone else getting carries who stands out as a solid P5 or even ACC running back. Am I wrong?

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    1. Wasn’t Sibley a Buckeye recruit who they cut ties with- he can’t even crack the top 3 here…VoR many on here probably agree with your observation…wonder how we would look today if DUZZ was an offensive mastermind (i know some on here believe DUZZ is offensive and that’s OK with BigB)


        1. Maybe in the 70s Ike. Nowadays you don’t win college football games against GOOD teams 17-14. We need better offense, or else beating Miami, ND or Clemson is a pipe dream. Regardless of how good our defense is.


      1. A little of both I assume. The OL also gets in the head of the QB when he thinks he hears footsteps when there are none.—–You think our opposition QB’s going forward won’t be hearing footsteps both real and imagined?

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    2. Injuries have certainly “hurt” the RB position. Sibley can’t seem to get past a series or two. Carter, what did he have, two carries…

      Seems like Izzy and Carter, with Vincent as the change-up guy, would be a decent RB trio.

      But I don’t disagree that we need to recruit RB better. In fact, seems to me that most of the time when both Pitt and the Steelers play, the opponents have the more dangerous RB…

      Go Pitt.

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      1. The thing about Vince is that his hands are suspect and he’s small…so blitz pickup = ? Even if he gets the assignment right.

        Izzy flat out doesn’t know the assignments yet. That should change next year

        In a WCO it’s pass blocking / catching / running and probably in that order in Whipple’s mind.

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  2. There were some on the POV that said great defense doesn’t win in college football, only scoring on offense wins.


    1. The teams that make the BCS all have very good offenses and solid D. They are well rounded. But offense wins. There are few great defenses in college. Look at the previous winners. Would you say LSU, Alabama, clemson and Ohio state had great defenses. All had great offenses though. In fact all had a QB. That position alone makes or breaks a team. The rules in both college and pros favor the O. The O always dictates play. The D always reacts.

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    2. In spite of the dominant defense, Pitt was quite fortunate to beat Louieville, IMHO. I mean how many guys were open and the deep throws just missed connecting…

      Go Pitt.


  3. Carter and Izzy are very good young RBs. Vincent Davis is a good change of pace back. They need to come up with a two headed monster at RB.

    The OL has been an issue and the TE injury hurt this past week. I think you will continue to see the running game improve.


    1. There should never be a trap game for our offense. I can’t imagine any of our offensive coaches and Narduzzi could be pleased what they view on tape each week.

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  4. Question, after PITT played 3 games what should there record be right now? 8-0 Wait until they lose a game and then RIP into them, let er RIP. They are too slow anyways, ask Louisville or Matt or both.


  5. Mike – I look forward to your Narduzzi transcripts with editorial comments – humor with a bit (or more) of truth thrown in for good measure.

    As to my comments yesterday on SOS, I would not put great store in it. First, it was based on “my” power ranking not a consensus of experts or even one expert. I can put together a power ranking but your or you or you can do one & I would bet none of them would agree.

    The time to do a SOS was after the new schedule was released & experts have made their preseason ranking of the ACC teams. For example, I believe FSU was ranked by some in the top 7. I have them as #7.
    Others did not have Pitt in top 7.

    It was just my attempt at putting something together to answer a question.

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    1. Actually, I have FSU at # 15 not #7. My mind got ahead of my typing as I was already thinking of Pitt & 3&


  6. Honestly, Cunningham was hurt prior to the final play that resulted in his head hitting the turf. He was playing nervous the whole second half knowing full well that he was going to get pressure. If Pitt can get in the NC St QB’s heads this week, they will have a great chance of shutting them down.

    I watched the VT-NC St game replay and frankly the holes VT ran through may have been big enough for even our RBs to get through. The difference is VT’s backs made moves and had the speed to evade the second level tacklers. In other words, not running 5 yards when the OL blocks a 5-yd play. I think V Davis will be best able to do what VT did.

    Izzy is clearly the future among the current RBs. If NC St can’t pressure KP it might be a chance for Izzy’s breakout game, since RB blitz pickup won’t be a problem.

    From what I saw both of NC St’s QBs weren’t any better than KP, and with Pitt pressure wouldn’t be surprised to see another couple of interceptions.


    1. I actually talked with a couple NC State fans this week on a WolfPack blog.

      They actually echoed your sentiments.

      It’s early but….

      I’m going with a final Score of Pitt 28 NC State 10.


    2. Thought I read where NC St. is running a 3-3-5 defense, which I think is what the Cuse used. This does raise issues with blitz pickups because you don’t know who’s rushing…

      Go Pitt.

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      1. I think Pitt runs the same D on certain packages so they should have practice at it plus the Syracuse game experience. No excuses. LOL


  7. AD Heather Unlyked was on The Fan this am and said that a plan was submitted for fans to fill 15 to 20% capacity of Heinz (no jokes please). Ok one … Pitt will report 25 to 30% capacity.

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    1. Winning that Tardis in a game of Texas Holdem back in Upstate New York during the Summer of ‘99 was a great moment. My hand was a full boat. Thing sits in my garage now. The Time Lords were not pleased.



  8. BigB, Sibley came in with huge expectations because of the OSU connection, but has disappointed so far, so he was over rated. I think most agree that Izzy has the skills and should do even better once he learns the system. His skills are evident when playing, even with the current OL, so I’m not sure that the OL is entirely to blame. No one is breaking tackles after they get into space, they just go down way too easy. But generally, the RB recruiting scores were good for these guys when recruited, so it falls back on the coaches to recruit top running backs based on skills rather than star level rankings. We all know of some 5 stars who were busts!


  9. Just catching up reading through the comments from last article as well as this on. One of the comments mentioned that WR Will Gipson ran the scout team before the Louisville game and it was very helpful. This begs the question “Why is he not our wildcat quarterback?” Apparently he a very good runner per Jones’s comments. Assume he is a competent wide receiver as well, he could be used in that capacity if we design several plays shift out of the wild cat with Pickett on the field.


  10. While I’m not a fan of Coach Powell’s vision of the type of RB that Pitt should be recruiting, I compliment Coach P. on the way he turned around the special teams play. (Except for the fake punt, of course, which Duzzer took the blame for, but still…)

    I also compliment Coach Duzz. Wasn’t an obvious decision to stick with Kessman…

    Go Pitt.


  11. Something I meant to post but forgot, and sorry if it was mentioned. Anyone notice the end zones when back to Pittsburgh and the striped lines? Had to do with Steeler game the next day I’m sure. Funny how a 3-0 start( even though it was against teams with combined 2-7 records) let’s people concentrate on football and not artwork.


  12. NC States Punter was the 2019 3’rd team All ACC punter & the ACC preseason pick as the top punter for 2020. (That’s why he is in Bold in above “stars” chart.) According to PFF & Athlon he is a 3’rd team pick.

    Where is Christadolu in these rankings? And where did PFF or Athlon rank him?


  13. NCSt DC Tony Gibson ran the same 3-3-5 at West Virginia High School, so this should be nothing new to go against for our staff, and Cuse did the same as pointed out above.

    Sibley and OSU cut ties after Sibley suffered a serious injury in high school. He was not over-rated at the time of his high rating. I think he was a 4 star when OSU got him, but went down to 3 star after injury and divorce from OSU. There’s always stories behind the stories. Look, we got Shady the same way. 5 star, late high school injury and he went down to a 4 star. He also ran behind Jeff Otah, Mike McGlynn, CJ Davis, Lucas Nix, John Malecki, Chris Jacobsen, and Nate Byham at TE. I would say that the rb’s we recruit are fine, but many come in here and have to play against a defense that stacks the box, no tight end threat, average quarterbacking and a very average at best Oline.

    The art work is awful, always has been. If you speak bad of it, even half joking, the POV cancel culture comes to the rescue. The writer gets cancelled and maligned to the point they just leave for the most part, with an occasional guest post for fun and jocularity.

    I did show my kids the new uni’s and they liked the helmets and hated the rest. Especially they said that they couldn’t read the names on the back clearly. Me, I didnt like anything about them but I am a 70’s purist. So glad the ACC taught us how to schedule early…..and easy! Couldn’t have done it without em! +1 ACC.


  14. You’re entitled to your opinion Huff and so is everybody else. Even the ones who don’t agree with you. That’s a cheap shot. You exercise your right of free speech and I’ve never heard anyone tell or suggest to another to shut-up they are canceling you out. Why are you trying to cancel out the posters you accuse of cancel culture?

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    1. I type 4 paragraphs and you pick something you dont like my response about the art work comment and how that poster got ostracized. He spoke the truth and for the last year has been a non-regular poster. Gets along with everyone personally, but gets ragged on incessantly. I don’t think he is wrong all too often. Great comment tho!


      1. There it is Huff, it’s what YOU think. I reserve the right to say what I think. No one suggested to whomever to not comment. It’s that person’s choice. Frankly, I could care less. Too much ta ta ta with your email gang.


  15. Charlie Partridge Interview today is a must listen to. It’s going to be very hard to keep him at Pitt based on the success the Pitt D Line is having these past two years. I see another LSUlike Canada Offer coming his way after this season. I’m not sure Pitt will have to $$$’s to match the offer.

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  16. I certainly see Charlie’s stock going up. Our D is awesome. Pitt should be sharpening its pencil now and be proactive instead of being reactive as in the case of Oh Canada. Pitt needs to develop a reputation for being a place that rewards success.


  17. Maestro – always love your take on the Duzz PC responses. Really good stuff and should be a regualr in the line-up. Also really like the posts where you pull together different tweets and links to blosg and articles. I often see somethng there that I have nto seen elsewhere.

    Likewise Richard!
    Great analysis and an enjoyable read.

    This is clearly a game we should and are supposed to win. Will we? who knows…

    But, I like our chances and if the team can minimize mistakes and TO’s…


  18. Partridge will be a real problem as there is not an easy path to DC for him here with Bates doing such a good job and he’s only in his late 50’s / early 60’s. Plus, Partridge is already an Asst Head Coach so the question is how much can you pay him? Hate to lose him.

    As for Tim Salem, like Whipple, I think his seat should start warming up. I see TEs on teams across the spectrum playing integral roles in offensive schemes and all we have are lemons, most from transfers.

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  19. Just followed Jrnpitt’s recommendation on that C Partridge interview. Thanks so much for that as it is a must watch. That interview could have gone in for another hour if I had any say. I am especially interested in the 2 and low 3 star recruit and what the recruiter and his superiors look for as it seems to me that there is a real skill in evaluating 16-18 year old football talent that goes way beyond what the recruiting services do. Thanks again Jrnpitt.

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  20. Partridge interview great. Pay the man yesterday. While PITT is at it, pay Bates.

    As far as the uniforms last week? They did not speak to me at all. They needed a lot more pop. The name tags need to be a much lighter silver as if I care, get rid of them imo. Put them on the back shelf and let PITT wear the blue jersey’s at home.

    Here’s hoping Phil and Cam come back next season. Now for the one that make you all cringe, Hope KP comes back as well, BUT……. if he doesn’t come back, that would mean he gets a good draft grade. Ouch.


  21. Sorry Ike, KP coming back would be a big step backwards IMO for the long term. Undoubtedly causing Beville/Yellen to re-think transferring and after 4 years KP has not shown any significant improvement. He is what he is, a gritty, limited D-1 QB.


    1. In last night’s All ACC, host Mark Herzilich who played collegiately at linebacker at BC and in the NFL with NY Giants stated that he really likes KP. He further said that KP reminds him of Aaron Rogers at that time in Aaron’s college career. Although he added this, of course. is no guarantee that KP will follow Aaron’s pro career. In my opinion Mark who studied the Pitt game film is a bit more informed source of qb’s than most (all?) of us.

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  22. No problem Tax, I knew there wouldn’t be a consensus on that subject. My guess is that next years defense may not be as good as this year and PITT may need a seasoned and experienced QB? Truthfully, I could go with another younger QB as well. I will say, there are lots of people that think KP has improved over his few short 3 years of starting. Yellen and Beville proved they aren’t better than him.


  23. This years Pitt defense needs a handle. The best two that I have heard are “Sacks Fifth Avenue” and “Chaos Incarnate”. Do you have another you like better?


        1. Pittsburgh Sack Attack

          The Fearsome Eleven and then Some

          Panthers on the Prowl

          VS Syracuse -> Orange Crush
          VS Louisville -> Birdseed Sack
          VS NC State -> Wolfsack
          VS BC -> Jerk Seasoning
          VS ND -> Domers Down
          VS Miami -> Stormy Daniels
          VS FL ST -> Apache Sack Band
          VS GTech -> The Killer B’s
          VS VTech -> Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars reference)
          VS Clemson -> Cat Sack Fever

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  24. On the Packer and Durham ACC radio show, they rated Pitt #4 in the ACC Power ratings, after Clemson, Miami, and ND as 1,2,and 3, They felt North Carolina had too small a sample size for a high rating.


  25. I don’t understand how POVers can know how good a QB KP is when we can’t see down field. At least before the time of Covid people in the stands could see the field during each play. But there is no one – at least no POVers in the stands to report about open receivers.

    Similarly, we can watch a linebacker penetrate Pitt’s offensive line without being so much as touched by a lineman or RB. We don’t know if an assignment was missed or if the play called for the RB to beat the penetrating linebacker by moving more quickly to daylight.

    The point is the TV audience cannot know if for instance Vincent Davis didn’t get the handoff from Pickett fast enough or if Pickett displayed poor peripheral vision in choosing a tightly covered receiver as a target. If you guys know something I don’t, I’d love to be educated.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. it does amaze me how some here KNOW so much

      to be accurate with many judgements, we would need to know the play call and each player’s assignment and rules for the linemen through to the QB, same with the defense positions, some things are common sense and obvious but line play is the toughest

      I am probably guilty of assuming things I shouldn’t and tend to generally over rate the positive and then over criticize the negatives

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  26. Pulled this from Jon Rothstein’s Twitter account (CBS Sports) –

    “Virginia Tech needs just one more run of 30+ yards to match their entire 2015 season. Yes, you read that correctly.

    VT No. 7 in runs of 20+ yards, and No. 5 in runs of 30+ yards. All teams above them have played 2-4 games.“


    All done in one game vs NC State last Saturday. This Saturday “should” be a good game for at least one Pitt RB to find their legs and whip the run game into shape.

    After 3 games, Pitt is averaging 3.6 ypc, with V.Davis leading in carries and yards, but only averaging 3.7 ypc. The injured D.Carter leads the committee with a 5.5 ypc and next is trueFR Izzy with 4.8 ypc. The longest running play in 2020 by the committee is 21 yards.

    Duzz stated in his press conference that the RB who has the best week of practice will win the starting job for the game vs the Wolfpack. PRACTICE? We talking about practice? I guess if V.Davis is averaging 3.7 ypc vs the Pitt D, then he earned the starting job for sure…


  27. Anyone know why DE Hayes did not play vs Louisville?

    The DE position was manned well with starters Weaver & Jones along with back-ups Alexander & Morgan. Missing were Baldonado (injury) & Hayes.


      1. I understand having Weaver and Jones on the field as much as possible and especially in that last Louieville series. But in one of the plays on the last series it appeared to me – and I could be wrong – that Weaver was out of gas. I say this because the QB ended up scrambling to the other side of the field, but Weaver didn’t give chase, he pulled up, which seemed way out of place for him…

        I just hope they use the other DEs, especially Baldonado when he returns, and Hayes, enough to keep the main two guys fresh…

        Go Pitt.


        1. Pretty sure Hayes was banged up and positive Baldonado was. Also thinking the freshman backup has also been out. So depth is down for now, hoping some guys get healthy.

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  28. as I am typing this, I’m watching the Pitt – Lville replay and I am seeing why the V Davis ypc was so low.

    He was being handed the ball on the next to last series with nowhere to go with Lville playing the run … 2 rushes -4 yds. PLUS — the sack/fumble by Pickett in the 2nd quarter was picked up by V Davis for -9 …. which is counted as a carry.

    He had 14 carries for 47 yds for 3.4 ypc. Take away the above and he has 11 carries for 60 yards for 5.5

    Liked by 3 people

        1. All that you discounted or removed from V.Davis’s stats were still a part of his “performance”.

          V.Davis did not perform well in the wildcat and thus lost 12 yards. And on and on.

          I think we all agree that Pitt needs more production from the RB position.


          1. No doubt, but while I was disappointed that Izzy didn’t get more carries, I was positively surprised by V. Davis performance in the second half, which helped to seal the victory with some good runs.

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  29. BTW, so far this season, Vincent Davis has caught 7 passes for 64 yards. So an average of 9 yards per catch….

    Go Pitt.


  30. A 4-6 ranked position in the conference makes sense. For Pitts spend they should be top 5. Money can buy success in college football.

    I agree with the three ahead of pitt. After that it’s interchangeable. Pitt plays all three. I expect them to go 1-2.


  31. I’m anxious to see how the Oline plays this week. I’m assuming Warren and Van Lynn will start at tackle. I was surprised that Van Lynn didn’t beat Warren out, so I’m curious to see how the unit does after a week of practicing together…

    (Anybody hear anything about how QB Malik Cunningham is doing?)

    Go Pitt.


    1. After leaving Saturday’s game against Pittsburgh on a medical cart, Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham is “good to go,” coach Scott Satterfield said.

      Cunningham went down hard on the last offensive play in Saturday’s game. Rolling to his right, Cunningham was tackled as he was throwing the ball on fourth down, hoping to keep Louisville’s comeback chances alive. His throw was intercepted.

      Though he was carted off on a stretcher, Satterfield said he had movement of all of his extremities while on the ground and he gave a thumbs up as he was carted off. He traveled back with the team on Saturday after evaluated and did practice on Tuesday, Satterfield said.

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    2. Do we think houey is hurt? FWIW pff has him as a better run blocker but Van Lynn a better pass blocker


    3. I was actually surprised Houy beat out Van Lynn. I knew the transfer kid was for back up. Van Lynn moves pretty good, under 300lbs. Not sure he will completely miss a speed rusher like Houy did on the Pickett pass/fumble. At least I hope he won’t.

      The younger Goncalves kid can really move. I think him and Zubovic will be very good.

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  32. Another fine effort by MM!

    Richard – you get ***** rating for the use of “Bucolic” in a sentence, without reference to psux!! Your vocabulary is quickly becoming very Howard Cosellian! 😉

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    1. Thanks Bruce – I thought “cabal” was my stronger word. But I can see your choice.

      Learned both words in my “learn something new everyday” campaign. Usually, its stats. For example on PFF’s 2020 preseason All ACC team, Christodoula was the 1’st team punter. Shows you what I know about rating punters.

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  33. Again for the record, I didn’t like the unis last week. I reiterate this for a reason as to make clear a recent comment I made.


      1. If Mark wanted one I would have certainly bought him the whole uni. I would even buy him a yellow shirt to match Heather’s blouse.


    1. Again, for the record, I care not, nada, nine, zilch, pas de tous what uniforms they wear. Just win baby win!

      A former clothes horse in Texas.🧛‍♂️

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  34. If we should lose Saturday, I will forever refer to NCSU as……….
    ncsux (pronounced as “nic-sux” or perhaps, “nuc-sux” – rolls off the tongue a little easier).

    Not sure how I would refer to Pitt, if that happens. (Probably nothing any worse than what we read on POV!)


  35. Maestro, Atlanta has to have the best stadium organist. In the past hour, I have heard Rush (Subdivisions), Pink Floyd (Brain Damage), The Weavers (Where Have All the Flowers Gone), Heart (Crazy on You) and ,any more. Great game by the way …. love pitching duels!


  36. Late to get party…nickname for the defense…
    The Dooz Brothers.
    The band can dress like Jake and Elwood while they play songs from the movie at halftime.

    Couldn’t think of anything with Bates in it…

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    1. I was going for the record.

      Yes I’m hindsight should have left Richards article for tonight


  37. Looks like Grant Carrigan is going to be the starting TE. He is a RJr. and has gone from TE to OT and back to TE.

    I got to say hello to Grant at a spring game – he is a legit 6’7”. He came out of Pine Richland as a 3-star and as the No. 1 TE in PA and No. 3 TE in the East by Scout.

    However — he only caught 8 passes as a senior in HS and he has yet to catch a pass in college. Doesn’t sound like opposing defenses will be worried about Grant as a receiver, which is going to hurt the offense….

    Would be great to see a break-out game by ANY Pitt TE, but the wait continues…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Carrigan played 2 years at Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas before coming to P-R. Played with Jurkovec but P-R rarely used a TE. He was a pretty good DE there though. Saw him play on TV when I was living in Cleveland area when P-R played defending Ohio champ Glenwood Catholic.

      But was surprised when Tyler Sear of Class A Neshannock played before him as a frosh … since P-R made state finals 2 years in a row on PA top classification.

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