A (hypothetical) Recap of Saturday’s Game

The Pitt Panthers played their usual brand of crisp, disciplined football yesterday, en-route to a 30-0 shutout over the visiting Syracuse Orange. It was Pitt’s second shutout in as many games, and silenced many of the naysayers that claim this year’s team is really no different than the 2019 squad.

The Panthers jumped out to an early lead after running the ball straight at Syracuse’s undersized 3-3-5 defense, while sprinkling in timely passes to their sure-handed tight ends. In what was his breakout game, grad transfer TE Lucas Krull caught all four balls thrown to him and broke several tackles en-route to an 80 yard, one touchdown day. Once Syracuse adjusted to bring eight men into the box to stop Pitt’s well-executed inside zone scheme, OC Mark Whipple was able to open up the playbook. The offensive line gave Pickett a clean pocket all day long and he was able to complete several deep balls, en-route to a 300 yard passing day.

Additionally, the offense played a virtually mistake-free first half, with the exception of one lone procedural penalty where they were called for five men in the backfield. The offensive staff quickly corrected the issue, and penalties were kept to a minimum after that.

Special teams were also outstanding. “Automatic” Alex Kessman connected on all three of his field goal tries, two of them from the right hash. Also, as per usual, the snapping and holding was mistake-free.

The defense pitched its second shutout in a row. Pitt allowed just 51 yards rushing and 63 yards passing and enjoyed superior field position all day, due to the turnover-free football played by the offense. As you’d come to expect from a Pat Narduzzi coached team, there were no offsides, personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties committed by Pitt’s extremely disciplined defensive unit.

After the game Head Coach Pat Narduzzi had this to say:

“Like I said last week after Austin Peay, this is a different team. This is a senior-laden team. They are clearly holding each other accountable, and not reading too much into their own success. Today we showed the world that we belong in the ACC title race, but we still have to stay focused if we want to make sure we achieve our goal of playing in the ACC Championship Game. Also…Jerry could you just one more time explain to me why you didn’t put us in Top 25? Kinda having trouble wrapping my head around that one. A win’s a win right? Just wait till we bust out our alternate uniforms next week and nobody knows what color they are supposed to be throwing to or tackling.”


Editor’s Note: This was clearly written tongue in cheek. If you don’t like it, feel free to go pound some sand. Yes I am happy (relived?) that Pitt won. No, I am not trying do diminish any effort that anyone made on the field. Yes with just a few lapses the defense played Very Well. Still, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a team that professes to pride itself on focus and culture to play disciplined football, and with the exception of one game against an FCS opponent I’ve not seen Pitt play truly disciplined football for a long, long time.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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  1. Too bad we won’t draw a MAC team for a bowl game this year …. the DIFFERENT Panthers would win handily…..but we have to play the big boys first!


  2. Tempered may be the better word. 2-0 is factually 2-0. I’ve like many others have been wanting something to look forward. If your not looking forward to next week to see where PITT stands on the college football map than you’re either dead, dying or not even a PITT fan.

    iek, who’s pounding some sand.

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    1. I’m ok with tempered, all of their issues are correctable and I do expect them to defeat Louisville.

      Louisville has speed on the offense but Pitt has speed on their defense and Louisville’s defense can be had.

      Being tempered, Pitt has to play much better on offense, run the ball consistently and eliminate pre snap penalties and drive killing turnovers.

      The defense will keep them in games but the offense has to perform.

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  3. So why did they use Jared Wayne so little? Why is Sibley only getting carries in the wildcat formation?
    Why do we have another tight end that drops easy catches?

    Pretty sure if we play like this again we will lose to any other ACC team. Why the pre-snap penalties and other dumb stuff, leaping and twirling the ball?

    How can all these four star running backs look below average? Carter looked decent then gets hurt.

    Hopefully we were just playing down to our competition, seems to be the norm.

    On the bright side, we used to lose games like this.


  4. This sucks ! Pitt defense held cuse to ONE yard in 4th quarter . Actually cuse defense isnt bad yes we have some issues . Stupid penalties . Kessman is killing us sauls has to replace him . No eed tp be snarky its still my team and alma mater

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    1. I would have Sauls replace Kessman immediately and Kessman replace the Aussie as our punter. Also, as someone already pointed out, have one of the QB’s as the holder instead of the Aussie.

      Problem solved…

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  5. Two games and two wins, a little early to draw judgements with this team either way. PITT played a P-5 conference rival who wants to be like PITT. Drives me crazy when PITT wins a game and still can’t win.


  6. Man that really would have been nice if this write up was true!

    My biggest negative takeaway was poor O line play. They disappointed big time yesterday. I thought Pickett disappointed as well. He should be better by now

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  7. Well, if you read the Pitt article in the PG the Duzz says what most on here say, glad to win but really disappointed in the execution. He wasn’t real happy. One thing that struck me was how physically imposing those Miami safeties were. I mean Hamlin and Ford are a little thin, those guys were huge, and every bit as athletic. Let’s hope they still can self destruct by the time we play them. Whoever said it was right, no easy games from here on.


  8. I think we saw Pitt 2019 yesterday in the midst of COVID-19. Each week will present challenges – the players and coaches will have to adapt and do what is needed to win games.

    They have done that twice now in the 2020 season and have not failed yet.

    On to Louisville – as Ike said, this game is one to look forward to for many reasons.



  9. MM pretty much hits the nail for me.

    Admittedly I was throwing out a bit more criticism during the game for color(childish and immature as it was) but I had plenty of opportunity. And as MM says, this is a senior laden team with a little talent mixed in that really needs to play near perfect to be very successful. The SOLID Defense can’t be all we really have to rely on to win games.

    NO EXCUSE for the pre-snap penalties,,,or at least not for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th AND 5th. AND NO EXCUSE for the STUPID undisciplined play ones.

    That Krull UNDOUBTEDLY had stone hands AND blocks poorly AND doesn’t run great routes yet is targeted 4 times(enough to prove point #1) is beyond disappointing.

    RB University currently is a group of barely average and while everyone is criticizing our o-line, I guess I had low expectations so thinking there were holes that the RB group just didn’t see and cut to or were too slow to get to is a bit lower on my list of concerns. To me if we had a great runner(and the committee play says we DON’T), one and possibly 2 would get the carries to prove it. I do think RB’s need to get a feel for the game and what is happening with the line by being ON THE FIELD and only spelled for breathers.

    So, happy for the win but fixing stupid and alignment penalties can’t be still needed, and yet it is.

    Last week went by slowly in anticipation after drinking the Peay koolaid, this week will be more normally paced after the Orange Crushed much of the unrealistically high hopes. And truth is, it wasn’t the Orange who were responsible for much if any of the crushing.

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    1. You simply can’t have a RB by committee philosophy and be successful. RB is a rhythm position. We need a shifty quick back and then a change of pace back. Pick the pecking order and stick with it. I think a big issue here is with the RB coach.


  10. That”s a solid piece Mike. Remember, as Coach Narduzzi says, “the most improvement comes between games two and three”. He is such a trend setter in his thought processes and clearly thinking that if his team can get all of the pre-snap penalties and stupid plays out of their system early, they will play mistake free late when it doesn’t matter.

    You guys have all of this wrong. Narduzzi should be extended so that he can tell the “chance” to extend the AD because who wouldn’t want to see more of this. This brand of football is ultra exciting and brings in new fans of football and makes the current students proud! Our attendance numbers will skyrocket next year to see this product so far.

    I do feel bad for Kyi Wright and his athleticism being wasted at the tight end position. It is clear that Krull will be drafted really high and I was dumb for questioning that. Goldilocks, as some called him during the game felt the first few balls were too, high…..and the next few were to hard…..and then he found one that was just right, so he caught it. I think that is how the storyline goes anyway, but I digress.

    Overall, the best prepared and coached game of the narduzzi era. Did anyone notice how Narduzzi outcoached Babers and how Narduzzi convinced Babers not to take timeouts at the end of the game because our team was so powerful? Awesome strategic move by Narduzzi to convince Babers to be stupid.

    We will beat our opponent next week for sure! Eazy peazy!


  11. I see that all of the (over) optimism of last week will be replaced by much (over) pessimism this week. Oh, the ups and downs of the college FB fan.

    (maestro, I apologize)

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  12. We are two and oh and what do we know? We are not world beaters but we’re not bad either.

    On the calls to bench certain players and play their backups, I would present what I think are truisms.

    These coaches have achieved the second highest level in their profession. They know football. They eat, drink, and breath this stuff.
    The coaches want to win more than we do. It’s their careers. They need to win to support their families.
    The coaches know in detail the strengths and weaknesses of every player on their roster. They see them every day in practice. They especially know the mental abilities of every player. We can’t possibly see that aspect.
    They call plays on both sides of the ball that they think can work based on this knowledge.
    They know precisely why a play did not work. For example, they know an interception occurred because of a bad throw versus a mistake by the receiver. We speculate.
    It is very likely that the guy on the field is better than the guys standing on the sideline. You would think that the play of Yellen and Beville against AP would have been a hint to us.

    So then the response is “if that’s the case, they should recruit better players!” And we are back to our circular firing squad.

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    1. totally,,,but what kind of blog would this be if we couldn’t add commentary and opinion(as dumb as some may be, never ME), agendas by some, emotion by some, BOTH of those by one.


      to repeat, I do agree with Farmers! and a few others who write here in addition to MM and MM and of course Iek

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  13. “Lot’s of things to clean up this week” Author Unknown

    A few random thoughts:

    Kenny’s going to throw interceptions from time to time. The INT on Saturday was a particularly bad one, as it could have turned in to a pick six.

    The two fumbles weren’t good.

    Krull’s drop on 3rd and 11 yards was inexcusable.

    Three missed field goals – ugh. We are going to be a close game and need those points.

    Coach Bieber has recruited a handful of talented athletes for sure. But, Syracuse has problems…

    Pitt brought the wood. Several hard hits put on the Orange.

    Syracuse blitzed frequently. We had the right played called about half the time.

    We need to punt better.

    Eight or nine sacks is real nice.

    I want to see the wheel route. I want to see the screen pass perfected. I want to see the TE catch the ball, as we will need this threat against the likes of Miami and Clemson…

    We got the win. Now let’s clean things up.

    On to Louisville. Louisville is crazy athletic and fast. Though Miami handled them.

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  14. Every game is different, I get it, so we will have some better games with better execution, but Syracuse is an absolute train wreck that may not win another game. That is why it is so frustrating that we had to suffer through that experience yesterday and why confidence has been shaken.

    The things that were a concern all were verified yesterday. Whipple’s play calling is a mystery. The O-line is only marginally better. The running game has not improved. Our tight ends still can’t catch. Penalties are not our friend although the reffing went our way yesterday which probably won’t happen again.

    Next week is big, hard to see how we get to 7 or 8 wins if we don’t win next week.


    1. I knew Miami would be good and they should be. The problem is….. they are relying on lousy transfers he said.

      We will see if PITTs physicality can beat Louisville speed? I think they can but??

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    2. Upitt

      They have talent but Manny isn’t the most gifted thinker in the game or during the game.

      Remember he was DC at Texas and they recruited year in and year out top tier talent with mixed results.

      The jury is still out on Miami, we shall see.

      Let’s let the season play out a long way to go.

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  15. 342 -171? 3 botched field goals and a turnover galore. A few in the Orange zone and one in PITT’s field goal zone even though that wasn’t automatic points. In reality of it all, PITT kicked Syracuse’s ass.


  16. Louisville will be a good test. I expect a high scoring game. But the offense needs to bring it’s A game and the D will need to make some turnovers. I actually expect Pitt to win.

    Tex enjoying a pumpkin spiced coffee on a cool morning in DFW


  17. So if I am reading your explanation correctly Ike, if we take out all the bad things we did (only), and replace them with what ifs, we kicked their butt. If Syracuse takes out all the bad stuff they did (only), would they have won? Pitt won, enjoy the victory!

    @Farmer – I agree with some of what you typed. Coaches wanting to win more than anyone to support their families was a bit emotional. I think if they make $4m a year, that is a bit much to feel bad about how they have to support their families. That is why their fraternity always supports the other coaches. They always say how they respect the other coach and how great they are. Then the coach can tell the AD and then the AD can overpay them! Secondly, I don’t always think the coaches play the best players in the right way. It has been that way since pop warner. At this level, coaches promise kids playing time, especially the grad transfers. That remains a problem.

    Louisville will be a good test. The Miami dline showed pretty good last night, but when their QB had time, he was impressive. Lewisville has some fast and slippery receivers so I would worry about them if we don”t pressure well enough.

    Interestingly, Lewisville might be playing for their season already next week. If they lose, that might knock them out of getting to the top 2 spots (figuring clempson will go undefeated for the top spot). In my opinion, the acc is a race for 2nd place and a shot at clemp. Two lewisville losses in a row is problematic for them and they may play desperate football…..early!


    1. Well Huff, what Farmers posted also applies, and I think mainly applies, to the assistant coaches, and while they do well, they don’t make 4 million per season…

      Coach Powell, in particular, had to have had a rough night last night…

      Go Pitt.

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  18. Not Pitt related, but I was surprised to see how easily UCF dispatched George Tech. I thought their Top 20 ranking was a sham but they made a believer out of me yesterday.


        1. Great point Mark, more interesting is that I have no recollection of it. I still would want PITT to stay away from that football program. Sign me up for Albany.


            1. Gotcha, yeah I remember now. I can tell you I didn’t pick up the extra point for my midget football team 53 years ago but can’t remember yesterday. On second thought, why would I? What did I make again?


  19. Well that’s one way of looking at what I’m saying Huff but getting down to the crux of my thought is………… PITT outplayed Syracuse by a mile.

    PITT might be a brick shy of a load but I believe they aren’t a bad team. Finishing second sounds good but then we will hear from the masses that’s nothing more than finishing second. Maybe finish third and not take the forgone conclusion loss to Clemson.

    I ask this question again, why did the great coach Babers not call a timeout only down 11 points with over 2 minutes to play? Like the great lawyers on here (Eric and Huff) I ask a question I already know the answer to.


  20. I don’t mind the penalties on defense. Aggressive and emotional defenses in college will be a little undisciplined and that only helps their reputation. The dropped passes are maddening. Completely different game without the drops. When Whipple was hired I actually like it. I’m having big time doubts now. What intrigued me, whiplash, is exactly that. The offense can’t find a flow and therefore no identity. Special teams is a disaster right now. The offense is playing way too many people right now. No way 5 RBs should have a carry 1 minute into the 2nd quarter. Illegal formations are just sloppy organization. I’m not a Pickett fanboy but he played well. Even the interception was because the pick play run by the WRs ended up with them crashing into each other. It looked like a terrible int at face value but that was poor execution by his teammates.

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      1. And why aren’t they doing what they are coached to do. Well, it could be because they don’t get the fundamentals right in practice. So why is coach playing them?

        Bottom line is that the coach decides who to start and where they play. If the players don’t execute it is always 100 percent on the coach.

        It’s a practice issue one and improper evaluation of talent and how to use it. I’m speaking as a former coach. I know.

        It’s easy. You don’t perform or do as you are coached, you don’t play. Narduzzi is too soft on these kids. He has favorites.


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          1. These kids are men. They can serve and die. If these kids don’t execute, it’s 200 percent up to the coach to do something about it. They are getting a free ride to perform. Do you think if my son pulled C grades that Texas would still honor his scholie???


            1. you’re probably a smart guy Tex but you sure do choose to ignore things at times

              your very smart son would disagree with some of your posts,,,if not, maybe needs a little time, but he will


  21. I’m so glad you added that last paragraph, MM. I was afraid for A minute I was reading some more fake ne……oops, never mind……..


  22. Does anyone here think Whipple should continue call more of those sideline passes behind the line of scrimmage 6 to 10 times per game? We all know none of our opposition has ever seen those plays coming from Pitt in the past. Better yet does one think we should be throwing those sideline passes that end up behind the QB so they could classified a lateral and not a pass? That’s a new wrinkle Whipple must have put in for this weeks game that I’m sure the opposition has never seen.—-Simply put Narduzzi and Whipple play not to lose rather than play to win. When one or both of them think the opposition can’t score on our defense they get so conservative with the idea of preventing Pitt from giving up turnovers. All that’s doing is never getting enough of a big lead and leaving much of our opposition around for the 4th Q dramatics. If Pitt had turned the ball over inside their 20 late in the game Syracuse just might just have pulled this out against us.

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  23. On a positive note I think PITT is really tackling well this season. Very few missed tackles in the first 2 games and none that have allowed big plays IMO.


  24. It’s gotten ridiculous. Watching the Steeler game and I could swear I heard the ref in the booth comment, after a big hit by Devin Bush, that Bush had “initiated the hit with the side of his helmet…”. And while no penalty was called, Bush might hear from the league. Really?


  25. New rankings are out. PItt is 21st in AP poll, much to my surprise, with Louisville at 24th after their loss to Miami. In the Coach’s Poll we are outside of the top 25 at what would be 27th. Coach’s poll includes teams from the one conference who has not played yet and cannot count correctly.

    Enjoyed the game recap! On the bright side, we have two wins and no losses so far this year! Lots of room for improvement this week!

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  26. BTW, the professional football team in town, the one whose players do this 25/7 for a living, had 10 penalties today for 89 yards.

    Sounds like them Stillers need to hire TX_Panther! 😊

    Go Pitt.

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    1. For one, I never accepted sloppy or undisciplined play on any of the teams that I ever coached. If you did that, practice was 2000 times harder or you didn’t start. Believe you me, players got the message. I wasn’t trying to be my players best friend like Narduzzi. I was fair and loveenly tough. And my players respected me. I didn’t want to be liked. Oh and I won more than division titles Ike. These weren’t pro or semi pro leagues but they were leagues with real refs sanctioned by bylaws and real players, parents and other A-holes who thought they knew better than me.

      Tex – if you think coaching is tough, try being a ref or ump.


      1. I coached younger kids Tex, mine and then kept on going. My boys always helping me out and it is a fine line between discipline, coaching and being a teacher. Counting both soccer and Little League, 15 years. That burnt me out. Parents are the worst, at the same time they can be the best. Despite what some may suggest, I do not paint with a broad brush.

        iek. who has zero artistic abilities but has a broad heart.

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        1. Parents are the worst. And refs and umps get crapped on by everyone. But running a disciplined team is all on the coach. Discipline starts in practice. Again the coach decides who to start and in what position. Narduzzi has favorites and wants to be their best bud. That is flat out wrong. I desired always to be respected. Never, and I mean never to be liked. When I heard players saying I was a SOB, I knew I was coaching right. I won Ike. Unlike Pitt.


          1. And I didn’t give a rats arse if my players drank, saved kittens from high trees or walked old ladies across Forbes Ave. teaching morality was not my job.


      2. please tell us what sports and what level you coached Tex

        I’ve coached, I’ve seen coaching close up over many years(mostly football and wrestling and at multiple levels), I don’t know enough and certainly am not close enough to judge PN but my bet is that truthfully, neither are you


        1. I’ve coached pre teens, teens and adults. In soccer, baseball, softball. Girls and boys. Men and women. And there is no difference except in pay between amateur and pros. I coached for free. I don’t steal $4 million to coach mediocre football and manage an undisciplined team. Big difference. But obviously not the response you were looking for.


          1. what response was I looking for Tex?

            your answer is perfectly fine

            and YOU weren’t the one I was thinking of when I mentioned emotion AND agenda,
            emotion is not a problem when channeled properly


    1. The poll makes no Pitt fan unhappy. Maybe a Nitter or Hoopie but no Pitt fan. And this site has few trolls and all are called out right away. Just like the trolls that hopped on board the Blather during the Sandusky trial. The key Ike is if meatballs can have the team ranked by years end and go to a nice bowl. I doubt it.


  27. While Nard’s troops didn’t impress many of us yesterday……the AP Voters thought otherwise.
    Moved us up 4 spots to #21 with our dominating performance vs the powerhouse Orangemen.

    We never get much respect from national sportswriters, so something must be different this year.
    Other than the p_andemic, the masks, the gaiters, no fans in the stands, and no band or cheerleaders 😦

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  28. I would have kept them at #25, I agree with M Marino though. The “experts” moved them up. Some outside of the SOP fan base think this team can be real good, who knows? I’m hoping for a big PITT win this week to hear all the excuses why they won. A very interesting exercise.

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  29. Somebody, must have had a little talk with Jerry DePaola of the Tribune. Has Pitt up to
    #18 in the AP. My favorite new sportswriter is Tom Murphy of the Arkansas Gazette in
    Little Rock. Pitt at #13. Maybe he has some Murphy relatives in Pittsburgh or a keen
    eye for rating football teams.

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  30. One of the highlights of the Carolina vs. Tampa Bay game today was Jordan Whitehead making a diving INT on an attempted screen pass almost identical to Ford’s yesterday.

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  31. Nice to see Conner back today, played OK, had one big run to ice the game when Denver gave up to go over 100 yds.

    DeChambeau shocked the world of golf by overpowering Winged Foot. His putting was stellar too.

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  32. I can almost guarantee there will be 40k fans at that Nitter game, they are already applying their pressure. I hate them. I meant the PSWho vs OSU. Aww I mean I really,really hate them.


  33. Tex, I had a kid I coached when I coached soccer, we handed out uniforms on Wednesday and had one more practice Friday before the first game on Saturday. He showed up late Fridays practice fully dressed for an actual game. Ran up to me and said sorry coach, “I wore my costume by mistake” Now, what did you think I said?

    A. You idiot!
    B. That’s ok Jason
    C. Take a lap goofy
    D. You’ll sit this practice out so you don’t get your “costume” dirty.

    Every individual person is unique, I could have talked to this kid until the cows came home and the results would always be the same. btw, I have several more more stories about my little buddy Jason.


    1. Ike – You brought back memories. My mother always called uniforms “costumes” no matter how many times my brothers & I said “Mom, they are uniforms”..


      1. The kid didn’t fall far from the tree that’s for sure. I think the dad was far removed from the scene. Mom was nice enough and explained he was in “treatment” thanks Mom.


  34. FWIW

    If you go back and look at some articles on FanSided and other college football gurus it appears that some were picking Syracuse to upset Pitt.

    Maybe the panthers changed a few peoples minds hence the movement up in this weeks poll.


  35. What was the Pitt offense’s biggest play yesterday? I think they maybe had one play over 25 yards, but I could be forgetting one or two. That’s not good enough against a mediocre team like Syracuse. I would have liked to have seen them take a few more shots down the field.


  36. I’m still laughing about some of you bragging about coaching little kids and girls. It’s great that you volunteer but there is no comparison between that level and coaching college and pros. I hope your tough coaching did not make some 6 year old cry. FYI – I am a tennis coach and teach 10 & under, 11 – 18, and adults. Its my favorite job I’ve ever had.


    1. Ray, bragging? You’re missing the point. You can tell these young men to go left and some just might go right. Zipped right over your head. ZZZZZ


    2. I’m not bragging but there really is very little difference in coaching besides the money. You have goals. You have stress. You have pressure. You are a coach and mentor with the expectation to win. And you don’t get paid for your love. I’d do a lot more as coach if I was paid $4 million. But I focus on wins unlike Narduzzi and his yellow blouse boss.


      1. Tex, you really need to let the yellow blouse thing go. What are you, a fashion editor? I really doubt Heather cares what you think of her wardrobe. It really is time for you to grow up and LET IT GO!

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    3. I’ve coached more adults than kids for the record. You might fall into the kid category. Don’t jest my coaching career. I don’t mock your tennis.


  37. Syracuse defense isn’t that bad, especially their D-Backs.

    Jason story.. So Jason was one of four players that had his parents make them play soccer, all pretty terrible. I put them back as fullbacks and two would alternate 1st and 3rd quarters one game and flip the next game. It was Jasons turn to play 2nd and 4th quarters. On a blistering hot late August day we were playing 1st quarter when a coach tapped me on the shoulder and said “look at Jason behind you” he was running around in a cow pasture doing who knows what? Chasing butterflies? Quarter ends and I call the team together and tell Jason it’s his turn to go into the game. He looks up at me with sweat pouring from his dirt smudged face and said, Sorry coach, “I’m too tired to go in”. What did I say Tex?

    A. You’re going into the game anyways!
    B. That’s ok Jason, let me know if you feel like going in later
    C. You’re a complete mental case.
    D. Turn in your costume immediately!

    I’m making a point here folks.


    1. you know what is funny Iek? there would be some parents very pissed off that you let their kid chase butterflies or who knows what,,,
      while you were supposed to be making their kids D-1 material 😉

      not implicating anyone here


      1. If one of my players chased butterflies in the outfield, I’d have a stern conversation with the parent. If it was an adult I coached, I’d recommend him to a psych ward.


        1. some parents would love you as their kid’s coach,,,,maybe even me

          maybe not their 6yo

          for me, I’d have you maybe from age 8-10 and up depending on the sport
          but Tex, c’mon soccer, baseball and softball? hard to take any of those seriously and only ONE is actually a team sport

          seriously Tex, I do appreciate your expectations


          1. All are team sports. None are individual like tennis or golf. Am I seriously missing something. Should I stop drinking. I think I’m very clear on this. You…not so much.


            1. baseball and softball are not team sports even though there is a team playing
              skills are all individual and not much coordination of efforts like in football

              wrestling obviously not a team sport yet I know my son captained his team to their first county championship ever and it would not have happened without his “captaining”

              tennis doubles is team, nothing else in tennis
              golf is individual,,,other than the bs events like Ryder Cup, etc

              my point is you coach one team sport in soccer and even that doesn’t compare to coaching football


        2. The young fellow had problems his mother explained to me. No father and was 10 years old. You coach a kid up to his potential. Anyone under 21 is still a kid in my book. Old enough to fight for his/her country but to young to drink. So I’ll spell it out, it’s about structure and teaching the person you’re coaching about respecting others. Knowing you can’t make a race horse out of a jackass and not holding it against the one who isn’t a race horse. Sure college and certainly the pros are held to a much higher standard but now we are talking prestige and money, changes the game to a different dynamic and atmosphere but it all remains the same. Look at Antonio Brown as an example. You can’t coach that. Good coaches do the best they can with what they got, which is 100 players and they are all different. I can tell you all stories about PITT players the past five years but if Narduzzi doesn’t want to, then it sure in hell isn’t my place!

          Liked by 1 person

  38. LOL as long as he was out of my hair was all I cared about, << joking, the kid had fun and got some energy out of his system. Very respectable young fellow, that is what I coached.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. There should be a shakeup along the O-line. Gonclaves was hyped by the staff, so try him over Hargrave as the left side is not performing up to snuff.

    Curious to see how the unit plays versus Louisville. If there is no push then this season is going to trend downward. Miami, ND, FSU, VTech and Clemson will eat them alive.


    1. either I can’t or just don’t see that the o-line is all that terrible

      not great by any means but there were run holes and some pocket and time for KP who in some previous article is proven statistically to hold onto the ball too long


    2. An O-line coach in college due for a raise and jump in conference: the guy at Louisiana.

      Coached two guys last season who ended up being drafted. One by the Dolphins in the second round and Steelers guard, Dotson.


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