Per the Pitt SID:

PITTSBURGH—Three Pitt standouts were named to the Preseason All-ACC Football Team revealed this morning on ACC Network’s Packer and Durham.

Junior safety Paris Ford, senior defensive end Patrick Jones II and senior center Jimmy Morrissey were named to the 27-member team selected by a conference media vote.

Ford (Pittsburgh, Pa./Steel Valley), hailed as the Panthers’ most devastating hitter in at least two decades, led Pitt last year in tackles (97) and interceptions (three). A 2019 first-team All-ACC honoree, Ford has been named a preseason All-American by no fewer than three national publications.

Jones (Chesapeake, Va./Grassfield) earned status as one of the top defensive ends in the ACC and nationally after compiling 43 tackles, 12 TFLs, 8.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and 18 QB hurries last year. He paced the ACC and ranked sixth in the nation with an average of 0.31 forced fumbles per contest.

Morrissey (Huntingdon Valley, Pa./La Salle College H.S.) returns as the premier center in the ACC. A vital figure in Pitt’s transition to a heavier pass offense in 2019, he did not surrender a sack the entire season and also rated as the Panthers’ top run blocker. Morrissey boasts 36 career starts since the 2017 campaign.

Pitt was picked to finish eighth in the 15-team ACC race. The conference will not utilize divisions this fall. Each team will play 10 ACC games and one non-conference contest. The two teams with the highest conference winning percentages earn spots in the ACC Football Championship Game on Dec. 12 or Dec. 19 at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium.

Pat Narduzzi Announces 2020 Pitt Football Captains

PITTSBURGH—Pitt head football coach Pat Narduzzi has announced four senior team captains for the 2020 season: safety Damar Hamlin, defensive end Patrick Jones II, center Jimmy Morrissey and quarterback Kenny Pickett.

The four players were selected by a vote of their teammates.

“Our team made outstanding selections in voting these four players captains for the 2020 season,” Narduzzi said. “Damar, Patrick, Jimmy and Kenny have really shown themselves to be outstanding leaders, especially during a challenging offseason and unconventional training camp. They are highly deserving of the honor of wearing that ‘C’ on their uniforms.”

It is the second consecutive season Morrissey (Huntingdon Valley, Pa./La Salle College H.S.) was voted a captain. The premier center in the ACC, he has been a vital figure in the Panthers’ transition to a heavier pass offense. Morrissey did not surrender a sack last season and also rated as the Panthers’ top run blocker. He boasts 36 career starts since the 2017 campaign.

Hamlin (McKees Rocks, Pa./Pittsburgh Central Catholic) ranks as one of Pitt’s most productive and experienced defenders. He has played in 38 games (starting 30) and is the Panthers’ active leader with 223 career tackles. In 2019 Hamlin was second on the team with 84 stops and had a crucial interception in Pitt’s Quick Lane Bowl victory over Eastern Michigan.

Jones (Chesapeake, Va./Grassfield) has earned status as one of the top defensive ends in the ACC and nationally. Equally tenacious against the run or pass, he compiled 43 tackles, 12 TFLs, 8.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and 18 QB hurries last year. Jones paced the ACC and ranked sixth in the nation with an average of 0.31 forced fumbles per contest.

Pickett (Oakhurst, N.J./Ocean Township) enters his third year as Pitt’s starting quarterback. In 2019, he posted the highest production of his career, completing 62% of his passes (289 of 469) for 3,098 yards with 13 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Pickett capped his junior season with an MVP performance in the Quick Lane Bowl, when he threw for 361 yards and three touchdowns against EMU.

Pitt will open the 2020 season on Sept. 12 when it hosts Austin Peay at Heinz Field. The game will be a 4 p.m. ACC Network telecast. Radio coverage will be provided by the Pitt Panthers Radio Network led by flagship station 93.7 The Fan.

Player Interviews:

128 thoughts on “Updated: 3 on Preseason All-ACC & Captains

  1. Pitt picked to finish 8th. Sounds right to me. But 95 percent of readers here expect Pitt to be playing Clemson in the championship. The affects of Koolaid I figure.

    The original Texas handle


    1. I don’t know, that D was nasty last year and now they add Weaver and Camp to it — both were tough in 2018 — but losing Twyman hurts too…in the end, with Hamlin staying and everyone else a year older, that looks like a top ten D to me. If Pickett and Whipple can find a running game, this smells like an 8-9 win team, which probably finishes 4th or 5th in the ACC, and a solid bowl game. If Izzy or Carter are as good as some say — and last year’s backs looked pretty average — this could really be a pretty dangerous team. I know, if ifs and buts…

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  2. Well we probably had a top 4 defense in the conference and a bottom 4 offense based on last years performance. The O and the D will have to play at a top 4 level this year for Pitt to have any chance at getting into the championship game.


  3. Other than the Coastal title, we do not have much of a history in the southern based ACC. Even if we beat ND and Clem, it would still not make a difference to those voters. We are north of the Mason Dixon line.


  4. Wow, Let’s review here

    Ford, a four star stud who will play Sundays for sure. Best hitter since Ramon Walker.

    Jones the II, A 2* recruit that plays aggressive and with passion. Met his dad, He’s actually bigger than Patrick.

    Morrissey, A walk-on. Narduzzi was much maligned for having a young starting center who was a lowly walk-on.

    Wasn’t it just last year we read on the POV that PITT had no NFL type players and Narduzzi can’t recruit? I’ve been saying for years to be patient and let continuity do it’s thing. Now throw in Twyman as the fourth high rd draft pick.

    Weaver, Camp, Hamlin, Pickett, Hargrove and Kessman will all be drafted as well. Not to shabby for a terrible recruiter. Maybe Mack and/or Krull

    Yes I’m a bit bitter and rubbing it in but after-all….. the detractor did the same thing when the shoe was on the other foot. I don’t forget.

    Another half off topic, I read an old article when a poster scolded people that you would be labeled a hater if you talked about Narduzzi negatively. They are haters and there is no question about that. I have confessions to prove it. Let the dude coach, he’s the best PITT can get.

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  5. That’s a projection Tex, just like you do and do it falsely. You’re one of the ones that cries Narduzzi can’t recruit. Talk is cheap. I don’t care where anyone picks PITT to finish, I relish in the underdog role.

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    1. He can’t recruit anyone on offense for sure. It’s only taken him five years to amass some talent on D that now doesn’t want to play for him.

      But again , what good is all that talent if it doesn’t result in a nice bowl and top 20 rankings

      Not worth anything in the Book of Tex


      1. Watch WR Jordan Addison this year. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

        I believe the two 4 star CB’s will exceed your expectations too.


    1. Oh yeah I skipped Pinnock and Mathis. One of those guys will be drafted (probably both) in the future. Narduzzi can’t recruit offense? Morressy will surely be drafted. I reiterate, Narduzzi was raked over the coals for starting Jimmy. How foolish do those skeptic’s look now? and yes Biggie, not getting good sleep and maybe a good skirmish would help. But funny video.. and a warning….. here’s another one. Look away if you don’t like music..


  6. Getting ranked 8th seems a bit low. There is obviously no respect given based on last year’s performance, but they may have underestimated the number of good returning players who now have gained much more experience. I just think the running game will be significantly improved, and the passing game, with Krull added, will move the sticks and do much better in the red zone. If Pitt can average 28 points per game and hold other teams to 21 points per game, there is no reason to think that they cannot win at least 8 games and finish in the top half in the conference. Nine or 10 wins could qualify Narduzzi for Coach of the Year.


    1. Pitts defense will likely he worse this year. Mathis is going to be a tough guy to replace. So yes the offense has better be better


      1. Correct. Any defense that loses Mathis, Kylan Johnson and Twyman is going to be worse, not better. I’m concerned about who will replace Mathis and Johnson.


  7. Adding Weaver and Camp allows Pitt to at least challenge last years performance level on D. We are going to need a healthy secondary now with IMO at least one all star surprise showing up back there at CB to achieve that goal.—-It’s however all about the O actually showing up at the 30 point per game average level for most of us Kool-Aid drinkers to really get excited about this team. I waited all last year for Whipple’s offense to show up and I really never saw anything very exciting outside of a few late game winning drives.


  8. If Pitt is forced to play their Freshmen at the CB position, look for a few breakdowns and some easy touchdowns to push up the points against. Pitt could have used its last scholarship to bring in a transfer CB for depth, but they chose instead to give it to the WR from Maryland. Let’s hope he was worth it.

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  9. I have no doubt PITT will have a better football season than last year. I’d like to see some addition by subtraction though: minus the dropped passes and the targeting penalties. Those 2 alone greatly improve the Panther’s chances this year.

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  10. Tex – you use the word “expect” when you say how many on the POV feel about Pitt’s chance to win the ACC.

    I think that is an extreme exaggeration, but I’ll give my opinion on how I feel about the 2020 CFB season for Pitt.

    First, two guys I respect on the POV have Pitt winning 5 or 6 games – that means they are predicting Pitt will go down in defeat 5 or 6 games. I can probably name the games they are thinking on the defeat side – Clemson, ND, VT, Miami and Louisville. The 6th loss would be probably one Pitt should win, lyke BC or cuse.

    I “expect” better. I can see this team ending the season with 5 or 6 defeats, but I expect the D to live up to the hype and expectations being talked about. Then I expect the O to exceed everyone’s predictions and actually put 28+ points on the board per game.

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    1. If that happens, it will be the first time since I graduated and began my working career that Pitt would play well on both sides of the ball. I know SOP exists and Twyman/Mathias add to it’s lore.

      I was against Pitt hiring Duzz because he had no HC-ing experience, but I currently support him because he is the HC for the Panthers. This is his best team and best shot to win the ACC title – he has to capture the moment – let the players lead and let Duzz get out of the way.

      Let the season begin and finish complete with 11 regular season games. Forget projections – let these guys play smash mouth, Pittsburgh football and the results should be pleasing.


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      1. Maybe but the ACC screwed Pitt with the schedule. Without Covid Pitt could have won 8 or 9 regular season games.

        But this is Narduzzi. Need reminding of all the North Carolina losses except last year? BC last year? ETC.


  11. On this site, if you write anything positive about Pitt football or have any good expectations, you are labeled a “koolaid drinker.”

    I’m old, and maybe that’s why I kind of cringe at the use of that term in that way. If you mean someone who blindly accepts what is told to them, I can’t think of one poster who fits the bill. I presume that’s the use of the term and not one of it’s other meanings…

    I know, I’m cranky. Probably because I can’t go to the golf outing… 🤔

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Let me clarify

      Thinking that Pitt is anything more than mediocre since the reign of King Pat is being drunk on Koolaid.

      Thinking pitt will finally reach 9 wins and a nice bowl, is drinking the sweet stuff.

      Thinking Pitt can’t do any better than Narduzzi, is delusional.

      But I’m glad realists like myself are only mocked here and not banned like the Nitter board.

      Tex who doesn’t believe in Koolaid cults.


      1. TX Panther — you’re the list man, but I would guess that the list of Pitt fans (let alone POVers) who think Pitt has been anything more than mediocre since the 80s is pretty darn slim. Those truly expecting 9 or more wins would also be a small minority (that’s “expecting,” not an aspiration…) IMHO. And fans for all but a couple handful of teams probably think they could have or should have a better coach.

        I guess it just bothers me when POV posters are portrayed as something I don’t think they are.

        (Besides, Koolaid is not good for your teeth. Wait, I yield to Dr. Tom on that one…)

        Go Pitt.

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        1. To put some Data behind MM’s hypothesis: If you look back to the POV survey that was completed right after the end of last season you can get a sense for how POV readership really feels:

          Pat Narduzzi Hire
          359 total responses

          73% (263) – Positive “I liked or loved the hire”
          3% (10) – Negative “I thought he was the wrong guy out of the gate”
          24% (86) – Neutral “I had no opinion and/or wanted to wait and see”

          How is Pat doing Now?
          367 total responses

          30% (110) – Positive “I am pleased with the team’s performance”
          38% (139) – Negative “I am not satisfied with the results”
          32% (118) – Neutral “He’s doing okay/ I don’t care”

          Can Pat get us to the next level?
          366 total responses

          28% (105) – Yes
          31% (115) – No
          40% (149) – Maybe

          What would you do if you were AD?
          372 total respondents

          21% (77) – Give Narduzzi a long leash and several more years to build the program
          71% (268) – Give Narduzzi 1-2 more years and make sure he understands there are “next level” expectations (i.e. 9-10 wins and a top 25 ranking)
          8% (30) – Fire Narduzzi immediately.

          Article published Jan 6th, while the memory of both BC and the Quicklane bowl were fresh. I would imagine sentiment has shifted slightly towards the positive now that we are heading into another season, but not by much.

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        2. I expect a $4 million dollar coach and a football budget that is top third in the ACC to do more than gen up 7.2 wins per year and a 1-3 record in crappy bowls and a 1-3 record against the hated Nitters. Those are very reasonable expectations. Three other Pitt athletic teams do far more with far less. Why is that?


      2. You are right this year. So Pitt is going to beat Notre Dame, FSU in Tallahassee, Miami (like NC Pitt nemesis) and Clemson? Factor in the Narduzzi special a la Boston College or Virginia Tech. Please some kool-aid drinker point out the 8 or 9 teams on this mincemeat schedule Duzzi’s gonna win?


  12. I still can’t understand the Twyman situation. All we hear from these players is that they play for their brothers. Then Twyman bails on them with some half baked explanation about doing what’s best for the family. I assume that he had the same family when he initially opted to return this year. I’m a bit frustrated because Pitt had a fair chance of hitting 10 wins, which would have even pleased Tex. So we may now have to listen to another year of Tex saying Narduzzi has an 8-9 win ceiling!


    1. What if someone close to him had a illness that required care and money? I’m not saying that’s the case but that’s a family situation.

      Disclaimer – Again this is hypothetical. I have no inside info.

      Nobody except for Jaylen and those close to him will know for sure what the deal is. Could be financial. Could be something like I described above. Heck could be academics – although he seems like too focused of a young man for that to be the case.

      But yes I hear you – frustrating. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth behind him tho.


    2. Twyman (I believe) comes from a poverty stricken family. We may never know the intimate details, but this might help you move on –

      We get back Weaver and Camp and Twyman opts out. Last season we had Twyman while Weaver & Camp were on the sidelines with injuries. Two for one swap. I know we lost LB’s Brightwell & Johnson too.

      The D should be fine with some young DT’s getting “extra” playing time.

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  13. I have a hell of a rumor on Twyman Ed. I can’t prove it so I want repeat it. I’ve given hints. Check and see if Ralph is his agent which makes him ineligible. I don’t like to out college kids.

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  14. Pitt being picked 8th is not a surprise. I will do this as unscientifically as I can. Since the 2015 NFL draft and with respect to all ACC opponents, Pitt has placed the 8th most in the league, with zero first rounders.

    Clemson – 36 total 10 1st round
    Louisville – 33 total 5 1st round
    Miami – 33 total 4 1st round
    FSU 26 total 5 1st round
    NCSt 19 total 2 1st round
    BC 15 total 1 1st round
    VT 14 total 2 1st round
    Pitt 13 total 0 1st round
    UNC 12 total 1 1st round
    UVA 9 total 0 1st round

    The rest are 7 and lower, with Duke being the worst with 3 players drafted, although 2 were number 1 picks. Hopefully there is a shift in standing after the upcoming draft and I do feel that Pitt will have at least 6 taken this year if the season is played and they perform. Maybe we get one first rounder too.

    With respect to Morrisey, he is really easy to root for. As stated however, he was a walk-on and not recruited, or heavily recruited if at all. Its nice he has worked his way to hopefully being drafted. It’s great things are going well but to think you can build a program off of 22 walkons is silly. Yes, one worked out. I would guess that one out of 500 get drafted. Just a guess and not scientific. Not to diminish the walkons. Most however are fullbacks or tightends, you know really good high school athletes that will do anything to see the field. I think that is great but I would never use that as a barometer for measuring the success of a coaches development skill. Those kids are programmed different generally….and he was not over-recruited at all.

    Also, every year I have read, wait until next year. Welp, the year is about to start and we will see if we can have one really good year after many years of mediocrity. For those that think we should win 10 and see Clemson in the ACC final, good luck! For those that think 4 wins is the ceiling, good luck. For me, I guess em one game at a time, especially this year due to players coviding out or quaranpitting. I think we start out 1-0. It’s almost time for a big bladder Saturday…..let”s not go peay!

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  15. For Pitt to win more than 8 games everything, and I mean everything has to go right. For them to lose 5 or more, well, not all that much has to go wrong. I do think 8th is a little low, but remember, this is the BoJangles league where you get 15 yards for just being from north of the Mason-Dixon Line.


  16. Jerry DiPaola@JDiPaola_Trib

    Senior co-captain Damar Hamlin on Pitt being picked eighth in the ACC in the preseason media poll: “We definitely take it as disrespect, and they’re going to see about it.”


  17. Pitt is going to go 5-6 or 6-5 this year and there’s not much any of us can do about it. The other teams are simply better. An elite HC may get us 1-2 more wins but maybe not.

    Pitt will struggle for a half against Austin Peay. It’s just the way things are under Duzz.

    If we can attend, I will be back for ND. I’ve only missed 1 ND Pitt home game ever since 1958, and I simply could not emotionally attend the last game at Pitt Stadium!!

    See you all at the golf tourney… allowing.


      1. Reed:

        I remember the spring game from KPs freshman year well. I did a detailed report for the POV. KP was the best QB that day.

        He has been disappointing at times for sure. But you and some others don’t give him enough credit for his positives. With a revolving door at OC during his career here, and a putrid offensive line, he’s not been playing with a full deck. He is a pretty good college QB. And he will be even better this year with it being his second season under Whipple and with an improved O-Line.

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        1. “All show, No substance”. Say want you want about KP Reed, but you are also wrong about this. How many times has this guy tucked the ball and put his head down to give his team a first down? The guy is all effort all the time. What about him is “all show”???

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    1. Well stated. Look at what Cal did with Memorial Stadium, another 1920s oval bowl. If Pitt had only had better leadership than Cornhole…


  18. Ike -again with the wide brush.

    The past years’ comments about Narduzzi not being able to get quick impact players to commit under him was due to the fact that in his first four years he didn’t have any recruits who committed to him and came in like gangbusters and won All-AAC or All-American spots in their first two years.

    Players like Q. Henderson, Jordan Whitehead, Darrin Hall, Tre Tipton, Dane Jackson were recruited by and committed to Chryst.

    Now after five full recruiting cycles we have seen that he has been able to recruit players who develop over time and have produced at a high level.

    But still – his ceiling of 8 wins is frustrating to Pitt fans for just that reason – he’s playing with All-something or another players in the last two years and still not able to get to 9 or 10 wins like Harris and Wannstedt did – and they did it with a lot less $$ and resources than Narduzzi has had.

    So yes, his recruiting has been better once he’s been here for over three years, at least on defense – his offensive recruiting has pretty much sucked – but at first all of it wasn’t really anything to write home about when taking about big impact recruits.. And this year’s class is 44th so far so …

    He needs to win more games Ike and get ranked as his highest so far has been only 22nd (AP). Harris had a season final 25th and 19th and DW had a 15th ranked year…

    So – I get that people like him as the HC but he’s really not done anything between the lines that others haven’t done as well or better before he got here.


    1. I’m all for PITT and Narduzzi winning more games Reed, lots of common ground there. Pat has done better than Lumpy but Paul wasn’t around long enough to show us what he got. His choice.


    1. Here’s the kicker Bill…… They can call you a kool-aid drinker all night and day but don’t call them negative., that’s just name calling?? BTW, I hate to be be referred to as a kool-aid drinker and they turn around and call themselves “realists” It’s really laughable. Hardly anyone calls these posters out at the end of the day, thus my quest in life.

      Would the real realist please stand up. A realist would accept the facts when they are dead wrong. They don’t.


        1. Not sure of your point but I would say a self imposed realist wouldn’t stand up. They have already anointed themselves as special and get things no one is capable of getting. In my mind I don’t think of someone who calls themselves a realist, I call them delusional.


  19. I know this is of limited value, but here’s the Sporting News’ prediction on the ACC order of finish:
    1. Clemson
    2. Notre Dame
    3. North Carolina
    4. Louisville
    5. Virginia Tech
    6. Miami
    7. Pitt
    8. Florida State
    9. Virginia
    10. Wake Forest
    11. N.C. State
    12. Georgia Tech
    13. Duke
    14. Syracuse
    15. Boston College

    We are clearly the best northern team in the conference!!! 😊

    Go Pitt.


  20. Got a chance to listen to the interviews.

    —Couple mentions of Kradel! Apparently missing persons has tracked him down… 😊

    —I’m impressed with how these players handle the interviews. Morrissey could run for office…or marry my daughter…

    —I’m not as impressed with the interviewers. So OL is Pitt’s biggest question mark. Do they ask Patrick Jones whether he’s seen any improvement in going up against Warren or the other tackles? Hell no.

    —I was encouraged that Morrissey said that Warren has improved, but I won’t really believe it until I see it. Would be big if true.

    Thanks for the video link, MM.

    Go Pitt.

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    1. KP also called out Carter Warren as a much improved LT and said CW has been working really hard with a great attitude.

      With regards to the questioners – do you think just maybe the questions are scripted by Duzz and EJ? I sure hope not…


  21. PITT will go 8-3 or better…… there I said it. Man does that feel good to get that off my chest. Feel free to bash me if it doesn’t happen. Meanwhile it was so nice of Sworfford or whatever his name is to change the schedule and give us Clemson instead of UNC. Good luck PITT winning games in redneck heaven.

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  22. Pitt wins 7-8, and with some decent luck/lack of NC cheating, goes 9-2…probably wins 1 of 3 vs. Clemson, ND, Miami…should win 2 of 3 but maybe asking too much. Running game comes back with a vengeance and D gets nasty on folks — with even a slightly-above average passing game, they should hold serve in games they can win. HTP baby!!

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  23. Iek, Swofford is a Carolina guy and he knows the history of the PITT Carolina games.. all very close with PITT holding a lead until the last minute then there was last year…. a pure political move on his part in his final year as commissioner. No need to risk a loss to PITT – just giving his team the best shot to get into the ACC champ game


  24. Morrissery is not the only walk-on in the 27 man preseason 2020 All ACC team. Zion Johnson, OG from Boston College) is also a walk-on.

    Morrisserry was a 1’st team 2019 All ACC honoree. Johnson was a 2’nd team All ACC in 2019.


  25. I still don’t get the criticism of Twyman’s decision. Two major conferences have decided not to play.
    Plenty of other elite athletes made the same decision. Twyman was coming back even though he could have gone Pro last year.

    Blacks are 5 times more likely to get Covid. Being overweight is a major co-morbidity with Covid.

    There will be guys whose careers are ended by Covid.


  26. While I suck at win-loss predictions, I am sure that this Pitt team has the best personnel in a long time as good as any in the ACC with the exceptions of Clemson and ND. How many wins depends on how they play the games. Since many will come down to one score, luck and who wants it more will have a lot to do with it.

    Before last season, Weaver was the undisputed top elite player. Twyman, Ford and Jones all made names for themselves. Morrisey continued to improve. Ffrench became a difference maker. Who will add to that list this year?

    Two years ago we had a solid running game and no passing game. Last year we had a decent passing game and no running game. Different coach and different players. Hopefully this year we have a more balanced offense. It would make a big difference in holding leads.

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  27. Covid will not end any players career. The PSU doctor is just trying to back the Big10 and calm the pissed off PSU fans.


    1. Exactly…it’s so apparent that the Pedo doctor is just trying to back the conference. I hope the Pedo fans have to stew in their own angry Pedo juices every Saturday this fall with nothing to do but stare lovingly at their old Pedterno cardboard And wonder what could have been


    2. You don’t know that. Any doctor would have his license taken away if he engaged in politics and presented data without solid scientific evidence for support. Let’s not draw conclusions that are conspiratorial.


      1. Tex, You don’t know for sure either. I don’t trust anything the Pedos say or do. You are free to trust the Pedos.
        I NEVER will.


      1. Potato Paul should have gone 8-4 in each of his three seasons with those classy kids Wannstedt left who stuck with the program through tough times. Those difficulties were handed down by those two idiots, Nordy and Steve.

        Imagine if Paul didn’t blow all those games and with all the coaching changes Pitt would have won eight games seven times last decade.


    1. King Pat is a thief

      There is no way 7 win seasons and crappy bowls are worth that level of comp.

      Unless you over value graduation rates, gpa’s and saving kittens from trees.

      It sure isn’t because meathead runs a probation free program. Man is stupid enough to get caught cheating.


  28. If AJ Davis is the featured running back again this year, don’t expect much improvement in the run game. Ditto if KP gets all the playing time at QB.


    1. I don’t want you to be right Grizznbut I tend to agree. While both have limitations, KP’s are more glaring as he plays the most important position.


  29. GC writes “Blacks are 5 times more likely to get Covid.”
    ^^^not correct as written, so either you miswrote this or you misunderstand the stats

    and not to pick on you but I’d also change the COVID career ending statement to “there are career ending risks in football and COVID adds another small one”

    I do not want to lead this thread political with this as I AM REALLY FEELING AMPED TO HAVE ACC FOOTBALL GAMES HAPPEN!!!!


    beat the pee out of peay!

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    1. I wouldn’t say small. You don’t know that. Particularly after a penn state doctor says over a third of those infected have heart issues. Don’t use the holiday inn express as cover.


    2. You are right, it was 5 times as likely to be hospitalized. Only 2 times likely to get it and 2.6 times likely to die from it.

      COVID-19 Hospitalization and Death by Race/Ethnicity | CDC

      You are also correct in the career ending being another small risk, but a risk none the less, and one that is not fully understood at this point, hence the conferences that are not playing.

      I join you in wanting to see Pitt play Football.

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  30. Twyman… how were his grades??? Did an agent or bagman pay him a visit???? Just questions that should be asked IMO all things considered…. isn’t PITT always find raising from its fan base…. would love some transparency……at least this “fan” wold like to know!!!

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  31. It would be good to get some clarity on both Twyman and Mathias. ike, suspects an agent was involved, which could have been from a late contact (or bag of cash) due to new COVID scares. But Ralph has scruples, ike, so I don’t know that he would be involved in this one. But the players seem to be keeping quiet about it, so it must have been something suspicious. As for Mathias, a non-football injury could also be a disciplinary issue if he was doing something that was not appropriate. As BigB says, inquiring minds want to know!


    1. Two things happen when you sign a contract with an agent. One you become immediately ineligible and two, you can be paid large amounts of money. Scruples are not in play anymore.


      1. Ike, the scruples come into play when an agent works on a player and maybe paints too rosy of a picture, like the big bucks are just waiting to happen. And maybe he oversells the player on how good he is. Khem Birch comes to mind.


  32. Someone quit going to class a long time ago. Someone left right when spring grades came out. Someone wanted to come back this year to play football until Covid came to town. Someone went home instead of just opting out. ??


  33. Would have been interesting to see how well the Pitt defense would have handled the Marshall offense who is rolling over Eastern Kentucky. Why doesn’t our offense ever do that?


    1. Marshall would have beaten Pitt

      Pitt won’t cover against Pea

      I expect at least two Narduzzi meltdowns on the sideline. Enough for some meatballs to fling out his head and onto the field.

      Tex whose printed his king Pats one way ticket back to Youngstown.

      PS. I just don’t have lists with me. I’ve got free tickets.


      1. That’s ridiculous and antagonizing to say that Tex as fact. That’s no different than me as saying PITT would blow out Marshall by 50 points. Talk on a blog is cheaper than grass, hay and straw. Like this…….. PITT would kick the crap out of Miami Ohio, Marshall and UNC. and Alabama, Lsu and and every team that isn’t on their schedule. It’s easy to do.


        1. My opinion. Based on what I know of Marshall. Pitt would have lost had they traveled there.

          Your beloved Pitt will struggle against Pee.

          Tex who has faithfully departed Pitt.

          PS. Dig me up Ike after Narduzzi jumps at the IUP opening.


          1. Ok Tex, so if and when PITT kicks the pee out of Peay you won’t mind being reminded of wrong you were. I’ll be honest with you Tex, your record sucks when it comes to predicting PITT’s fortunes and record.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ike I disagree. I have always predicted pitt at 6-8 wins. Never a good bowl. Never a top 20 finish. Never a top 100 in the directors cup

              I predicted Virginia winning the Coastal last year

              You must confuse me with a different Tex.


      2. Eastern Kentucky is an FCS school (one division below Marshall & Pitt).

        A few years ago, Duzz beat FCS Delaware 59-0, same as Marshall today.

        I call BS Tex. You have no idea whether Marshall beats Pitt or not.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Marshall beats Pitt. And it’s no contest. Pitt is scared…very scared of Marshall. Good thing the game was cancelled. I know Marshall and Hoopie Kingdom. Pitt would be a non savory undercooked meatball in that game. But we’ll never know will we? But I know. I do know.


    2. Marshall game- Saw the “ say their names” T shirt” on coaches…. man, that was the shortest CFB season I ever experienced…. wonder if detractors had to put one on or get canceled……sports with full politics in your face…. call me when it returns to sports….

      Liked by 2 people

  34. Bernie, if you want to see how it works tune into the ACCN next week @ 4:00. Your Alma-Mater will show you how class works. The players and coaches plus myself (and you) won’t be kneeling before kick-off. It’s called team work. But you’re right, didn’t watch a second of the game and who do these players getting a free education think they are?

    If you’re white, black, red or yellow, just don’t resit arrest. Take it from me….. Cops don’t like to be put in headlocks when they were banned from doing it to you. Let’s go PITT, Let’s go PITT, Let’s go PITT!


    1. I won’t comment on resisting arrest since I’ll be banned for a lifetime. But believe you me brother there is 200 percent reason why minorities resist arrest. If you don’t know, hang and be friends with some African Americans. Listen. Do your best to understand. You’ll only understand a fraction of what goes on. But that fraction will enlighten you.


      1. I haven’t been watching but based on this comment we are sliding towards political. I know you didn’t start it Tex. Just asking you to take the night road here on out. You Tok Ike


  35. Anyone know when Pitt/Duzz will release the 2-deep for the season opener?

    Interested in the RB’s, MLB, DT’s and CB. The rest of the positions are fairly set as far as starters are concerned, IMO.


  36. Before everyone speculates on how Pitt would have done against Marshall, some perspective is needed. Peay is preseason rated #13 FCS school in the country and #1 in their conference. EKU was unranked in the FCS and ranked in the bottom half of the same conference as Peay (Ohio Valley Conference). You can’t compare apples to oranges and expect to pick out plums.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Big B…


  38. I’ll cherry pick a response to these players opting out/going home. The year before the draft, the elite athletes (thats what they are called), get a grade from the nfl. It is smart of those athletes to sit and blame covid if they have a 2nd round or higher grade. Why, because they can only hurt their status by playing and having a bad year. There is not much difference between a 15th pick and a 25th pick. That is why early playing time is so important to elite players. They have film.

    It”s not about covid. Players have a better chance of contracting covid outside the sports bubble than inside. Look at Peay. No cases after their game so far. They have been tested.

    The rub. A player with a high grade, can sit out and blame covid because there is no upside to playing. They most likely will not get projected or drafted higher by playing, but they could definitely hurt themselves by playing. Not physically, but by performing poorly. Thats the risk. It has ZERO to do with COVID. I have spoken to 4 projected 1st and 2nd rounders in the last month and that is exactly their sentiment…..and the parents too. COVID is a convenient excuse for not playing this year and thats it. The ones i talked to could give two craps about it.

    If you get the covid, which many will, or have, the only issue to your career is if your organs get attacked such as myocarditis. But that happens regardless of football, not because of it. It’s the luck or unluck of the virus after effects. Again, from my limited, poor experience.

    Several have asked about narduzzi releasing the 2 deep. Nard has been in “too deep” since he got here. I think we are 1-0 after the first week but that is as far as i will go predicting because there are too many variables this year with injuries, cancellations, quarantines and covid. We do have a very easy first third of the schedule if nothing goes wrong and variables don’t come into play. Anybody picking past week 4 is just a wild guess in my opinion.


  39. I don’t buy that for a minute. Elite athletes worried about not performing well. Doesn’t pass the smell test. Elite athletes have absolute confidence in their abilities, big egos. That’s one reason why they are elite.
    Now if you said they are worried about injury, I could buy it. Performing poorly is not in great athletes DNA.


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