Phil Campbell and Lucas Krull

Phil Campbell

Wendell Davis doing a “good job” at Mike Linebacker.

Devin Danielson stepping up on DL, “He’s strong. He can hold the point pretty good”.

Likes Green and “T-Bent” – Tyler Bentley.

“This the best we’ve ever been as backers”

With their experience either him or Cam can line up on either side and make it work.

On Chase Pine: A great leader. One of the most athletic guys in the linebacker room at his size. I love playing next to him. We communicate pretty well and he leads the charge.

On Wendell Davis: I think Wendell definitely stepped up. He stepped up in terms of being a leader. I was on him early about being vocal and communicating. That’s what most important at Mike.

Jerry asked him about staying healthy: LOL he went right to physical health and ignored the COVID implication. Gotta love it.

“With the COVID that scares me a lot because I have really bad Athsma and my family. I make sure all my teammates have maskes on. It’s really a safe haven. There are really so many rules here.”

On what he’s doing on the field: I think Money I see a little bit more action. Just being in the box more. I love being inside the tackles, reading the back, reading the lineman. I’m way faster, way stronger this year. Been studying a lot more film, at lot more coverages.

On the freshmen: They were very talented but very raw in terms of fits and schemes. They started at like 40% and now like 80-90%. They are coming along really good.

Lucas Krull

A character for sure.

I’m always telling Whipple “hey 7-11 over here, I’m always open, put in another play”

On Salem: “He’s sixty years old and he brings the juice every single day.”

On the eligibility rule: Until someone takes my helmet and shoulder pads off of me I”m here to play ball.

On Tight End usage: I came here for a reason, and that’s because this offense will use the Tight End to the fullest.

On other Tight Ends: Ky Wright has really stepped up. Jake Zilinkas – a walk on, a senior, doing everything he has to do. Not afraid to hit somebody. He’s a guy we are going to have to lean on from time to time. Danny he’s a great kid, a great athlete, he’s got a lot of potential. We got Kaymar he came over from the defensive side.

MM Note: So Kaymar is back on offense!

On the red zone: We’ve only worked red zone a couple times now…

Thinks Pickett is going to get drafted.

Do you miss baseball: NO

How fast can you throw? : 97

On Pittsburgh: (in the spring) I was struggling a little bit at first, I hated the weather. I was like “Where’s the sun? I’m trying to smile.” (He afterwards said that the summer was great, much better than the Florida heat.)

Fun fact: Was actually born in Altoona, lived there until he was two.

118 thoughts on “Phil Campbell and Lucas Krull

  1. And the hits just keep on coming….
    Another good write. And another good read, Mike. Thanks!

    Really looking forward to how they use Krull this year.


  2. Always love camp talk. Whether they are blowing smoke or not, I don’t care. I love this stuff.


    (Not expecting it, but a full season of these guys would be awesome.)

    Go Pitt!


  3. I thought it was interesting that Lucas K. said he’d come back if this season gets canceled. With his measureables, I thought he’d be gone no matter what…

    Great to hear the enthusiasm these guys have for playing and for the coaches.

    Good job, MM, thanks…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. I think what hurts Krull is there is very little film on him. If they were to play six games and he were to catch 24 balls and four TD’s, (we can dream cat we ?) well he might not be coming back after all.

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  4. KP wanted to come back before all this, he wanted his freshman year back. You can take the ball off the kid but you can’t take the ball out of the kid. Krull same way.

    Now I see there are 5 PITT players are on the senior bowl watch list. ?? What if all 5 players come back for this exemption year? : Note Ford and Hamlin are not on it. Counting Twyman, that would be 8 players. If only Narduzzi could recruit. Plus Krull, Pinnock, Mathis and Hargrove. You need a calculator to keep track.

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  5. If Izzy or the other new RBs are as good as some people think, Pitt could have a really big year…they missed that badly last year, with the overall group looking pretty average after Ollison and Hall lit it up in 2018. They don’t have to be Tony D. or Shady but something near Dion Lewis would be really good.

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    1. The o line needs to step it up for that to happen IMO. Even shady would have had a tough time. One of the worst run blocking lines in all of football last year statistically

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      1. And regretfully, the Oline Who coached that “worst run blocking lines in all of football” . . . He’s back !!

        Can anyone explain why that is?


          1. That is great. May want to know more about it after your first article using it.

            BTW – Another good non Covid article. Keep them coming even if short but sweet.


            1. Pro football focus college. $94 for the year (it’s like 115, but there is a 20% coupon code just google it). You will love it. Well worth the money


        1. Fire him and hire who? Good O-line coaches are hard to get due to the importance of the position, thus the high cost for one. Pitt could always say it offered a top O-line coach a million a year but was simply outbid.

          It has been a rocky road in building the line since Narduzzi was hired. A strong starting five was there but nothing in the pipeline was waiting. The first hire, Peterson, was terrible.

          Pitt has to give the current coach some more time. Recruiting has improved and continuity would be beneficial.

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          1. He needs to at least show improvement this season. If the guys don’t grade out any higher then they did in 2019 an upgrade needs to happen


    2. Dion Lewis is quite a high bar. This crew doesn’t seem to recruit that style of runner, i.e., the elusive type guys. You hardly ever see a juke anymore…

      Shady, Dion and Ray not pleased. 😊

      Go Pitt.


  6. IF Pitt plays much or all of its schedule and IF Krull has a good year and becomes draftable, we’ll see how anxious he will be to return to school. Same for Morrisey and anyone else

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  7. Per (bet online) – the odds on winning the 2020 ACC Championship

    Clemson 4/15
    Notre Dame 5/1
    UNC 10/1
    Miami 12/1
    FSU 20/1
    VT 20/1
    Pitt 33/1
    Louisville 40/1
    UVA 50/1
    NC St 80/1
    Wake 80/1
    BC 100/1
    Syracuse 100/1
    Duke 100/1
    GT 250/1

    So we have a chance?

    We must not lose to the five teams on our schedule with worse odds. Then you look at the five with better odds and think, heck this Pitt team (if as good as some on the POV think) can beat VT, FL ST and Miami, right? They should be really tough, competitive games, but…

    Then there are the top two – ND is ripe for a good ole Kelly butt whoop in’. Then we get to finish the season with two away games against Clemson.

    By the way, Franky in state college was saying something about his 2020 team being the best psuX squad in decades. Easy to say when you don’t have to back it up with your play on the field. I’m glad we won’t see that s(um-b@g coaching this year.

    Mrs. Erie is disappointed she won’t get to watch psuX lose this season. The Minnesota game was such a thing of beauty last season.

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    1. FWIW i think the phrase “bet online” may have triggered the spam filter Erie, which is why this one didn’t make it through originally.


    2. IMO, the 3 ACC teams (VT. FSU,& Miami) are beatable. They all have their own problems. Clemson I doubt & I don’t follow or care about ND enough to keep track of their coming & going’s. Like PSU, I will turn on ND games to see if they are losing.

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      1. Some days – today she road along in the cart while I played the course we had last year’s POV outing at – nice weather and great company.

        She is precious!


        1. Rick, l it”s great to hear she is out and about. I keep Angie informed of Rachel’s progress and she as well as me yells out hello and keep at it. What a victory!


  8. MM – I tried posting a “non political, non religious, non COVID-19 and non curse word” comment twice.

    It still has not shown – any insight? I sent both tries from different devices…

    Insert curse word


  9. Uh-oh! Duzz said Frosh WR Jordan Addison is “electric.”

    That might be two electric players in the same week… 🤔

    Go Pitt.


  10. You can’t make this up.

    Jay Paterno has written a novel entitled “Hot Seat.” (There’s more to the title but that was enough for me…) 🔥

    Also, it’s a novel about a college football season and what’s the home-team school? Wait for it…….

    Ohio State! 🤔

    Go Pitt.


  11. Major – you had me there —- for a minute I thought JP’s new book, “Hot Seat” was a documentary compilation of the Jerry Sandusky Era. 😉😅🤭🤭🤫

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  12. PetePitt- the OL gets maligned preseason EVERY year on here. If you recall, Shawn Watson (who never saw a pass he liked) brought Borbely in because of his run game blocking scheme success. His 1st year, Borbs responded with (2) 1,000 yard runners. He’ll be fine!

    And so far, Borbs has shown no penchant for a remake of the OL Swimsuit Issue. So he’s got that going for him.

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    1. Two things. (1) Borbeley can’t chew gum and walk at the same time: year before last, 2 1,000 yard runners and an OLine which could pass block as well as a high school wishbone team, that is, not at all.
      Last year, total regression: Pickett running for his life on every pass play and a non-existent run game.

      (2) He was so bad at Maryland, they took coaching duties away from his last year and made him a quality control analyst or some such. Pitt picked up off the scrap heap, just as Narduzzi did with Watson.


  13. Jordan Addison must be electric because Narduzzi said today he’s starting in the slot. Also He and Izzy are the leading contenders(I believe) as the punt and kick off returners. We may have some “freshman blue bloods” in the house this season.

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  14. I think the O-Line is going to be just fine for two reasons.

    )1. Older, more mature, bigger, stronger with more knowledge.

    )2. A more diverse offense. A team just can’t pass, pass, pass. Plus the running backs are older, more mature, bigger, stronger with more knowledge. KP will light it up if he gets half a chance. Meaning a chance to play the games.


  15. Some more tidbits from Narduzzi today: (1) he thinks we may have two of the finest outside LB’s in the country in Campbell and Bright (2) he really likes our depth on the OL this year (3) M Williams and AJ Woods will back up our corners this year and he has confidence in both of them (4) Sirvaco Dennis is #1 in backing up our outside LB’s.


      1. Well then I will play be the no holds barred rules. Can’t wait…

        Mike, why do you feel the O-Line will only improve incrementally? That was a young line last year. Look at what the D-Line did and how they improved over one year.


        1. Ranked by number of pressures allowed, Carter Warren was literally the worst offensive tackle in the ACC last year. The worst. Even if he improves markedly he’ll be no better than slightly below average.

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          1. Two years ago Patrick Jones II was a 2* nobody. I don’t agree with you on this but I can see where your new article tomorrow will be going. As far as Warren goes, I see a big upside potential.


            1. So here is the thing ike. Pat jones graded out at 64 his rFr year. Then improved to 75. Last year? 82.5

              You want to take a guess at what warren’s grade was last year? His rFr year.


            2. I don’t have a guess but I know that there is more to how those stats are computed. Like a new offensive coordinator, a skidish QB who scrambles to early. The fact that he started his rs-freshman year is not an indictment of Narduzzi or Borbs but a testament to Warren.


          2. Too fat and too slow- he can be helped with one of those….I can’t understand the philosophy of these massive guys playing tackle when they are going up against much quicker and more athletic defensive players…. these OTs are either naturally huge and that means morbid obesity or the staff takes a big boy like Brian O’ Neal and gets him on the PBJ diet even eating when he should be sleeping to gain 25-40lbs…. bigger health issue for players IMO… not even discussed
            For fun download a BMI calculator and plug the heights and weight in- See what you come up with for these guys… now if they have low body fat then there is a cushion….

            … coming from BigB- when I haul a$$ it takes 2 loads…..


            1. You mean two dumps on the toilet? Big boys = big dumps. Probably at least two flushes.

              Tex who has a potty mouth and whose mind is in the toilet.


          3. Unfortunately, Warren might be too big to be agile enough to play tackle. If you focused on him last season, he looked totally awkward and slow against a rusher with any kind of outside pass rush. Move him to guard — he’s much better moving forward than moving laterally or moving backwards…

            Go Pitt.


      2. From your above replies, I just assumed it was a Reed demolition of someone/something. I hope you did a deep dive into Bobs past for comparison. Borbs wasn’t thought of highly at Maryland. I don’t think Maryland improved OL wise since he left. Or I am just plain wrong.


        1. Let’s just say that reed’s assessment of “hey guys we probably don’t have the talent” is going to be validated in certain areas. This will be very fun.

          (And yep…I plan on going back and looking at his work at MD)


            1. Maryland has been so inept recently at running a football program it makes Pitt look like geniuses. Coaches and players’ careers have fizzled there in recent memory. Borbley isn’t great and I can only read into it that there isn’t much money allotted for a really good O-line coach. That’s a shame if true.


            2. For the extra $300k it would cost to get a quality guy you think they would pay it. Heck if I was duzz I’d give it back out of my salary … think of it as an investment in job security


            1. You would be right about that.

              Btw I’ll let you guess who our two best pass blocking backs were? I’ll give you a hint…one is no longer on the roster


            2. I get it, the O-Line didn’t open up gaping holes for Hall and Ollie?

              Mike I guess you’re talking about Georgie? Another lousy walk-on.


  16. Oh, Geez, Mike has a new toy, and he is going to show it around the neighborhood! Just as I was getting ready to take a dip in the 2020 Kool-aid Pool. The sun is out, and the (water) is fine!

    I gotta admit, before your new toy reveal, I was starting to get worried, anyways.. Duz rarely brags about his kids preseason. Makes me wonder if he’s covering something up! And now, Mike is about to drop the “Mother of All Bombs”.

    “Everybody – out of the pool”!!


    1. The Koolaid drinkers will declare Pitt national champion after a covid shortened season resulting in a 5-0 record and a win against Notre Dame.


  17. Making some cackle is like taking candy from a baby. Just tickle their funny bone with a criticism of Narduzzi. They get all giddy.


      1. He needs to prove it then. Can he run good routes. Make the catch to continue the drive. Come up clutch. Block. Don’t take plays off. He’s no Boyd. And Boyd had elite talent as a frosh. Just not sure what people see in Wayne.

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  18. So we are about to get a barrage of stats thrown at us? No offense to you or even Richard. BTW, Richard uses actual numbers and facts. The new word around town is mitigating, I’m supposing this will be the case tomorrow. Don’t worry Mike, I’m just practicing. 🙂


    1. Does she have any size… see her competing with Hargrove and Cradle…

      On the Covid- front zzz just talked the the man who handles my companies retirement- his sources have Moderna having a vaccine ready to go to the FDA in early October and Pfizer’s in late October… unbelievable speed at which things are progressing… I can almost hear the Calvary coming!!!!


      1. You really think it will be safe and effective. I’ll pass.

        And remember it takes time to manufacture on a massive scale, distribute and develop the supply chain, and administered through licensed professionals with the proper tools.

        We can’t even provide health care workers with enough ppe. And you think we can pull this off???

        I’ll bet on pitt football winning ten games before the majority of Americans are properly vaccinated for Covid with a proven and safe method.

        Tex who doesn’t trust drug companies who use government monies to find a ‘cure’


    2. That’s six players in this year’s class (four freshmen and two transfers), after bringing in five freshmen last year.

      Coach White really aggressively transforming the roster. Had to — had no real ACC talent here when he took over…

      Go Pitt.


  19. Addison has the opportunity to give us a Boyd like freshman season if there is one. And having a potential exciting TE for a change may give Whipple a migraine just trying to figure out who to throw the ball to this year.


    1. Idk…krull kinda struck me as an “alligator mouth, tadpole a$$” kinda guy. I’d you read between the lines in the back half of the interview seems like he’s historically been unfocused and not really a guy that “saws the wood” in the offseason / down time

      The key quotes “well the quarantine was a blessing in disguise because I couldn’t do anything and just worked and really upped my game”

      Translation: man I really just wanted to party this summer but since I couldn’t at least I got better at football.

      “I really wish we were allowed to do more in the city here during the summer”. (I’m paraphrasing)

      Translation – I sure would ave liked to spend these beautiful summer evening chasing skirts in the south side but instead I had to sit home with my quarterback and play Call of Duty after reading through the playbook”

      Just my 2 cents…


      1. Wow, MM, you’re a little tough on our man Krull. 🤔. Course many might have said similar things about Gronk… 😊

        Let’s see him on the field.

        Go Pitt.


  20. Well Krull is on the Maxwell candidate list for TE’s and he has only one season to prove his worth if wants to continue at the next level. If he doesn’t pan out Pitt could move to three WO’s and not play with a TE this season.


    1. You gotta hand it to EJ…he knows how to get guys on a list!

      Kidding kidding. Seriously though I think Krull has all the talent, I just hope he’s able to harness it. And you are right there is nobody better than whipple to scheme around a tight end if he doesn’t pan out


  21. The thought occurred to me that there really is a lot of pressure on Coach Whipple this season. He has an experienced QB, some good WRs and the type of TE who he has excelled with in the past (in other words big and fast and “7/11”).

    Yeah, the OL could spoil things, but a good OC can help some in that department with some play calling.

    Did he have good OLines – relatively speaking, when he was at UMass? Seems like everyone would have known where the ball was going in a couple of those years and he still got it there in impressive numbers…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. I interviewed Jed Walfish who Wess the Jerry DiPaoloa of umass. Guess what he said was Whipple’s Achilles heel… yep


  22. ND had 5 players test positive

    The Mets had 2 players with positives, and their week series with the Yankees has been postponed


  23. So every incoming freshmen get a free red-shirt while they can still play in all the games played this year. Then play in four games next year and remain RS freshmen come 2022. BTW, Tipton may have a chance to play for 7 years at PITT. Is this really possible?


    1. Sounds about right regarding the freshmen, which is pretty crazy. I assume some rules will be applied before 2021 regarding dressing players. No way will teams be allowed 105 players on Saturdays. Teams might be allowed to only dress what the current rules state when traveling. Home teams should not have access to all players either.

      How many Pitt seniors return? Possibly all if they love the game to go through the grind another year. If Kenny does Yellen will be upset. I cannot see players allowed to return for a seventh season though. Even in these times that would be ridiculous. Good news is those whose redshirts were burned will gain that season back.


  24. Like

  25. Don’t most college athletes improve the most between their sixth and seventh year?
    I think i read that somewhere…or heard it at a post game tailgate.

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  26. Our OL has been awful for years. Borbs didnt recruit the dudes when we had 2 1k runners. The other teams defensive line should be getting, bigger, better, quicker and stronger too. The good news for Pitt is that there are a couple elite DL that are sitting out if I remember correctly. At a minimum, the Miami DL. The OL has given us a terrible Points per game total for the last few years. That has to change. Blame whoever you want, but since they have the most personnel, it should start in the trenches. Carter doesnt bend well (stiff). Borbs should take a hint from the girls bball coach and go get him a 4 star guard.

    The other thing not mentioned with the schedule is that we have no easy weeks if I recall. Pitt cant afford to relax against anyone. Great year to play a lot of players without fear of losing eligibility.

    Hamlin will not come back for a 7th year (?). That would make him like 28 years old. He has to try and make some money before he ages out of draftability.

    Clempson already had a large number of c19 cases, so a zero number isnt exciting. There is thought behind postponing the start of the season until later in Sept. Clear the campus. Let the bubble athletes stay and take classes online.

    Tex – if there were 461 tests given and 5 positives, is that still 17% in the new Texas math? LOL friend!


    1. Well he said Beville “took a step” and they “had more depth than ever” so you have to assume Patti is being displaced . Idk we’ll see


  27. John, earlier yesterday someone posted on the Lair that 7 of the 9 Pirate starters last night were hitting .200 or less.
    Hard to believe..


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