Pitt Football vs Austin Peay: Game Notes, Depth Chart & Narduzzi Presser

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PITT (0-0, 0-0 ACC) vs. AUSTIN PEAY (0-1)

September 12, 2020 ∙ 4 p.m., ET

Heinz Field (68,400/Natural Grass) ∙ Pittsburgh, Pa.

ACC Network ∙ Pitt Panthers Radio Network

PittsburghPanthers.com ∙ @Pitt_FB


√ Pitt opens its 131st season of intercollegiate football when the Panthers host Austin Peay at Heinz Field.

√ This is the first meeting between the Panthers and Governors, a member of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Austin Peay was added to Pitt’s schedule as part of the ACC’s 10-plus-one model

√ Pitt is 84-44-2 (.654) all-time in openers. Since the 2000 season, Pitt is 14-6 (.700) in its initial game, including 4-1 (.800) under Pat Narduzzi.

√ While this game serves as Pitt’s opener, Austin Peay played in the Guardian Credit Union FCS Kickoff on Aug. 29 and lost that neutral site game, 24-17, to Central Arkansas. The Governors will play an abbreviated 2020 slate that concludes at Cincinnati on Sept. 19.

√ Austin Peay went 11-4 and advanced to the NCAA Division I playoffs in 2019.

√ The Panthers have played 18 prior games against FCS opponents and are 17-1 in those contests. This will be the seventh consecutive season that Pitt has played an FCS team dating back to 2014.

√ Although pandemic related, the Sept. 12 start date marks Pitt’s latest season opener since 1980, when the Panthers began the year with a 14-6 home victory over Boston College on Sept. 13.

√ Since 2015, Pat Narduzzi has directed the Panthers to 24 victories in ACC play, tied for the third-highest win total (with Virginia Tech) during that span and trailing only Clemson (38) and Miami (25).

√ The Panthers welcome back a veteran foundation for the 2020 season. Pitt returns 44 total lettermen, including 16 starters. The Panthers boast eight returning starters on offense, six on defense and both specialists. 


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PAT NARDUZZI: Hi, everybody. How we doing today?

It is game week. I asked our staff the other day, might have been Sunday, ‘How many guys thought we’d get to game week?’ There wasn’t too many hands raised up in the air. But we are here.

Had a team meeting last night. Our kids are excited. A little different excitement. As we’ve talked weeks ago, I’m not sure if kids thought we’d get here either. If our coaches aren’t believing it, then I’m certainly sure our players weren’t as well. But we’ve gotten here.

Our kids are excited. There was a buzz last night. I’m excited. We get into the normal game week. We got a really good Austin Peay team that we’ll talk about. I’m sure you guys got some questions about them.

We had a rehearsal scrimmage on Friday. Debated whether to have it Friday or Saturday. Got it in Friday. Very detailed, very focused. I was happy with the way we came out of that as far as all the details of a game.

It wasn’t a physical scrimmage. It was one of the better ones we’ve had here. Sometimes when they know it’s not a full-contact scrimmage, it’s not what you want it to be, but it was a good scrimmage.

With that I’ll open it up for questions and let you guys roll.

Q. How confident are you in your offensive line? Really experienced on the left side, not as experienced on the right side.

PAT NARDUZZI: How confident? I’m really confident. I’m confident until I’m not confident, right? Shoot, I’ve got a lot of confidence. You talk about the left side with Carter [Warren] and Bryce Hargrove over there. You got Jimmy in the middle, Jimmy Morrissey sitting in the middle. You got [Jake] Kradel who has played good football. Gabe Houy has been really good.

The [Keldrick] Wilson kid, which you haven’t seen play yet, is coming along every day. Matt Goncalves is a guy that has shown he can play tackle and guard. We have a swing guy there.

I’m excited about where we are. Again, that’s why you play games. We’re going to find out who they are, what they are, what this 2020 team looks like Saturday at 4:00. That’s when I’ll have even more confidence.

Q. We got this depth chart. We’re seeing Wendell Davis won the middle linebacker job. What did he do in camp to win that job?

PAT NARDUZZI: I think I mentioned it to you a week ago, two weeks ago. It’s called consistency. He was just steady. I mean, the guy hasn’t missed a practice, hasn’t missed a beat. He’s been sharp with getting everybody lined up. Just consistent. He knows what’s going on.

The first day we come out with gameplan rules as far as what he’s going to do up front and everything. He comes out and doesn’t miss a beat. He’s just been consistent.

Chase Pine has been good, too. It’s been a battle in there. He’s been physical. He just hasn’t stopped doing what he did the first day. Sometimes you see a guy be up and down, ride the waves. He’s been very, very consistent.

Q. It says Davis Beville or Joey Yellen at backup quarterback. Is that something you need more time to figure out?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, Nick Patti has been good, too. Don’t forget Nick. You can’t put four quarterbacks on there. Nick missed a little bit of time being nicked up (smiling).

It’s a work in progress really. When you look at it, Joey has come in, it’s a new thing. Davis has played outstanding. If you went around the room, you’d have guys say both of them are the number two. We’ll find out when game time comes around and they get that opportunity.

We’ve been happy with Davis. Been happy with Joey, as well. They’re meeting with Coach Whipple right now. They’re all getting schooled up.

Q. About the offensive line, you mentioned a few weeks ago about getting the running game going. How do you feel about what you’ve accomplished up to this point?

PAT NARDUZZI: It’s always hard. We’ll find out on game day. Our defense is pretty stout versus the run, as you know. It hasn’t gotten weaker. It’s gotten stronger, I think. We’ll find out on game day if it really has.

It is so hard to tell against our defense and defensive line, the way we attack the line of scrimmage with our linebackers. So we’re going to find out. There’s a group of tailbacks there. We’re going to find out who gets hot and who is making plays. We’ll find out who our starter is.

If a guy gets in there, trips, falls down, he’s probably not going to see the next series. It’s going to be who shows up at game time, game day, and gets the work done. But I got trust in every one of them.

Daniel Carter has been hot since the beginning. He’s been consistent like Wendell at the middle linebacker. Vince [Davis] is talented. Izzy [Israel Abanikanda] is talented. We know obviously A.J. Davis has played a lot of football for us. There’s a lot of talented guys there. We’ll have some different packages for each of them, give them an opportunity to go showcase what they have.

Our run game has to be better. We’re going to find out soon what we have, how much better we are than what we were a year ago. But we talked about it last night, just a rushing game and stopping the run. We’ve got to have a run game to be successful this year.

Q. You got to see Austin Peay open up the college football season. Overall they’re a solid football team, but lost their opener. What do you see about this team that’s put up a lot of wins over the last few years?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, won 11 games, quarterfinalist, No. 13 pre-season rank. Coach Lovings was there a year ago as the D-line coach and is the interim head coach now.

They’re a talented football team, make no mistakes about it. They’re talented, tough, physical. You can tell they love to play the game. When you watch them play, they just play with an attitude. They were down some guys. I don’t know if it was injuries, COVID, I don’t know what it was. We don’t get those. Maybe Jerry can find out, do some hunting down in Tennessee.

They have a talented team. The DeAngelo Wilson kid, All-American wideout, did not play. Obviously they didn’t have a long snapper in that game. They struggled in the punt game, which probably cost them the game.

But they’re talented on both sides of the ball. You have to love what you see on tape as far as a football team goes.

Q. It’s early in the week, but you mentioned the whole COVID thing. Do you have any players that you expect that will miss this Saturday’s game because of COVID?

PAT NARDUZZI: No. There’s nobody I expect. Our kids have been outstanding, guys. My hat goes off to them. We’re playing a season because of them. Our coaches have been great. Our support staff has been outstanding in this office, like we expect, since June 1st. The kids have the harder parts. They’re college kids, roaming around campus.

We don’t expect anybody at this time. But you know what, there’s a long time to go to game time. I’m glad there’s no bonfire, on Thursday. So many things that could have happened if there was a bonfire. We’ll miss it, seeing the Panther Pitt, the band, everybody there. It’s just going to be a different year.

But I don’t expect to lose anybody. We tested yesterday as a team. This is a weekly deal. I can tell you, whatever I want on Monday, doesn’t matter, because we haven’t got the results back from a Sunday test. We’ll have another test on Wednesday. As a coach, you hope you get the results back from the one test before you take the next test. The company has 72 hours to get it to you. They’ve been pretty darn good as far as getting them to us when we need to.

Friday is a whole new test, which has come on in the last month as far as finding the guidelines to it. It’s a PCR test. They’re going up each nostril, this company, both sides. They’re not saying, ‘let’s see what’s in the right or left.’ To me, I feel really comfortable with that. I think you’re going to have less false positives or false negatives that way.

We did that on Sunday, like I said. Wednesday. Friday, they’re going to do it twice. I explained this whole testing procedure for the first time to our kids last night. Friday they’re going to go up the right nostril, up the left nostril with the same thing. Stick it in the vial. Break off the end, close it up. Then they’re going to do it again.

On game day, when we get the results, if someone were to come up positive, they can go back to the other one and make sure. If it’s positive-positive, obviously they’re out. If it’s a positive-negative, they go with the negative saying it was a false positive. It’s not like, ‘hey, I tested positive, can I get another test?’ It’s already ready to go. There’s no time.

I pray that Mako and the testing company on Friday can get this thing going quickly so our kids can get mentally locked in knowing they’re ready to go and I’m good. Whether it’s Friday night in a hotel, someone serving you, who made the mashed potatoes, who has the broccoli. I mean, our kids, like I said, have been great to this point. We’re going to continue to make sure they’re doing everything right.

Q. What is your message to the backups? Things could change in an instant for you.

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I mean, they’ve all got to be ready. They know that. Our third team has got to be ready. Everybody’s got to be ready. It’s a sudden change at any point if something crazy happens. Not only the guy that tests positive, but the tracing that goes along with that can hit you worse than the guy testing positive. You’re never feeling comfortable.

We’ve got to get enough guys that know what they’re doing. It could hit you pretty fast where, I mean, you can’t get possibly everybody. We have a 20-hours-a-week rule. You can’t possibly have extra practices for other guys. Just can’t happen. That’s where it gets dicey.

Q. You had Marquis Williams at the starting spot at corner where Damarri Mathis was. What did he do to win that job? How comfortable are you with him taking over that role, which is a pretty important one for you?

PAT NARDUZZI: I’m comfortable with him. Also comfortable with A.J. Woods. This depth chart is the depth chart. How does he practice this week? How does he attack a game week? Does he know his opponent? Does he go out there and playing like he’s playing Pitt? Now he has to look going versus Austin Peay in practice.

A.J. has been good. We have some freshmen corners that have played awful well, as well. Rashad Battle kid, Jahvante Royal, those guys have played well. They’re long, athletic, they’re sharp, sharp mentally. We have a few guys that can play out there.

Right now, Marquis is the guy. What he’s done is be consistent. He knows the defense, tackled really well, be consistent. He’s made plays on the ball. That’s what we expect our guys to do, obviously besides knowing what they’re doing.

Q. You mentioned a fair amount of first-year players. Would you say this incoming class has impressed you with their mentality and approach? Are you surprised there are so many first-years being able to step up, contribute right away?

PAT NARDUZZI: The rookies have been really good. The rookies have been better than most. I don’t know why. Maybe we’ve done a better job as coaches. You see those guys in Coach Powell’s office every morning early. The D-line is in the D-line meeting with Coach Partridge early. All extra meetings. Just those guys.

Bangally Kamara, that guy looks like he can be a special teams guru now. Although he may not play at linebacker this year, Bangally has been really, really good. He’s a football player. He loves the game.

Solomon DeShields, the same thing. A lot of guys that are going to play special teams. We have a talented group. Just because a guy doesn’t play… It’s hard for Dayon Hayes. Rashad Weaver, we don’t talk a lot about, back to Rashad, people better watch out. They’re worried about 91 on one side, they have 17 on the other side they have to deal with, too.

Dayon Hayes is going to be talented. But because of the depth at that position, it doesn’t look that way. He’s going to be good as well.

I love our freshman class. Obviously they have a long way to go to be what some of our seniors are right now. They’re well on their way to that.

Q. Cornerback question. You have a senior who played a lot of football on one side, of course Marquis on the other side. Do you think maybe teams might try to target the younger guy? Is Marquis built character-wise to welcome such a thing?

PAT NARDUZZI: He’s from South Florida. He enjoys it. He’s done it in games. As soon as we go in the game, we say, Marquis, they’re going right at you. Mathis is out, J.P. is out. They’re coming at you. He’s done a great job of making plays one way or another. We have some changeups for him. He’s equipped.

Jerry, you lack a lot of confidence, that’s all I know. Everything is, ‘are you afraid? Do you have confidence?’ I see you’re just a really kind of… I don’t know if this quarantine is wearing you out or what, or your wife is wearing you out, one or the other. We’re not afraid. We have a lot of confidence. You’re on mute, too (laughter).

Q. You mentioned some of these young guys working on special teams. Does the blanket waiver for eligibility make it easier? If you think a guys is a special teams contributor, you can give him the green light right now?

PAT NARDUZZI: It does. That helps a ton. We’re not worried about it. But we’re not going to play guys just to play them. They better be as good as what would have been in there or better. That’s what our kids have done so far. They’ve paid attention to it. They’re interested in special teams. A lot of times those guys are like, ‘I want to be a starting this or that.’ These guys have really bought into the special teams. I think it’s going to help us a lot.

Q. Devin Danielson listed as the starting defensive tackle. What is the rotation going to be like behind him? They’re all young guys.

PAT NARDUZZI: I mean, it’s going to be like the running back position: Who is making the plays? Who is getting it done when they’re out there? I think we’ll know a lot more after this first game, the opener, as far as who is the guy, who is going to get more reps the next week and who is going to get less. It all happens on game day.

We can play against us and hit each other all day, but until they go out in the game when the lights go on in Heinz Field, which we haven’t had an opportunity since November to get into Heinz Field. That’s going to be a whole new deal. That’s probably my biggest concern, Jerry. I’m concerned, a little afraid, about not getting into Heinz Field. I think it’s important to get in there. We just haven’t been able to get there for whatever reason.

Q. I notice it looks like Michael Smith is not on the roster any more. Is he off the team?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah. I didn’t tell you that?

Q. If you did, I missed it.

PAT NARDUZZI: Maybe I didn’t. He’s been off for a while. I apologize for not getting that to you. I’m trying to think of the names. Who else was medicaled early? We talked about this.

Q. Dontavius [Butler-Jenkins].

PAT NARDUZZI: That’s what it was. We talked about that. Dontavius was medical, so was Michael. Michael had I guess a lower-back injury. Again, nothing critical. He was out there for a long time, put it that way. He was out for camp, didn’t seem to be getting any better. Didn’t seem like he was going to be able to make it.

I feel bad for Michael, but he’s going to get his degree. He’s staying here in school. But he is a medical [redshirt]. He will not play for us this year. Great kid.

Q. I feel like we ask you this every year before the season opener, a question of: Do you hold things back, open everything up? You’re not going to give a specific answer, but has your philosophy or your approach to that changed over the years? Where is it 2020 versus 2015?

PAT NARDUZZI: It’s about the same. It’s back and forth. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, okay? I say that, and it’s like there’s certain things you want to show, there’s certain things you don’t want to show. There’s certain things you want the next opponent to have to work on, then there’s certain things that you don’t. Kind of a little bit of both. What do you want them to worry about on the next game?

But ultimately, the most important thing is to come out of this thing with a win. Austin Peay will not be easy. That’s the goal. In the fourth quarter or third quarter, if we have to bring something out we’re planning on trying to hold on any side of the ball, we’ll do that. Certain things you don’t want to show that you have, certain things you want to show just to find out what people are going to do when they see that dilemma.

Q. Just wanted to confirm. Jordan Addison listed as a starting returner on kick and punt returns. I take it he finished really strong in camp. How is he looking at the returner position?

PAT NARDUZZI: He’s been consistent. Again, we’re always looking for consistency. I think that’s the key, knowing what you’re going to get day in, day out. I feel like Heinz Field is the only place that we haven’t seen him do it. Jordan has been as consistent as you can be.

If I had to pick two consistent players, maybe more than two. Golly, Kenny Pickett has been really consistent, so has Jordan Addison, so has Wendell, so has Damar Hamlin, Patrick Jones, Rashad Weaver.

I put him in that category. He’s just a puppy right now. Very, very consistent. I can count on one hand the amount of drops he’s ever had. You’re almost shocked if you see him drop a football. Now he’s got to go do it when the lights come on.

Q. On the outside with wideouts, what is that battle? Kind of a battle for time going on between Taysir [Mack] and Jared [Wayne] and Shocky [Jacques-Louis] here?

PAT NARDUZZI: [Tre] Tipton, as well. There’s a battle going on for sure. There’s a battle every day. But that’s a good problem. Jared and Taysir, it’s a 1-2 punch. Both those guys can go out and get it done. We’re excited about them all.

Again, the way we like to throw it, it’s nice to have more than just one guy you can rely on out there wide.

Q. What has been the transition been like for Lucas Krull? What kind of impact can he have on your offense?

PAT NARDUZZI: I think he can have a big impact. It’s Heinz Field, being the guy, the dude. I think Lucas can. I was just talking to Damar Hamlin out on the patio watching Steelers practice. He is like, ‘that guy is a presence on the field.’ Talking about a safety, you got to cover him. He’s a different guy. He can run, catch. He plays with an attitude. He has fun playing the game.

I think he can have an impact. We’ll find out Saturday.

Q. About the COVID, do you expect to start the week this week with everybody ready to go? My Wi-Fi went out.

PAT NARDUZZI: Yes, I do. Like I said, Jerry, when your Wi-Fi was out, there’s a lot of testing to go, right? We tested yesterday. I don’t know if you heard that. We’re going to test on Wednesday. Then we have kind of a double whammy on Friday.

There’s a lot of testing to go. You just hope it’s accurate. That’s the thing that scares me. You hope there’s accuracy in this testing. You hate for a guy to lose a game or lose 14 days, for that matter, because of a false positive. That’s all scary stuff.

We expect to have everybody at this point, okay, as I stand here today.

Q. Is Bryce Nelms still with the team?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yes. He’s been banged up. Trying to think when, had to be back before spring ball. No, it was during spring break. He was hurt in a non-football deal. He has not participated yet, but he’s still with us.

We’re looking at that daily. He’s been banged up. Again, went home for spring break, COVID hit, never came back. I believe that’s the timetable. It’s been a while.

Q. Gabe Houy, he’s a guy who was at guard last year, lost his job. I think he had two surgeries over the off-season, at least one, moves back to tackle, wins a starting job. What kind of progress has he made from November of last year until now?

PAT NARDUZZI: Yeah, I don’t know if he ever lost his job. But he’s played both tackle and guard for us. I don’t know if I’d ever say he lost his job. Gabe is a good football player for us. We have a lot of faith and trust in Gabe.

He was banged up and injured probably more than anybody knows. It’s probably more of that than losing a job. He’s been really, really sound for us. We need to keep him healthy obviously. That’s going to be critical at that position.

Again, he can still go in and play guard, he can still play tackle. He’s a guy we still have trained both. Gabe has done a heck of a job for us in all aspects of the team, period, on and off the field. We’re happy he’s with us. We’re happy he’s healthy now, too. He is healthy.

Q. Is he a more natural tackle than guard?

PAT NARDUZZI: I’d probably say that because of his length. If you asked him which one he is, he’d say, ‘I’m a tackle.’ I think he could be a left tackle as well. He’s athletic, got great feet.

Q. Did he have two surgeries in the off-season?

PAT NARDUZZI: I don’t remember.

THE MODERATOR: With that we will wrap things up. Coach, thank you very much for your time. Thank you for joining us virtually.

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207 thoughts on “Pitt Football vs Austin Peay: Game Notes, Depth Chart & Narduzzi Presser

  1. Haven’t seen this much experience on both sides of the ball in a long time.
    Surprised that Tre didn’t get an “or” with Shocky and surprised about Addison, especially being the return guy game one. He must really be something, have great hands and great moves.
    Having four D-Ends like these guys is something I have dreamed about for a long time.
    We will miss Twyman’s rush up the middle, but if our tackles can stop the run we will be fine.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. GC, good point on the experience and depth on DL.

    Good to see younger players getting spots. I think the staff does a good job working younger players in slowly, especially on D, so when they do start they have some experience. Good to see a young MLB get into the mix.

    I think this will be Shocky’s breakout year, as long as he stays healthy. He has the speed, size and hands to be very good.

    Hope the two local OL on the right side of the line excel this year. I think Kradel will be a stud, Houy has to stay healthy. He has played a lot of football.

    I haven’t seen any articles on the new S&C staff. I heard players saying they got stronger and faster but they say that every year. At least one OL said they lost weight which should make someone on this blog happy.

    I think Addison’s early enrollment was a huge factor in his development. He had some spring ball, some time in the weight room.


  3. WV suspends in person classes.

    NRS, I question Shocky’s hands so far, he does have all the rest of the skills. Hopefully we don’t see the drops this year, in all the receivers. If he had the hands I think he would be returning punts.


    1. GC – I think it is the total lack of responsibility that schools are playing football yet not allowing students on campus. Pretty much puts a stake in the heart of major universities being concerned with education first and foremost.

      If that were the case all C-19 testing $$$ would be used for actual students not the now-professional athletes on the football teams.


      1. You know what they say, money talks and BS walks. We have known for years that College Football is a separate business from academics. I am just amazed the the B1G cancelled with all that money being lost. Who was it that said that football would be cancelled if there weren’t students on campus? Looking pretty stupid now.

        Even worse look at High School Football, with 80% of classes taught on line, it looks like high school football is full steam ahead in many locals. Their concession is that opposing teams won’t be allowed in locker rooms and have to come dressed to play and go home like that.


        1. But we Texans must have our Friday night lights. It’s a religion and god given rights. It would be going against the almighty if those boys didn’t play and entertain us. My taxes also support football. Seriously that’s the thinking.


      2. It’s always been a double standard. Scholie athletes get a stipend. Athletes get their own dorms, cafeterias, workout rooms, access to tutors. They were never really part of the student body anyway. And I think that is wrong. I remember living on the same floor as swervin curvin Richards. And having Jason Mathews in my Econ classes. And always seeing that prick Sean miller on campus. Partying with some other players at house parties. Those days are long gone.


  4. As far as Addison being too small or getting injured, KJ Hamler was 5’9″ 176 lbs last year.
    He did pull a hamstring this year and is on the Bronco’s IR.


  5. Can one or two newbies turn an offense or defense around from it’s previous seasons performance? Can Addison and/or Krull be the difference for the Pitt offense this year that Tony Dorsett was for the Pitt offense back many years ago?


  6. I think Krull can make a huge difference and Addison can lessen the loss of Ffrench.

    My biggest concern is that no one was able to pass AJ Davis and Todd Sibley on the depth chart.

    I really would like to see one stand out RB instead of a committee.


  7. Pitt has only one freshman RB Izzy and he’s probably just learning the playbook. Also a critical component of the Pitt RB position this year may well be how well any of them are at picking up the opponents blitz packages in protecting Pickett. Sibley was given the most credit from some of the coaches on that score I believe.—-As much as Narduzzi want’s to see a strong Pitt running game IMO we will again see Pitt as a predominately pass first team.


    1. Pass pro and hands super important in the West Coast system. Sibly was the best retuning blocker from last year. (V. Carter was actually the #1 I think). AJ Davis by far had the best catch rate and therefor the best hands. If only he was a bit more explosive…


  8. Yeah but you have to watch tipping your hand by the use of personnel. Izzy most likely won’t be in on play action plays or obvious passing situations. or will he? Play calling like always is the key to a good offense along with player execution. Can we count on Mr Whipple?


    1. I can see Pitt beating the Domers. Pitt always plays them close. A game like 20-17. Plus I’m bringing my Texas twang to town for the game. There’s still plenty of magic left.


    2. Notre Dame is almost always over rated, but they have definitely handled ACC competition.
      But that prediction is pretty silly, although certainly not impossible, stranger things have happened.


    1. He was the worst QB I ever saw at Pitt. Even my kids laughed when they saw him play. Bens family has dirt on Mike.


  9. There you go Ike – he was a Narduzzi recruit!! Thank goodness Narduzzi didn’t give up on getting him to Pitt/JMU/Cowboys!

    A 2* kid that PN diligently and skillfully molded into a NFL QB. Or…was it the James Madison experience that thrust him into the pros?

    Finished career ranking top-10 all-time at JMU in five statistical categories:
    Tied 3rd – Completions (479)
    4th – Passing Yards (5,716)
    4th – Passing Touchdowns (45)
    6th – Pass Attempts (687)
    7th – Total Offense – 6,718

    Hey, in his last year at Pitt he almost matched KP QB rating with 117.8 compared to KP’s ’18 rating of 120.3.


  10. Nice graphic, Reed.

    DeNooch has certainly done well and I wish him the best.

    (But I can’t shake the memory of a couple plays for Pitt where he slid just shy of the first-down marker… Maybe he learned from those…)

    Go Pitt.


    1. Nice find on the WP editing button. Mike needs to look into & get the plug-in unless cost is outrageous.

      Now find out why I can not post links or copy & paste data or excerpts from outside. I can dal with misspellings but not being able to link is a terrible problem for me. I will be eternality grateful.


  11. I remember plenty criticizing Ben. Some are on this very article criticizing me. Revisionist history, Narduzzi was blasted on the POV for recruiting Ben N. Yeah but people don’t want to remember or admit to that.


  12. It needs to be remembered in the Pinstripe Bowl that DiNucci put the ball in Ordnoff’s hands in the end zone that should have tied that game at 31. A game where the players did everything to lose and succeeded at it. Throw in the injuries and it was a nightmare.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. you couldn’t be more wrong. Considering Whitehead missed the who game, the 2 starting DTs played only in the 1st quarter, J Conner missed the entire 2nd half, and D Johnson and N Peterman missed the late 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter …. the STAFF COACHED THEIR BUTTS OFF!!!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. The second bowl game Narduzzi lost. Pitt was favored, played in a location most fans wanted, and would have ended up ranked in the Top 25 if they had won, just like 2015 when they lost to Navy in Annapolis. I have two questions: Was Michigan State really going to hire Narduzzi? I find that very hard to believe.


    1. Excuses once again

      Anyone else you want to blame besides the players and coaches

      The fans maybe for not cheering loud enough

      The field conditions

      The northwest breeze that day

      Being distracted by those opposing hottie cheerleaders

      Eating a bad chili dog before the game

      Too tight a jock strap

      I can go on


  13. as I recall, when Narduzzi took over in early January 2915, the Pitt QBs included Voytik and a freshmen from a small school in Ohio (forgot his name because he never played here). Duzz’s first QB recruit was DiNucci, if nothing else, from necessity. As I recall, he was a 2-star who already committed to Temple


    Interestingly, his replacement at Pine-Richland HS would commit just over a year later to ND while still in his sophomore year ….. but I digress.

    In the following months of Dinnuci’s commitment, Peterman was brought in, and eventually took over for Voytik in the Akron game. Voytik would transfer out making DiNucc the back-up, and his only meanngful PT was in that bowl game. Freshman MacVittie redshirted

    Ricky Town (transfer) was brought in and didn’t do much except for the Rice game when he looked like Peyton. DiNucc played in a few games but never really distinguished himself. MacV was on the punt team and freshman Pickett was pegged for a redshirt. That all changed when Pickett guided the upset of #2 Miami. Then both DiNucc and MacV transferred out

    DiNuuc’s stats at Pitt https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/ben-dinucci-1.html

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    1. Di Nucci made an impact immediately at JMU. because he went down in competition to FCS and at same time joined one of the top 3-4 programs at that level. The Dukes had the talent to mop up the CAA before he got there. But, if some of you want to think the coaches “developed him” over the course of the spring or simply coached him up better thant the Pitt staff, pardon me if I have a laugh.

      BTW – He was committed to Penn, not Temple. A big difference academically and I was surprised he dropped that to come to Pitt,


  14. I am keeping track of the preseason predictions. Only 24 submitted predictions.

    Results 11/10w’s : 0, 9w: 3, 8w: 8, 7w: 9, 6w: 3, 5w:1, 4/3/2/1/0: 0

    Still waiting on Reed and anyone else who didn’t make prediction (maybe because of Labor day travel).


    1. I heard Pompeani say on the radio that he thought Pitt would win 5 games. So put Pomp down for 5-5!

      Go Pitt.


      1. Need to tell Pomp that Pitt is scheduled to play 11 games. Maybe he rethinks his prediction & comes in at 7-5.


      1. Thank you Frank(in)md. – Already had you down for 9-2.

        Double counting votes don’t work if you have the proper procedures. I have a sheet of paper & pen.

        If I was able to link, I would post a blue oyster cult song but probably led zeppelin


  15. You all cant be serious. Dinucci and the head coach mccarthy are pittsburgh locals and mccarthy did him a solid. Its simple stuff. Mccarthy sets up dinucci for life after football. Thats all this amounts too. Whats the chances of Dak or Dalton getting injured and the cryboys relying on Dinucci, <5%. Its just a nice gesture. If the cowboys go 3 deep, mccarthy aint getting canned for not having a solid 3rd stringer. Word was that mccarthy asked JJones for the favor to draft the kid. He didnt even go to the combine, so stop with how great he is.

    The pic Reed posted is classic Dinnucci, head down instead of up for potential receiver or a tackler. Good grief.

    Also, Addison passing up Mack is not a problem and is actually a bright spot in my opinion. He is good, not great. Inconsistent would be my word of choice for him, followed by injury. I wish him and Tipton well. If the young ones have more potential, and physically all square, play the young ones.


    1. That’s not what I saw on the two-deep. Addison replaces Shocky as the return man, who replaces Ffrench as a wideout, so lets hope he had improved his ball controi skills after the catch.

      Mack consistently makes difficult catches in traffic, but lacks speed.


  16. Where do you see Addison passing up Mack? Right now both are playing different positions. Wayne and Mack are either OR for a starting WR position and Addison is first team in the slot position.

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  17. Years ago I suggested Narduzzi was holding back the play book against lesser opening day opponents. The thought was scoffed at, ridiculed and laugh at.

    Now I’m scoffing and laughing at the idea the Cowboys would pay Ben Dinnucci out of doing good will to a home town boy. You have to be trying real hard to be critical to come up with that one. btw, I haven’t read one word expounding on how great Ben is. Frankly I could care less but I’m not willing to piss on his parade either.

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      1. Well I have a wife that likes her shows and I’ll have to find a provider that assures her she can watch them. It’s not really the money I’m just pissed off. I need CBS, ABC, NBC and Netflix plus my food channels, stop laughing, among a host of other cable channels. Oh and all the sports channels, ESPN etc…. Then we go to the internet, I can live without a landline but again…… the wife?? It gets really complicated.

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        1. Verizon FIOS carries the ACC channel. Of course, only IF it is available in your area; and if it is, you can all the channels you could possibly want. I’m in Shadyside and we have FIOS.


          1. You Tube TV. Record Pitt and all the big games for the week. A little pricey but sure is convenient and plenty of channels.


    1. Ike, I’ll be testing the Vidgo streaming service. They are offering a special 90 day Core Service which includes the ACC Network for $40 per month for 90 days from sign up. They also have a 3 day free trial and I will probably test it for the Miami game on Thursday night. If it doesn’t stream well I’ll go elsewhere.

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  18. excuses Tex? no, just one, sorry you have trouble with numbers

    aaand 1 legitimate one,,,,a standard you might aspire to, then try to stay there

    are you stressed?

    Tvax1 who prefers Tex not off the rails(at least not way off)

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  19. Catching up on the last few posts from Maestro and Reed.

    Prediction on the season – as usual, I will refrain as usual from. There are even more variables this year than ever. The structure of the schedule this year for one. Some – but not all ACC teams will have4 a tune-up


    1. …not sure how the above got posted, but to continue form above: “all ACC teams will have a tune-up”… for instance, UVA and VT open with each other. I think Pitt gets a break ACC-wise by having an OOC opener.

      Then the issue of no fans at Heinz in Sept at least. And spare the wise-ass remarks about the attendance. The kids know we are there and get energy from it. Don’t believe me – ask a few of them. I have. And I’ve discussed with with parents. Some schools will have fans there:


      Of course, schools like Clemson and Louisvill are accustomed to playing in front of full crowds. So will a much smaller crowd size bring them energy or not? Who knows?

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  20. Good one Tommy, Tex went off the rails a little last comment but just imo. Anyone and everyone can post what they want and I’m not here to censor but whoo. Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder? I’ll give you all an example, I hate going to the mall so, I hate it……………So I simply don’t do it. Something that makes me that unhappy I take control and simply say NO! I don’t talk badly about the mall, I don’t criticize the mall, I just steer clear of the mall.


  21. Speaking of Pitt becoming QB U, according to ESPN: “The Raiders enter Sunday’s season opener at the Carolina Panthers with Nathan Peterman as Derek Carr’s backup.” But then again it might 🙂 have something to do with the Heisman trophy winner Mariota being put on IR “After recovering from ankle and shoulder injuries this summer, Mariota had a hard time locating his passes in camp.”


  22. Put me down for 6-5 although PN is due for a 5 win season.

    He did it in his 3rd year so right about every three years he does it.

    Truthfully, I’ve gone back and watched Pitt’s last four games and thought we played very poorly so hope its better this year.

    The ’19 4-5 vs P5 teams W/L record is underwhelming. The average of 4.5 more ppg against the non-P5 teams in those four wins wasn’t great either which makes me wonder about this year.


  23. Richard – you missed my prediction (Sat, I think) 2 losses (regardless of length of season), 9 wins -if a complete season – and a bowl win.

    (And an “unpublishable” comment at the end.)


    1. Bruce – Already had you down at 9-2. Join with frankmd & Matt N for being in the 9 win column. Heck I am an optimistic person but I could only go 8-3


  24. McCarthy is allowing Dinucci to fulfill a dream. Great for him. The local McCarthy does a local Dinucci a solid. Pure and simple.

    Similarly, if you recall Jon Gruden pushed Nate Peterman to be taken in the 1st round during his draft year because they bonded doing Grudens QB in the huddle series. Peterman got drafted by Buffalo as a result and has a career mark of 3 TDs and 12 INT’s. No other coach or GM would touch Peterman, except one, which is typically all it takes. Gruden signed him in vegas to try and prove he wasn’t wrong in his analysis of the Peterman in his draft year. I get it. The kid is personable, wont get in trouble and is nice. The least Gruden can do is try to keep him around for 4 years so he gets a pension. Same with Dinucci in Dallas. Its about doing a solid for people you like. Like that one time i said heather was a nice person. Next thing you know, Tex goes online shopping and buys her a 6 pack of yellow blouses. Boom!


    1. I’m laughing at that one – I wish it was on my way to the bank.

      Pitt leaves a Peay stain on Heinz Field for the stillers to clean up.

      Erie Express who lykes Tex when he is on a Bourbon bing…


    2. To follow up with Huff III’s take on McCarthy doing Dinucci a solid, Dinucci reported that at the FCS championship game McCarthy happened to get on a hotel elevator with Dinucci. When Dinucci recognized McCarthy, he told him where he was from and told him that McCarthy’s brother was his 8th grade basketball coach. The two then talked about their mutual home area for about 5 minutes. “Ben and I are from the same area back here in Pittsburgh,” McCarthy would say months later. “So I’m very aware of everything he’s done [in high school and college football]. DiNucci originally played for the University of Pittsburgh but made the difficult decision to transfer to James Madison where increased opportunity lead to some of the most efficient quarterback play in the nation. Last season, he threw for 3,341 yards, 29 touchdowns and just six interceptions. He also led the nation with a completion percentage of 70.6.”

      The next thing you know Ben is an undrafted signee for Dallas. McCarthy compares him to the two-time Pro-Bowler, Marc Bulger. So I guess this story proves life has its ups and downs…elevators that is 🙂


      1. Thought he got drafted in a late round? Kinda the same thing though. Interesting backstory


      2. I know or knew the Bulger family up close and personal. Dad Jim is a loon but very nice. Known to throw a football 100 yards from endzone to endzone. Ben? I don’t think so.

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  25. I need a cigarette after upitts post.

    Speaking of cigs and not to be-labor the point…. but I also think that Curt Cignetti, Frank Cignetti Jrs brother was tied into Dinucci at James Madison. Mccarthy and Cignetti family goes back to the two being grad assistants in the late 80s. Coincidence or just a solid? I take a solid for 200.

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    1. Huff, your old neighbor and dearly the departed RKB, defended Dinucci like only Russ could do. He would be very happy for Ben.


  26. @upitt…..unfortunately i am picturing our kennywood OL wearing those uni’s. I almost peayd myself laughing at that picture in my head.


  27. Well they are all from the same neck of the woods. I wouldn’t give my own sons a pass if they didn’t deserve it. Which they always did, got the trophies to prove it.


  28. Haha Huff.

    To put a pic in go to the image and then click the link after you clicked it and open it solo. If you link it off a google search and don’t click it to make it it’s own page then it just throws up the link.


    1. Dude upitt you realize that these guys are all like 70 years old right??? They’ll never be able to figure this out. Heck I’m just a year younger than you and I can’t figure it out either


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      1. Mike my Dude? I’ll never make it to 70 young man…. I’m still trying to figure out how I can discipline myself to proof read a comment before I rush to hit post comment. I’m the guy that misspelled his three letter screen name….. I’m also the guy who starts a comment, get’s up to go take a leak, then goes and cooks something and then comes back and finishes the comment an hour or two later. Yes of course I washed my hands at least three times in between. Happy birthday to you… you know 20 seconds. You guys are gross for going there..

        iek who struggles with grammar, spelling and ADD…. and sleep…

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          1. I’m an open book Michaelangelo and Mark (upitt) knows this very well. I take it upon myself to see that the world keeps on spinning around.


    1. Well if they’re retired and have a lot of time on their hands… I mean reed clearly 1 upped me on the whole image thing

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    1. Got it! And as you can see from my picture, I am just a bit younger than you Mike and Steve Jobs. BTW Mr. Jobs, Do you know that there are a lot of internet rumors that you’ve gone to the big Cloud in the Sky?

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  29. Thanks Upitt. You should do a weekly selection and then select an all American team at the end of the season…

    Season prediction: 6-5

    I’ll be interested to see if Marquis Williams can hold down the Corner spot. He’ll be asked to play man with minimal safety help at times. They will come after him. He was praised as a true Freshman two season’s ago. Still, he’s listed at 5′ 8″ and 175 (means he’s 5′ 7″ and 165).

    Not much depth at safety.

    Ready for some football.


  30. Dion – what’s the word on Rashad Battle? Impressive that he made the two deep as a freshman. Good size for sure. Maybe that’s all I need to know…


    1. Rashad Battle, a 6’3″ 183-pound defensive back was a 4-star recruit out of Georgia. When he committed to Pitt he said,”My visit [to Pitt] was hands down the best visit I’ve had. Official or unofficial visits — it was the best — period. Everything there just fit me as a person and as a football player. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

      “Things that set Pitt apart from NC State was the NFL access and the city being just like, if not better than Atlanta Is what sealed the deal for me. Football will take care of its self that’s not my concerns, but I could mostly definitely see my self living there.(ed. note: no mention of Pitt not having an On-campus stadium)

      “I knew halfway through the visit that Pitt the school was it for me. The official visit sealed the deal for me. That was all I needed to make my decision.”

      Jahvante Royal, a 6’3” 180-pound defensive back out of football powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale (Fla). Royal is a four-star recruit, and is ranked 229th in the Rivals.com Top 250 rankings.

      Royal is also graded as the 14th ranked safety in the country, and checks in as the 34th best recruit in the talent-rich state of Florida. He chose Pitt over an offer sheet of 25 schools. It’s a list that included in-state schools like Florida and Florida State, along with Georgia, Penn State, and more.

      This past Monday the Trib stated:”So far, Narduzzi has liked what he has seen from 6′-3″ freshmen Rashad Battle and Jahvante Royal.

      “They’re long. They’re athletic, and they’re sharp mentally,” he said.

      Hence my comment that we’ll see a Battle Royal for the backup cornerback position.

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  31. Don’t know if anyone cares, but heard the Pitt’s men’s soccer team was picked to finish second behind Virginia in what I thought they called the “Northern Division?”

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Well here we go. The slow slide from football site into soft core smut… at least the traffic will go up. Sheesh.


      1. How about some beefcake for us ladies who you are forgetting about???? Equal time please…. or at least 25%…


  32. My prediction is 5-6. Moving to a 10 game ACC schedule put a damper on my expectations. I see one relatively sure win (AP), two relatively sure losses (Clemson and ND), and eight toss up games. Probability says we will win half of the toss ups.

    I can’t get behind the theory that an offensive line that played poorly last year will suddenly play better simply because of experience. I prove that theory wrong every year on the golf course.

    I also don’t think running backs will matter much. Whether you have a power back or a speed burner, if there is no hole, they’re not going anywhere.

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    1. Kids at that age can get bigger and stronger each year. That is why you will see more fifth year senior O-linemen than any other position. At least that is what we are hoping for. Plus the fact of playing together as a unit is more important to the O-line than any other position.

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      1. I agree on both points, GC. I just assume that the fans of every ACC team not named Clemson are going through the same exercise we are: expecting improvement where needed, anxious to see that new player who is getting good reviews out of camp, knowing that new assistant coach will turn that weakness around, etc. And every one is expecting a 7-4 or 8-3 season but can “see” 9-2 or better if everything falls into place.

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  33. Narduzzi said it himself, he holds back the playbook in games like this one coming up but he will use the plays if he has to later in the game. Leads me to conclude that PITT may have something new to hold back, but what? A running game, actually catching passes, throwing to the tight end, runners breaking tackles, Picketts throws with the nose of the football not facing down, hmm? Sounds like PITT has worked hard on the details this summer.


    1. I think the new art work is a nice break from things in the news. Nothing like college football, tailgating, band and cheerleaders. We have the cheerleading part covered.


  34. on cpu split screen your browser and open up another Chrome window(not another tab),
    then drag cursor from left to right over the original picture you want to copy until it turns blue then right click “copy” it

    drop that copy into the address bar of the 2nd opened window, the picture will appear

    then with windows split side to side and after making sure the POV comment section is scrolled to the comment section AND you are signed into WordPress, you left click on the picture and drag it into the comment rectangle and drop
    it will drop as text but when you post will have the picture displayed



  35. a tip of the hat to Paulie who just reeled in 5-star OL Nolan Ricci from Lancaster County PA. Rudolph outrecruited PSU and Clemson among others. In the last few years, Wisc has gotten PA’s best TE and OL prospects, ironically both from the eastern part of the state.


  36. College Football Player Dies From COVID-19
    A football player at California University of Pennsylvania has died from complications with COVID-19.

    Jamain Stephens, the son of former Steelers offensive tackle Jamain Stephens, was a senior at the university and played in 32 games on the defensive line throughout his college career, WPXI reports. His sudden death on Tuesday shocked his fellow teammates.

    “He was an all around great guy and great teammate for our guys and that’s why it’s hitting them so hard,” head coach Gary Dunn said. “He had really taken on a leadership role in our program especially during the pandemic – texting guys, always staying in touch with guys.”

    Dunn could not confirm Stephens’ cause of death, but his high school, Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, said in a Facebook Tuesday he died from COVID-19


  37. If Pennsylvania opens sporting events to fans at the end of September, I doubt that either Heinz Field or the ALCO lots will be prepared for fans in time for the October 3rd NC State game. That leaves only Notre Dame and Virginia Tech as potential tailgates and live game attendance. Would be better than nothing but still sucks!


  38. Too many options at WR and too few footballs for Whipple this season IMO. There could be a lot of unsatisfied figures asking for the ball to be thrown their way most of this year if we are lucky.


    1. A nice problem to have. The addition of DJ Turner makes sense after Michael Smith and Dontavius Butler had their careers cut short from injury.
      Pitt most likely loses Tipton, Turner, and Mack after this year. Well I guess they could return with the COVID year the NCAA is offering. Then there is a big gap with only one JR and two SO if you count Vardzel. Lots of spots to fight for after this year.
      Addison FR
      Wayne SO
      Tipton RSSR
      Turner RSSR
      Barden FR
      Mack RSSR
      Gipson RSFR
      Shocky JR
      Vardzel RSSO
      Henningham FR


  39. Psyched for college football to start. There will be postponed/cancelled games this year and maybe next. Heck, maybe this is the new norm. Selfishly, I just want to watch my favorite sport. I am even excited to listen to it on the radio, LOL. Bummed Billy is on suspension.
    Also, excited for the players, these kids work their entire lives to be lucky enough to have an opportunity to play college football.

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    1. Now that’s a real trophy unlike the participation trophy that heather proudly displays for winning the weakest division in P5.


  40. Couple of quick thoughts:
    1) If AP wideout is back this game might provide a very good test for our new DB. I expect their qb to play out of his mind. He stunk last week, so it figures he’ll be over his head vs us,lol.
    2) Here’s one to throw out there. Considering age of Bates and some other assistants, how about hiring Ryan Shazier as a grad assistant or something. Rumor has it he wants to get into coaching and is supposed to be a good guy and very inspirational. Why not?


    1. Hey Joe, I suggested this over a year ago for a few reasons. He is becoming more ambulatory which is excellent for him and would also allow travel for recruiting. He is familiar with Pitt as they share facilities. He knows what it takes to get into the league. He can differentiate Pitt and Pittsburgh versus OSU, like Bobby Engram and Dairy High. No parent would say NO to a visit from him.

      His story is inspirational. He is smart. I do think that he is now off of the Steeler payroll and disability, etc. although he would continue to collect on said policy unless he settled out. Steelers continued to pay him if i remember correctly. It would be a solid move and forward thinking if you were Pitt. That is why they haven’t done it. Kids want to be like him and around him.

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      1. isn’t one way of getting “into the league” just a matter of knowing the right people and them doing you a “solid”

        i read that somewhere


        1. absolutely, thats one way, Shazier was a number one pick. Dinooch was a late 7th rounder for a team that wasnt in need of anything 7th round.


  41. If the line is 28, don’t expect Pitt to cover.

    I see a 24-19 barn burner

    A boring slog fest. Fortunately no fans will be caught sleeping in the stands

    Pea attempts a Hail Mary but the pass goes through the hands of a receiver in the end zone. After the game, the Pea player says he was blinded by the yellow seats.


  42. AP’s QB was very suspect the other week but PITT’s defense is a little better than Central Arkansas. Some of you have set the bar a little low…… me…. I’m setting it high. It’s put up or shut up time.

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    1. There are going to be a lot of jump balls to their all-everything receiver. Expect a fair amount of PI penalties


      1. I’m guessing we see Paris taking a run at some of those jump balls…

        Course, then you have to watch for the pump fake to the sidelines and throw down the middle…

        Always something…🤔

        Go Pitt.


  43. My prediction for the year is that Narduzzi will use the word “consistent” about 2,000 times at his press conferences. I think he may already have surpassed the halfway point during his first presser.


    1. Pitt will be consistently mediocre this year. That’s stability for all you yinzers.

      Tex with a Nebraska accent.


      1. For those that follow the art and science of linguistics, Pittsburghese was in the top five of the worst accents and dialects in a recently released study. Texas twang was rated the best or most pleasant. I have neither given where I’ve lived and whom I’ve interacted with. You can take tests on the internet for ‘what part of the country are you from’. Based on how you say things and the words you use to describe things. And yes, I’m pegged as speaking like Tom Brokaw. Spaniards can actually understand me very well.


        1. Texas twang was always fingernails on a chalkboard for me. Maybe it is because I am true WPA thru and thru. And I loved listening to Myron Cope- especially his radio call-in show.


  44. Weaver and Camp have a lot to prove coming off season ending injuries from last season. I’d be expecting the AP QB will have to be running for his life most of Saturdays game with the result being the Pitt defense ends up getting quite a few turnovers.===On offense Pitt’s play was so bad last year that just having to get that bad taste out of their mouth will have them focused and ready to play. Having the Pre Season ACC Rookie of the year playing for them should help the case. I’m expecting a big game from both Addison and Krull. I’m just hoping that Narduzzi doesn’t just force feed us with another ineffective running game performance.—-Pitt puts 40 plus with the defense setting up at least half the scoring.


  45. Tvax @8:03 AM – in English, please. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought “Browser” was a mis-spelling of “Bowser” of Sha-Na-Na fame (cue Ike).


    1. you know technology still has a way to progress when we can’t just talk to our laptop and order it drop the picture right where we want it 🙂

      @savanah, are you serious? that first effort with my horrendous writing skills left me exhausted,,,,just rereading it was tough,,,,need to go out for a stress relieving 4 miler

      i am good with videos and would consider making one, uploading to YouTube and putting a link here but wonder how many people really want to post photos,,,,so let me know as i think my blood pressure just went up a few points thinking about this 😉


  46. Unfortunately, PN will make Whipple run only 2 different run plays and 3 pass plays thinking they are hiding something from the next opponent even though there is plenty of tape on Whipple’s offense from years past.
    It would be different if Whipple was in his first year at Pitt, he isn’t, but PN will still shoot himself in the foot week one thinking he is being sneaky.
    So instead of Pitt blowing out this team, they will win by 10 unless the defense scores a bunch.


  47. ….and it is beyond ridiculous that the players families can’t go to the stadium to see them play. No concessions have to be open, maybe a few bathrooms.

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  48. Close the troughs…only stall use. Limit number of uninators to number of stalls. Enforced by Pgh SWAT teams…
    I was made to problem solve this stuff…😎

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  49. Scores for a game like this are hard to predict. Narduzzi may feel that he has to play 3 deep on the depth chart to get kids ready in case COVID takes a bite out of the starting group. In that case, we should see a sloppy game with Pitt winning by a comfortable 28-14.


  50. I think Narduzzi will play for more rating points than usual. AP only has a win over PITT to play for, once that goes out the window they will lay down.


  51. Is there any word on a last minute TV deal with Comcast? I wonder if any local channels can obtain the rights to show the game locally.


  52. Thanks Iek!! “I feel MUCH better now – thanks, “from the bottom of my Buggety Buggety Shoop”!!? 😉

    tvax1 – fret not your little heart! I don’t need the instruction – in any language. I’d prolly try 2-3 times and give up in frustration. I’ll just enjoy the soft porn of others!

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    1. maybe fret not big heart, prolly little elsewhere including where it matters>>>>brain

      the simple version is this: whatever browser you use such as Chrome or Explorer or Edge or FirefoxMozilla or whatever those who don’t want to leave an internet trail use, you need to open up 2 separate ones at the same time and then with them both open, drag and drop photo to blog post Comment field

      a couple tries of that should get it done 🙂

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  53. On tonight’s Pat Narduzzi radio show, he said, ” I want to open it up and do whatever we need to do. I think it is important that we come out and explode. Its not like we get 2 or 3 non-conference games to do it. I’m not really worried about holding something back for Syracuse or anybody after that.”


  54. DionJag – Alfred E. Newman??? Love it! Had a friend as a kid who bought every issue of Mad Magazine. Always read Alfred E. Newman. “What – Me worry?” LOL. Thanks for the memory!


    1. “You never get rid of a bad temper by losing it.” — A E Newman, 1965

      Words of wisdom from the “What, me worry kid.”


  55. Iek, updated weather has rain pushed back to later Saturday night…I would hate to have rain impact our offensive explosion…or my golf game earlier that day.

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  56. Fran hope you get your golf outing in and I think you will. Is Bernie still in town and golfing with you? I’m not so sure the rain would hurt PITT as much as AP? Their QB doesn’t look all that big.

    Offensive explosion, my kind of thinking buddy


  57. I received my first e-mail today from the Pitt ticket office today. They told me I had four choices and that the last day to make my choice was today.

    They made my choice easy…

    Get your Peay shooters ready for Saturday.

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  58. I’m really surprised that we are actually going to have a game in a few days. (That is, if we survive the Friday testing… 🤔).

    This is flat-out crazy!

    Go Pitt.


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