Devin Danielson and Carter Warren

Devin Danielson

Let me lead into this by saying that Devin Danielson is clearly a man of few words. Not that that is a bad thing. His answers were straight and to the point, which is what you’d expect from a hardworking, blue-collar Pittsburgh guy.

Devin played 238 snaps last season and graded out at 68.7, which is knocking on the door of “above average” as far as Pro Football Focus grades go. He’s supposedly got the inside track on the starting defensive tackle job for Pitt to replace Jaylen Twyman. Generally speaking Danielson’s run defense was better than his pass rush last season (as long as PFF grading is concerned), and that’s actually not a bad thing if Pitt has three other pass rushers on the line. I’m looking for Devin to take the next step this year if he breaks into the starting lineup. Here are the nuts and bolts of his interview:

On what he learned from Bill Cherpak (his high school coach: I learned a lot. How to work hard.

What are some examples of hard work: Running hills. Doing ladders. Just conditioning every day.

As a Pittsburgh guy, you’d expect Danielson to have a strong work ethic. I don’t think there are any surprises here. This is one of the reasons why I think we should expect him to improve.

On his thoughts when Jaylen Twyman opted out: I was a little confused at first, but I understand why he did it, and I wish him the best of luck and it just created an opportunity for me and all the D tackles.

On what it was like playing behind Jaylen: He really taught me how to watch film. How to truly watch film. Dive into the smallest details in a o linemen’s stance, the keys to a good get off and a whole bunch of things.

This is not be underrated, and is one of those intangibles that sets guys like Twyman and Aaron Donald apart from the rest.

Some things he needs to work on: Just mainly footwork and getting the fundamentals sound and consistent.

Spoken like a true student of the game.

How does it feel about knowing who the first opponent will be: Very excited.

Did I mention he was a man of few words? But really, what else are you going to say here?

What’s it like to have a bunch of experienced guys on the D Line: I learn something new every day.

Culture. Important.

What did you learn about yourself last year: I really learned how to prepare for a game. Last year really taught me how to prepare.

I wanted someone to follow up with “what kinds of things do you do this year that maybe you didn’t do your freshman year?”, but it either got edited out or nobody asked it. Oh well…

Hows the competition been: It’s a battle everyday.


What’s it like playing for coach Partridge: It’s amazing, you learn these small little details that you don’t think matters but then it all comes together. Little things like stance. People don’t think about that but i really makes a difference.

On what it’s like to go against Jimmy Morrissey: It’s amazing. He’s really fundamentally sound. His hands. His footwork.

On what stood out about Pitt: I really wanted to stay home. Loved being close to family and them being able to come to games, and I loved he coaches here.

If only all Pittsburgh players felt like Devin did. And he’s got a great point.

On hair change from Blond to not Blond: Every year before camp every single player on the team would dye their hair blond.

What if you didn’t want to: Most people wanted to.

Reporter: You aught to try it before the first game this year Jerry!

Jerry Di Paola: Maybe I will!

Carter Warren

Well you’ve got to hand it to EJ and Pat, because just a week after I write a pretty scathing article about the performance of last year’s offensive tackles – with Warren being the focus – they trotted Carter Warren out for an interview. I have to say I was impressed. He’s clearly very intelligent and I believe he wants to succeed. He’s lost at least 10 lbs versus last year (he was listed at 325 and he said he’s down to 315) and says he added strength – which means muscle. We’ll have to see how he looks on the field, but he certainly said all the right things to help us believe that he’s developed into a better lineman than he was last year.

Also…even at 315, he’s a big dude.

What are of the things that the OL as a whole are trying to improve on: Obviously the run. Borbs has been stressing that we have to run the ball. we’ve got to be good at it if we want to win championships. It’s been a lot of emphasis on running the ball right now.

Oh please oh please let us be better at running the ball.

On Right Tackle: Been some great competition. [Mentions Gabe Houy] Bringing in Keldrick made it even better competition. We’re all battling for a spot right now.

Who’s his competition on the left side: Carson Van Lynn, and it’s everybody else. Borbs can put us all everywhere.

Note that if Warren has truly improved that Carson Van Lynn is probably not really competition. But as a position coach, Borbs can’t let these guys get complacent, so I get it.

Who’s impressed on defense: Pat Jones and Rashad Weaver: Two excellent guys. Two first rounders. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Damn Carter we were looking for some dirt on a young guy, but much respect for playing it safe.

On the scrimmage: We came out we fought and we gave it all we’ve got and it came out pretty good.

On the new guys on offense: He singled out Addison and Barden as playmakers. Now there is the dirt we are looking for.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Addison from a lot of different sources. We could be in for a pleasant surprise. Have heard Barden’s name come up a couple of times as well, but from what I understand, Addison might just be The Man. Time will tell.

Did Coach Borbs get angry Saturday, and what we he like when he’s angry (in reference to Pat saying the tackles played at a “C” level on Saturday): Of course he yells at us, and he just tells us the mistake we made and we just can’t make them again. As a group we just have to come back this next scrimmage and give it all we got.

I could see Borbs lighting those guys up but them coming around with the softer touch. Hopefully it works.

On Devin Danielson: He’s bringing along the young dudes. I feel like he’s been a true leader.

Interesting that he considers Devin to be a more senior guy now.

On going into his 2nd year: It’s been totally different. I know what to work on, I know what to pay attention too here and there. I feel like the corona virus helped me out just knowing the different defenses. I got stronger I’m playing at 315 now. I think I came a long way, so I’m excited. Ready to get it going.

On playing next to Brice for 2nd year: Been great communication since day one. I love playing next to him.

On the Zoom sessions during the off season. What takeaways does he have: One thing is looking down the field towards the safeties, just telling you where the blitz is coming from. I learned so much.

Interesting tidbit. Hopefully his newfound knowledge pays off.

On continuity: We’re a family, we’ve been battling together now. I’m excited for this year.

On Jimmy Morrisey as a leader: Overall I look at Jimmy as another coach. He tells you the right and wrong and do’s and don’ts. He’s changed a lot of people lives in this locker room. He’s the best. That’s all I can say. He’s the best.

I love this raw, unvarnished take on Jimmy. The tone of his voice says it all if you decide to watch / listen to the interview.

On Jimmy changing lives: Just knowing everybody the he building from the Janitors to the security. He knows everyone’s name. I just feel like he’s impacted a lot of lives from injuries to not getting a lot of playing time. I feel like he’s got the answer to a lot of things and I feel like that’s what makes him a great leader in my opinion.

Intangibles matter.

Can he fill in for Jimmy after he laves?: I feel like that’s my spot next year. I have big shoes to fill. I pride myself every day on working hard and trying to be great.

Well he’s got a ways to go, but hey man shoot for the moon and you’ll end up among the stars. And to be clear, while I was critical about Warren’s performance last season, and while I’m skeptical about how much he’s going to improve, I would very much like for him to make a huge leap and have a great season, both for the team’s sake and for his own.

On Owen Drexel: Owen just come out and gives it everything he got every day. Hes’ a workhorse and that’s my dog. He’s been battling.

I have a feeling that he says that about a lot of people. Not that it’s a bad thing to say. Obviously they are friends (“that’s my dog”). Drexel may not be another Jimmy Morrissey but we are all pulling for him to develop into a good center.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

As an added bonus here is Randy Bates “Wired Up”. Still one of my favorite coaches.

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  1. Just a reminder to all readers and commenters, this is a sports blog. Please refrain from posting political or social comments. There is a whole wide world of social media out there If you care to voice your opinion. Thank you and Hail to Pitt.

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  2. Just a reminder Mike, random social comments are what made the POV what it is. Unique and a close family of PITT fans.

    Carter Warren dropping 10 lbs is great but it’s a little like a deckchair blowing off the Titanic. Seems like a great young man though as does Devin D. Wish them both well…… obviously!

    Randy Bates gets an A+ for beating cancer and forming together a great defense.

    You all cherish every live game you get to watch early on as it may be the last game you’ll see in a while.

    Hoping for the best down in southeast Houston for a former POV friend.


        1. Hah. Well I’m fairness nobody in the press corps has asked any questions about Right Guard.


    1. Have not heard anything to the contrary. Since they are penciling Houy at RT you’ll have to think Kradel is in the mix at right guard


  3. Agree totally on Randy Bates. Got to talk to him a couple times at LOI events. Super guy and an excellent hire by Coach Duzz…

    Go Pitt.


  4. Not sure if I can get in for once but I’ll try this morning real fast. Regarding Kradel, I get the feeling he’s the best young OL on the team, hence not much discussion on him. Regarding Mathis, huge loss to me. No idea why we’d even tongue-n-cheek speculate about Covid, that’s a little ‘out there’, could’ve also been he was hit in the head by a meteor, no? But seriously, huge loss at a critical position that lacks depth. Williams reminds me of Avonte Maddox due to his athleticism, size and moxie, but Maddox never really played well until his senior year, so here’s to hoping Williams grows up quickly, and a freshman impresses and gains valuable experience this year…Earlier this week, Narduzzi divulged nothing about the QBs, I do wonder how the backup competition is going…



    1. Agree on Kradel being the best young OLineman at Pitt and maybe the best OLineman. Look for Jake to take the C position when Morrissey moves on.

      Regarding the loss of Mathias – I remember he and Pinnock as true FR. Very good combination at CB and both played a lot. We have two 4 star CB’s in true FR Battle & Royal who should give us similar results. Both have a better front 7 to work with and 2 stud safeties, IMO.

      Pitt should be fine on D and be a top 15 defense when it is all said and done.


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      1. Could Kradel be a Dave Dicastro in the making??? I focused on him the last couple of Pitt games re-played on ACC network…. he was SOLID as a first year starter and will only get better….


      2. ^Rick, agree on Kradel being a rising star but not sure he will slide over to center. I think Drexel would be the pick to take Jimmy’s place??


        1. I was ready to reply to Erie that Ike was not pleased to hear Kradel moving to center after Morrissery. Ike is a BIG Drexel fan.


          1. Right Richard, glad to see one person pays attention to what I write. 🙂 btw, sounds the coaches like Drexel as well.


            1. another btw, Drexel has played center his whole life, (probably from the 4th grade) nothing like a natural at that position. Kradel can be an All-American just were he is playing right now Right Guard.


            2. Ike – I used to hang on every word you said. Now I read them & if an interesting take on a subject, I file it away for later use if needed.

              You were a big fan of Owen since he signed in 17. Glad he is catching on to the college game.


  5. specifically above, I meant “covid heart-related issue”, that’s what was really odd, just to clarify.

    And one more thing, great blog Maestro!


  6. Duzz has put together a great staff and importantly heather and gallagher love duzz . 4 more years 4 more years. …. thats right 4 more years of duzz ball

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    1. The almighty dollar in sports. Any Pitt contract law attorneys out there? Force Majure…

      We’ll probably see more of this in the big and pac


      1. Interesting BigB, I stress this is an unconfirmed rumor but I heard a PITT player who recently left PITT had stopped going to class well before he made his decision. If that is the case, another reason to like Narduzzi as he keeps the good news and mostly the bad news out of the news altogether. Loose lips sink ships. People can dislike Narduzzi all they want but he’s loyal to the bone.


  7. After Austin pee plays Saturday, it will be interesting to see if their team is affected by the ccp virus when they play Pitt. If they play.


      1. Nah … the virus actually has to be transmitted. Is there a 100% transmission rate? Unlikely.

        And even if there is an infection … it’s a two week quarantine. Then resume.

        Is it going to be a little messy? Probably. But I think it can be done

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        1. Agreed, college football is in full-out investment mode by now. The bottom has to fall out and then we are all in trouble.


        2. Easily transmitted when playing contact sports.

          So does pitt forfeit two games or more when players quarantine?

          It will be a mess. That’s why I give it until late October. Pitt will be undefeated at 5-0 with a win against the Domers. And the season will end prompting all Koolaid drinkers to declare Pitt national champions just like the other 8 bogus championships in the non modern era.


          1. In any league has anyone forfeited any games for covid reasons so far Tex? Just wondering


            1. Postponed or cancelled in baseball. And those games will never be made up.

              The nba and euro soccer leagues know how to pull it off. College football and the nfl are jokes


              1. Hail to Pitt, hail to Pitt every loyal son!
                Hail to Pitt, hail to Pitt ’til the victory is won!
                The gold and blue shall wave forever
                On high through fair and stormy weather;
                We’ll sing her praises far and wide
                Until the end of time!
                Hooperay, hooperay for dear old U-N-I;
                We’ll give a grand old alleghenee, genac, genac, genac
                We’ll wave and cheer for many a year
                And sing our songs out loud and clear
                For our university.


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          2. Really, 8 bogus championships because the circumstances were different back then, and they weren’t as “enlightened” as we all are today ;). Sheesh! So if the format changes drastically in 3 years with regard to playoffs and many other things, are people 30 or 50 years from now going to say Clemson’s national championships are meaningless because they aren’t in the Jetsons modern era? Please stop.

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    1. No doubt the opportunity to have ND as a full member didn’t hurt the decision. Plus the fact that the SEC won’t cancel for almost any reason and the ACC southern schools (majority) have to do what the SEC does or risk losing players, market share etc.


    2. Thanks JoeL, this piece of news is starting to change how I feel about the Fighting Irish. It’s looking like this might help to strengthen their relationship with the ACC.


  8. Good point gc, lots of waiting and seeing and lots of posturing. Right JoeL, OSU thinks they rule the north. Probably why the NCAA gave the season eligibility relief? << So maybe they do?


  9. Well, ike was first to check in on the Warren Weight Watch, reporting that our illustrious LT as dropped 10 pounds and should now be down to a svelte 300 lbs. Do we hear 20 lbs from anyone?


      1. He could have got weighed after a big BM….. BigB is always lightest the morning after colonoscopy prep…. but I did lost 25 lbs last fall after a 30 minute bout of Afib and a couple of days in the hospital for testing….. list the weight intentionally but didn’t feel better at all …so it’s back to the ole BigB…. these PITT FB fat-a$$es should be put under the tuteledge of JoeL- he would get the lard off of ‘em…..

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  10. Ike – be true and loyal to yourself. That’s where it begins. You can’t help or love others unless you are mentally strong and look out for yourself first.

    Like I said I’m a fan of many things but only my children have my unconditional love.


    1. Family always comes first, my friends second and a bunch of other things third but loyalty could be my middle name.

      Story>> Let’s just say I was at a doctor office and the doc gave me and Angie a little test. One question was, write down one word how you would describe yourself and for her, husband. She was sitting on the opposite side of the room and we revealed our answers, you got it LOYAL. The doc was floored and said that matching answers had never happened before. It ruined his whole point he was trying to make, whatever that was?

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  11. Tex, it’s not the wild west at this point with COVID

    Abbott COVID quick test 30 minutes prior to practice and game, 98.5% specificity, 97.1% sensitivity adequate?
    $5 per test, if done twice prior to every game by each player/staff along with other screening protocols would get risk % extremely low.
    Reasonable cost for a program if at every practice and even less if done bi-weekly along with controlling outside exposure(semi-bubble) and screening temperature and symptoms. All together we can mitigate to some very small numbers.

    Football and life can happen if there is the will.

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    1. I wish I had your faith. I just don’t see it playing out as all fluffy kittens and unicorns. I hope I’m wrong. I give the season a 10 percent chance of full completion.


      1. Tex, sitting in Hilton Garden Inn next to the Kovalchick center enjoying a Manhattan and relaxing… I suggest you do the same….relax, relax ….

        BigB who just deals with IT…and delivered rain to drought strickenWPA….

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  12. way easier laid out in plan than actual execution with young, diverse crowd of semi-adult humanity involved, but doable

    i’d have a hard time arguing against your 10% for FULL completion but my number is 80% to SOME reasonable majority of completion such as 8 games plus a 4 team championship AND bowl games(crowds don’t matter, just TV audience)

    how do i come to my guesstimate? even i have zero f’n idea and there are some who give zero f’s what my thought process is anyway
    so while my fingers can strike keys and i manage to keep my fiber optic bill paid and not yet been banned because i add the word FOOTBALL to every post(credit H3), here you’ll see me

    read ’em and weep,,,,tears of joy boys(mostly old men 🙂 )


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  13. No matter what happens this season duzz will not be fired not even put on the hot seat . Haters who would use this pandemic season to fire duzz are delusional imho

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  14. wasn’t it BigB who provided those large Pitt stickers some years back? (of not, I apologize for slighting somebody), But wonder if he (or whoever) can provide cardboard cutouts of POV members that can be used at Heinz for home games.

    BTW, as some of you may know, the Pirates were no-hit the other day. Someone on twitter said that there were about a few hundred cutouts at the game … but years from now, there will be thousands of cutouts that will claim to have been there

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  15. Better still, maybe those cutouts could be placed at the infamous tailgating spot. And don’t forget to get ones of George Aston and his parents in there.


  16. Don’t know if I have posted this…

    I think Devin will get the job done on the DL…. hopefully no more non- FB related injuries… my sources told me last years bicycle accident was actually a 🏀 mishap

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    1. After listening to the clip, i got the feeling that people make fun of other people wearing masks while mowing. I’ve been wearing a mask for mowing for a long time. Covid just extended it to other outside trips. (
      & the obligatory football reference) Devin will do a fine job.


    1. Pitt has been irrelevant since Jackie. That’s over 4o years. The Panthers are college footballs version of the Pirates.

      Nice to have the tradition of Jock and Pop but few people care. What matters is what have you done for me recently. And Pitts answer is solid mediocrity. Tough to recruit any decent player if that’s your identity.

      What can be learned from those old days when a bunch of true scholar athletes played a game that looks nothing like today’s against schools like Carnegie Tech comprised of all white players is that when Pitt becomes successful in football, the academic eggheads who live in their ivory towers get jealous and fearful. The success on the field is met with a hammer and the program is shuttered and must rebuild from scratch.

      That philosophy and mindset is no different today. Mediocrity is the desired goal so it doesn’t threaten the academic mission statement. What Pitt thinks they are and what they actually are to me are two different things. Pitt can’t answer the simple question – who are you?


  17. Perry Mason couldn’t get to the bottom of what happened to Mathis.

    Trey Tipton……… one more year one more year! He would go down in history. 7 years and counting. The folks from Apollo are sure resilient.


  18. Miami is like a Christopher Columbus voyage. They may have the players but don’t know where they are going or what they will do when they get there. Even Columbus got lucky and found land.

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  19. Miami’s transfer QB was a lowly 3 star HS recruit who quit on the Houston Cougars last season.

    I can’t wait for the season to start and hope both Pitt and Miami are undefeated when they meet later this season.

    UPitt – let’s plan to meet up for that game and smoke a victory cigar together. Maybe even get a round of golf in to boot.

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      1. Let’s plan to watch the game on or near SoBe. If on SoBe, the game maybe be a secondary focal point.

        Just sayin…


        1. Ignoring COVID for minute…. SOBE is a young man’s game. Mark can still pull it off…has a bit of swagger and a tan.

          Here’s the test for knowing if one is too old for SOBE… if you get annoyed by the slow traffic on Ocean Dr., its time to stay on Collins and head north. 😉


  20. Covid, the scourge of the POV, it even struck down the POV golf outing this year. Question….. will the POV golfers get an extra year of eligibility? << It may prove to come in handy for some?

    Any odds on PITT playing The Pee on the 12th and odds on being able to watch the game somewhere? Geez, may have to go old school and listen to the radio, will Billy still be on?


  21. From 8/1/19 thru 7/31/20, Miami has had 13 players enter the transfer portal. They have signed 5 players (3 of them where grad transfers) from the portal.

    While high, they are only tied for 2’nd (with Duke) in portal entries & behind leader Va. Tech with 14.. They are 3’rd in signees off the portal behind leader Florida State (8) & (hello again) Va. Tech (7).

    Team chemistry must really suck at these schools because that is what some commenters say when Pitt loses a player or signs a player from the portal.

    To put that into perspective, Pitt has 7 entries to the portal (4’th lowest) & 4 signees (tied for 8’th with 3 other teams).

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    1. Pitt sucks, and they are only mediocre at sucking too 😉

      now, Miami, they’re the best of the best at recruiting, near best at sucking with portal transfers, and the very best at mediocre with their record over the last few years

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        1. It’s about once every 3-4, but your point is well made. But the Pitt thing aside Miami should be a 9-10 win team year and and year out with their talent level. They’ve won 9+ games three times since 2010.

          The ingesting thing if you look at Miami is that every new coach gets them to 9 wins in a year or two and then tanks to 7 or less the year after and gets fired.


  22. I might have missed something here but surprised this isn’t being discussed on here. Pretty big deal (and ridiculous IMO) to play only for TV money. If anyone ever doubted exactly why CFB has gotten so important to schools right here is the answer:

    As for winning 10 games or not in 2020 I wouldn’t use this season as a check point to PN on a hot seat or not… Too many variables are coming at CFB to say.


    1. Tena Pelo in the comments section is quite interesting and she’s not talking football

      does me saying she’s not talking “football” count as a football comment? H3, what’s the ruling?

      btw Reed, the article is questionable at best with the second sentence: “The worst fears of Pittsburgh Steelers and Pitt football fans became harsh reality Thursday when season-ticket holders were informed fans will not be permitted inside the stadium throughout September.”

      THEE WORST FEARS would be the games not being played at all, NOT whether we could attend in person. On television is a very popular compromise for Pitt fans.

      AAAND, who ever doubted it was about money? exactly nobody with their eyes open and more than one functioning cortical cell

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      1. That’s funny. But you could close your eyes and still pick up the smell of the ncaa’s stench and Benjamin’s.


  23. Tv money is where it’s at. That $30 million ACC check that pitt receives is 80 percent driven by football. Tv contracts and then the bowls. Pitt is far less reliant on ticket sales than most schools.

    Maybe $10 million in revenues from gate receipts. A school like Penn State has nearly five times that amount.

    I don’t believe Narduzzi will ever sniff 9 wins. Pitt pushed out Walt for similar results. Yet Narduzzi is untouchable. Pushed out Wanny for better results. I really think the goal with the Board is stable mediocrity. Average field performance combined with decent graduation rates, gpa’s and a clean program. There is no desire to achieve excellence on the field for fear of scandal and straying from the mission statement.

    Pitt thinks of themselves as a second tier Ivy. But to me it struggles with identity. It’s a northern school in a southern conference. It’s a private school with major influence from the Commonwealth. It’s a medical and scientific school school yet markets it’s arts and sciences college. It’s got a very small campus footprint in Oakland but uses the city’s name.

    Penn State at least knows who they are. ‘We Are’ has meaning.


  24. Tex, I don’t believe mediocrity is a goal with Pitt as much as an outcome of mediocre leadership. I believe tradition is important…its who we were and should affect who we are.
    I just don’t believe the Championships are bogus.
    We disagree.

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    1. I see the leadership point but based on what happened to jock, pop, Jackie and Wanny, when football becomes too successful, pitt leadership, heavily influenced by academics, has always dismantled things.

      Always been a power struggle between academics and athletics. Academic side always fearful and resentful of athletics. Some I’ll admit is justified.

      If Pitt really valued those ancient national championships and all the legend, lore, tradition and connection to the past, leadership would have never moved off campus. And if fans cared, they would have done something about it.

      I’m one of only about 100 fans that cares and is at least attempting to address this mistake and atone for my passiveness during the demolition and move off campus. It’s never too late.

      I just view the modern game as more important and relevant to these times. Totally different game today based on the rules and play books. Based on participation of the black athlete. Based on a playoff system to crown the real deal to remove most doubt.


      1. Well every generation has their chance to be jaded. I would say that if pitt ever gets to the next level (9-10 wins consistently) and the administration dismantled it, you’d see a mass exodus. Doesn’t seem like something Gallagher would do but crazier things have happened.


        1. If Pitt consistently wins ten games and is a perennial top 20 team but it’s graduation rates drop, gpa’s aren’t as high anymore, even the mere perception of cheating, I guarantee you that the Board whom he answers to would not be pleased. You may not see a complete dismantling but there would be changes. Starting with a coming to Gallagher meeting and then budget cuts.


          1. Are we talking graduation rate/GPA of the the entire student body or just the student athlete? I don’t understand what the athletic performance would have to do with the entire schools GPA but would expect the board would accept a minor drop in GPA/team graduation rate for consistent 9-10 win seasons and top 20 finishes. I certainly would although I don’t think you have to have a lower team GPA to be more successful.


      2. Certainly what you point out historically is true. Obviously Pitt does not value sports as much as they do at many other universities. That goes for both administration and Pitt graduates and the region at large. Football is not life or death as it is at the Football factories. I don’t see this ever changing.

        Basketball may be marginally different because we are a City school and basketball requires fewer financial resources, requires fewer fans and has no professional competition.


        1. So it gets back to the word of the day – identity.

          Is pitt a football or basketball school today? And more importantly, what does it want to be in the future?

          Or is there some hybrid identity?


        2. True this. But football being ‘not life or death’ is, for me, a point in Pitt’s favor. I think Pitt balances athletics and all other aspects of the Mission Statement pretty well.

          I do think PN’s salary is excessive especially given his W/L record, but if Pitt wants consistency they seem to have it with him.


  25. and IF Pitt wins 9 or 10 games this year considering all, I would consider it a fabulous check point for HCPN considering all what will need to be managed

    if he doesn’t I’d try to evaluate it objectively considering all variables and look forward to next year, but first hopefully enjoy a Pitt basketball season led by JC in 2021

    hope we are all here to banter through it all for a long while!


  26. There has never been any doubt that Miami recruits high level athletes. The state of Florida has had the mother load of players for many years. What is confusing is how poor their record has been since their glory years. As far as Pitt’s won/loss record vs. them, Miami’s superior athletic talent usually seems to rise to the occasion.


    1. Pitt has won only four games out of 24 I believe since 1976

      Pitts record against the Nitters is far better

      Miami always has the superior athletes. Coaching has been why they under perform.


  27. I often said that of Joe Pa but even I don’t have that kind of hatred for King Pat. I’d suggest he pack his meatball recipes and get on the first bus back to Youngstown though.


    1. How can only football play and not the other sports???

      A very stupid idea being bounced around.

      It’s called reaching by players, coaches, fans and parents who are highly desparate to have football and vehemently disagree with the initial wise decision to cancel.

      Tex who doesn’t approve of buyers remorse


  28. It all has to do with perspective. Are 8 win seasons against tough schedules reasonable, all things considered? It is like the OCS issue. A few feel very strongly about it, a few more wish we could have one, but most don’t care or are happy we play at Heinz.

    When you average around 35,000 fans, it is a pretty good indication, that the region doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about Pitt Football.

    Face it, we are in a very small minority that care and that has been a fact for a very long time and is not bloody likely to change any time soon and probably never.

    It doesn’t mean that we still can’t have a lot of enjoyment from this team and look forward to the games each year, but thinking we will ever see a NC is a lot like an old man thinking he will date Sofia Vergara, if he isn’t a billionaire.

    If the stars align, we may get to see a 9 or 10 win season, in my lifetime, if I don’t get Covid.

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    1. That’s true. Not enough fans that care. But from an economic perspective there is justification solely because of its functionality. And in space starved urban environments, functionality or usage/utilization is key. Reduce your footprint by building a MPC that can serve as a home to at least five programs.

      Why have separate facilities and separate bills for debt service, maintenance and repair. The overhead will kill you. That’s where Pitt doesn’t think like a business owner. They own a multi million dollar business but they treat it as a lemonade stand staffed by ten year olds. Substitute Koolaid for lemonade.


      1. Heinz Field is the best relief from overhead, there is none. The Pete is multi use. The rest cost peanuts, so your business argument just doesn’t hold up.

        Going to Heinz was the best business and political decision at the time. It is still paying dividends, especially right now when other schools are paying much higher overhead as you have rightfully pointed out. Ten vs 100 million, who is winning right now?


        1. Pitt pays about $3 million each year to rent Heinz. It does not receive 100 percent of the concessions and parking revenues. Pitt only uses Heinz for 7-10 days per year. Pitt is in need of new homes for wrestling, volleyball, lacrosse and gymnastics. The Pete will never hold NCAA regionals, frozen Four, wrestling and volleyball championships, US soccer friendlies and Cup qualifiers, etc.

          Going to Heinz was foolish particularly when you backcheck everything Cornhole said was the justification. He lied on everything and nothing materialized. His promises were lies.

          I think I’m winning now. I have evidence and facts on my side. Not just emotion and thoughts.

          Next up


          1. My understanding is the 3 million is based on attendance and is a usage fee. Since there is no attendance….I may be wrong, but that was the way it was explained to me.


          2. What would the debt service be on a $500,000,000 stadium, operational cost, annual maintenance etc?

            3 million is chump change to have the use of an NFL stadium.


            1. Interest rates are near negative today.

              But for green light, I’d say cover half the costs via fundraising and corporate donations, sponsorships and other upfront monies.

              Zero percent interest on $300 million over a 30 year bond is still zero.

              Tex the Pitt Economist.

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            2. And yes, Pitt is getting a good deal with the Rooney’s. Unlike temples lease at the Linc.

              Again, Gordo you’re dealing with a straight shooter from Texas. My pet peave is lies and hypocrisy. I’m very consistent in my train of thought. I respect all opinions but nobody yet has an argument based on facts on why Pitt is better off at Heinz.


            3. Tex, I appreciate your passion, I really do. But it has been 20 years since Pitt played on campus and there really is no momentum towards what you want and massive obstacles to it ever happening.

              At this point the obstacles include the Board, the City, the County, the State, the people that live in and near Oakland. The lack of land, need for infrastructure and the lack of money. Not to mention the general apathy of what is left of Pitt’s Fan base.

              To make something like this happen you need real leadership. As far as I can tell it does not exist.


            1. I might just do that. But I’d want certain pitt guys and gals behind me first. Round up the magnificent seven so to say. I have that list. I have various lists on me at all times. But I monetize everything. Nothing out of my brain is ever free. Feel free to comment however in jovial fashion.

              I understand the edit michael but the chances of a MPC increase if certain things happen….


        2. Ten is ten only because pitt has ‘no’ fans as you rightfully pointed out and Pitts ACC check is substantially less than the big ten. Sucking and nobody giving a crap is a blessing for Pitt. But you can’t run a viable business long term like that.


        1. I want a guy or gal paid $2.5 million for 7 win seasons. If Narduzzi wins more then he deserves more. He is over paid like the Commander says at over $4 million per year.


          1. 4 M ranks him around 30th in the NCAA in 2019. His teams consistently rank in the 40’s or high 30’s.

            He’s slightly overpaid as far as on-field performance.

            But to Reed’s point, he provide stability, an overall winning record, runs a clean program and meets APR and other off-field goals. To the university that is probably worth the 10%-15% premium they are paying vs the market

            You want a list of overpaid coaches?

            Lovie Smith – IL – 4M
            Chad Morris – ARK – 4 M
            Willie Taggart – FSU – 5M
            Pat Fitzgerald – NW – 5.1 M
            Jeff Brohm – Perdue – 6.1 M
            Tom Herman – TX – 6.7 M (we’ll see how this one ages…)


    1. $50 million on average per school from the conference check alone driven by the tv contracts and bowls

      Another $50 million due to loss ticket sales, concessions, parking, merchandise, etc. I bet donations would also take a hit.

      Whisky said $100 million. And this doesn’t count the economic multiplier for those small football towns.

      I’m really surprised they cancelled. Pitt actually is well positioned. Pitts loss right now is only about $10 million. An easily obtainable bridge loan or they could tap a existing line or float some bonds or raise tuition/fees, cut staff and salaries, eliminate programs.

      Bottom line is that Pitt has several viable options. Big Ten schools are screwed. I personally think Rutgers and Maryland will default.

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  29. 1) Pitt is not winning 9 or 10 this year; they’re only playing 11 games at the most

    2) Big10 is now considering a late Thanksgiving start, and possibly using domes in Detroit and an Indianapolis, etc. Also considering a bubble environment.

    3) Walt Harris was not shown the door because of his record. First, Walt became an embarrassment when he dumped his wife for that brunette hottie … (not to us but to the university.) Then his agent start making all of these idiotic statements; my guess that his agent knew Stanford was interested so he start forcing Pitt’s hand.


    1. It was well known in university circles that Walt was a 8-9 win ceiling coach.

      And big time boosters wanted his exit.

      I frankly don’t care about his sexual life.

      I agree that his agent burned bridges.

      Tex who advocates a Walt statue at the new on campus MPC.

      Pitt would be like UConn if not for Walt. Knock that battery off. I dare you.


  30. I think the universities should send all the students home except for the athletes. That will keep the athletes safe. 🙂
    They can all return after football season.

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    1. That is definitely one way of looking at it. It does create a bubble like environment with less infection points of contact until the game is played. But there’s always that game. That’s the micro puncture in the bubble. It will eventually burst.

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  31. No doubt Walt resurrected a Pitt Football program that was flat on its back after Majors II.

    But how about we have statues for Major I, Dorsett, Marino and Green first.


    1. All for that. Don’t forget Fralic and Ironhead. Both some of the best Pitt men ever. Fralic for his work after football. And ironhead for his son. You don’t get a son like that without a great Dad.


    1. Reed that would be great. My wife keeps begging me to drop the POV! Says I spend more time with it then I do with her!


    2. Chas is part of my old tailgate crew from the 90’s. He has the goods on me so I tread lightly. He’s also a major reason why I got back into Pitt football. Reed is a major reason why I comment and have fun blathing. Michael is now the reason you can’t get rid of me. All three of you guys deserve statues or plaques at the new MPC…the JMC. All I want is my handle TX_Panther above the Nitter urinal in the new place.


    3. Chas has some technical issue with the blog. Apparently he is in no hurry to fix it as it has been that way for over a year now. I asked him last year if he got hacked but he claims he has not been.


  32. With you Tex and Upitt doing the writing I’m sure Narduzzi would be the first to sign up if you made the blather a “paid” blog.


  33. On a separate note to Ike – you are more than welcome to comment on my new blog – just saw what you wrote earlier and it was great…

    Although I have to say I’m neglecting writing on that site… Maybe I’ll do up a piece about insane Pitt football fans… there is a lot to choose from.

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    1. Thanks Reed, I really do wish you well, not only for your new blog but you and your family as well. I think I’ll lay low over there though. How infamous can I be when I’m mentioned twice in only 35 comments. Quite the compliment I would say. But feel free to include me in your insane PITT football fan piece. 🙂

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    1. I’m assuming these are instant tests with results back within hours? If so, that’s good. Not as good as daily, but still good. Let’s hope all follow the protocols and no school cheats or hides things.


  34. @ADavidHaleJoint
    Pitt had 44 drops as a team last year – most in FBS; 15 came on 3rd/4th down, 15 came in opposing territory — this for a team that lost 3 games by a TD or less. If they cut that number in half, Pickett’s line is 65% completions & 7 yards/attempt.

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      1. Yeah, I can’t beieve Narduzzi and his coaching staff coach these players to drop passes in crucial situations. Where did he come up with that strategy? What a lousy dumb-ass coach.


        1. It’s a mental thing and practice. Plus as UPitt says, he recruited these guys. Maybe they aren’t in the right position. Drops is more mental in my book. Ask Larry. He will say the same.

          But if Pitt has to come up with a short term solution until Narduzzi gets different players or installs mental coaching exercises….I have a few from softball and soccer, then I say go with new sticky gloves.



    1. and if they ran for 100 yards more a game, they probably would have had a better record too.

      nobody plays woulda shoulda coulda….

      each and every play, dictates the next play until the game is over. thats the beauty of the sport.


  35. ball points wrong direction, fortunate every frickin’ one wasn’t dropped

    again up, down, left or right, I’m not sure but UNCATCHABLE


    1. Well there is nothing to do on campus but to drink and socialize. Beautiful campus but boring. Learning in Pitts buildings was inspirational. Living in Oakland reminded me of some NYC neighborhoods. It’s not for everyone. But never dull. Full of energy and very cosmopolitan.

      Tex who’d rather smell pee, feces and vomit on a Sunday morning outside the O than cow manure at Creepy Valley any day.

      And I also think it would be cool to have Forbes be a bourbon street. Tunnel the road under for 4-5 blocks. Make it a walkway. Open carry. Balconies. Beeds. Girls flashing their ta tas. Narduzzi would land 6 stars in that environment.

      New Orleans was the only place in my travels that smelled like Oakland. Good times.


  36. Many many times a mistake is made on the football field due to the player trying to do too much for his team. Off-sides, dropped passes, fumbles, late hits……etc etc.. Yeah, some of those mistakes can be attributed to poor coaching at times but think of the times when a defensive player times the play and rolls the QB for a sack, a player wiggles or plows his way for a first down or a big gain only from extra effort, times his hit to force a fumble or a WR makes an unbelievable catch? There’s nothing wrong with PITTs coaching or the players they recruit. It’s simple human mistakes and sometimes the lack of concentration and/or trying to hard. Any of you that haven’t made a mistake this past year, give us all a comment and tell us how great you all are.

    Having said that, the players have to step up and catch the dam ball!


  37. From his posts, Reed is not anti-Pitt. Far from it. He obviously doesn’t care much for Narduzzi, but he has his reasons and we here on the POV respect it. On the other hand, Tex, I cannot recall a single positive word from you about Pitt, it’s coaches, administration or record. Most of us want to win but understand the compromises that are often made among academics, athletics, budgets, etc. But you seem willing to throw out everything the university stands for just to have a 10 win season. My support for Pitt is deeper than that.

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