Pitt Resumes Practice

Per the Pitt Sports SID

Pitt Set to Resume Camp after Thursday Pause

PITTSBURGH—The University of Pittsburgh canceled its Thursday football training camp practice after several student-athletes displayed symptoms that can be associated with COVID-19.

“Our medical team decided it was in everyone’s best interest to temporarily pause our Thursday training camp activities so that we could test symptomatic players per our protocol,” Director of Athletics Heather Lyke said. “Based on negative test results received late today, it has been determined that we can safely resume practice on Friday.” 

The Panthers opened camp on August 7 and have held five practices to date.

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  1. I have additions to my bucket list now…sharing some Hotel Loyal pizza with Iek and meeting up with BigB at Annapolis for some football.
    Not sure who said “may you live in interesting times” but we sure got em.

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    1. It’s all about prioritization and capability. Pitt undoubtedly has the capability or the partnerships with capability. And player safety + playing a season is clearly being prioritized.

      Does Florida state have the same capability or desire ? Blacksburg, Virginia?

      Now that begs the question on whether all teams can execute and stop/contain a spread.

      But you gotta let em try.

      Or on the other hand are you suggesting Pitt is fudging the numbers? I couldn’t allow myself to believe that would be true.


    2. It has to do with what you are willing to pay.

      The testing was new & scarce just 5 short months ago – today there are plenty of tests, most with delayed access to results. It takes time & money to process the test to get the results. Adding personnel, paying overtime & premium rates gets the faster, one day turnaround.

      With plenty more testing happening, we see more positive cases. Fortunately we are seeing fewer deaths – that is the key stat that should be looked at.

      As a business owner, if one of my employees gets exposed to COVID-19, they get tested AND quarantined for 14 days (with pay). As an employer, I’m willing to pay for same day results to get my worker back to producing positive output.

      The economy is a mess in certain segments and if there is not a push to open things up, the economy will only get worse. There is a fine line to walk here and survival has numerous meanings for most everyone.

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      1. fewer deaths? yes from peaks but obviously not from when the first wave was “flattened”

        and know that I am fully on board with opening up with appropriate precautions including masks and having football and sports including wrestling this winter at all levels unless some more deadly mutation occurs while maximally protecting those males over 65 and females over 70 and anyone else who is vulnerable with comorbidities

        it will not be perfect, but what is?


    3. My wife called her doctor when she was concerned she had symptoms (our daught was positive). She had a swab taken within an hour and results in 15 min. Its our normal PCP and we don’t have any special standing.


      1. BTW – youngest daughter is COVID clear. Quarrantined for the amount of time specified by the Va Dept of Health. She has been symptom free for almost a week, appetite back, etc. Mom and Dad managed to avoid catching it from her as well. Days and days of taking meals, gatorade and several packages ustairs to the foyer outside her room. Deep cleaning of her quarters two days ago.

        Today, we are moving her up to Charlottesville as she starts at Darden (MBA) on Monday. I just hope she remembers she’s a Pitt alum and doesn’t fully convert to a Wahoo (except when they play the Carolina schools and VT).

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          1. I think the important point is that some folks get very sick and other are asymptomatic…but the bulk of the cases is much like my daughter’s.

            With that mind, those who only draw attention to the bad stuff are alarmists and those who minimize the situation are just insenstive. The media then stirs the pot using both to make a toxic stew.

            Its a tough situation, one which folks need to take the precations. At the same time, at some point, society has to try to move forward. For lack of a better term, triage needs to be applied.

            Joe who believes we should improvise, adapt and overcome

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            1. Yes JoeL, in this case of Covid, there is room for middle ground and common sense. Great to hear your daughter recovered so quickly. We don’t always get what we want but sometimes………… We get what we need!


  2. Good thread if you’re a twitter user

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    1. “I’ve tried to stay away from this dichotomous mindset of being on campus is full risk and being off campus is no risk. That’s just not true. For a lot of our students, being on campus is a much safer place.”

      This guy gets it. And he has the credentials to espouse on it.

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  3. If team A plays team B and both teams tested negative before kickoff………… What’s the problem? Yes I know it more problematic than that but players are more likely to get injured in the game than come down with the virus.


  4. Notice the quick turnaround time for the recent testing of the Pitt players with possible symptoms. This is how much testing has improved. It will be easy to test players before every practice once the season begins, and there is no reason why players who might test positive would be traveling or suiting up on Saturdays. This can be done safely, and the players are at far less risk than the general student population.


  5. Syracuse with one foot out the door on the season


  6. Well, whether there’s a season or not, Pitt will be well represented in next year’s NFL draft:

    Todd McShay
    Just finalized our preseason Top-150 rankings for the 2021 NFL draft. Alabama has the most top-150 prospects with 11, followed by Ohio St (8), Georgia (7), and Clemson, Michigan and Pitt (all with 6). Pitt is obviously the surprise of the group.


    1. So if we play the season, you can cross off tOSU & Michigan.

      Pitt plays Clemson @ Death Valley. Must win game to be NC and get a shot at either Bama or Georgia. I’ll take Georgia since it is a hot recruiting territory for Nard Dawg.

      See it can be that simple to block out SOP.

      When I was in school, that scenario was a real possibility. Let the good times roll…

      In reality, Pitt probably finished 6-5 in 2020.



      1. If this is true, Pitt may not play until 9/26.

        “According to Matthew Gutierrez of The Athletic, “many Syracuse football players” may opt out of the 2020 season – possibly today. Syracuse football has already sat out three practices since reporting earlier this summer.”

        If no substitute for M of O and Syracuse opts out, are you then predicting Pitt will be 6-3?


    1. Two of the Vaccines Pitt’s involved with still listed as “Pre-Clinical”. Pitt Magazine has indicated Pitt’s phase-one trials should be starting this summer…

      Go Pitt.


      1. Rest assured the Russians are trying to hack the data and analysis collected. Pitt does have a very good cyber security department however.


      2. Very disappointing that Pitt is so much further behind than their peers. Especially after all the hype over their postage stamp mini pin pricks that dissolve in your skin.


  7. Hey Michaelangelo, you mentioned somewhere in a post that those over 65 had 20% chance to die if contracting COVID. Where do you get that from because that is nowhere I see. TIA

    Maybe I miread the comment or maybe I’m misremembering as I didn’t have any time at the moment to check. Maybe you said 85?


    1. There is a graph in the “safe to play article”

      65-74 10%
      75-84 20%
      85+ 30+

      I took the average.

      Also that’s for ppl who were diagnosed . The truth is the actual rate is much lower because there is not 100% testing or 100% transmission.


  8. NOTICE:

    I was looking back through some of the comments yesterday evening and saw a lot of BLATANTLY POLITICAL MATERIAL. I will not name names but you know who you are. If you think your post may have been political it probably was.

    This will be your FIRST AND ONLY WARNING. I have no problem taking another week vacation – AND THAT MEANS SHUTTING DOWN COMMENTS – if this behavior persists.

    Thank you

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  9. well, considering there are a boatload less 85 year olds, taking an equal weight average is not the way to look at those numbers

    not sure those are quite right anyway but at least they might be close yet a bit high


    1. It’s probably lower now bc of more testing. Anyway the context was … If you recall … “there is a 20% chance of mortality for coaches over 65 … if they even contract the disease”. And you are right …that’s probably overstated. Can’t imagine there are many coaches over 74


  10. ok, not probably, definitely lower

    and to me this kind of statement without clear context or explanation is what confuses the masses, and by me saying that, I absolutely don’t think you are trying to do that

    what I’ve hated learning through COVID is how people with agendas(and again NOT YOU) can quote real science to make a point and unless you drill down into it, this disease can look far worse(or far better) depending on what “side” you are on

    i briefly looked to get clean data to show your 20% is far too high but got many good sources that use rates of death in age groups as most compare risks in multiples of deaths compared to the 20-29 year group rather than straight % of death to recovered with each age cohort

    the best I could find and it is a little dated is:

    the % of deaths by COVID to confirmed COVID cases in that source at worst is as follows: 60-69 is 3.6%, 70-79 is 12.8% and 80 and older is 20.2%


    1. Note to commenters – tvax’s objective research is well done. However his comment about people using their agendas to mislead the masses is a slippery slope into politics. Do not take the (unintentional) bait or you will be deleted.

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      1. I read his comment as noting that on any subject where opinions differ, which is every subject on this forum, finding data to buttress your opinion (agenda) is very easy to do. My favorite is the Narduzzi can’t recruit versus organic limitations prevent Pitt from attracting elite recruits argument. No shortage of data points to support either side. Pretty much the case on every topic. Political or otherwise. And it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s only fun.

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      2. thanks, wanted to avoid that slipperiness and hoped mentioning both sides are guilty had done

        main purpose of my post at all is with the likely average age of readers here, it surprised me and sounded scarier that it should have. I’ve never been much of a gambler and at 58 I’d probably be far more aligned with Tex’s position on this if I were 10 years older and had anywhere near a 20% chance of not surviving COVID. if I find something more updated, I will post because with treatments being learned over the last few months, I think the % is far lower for the vast majority which includes all coaches and most fans who would actually consider attending a game.

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        1. Good points Tommy but the one mitigating factor…. you can’t always go by age when the question becomes who is in danger. Another thing… last week I was in a different age bracket, did one day make me more vulnerable? I’m with you on your thoughts though. Why would we want to live worrying about dying when the very thought of dying kills people all the time. I just try and use the little brains I have left to my best abilities. I leave it to the POV posters to be the judge.

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          1. I would suspect that as one advances in age one tends to take on more conditions that make one susceptible to the ‘Rona. Hence the increased mortality rates.


            1. There is absolutely no question about that Michaelangelo but many younger folks have underlying conditions well before they turn 60. Even worse is that many have medical problems that they are unaware of. Diagnosed at the age of 58 with cancer and the doctor thought I could have been walking around with it for years. (actually I still am in my remaining intact kidney) Russ passed on with a compromised immune system from cancer…. so what did he pass from? This can get more complicated as NCAA football. Just slightly more serious.

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            2. Mortality rate for under 24 is .1% Ike. And that’s of ppl who actually get the illness. As long as the myocardia in non fatal cases is managed it’s safe


            3. If you look at total “excess” deaths since covid hit – regardless of cause , the US is at about 200k. That’s one measure. Includes collateral damage such as cardiac arrest patients who couldn’t get i to overcrowded ICU’s etc.


      3. Again thank you though IMHO the comment was apolotical. But I’m all for the tie going to it being on the wrong side of the slippery slope. I know what I wrote makes no sense but its perfectly clear at the same time so I’m going with it.


  11. Great feature on Fox tonight about schools and conferences that have dropped or held onto the football season. A player from Stanford and Rashad Weaver were interviewed to get their take on COVID and playing this season. Rashad did a great job and was a great spokesperson for Pitt and their COVID protocols as they ran photos of Pitt players at practice. The segment ended as the host said she was looking forward to seeing Pitt playing ND this year! Good publicity for Pitt!

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  12. Rivals update: the Utah TE recruit is now classified as an OLineman. He still has zero stars as his rating.

    6’6” 250lbs

    The other TE flip from Michigan State is listed as an Athlete and was a QB last season.

    No TE’s listed on the updated Rivals site for Pitt.


    1. go back and look at his highlight reel. Some of the plays focused on his blocking …. dare I say Fralic-like

      for that matter .. look at Vancouver’s highlights from last night. Horvath’s first goal was Lemiuex-like


  13. Thank you for adhering to a no political-comment focus. The Covid thing seems to induce commenters to reveal their political bias, no matter how hard they profess to use science and facts to support their position on Covid. I read POV for comments on Pitt football (or basketball when the subject comes up), not more Covid stuff that dominates media news. If a kid tests positive or gets sick or practice gets canceled or postponed or a game or the season is impacted, or the like, a straightforward reporting of Covid’s impact on the team is good enough for me, without an editorial comment which seems very hard for a lot of commenters to omit. Keep up your great work, Michelangelo.

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  14. JoeL – I bet there are some on this blog who would say the WUP FB Pic looks like Nard’s recruiting classes of years past! (Wonder if any of those guys were recruited by Elon??)

    Maestro: I would suspect that as one advances in age, they would tend to……. never mind, I forgot the point I was trying to make! 😉

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  15. Back to football for a minute. Great news to get Yellen eligible and for four years. Remember when Pitt barely had one QB, not that long ago. Now we have four. With the way kids transfer these days we will probably lose one next year, but it is great to have competition.

    I wonder if they are going to try to keep them separated so that if we lose one to Covid, we don’t have to quarantine all four? Anyway it is good to have depth at this and many other positions.

    Critics of Narduzzi will find something to fault, but he has done a decent job of building program depth. The O-line may still be the weak link, but at least there is some experience now so they should at least be marginally better.

    Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t see too many Covid flare ups in the ACC and we might actually see this great D-line and Hamlin and Ford this year.

    Too bad Syracuse is such a mess, a forfeit won’t feel nearly as good as a blow out.

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  16. Many will be happy that I am trying to stay away form any general covid discussions, but one thing in case you missed it, bandannas and other single layer cloth masks are not effective, and heart issues are more prevalent than previously thought. Yes science can be updated with more data.


    1. Updated or wrong? In the rush to say something, the something said is often just wrong. Let’s not call it an update. It was wrong. There is nothing bad about saying the science and recommendations were wrong. Just own the mistakes and move on.

      There are several hundred research groups going after a vaccine. How can science differ so much on what it is they are dealing with and how best to go about a vaccine? A lot of companies will be wrong. Hopefully one is right…..soon.

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  17. Liberty, which plays three of Pitt’s ACC opponents this year, has not have any positive Covid cases for the last three weeks. Small problem: they have not tested anyone for the last two weeks because no one has “shown” any symptoms.


    1. Like

        1. Really 7 players if you include Kyle Nunn who went to a true D2 (Not FCS) – Findley College. (I believe that is his home town).

          T, Coleman & B. Garner both went to Western Michigan. The following three went to FCS schools. Salahuddin – NC A&T, V’lique Carter – Albany. Reynolds – Stony Brook.

          I don’t know where Anthony McKee went or if he used up all his eligibility. He was a 2015 recruit but seems strange that he entered his name in the transfer portal 10/25/2019. Maybe he was injured one year & was going to apply for a sixth year. Anyway, he should have Pitt degree.

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      1. Then maybe PITT lost a recruit to Liberty? They are trying to go big-time. << Oh, good thing I proof that last word. Typing in a dark room without readers can be dangerous.


        1. That could be possible. From what I understand facilities are first rate. Money doesn’t seem to be a problem.


  18. I am trying to get straight in my feeble mind just how many TEs Pitt now has. It sounds like most of the incoming TE recruits are moving to other positions. Can someone clear up the current TE situation for me?


    1. All from memory so probably missing a few details

      Krull – Senior
      Moraga – juco xfer – Junior
      Ky Wright – rFr

      Kaymar Mims – ???? Seems like he flips every year

      Walk ons???

      Collier – rFr – now an OT

      Carrigan – Sr – now an OT, but was never a pass catching threat anyway


      1. Mimes will be a RS Soph. He has the size at 6-5 and 245, but he did come in as one of those army of DEs they signed.

        Kyi Wright is listed at 6-2 and 260. He’s supposed to be pretty athletic…

        Go Pitt.


    1. The Utah guy was changed to an OT

      The MSU guy is an ex quarterback who still hasn’t played an actual down of high school football (other than practice) at right end. He’s talented but he’s a project at best. I think he’ll stick at TE.

      The speculation is that Pitt has a good shot at Darnell Dinkins’ son as their 2nd TE recruit this year. I think he plays for West Allegheny


  19. Thanks for the TE info, MM and Major. It sounds like they are still pretty thin at TE after Krull. This kid Moraga had better be able to play…


  20. As long as they catch the darn ball when it’s thrown to them it will be a vast improvement over last year’s crop. I don’t care how fast or athletic they are, just catch the ball.

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  21. Now with the Covid scare on Friday at PITT with the football team, could this actually be a good thing providing everything is good and verified? Meaning that an incident like that would drive home the point to the players that they will have to continue to sacrifice their social lives in order to play football this fall?

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  22. So I’m full of questions on a rainy slow moving day, what if a player opts out? Is it like the year never existed or does he still lose that year? Now take a minute and think how this could help a team to stock up for the 2021 season with the players cooperating. Will a team like Ohio State have an extra 20 players on their roster next year if all the players come back. I don’t know.


    1. it is my understanding that any player that opts out retains his eligibility as if this season didn’t exist (any sport). Please correct me if I’m wrong


  23. ^^ This is way convoluted for me….. So rosters will have to be expanded for the Big Ten and the Pac Ten? ……………and then what happens the following year??

    BTW, I’m with Biggie, NO knelling. NO Mike, No politics, just an opinion. I’ll withdraw all donations to PITT.

    Another BTW, I’m now in some club called the Chancellors Club? What the hell is that and how did I get there?


  24. Iek, you might be Chancellor of the POV…i vaguely remember voting for you at one of the tailgates.
    Bernie was collecting the ballots.

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    1. HaHa. I’m undeserving. Maybe Biggie dropped a few ballots when he bolted down to watch the PITT football buses roll by. That big guy can run like the wind.


  25. Note that even though players who opt out retain their NCAA eligibility status, it doesn’t affect their NFL status. For example, even though Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence wants to play this year. he would be eligible for the next NFL draft if he didn’t play. Same for PSU LB Micah Parsons opted out before Twyman; Parsons is a sure-fire 1st rounder next year. (Note that Twyman could have been eligible for the past draft)

    There would seem to be a large handful of players from OSU (like their QB) who has played their last college games …. unless they enter the transfer portal. Same for top players from other B10/PAC12 schools like Hamler at PSU and some from Michigan, Wisc, USC and Oregon, etc.

    Yes, expanded rosters may be a one year phenomenon but how do you deny a player his junior or season seasons? And note that most of the players who opted out so far are already sure-fire draft picks.

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    1. Trevor Lawrence made a phone call to a particular person of power of persuasion who will go unnamed. Interesting, I’m thinking the Big Ten and PAC will take a second look at postponing their seasons. ??


  26. Game changer!

    “On Saturday, the FDA approved a coronavirus testing system known as SalivaDirect, which was developed by Yale University in conjunction with the NBA and the NBA Players Association.

    SalivaDirect is considered a “game changer” in testing because it is cheaper (as low as $4 a test), faster (results can come within a couple of hours and be handled by nearly any lab in the country) and easier (saliva, not nasal swabs) than current tests.”



  27. Heard about this interesting development on the news. Here’s an excerpt from an article about a siliva test for Covid19…

    “On Saturday, the FDA approved a coronavirus testing system known as SalivaDirect, which was developed by Yale University in conjunction with the NBA and the NBA Players Association.

    SalivaDirect is considered a “game changer” in testing because it is cheaper (as low as $4 a test), faster (results can come within a couple of hours and be handled by nearly any lab in the country) and easier (saliva, not nasal swabs) than current tests.

    If you need to repeatedly test lots of people (such as a college student body, let alone the football team that comes from it) on a daily basis then this is significant. Potentially very significant.

    It can provide accurate, near real-time testing, and the ability to use that information to quickly quarantine anyone infected before they spread the virus. That could limit the infections within a team.

    “If you test frequently enough you are going to pick up on the positives early on before there is a spread,” Doctor Robby Sikka

    Dr. Robby Sikka says the SalivaDirect study was aimed at helping universities nationwide.

    The tests, perhaps 90 percent effective, aren’t perfect. Yet if you test often enough, that margin gets accounted for.”

    Go Pitt.


    1. The key has always been rapid testing

      Premier league played outside a bubble and traveled to fanless stadiums. All players got to go back home to families at days end.

      They test everyone every day and get same day results. At some point you move to only weekly testing once the infection rate is near one percent. 20 percent in Texas right now.

      But the players also don’t engage in high risk behaviors like college kids would on campus. And soccer is not a contact sport like American football. And there is 100 percent compliance. No skirting of the rules and it’s all taken very seriously…masks, distancing, sanitation


  28. When I played baseball at Pitt, we had virtually no hope of winning a championship, but playing a sport at the college level provides lessons different from those in the classroom.

    Chinaza Ndee is a volleyball player for Pitt. She wrote a post, that appears on “Untold Athletes,” that is impressive, IMHO.

    Here’s an excerpt about how playing on the team has benefited her. The whole post, where she talks about being a black athlete in a mostly white sport, is worth reading, again, IMHO…

    ““I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that volleyball has permanently changed the way I approach everyday situations. Volleyball has taught me the importance of cherishing and nurturing relationships and how much caring for those around you can motivate you. It has shown me (sometimes painfully) the importance of time management and prioritizing the things I value. It has made me comfortable with important aspects of teamwork like conflict resolution and problem-solving. I am a better learner due to volleyball and I deal with failure and discomfort in a healthier, more productive way. I am much more mentally tough. I am more willing to take on challenges and tasks that take me outside of my comfort zone. I have found a new appreciation for self-care and how it can really help improve my performance when necessary. These are skills I take with me on and off the court, so along with all the lessons I’ve learned about being a better athlete, I truly believe volleyball has made me a better student, athlete, daughter, sister, friend, and person.”

    Chinaza indicated that she plans to go to Med School. Said she’s always wanted to be a doctor, but especially now that she understands the lack of representation of blacks in the medical field…

    Go Pitt.

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  29. Below is Pitts mission statement


    Notice how there is no mention of athletics or any other university sponsored club or association that is social or professional in nature.

    These non academic or social/professional bodies are just as important as research and classroom education. You get an education on life by participating in sports, being a member in a club, being a member of a fraternity.

    All these non academic entities exposes one to networking, relationship building, leadership roles, teamwork, communication, importance of goals, time management, etc

    Skills that aren’t taught generally in the classroom or are not easily replicated in a classroom or course setting. You get lessons on life and a well rounded education through participation in these non academic enterprises.

    I really think Pitt misses the big picture in their mission to develop good citizens, future leaders, critical thinkers, and socially responsible individuals.

    Shame on the BoT

    Tex who appreciates sports, fraternities and school clubs


  30. Now see Tex, this is what frustrates me more than anything. In your above comment you identify the problem with PITT sports (BOT) and why all PITT sports programs struggle at times. Now for such an astute and way smarter PITT fan than me, that makes no sense. You think I love Heather? That really isn’t true. Yes I think she’s done a good job and until I have a good reason I will continue to support her.

    PITT has the AD they want and the head football coach they want. Plus they are pleased with the results so far. You’re basically bashing your head against the wall. Now go have a happy hour bourbon.

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  31. Tex – a university cannot mention athletics by name because it empowers the athlete student to come together and be paid, or worse for the university, unionize. In addition, the Mission statement caters directly to cash/funding resources. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    No president or board will put athletics in the mission statement, or they would be questioned about priorities, especially from its own faculty. This is one of the unspoken quid pro quo’s in higher ed between athletics and faculty. Presidents and Boards create the mission statement to outwardly show the academics that the school is in the business of book education over anything else.

    Now, if you want to argue that what they write and print (because noone knows cursive anymore), than that is a different discussion. Candidly, a bold statement contained in a mission would read something such as “developing leaders through academics, research and athletics” ……..but state and federal funding would suffer! Follow the casheeeeesh!


    1. I get where you’re coming from. But the value of a degree is the overall experience. Just as important outside the classroom as in.

      Texas tech is opening because they see the tremendous value in students being on campus, interacting, and experiencing a broad and diverse education. Now whether they can successfully pull it off this Fall is another question but it really is quite refreshing that they think this way.

      College is more than just books. It’s a PhD in life.

      Pitt does its student body a disservice when it fails to strengthen the connection with the school. When it over emphasizes academics over other ways in which a university can make good citizens, future leaders and a productive workforce through sports and social/professional organizations affiliated with the school.

      I found those experiences far more meaningful than any academic course and better prepared me for the world.

      Most undergrad schooling at Pitt isn’t very specialized any way. Most students will need advanced degrees for careers or specialized on the job training. That’s why I think it’s very important for students to get involved and take advantage of the various clubs offered by Pitt.

      Personally my strongest relationships and most fun learnings/vivid memories were the result of sports and my fraternity. It had very little to do with book learnings. But college gave me those experiences.

      I wouldn’t specifically mention athletics. I would mention outside the classroom learnings. A broad stroke encompassing athletic events, clubs, professional organizations, etc


  32. I can’t speak for athletics, but, Tex, I would be hesitant to group fraternities as a positive component of the college experience, based on my experience. I pledged a social fraternity at the Johnstown campus in my initial freshman semester. Toward the end of the pledge period my calculus professor, who was an advisor to one of the more academic fraternities and knew I was pledging one of the social (read party) fraternities, called me into his office and advised that I de-pledge. He noted that I had aced each test before pledging and failed every test thereafter. He said he was giving me a C for the course even though I had earned a lower grade, as he knew I could do the work. I was too stupid to listen to him. Being a fraternity member nearly cost me my career. I squeaked by living on No Doz to get me through the all-nighters before tests. My saving grace was that my fraternity did not have a chapter on the main campus and the engineering curriculum required the last two years be completed at Oakland.

    I have one fraternity brother who went on to work in the coal mines with my dad and another who owns a bar, which probably didn’t require a degree. Based on my experience, for every fraternity brother who benefited from the membership, another failed to finish college or transferred to a minimally demanding major. I would recommend universities take a neutral position on fraternity membership.

    By the way, my favorite Pitt athlete until two years ago was Billy West. How he managed to play football while majoring in engineering, I’ll never know. Two years ago I met MajorMajors and he joined Billy on that pedestal. A tip of the cap to John. It’s no wonder his son has been so successful.

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    1. I hear you on social fraternities. But if you go into them with a different perspective, you should be fine.

      Most frats are and have been changing anyway due to liability and lawsuits. Hazing isn’t like it used to be. In fact it gets you kicked off campus and you lose your chapter.

      The opportunity for leadership positions and conducting meetings was a valuable experience in my book. Along with the networking and fun stuff you did associated with the school. That’s where connections are made. It’s not through the classroom. It’s the other stuff.

      However Pitt to this day fails to recognize it. Maybe it’s a legacy of their wannabe ivy past and past commuter school image.

      My point is to not sell short the social amd professional aspects of college. It really should be embraced with gusto.

      Tex with freedom comes responsibility.


    2. All-American Don Hennon who has his shirt hanging in the Pete is a long-time surgeon in the Pgh area.
      Brian Generalovich who was drafted by both the NFL and NBA was a long time dentist in the Farrell area
      1964 starting QB Ed James as well as FB Wayne The Train DeBartolo are also dentists
      Doc Medich played FB and was Major’s teammate on Poitt baseball team was a longtime MLBer as well as a medical doctor

      I just scratched the surface

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  33. Looks like PITT is headed for another rebuilding year before we all thought. ?? Why is life getting more complicated all the time?


      1. Rick, rumors are hot and heavy that more PITT players are going to opt out and leave the program. You wait 5 years and then have the rug pulled out from under the program. Someone wake me up when 2020 is over with….. and even then?


  34. DT Tyler Bentley has the early nod over Devin Danielson for Twyman’s vacant starting position.

    That should make JoeKnew happy.

    The early depth chart is interesting to view – on D we have ten starters who have been on the team 4 or 5 years. Bentley is the exception as a RS SO.

    On the offensive side there is depth – SR AJ Davis is penciled in as the starter with FR Issy as the back-up. The OLine early camp starters are:
    LT Carter
    LG Hargrove
    C Morrissey
    RG Krabel
    RT Houy (the grad transfer isn’t even one of the T back-ups.

    TE has Krull as the starter and Ky Wright as the back-up

    Note: Kaymar Mimes is the 3rd string DE

    I’m ready for game one –


  35. There seems to be a small rumor mill going on on the Pitt Rivals site.

    Iek – “next man up” – all schools deal with it. If Ford opts out, we had him for ONE good year. Bummer that he didn’t see the field sooner. Hill may be better, but he’s only a RS FR.

    Don’t let a stupid rumor ruin your night.


    1. Gotcha. Writing up a d line depth chart piece as we speak. I subscribe to rivals but haven’t seen that thread so all opinions will be my own… (nor am I one to put Chris Peak’s business in the street)


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