First off I’d like to post a link to POV reader and commenter Russ Broman’s Post-Gazette Obituary.  As many of you know, he posted on the POV as “RKB”, and passed away from COVID-19 last week.

While I did not personally know Russ, he was clearly devoted to public service, and to the people and causes that he held dear.  That is the recipe for a full and happy life, and I sincerely hope that Russ passed his days surrounded by the people whom he loved and who loved him.  Again, I would like to express my condolences to his family and friends.  

Here is a picture of Russ at the very first POV Golf outing (which was held several years ago, when Reed Kohberger ran the POV).  As you can see, Russ was a Pitt man through and through, and he cut quite a figure on the links.


And here is a picture of Russ with the group.  He will certainly be missed.  


For those interested in memorial services and contributions:

Viewing and Interment in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery will be private for the family only. A public memorial service will be announced sometime in the fall. The family requests NO FLOWERS, PLEASE. If desired, contributions may be made in his memory to The American Battlefield Trust, 1156 15th Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, D.C. 20005 or to Animal Friends, 562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

Lets all take a minute to honor Russ’ memory before moving on with our regular POV content.


Original Post

I saw a user post a “early depth chart” comment today and it got me to thinking, “hey what’s that depth chart going to look like anyway?” In many places the ones are locked in, and in year six (of the Narduzzi regime) that’s what you’d like to see.

On defense for example, there is literally one open spot and two “question marks”, and this is after Jaylen Twyman opted out.

Case in point

  • DE – Patrick Jones
  • DT – OPEN
  • DT – Keyshon Camp
  • DE – Rashad Weaver
  • Star LB – Cam Bright
  • Mike LB – Question Mark but assumed Chase Pine
  • Money LB – Question Mark but assumed Phil Campbell
  • CB – Jason Pinnock
  • S – Damar Hamlin
  • S – Paris Ford
  • CB – Damarri Mathis 

Of course as more than one poster has pointed out, rumors are “hot and heavy” that there will be more opt-outs this season.  So any real depth chart converstaion has to revolve around the twos and threes.  Because if this season even gets played, there’s going to be a lot of backups in starting roles, all across the ACC.

So lets have a look at those twos and threes shall we?   Today we’ll start it off with the defensive line. 

Defensive End

After Weaver and Jones there are three guys who logged meaningful snaps last year.  

  • Deslin Alexandre – rJr – 6’4″, 270
  • John Morgan – rSo – 6’2″, 250
  • Habakkuk Baldonaldo – rSo – 6’5″, 250

Alexandre is the clear cut #2, any may even get listed as one of Pat Narduzzi’s infamous “or’s” on the depth chart.  You’ll remember he stepped in for Weaver last year as an unknown and had himself a nice little season, posting 38 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 10.5 TFL and a fumble recovery.  He’d start for a lot of other teams.

Baldonaldo was almost as good, even though he was just a redshirt freshman and hadn’t even played much football in highs school.  He totaled 30 tackles, 5.5 TFLs, four sacks and a fumble recovery.

So you’d have to think they’d both lock down the #2 slots, and that Pitt would be in pretty decent shape should either Jones or Weaver opt out.  

Barring major developments, Morgan probably gets slotted as the #3 guy and sees at least as much playing time as he did last season, when he totaled 14 tackles, four TFLs and two sacks. 

So your DE depth chart now look like this:

Jones / Baldonaldo / Morgan

Weaver / Alexandre / ????

Literally no one else notched any playing time or statistics of note last season at DE, so it could be anybody’s guess for the 3rd and final spot behind Alexandre.  Looking at the guys who redshirted, there are four options: 

  1. Bam Brima  “One of the top defensive end prospects in Pennsylvania…totaled 71 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and seven sacks as a senior at Loyalsock”   
  2. Nate Temple “Collected 12.5 sacks with an additional 11 tackles for loss as a senior” (although I suspect he was part of a package deal to get Beville signed so probably not).  
  3. Kaymar Mimes (who I believe switched back to DE from TE during spring) “One of New Jersey’s top defensive end prospects…compiled 87 tackles, 10 sacks, four forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries as a senior”
  4. DeAndre Jules “The top defensive end prospect in Maryland according to Rivals and 247Sports…four-year varsity contributor at Northwest…collected 59 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 10 sacks, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and one blocked kick as a senior”

Defensive Tackle

Flipping inside to Defensive Tackle, All-American Jaylen Twyman’s opt-out has left a 6’2″, 290 pound hole in Pitt’s depth chart.  Technically this is an “undersized” hole for a Defensive Tackle but for the style of defense that Pitt plays it’s actually the right sized hole, as long as the guy filling that hose has get-off, because you know, in the Nard-Dawg defense, one gap penetrators are a highly valued commodity.  

Yoy I’m not even sure what I’m talking about anymore.

Anyhoo….options to replace Twyman are as follows:

  • David Green rSo – 6’0″, 280.  “Played in 12 games as a reserve defensive tackle…had two tackles on the season, logging one each against Duke and Eastern Michigan (Quick Lane Bowl).” Well he fits the “undersized” mold.  In fact, it’s pretty safe to say he’s built like a bowling ball.  Given the COVID offseason i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s currently in camp at 290.  To put things in perspective I am 1 inch shorter than this man and I weight 155 lbs.  It’s hard to imagine a human that is twice as wide as me, and yet, here he is.  But the bigger question is, is he fast and does he have technique?  Because if he’s that size and he has get-off, well then he’s got a chance?  If he’s got get-off and can use his hands, well then he just might turn into something.
  • Calijah Kancey rFr – 6’0″, 270.  “Made his lone appearance in the Quick Lane Bowl victory over Eastern Michigan, preserving a redshirt.”  Kancey seems to be a trendy pick to step in for Twyman.  Maybe it’s because he played his high school ball for powerhouse Miami Northwestern and had over 100 tackles from the DT spot his senior year.  But if you look at what he did last year and compare it to Green, you’d conclude that Green was slightly ahead of Kancey.  And given that Green is a year older than Kancy, well that would be a logical conclusion indeed.
  • Bryce Nelms rFr – Did not see action last season.  I saw a lot of this guy on the twitter (his own posts), which led me to believe he put in some work in the offseason.  Twitter posts are one thing, production on the field is another.  A wait and see guy if you ask me.  (Not that I hope he doesn’t succeed.)  He’s listed at 6’2″, 285, FWIW.
  • Tyler Bentley rSo – “Played in all 13 games as a reserve defensive tackle…totaled seven stops and two TFLs on the year…twice had a season-high two tackles (Duke and Virginia Tech)…had a three-yard TFL against North Carolina.”  Pitt beat out Kentucky for this kid and these days that actually means something, because Kentucky has done a nice job putting together an SEC-caliber defense with mostly three-star recruits.  Given that’s Bently has played arguably the most snaps of anybody on this list not named Danielson, he’s certainly got an inside track towards the starting job.  Can he transform his body the way Twyman did?  Here’s a tantalizing bit of trivia for you.  Bentley, in his redshirt Freshman year had two TFL in just five games.  Twyman had only 1.5 in eight.  Discuss.
  • Devin Danielson r-So – “Played in all 13 games, making one start at defensive tackle (Ohio)…had 12 tackles and one TFL on the year…had a season-high two stops in four separate contests (Penn State, Duke, Virginia Tech and Boston College)…had a two-yard TFL against Boston College.”  Danielson is the other trendy pick to replace Tywman, and based on stats he probably should be the odds-on favorite.  But the stats (and probably the film although I haven’t looked at it) would seem to indicate that Bentley might be more explosive, while Danielson is more of the reliable run-stuffer.  There is a place and time for both if you ask me, and I’ll say that the words reliable run-stuffer didn’t exactly spring to mind when I watched Twyman last season, as good as we was.  At 6’1 – 300 Danielson certainly has the size to plug the middle on a regular basis.  After an offseason of conditioning he probably now also has the strength.  

And so there you have it, all the viable options to fill in for those D linemen who have opted out, or those who may still opt out. This is one position where Pitt is well stocked and the coaching staff has a track record of success. So yes, while it would have been nice to have Twyman, I’m not terribly worried about a Danielson / Bentley platoon, as long as Camp can stay healthy…

And I’m certainly not worried about defensive end.

Hail to Pitt.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

98 thoughts on “Depth Chart Musings & Final Farewell to RKB

  1. You have to worry about the DT position since Camp hasn’t been able to stay on the field for very long in past years. And IMO there are too many question marks about the remaining names to be too excited about their being named starters. And considering our year end run defense left a lot to be desired based on their dismal BC and VT performances I’d be concerned.


    1. If Canp stays healthy they should be fine, but you have to admit that’s a big “if”. He hasn’t been able to play an entire season yet in his career.

      If he doesn’t, then we are down to two unproven rSO’s and the rFr behind them. That’s not a great recipe for success on the D line. On obvious pass rush downs it wouldn’t surprise me to see one of the bigger DE’s (Alexandre or maybe even a Aldo also) line up at DT and shoot the gap. That’s the kind of flexibility that Partridge has this year because of the DE development. Perhaps o should have said as much in my article …


    2. Narduzzi said today Bentley and Clancy are looking really good. It is early, but a positive nevertheless. The scrimmages will dictate the depth chart.


      1. If I had time I would go through all his previous videos and calculate how often a guy that looks really good actually ends up playing really good. My guess is 50/50. A lot depends on how he says it though …


  2. FWIW, Chris Peak has hinted that that Alexandre may be moved DT (not sure if there is any validity or just his conjecture)

    Dayon Hayes was top DL recruit this season but needs practice; I see Temple as someone to watch (no particular reason)


    1. sounds like conjecture …. The wild card is Deslin Alexandre. He has spent time at defensive tackle in the past during his Pitt career, and while he’s a returning starter at defensive end, the Panthers have a few of those they can turn to this season. So he’s an option to possibly move inside.

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      1. Yea fwiw I didn’t read peak’s analysis before coming to the “somebody may move inside” concision. Alexandre is fast and could be that guy who shoots taps as a DT. In partridge we trust…


  3. Wait, we’re talkin’ about Pitt football players? Thank you, MM!

    One caution – those sizes listed on the roster usually don’t pass the eye test when you meet these guys.

    Hadn’t realized that Temple might have been part of a package deal. I do remember being puzzled after watching his video and assuming he would be switched to TE. Unless he’s developed, he just didn’t seem to be quick off the snap at DE…

    Mimes! The poor guy must feel like a yo-yo. DE to TE. TE to DE… On and on. All because we can’t find (until Krull) a legit TE…

    This should be an exciting time for us, instead it’s full of uncertainty… Instead of being concerned or excited by the depth chart, it’s like we’re waiting for the next series of depth charges…

    Go Pitt.


    1. I wonder if they can put temple on the pb&j plan and make him the next DT conversion? Worked pretty well for Shakir Soto if I recall.

      On the other side of the coin – and this IS conjecture – IF Temple and Beville are indeed a package deal and IF Yellen beats Beville out for the 2nd qb spot this year and the starting spot next year…does that open up two roster spots???


  4. Well the first rumor turned out to be true. Joe Montana said he would sit out under these circumstances, but he is now an older wiser version. I can’t fault any of these kids for looking out for number one when there is so much uncertainty regarding the long term effects of the disease.

    The timing is just very unfortunate for Pitt since we haven’t had as strong a group of players in many years. It wasn’t that long ago that we had no marquis players.

    We were all looking forward to this defensive line with Twyman as the rock in the middle, and the backfield with Ford and Hamlin flying all over the field.

    Still holding out hope but…..


    1. Of the rumors are about ford and Hamlin (again I haven’t read) and they are true … that would be tough. You can’t just plug and play to replace those guys if you’re pitt.


      1. Hamlin is definitely practicing and will play. He is no lock for the NFL if fans think he is opting out due to a professional future.

        The silence on Ford has me worried though.


  5. Sorry I missed that first golf outing and meeting the most sartorial RKB. From what we read he was a very dedicated public servant and had a worthy career. Anyone who has attended a golf outing or tailgate knows how fortunate we are to meet a great group of Pitt Fans.

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  6. I recently saw a retired NFL guy, didn’t catch the name, but he was speaking about how much an NFL career changes the destiny of the whole extended family and associates. Many families have been taken out of abject poverty, and changed the course of generations. Some are saying that football is risky and you can certainly lose that opportunity through injury or other mishap, all true. But why play with fire and tempt fate even further? Especially when you have already earned your shot. I don’t buy the argument about loyalty to team mates or school. They aren’t going to pay your bills or feed your family if you have long term heart of lung issues. I see a lot more kids opting out when they have time to think about things.

    They better be testing those 35 kids at Clemson doing heart scans and stress tests, and sharing that information.

    While we know that 170,000+ of the 5,000,000+ positive cases are dead, we have no idea how many will suffer long term health issues that will effect the rest of their lives.

    While all fans want to see football, if it was your kid…..

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    1. If the positive rates spike for the student body, I would expect football to shut down. Kids will be irresponsible kids. And universities can’t enforce health guidelines particularly at off campus parties.

      Football only works in a non travel bubble with daily instant testing. But let’s give it the college try right 🤔.

      Schools with online learning only will be significantly less at risk for outbreaks. As well as those schools where the positive rate in the community is under 5 percent. Europe is at one percent.

      You’ll begin seeing the hardened data and analysis in 3-4 weeks. There probably will be some schools where campus gets shut down and the students are sent back home to learn.

      I’m not encouraged by the videos I’ve seen of drunken students at off campus parties already.


  7. Oh man. This makes me so sad. I haven’t been on the site as much lately and didn’t know RKB was sick. My condolences to the family and all his close friends here. I know there were a few that knew RKB pretty well off the site. You must be crushed.


  8. RIP Russ

    Call me crazy, Miami wins the ACC this year. King has transformed them. Look at the stats from scrimmage.

    Miami was always a Oline and QB away.


  9. So CFN has PITT rated as the #14 best team right now all things considered. What is more interesting is that they feel that Jimmy Morrissey. Do we remember the abuse given to Narduzzi for having a starting center who was a red shirt freshman walk-on? This happens when we jump to conclusions not knowing what the coaches know. Turns out Jimmy was a real steal and great recruit.

    Fran, if KP gets the chance this year he will not be a weak link and I don’t think the O-line will be either. Actually, I see no weak links at all.

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    1. Hope you’re right, ike. I will remain highly skeptical of the OTs until we see some better movement and agility out of them.

      We need new, updated “I Like Ike” buttons!

      Go Pitt.

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  10. Jimmy Morrissey is PITTs best player. My brain works a little quicker than my fingers.

    ike who is proofreading deficient.


  11. Pitt had a top 15 defense and many who would have been drafted last year chose to remain. That is a definite tribute to this coaching staff

    But if the offense doesn’t improve, I don’t see much of a difference from last year. Again, both UNC and VT return more starters, and I agree that The U transfer QB could make a difference.


    1. If the offense doesn’t improve then whipple needs to be shown the door. With the exception of ffrench and two middling tight ends the entire unit is back for year two.

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      1. You could say all the skill positions on offense have been upgraded –

        TE – Krull and athletic Wright one year older
        WR – Tipton back for a 6th year; fast & talented FR Addison and Barlen
        QB – KP’s back-up Joey Yellen will be screaming for playing time (or will that be the fans screaming?)


        1. If KP plays all his games like he did against EMU no screaming

          Of course that was MAC competition

          If he plays them all like he did against VT then Yellen might just get a shot.

          Realistically Yellen needs a year to absorb the system though. From what I understand it’s not an easy one to master


  12. First thoughts and prayers for Russ and his family. Mike, thanks for doing such a good job of honoring him.

    I was really excited when the ACC’s decision to play fall football was announced. Now I’m not so sure the risks are worth it. Given that some experts expect a real surge in the fall I’m not so sure about having any students on campus at this time, My next door neighbors’ granddaughter just started at Pitt in engineering. She is a really sharp kid. My neighbors report that Pitt is doing a good job of having incoming freshmen start off with a period of quarantine, reducing dorm density by renting whole floors of hotels and other actions. I hope it works and if not that Pitt shuts down having students on campus quickly. That would likely end the football season.

    Sorry to be such a downer. I always look forward to the football season. That mitigates the feeling of the loss of summer. If that happens dealing with a reenergized covid-19 and no football, especially with the potentially good team Pitt has this year will really suck.

    Here’s to hoping the COVID gets tamed, that Kenny blossoms, that the offensive line looks like one of those great offensive lines of old, that the defense is everything we had hoped and that Pitt wins the ACC and the ensuing bowl game! How is that for optimism! H2P, Soccer Gramps

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  13. It is amazing just how quickly a unit such as the defensive line can go from the team strength to a bit of a worry. We will hopefully get to learn pretty quickly if all that highly regarded depth in the defensive line was real or imagined. Also, one wonders if this can be said of all teams’ depth if there are many opt outs in the ACC due to COVID.


  14. I’m confused 😐 (Not unusual). Help please! I thought Pitt’s game with Miami Ohio was cancelled, however, ACCN continues to show it scheduled. Whatsup with that?


    1. Maybe the MAC reinstates? Maybe the ACC cancels? Details details and it’s all going to change next week anyway


  15. Have we here on the POV had a poll on if there will be a season held in it’s entirety? I don’t mean an actual poll but individual opinions so we can document results in the future.


    1. The season for every ACC team has team has already been modified to 11 games. So there won’t be a season in it’s entirety in the ACC, for sure.


  16. I seriously doubt that Beville & Temple was a package deal. Beville played at Greenville High, Greenville SC (a Class 4 (of 5 classes) team). Temple played at Abbeville High, Abbeville, SC. ( a Class 2 team). It is 52 miles from Greenville to Abbeville (mainly on two lane roads). Beville committed in June ’18. Temple in Nov. 18, 5 months & a few days after Beville.

    They didn’t play on same team, live in same city or county, play in same division, or same class. Abbeville is a power in class 2 with numerous recent state titles. Greenville is just one of 32 teams (of 54) that make the playoffs & are usually out in either 1’st or 2’nd round.

    They both played in the annual Shrine bowl (a match up of So. Car all-stars vs. No. Car all-stars). But the practices for that game start after December 1’st. So they do know each other from that period.

    They may have a met during 7×7 games or at camps for showcasing individual talent to college scouts.

    It is my belief that Temple was spotted at one of these camps & was a late offer to fill out the 2018 class. According to Rivals, he had only two offers Pitt & Middle Tennessee State. He decommitted from Mid Tenn. State to accept the Pitt offer.

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    1. Well so much for conspiracy theories…

      Appreciate the clarity and context Richard! “Our man in SC”!


      1. I think John in South Carolina makes a lot of great comments. He covers the midlands & lower coast region for the POV. Need some one for the Rock Hill area, the PeeDee & upper coast.

        I really enjoy the football talk compared to the Covid talk.

        I appreciate the tribute for RKB. I never met Russ but he was POV family & a loss to all on this site.

        BTW, the animal shelter on Camp Horne Road is in my way old stomping grounds. Drank many an underage beer under the Emsworth bridge over Camp Horne & prior to that enjoying ice cream at the old Otto’s dairy on Camp Horne.

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  17. No way Ford, Hamlin or Weaver opt out. They need another year to prove themselves for the NFL.

    Many Big10 fans and writers are stating that the Big10 cancelled too early. Especially with the possibility of a quick turnaround covid saliva test around the corner.

    Baldonado is a complete stud. He will become a star this year. The DL is good with good depth. No worries there.

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    1. Didn’t you say the same about Twyman?

      Petrishen and Hammet are not Ford and Hamlin. Two totally different gears. But, true FR Royal & Battle along with RS FR Hill seem to be the real deal – tall, fast and play with some pop. Remember when Pinnock and Mathias were true FR. Two of the best CB’s in the team that year.


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  18. Tex, I’ll check with the grandparents. Meanwhile My wife’s sister and a bunch of her family live around Houston. However the kids in that branch of the family all go to Texas A. and M. So I won’t mention this operation to them. H2P Soccer Gramps

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  19. 3 clusters of Covid found at UNC frats the last 2 days. There may not be any deaths or serious injuries …. but then again ………..

    On the surface, Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and OSU QB Justin Fields have little to gain by playing this this (especially Lawrence who is guaranteed as a Top 2 pick. Yet, both are leading the fight for college FB to happen. Why do you think? (I have my opinions)

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  20. Why is there so little coverage of actual camp reports on how guys are playing, looking, competing, etc.? It’s been ten days and I know covid has curtailed things, but are they doing anything? How does Izzy look at RB; how do the WRs look? How do the QBs stack up? Quoting the evil dude from Riddick, ‘these are things I need to know?!’

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    1. Because there are little to no camp reports. There was an initial round week before last. Now the second batch was released today.


  21. Will Graves@WillGravesAP
    Pitt coach@CoachDuzzPittFB
    a few hours ago:
    “I’m concerned when school starts. That’s my concern. Got to keep them away and make sure they don’t get the cooties.”
    Pitt starts in person classes Aug. 24 …

    The Daily Tar Heel@dailytarheel
    BREAKING: One week into the semester, UNC-Chapel Hill announces that it is transitioning all undergraduate classes to fully online instruction, effective Wednesday.


    1. Most school Presidents and BoTs will follow UNC’s lead.

      It’s actually a good thing for football. Creates a safe bubble for them.


  22. I take a bow and salute my friend and neighbor, RKB. I knew Russ from the time I was 6. He showed confidence in me as an athlete and snuck me on to his 8 year old team when I was 6. Back in the 70’s we didn’t have all the travel teams that they do now. If you made one, you were something. He gave me the start, and always told me that because I was smaller, I would have to learn to beat every opponent mentally first. He was right. When I sprouted to 6’2″ as a senior in high school, he used to laugh because I took the mental side with me. We spent hours on top of hours, shooting baskets together in his driveway. Playing 2 on 2, with Russ and me taking on his 2 brothers, winning way more than losing. He was a competitor, always. His brothers were big (maybe just appeared that way because I was so small 4”11″ 98 pounds as a soph in HS). He lost one of his brothers too early.

    I moved away from Hays Road (hence russ’s hays road moniker, a tribute to us and the neighborhood) after college and law school. Russ never left. He bought a house about 10 spots from where we grew up. I remember him graduating from law school and working for the DA. His sarcasm, sharp. His sense of humor, different. I appreciated him for his oft misunderstood, stubborn, argumentative exterior but soft heart. I could get to him and break him down. We knew it. Sometimes I typed things just to get him going and he responded admirably. He’s such a Pitt guy.

    I don’t thank Reed as often as I should for what he started and Michael for what he continued. I hadn’t seen or spoken to Russ in 35 years until the POV. So how did we connect? As you all and Russ tend to do (not me), when trying to prove or articulate a point, we often draw on our personal experiences. As I read post after post from RKB about his personal experiences, I started thinking, wow this site is cool. We must all have the same type experiences and that maybe, perhaps maybe, my experiences weren’t that different because someone else was communicating something very similar. It wasn’t something similar. It was the same experience, from the same neighborhood. For football in particular our other neighbor, played at Michigan St. and I remember calling him out one night as I pieced his stories together….and we laughed…and laughed. I got him.

    The POV was a different family for Russ. He enjoyed the banter for sure, but really enjoyed each of you. Frustrating as we are, he really really liked this place and your friendship, so thank you. I dont!!! (LOL). He would email me separately and say “we got em moochie” and just laugh. He would make me check-in here, even though I may have been on a self-imposed timeout. He always wanted me to get more personal with stories to prove points, but I told him no, it’s not that important to win an on-line argument.

    We didn’t always agree because my sports life was through a different lens then his. My professional life, although both lawyers was through a different lens too. His professional life was about service and getting justice, and he served well, just not nearly long enough. I’ll miss his passion for the law. Ill miss his passion for doing things right and succeeding, not doing things right and having okay results. I’ll miss Russ Broman.

    When he let us know about his cancer, we bet that if he beat it, I would join him for golf at the POV outing. If he didn’t beat it, well, I wouldn’t be able to collect. I lost our final bet……although because it’s me and he’s him, I would argue that I won the final bet because he didn’t lose to cancer. He is laughing at moochie now! Toast to my friend, Russ Broman.

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    1. Beautiful post Huff… thank you for sharing brother.

      Last September a group of we POVerts got together for a round of golf and some fellowship before the season kick-off vs UVA…. been thinking about a Russ Broman Kick-off Classic tournament- maybe we could make it work so a few bucks go to a favorite charity or group rkb supported or we just have a get together for some fun….

      Appreciate your thoughts….

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    2. Appreciate this post, Huff.

      (Reminds me that MM just put me in touch with a POVer, Pitt grad, and big Pitt fan who I played Little League against. He now lives in Delaware. We re-connected thanks to the POV.)

      Go Pitt.

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    3. Thank you for posting this Huff. Just excellent. This kind of stuff makes the effort of keeping up the POV well worth it.

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    4. Thanks for the post Huff. Appreciate the personal insights. I know Hays Road and used it as a cut-through a few times in my youth to get from 19 to McMurray Rd. Nice area.


  23. Just saw 2008 Pitt v South Florida football on ACC Network at 6:00 this evening…good game by Shady.


  24. Huff the Third…….. +100

    Never met Russ in person and we had a big tif over his brother’s death. (misunderstanding) We got over that and became internet friends. He had Pittsburgh all over his personality. A mans man and said what was in his mind. You know, what a man should do. R.I.P. RKB!


  25. The two Aliquippa DB’s that passed on Pitt are either buried on the depth chart or MIA.

    MJ Devonshire is projected to be a 3rd team CB @ Kentucky and K. Raines doesn’t show on Temple’s 2-deep (may be that he has to sit out this year).

    Looks lyke at least 5 true FR will see the field this year with significant minutes. Three on O and 2 on D.



        1. And Nard’s buddy RS JR Donovan Jeter has been beaten out @ Michigan (so far) by a true SO and a Grad Transfer (yes, they exist at other P5 schools too).

          Jeter is battling a RS FR for 2nd string minutes.


  26. Well, UNC is probably the first of many. These kids will not follow any rules. How long do you think it will take 40k Nitters to overwhelm the State College health system. Or Clemson. I never realized that town only has 18k not counting students. No wonder they need to play. Not that I have any hope Pitt students will be much better. I like to think I’d do better, but at that age, well, I’d be just as bad or worse.
    I wonder, will the kids at Carolina still be on campus? If so, that will do nothing. Also, as a smart aside, now that it’s all online Deputy Dog and the Mackster will be legal with players classes. What a joke.


    1. Online learning is the only safe option at this point. Although these young adults are not at high risk of death (morbidity possibly however), they are spreaders to more vulnerable groups like teachers, coaches and staff. You just can’t prevent college kids from drinking and sex. I do believe you’ll see more schools follow UNC. In a way, this creates a safer environment for football. So look at the bright side.

      Tex having meatballs tonight…seriously it’s stuffed shells on the menu.


  27. ^^ Right, PITT players could behave and not have one case of covid rear it’s ugly head. Who are they going to play? It’s an effort of futility.


  28. MM, thanks for the really nice tribute to Russ. Huff, nice story too. It is great to read about Pitt football again instead of arguing over Covid. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that somehow the 18-22 year old college kids can be responsible and we can watch football this fall. I must say, after seeing what happened at ND and UNC already, I am not optimistic. RIP Russ.
    Oh, and MM, thanks for all of the time, effort and sacrifice you put in to keep the blog up and running. I really appreciate it. H2P.

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  29. I find it a bit amusing that the parents of penn state players are getting together to protest their season being cancelled.

    Sounds like Little League thing…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Sounds like they need to hit the showers. The Cult hasn’t changed one Nitter bit with Poopy Pants dead.

      Tex whose never pooped his pants as a grown arse man or protected vile pedophiles

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  30. I recommend this for all teams

    Jon Rothstein@JonRothstein

    Source: One ACC President has been told by medical personnel that the best course moving forward is to have virtual classes with all non student athletes moving off campus.


    1. But does he recommend no fans at games???

      Each school gets to determine it. There lies the problem.

      There should be zero fans and tailgating. But this is Merica.


  31. Any radiologists on board here? My question of the day is this. If a player tests positive for c19 and gets a little sick but recovers for all intents and purposes, would the protocol of continued testing of major organs fully and accurately reveal damage or defects to those organs?

    From a radiologist perspective, can we be sure that diagnostic testing will catch the abnormality or defect caused by C19? If yes and the diagnostics are all clear, play. If diagnostics are fully accurate, and any major organ is damaged, the athlete is done playing, period.

    If the diagnostics are questionable, than you need to error on the side of the player, right? The only other consideration is the cost of diagnostics and any long term problems with exposure to radiation by undergoing weekly heart tests, etc.

    It doesn’t matter how you got the covid and I dont think the issue is really whether you have it or are going to get it by participating. The current issues are the diagnostics afterwards in my opinion, because the facts are showing that most every 17-25 year old will beat round one of the covid. Round 2 is a different story.

    How did the big10, not vote. I know for a fact that every president and AD approved the press release so if they didn’t approve cancellation by vote, why didn’t Sandy Barbour and others stop the season cancellation press release? She should be fired for saying stupid stuff. That said, the Presidents and AD’s are showing that the power is in the players court by cowering to them and being stupid. Oh, we never voted….good grief! AD’s get paid 500k – to over 1M to know how to vote and not agree to a cancellation press release if a vote didn’t occur. Presidents get more. That is just stupid to think people believe that crap. Well, maybe they do.

    Pitt’s AD didnt vote, she hired a firm that understood things better than her and the firm voted. The last sentence was a joke, kind of.


  32. When will this long nightmare be over. We are living in an episode of the Twilight Zone… The year 2020 will go down in infamy.

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