Well here we are. Week 3 versus Louisville. A battle of two top 25 teams. Offense versus defense. Some old Big East Flavor on the banks of the Allegheny. It’s nearly everything that anybody could have asked for…other than the fact that Louisville lost to Miami last week (and boy didn’t Miami look good?) and of course the 12 o’clock kick. (Duke at Virginia at 4? NC State at Virginia Tech at 8? It’s alright ACC, we know you don’t care.)

We also know the storyline. Louisville brings 501 Yards of Offense Per Game to Heinz (34 pts and 519 yds vs Miami…) Pitt brings 154 Yards Allowed. (But who have we played, really?) Louisville features speed, speed and more speed. (Quarterback, Running Back, Receiver). Pitt brings a no-name secondary (Damar Hamlin? He wasn’t even all ACC. Paris Ford? Not even a Jim Thorpe Award finalist. Marquis Williams? Jason Pinnock? Who are these guys?) The consensus is that Pitt isn’t going to be able to keep up. Pat Narduzzi was defiant when asked.

That’s why we play the games. We’re going to find out. But we’re not slow, OK. And they’re really fast. So we’ll take our untalented, slow guys to Heinz Field and we’ll try to maybe we’ll give them a little extra game before the game and maybe somehow we’ll have a chance to be in the game at some point. But we’ll take our no-name guys with no speed and we’ll find out what we got. That’s why we play the games to find out. They’re really fast, they’re quick, and they look really good and we’ll find out what the Panthers got Saturday at noon.

And then you have Pitt’s offense. Sure the run blocking has improved, but has it really? (A sickly 2.9 YPC against the ‘Cuse, and just 4.2 against Austin Peay.) And then the passing game. Pickett’s stats are up, but the downfield game is perceived to be lacking. Of course there is a reason for that. Pat Narduzzi:

We’d like to, but our guys are slow. So it’s hard to push it deep when you’re slow, so we’ve got to be slow throwing it down the field to slow people. We’re going to take what they give us. We’re going to take what they give us, if you look at the Syracuse defense, they were really good on the back end and they didn’t give us much opportunity. It was a nice one to Jordan Addison and if we had the ball at our own two-yard line that would have been a 98-yard reception. And we had another opportunity where it would have been a touchdown as well, but we just didn’t throw it to him and he was wide open. You take your opportunities and you know what you’re going to get and that’s the coaches’ job to find our how deep can we go, how many times do we take shots? There’s nothing worse than someone taking a deep shot and now it’s second and ten and you put yourself behind the sticks. So we just want to move the sticks and score touchdowns. I don’t care how long or how short they are, we’ll just take our slow guys out there and see if we can get a first down, that’s the first thing.

Scoring touchdowns. That is the name of the game, especially when your kicker is struggling. Fortunately, the Cardinals defense is nothing special. Miami hung 47 on them after putting up 31 against UAB. Even (badly outclassed) Western Kentucky scored 21 against the ‘Ville. If Pitt can’t score at least 30, well then it might be time to re-evaluate Mark Whipple.

The good news is that Kenny Pickett tends to play well against bad defense (who’d have thought?) Last year his QBR was 172, 137 and 142 against EMU, BC and UNC respectively. Not exactly a murderer’s row. Pitt, of course, went 2-1 in those games, and that bring us to the crux of the issue.

Potential. If Pitt plays mistake free and executes to their potential, they are more than a handful for any team in the ACC (Except maybe Clemson). If Pitt gets called for a half dozen procedure penalties, picks up a couple of dumb unsportsmanlike calls, and loses three fumbles, they are not just going to lose, they are going to lose badly.

So yes, the opportunity to earn National Respect is here. It is being served to Pitt (like it has so many times in the past) on a sliver platter. All Pitt has to do is take the dish in both hands (firmly and confidently), set it on the table, grasp their utensils (cleanly), systematically commence eating, and not let up until every single scrap on that platter is gone.

Historically they’ve done just the opposite.

Lets see if this year is different.

134 thoughts on “The Biggest Game of the Season

    1. No. 21 Pitt Panthers (2-0, 1-0 ACC)

      8 Kenny Pickett (SR, 6-2, 220)
      17 Davis Beville (FR*, 6-5, 220)
      or 16 Joey Yellen (FR*, 6-3, 215)

      Running Back
      22 Vincent Davis (SO, 5-8, 175)
      21 A.J. Davis (SR, 6-0, 215)
      or 23 Todd Sibley Jr. (JR*, 5-9, 225)
      or 4 Daniel Carter (FR*, 5-10, 220)
      or 2 Israel Abanikanda (FR, 5-11, 200)

      Wide Receiver
      18 Shocky Jacques-Louis (JR, 6-0, 185)
      9 DJ Turner (SR*, 5-9, 205)
      or 6 Tre Tipton (SR*, 6-0, 185)

      Wide Receiver
      11 Taysir Mack (SR*, 6-2, 205)
      or 5 Jared Wayne (SO, 6-3, 195)

      Slot Receiver
      3 Jordan Addison (FR, 6-0, 170)
      83 John Vardzel (SO*, 5-10, 190)

      Tight End
      7 Lucas Krull (SR*, 6-6, 260)
      28 Kyi Wright (FR*, 6-2, 260)
      or 80 Daniel Moraga (JR*, 6-3, 225)

      Left Tackle
      77 Carter Warren (JR*, 6-5, 315)
      59 Carson Van Lynn (JR*, 6-5, 295)

      Left Guard
      71 Bryce Hargrove (SR*, 6-4, 320)
      76 Matt Goncalves (FR*, 6-6, 315)

      67 Jimmy Morrissey (SR*, 6-3, 305)
      60 Owen Drexel (JR*, 6-3, 300)

      Right Guard
      53 Jake Kradel (SO*, 6-3, 305)
      68 Blake Zubovic (SO*, 6-4, 320)

      Right Tackle
      57 Gabe Houy (JR*, 6-6, 300)
      74 Keldrick Wilson (SR*, 6-5, 300)


      Defensive End
      91 Patrick Jones II (SR*, 6-5, 260)
      5 Deslin Alexandre (JR*, 6-4, 270)
      or 91 6 John Morgan (SO*, 6-2, 250)

      Defensive Tackle
      10 Keyshon Camp (SR*, 6-4, 295)
      2 David Green (SO*, 6-0, 280)

      Defensive Tackle
      95 Devin Danielson (SO*, 6-1, 300)
      92 Tyler Bentley (SO*, 6-2, 300)
      or 8 Calijah Kancey (FR*, 6-0, 270)

      Defensive End
      17 Rashad Weaver (SR*, 6-5, 270)
      87 Habakkuk Baldonado (SO*, 6-5, 250)

      Money Linebacker
      24 Phil Campbell III (SR*, 6-1, 220)
      32 SirVocea Dennis (SO, 6-1, 230)

      Mike Linebacker
      20 Wendell Davis (SO*, 6-2, 240)
      36 Chase Pine (SR*, 6-2, 250)
      30 Brandon George (SO, 6-2, 240)

      Star Linebacker
      38 Cam Bright (JR*, 6-0, 215)
      0 John Petrishen (SR*, 6-1, 210)

      Strong Safety
      12 Paris Ford (JR*, 6-0, 190)
      9 Brandon Hill (FR*, 5-10, 205)

      Free Safety
      3 Damar Hamlin (SR*, 6-1, 195)
      31 Erick Hallett (SO*, 5-11, 190)

      14 Marquis Williams (SO*, 5-8, 175)
      25 A.J. Woods (SO, 5-10, 185)

      15 Jason Pinnock (SR, 6-0, 200)
      28 Rashad Battle (FR, 6-3, 200)

      Special Teams

      97 Alex Kessman (SR*, 6-3, 190)
      91 Sam Scarton (FR*, 6-0, 185)
      or 90 Ben Sauls (FR, 5-10, 180)

      98 Kirk Christtodoulou (JR*, 6-1, 215)
      92 Cam Guess (FR, 5-11, 195)

      98 Kirk Christtodoulou (JR*, 6-1, 215)
      92 Cam Guess (FR, 5-11, 195)

      Long Snapper
      94 Cal Adomitis (SR, 6-2, 235)
      49 Byron Floyd (FR, 6-1, 245)

      Kickoff Returner
      3 Jordan Addison (FR, 6-0, 170)
      25 A.J. Woods (SO, 5-10, 185)
      22 Vincent Davis (SO, 5-8, 175)
      9 DJ Turner (SR*, 5-9, 205)

      Punt Returner
      3 Jordan Addison (FR, 6-0, 170)
      9 DJ Turner (SR*, 5-9, 205)
      10 Jaylon Barden (FR, 5-11, 175)

      97 Alex Kessman (SR*, 6-3, 190)
      91 Sam Scarton (FR*, 6-0, 185)

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  1. I wonder if there is a COVID list, or if we are to deduce who is missing from the depth chart when it comes out. If they are getting tested on Friday mornings, it might not be known for a while who comes up positive.


  2. Mike – another good article. Hope you are showing improvement in your recuperation.

    I do have a question about your PFF grades article. On the header for DL & LB, there is a grad for “TACK”. What is tack? Is it tackling? Whatever it is Pine is bad & Cancel while having a way better grade then Pine is lowest of the DL group.


    1. Yes tackling. I think in general DL’s would score more highly here, although Cancey is a disaster. I agree with your assessment on Pine. Probably a reason he spends a lot of time riding the pine…

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  3. Mack is listed as the top WR but honestly? I don’t believe a word of the list. It’s regurgitated from last week. Lock the Gates. Narduzzi is like am old dog, can’t teach him new tricks.


      1. He’s a CoJack; half Corgi, half Jack Russell terrier; if he were a stereotypical American-bred Jack Russell then he’d no longer have a job. But combine that with the easy-tempered Corgi and you’ve got a “gamer” that is tenacious but won’t necessarily bust-its-seams going after every fouled call.

        **I of course own a Co-Jack; Narduzzi is a mix of things not always salient or dependent on a bread-of-choice, which of course makes him a pretty salable for head coaching vacancies; he cannot be figured out entirely meeting a solo-bread thoroughbred; no one who consistently pulls in $4MIL can be deciphered so purely.



  4. Few people have talked but a mere lick about the availability of the ACC NETWORK in the greater Philadelphia PA AREA?

    Why not?

    This is a travesty.


    1. This is not an advertisement.

      Do you have access to a smart TV?

      I cut the cord and threw out the satellite, you can subscribe to Hulu or YouTube Tv for a very reasonable cost.

      You can get local stations and the coveted ACC network.

      Just a suggestion.

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      1. James, yes, thanks! I’m going to put money down on YOUTUBE TV this weekend.

        Thanks for response on the alternatives.

        But it’s crazy to think that Comcast & ACCN never reached an agreement. (This is a HUGE MARKET neglected in negotiations esp when NCAA tourney comes about in this truck-state area


  5. Some more food for thought …


  6. I don’t think they update the 2 deep weekly. From the chatter it appears Krull is out, but he is listed as a starter, so it may not be updated.

    Also, Pine might be starting instead of Davis, most likely because of Lewisvilles offensive maturity and complications in coverage, as well as misdirection of the Lewisville offense.

    I would be pleased if the freshmen wr’s pass Mak. Not because I dont appreciate Macks talent, but it would show that the coaches are starting to play the more talented individual and letting competition get the best players on the field always. I think he was hurt and may not get his job back, which I am fine with personally.


  7. I’m getting bad vibs about this game with Louisville. They lost to a team Miami that they probably think they should have won, with a slow start and then a come back. Then they head for Pitt and must feel like they cannot lose another ACC game to a team they were previously ranked ahead of. It Pitt gets behind early and lets them get some confidence, then it could be Katy bar the door! They could slap a 40 pt game on us.


  8. Honestly if Pitt plays their best game and loses I will be dissapointed but at least we will know the better team won.

    If they play their best game and win, then of course we will all be thrilled.

    There is no way Pitt wins if they don’t play their best game. That I can tell you for sure.

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  9. This week Pitt will get its running game going which will open up the passing lanes — Pickett needs to improve his short passing but also be allowed to throw long to keep the safeties honest and farther away from the line of scrimmage.


  10. Pitt’s corners on an island and Coaching, both Narduzzi and Whipple, are their biggest liabilities.
    Pitt never wins these step up games under the current coaches. L Ville has 4.1 40 speed at three positions.
    No way Pitt wins this tomorrow!
    Louisville in a blowout 48- 17


    1. Which positions Dan?

      I want to focus in to see if it is speed only or speed mixed with talent.

      On the golf course, big hitters don’t always win – I beat two PSUcks guys today without getting my driver out.

      If Pitt’s D hits hard, tackles lyke they have this season and does a good job containing their QB, the grey Panthers have a legitimate chance to win. The O needs to find success early and often – 3 and outs to start a game make me turn cardinal red – that was Pitt’s m.o. last week and much of last season.


      1. I didnt use my driver today either Eric and also beat three competitors…..but we played putt putt.

        Point taken tho and Dan is spot on. Lewisville has speed galore and i did hear an interview where two of their WR’s run legit 4.25 40s. Typically, you can beat pure speed with physicality at the line of scrimmage to disrupt the straight ahead speed and I expect our db’s to do that. However, I also watched a couple of their wr’s that are also quick. Quick and speedy makes you bleedy, speedy and not quick, makes you kick.

        Lewisville is weaker against the run, or at least they showed that against Miami. They also didn’t load the box. I expect them to load the box and make the qb beat them, which has been the elixir to beat Pitt for as many years as I can remember. Open up the offense, Lewisville will.


        1. Last year the NFL combine’s fastest 40 yd dash was 4.29 and the second was 4.3. I highly doubt that Louisville’s fastest 2 receivers run 4.25 40’s.


  11. I know I heard he was fast and think someone said 4.25 but found this: Andy Isabella runs an official 4.31 40-yard dash at 2019 combine

    we do not have one of those guys for Whipple to utilize

    we need a good start tomorrow and not thinking we NEED to score 30 but IF WE DO and lose it will deflate everything

    Paris needs a good game and I expect it, Pickett needs a very good game and I have no idea but think he will if the line performs above average


    1. It looks to me like the post about 3 players with 4.1 speed was taken down. Did not know that could be done. Utterly ridiculous comment though forgivable only if it was a typo.


      1. I went back and checked. There was a reporter that follows Lewisville and he said it was in the mid-4.2s as Dan points out. Factor in that it came from lewisville and you can add a .10 at least for fudging, but still it is fast, even at 4.35.


      2. no, it is up there – dan72 usually goes over the top a bit in anticipation of most games

        September 25, 2020 at 5:30 pm
        Pitt’s corners on an island and Coaching, both Narduzzi and Whipple, are their biggest liabilities.
        Pitt never wins these step up games under the current coaches. L Ville has 4.1 40 speed at three positions.
        No way Pitt wins this tomorrow!
        Louisville in a blowout 48- 17


  12. Pitt girls previewing the coming Louisville rout tomorrow.

    Louisville’s defensive line will manhandle Pitt’s very overrated O line and squash our running game and sack Pickett repeatedly


  13. Too bad the PITT coaches don’t work more on their receivers actually catching the football. What a difference that would make if they did? Maybe they are concentrating on winning football games too much?


  14. Pitt’s VB coach does not have the girls prepared for the season opener. One ACC loss in the last 2 seasons.

    Struggling mightily in this match vs cuse. Orange revenge for the FB loss last week?

    Come on girls – man up, will you!

    Go Pitt!


  15. I probably shouldn’t speculate but I guess it is possible that Mack may be in a 2 week quarantine. Has he been seen on the sidelines?

    BTW, Pitt won the 4th set

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  16. Happy to see the lady Panthers aren’t panicking like some others.

    Why isn’t the PITT football game on national TV? Should be a good one. Dan, hope you are wrong and if you are………….. I’ll be sure and remind you.


  17. Pitt losses in the 5th set – the loss comes at 15-9 – dominated by the orange.

    Tough loss to the team picked to finish 6th in a weak ACC conference – by the way, I’ll be on the golf course tomorrow – cheer loud and proud for the Panthers to eat cardinal at noon.


      1. They brought in a setter from ETSU. Overall the team needed some out of conference matches to have Coach better evaluate them. Lots of young players along with new transfers including the setter. The JC transfer played a bit in the fifth set. Will need to look at the stats for more analysis. I believe Pitt will recover and take down the Orange tomorrow. Pitt probably has the toughest bracket. Notre Dame upset Louisville so the only BC is a gimme. Hopefully there will be a spring season.


        1. The transfers are a libero and an Outside hitter. Pitt’s other setter (Kylee) was injured preseason last year. She was not connecting well with her hitters today. Hasn”t had enoigh first teMam reps IMO. Pitt had to replace a Middle blocker, right side and libero. Chee did a great job moving from middle/outside last year to right side this year. I was not impressed with either of the 2 transfers. The new middle is a sophomore. She is still green, but obviously not the same caliber of player as the one she replaced. She will get better. Team did not look smooth. I worked late and DVR’d the match, and of course it shut off at 24-23 in the 4th set. I’m going to guess it will take a match or 2 for coach to figure out his lineup. That is my vb parent analysis of the match. Since there’s no playoffs for the fall season, there is time to experiment with the lineup in anticipation of the spring season. Serve receive and passing must improve, as well as blocking.

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  18. Pitt will bring their own speed to the ketchup bottle tomorrow – WR’s Addison, Barden & Turner will each break for a long TD catch & sprints and RB Izzy takes one to the house.

    Many punishing hits by our D slows down the cards 🐦enough for the Panthers 🐆 to pounce and devour the tasty birds for a Pitt victory.

    Pitt wins 34-28 (five Pitt TD’s with one missed Kessman PAT)

    Duzz declares Heinz Field the fastest track in the ACC (not)…

    Hoping to catch the end of the game and celebrate a Pitt W


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  19. Not wanting to go on and my last comment about this weeks uniforms. By most accounts the players love them and the merchandise flew off the shelves. My only problem is….. why didn’t Nike and PITT call Texas for approval? 😉 … Have we gotten that far out of touch? Let’s let the boys have some fun while they work their butts off for us all.


    1. Ike – any adult who purchased those uglies will experience a thing called buyers remorse. That uni will be the top regift item this Christmas. Like I said before, I’d rather receive coal in my stocking than that jersey. I truly pity the fools who purchase that crap.


        1. Ask yourself would you spend $60 bucks on this lump of coal. That’s 6 cases of cheap beer for a college student. If I was 18 again, I know what I’d pick. Beer and a chance to get laid any day. No chance scoring wearing that jersey.


          1. Man, I can’t agree with you on anything! I love the new (maybe one time uniforms) to be made our regular ones. I do not like the yellow/royal blue (try too look like 1976) uniforms


  20. For all those continually complaining about Comcast, you need to wise up already. Comcast is slowly letting their standard cable business die. They are milking it as a cash cow. If you have Comcast, then you probably already have their high speed Internet. Simply cancel your expensive cable and pick one of the many options available such as Sling, YouTube, Hulu, etc. Almost all of them carry the ACC channel. You also get the ACCDN with it. You may have to buy something to make your TV “smarter” but it is a one time cost and it is not that much. You can use a virtual DVR as well so you lose nothing except an expensive cable bill.

    If you live in the country as I do, I am patiently waiting for StarLink to come on line, then good bye Dish!


    1. Absolutely right John in SC.

      I waited for comcast to come around but I’m tired of waiting. Signed on with Youtube TV on 9/11 with 2 week trial. Their channel lineup is extensive and includes local chsnnels. The channel selection guide is a bit clunky but serviceable. Plus unlimited DVR service. Its one of the pricier options at 65 per month but still cheaper than Comcast.
      I catch some of Packer & Durham every morning and really enjoy the coverage of Pitt and Pitt’s opponents.
      I returned all my concast equipment yesterday.

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  21. Went to Dicks with my daughter to get some golf stuff. She’s in mid 30s. Thought the new stuff looked good. I thought the hats were good, better than shirts. Picked one up and was on my way to register, looked at price and promptly put it back. $32.I almost …….t. Are they nuts? I mean 32 bucks! I really did like the hat though.


  22. Everyone is touting LOU’s speed. You can tell by Narduzzi’s presser he has a huge chip on his shoulder. I love that; he’s got something to prove and he’s going to show it to the world tomorrow. PITT will run with and out physical the Cardinals 28-20. Trust the process!!


    1. I lyke your comment and would love to see the RB’s pound the ground with a chip on their shoulder too.

      NOTE: is it possible Duzz knew he could beat cuse with a bare minimum offensive effort and when Carter limped off the field he shut his best RB down for the day to save his pounding style for the red birds? And how about Izzy playing 3 snaps vs cuse without a touch – again, saving him for the red birds? Just speculating…

      If Pitt comes out with some smash mouth FB and a few splash plays to stretch the field – HUGE win is awaiting the “home town crowd”.


    2. No excuses. So Narduzzi turns on his patented smart a$$ sarcasm in his pressor when asked about the Ville’s speed. Now today it’s up to his charges to back up his Bravado.
      Prove it!🏈
      And BTW, if/when the Panthers knock off the Cardinals, those of you out there that just have to be Debbie Downers, please refrain from the lame a$$ excuses of why Pitt was able to put Louisville away. It makes you look so pathetically SOP.

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      1. Right Doc. It’s time to show what you’ve got. Narduzzi has got to go all in. If he doesn’t get a W today the noise is going to be really loud on the POV and elsewhere.


  23. PITT is a 3 point favorite at home and Narduzzi was asked. How is PITT going to handle Louisville speed? Loved his persistent answers and remarks and that’s how you coach young men up. Will it be enough? We shall see in a few hours from now. But PITT might be a little too slow?


  24. imo and of course it’s in my opinion cause, I’m the one writing this, this game comes down to Kenny Pickett. PITT will need to score points and just as important, they need to control field position and time of possession. Alright, insomnia is a real bugger but off to bed I go. Hopefully the ativan kicks in.


    1. But I would argue that KP’s performance depends highly on the Oline. So to me, this game comes down to whether the Oline gives KP enough time in the pocket…

      Go Pitt.


  25. Lyke my friend EE I will be golfing today…Outing for a childhood friend that passed away much too young.
    His son will hit a ceremonial tee shot off the first tee.
    Don’t know who is the backup to L’ville qb but once we take him out…
    Since I’m a non-adult koolaid drinking young boy who knows fools that bought Pitt gear in a non-approved color, I am picking the good guys to cover…30-17. 😎

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  26. Erie and Fran fine tuning their already razor sharp golfing skills to prepare for next Friday’s Uber-competitive POV golf outing. Looking forward to seeing everyone who is attending. I prepared by playing Bethpage Black yesterday. What a monster!!


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  27. Not feeling great about this game when you compare how we looked last week vs how Louisville looked vs Miami. Just hope we don’t get in a hole quickly and have to fight out of it. Need a fast start by both O and D.
    As has been said by most Pickett must have a good/great game.

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  28. My son asked me my prediction for the game and I said are you asking my head or my heart? Although I am 80% Kool-Aid drinker, I can’t get the vinegar taste of the BC game or even the Bowl game out of my mouth and mind. Given that, my prediction is L’ville 35-27. If Pitt wins My Kool-Aid percentage wiil rise substantially! For the record, my son is predicting a Pitt win.


    1. I hope ike and Tex are right. I just don’t see it. This is a prove it to me game.
      KP has to make the correct reads (prove it to me that you can KP)

      KP has to hit the open receiver after he makes the correct read (prove it to me that you can KP)

      The RBs have to hit the holes that are there in the run game when the opportunity is presented to them (prove it to me RBs) side note I hate the concept of RB by committee. Don’t mind a change of pace guy but this tells me that no rbs stand out to the coaches.

      The TEs have to try to be an actual asset the the team. Catch the ball when thrown to you and block passably (prove it to me that you can do it TEs)

      OL has to stand up to a maligned defensive unit that are also very quick off the ball. The UL defensive unit was victimized by short fields in the WKU game and big plays in the Miami game.(Prove it to me OL that you won’t get fooled by the stunts and blitz packages that UL runs at you).

      WRs have to run crisp routes and catch the all when thrown to them even if it is a pass with little to no touch on it (prove it to me WRs that you are up to the task)

      Whipple has to call a game that puts his guys in a position to succeed. They have to be prepared and line up the right way and not commit stupid penalties. (Prove it to me Whip)

      Kessman has to make his f*@&ing kicks. (Prove it to me Kess as a senior leader you have the mental toughness to get past the disaster of last week and make your damn kicks)

      The entire D has to prove it to me that they don’t give up the big play and can keep it close when the offense inevitably stalls. You have to overcome a short field or two when the dumb turnover happens (cause it will) Or short field due to good return in STs. Create a few turnovers to get the offense a short field. (Prove it to me defense that you are as good as many think you are).

      Duzz has to prove that he can have his entire team prepared to win against a legitimate opponent. No dumb mistakes with player Jersey numbers (that’s embarrassing), procedure penalties, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Prove to me you can have a well disciplined team that won’t do the dumb things that we have come to know and be disappointed by. Prove to me the moment isn’t to big and you can win as a ranked team who is favored at home against a ranked opponent. Prove to me that a Pitt football team can actually go 3-0 to start the season (some thing that hasn’t happened in over a decade).

      I will be watching today wanting to be proven wrong. Prove it to me Pitt.

      UL 38
      PITT 16


  29. Pitt football is the only sport that I still feel a nervous tension about on the day of a game.

    Pitt football, like it or hate it, the best entertainment bargain on the planet…

    Go Pitt.

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  30. There was a game last year where my systolic got up to 210. Had to shut the tv down, take a pill, and go for a walk. Think it was Miami.

    This could be one of those games. Need to premedicate?

    I think Duzz held back on Syracuse. At least I hope so. Need to pull out all the stops today.

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  31. We need our middle linebacker to be a presence today. Don’t know how well they’ve been playing, but seems to me their names haven’t been called very much so far…

    Go Pitt.


  32. I have a bad feeling about the game today but I will not predict a Pitt loss. I will not predict a Pitt loss. I will not predict a Pitt loss! Ugh, Pitt will lose today in football! The lady Panthers will avenge their loss to the Orange yesterday in volleyball and do it in 4 sets or less.


  33. This is the third beautiful Saturday in a row that we’ve missed the Fran / Wolfe et. al. tailgate! Curses!

    The only thing better than attending the Fran / Wolfe pre-game tailgate is attending the Fran / Wolfe post-game tailgate after a Panther win…

    Go Pitt.

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