Collins, Pinnock and Bright & A Look at Louisville

A Look at Pitt’s next opponent Louisville

by Richard Hefner

Pitt, coming off a victory over Syracuse is now 2-0. Our next opponent Louisville is 1-1 with wins over in-state rival G5 opponent Western Kentucky & a loss to Miami (34-47). This may be the best match-up in the ACC this week, but it is currently scheduled to be a noon kickoff on ACCN. The ACCN 4pm (Duke @ Virginia) & 8pm (NC State @ Virginia Tech) are slots filled by  the Virginia schools 1’st games of the season. Disappointing for all Pitt fans who do not have access to ACCN.

For those who read my comments on Syracuse, I will basically talk about the players – recruiting, transfers,  “star” players to watch on both sides of the ball, & whatever else I feel like discussing.

Scott Satterfield is in his 2’nd year as HC of the Louisville Cardinals. He replaced the (disgraced at Arkansas) Bobby Petrino after a 2018 2-10 season.

Recruiting wise, the 2020 class was his first true class. Ended up with 26 recruits after the July signing of a JUCO 5.5 3-star LB & the 40’th ranked class. (Note: due to Rivals point system calculations, only the top 20 recruits are counted in the 40’th rank.)

BTW -the 2021 class is currently ranked #20 with 22 commitments.

I like to look at a 5-year recruiting history to see trends. The 2019 class was a transitional class for Louisville.

I believe the 2017 & 2018 class are due to Lamar Jackson & the excitement he created for Louisville. The 2018 class is the high point in recruiting in this time frame and includes most of the big “STARS” (as you will see later) on Louisville’s team.

No one that I am aware of opted out due to Covid-19.

Louisville had transfers in & out.

I do not think there is any loss in those who left thought 3 went to P5 programs. I am surprised at the loss of the 2019 signee. Just one year in the system & already gone. Maybe he likes living in a really, really rural state.

As for the 3 who transferred in, it is hard to get excited about a Grad OL from UConn. It is also hard to find out if he starts or is just depth. The WR from North Carolina does not have any stats in the first two games. The biggest pickup is the CB from Liberty. As a true Freshman in 2019, he played in all 13 games and started 5 at Liberty. He transferred out after a disagreement with the university  reaction to the black life matters movement.

As I wrote in a series of comments last week, I use 3 sites to spotlight potential 2020 STARS. Pro Football Focus (PFF – Mikes new toy) for their use of stats.

I use Athlon because I am to cheap to buy Phil Steele’s.

I  also use the returning 2019 All ACC team. The ACC does publish a 2020 preseason ALL ACC but is only one team. I do recognize them in BOLD on following list.

If you watched the Miami at Louisville game last Saturday, the announcers talked about them as they were the game changers (except for Chandler the OL man who mainly toils in anonymity).

Included amongst the data are some interesting items. Rodney Burns, a transfer from Ohio State, is a LB but is also a Punt Returner. Which LB on Pitt’s team would you have returning punts? Marshon Ford, like our own Jimmy Morrissey, is an unranked walk-on.

One thing you can say about the disgraced Petrino, he knew how to recruit offense. Not so much defense. Exact opposite of HCPN. It is probably the offense/defense background of each. They know what they want & what to look for in a player in their field of expertise. On the other side of the ball, they probably defer to the assistant’s recommendations. But then again, Babers is an Off guy but his defense is so much better. So much for waiting an hour & so to revisit my writing & thinking bout what I had just wrote.

Speaking of changing my mind, I believe the Pitt- Louisville matchup is the best this coming week. Some though would pick the Florida State at Miami (7:30pm on ABC) is the best. It is a rivalry game, and anything can happen. As a matchup of top teams, it is not. Watch it for the anything can happen aspect.

Louisville vs Pitt on the other hand offers a classic offense vs defense matchup, and if Pitt plays up to their potential, it should be a great game.

139 thoughts on “Collins, Pinnock and Bright & A Look at Louisville

  1. LOU gained 516 yards against MIA. They are prolific on the offensive side of the ball. PITT will have to hold them to 325-350 yards to win this game IMO. I believe they can do that, as to this point PITT defenders have been tackling very well. There have been very few broken tackles and I can think of none that have hurt us. So, this will have to continue this weekend. KP and company will move the ball effectively against the LOU defense; I even think the running game will find it’s stride on Saturday. Keep the turnovers and penalties at a minimum and we’ve got a Panther victory.

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    1. I lyke your optimism. The run game will be the key to victory – I’m hoping the wheel route is on display and a few of the Miami offensive successes get introduced.

      I think Turner, Wayne and Barden have good numbers as the louisville D focuses on Addison.



  2. I am very worried about this game. Louisville’s Defensive line may eat up our O line…thank God their awful secondary sits behind them. Louisville’s offensive line is big and very athletic but our Dline is our strength. Their speed at QB,RBs, and receiver is frightening. One crack and they are gone. Pitt will have to be very disciplined in gap control and especially cut off backside lanes.

    Pitt needs to come up big Saturday. So many times when they’ve had that chance, that has not happened. It could be a Louisville
    48-17 blow out or a Pitt 21-16 win.

    Hate wearing new uniforms in a big game. It’s just one more thing the players have to worry about.

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  3. Pitt’s offense needs to make first downs and chew up clock. Ball control. Win the time of possession…

    Our DL will need to stay in their lanes, blitzes will need to be effective at also stopping the run, and we need to tackle well.

    I agree with Dan – we will either win a close one, or get blown out.


  4. So much to think about. I never like it when we go weakness vs weakness, ie our o vs their d, just never seems to work out for us.
    Also, I hope he doesn’t give Danielson much time, he takes himself out of so many plays, and this is what got him replaced early. If he does it against this team it will be a quick 6.
    I, for one, am a big fan of the SamYoung panther face. It’s cool. Not so much grey unis on any team, especially when our home blues are the best in the sport. That said, looking good means just about nothing. No rain here for weeks, some good old mud would a been welcome. Look,for a lot of pressure on their qb with him breaking containment for backbreaking big plays. Nail biter game.
    Played with Mikey the Nitter today, he is not into PSU playing, which is very strange. Oh he will watch and root, but rather detached. Guess maybe a lot of people feel that way.


    1. no, you are correct, I just didn’t know how to type with that ^ thingy over the “e”
      so I put in on the line over,,,,,

      MY keyboard inadequacy lastrow, not yours! 🙂

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      1. I like reading these articles. The only problem I have with College Football News is that they have sloppy writers & no editor. Maybe they have changed it but earlier it read Louisville (2-0) vs. Pitt (1-1). Still had Pitt winning but sloppy sloppy.


  5. Occurred to me that the Panthers and the Steelers have similarities lately. Both have struggled, and continue to struggle, at the TE and RB positions. Both are trying to patch together an Oline.

    On defense, the strength of both is the pass rush and Dline.

    Must be something on the Southside…

    Go Pitt.

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  6. I said at the beginning that Pitt would win 8 games and that two games would be close requiring the kicker to decide. So obviously I’m worried about this one. I hope the crowd of 49,742 (might as well announce Heather’s game attendance now) will make enough noise to give Pitt some home field advantage.


  7. After many months, I am back. Have been reading the POV posts when I possible, but busy moving and then retiring. I will (hopefully) be more active in the future—not that I add much to the conversations.

    I am watching the ACC Network on YouTube TV and it is great. Also cheap compared to lots of other places. If you have not tried it, you may want to give it a shot. They let you do a few days free to test it. So, this week’s game may be a perfect fit. (And, I do not work for Google)

    During the game last week, one of the announcers said that he thought Sweet Caroline was a lousy choice for us. I agree. He suggested “We Are Family,” reaching back to the old glory days for the Pirates. I am good with that. I also think that “What a Feeling” (with appropriate Pitt lyrics) from Flashdance would be great.

    Anyhow, I am back. I hope that all of of the POVers are well. MM, don’t mess with Covid. Go slow on your recovery, please. We need you for the long-term.

    Hey, Ike. How is Eli?


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  8. This is game is the season. If the offense and special teams don’t improve significantly, it will result in a loss and the season will be lost. Pitt will likely need to score at least 35 points.

    Pickett NEEDS to be better (could happen but wouldn’t bet on it)
    Kessman NEEDS to be better (should happen but I wouldn’t bet on it)
    TE as a position NEEDS to be better ( probably won’t happen, worst position on team just about every year)
    RB as a position NEEDS to be better (this could happen but I wouldn’t bet on it)
    OL NEEDS to be better (Could happen but wouldn’t bet)

    Not feeling real confident about this game. Haven’t seen a 3-0 Panther team since 2009…

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    1. Well said and yet we have many who think this team can win 10. Not sure where that’s coming from as I agree with most of your “I wouldn’t bet” comments.


      1. Congrats on the retirement. Did it at 56. Best decision of my life outside of deciding to marry both of my wives.

        Many could be “thinking” Pitt could win 10. But no one, zilch, nada predicted 10. Only 4 predicted 9 & I wasn’t one of them & I am bullish on Pitt.


    2. Stubby, I have a friend like you, always thinking the worst will happen but he really is secretly not believing what he says. Reverse jinx.. or maybe you do believe it?


      1. ike

        I am generally a positive guy when it comes to almost all aspects of my life (family and work stuff). When people at work or at home say something is going to be terrible, I look for realistic reasons why it won’t be and try to accentuate the positives.

        Then….there’s my Pitt fandom. I have just come to expect the kick in the gut. I think the defense is top notch. I had hope this would be the year of a “breakthrough” even given the limitations of KP and the offense. I watched the Austin Peay blowout and started to really believe…..

        BUT last week was a HUGE reality check for me. I saw the same problems on offense as last year. Little to no improvement in dumb penalties, dropped passes, questionable play calling and a real bad INT. I didn’t even get to Kessman…

        Ike, I want this team to win as much as anyone on this board. I want them to run roughshod through the ACC. I want to rub it in the Pedo fans faces that Pitt is for REAL. I will be watching the game again this weekend hoping like hell that they win and look good doing it.

        But this is Pitt. After seeing what I saw last weekend, I can’t help but feel the way I do.
        At least for this year, I won’t get fooled again (cue The Who video)

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  9. davis and the little back have proven they are not the answer. Play Izzy, Carter, and the true freshman. 30 lbs bigger, you have to wear down the DL.


  10. Hey pmd welcome back and I was wondering about you. Congratulations on your retirement. Were you suggesting you may have had Covid? Anyways great to hear from you and look for many more great comments from you.

    Eli is going through his terrible two’s and speaking of two, he’s 2-0 so far this year. Knock on wood. I would play the song but I’ve been in total exhaustion mode for a few weeks. So I’ll spare Jay.


    1. Ike. Thankfully, my wife and I are (so far) keeping Covid free. Lots of grocery shopping during “senior” hours and dinners delivered for our version of an exciting night. Tell Eli to keep up the good work.

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  11. BTW, for you aspiring sports writers out their, Pittsburgh Baseball Network (PBN) is looking for writers to cover the Pirates as well as Pitt, WVU and PSU baseball. (Great job for Erie Express if he had the time.)

    I never heard of PBN until my son suggested posting about this on the POV… 😊

    Go Pitt.


  12. Another Pitt-Steeler thought — apparently the Steelers are saving the Oh Canada contributions to their offense until later opponents…🤔

    Go Pitt.


      1. Interestingly enough Tex, Eli is a black lab we picked up in Brush Valley, Indiana County. Our fourth lab and first since we lost our last one Gus. Eli thinks he owns the place, spoiled rotten by the wife.


        1. Awesome. You know I’m a Indiana, PA boy.

          I ask because I’m a dog owner my self. A southern bird dog…english pointer. And a chiwawa…Mexican dog.

          My wife and I are foster parents for labs. We’re members of DFW Lab Rescue. We take in Labs, rehabilitate them and give them up for adoption.

          I luv Labs.

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          1. Labs are awesome he follows my wife everywhere, if she stops too fast, well you can imagine what happens?

            Is the Pointer hyper or has it settled down by now? I should have figured you have a chiwawa.

            Ten years ago we had three labs at the same time. We live in a small cape cod and it never seemed crowed even with three teenage kids.


            1. Pointer is very loyal. His name is Price. A guard dog. Full of energy though. The Mexican in the house, Ollie, is the alpha dog. A small dog who thinks he’s big.

              The labs we adopt come from various ages and backgrounds. We do our best to socialize them and rehabilitate them. We get them ready for adoption. Often we have the lab for at least two months. We’ve probably fostered over 20 dogs.

              My small contribution to society.

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  13. With MC AND Mr. Whipple both working out of the Southside, I wonder who is borrowing plays from whom.

    Probably an even trade, as both Os are lacking.

    I have a feeling KP will light up Loovul’s 2ndary. Contain their QB – or knock him out in Q1, and rack up another W.

    But, Whip, what ever you do, NO MORE SIDELINE PASSES.

    We need Drive Thrillers

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    1. When was the last game Whipple hasn’t called for at least a minimum of 5 sideline passes? How about doing a pump fake on one of those calls and going deep on a pass play.

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      1. Let’s wait until PITT loses a games (which could be this Saturday) until we start the lynch mob. Why do I hardly ever hear of the great job PITT has done of building a great defense and only of criticism? Unwarranted at this point I might add. Just a few short years ago, all I read is how Narduzzi is a failed bum over-rated defensive coordinator. Now it’s shifted to the offense. Oh how things have changed.

        I do have serious doubts about this upcoming game and look forward to see how it unfolds. PITT is way to slow to compete with this fast team. 😉


  14. Hoops transfer from Miami (OH) denied his waiver to play immediately.

    Pitt will appeal. Pretty ridiculous he was blocked as these waivers are handed out like candy by the NCAA. Someone at Pitt needs to get this reversed and fast.


  15. Narduzzi…shots fired.

    The talk this week is about Louisville’s speed. Do your receivers give the kind of looks to your defensive backs as far as speed goes and with your own secondary, is there enough speed there too?

    Narduzzi: That’s why we play the games. We’re going to find out. But we’re not slow, OK. And they’re really fast. So we’ll take our untalented, slow guys to Heinz Field and we’ll try to maybe we’ll give them a little extra game before the game and maybe somehow we’ll have a chance to be in the game at some point. But we’ll take our no-name guys with no speed and we’ll find out what we got. That’s why we play the games to find out. They’re really fast, they’re quick, and they look really good and we’ll find out what the Panthers got Saturday at noon.


    1. Coach takes flack because of his attitude & smart a$$ comments more times than not. But I like him for just that, “he says what he thinks”. Plus he’s only been married once.


  16. Are you looking to take more chances with some deep balls this week?

    Narduzzi: We’d like to, but our guys are slow. So it’s hard to push it deep when you’re slow, so we’ve got to be slow throwing it down the field to slow people. We’re going to take what they give us. We’re going to take what they give us, if you look at the Syracuse defense, they were really good on the back end and they didn’t give us much opportunity. It was a nice one to Jordan Addison and if we had the ball at our own two-yard line that would have been a 98-yard reception. And we had another opportunity where it would have been a touchdown as well, but we just didn’t throw it to him and he was wide open. You take your opportunities and you know what you’re going to get and that’s the coaches’ job to find our how deep can we go, how many times do we take shots? There’s nothing worse than someone taking a deep shot and now it’s second and ten and you put yourself behind the sticks. So we just want to move the sticks and score touchdowns. I don’t care how long or how short they are, we’ll just take our slow guys out there and see if we can get a first down, that’s the first thing.

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    1. Boy Narduzzi was in a nasty mood today when he was asked early if Pitt could keep up with the Louisville speed in this game. And he stayed “nasty” throughout pretty much all the questions asked of him today. He’s definitely playing the “Pitt Gets No Respect Card” for this game. Let’s hope it turns out being a positive for this weeks game.


      1. Duzz is pretty consistent. It’s very simple — if you’re not with him and the Panthers, you’re against him and the Panthers… There’s no in between with the Duzz…

        This is what the players came back for — let’s see what we got…

        Go Pitt.


        1. The only problem with “talking the talk” as a coach is that your players have to back it up by “walking the walk” in the game. The team seems bought into what Narduzzi is selling so can they back up his Bravado? We’ll find out on Saturday.


  17. I think the predictions are correct, it will take at least 30 points for Pitt to pull this one out but unfortunately I fear it’s not in the “Cards” (sorry couldn’t help myself).

    I’m from Missouri, until you can show me a consistent and effective running game I don’t think you have one. Without clocking eating drives, the Cards QB will have too many chances and even Pitt’s good defense can only hold the line so long.

    However, I don’t see a blow-out, or at least hope not. Pitt 21 Cards 31. I’m not predicting any FGs either until the K-man finds his groove. His FGs looked like my drives when I try to hit the long-ball.

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  18. I am not a Narduzzi fan and responses like this turn off many.
    Also, on Monday he discussed how when a patient is sick, he needs a doctor, when players make a ton of mistakes they need us as coaches.

    Whatever happened to drilling these guys so they don’t make mistakes in the first place???


    1. Winning ten games will be good enough and a final ranking in the top 20. You know where I stand. I’ve been very consistent and unchanging on this. U throwing shade at me? If so watch for thunderbolts.

      But it has to be repetitive. Not just a one off in a asterisk season.

      Just like that participation trophy in the weakest P5 division only to be blown out in the title game.

      You boys need to set that bar higher. Narduzzi has never delivered and never will.


            1. We drank kool-aid punch with grain alcohol (mixed in trash cans) at Alderson Broaddus.. That must have been my transition to manhood.😎


    2. I think Pitt winning this game against Louisville would go a long way in getting more people on Narduzzi’s bandwagon. This game is just the type of game Pitt always has lost since Jackie Sherrill left. Does anyone know that last time a ranked Pitt team beat a ranked opponent?


  19. I think the consensus was that Pitt would start out at 4-1 before the schedule toughens. Glad to see them win the games they are supposed to. Hoping the emotional loss to MIami (many players from florida (18) on lewisvilles roster) and the emotional week in Lewisville takes the toll on that team and I think it will. Interestingly, they have 25 kids from GA and 33 from KY (with only 3 from Louisville). Over half their schollie limit comes from ga and fl. Lewisville has so much more to offer than Pitt, that’s why they get so many kids from those states and their own to stay….and it’s cold….and there is so much to do in lewisville on the weekends…

    Not poking fun at matt in the ville. I found lewisville to be nice when I spent several days there about five years ago. I was doing some work at UL and on our last night out, snuck out onto the track and had my people snap a quick photo and video of me running across the finish line at churchill downs. Immediately jumped the fence to get off the track and I got an escort out, but they let me keep the pictures and video!! We had a good laugh on the way out as we turned to the track and all you could see were my foot prints on a perfectly raked track. Got a pic of that too. Those folks were very accommodating.

    Pitt will be 1-0 on games played Saturday the 26th.


  20. My bet is on Rashad Weaver to be a difference maker again on Saturday.
    And to mimic Tex’s expectations. Narduzzi should tell his charges pregame against The Ville, “I’ve told them who you are, because I know how you can perform when you’re focused & disciplined. Now it’s time for you to have my back. Go prove that I know what I’m talkin bout”!


    1. I think we need the Goose and Curtis Martin to give that pregame speech. Those guys I respect and know. Narduzzi falls flat on his burnt meatballs.


          1. Note to self: Missed scoring opportunity equals 00 points, looks like two meatballs, zero points on the board equates to being burnt.

            Thanks Tex, got it.


    2. Hey Doc, after least week Rashad will command more attention……. watch out Pat the second this week? Narduzzi is really working his team this week. Hope it works.


  21. How big is this game?

    Think about how the score of this game will be crawling across TV screens most of the day on Saturday. People will say “Huh, Pitt beat the Ville and is 3-0; Pitt might be pretty good.”

    Or, they might be saying – well, nothing, because the score didn’t surprise anyone and Pitt did what they typically do when a big opportunity arises…

    How big is this game? Is it bigger than the ego of a few POVers? Nah, not quite that big…. 😊. But it’s a damn big game!

    Go Pitt.

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  22. I do agree it’s a dam big game. However Louisville’s loss to Miami will take a little bloom off the rose if Pitt wins. Winning the next 3 will finally create some excitement nationwide until we meet the big boys.

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  23. From the transcript, it would appear Krull is out for this game because of his comments on Moreaga playing the position. That was expected because the previous injury comments by Krull quickly deleted by the Pitt police. Also the praise of W Davis on his special teams play and subsequent praise on Pine on the practice field this week suggests to me at least C Pine will be taking over at MLB for this game.—-I still think Pitt is vulnerable to run plays straight up the gut as our DT’s and MLB’ers are getting out of position. We pressure much better for our DE positions and often get out out of our gaps up the middle.

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  24. Louisville is high on my list of teams I most like to beat which starts with ND and PSU. I would say Louisville is in the top five. Were we playing them this year before Covid changed everything? Either way need a win.
    Hoping they are physically spent from last week.

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    1. In football it’s always been the Nitters, Domers and Hoopies. All for different reasons. But I’d say Louisville would be a good one to add given it’s similar to the Hoopies in academics, it has scandal like the Nitters and their fans are arrogant jerks like the Domers.

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    1. All about economics. They need the money to support their $100 million dollar plus athletic budgets. Couldn’t afford to lose multi millions. Just another validation that these players are not student athletes and the system is really a minor league for the NFL.


  25. Just read Chris Peak’s freebee…I swear he must read the POV Panther Partisans…we have touched on most of those points……lot’sa good insight on here and not to mention data when Richard gets into his accounting mode and MM bring forward the PRO performance data..much appreciated….

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  26. You might want to state that differently Tex. If it comes down from a field goal between 29 yards and 48 yards, not good. If it is a field goal of 54-58 yards, I like our chances for a make.


  27. Inside today except for burning my yard debris. Remnants of tropical storm/hurricane Beta passed thru last night & this morning – 1.3″ of rain. That’s what country folks talk about. I call my brother in Texas weekly & one of the first things we talk about is rain & how it is effecting his hay crop or grazing land.

    He usually discounts my rain because he knows I only grow asparagus & nits.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Ike, yes they do.

        I feed birds in squirrel buster feeders & hummingbirds on the porch. Besides birds in general, crows & turkeys have learned to compete with the smaller ground feeding birds & squirrels for the feed tossed to the ground.

        Now the point of my story is that crows do not like snakes. They may not kill them but they do hassle them. Usually the snake heads back to the woods. If not, I either kill the poisonous snake or escort good snakes back to the woods. It helps if you have at least 50 feet or more from woods to house


    1. Pitt is poised for an outstanding season after last years major disappointment in the playoffs. Pitt has an excellent coach and really good recruiting class. Shame more people don’t know about the programs success despite playing in the worst facility in all P5.


  28. Actually, its been sunny & gorgeous September here except for remnants of the last two hurricanes that passed through. On to laundry & smoky clothes.


  29. Good news! Ron Cook – he of “the great Paterno” columns when we all knew he was a fraud – just picked Louisville to beat Pitt. 😊

    Go Pitt.


  30. Tex you don’t really believe that you are the “know it all” for everything . . . . including fashion.

    Mindless criticism of what others like wearing is pretty petty, and beneath you.

    If it’s true that Krull shot his mouth off and criticized a teammate, maybe it’s time to cut the cord. Based on his performance after his first game, nothing lost.


  31. Ron Cook is a pathetic joke, they’ve tried pairing him with so many co-hosts and nothing makes his views or opinions interesting, insightful, or intelligent. He’s a BIG apologist and a PSU jock sniffer.


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