Here’s what Football People Think

Reed forwarded me the annual Athlon “ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes” article last night, and I’m glad he did, because it’s one of my favorite articles of the year.

You’ll remember what they said about Pitt heading into last year:

“The division title was a great thing for Pat (Narduzzi), but it probably doesn’t change much for the program. Year in and year out you always see the same thing from these guys — they reflect Narduzzi in how they’re physical and disciplined and really mean working against you, but it’s always a question of how far their talent can take them. It’s not about a limitation of their culture or their play calling. It’s really all about what kind of talent they can get. They’re losing a lot of guys heading into this season, and the crowning achievement for that group was a 7–7 run. That’s just the reality of the program right now.”

Given that Pitt finished 8-5 (and probably should have finished 9-4 except for the BC implosion) this guy was slightly off base. I don’t think he counted on the defensive talent taking a step up last year. He was spot on about the offense.

“Right away, you notice they need to replace their backfield. Qadree Ollison is a guy they’ll miss; he will likely end up on an NFL roster. Next they’re going to have to find a whole new offensive line. And they really lived on pounding it, on wearing you down. When they were clicking, it was because they could beat you up running. They were a one-dimensional offense after Matt Canada left, and you can’t do that without being really, really talented at that one thing.”

This guy was Not Wrong. Qadree Ollison ended up on the Falcons (drafted in the 5th round) and by all accounts they like him. Meanwhile, Pitt’s rushing yards per game dropped from 227.9 in 2018 (12th) all the way to 119.2 in 2020 (119th). For much of the season Pitt’s new offensive line couldn’t run block their way out of a wet paper bag, and Pitt’s stable of running backs was middling at best. What this coach didn’t count on was Pitt’s reliance on the pass – they weren’t great at it, but they were good enough to at least move the ball a little and score when the absolutely had to (for the most part…) They finished with 261 YPG (39th) and 39.5 Att per game (9th!), which was up from 141.8 (121st) and 22.6 (123rd). Still, scoring offense dropped off. Pitt averaged 25.6 points per game in 2018, and just 21.2 in 2020. Not completely unexpected when you flip the script on your offensive philosophy, have to rely on a mostly middling receiving corps and an offensive line that wasn’t particularly good at any one thing. I suppose the good news is that it will be hard for them to be any worse in 2020.

“Mark Whipple is a really great offensive mind. They don’t have a ton of talent to hand him, but the guy is coming from UMass.”

See above notes about flipping the script and moving away from the running game. Kenny Pickett was oft-maligned last season, but both Narduzzi and Whipple were smart enough to realize that he was probably Pitt’s best offensive player. Yes Pickett disappointed in the Virginia game (and also in the Virginia Tech game) but he stepped up against Penn State with 372 yards, and he engineered a bunch of come from behind wins last season. Pro Football Focus recognized it too, grading Pickett as the 33rd best NCAA QB heading into the season. Here is what they had to say: “His uncatchable-throw rate on passes thrown past the line of scrimmage was first in the ACC in 2019. His performance under pressure was exceptional this past year, too, as he converted pressure to sacks at the third-lowest rate in the Power 5 while earning a 27th-ranked passing grade under pressure. That said, Pickett failed to crack the top 100 when it came to big-time throw total, so he’ll want to change that in 2020.” The knock on Pickett from Pitt fans, of course, is that his uncatchable-throw rate behind the line of scrimmage was unacceptably high!

“They’re going to have to ugly it up with their defense to stay around .500 this year.”

51 sacks ugly enough for you, coach?

Now that we’ve taken this nice little trip down memory lane, lets have a look at what they’ve said heading into 2020.

“You know what you’re getting here. This is the team that looks basic on film and then you get into a fight before the game, a fight during the game and they try to fight you after. That’s all Pat (Narduzzi). He is that team.”

“That personality is how they carry themselves. They’re gonna hold you, press man coverage, get personal fouls, goad you into it, all of it. Pat is a great defensive mind, but he needs to learn that the team reflects the head coach. They ride too hot and cold; they swing too much because that’s how he’s acting on the sideline.”

I’m nearly convinced that there is one guy they rely on for the “this is Pat Narduzzi’s team” quote every year to open it up. If that’s true, his opinion of Pat has gone waaay down over the years.

2019: “Year in and year out you always see the same thing from these guys — they reflect Narduzzi in how they’re physical and disciplined and really mean working against you”

2018: “Pat (Narduzzi) is one of my favorite guys in the business. A tough guy, a fair guy, a fun guy. That team plays exactly to his personality — and I mean that in a good way.”

Alright, back to 2020, time for the “Pitt’s not good enough in the running game” guy to weigh in:

2020: “They’re not as good running the ball as they think they are. They’re going to have to get better and more creative there, even in the new offense. It has to work when they hit you with that change-up after the passes.”

Remember what he said in 2019: “Right away, you notice they need to replace their backfield.

And 2018 (Guess he forgot about Ollison): “As good as Pickett can be, they have to find some pieces around him both in the run game and on the outside. Darrin Hall is a serviceable guy at tailback, but he’s not the elite that they’ve had their in the past. They don’t have that pile pusher, that guy that can get those third and short gains to move the sticks. That puts a lot of pressure on a young quarterback to be perfect.”

In all reality though, I don’t know if Pitt thinks they are very good at running the ball right now. All I heard from Narduzzi during the offseason was “we have to get get better at running the ball”. That, to me, makes me think he doesn’t think we’re terribly good at it. With that being said, this Coach isn’t wrong about the running game needing to work as an effective change up after all of Whipple’s passes. Last year it was generally not.

Oh oh, how about the “I Love Mark Whipple” guy!

2020: “(Offensive coordinator Mark) Whipple is a really good schematics guy; they just didn’t have what they needed last season. Schematically they give you problems no one else in this conference does.”

2019: “Mark Whipple is a really great offensive mind. They don’t have a ton of talent to hand him, but the guy is coming from UMass.”

Side note – I actually love the 2020 comment, because I think that Whipple’s scheme is right fit for Pitt once they get the right guys in place. Pitt’s done a nice job upgrading their WR room with young talent. It’s probably about 2-3 years away from really blossoming, which incidentally will be the year when Beville and/or Yellen are seniors… (and yes I know that essentially I’ve fallen into the old “wait ’til next year” trap here, but this time its true…right?)

“Their upside is that front seven. They’re gonna disrupt you. They can get after it, they can confuse your protections and they can fight through you.”

Thanks for the hot take coach.

“They really could be a nine- or 10-win team this season if the offensive line gets better and they fix the scoring problems. The pieces are there.”

Talk dirty to me …

“(Kenny) Pickett is a solid game manager but could maybe develop into something more.”

Apparently all he needs to do is start making big-time throws.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

137 thoughts on “Here’s what Football People Think

  1. all this talk about Whipple and Pickett and not one mention that his ball is uncatchable as it points in some impossible direction

    i forget, up or down or was it sideways? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    MM, please just delete this posting, it’s useless and a total waste of internet bandwidth without referencing that critical factor 😉


  2. Sorry that athlon stuff is a worthless piece of crap i question who they are even talking to probably some douche like karlo who handles the video but reed hates duzz because he threw him out of practice so i am not surprised

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    1. Oh there is no question that Reed does not like Duz. Although I don’t think that’s why he sent the article.

      I often asked myself who these coaches are. Are they head coaches? Unlikely. Assistants? Maybe. It’s possible you are right that they are low level film-room guys or GA’s. Heck it could be the media relations guys filling this out… “EJ Borghetti dishes on ACC coaches” !!!


        1. Yea maybe I’m giving old Reed the benefit of the doubt. When you’re a life long Pitt fan and then get called a spy and thrown off the premises I can see how you’d form a lasting grudge.

          Either way I’d have written someone on this when I came across it. While the sources are questionable at best, it’s still one of my favorite articles of the year.


  3. Looking through what coaches are saying about other teams…Check out Virginia Tech and Miami. Yikes. Also NC State who is on Pitt’s schedule this year. I thought their comments on Wake (who we don’t play) were interesting. Wake is never going to be more than what it is, but a good coach will at least make them competitive, which Dave Clawson has done. Hats off to him.


  4. Nice article as usual Mike.

    I read the Athlon article yesterday & now your take of it. My thoughts:

    IMO,the anonymous ACC coaches are having a hard time digesting the fact that one of the northern teams is actually one of the better in- conference play teams. Look at the reviews of BC, Cuse & L’ville. There are comments about their limited recruiting bases & low level recruiting. In their minds Pitt should be like them.

    Now I may be cherry picking stats but since Narduzzi took the reigns in 2015, Pitt is tied for the 3’rd best winning % in regular season conference play. Pitt has ruined some foes seasons. Put blemishes on others. They may not be angels but they aren’t an easy V as other northern teams.

    Now I am off to my outside work. Weedeating & lawn mower on the agenda.

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    1. So if I’m trading between the lines you think the “Pitt plays dirty bc of Narudzzi” comment is coming from a Southern school that Pitt May have blemished in the recent past…


      1. Left my cell phone in the house & had to come back for it. Of course, I had to take a peak at the POV.

        Yes & no. IMO, like in basketball, the ACC is a finesse league. Throw that in with ACC refs & you got a bias against physicality. Now I don’t believe Pitt is dirty or as dirty as Mendenhall’s BYU teams or Norvell’s Memphis teams. (Those two teams played in a bowl game a few years back that lead to an epic brawl.)

        So far Mendenhall BYU “playing to the whistle blows” hasn’t caught on at Virginia (the home of southern patrician life). We will see about FSU. If it does, physicality make take root and not be looked on as an annoyance to gracious living.

        On to my days work. Checked my cargo pants for all my outside necessities & I am out the door.

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  5. I doubt these answers are from anyone associated with a program. We on the POV can each take a school and make crap up and say it is a quote from an anonymous source.

    Actually, that may be fun to do.


  6. Well since I watch every minute of every PITT game I call horse crap on the premise that Narduzzi and that PITT plays dirty. They play big and proud and do not take bs from others and they shouldn’t. You play your opponent the way they play you. The “coach” is right on one thing…. Narduzzi has complete control over his team unlike other coaches. Richard, good call. Narduzzi is the third highest paid head coach in the ACC and has the third highest winning %. What all the rumpus about? If you don’t like the guy. Just say it and we will on move on.


  7. The coach comments all seem fair to me. I do think that Narduzzi is a bit too volatile on the sidelines. I can see the need for energy, but he looks foolish at times. Clearly, the running game was poor last year. I don’t blame it all on the OL, because I saw very little tackle breaking and second level running among the backs, many who were hurt at some point. Also, very little edge running for success. They need to completely upgrade the running game in all respects.


  8. If memory serves the longest run plays were #22 on some sort of trickeration or misdirection plays.

    Any word if Miss Heather has found a tune up game since the mighty MAC has cancelled out?


    1. Vince had some good runs out of the wildcat. Just not enough of them. Run blocking was just not good in most cases. We’ve got the home run back…need to get him the crease


      1. Sibley ran the Wildcat well also. He was hurt in the Miami game on a run out of that formation. We were moving the ball effectively until that point. After his injury we had a lot of trouble advancing the ball on the ground.


        1. Yea he was getting his stride. Too bad about the injury. I think the point is that we shouldn’t have to go to the Wildcat to move the ball on the ground.

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  9. I guess Pitt does have a reputation for being aggressive — like the comment about they will fight you before, during and after the game. I find that fighting comment unfair, but the perception hurts Pitt at times — like on the pass interference calls against us when both players are pushing, and the “targeting” calls against us…

    We need our guys, especially Paris Ford, to “target” the ball with their helmet to try to avoid those helmet-to-helmet hits. Tough for Paris because he’s flying in their so fast…

    I guess I’ll have to try to watch Coach Duzz more on the sideline. I hadn’t noticed him being any more animated than your typical head coach…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. He had a few games earlier in his head coaching career (VT game stands out) when I thought he was too emotional, but I think he’s gotten much better at controlling himself since then.

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  10. Right you are John, anyone every see Kelly or Dabo on the sidelines? Narduzzi can be a bit dramatic at times….. you know….. like every other coach looking to get the next call. I don’t see him yelling at his players like Kelly.

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  11. and btw talking about Narduzzi becoming animated on the sidelines. I’ve see some pretty rotten calls go against PITT the past few years that deserves to be challenged and yelled at. If you want to be heard in the ACC and you are a northern team, you better be prepared to raise your voice.


      1. While leading Ohio State, Woody’s teams won five national championships, captured 13 Big Ten Conference titles, and had an overall record of 205–61–10.

        However, in Woody’s final game at OSU he punched Clemson nose guard Charlie Bauman for intercepting an Ohio State pass with two minutes left on the clock in the 1978 Gator Bowl. Now that’s animated!


  12. right you are MajorMajor re. HCPN, agenda creates reality for some here it seems….although some of those voices have disappeared here

    what I don’t think is arguable is the reckless undisciplined nature of some of Pitt’s aggressiveness and while their reputation may have added to this, many additional penalties were simply STUPID on the part of some of our player’s. IMO, HCPN seems to be deservedly implicated in a correlation there.

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    1. the “right you are” must’ve gotten stuck in my brain from Iek

      not intentional and didn’t notice the plagiarism I am guilty of until this minute

      imitation is…..


  13. Tough to get the run game going when Whipple goes shotgun on 3rd and 1.

    First two possessions vs Virginia last season it was six passes and all were incomplete.

    Put the pressure on the guys up front who say they prefer run blocking.

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  14. Thing is Tommy and I agree, PITT takes penalties, whether or not more than the average team I don’t know and they are aggressive plays but not necessarily malicious. Half of Fords penalties last year were just plain football plays.


    1. fair enough

      who was the knucklehead who hit the kid while going down, on the sideline OR out of bounds, and late that got a penalty last year

      stupid aggressive, not malicious

      i agree, i’m not sure Ford deserved even one penalty or would have had any called if he played for UNC or Duke or a few of the preferred ACC blood


  15. Anyone familiar with inertia? It happen with collisions. Running backs lead with their helmets but the defense plays with their hands and heads tied behind their backs.

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  16. This team was disciplined last year? I choked on my bourbon reading that.

    Pitt is a very pedestrian team. Able to hang and beat the JV schools in the Coastal but will lose 3 of 4 to the Nitters, get blown out by Clemson and Tech, and then lose to teams like BC and a bad Miami.

    They can get hot but are too often luke warm.

    $4 million buys us Pitt fans plenty of crappy bowls and Fantas.


    1. while some of that is true, what I really regret about this COVID thing right now is that it seems Pitt may/will not be able to address your disparagement and achieve greatness again, if just for this year

      i know you enjoy the piss and vinegar spewing perspective but even had the sense to predict more wins this year than any with HCPN so you kind of have your butt covered either way

      while last year i was happy to drink the koolaid here a bit provided by MM and others, this year i had high hopes and expectations of my own. and while i am not silly enough to believe any optimistic predictions for this Pitt team isn’t a risk due to their razor thin margin for success, this year i thought it reasonable to think we weren’t needing to have the entire universe align perfectly for that success to happen

      i’m still crossing fingers and any other body part to keep hope alive for the opportunity and truly believing from a team AND even the coaches health perspective, IT CAN HAPPEN

      keep it safe at all the ACC schools and give hope a chance!!!

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      1. If Pitt gave me a reason to drink a sweeter drink, I would. You don’t see me disparage Capel or soccer or volleyball or wrestling. Why is that?

        Because those programs are on the right path led by very good coaches.

        So go on and rot your teeth drinking to football. You can ignore the truth or wake up from the deep slumber.

        I have very good reasons and empirical evidence to justify my vinegar towards Narduzzi and heather.

        But please bring up the multitude of excuses on why pitt football will continue to reach mediocrity, be rewarded with crappy cold bowls and finish dead last among P5 teams in overall sports results.

        You pitt fans who drink the Koolaid deserve what you get. I sure the hell dont.


        1. “Why is that?”
          –I think to some degree you have Capel(maybe not), the others, well you need to maintain some credibility

          “I have very good reasons and empirical evidence to justify my vinegar towards Narduzzi and heather.”
          –if you say so

          “…multitude of excuses…”
          –it is called context and the whole truth

          Pitt fan who will risk any drink once including frat party Koolaid and most often happiness ensues
          –until the next morning anyway 😦

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  17. I am a big fan of introducing tech in all sports. Replays help a bit. Putting a tiny chip in a football to eliminate bad scrimmage line spots or goal line TD calls n FB and using computers to call balls and strikes in BB are cheap and easy to install. What is the problem? Maybe coaches will swear less.

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  18. To be clear tvax, my comment was not directed directly to you. It was to all Koolaid drinkers who accept the status quo and think that Pitt can’t do better because…you name the excuse. In small business and the military, if you think this way, you die. It never is what it is.

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    1. Wake up Tex, you identify the problems PITT football has in front of them at length all the time. Quite frankly, I’m getting a little tired of this Koolaid drinkers BS as well. All you do is bitch bitch bitch… little tired of that as well.

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      1. Then Narduzzi and your gal pal heather need to give me a reason not to. You don’t see me complaining about the programs I stroke a check do you? Again why is that?

        Maybe I’m just fed up with pitt being middling and mediocre and then having the Koolaid drinkers justify Pitts 5th best record in weak ACC play over the past ten years as somehow proof that pitt football doesn’t smell like a longhorn turd on a 110 degree day and that meatballs is worth every penny of his $4 million.

        Participation trophies and wins against poor Mac teams in crappy cold bowls doesn’t mean the program is making rising progress. It’s stable hum drum mediocrity. Y’all wanted stability. How do you like it now?


        1. Point is Tex…. it’s already well stated by you and are on record. BTW, Heather doesn’t look good in yellow and I don’t like Narduzzi’s goatee.


  19. MM – I loved the comments about Pitt FB. I remember when HCPN was hired, he told us that the opposition would know they had been in a street fight after 4 Qtrs with Pitt. It appears that is exactly what they are getting. Too bad!

    If I have to accept penalties for smashmouth FB, so be it! Hit ’em harder this year!

    ACC – it’s time to put on your Big Girl Panties.

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    1. so, where winning the NC this year will be no less prestigious if this season plays out to that endpoint,
      us making the top 25 means absolutely nothing other than to potentially trigger total haters of Pitt and HCPN to even greater heights

      ok, i’ll take that small victory 🙂


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      1. If Narduzzi ever wins more than nine games I’ll throw a bash in Pittsburgh to eat my words. All Koolaid drinkers are welcome. I’ll be serving bourbon however.

        And if heather ever generates a profit or finishes in the directors cup top 50, I’ll dress in drag for a full week…yellow dresses only.


    1. Something doesn’t seem right here. I’m not questioning the accident or how it happened (at this point I don’t care) but the injury description of a “broken arm” and “is expected to return sometime in the 2020-21 season” don’t add up. Broken arm should be 6 weeks plus rehab, not a several month thing. I hope he’s okay and comes back soon. Someone must know the actual extent of his injuries…


      1. i’ve been surprised by the identification of fractures due to great imaging that include fragments or stress fractures that are not complete and heal quicker than expected but i don’t understand what you think is out of line with this expected return date

        who even knows when the 2020-21 season will exactly begin and end? wide range of time possible


        1. I may be reading into things, but coach’s comment that he is expected to return at some point in the 2020-21 season strikes me as tentative, as does the ‘out indefinitely’ headline. Again, if it’s just a broken arm, I’d expect something more definitive relative to his return, it shouldn’t be that complex. It sounds more like a NHL injury report than a college football report. Hopefully they’re just being conservative with the news.


  20. I want to personally thank all the 20-40 year olds who are the most responsible for spreading covid. Your high risk behaviors, irresponsible and selfish actions and total disregard for loving thy neighbor, earns you a straight ticket to Hell in my book. Have fun in the pooping contests with JoePa down there.

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      1. He’s taking classes online. It sucks to be him but it’s the safest thing to do. Texas still has a high positive rate. Not sure about other students though. All his frosh courses for engineering are online for first semester at least. I’m hoping we can move him down to Austin come January.


    #BREAKING NEWS: The University of Pittsburgh announced today that students will learn remotely through September 14.

    It was inevitable


  22. Good, great time to segregate between the football team and the party crowd. Not that they are not intertwined but take away the urges.


    1. I would place ankle bracelets on all players

      I’d know if they snuck off campus to party. I’d also equip the bracelet with an electric shock mechanism as an added disincentive to breach the perimeter.

      Tex’s idea of locking the gates on covid.


  23. It’s been wait til next year for pert near 40 years.

    Of the 14 ACC head coaches, ours is the 5th longest tenured, which surprised me. For me, I remain unimpressed. It sounded good when the posters posted he had the 3rd highest conference winning percentage, but at the end of the day, the record is mediocre in a conference that is terrible, and a division that is TERRIBLER! Except for Clempson. Pitt had a chance to pounce on the week division and conference….and didn’t. Now you have a bunch of new coaches that are trying to get up and running. Big year ahead to establish the program, or not.

                                              Overall       Win %       Bowl Win %         Conf Record     Conf Win %

    Pitt – Narduzzi 2015 36-29 .554 .250 24-16 .667
    Louisville – Satterfield 2019 8-5 .615 1.00 5-3 .625
    V Tech – Fuente 2016 33-20 .622 .250 20-12 .625
    Syracuse – Babers 2016 23-26 12-20 Bad
    FSU – Mike Norvell 2020 0-0
    Miami – Manny Diaz 2019 6-7 .462 .000 4-4 .500
    GTech – Geoff Collins 2019 3-9 .250 .000 2-6 .333
    UNC – Mack Brown 2019 7-6 .538 1.000 4-4 .500
    BC – Jeff Hafley 2020 0-0 .000
    WF – Dave Clawson 2014 36-40 .474 .750 16-34 .320
    VA – Mendenhall 2016 25-27 .481 .333 14-19 .424
    NCSt – Doeren 2013 47-42 ..528 .600 21-35 .375
    Duke – Cutcliffe 2012 72-79 .477 .500 34-62 .354
    Clempson – Sweeney 2009 130-31 .807 .625 75-14 .843

    Dab’s and Clempson took advantage. Bronco has improved his conference record every year, from a paltry 1-7 start. Which ACC division foe doesn’t improve this year? Mack Brown? Fuente? Collins? Diaz? Narduzzi? I am concerned with Pickett and the OL. We all want to keep saying that they have improved, but I think that is the goal of every player on every team, every year.

    Ideally, you have to improve MORE than your competition improved to affect the bottom line, right?


    1. you say tomato, I say tomato. I see HCPN is just as good or as bad as any of them. (except Sweeney and Brown)

      Take away Clemson from the Atlantic and you have just another Coastal. FSU? Jimbo Fisher went 5-6 in 2017 and Willie Taggart went 9-12 his last 2 years

      And I see you made no mention that Narduzzi BY FAR has had the most difficult OOC schedule since he arrived ….. maybe in the nation, just not the ACC

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      1. This is why the ACC has so many bowl participants, because somebody has to win the games. You have clempson on top, BC on the bottom and the best of the worst go to bowl games. There is no log jam at the top.

        The original comment was only about his in conference record so that’s where I went. He has been competing at a mediocre level and he has had the recruiting upperhand with the majority of programs changing leaders. He didn’t jump on the opportunity or use it to his advantage. His overall record is awful at just over 55%. He hasn’t been dumb about it either. He says his goals are to win the Coastal first and foremost, why? Well, because he has a better chance of beating mediocre teams than the other ones. Follow the conversation wwb. I just supplied the facts to the original reports and cherrypicking of how great he has been in conference. I just disagree for the reasons set forth. He missed an opportunity to pounce and his AD didn’t help him either.

        I don’t either like or dislike narduzzi as a person. Heck I don”t know him. I can say i am not impressed with his coaching, overall record and championships. I think this could have been a great year for the team. I also think his blind spot has been Pickett. Maybe the Peyton Manning praise came a year early and this is his year. I hope so because Pitt doesn’t have the stars align like this except every 40 years.

        To hit tvax below, again follow the conversation. The praise was from multiple posters highlighting his in conference record. I just pointed out that he should probably have done better since 9 of the 14 transitioned to new coaches during his time here. And Duke doesn’t even care about football. Last I heard, coaches don’t gain reputations for conference records. It’s overall records and bowl wins and final rankings. Sucky, suckier, and suckiest. Stated differently, mediocre, mediocrer and mediocreest.


  24. SEC tops every year
    B10 overrated every year
    ACC underrated every year
    B12 seems all over the place
    P12 bottom every year

    for about the last decade

    not much separates the conferences but yeah, for some here the ACC sucks and definitely the Coastal
    and remind me does the overall record include the OOC? when convenient it does, when inconvenient it doesn’t


    1. tvax – I think you are calling the PAC12 the worst conference. If so, you are absolutely right. Only 7 of 12 teams (58%) were bowl eligible. ACC in comparison was 10 of 14 (71%) were bowl eligible. In fact the PAC % of bowl eligibility is the lowest of the 5 P5 conferences & it’s like that every year.

      Using the same metrics that had Eastern Michigan last in their division, 5-7 Oregon State was 2’nd in the PAC 12 North & 4-8 UCLA was 3’rd in the South division in 2019. None of the 4 non bowl eligible ACC teams were higher than 6’th.

      But since the PAC12 doesn’t have crappy bowls in cold weather sites, they are better.

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  25. if you think Ike is feisty, wait to you see Chancellor Gallagher’s video today where he chastises the students. “If you are not going to follow rules …. go home, we don’t want you here”


    1. That quote sounds like something Coach Duzz would say.

      “If you’re not with me, you’re against me…”. With Coach Duzz, there’s no middle ground. 😊

      Go Pitt.

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  26. and then there’s this

    Pete Thamel@PeteThamel
    Sources: The NCAA Division I Council decided today that fall sport student-athletes can compete in any amount of competitions this year and it will not count as a season of eligibility. This still needs to be approved by NCAA Board of Governors on Friday.

    KP this year and next?


    1. Would love to have both corners return in 2021.

      If Kenny has a big year, why not? Then again, I think the staff is excited to have Yellen under center. Morrissey returning would be huge.

      The Blue Bloods would lose their seniors to the pros. This would benefit Pitt a lot.


  27. Isn’t that going to create a log jam somewhere along the eligibility lines? Holy Hell, it’s the college football apocalypse. Then again, you still take two steps forwards so when you have to take one step backwards………. you’re still ahead of the game. I will not be deterred.

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    1. the article talks about big parties with kids in dorms and ALMOST nobody wearing masks

      I can’t quite imagine who those few kids would be at a huge party actually wearing one — just odd, I’d either be there or not, there with mask I don’t get


      1. and for the record, I’m fairly certain I’d have been at the party

        I’m hoping and actually believe my son wouldn’t/isn’t, even if I “know” he would be fine

        daughter as freshman would’ve, as junior this year wouldn’t


  28. Shakespeare Louis, a football player from Florida ( same school as Habakkuk Baldonado) committed to Bobby Mo today.

    They sure got some cool names down there.

    Bet Reed likes this guy. 😊

    Go Pitt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good stuff Gordon, and eventually drives home the bottom line point, which is that Politics, not medical ‘facts’, is the greatest driver of the ‘play or not to play’ discussion right now.

      As for me, I’m looking forward to watching the Panthers in less than a month. I guess fans are not allowed, most likely? H2P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll pause this discussion right here. If you mean NCAA and college politics and the money therein then the topic may continue. I’d you mean National politics then it may not.

        I am working so no time to read the article


  29. Good stuff Gordon…for me the takeaway was the quote by one of the physicians: that when looking at limited data people see what they want to see.


  30. Watching the 2008 Pitt football win over WVU the announcers mentioned the only game Tony Dorsett was thrown out of was a Pitt / WVU game…anyone recall any details?


    1. Yes, I was there. Tony came out of the scrum swinging. He said afterwards “they were going for my eyes. It happened right in front of the Pitt bench. The Pitt players grabbed the WVU guy, pulled him off the field, surrounded him, and then start beating the crap out of him. It was great. Tony was just short of another 200 yard game. Remember it like it was yesterday.


    1. “I will say that his arm talent looks very good.”

      I don’t think anyone would have said that after watching his 2017 game film at Pitt. Just goes to show you what development can do. (Or maybe that cowboys writer is a complete hack…)

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Makes me wonder how many undetected heart conditions are out there on FB teams that had a lot of infections (clem’s son??)


        1. BTW, George received a free education, room and board and all he has to do is lift a pencil and stay awake in class. Both optional. Compliance my ass, PITT doesn’t know what they doing down in Oakland. Taking care of the kids………. holy sheech.


          1. Pitt doesn’t know how to run a profitable sports business and to get ranked outside of 15 percent of its programs…the other 85 percent being mediocre to just plain embarrassingly bad.

            And remember pitt got caught cheating on both football and basketball and is currently serving a two year probation. Pitt doesn’t know compliance just like Bo doesn’t know Diddly.


      1. I seem to recall that a kid on the Pitt squad had to step away from football due to a previously unknown heart condition. Apparently the team medical screening picked it up. If that is the case, one would think Pitt is already on the alert for this.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Zack Gilbert or George Hill? 2016 recruits with medical problems.

          Miami announced recently that they lost their highest Rivals ranked 2020 recruit 2020 DB 6.0 4-star -Avontae Williams to a heart problem. Article didn’t say if Covid related or discovered during a routine exam. He supposes to sit out this year & let his heart recover.


          1. ^^ Richard, Gilbert is now playing football somewhere else. PITT wouldn’t clear him though. Hill never returned to football and last I heard he stayed on at PITT for an education?

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  32. In the case you have not heard department :PITT will be playing against Rocco Spindler , Mark’s son, who committed to the IRISH


  33. I put these exact scenarios in my post last week.

    If tested and you don’t have C19, live in a bubble and play. Opting out if you don’t have C19, takes you out of the athletics bubble and your risk of infection increases. Take all classes online as Jones and Hamlin are doing. +1

    If tested and you do have C19, quarantine and then test major organs for myocarditis, etc. every week. If defect, your season and football career is most likely over. You should sit out for sure, unless you sign a Release. If no defect detected through testing, play, but sign Release.

    I do not think the Ga St QB, quoted above will play again. Not sure if myocarditis, etc goes away over time, but this is a new virus so who knows. My guess is that his career is over and football is not to blame for it.

    A whole bunch of other scenarios that our AD probably hasn’t thought through yet and how to advise players on what to do, but it starts with the above analysis.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. This can be done while at the same time being cautious. Takes structure and patience which are the very things young people haven’t learned yet, especially young football players that are put on a pedestal. Then comes the guidance part from the people who have lived and learned.


  35. Who says players will stay in that bubble. The temptation to stray off a shut down campus is too strong. Pitts campus is still open for now.

    And can we be 100 percent certain the players are not positive and infected when playing? Does every school have accurate instant testing and strict quarantine protocols?

    Let’s not think college football is playing in a bubble like the nba. It’s is not. Not even close.


  36. OL tweet from Narduzzi today has Gonclaves at right guard and VanLynn back at RT. Ike’s sleeper Gonclaves may already be making is move up as a RS Freshman. We really can use some rising stars on the OL and Gonclaves may end up being one.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I’m expecting Van Lynn to be at one of the OT spots. He seems to move the best of the OTs. Goncalves got some nice comments on the practice team last season. Surprised he would be at guard though. Van Lynn and Goncalves as the starting OTs wouldn’t surprise me.

      Go Pitt.


    2. I read this slightly differently. Why do you move a tackle inside? Typically because he’s not athletic enough to play tackle…


  37. Didn’t the PITT football team stay at the Sheraton on the southside a few years ago? Thinking it was for spring practice though? PITT needs to protect these young men from themselves and PITT goes undefeated this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Texas has 80 percent of students taking online. 15 percent are hybrid, a blend of in person and online. Only 5 percent are in person and physically in a classroom on campus. They are modifying tactics based on unc and Notre Dame results. Seriously don’t be surprised by ankle bracelets for monitoring. Don’t be surprised by other ‘big brother’ Tactics and loss of freedoms. The flip side is sacrifice and social responsibility. Two sides to every coin. I do expect students to stray and act irresponsibly, for universities to not effectively enforce and monitor, and for cases to explode. Pitt is no different.

    Season comes to a crushing halt come late October to early November. The bubble bursts.


  39. There is a 100% chance some students will act irresponsibly, it has already happened at Pitt and will most likely happen at every single university. Playing football is another question. I think everyone feels the season is in jeopardy of collapsing at some point, looking forward to enjoying as much as I can, and there is a 100% chance I will watch every Pitt game that I can. H2P.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. I don’t know about the rest of you posters but I’d certainly like to see a separate board for COVID-19 posting group. I know the COVID topic is big news but reading every day the blow by blow statistics is getting a little annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Just a thought. I can’t quite wrap my head around having classes online, but having students on campus. I would think it’s much easier to have COVID-19 rules enforced in a class setting. What the students are doing the rest of the time, which is unstructured, would seem to be a much bigger problem.


  42. from today’s Trib:

    Change doesn’t bother Bates, a retired lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and a former coach at the Naval Academy.

    “Adapt, improvise and overcome,” he said, repeating what he learned with the Navy Seals. “Every day, there’s something unique that’s going on. How we adapt to it is how we will win or lose.”

    Players appreciate Bates’ enthusiasm, especially when he drops and does pushups with the group.

    “He’s enthusiastic from the second you walk in the building,” Campbell said. “It’s hard to be in a bad mood around someone like that. He loves football. He loves coaching us. And I love playing for somebody like that.”

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  43. Bates, another coach Narduzzi was practically crucified for hiring. Another reason I keep my mouth shut until I know what it is I’m talking about and even then there are no guarantees. Yet I rarely read any, “I was wrong” comments.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. LOL you SOB, believe this or not……… not the first time I’ve been told I’m wrong…… Yeah, I know, hard to believe. 🙂 Good one.


  45. I think one of the most interesting storylines of Pitt’s camp is the battle for 2nd string QB. With 3 young players competing, we could be looking at another KP situation for the future, and the possibility that one of the losers could transfer. It will be fun to watch this play out.


  46. Tex, the big programs already have the elite student athletes in a semi-bubble environment. They typically operate that way to keep the agents and runners away. There is a lot of control in-season.

    The big programs with AD’s that played in college demand respect and the athlete students tend to follow their guidance. The AD’s that can talk at the player level have the best chance at keeping the players on the straight and narrow. I have seen them get the captains to apply peer pressure to the newcomers, which is quite odd. For years, we have said peer pressure is wrong, but now that universities need peer pressure to get what they want…peer pressure is accepted as a way of getting a result.

    The kids are now seeing the myocarditis as a career-ender. AD’s need to be in their grills, every day about this! Coaches who do not pamper kids and AD’s who are strict, really do well here. I’m not on Pitts campus so I dont know what is going on.

    Tough love, no cupcakes.


    1. so why are there suddenly concerns about myocarditis?

      i don’t think i understand most, if any of your post Huff



  47. I think more than anything this sums up where we’ve been and where we are: Pitt gets 1 “also receiving votes” at the bottom of that list just ahead of Duke and Kansas State. It’s year six, forget about preseason national rankings. That 1 vote is in the Coaches Poll, nothing in AP.


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