The Week in Review 8/2/2020

Good morning to you all.  Big week last week for ACC football and college football in general, and I’ll be posting all the news and notes, but before I do I wanted to put up a couple of links that Reed Kohberger sent me.  (If you are new here, he founded the blog.  If you’re not new here well then you already know this).  Reed has started his own Blog “Reed’s Home Port” and it gives him the space to explore topics that are typically off limits to this Pitt Sports blog.  Here are two of his latest offerings.  He goes deep into his formative years, and if you’ve met Reed or simply been a fan of his sports writing, they are an extremely interesting glimpse into the personal side of Reed Kohberger, with a philosophical slant that is genuine food for thought.

Check them out and I’m sure he’d enjoy your comments.

Okay, and now back to your regularly scheduled Pitt content:

First – after the Elliot Donald commit, Dorien Ford is a big target.  It’s not just Pat Narduzzi that wants him.

ESPN pundits Eric MacLain and Andrea Adelson weighed in on their preseason all-ACC

Speaking of Dorien Ford….

Maurice Ffrench’s name was was enshrined in Pitt’s Varsity Walk this past week

First random stat of the day:  Pitt’s defense was pretty good against the screen past last year.  This makes me happy because Pitt seemed to be one of those teams that would always give up a thirty yards screen on third-and-twenty-five in previous years.

Much has been made of COVID and whether or not a sports league…any sports league can get through an entire season.  In the context if that I give you the following…

Men in Florida:

Florida Men:

Moving off of COVID and into an obligatory mid-post hype video:

Also this.  Tough to make out the players from this camera angle.  Maybe Jones and Alexandre?  Also who is the guy in the truck and shouldn’t he be wearing a mask?  The gross weight of a Toyota Tundra is approx 7,000 lbs by the way, plus the driver and the man in the back, that’s probably a 7,500 lb load these gentlemen are pushing.

This happened.  You’ve already talked about it.

Just be glad we aren’t and independent.  They should just play UMASS six times.

Well ACC you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t:

Some people loved it though.  The video is entirely worth the watch.

And if you think Pitt was the only northern team to get hosed, think again.  Despite the lumps (see NC State) this schedule does bring things a lot closer to parity.  Teams that built their bowl bids on cupcakes are going to be exposed.

Meanwhile in Birmingham, the SEC makes sure that Clemson will not be facing South Carolina, Louisville will not be facing Kentucky and Florida State will not be facing Florida this year.  So much for the ACC’s +1.

Random person showing Pitt top-four:

Off topic, but worth it:

Pantherlair’s Jim Hammet with his finger on the pulse of the fan base, as always:

Pitt alum Louis Riddick to MNF, #H2P

Happy face:

Sad face:

Do you think this would affect visiblity:

Pitt very publicly released official offer letters this week.  I like what they wrote in here:

I would be remiss if I didn’t include tweet’s about Narduzzi’s zoom call.


Okay shifting gears away from that:  I don’t know who this Tim guy is, but I like him.

It’s probably going to blow this blog apart, so remember the commenting rules folks, but the PAC 12 players have united and published a list of demands that need to be met before they will practice or play.  Link to list of demands.

Feel free to weigh in, but keep those comments sports related.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

165 thoughts on “The Week in Review 8/2/2020

  1. Under the Pac 12 COVID demands, this WILL be interesting:

    II. Protect All Sports
    Preserve All Existing Sports by Eliminating Excessive Expenditures
    1. Larry Scott, administrators, and coaches to voluntarily and drastically reduce excessive pay.

    DRASTICALLY reduce?

    and this:

    Fair Market Pay, Rights, & Freedoms
    Distribute 50% of each sport’s total conference revenue evenly among athletes in their respective sports.


    big changes on top of big changes on the way


  2. The PAC 12 is about to end their season and possibly participation in the P5 group with initiatives lyke this.

    Whether they choose to or not, that is the direction I see them (PAC 12) heading.

    Choices matter too. We all make bad choices and have to pay for them somehow. The difference that I see is most of us own up to & do pay for the bad choices we have made and this new generation wants others to pay for ALL of their choices.

    If there is not a CFB season, I may get a refund on my season tickets and invest in martial art classes for Mrs. Erie and myself.

    Be safe!


        1. And I love your Liberal Stance on anything on this board and orgyfest with Lyke and Narduzzi.

          Go march with the Pac 12 as they have it so bad.


          1. Truly bizarro. I cite the use of a made up number, and you come back with . . . ?!?! . . .”Liberal Stance ???? And orgyfest with Luke and Narduzzi ???? “

            Son, you need to get back on your meds.

            BTW, I have an overall negative opinion of both Lyle and Narduzzi.


  3. must admit I was thrown for a loop when I read about Reed’s childhood. I know he had written about a rough, troubled childhood. But he also wrote that his dad was a dean at Pitt and he attended a private school, so I had it in my head that he was a spoiled, rich kid who abused his privilege. Boy was I wrong!

    I had always have admired what he accomplished in the Coast Guard, and especially admire what he has been doing since his retirement …. his public service in helping veterans and senior citizens. Must admit that his (for lack of better term) ‘giving back’ these days is exemplary. Yes, Reed you are indeed a great role model, not only for your kids, but for everyone who knows you.

    (But still differ with you on Wanny and Duzz)

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  4. MM — a ton of good work by you. Thank you.

    Haven’t read any of the links yet, but loved that Houston-Astros-related quote you snuck in…👍

    Go Pitt.

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  5. tai quan dao or Taekwondo, is great exercise for all ages but a shotgun will always beat martial arts. I once held a 3 band green belt now I would hardly be able to tie my shoes, that’s if I would ever decide to put a pair of shoes on again. But I can still fire a shotgun…. 😉

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  6. These players now have leverage so they are using it. The NCAA is money driven. If any of these demands takes away the gravy train with biscuit wheels, it will have little chance of fruition. In the end, these players are more dependent on the NCAA than the other way around. But some good things will come of this.


    1. FWIW, I heard an argument last night on the radio that just the opposite is true. And the example used was a Pac12 school who has been the model of college sports program for some time …. Stanford. It has already eliminated a handful of its programs and has cancelled all fall sports but FB.

      He continued that this year will prove how much sports programs operate on a thread, and also mentioned that if the programs have to adhere to Title IX in the future, then there will just not be enough money left for any big payments to the athletes.

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  7. Iek, my buddy was accosted outside a bar after closing and the dude that wanted to fight him says “i must warn you i know karate”…my buddy looks around and picks up a pavement brick and says “i know ka-brick”
    …wasn’t even close.

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    1. The only karate I know is called kick them in the Jimmy.

      As long as you know the vulnerable body parts, you’re a black belt. Throat. Eyes. And of course balls.

      You can drop anyone.


  8. I say distribute money to the athletes, but since they would become professionals they lose their scholarships and have to pay for their own tuition, food, dorms, medical and dental coverage.

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  9. NRS, your point is well taken…… doesn’t sound like such a great deal when you put it that way. Not to mention players already get a small stipend as well.

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  10. NRS – that’s been my feelings since this whole “pay the atheletes” thing started. I would add to your list of items on the Athletes’ Invoice:
    Equipment used on the practice field;
    Referees fees;
    “Lessons” from the coaches (although, since the coaches are Univ Employees, the schools should bear part of this cost(!)
    Rent for the facilities used for practice and games.
    Transportation to and from games;
    Room and board for away games

    Probably more costs they should have to pay, so please feel free to add to the list.

    Since each athlete will have skin in the game, perhaps they will strive more personally to put a product on the field to attract the max number of fannies in the seats, as well as TV viewers. The players should get on board with Tex, and DEMAND of themselves 10 wins every year. It is, after all, the Capitalist Theory in practical application!!

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    1. Some epxansion of the list…

      Charter aircraft – no check-in, TSA line, lost luggage.
      Nice hotels – anyone who has seen where they stay on the road knows its not a Motel 6
      Meals – steaks, seafood and so on. Its not normal college institutional food they serve at the UPMC Southside
      Sports medicine – massage therapy, whirpool tubs, hyperbaric chamber time.
      Locker room support staff, laundry and equipment mgrs.
      Tutors and academic support people

      All the nice furniture/pool tables/gaming stations/etc put in the locker rooms


  11. Always enjoy the Week in Review, Maestro. Thanks!

    D1 schools should go open book with athletics financials.
    Show the sources, uses and how any surplus is used and likewise how any deficits are funded.

    Let the kids see that Pitt has to fund athletics from elsewhere (general fund and donations). Other schools are doing that too.

    Provide the athletes with an annual statement showing them what it costs the school to have them in their program – just like an annual cost of employee benefits statement. Publish that as well.

    Although college sports revenues are huge, there is a big difference between where the money goes and how it flows in professional sports. 50% of revenues going to college athletes won’t be taking it out of the pocket of a rich owner, it will be taking it from helping other student athletes.

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  12. I can see both sides of this issue. Since there is no minor league for football, those aspiring to a pro career have no choice. Sports are part of the entertainment industry, big bucks are being made. The top football and basketball players provide the entertainment value and why people go to see them or watch on TV. So is the value of the college education and all the perks that go along with big time college sports equal to the value of the player? In most cases (those with no future pro career) it most certainly is).

    But how about the marquis players. The ones that put 100,000 in the seats and make the TV sets turn on.

    I get that the system needs them to be able to support the other sports, but they are also supporting the million dollar salaries of coaches and TV execs, and all the other salaries of the lesser players down to the janitors and caterers.

    It is a big industry and make no mistake they have leverage if they choose to use it.

    I gave up watching baseball after the first major strike. How dare those players think they are worth more money to play a game I would gladly play for free? But guess what? I know now that I was wrong. You are worth what you can negotiate. If you negotiate too much you can break the system if the owners have an alternative or outside competition like the Steel Industry.

    So far major league players have not broke the system. With no fans in the seats there will be renegotiation until the numbers work.

    Change is the only thing that is constant. We don’t have to like it. You used to have to be an amateur to compete in the Olympics, no such distinction anymore.

    It will be interesting to see how many pro and college athletes sit out this year.


    1. Gordon, I stopped watching MLB after that strike and really never came back.
      Its a bad model without a salary cap and revenue sharing.
      Unless you are in NYC, St Louis and so on.


        1. If your a fan (or a parent of an Athlete, or a former athlete) of any non revenue sport in the NCAA you owe your scholarship and athletic experience to a “socialist model” because football and basketball fund it all.


  13. If the NFL was truly a socialist model teams would not have the right to draft whoever they wanted…they would be told who to pick.
    With consequences if they don’t.


    1. Well technically that is facist but the spectrum kind of wraps around once you get to either extreme


    2. 16 billion dollar private enterprise is a long way from socialist ! Always a way to get a little PC jab in.
      The difference is we don’t tattletale.

      N.B Every player would make 75 grand a year because the people in power deemed it for the greater good.

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  14. BTW, heard on the radio today that the Pirates’ team batting average is .177! And that’s with a DH… 😳

    Go Pitt.


    1. I am much more optimistic that Pitt can make the CFP in my lifetime than the Pirates will make it to a WS in that same period.

      Mybiggest issue with Nutting is that when he had a contending team, he didn’t know what to do. Following the year with the Cueto Wildcard game, he should have given the fans a gift by spending a bit more. Not crazy wild Steinbrenner spending, but a gesture to the fanbase. Do what you told the fans you would do and if that requires an austerity period after, so be it.


      1. Agree, JoeL. I remember when Hurdle was hired, before accepting the job he claimed that he asked Pirate management “Are you all in?”
        And the funny part is that Hurdled claimed they answered him “Yes.”

        Now Hurdle would have been fortunate to get the job regardless of their answer, but Hurdle’s little story always made me shake my head…

        Go Pitt.


    2. John: Time to come out of retirement. They could use you. What a don’t like is Hurdle II. This guy is already “resting” his best players two weeks in. We can’t afford to be starting a AA lineup. It’s pathetic.

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  15. Pitt Football@Pitt_FB
    Pitt senior Cal Adomitis has been named to the Patrick Mannelly Award Watch List as a candidate to be the best senior long snapper in the nation!

    I say we nominate Maestro to the watch list for best college FB blog not run by a professional writer award

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  16. Web- i think any others on that list have dropped off – they realize Maestro can’t be beat!

    On another topic, I see Isaias has passed thru Bernie Land, and is headed North. Bernie – hope everything went well at the homestead, and you didn’t suffer much of a surge! Prayers for all affected by that storm. It was a small and weak hurricane (comparatively speaking) but 80 mph winds and 4-6 inches of rain can do a lot of damage. I live about 30 miles from the GA coast, and all we got here was a little breeze and 30 minutes of light rain – very fortunate. BUT, it is still early in Hurrican Season!😬

    Doc, hope things went well for you over on the coast.


  17. Unfortunately for college football players, there is no minor league for the NFL. NFL Europe, XFL, etc. continue to fail financially. It is just too expensive with the amount of players and staff needed because they keep trying to recreate a different version of the NFL with ex college players only.
    The business model should be any player 18+. Start a league and recruit high school players like MLB does and now the NBA G league (or whatever it is called now). Play in smaller stadiums. Regional divisions so the players can travel by bus. Only the star players would make more than a comfortable living. Think MLB double A ball. It would be a step above small college football because you would have ex college players, cut NFL players trying to hang on and get noticed. The ownership group has to be anti NFL and NCAA, LOL.


    1. NCAA senior players drafted by an NFL team: About one in 50, or 2.0 percent. — High school senior players eventually drafted by an NFL team: About nine in 10,000, or 0.09 percent.

      Plenty of players to go around.

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  18. Many on this blog have mentioned Pitt has “no chance” to land 4-star ATH Derrick Davis from Gateway. Chris Peak says otherwise on Pantherlair – Chris says Davis told him “don’t count Pitt out of the running.” I have to admit that last year I counted Davis off my list as a RB recruit when Bama and other top programs offered him a scholly.

    Now Davis is being talked about as a LB/S hybrid. He fits nicely into Bates’ D and he’d be tucked behind a potential All-WPIAL D-line for a few years. Plus, with all the recognition P.Ford is getting from the Safety position, why not Pitt. It now seems lyke a great fit.

    I’m lyking the positive pub…for Pitt.


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    1. That’s interesting, Erie. To go with locals Nahki Johnson, Elliot Donald, and Stephon Hall, it would be awesome if D. Davis decided on Pitt.

      That’s four local players who would be definite future play-makers…

      Go Pitt.


  19. Rick, I think Elliot Donald committing may help in the Davis sweepstakes. Plus with PITT losing most of it’s defensive backfield.


  20. While I still think it is a long shot, it is great to hear he hasn’t ruled it out. He has the potential to be a difference maker. The fact that he lead Gateway to a Championship as a freshman was amazing.
    There is nothing like being a star in your home town, having your friends and family being able to attend all your games.

    Like Donald, a local kid that can go anywhere he wants, a real big win for Pitt and Narduzzi if he chooses to stay home.

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  21. The Pirates will have the worst winning percentage in modern baseball history.

    The Pittsburgh Pirates will set the modern-day record for worst winning percentage in a season, currently held by the 1916 Philadelphia Athletics (.235). That would translate to 14 wins in a 60-game season, which is on pace for a team that was 2-7 with a team batting average of .177 at the start of play Monday. I’ve started to tune in to their games to see their latest bizarre baserunning gaffes, unusual defensive alignments and pointless replay reviews. The culture might well be changing, and I think Derek Shelton should be given a chance to stick around for a “real season” in 2021, but for now, I’m on board with these lovable losers to continue to be just that — in record-breaking style. — AJ Mass


  22. There was a comment about athletic departments being run very tightly with respect to financial reserves. That is correct. Unlike corporations, universities are “NOT FOR PROFIT”. As such, departments over-spend year in and year out because they have to. There is no long-term reserve in any department. If you have money in reserve, and it is not earmarked for some specific project, it gets swept into the general fund after a couple of years.

    That is the main reason you will see non-revenue producing sports dissipate. But don’t be alarmed. Universities run shell games with funds. Where else can you go where if athletics wants to have a luncheon, they need to rent the space from facilities who in turn subs it out to student life, who subs out the management to university dining, etc. Internal money changes hands so much it’s comical. They all do this to grow their feifdoms and get more budget and resources next year. No leader trusts another leader on campus. They need people with a backbone to say enough is enough.

    Pirates and Pitt athletics – fooling pittsburgh sports fans for 40 years!


  23. Agree. Pitt has one of the highest subsidies in all P5. It runs a huge budget deficit and raids from the general fund millions each year to balance the books. It also never pays back the fund. It should be treated as a loan. Many schools and states have been making athletic departments pay back these borrowings and run their budgets in the Black. See Washington. The ACC check is 80 percent driven by tv monies from football. This check along with the small profit that football makes helps subsidize the non revenue Olympic sports. Pitt will be forced to cut. They are delaying the inevitable. I’d also scrap Victory Heights and build a MPC that can be used by nearly every program.


    1. Your last sentence doesn’t make any sense following the argument made in the prior sentences.
      Victory Heights may well get scaled back again due to economic factors. SO, a persn would have to be crazy to attempt to launch an effort to build an MPC right now. It wont happen unless someone writes a check big enought to cover the majority of it. And forget about stimulus money. It won’t be provided for a university sports complex… too many other necessary infrastructure needs in the region.

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      1. Financing is near zero percent interest rates today and foreseeable future.

        Donations should contribute to half the cost for greenlightimg.

        If the Aggies can raise nearly $600 million in one year off a flunky heisman winner, pitt could raise at least half of that for the greater good backed by the pitt seal over a five year period. That’s not even debateable with the right pitch man.

        A MPC is a revenue engine and saves you infrastructure monies in the long term. Multiple programs will call her home.


  24. Brett McMurphy@Brett_McMurphy
    A week after Rutgers quarantined entire football team, there are now 28 positive COVID cases among players plus multiple staff members, @KSargeantNJ reports


  25. When schools open, expect a second wave in about 4 weeks. It will then take at least 8 weeks to flatten. Another 8 to bring down to acceptable levels to truly reopen based on science and fact. That leaves us staring into February.

    Everything, except essential, needs to be shut down and we all collect $2000 each month to live until then. All loans given a forbearance. Accumulated interest paid by the government. All essential workers given hazard pay and ppe and free testing. The government has printing presses. The only issue is national debt. But other countries will rush to buy our bonds because this will set us up for a strong rebound. It’s the smart thing to do.

    Econ major.

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  26. Tex – the science is inconsistent at best. The facts are inconsistent at best. As such, the mitigation plans are inconsistent at best. You may think I am talking about Pitt Athletics but I am not. If I was talking about the athletic department, I would change science to recruiting, change facts to coaching and mitigation plans to win loss record. .


    1. I don’t think science is inconsistent. As facts are gathered, our learning changes and evolves. There is a reason why european and Asian countries are handling the virus exponentially greater than ours. I don’t see any significant changes in strategy or tactics at the national level. Hence we’re pretty much screwed until a proven and widely administered vaccine.

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  27. Only about 1 in 6 of colleges plan full in classroom learning. Most are doing online learning only. Some are hybrid.

    But how can you have a season when the vast majority of schools and students will be off campus. Players shouldn’t be forced to play to earn their scholies.

    Despite my lukewarm feelings towards Narduzzi, I would NOT want him to catch the covid. Nobody deserves that.

    Just don’t know how profs and staffs can stay safe if there are campus outbreaks. I see profs walking off the job…as they should.

    It does appear that Gallagher is guided by science. That’s his background. I’m confident safety will trump money. At most schools however it is the inverse.

    You can’t make money if you’re dead.

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    1. you don’t need to dig to find how badly the US has handled this

      It’s just like Pitts handling of sports over the past 40 years

      Tex who suggests everyone believe their eyes. Eyes don’t lie unless you’re senile. And that’s still not an excuse.


  28. With a minor league pro football team for 18 year olds, I would worry about how those kids are going to get an education. Such a small percentage make it to the nfl.. what do they do when they don’t make it?


    1. That is a very good point. Especially when millions of unskilled labor jobs are gone and many won’t be back for a long time if ever. College football, basketball and other sports to a lesser degree provide a great opportunity to improve ones worth in the job market.

      Learning to use a computer to be able to work from home is becoming the new base line. The service industries and retail are in major trouble. Except for janitorial services which are in great demand.Food deliver is a growth industry.

      More opportunities for robots. Wait till all the truck drivers are laid off for self driving vehicles.


      1. 6 of my grand-kids, who all under 10 years old, can use a computer. If you don’t read any comments from me on the POV for an extended period of time probably means the kids are over and take over the cpu. I-pads have become the modern day pacifier for kids

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  29. I figure Pitts loss at around $40 million based on that chart. ACC check much less and pitt only has about 25k fans that pay to attend regularly. Barely more than Rutgers. That loss though is roughly half of Pitts budget. That means cuts and eliminations on the horizon.


  30. the good thing about TEX’s comments is that i immediately skip over them. It’s very easy as they are all negative and not even fun. His shock jock comments can be poked through with holes left and right,..see JoeL’s comments. As a result am able to read the comments from all others in full.

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    1. I close any holes to my arguments. I can answer follow up questions. Some just might not like the answers. But they are always reasonable and well thought out. It’s fine to disagree.

      And if I’m negative about football, it is for good reason. A coach paid in the top 25-40 yet Pitts saragin and rpi rankings are in the 50’s. I don’t like overpaying for performance. That’s just me. Pitt is obviously fine with it since they value gpa’s and kitten saving more.


  31. Some comments and posters do get old and I’m sure mine get old to many as well. Good to hear from the Richman…….. Heard you had a great time at Bernie’s weekend. Glad you all survived. 🙂


  32. Back to the West Coast FB playas boycott w/o pay. FB is not like baseball or basketball. High school BB & BB srs have a chance of playing pro ball without going thru at least SOME college. I daresay there has never been, nor never will be a HS sr who can graduate directly to the NFL, and not literally get his brains handed to him.

    The kids need college ball as much as the colleges need them. In fact, since there are so many HS kids wanting to play college ball, it is safe to say the kids need the colleges more. College FB prepares the select few for the pros the way nothing short of minor league FB could. The kids should be paying the colleges for the opportunity to mature and strengthen (physically and mentally), learn the nuances of the game, and refine their skills and gifts.

    Those kids that are threatening to walk, let ’em. The pipeline behind them is full of future players. If schools have to stop playing football for a year or two while they reload, think of it as 2 years of not losing $$$.

    The Olympic sports that will suffer due to no FB $$, are going to suffer anyway, if colleges have to pay athletes. That will be the real loss either way this gets settled. Or maybe the NCAA officially reinstates the $100 handshake.

    OK, I’m done!

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    1. Great post, Savannah. I’m with you. The moment I hear someone making “demands”, the hair rises on the back of my neck. I have never attended a sporting event to watch a marquee player. I go because I am a fan. I am a fan in the good years and a fan in the dark years. And it’s not just me. Our rivals to the east will have 100K in the stands whether they have a Saquon Barkley or anyone else carrying the ball.

      If any player feels he is being taken advantage of, he should exercise his rights. He has the right to quit. There are plenty of others who would relish the opportunity. I would rather watch someone who wants to be there anyway.

      If a player chooses to remove his shoes on the sideline because he doesn’t think he is getting a fair shake, have at it. That will be your sole legacy in the minds of the fans you “entertained”.

      Farmers, whose wife compares his athletic capabilities to that of Paul Reubens.

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  33. High school seniors aren’t physically and mentally mature enough to jump straight. The nfl knows it. That’s why they like the free fa system called college. No other sport is like this. All have a minor league system or sub leagues. I’d be asking the nfl reimburse colleges. Some of that can be used to increase the stipend of players. If the nfl balks, I’d sue or require players play until they graduate or they have to pay back all their financial aid of the scholie.

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  34. Watch yourself there Tex, you go start making sense like that your reputation is going to go way down hill… 🙂

    ike……… who understands Tex and his frustration but prefers to express it a little differently..


  35. I see that the squeaky wheel got greased. Jurkovec just was granted eligibility by the NCAA. I guarantee you that if he transferred from BC to ND, he would have been eligible back in February …. judging on how fast recent QBs at OSU and Oklahoma became eligible.

    I remember when Zion Williamson passed the clearinghouse within a week after he committed to Duke whereas it took Paris Ford over 2 months, causing him to miss all of fall camp.

    Back to Jurkovec …. the NCAA granted eligibility a day or 2 after Maestro posted his tweet of being kin jail with Brian Kelly watching over. (Just more evidence of why Maestro should be added to the watch list)

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    1. Does anyone know the status of our QB transfer Joey Yellen? Did he get granted eligibility to play in 2020?

      His status on the Pitt roster is RS FR. I believe Joey transferred before Jerk-0££ did from ND.


      1. Not granted anything yet. Good point I heard on Yellen: we should hope he has to sit. If he can play and is thrust into action in 2020, two QBs could transfer out knowing Yellen is the guy over them. We don’t want that now.


  36. I think most of you know how I feel about Phil the Shill and his family, however, I will tell you he was the best HS qb I’ve seem around here in many years. I was lucky enough to grow up with and be friends with many great QBs. Tom Clements, Bob Medwid, Billy Daniels, John Hufnagel, and Chuckie Fusina. Medwid, Fusina, ams Clements lived within a couple blocks of each other, and Daniels and Huffy within a mile or so. That said, I thought Phil was the best I saw in HS. I have no idea what occurred at ND, but after the kid and the family trashing Pitt, well…….. Just don’t be surprised if he kills us this year. Fair warning. Oh, almost forgot, we aren’t playing FB this fall anyhow😩


  37. What did Phil say about Pitt?

    If there’s truth, I have no problem. There’s some legit stuff like game day environment where the Domers have us beat hands down. But whippel is a QB whisperer.

    Tex who just saved Rich ten seconds


  38. Whippel is AARP Whisperer. You guys give him credit and it is uncalled for. He had one wr go pro and the qb whisperer non sense has to stop. Pickett is as bad as he was when Whippel joined.


    1. This post will either age well or it won’t, but either way I’m going to screen shot it and write a post about it at the end of the season. If there is a season.

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  39. Phil and his family made some really negative, unnecessary comments about the school and program. Now, some may think they were justified about the program, but these were condescending, cheap shots. Also extolled the virtues of Kelly and ND. He certainly sings a different tune now.

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    1. His family obviously didn’t know kelly. He’s well known for being a jerk in many circles.

      Outside of being stubborn and somewhat insensitive to African Americans (thug usage), Narduzzi doesn’t come off as a jerk and is generally liked by his players…probably too much however.

      And Billy, if there’s some games played, Kenny and not the D will be the reasons for the wins. He’s poised to have a breakout year. Shame it won’t be seen. If the Nooch can sign a $4 million dollar contract, Kenny surely can as well.

      Liked by 2 people

  40. Agree with Joe Knew, best local High School QB ever. I don’t think he beats Pitt this year if they play. Don’t know about future schedules but he will be trouble in the future. Yeah the Pitt comments were uncalled for and the D-line just might make him pay for them.

    Love to see the Pitt D this year against him and everyone else.


    1. I know that Jurk (Jerk) was at one of the high school all star games and was being interviewed. When asked which school recruiting him engaged in the most “negative recruiting”, he answered “Pitt”. I remember watching it as it happened.


    1. Yea they were probably like

      “Hey you realize Brian Kelley doesn’t keep his promises”

      “Look at that depth chart do you really think you’re going to unseat Ian Book?”


  41. I think Pitt just told him the truth. Kelly is hard to play for, he doesn’t develop quarterbacks, he’ll ride the pine, be over recruited, he’ll be another number, guns don’t kill people but kelly does, catholic girls don’t put out like they used to


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  42. The Big 10 announced their schedule this morning. The ACC can’t be far behind. I would assume that the Conference will dictate most of the scheduled games. I can’t imagine Heather on the phone with 10 other ADs, who in turn are on the phone with the ADs of their opponents, who are on the phone with their …. Sorta like simultaneously solving 15 equations with 14 unknowns. It can be done but, my God, would it be complicated.

    Wonder if they are considering games on Tuesday or Wednesday to maximize TV viewership? I would certainly expect numerous Thursday and Friday games.


  43. Thursday night games have been common lately as everyone knows. What should be considered is Thursday night games, followed by a saturday, and continuing on that pattern so that they can have a 10 day quarantine period built in. Because it makes sense, they wont do it, but if I was Pitts AD and wanted people to take me seriously in ACC HQ, I would propose such a schedule. In addition, they will have open dates to cover cancellations.

    For those concerned with the student part of the equation, most D1 football players will take their classes on line so there is not a worry about them missing school.

    The interesting part of the scheduling announcements is that they do not talk about attendance. We can expect a 20% – 25% rule for attendance.

    Interestingly, another area that gets blown up is the traditional rivalry week games. Watch as they get turned upside down this year across the board.

    The Dairy High School Team took a hit when Micah Parsons said No thanks to the upcoming season. There are reasons behind this that I can’t talk about yet, but expect to see more high profile players to follow. IF the season happens at all (which i think it will, with even more modifications as we go), expect more players to sit.


    1. Thanks for the “happy” news from crappy valley. No tears lost from this guy. By the way, he will be replaced by his shower buddy from Erie, Jesse Luketa.


    2. What you say makes too much sense. I can tell you’re not a school administrator or politician.

      Tex who would sit out the season if I was an elite athlete.


  44. Jurkovec made a bad choice with ND because he claimed he always wanted to play there. He was blinded by the ND mystique, even as the issues Tex pointed out were clearly there for everyone to see (except for bedding those catholic girls. But I don’t think QBs in general have a problem in that area). So the remarks about Pitt should be ignored coming from someone who ruled Pitt out years before. The question is, why choose BC?


      1. I heard from a fairly reliable source (athletic department personnel) that Jerk’s 1st choice when considering leaving ND was Pitt – the Panther’s said “no way” – the BC game showed how good the BC OLine potential was and the rest is history.

        Keep in mind, Pitt around the same time, brought in the QB transfer from ASU (Joey Yellen) who as of today, still has not been declared eligible for 2020. What is up with that?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nothing sexier than a girl in a catholic school uniform.

        Tex who thought this when I was young. Now I’m a pervert for thinking this.



    Rick if that story is right on, then great for Narduzzi. I’m tired of kids wanting to come back home to mommy..

    Mike……….. Jerkoffivic pick a Catholic school that happens to be an arch rival of ND. BTW and I will use the word hate. I hate notre dame, second only to psu…………


  46. Why don’t most ND fans root root root for the basketball team, only the football team? They are pompous idiots imo, that’s why.


  47. Michaelangelo, what’s wrong with catholic girls? Tex is right about those uniforms. Reminds me why I went to catholic school! Just glad he didn’t go to Pedo.


  48. One thing you have to admit – if you’ve been there – ND has an awesome game-day atmosphere. I can see why a local CC recruit would be over the moon for ND if they went to a game there.

    I don’t hate ND – though like the rest of the world I dislike Kelly quite a bit. My Dad was an ND fan – likely from our Irish heritage and the Catholic connection. I remember him listening to ND games on the radio in the 60s…

    I went to a Wanny at South Bend and watched us lose. The ore-game traditions were impressive. The game itself was like going back in time. No blaring music from the scoreboard; no bubbleboy. The focus was on the football game and the ND band. Very impressive.

    Go Pitt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On a real grass field and angled stripes in the end-zones…. I was there too John ( several times)…. JeanieB n me followed the Irish Guard, leprechaun and band from the Golden Dome to the football field “Here come the Irish” siragoose bumps and tears in my eyes the whole way….

      BigB .. and that’s why I love college ball!!!!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Grab the 2020 season by the balls and meet the challenges…

        Get in the mood for some football

        BigB who meets life head on…


          1. “Send the freshmen out for beer and don’t let a sober sophmore in da-da-da…, We never stagger, we never fall, we sober up on wood alcohol,
            While our loyal faculty lies drunk on the ballroom floor”.
            Can you believe those are words to our high school fight song?? I can’t believe, in this day and age, that some parent group hasn’t tried to change the words. It’s a great song to sing after a big victory!

            Liked by 2 people

  49. So the Gov. of Mississippi said that if Mississippians want to see football in the fall, they need to wear masks. And he is now mandating the wearing of masks.

    He’s only 2 or 3 months too late.


    1. There really isn’t that much in Mississippi to worry about so 2 months is no big deal. Mississippi ain’t New York.


  50. John, my grandfather was a huge ND fan..
    He snuck into Pitt Stadium and was able to shake Rockne’s hand on the sideline.
    He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning when he told that story.

    Liked by 2 people

  51. Visited Norte Dame several times, including 3 Pitt football games. I absolutely love that school. Walk around the campus and you won’t see a gym wrapper or cig butt anywhere. The grotto is awesome. Tried to get my kids to apply there. No interest. Both went to Pitt so it’s all good.

    Liked by 3 people

  52. ike missed a chance to timely post a billy joel ditty to assist the conversation……

    I am torn on whether you bring a local recruit back. With Petrishen, I would have said, no way. Why? Because he went to Dairy number one…thru number 10. Number 11, he will not be an impact player, although he will see some time on the field. Number 12, if he can help recruit to Pitt, than yes. The issue is that if a potential recruit asks him to pick between Dairy High and Pitt, what will he tell them?

    Jeter and Jurkovec I probably would say yes. But yes only if their talent is superior to what you have; they dont have to sit a year to transfer; they are in their freshman or sophomore year for eligibility. A one or two year player is not worth it.

    Wanny closed the door when you didnt commit. I wonder if his mind would change given the portal? My thought is no, because he took it personally when a kid signed elsewhere. Gotta love the passion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Come out Virginia, Don’t make me wait. You Catholic Girls start much too late… I was thinking the same thing Huff, Lol.


      1. Great Billy Joel song and album. I remember bringing it home from college on break and playing it. My mom was not too happy. Yes, I was one of those Catholic girls who started much too late.

        Liked by 1 person

  53. ACC schedules to be released tomorrow 9 am

    DII and DIII have cancelled all fall sports including FB. The P5 leagues will be the last to do so (budgets of course).


  54. Do NOT be surprised if first conference game is at Clemson, followed by home vs Irish, then at FSU. As bad as the travel is they will also screw us on the actual scheduled games and order of play.


  55. Do NOT be surprised if first conference game is at Clemson, followed by home vs Irish, then at FSU. As bad as the travel is they will also screw us on the actual scheduled games and order of play.


  56. I have not studied the PA travel guidelines but would suggest that Pitt study it and understand it. If PA has a requirement to self-quarantine for 14 days after visiting florida, they will have to forfeit the next home game. I would hope our AD looked at that and made her case.

    If the PA Governor is only recommending a self quarantine after traveling to Florida or S Carolina then Pitt is in a better position. However, this is where a staggered Thursday and the next Saturday modeling comes into play. Pitt needs to know all the rules for wherever they might play and then the PA rules too. As a backup, you schedule correctly and thoughtfully, leaving time for a date delay.

    I know that our AD didnt propose a staggered start for the conference.First game on a Thursday, second game 10 days later on a Saturday, third game 11 days later on a thursday and so on. It ain’t hard. The ACC could have Thursday nights and push the big10/14 to Friday nights since there will be no in person watching of high school games…..most likely!


  57. I would have to think that the ACC has stringent guidelines about team travel. At a minimum, it would involve chartered flights and isolated accommodations, especially in Florida which surpassed NY two weeks ago in the number of positive tests


  58. and BTW, the PGA starts today in San Fran, in a state that is also a major hot spot. I’m sure there are stringent travel and accommodations guidelines


  59. Flying home from Florida now. Nothing to see here other than tourism taking a major hit. If you have money in a 401K move it to a cash fund. Main Street is a major difference than Wall Street right now.


  60. sitting here in Red5A awaiting the 9am ACC schedule announcement in case there is a game at noon today…always be prepared.
    Wolfe, where the heck are you?

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