10+1 = Football?

10+1 = Football?

The ACC inched closer to playing actual college football today.  They did this by doing four things:  Adopting an 11 game schedule, adding Notre Dame on a one-year basis, pushing the start of the season back to September 12th and adding a big, fat coronavirus caveat.


“The ACC board of directors voted Wednesday to proceed with an 11-game football season that begins the weekend of Sept. 12 — and includes FBS independent Notre Dame playing a full league schedule — but only if public health guidance allows.”  (Emphasis added)

Heather Lyke was quick to temper expectations, with a statement she released just minutes ago:

“The announcement of an ACC scheduling model is an important first step as we continue to build a framework to safely play the 2020 season. The focal point of our planning has been, and will continue to be, the health and well-being of our student-athletes. The ACC’s Medical Advisory Group has been an exceptional resource in helping us plot a course in an ever-changing health environment. We will remain vigilant as we work through the additional details that need to be resolved before a season can commence.”

So in essence the ACC has given its the states in which its member institutions reside 45 days to to get their collective acts together.   The Vegas action on whether or not the ACC states actually can get their acts together would be hot — if casinos were taking bets on COVID (and who knows maybe they are).  Continue reading “10+1 = Football?”