On the Offense

I’ve got about the worst case of writer’s block you can imagine, but I know yinz need something to talk about besides whether or not there is going to be a season, so I’m going to steal some of somebody else’s work and go with that.  After all, it’s a lot easier to be a pundit than to come up with original material, and well, i’m tired.

So credit to Alan Saunders who I have great respect for, for writing this article, and here are my thoughts.

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Lets start with how bad Pitt’s offense actually was in 2019.  Really.  Freaking.  Bad.  In fact, in the entirety of FBS only 16 teams were worse at scoring points.  16! 

On offense? Mark Whipple’s squad was way below average. Pitt’s 21.2 points per game was 114th of 130.

I’ll list them out for you with points per game.  Teams of interest in bold.

  • South Florida 20.8
  • West Virginia 20.6 
  • UTSA 20.3
  • UMASS 19.8
  • UTEP 19.6
  • UCONN 18.9
  • Texas State 18.4
  • South Alabama 18.4
  • Rice 17.9
  • Georgia Tech 16.7
  • Vanderbilt 16.5
  • Northwestern 16.3 (my brother went to Northwestern)
  • Old Dominion 16.3
  • Bowling Green 16.0
  • Rutgers 13.3
  • Akron 10.5

My first question is, how do we get Akron and Bowling Green on the schedule and soon?

My second question is, how did we almost lose to Georgia Tech?

My third question is, how bad are the players that Whipple left behind at UMASS and how good is his system if he was able to get 32.8 points out of them in 2018?

Saunders asks much the same question:

After all, Whipple was able to have more productive offenses that what Pitt put on the board in each of his five seasons at UMass. From 2013-18, Whipple’s Minutemen finished no worse than 110th in the country in scoring offense and in 2017 and 2018, they were 47th and 36th respectively.

Of course he’s drinking the kool-aid here, and that’s what he’s paid to do.  Still, the prospect of Pitt improving from 114th in scoring offense to say 51st, is tantalizing.  As odd as that may sound.  The team that finished 51st in scoring offense posted 30.7 points per game.  Pitt would have won 11 games with that kind of production.  Maybe 12.

So that’s the upside.  I’ve been a Pitt fan long enough not to bank on it though.  Also if you look at Whipple’s 2018 team, they were not exactly the model of consistency:

  • vs Boston College:  21
  • vs Georgia Southern:  13
  • vs FIU: 24
  • vs Coastal Carolina:  13
  • vs UCONN:  22
  • vs BYU:  16

That kind of output has got the makings of 2-4 over six games, as long as Pitt’s defense doesn’t drop off too much year over year.

Yes, Saunders points out the fact that this is Whipple’s second year at the helm, and the entire offensive staff returns, as do a bunch of starters.  But do we really believe we can score 30 points a game against the better defenses that we face?

Here is the schedule and last year’s scoring defense:

  • Maimi (OH): 28.1 (69th)
  • at Marshall:  25.0 (47th)
  • Richmond:
  • Duke:  29.2 (77th) – Pitt Scored 33
  • at Miami:  20.2 (23rd) – Pitt Scored 16
  • Notre Dame:  17.9 (12th)
  • Georgia Tech:  32.4 (104th) – Pitt Scored 20
  • at Florida State:  27.8 (67th)
  • Virginia Tech:  24.7 (46th) – Pitt Scored 0
  • at UNC:  23.7 (44th) – Pitt Scored 33 (in OT)
  • at Virginia:  27.1 (62nd) – Pitt Scored 14
  • Syracuse 30.7 (88th) – Pitt Scored 27

Last year, Pitt scored more than their ACC opponent’s scoring average two times out of seven (for opponents on this year’s schedule).

Maybe I’m just jaded because of lock down, but feels a lot like a 7-5 season folks…if they even play one.

Prove me wrong Pitt.  Prove me wrong.

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  1. maestro, hate to break it to you but it’s even worse than you think! Pitt did not score 30 vs UVa last year


  2. The Ivy League just cancelled all Fall sports. Should have scheduled Penn. Pitt would already have a win by forfeit.


  3. Stanford cut 11 sports programs beginning in 2021. Hard to believe mens volleyball was one of them – they’ve been very successful in it and California is a mecca producing volleyball players.


    1. If a school as financially strong as Stanford cuts programs, then schools like Pitt who run huge deficits will be forced to cut as well.

      I think those cuts represented 20 percent of their programs. That means Pitt is probably targeting at least 4 programs.

      Heather sure could use my scorecard right now. 🤠


      1. Maybe Stanford used the virus as a way out from having so many sports? The interest accrued alone on its endowment to spend would cover the costs of those sports easily. Travel alone for those sports must make the school presidents wonder if it is worth it.


        1. Tells me that these schools have really thin margins and not enough cash reserves. Their burn rate is high. Covid is a game changer. Stanford was too fat and they always knew it. So yes it gives them a way out.


    2. Will probably be lotsa university employees laid off if students don’t return to brick and mortar..and the possibility of not having indoor sports is looming big-time over the leadership of these programs…decision time is quickly approaching and for Stanford-it is now.


  4. Also on PSN is an article about all ALMOST ALL of the football admin staff has turned over: Paris Johnson, recruiting coordinator, et. al. This has flown under the radar, mine at least.

    How can having the entire offensive coaching staff return for another year be a positive when two of them are incompetent: Salem and Borbeley ??

    CMU cancels all fall sports.


  5. now 37 UNC athletes have tested positive; it’s a conspiracy I tell you

    Have to admit that the Stanford news shocked me, but then again, Stanford may have perspective. It is a well respected academic institution and has acted accordingly, and with perspective

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    1. Mack is hanging out at the beach letting the young coaches run with it….Mack is a great figure-head and developed those close bagman connections while in Austin Texas and he also might be sharing Roy Williams’s bagman…who know..but is crazy the #’s the big-time recruits heading to Chapel Hill…I have followed the Heels fairly closely and have never seen anything like it !!!


  6. If the O is to improve we need less dropped balls, solid running game from RBU and most of that is on the OL, less penalties, better coaching, and more accurate passing from our QB who is a gamer but is soooooo inconsistent. Speaking of KP, his 3 year TD’s/INT’s 26-16 with a 6.6 yard per catch ave. Down in Chapel Hill frosh Sam Howell’s stats in his only year as a starter 38 TD’s and 7 INTs 8.the 6 yards a catch- I hope we have someone like that waiting in the wings…IMO,that’s where PITT has to improve. We couldn’t blow out Ohio or EMU last year-PITTIFUL.

    Would be nice to see our highly promoted D score a few points.

    QUESTION: Does anyone remember if we had a DEFENSIVE TD in 2019?


      1. P-diddy did indeed have a pick 6.

        I hope we get to see his talent at Pitt for another season. The best is yet to come for this young man. He has the “IT” factor.

        Duzz waited too long to get him on the field. What should have been 3 solid seasons may turn out to be only one.

        I’m of the belief the season will happen despite the BIG Joke decision today. Positive cases are up because there is much more testing taking place. The death rate is flat and trending downward.

        That is all I’ll say for now –

        Go Pitt!


  7. I really believe and hope that the close games against what should be lesser opponents is related to playing things too close to the vest and not wanting to show plays that may needed later in this season. If true, that has too stop, NOW. Let your offense get some confidence.


  8. Stanford, the school with by far and away the most National Championships in all sports taking such dramatic action is frightening. If they don’t have the cash to weather the storm, who does? As an advocate for all sports and all athletes this is a very sad development. A harbinger of things to come?


    1. It’s somewhat a surprise they cut to this degree. It was about a 20 percent haircut. They did have by far the most programs of any P5 school. They are also very well run financially. They run their sports as a business. Consistently make profit and win the directors cup every year. They are an excellent sports school.

      And this was probably just the first pass. I bet more cuts and eliminations will come as one sees how covid impacts things.

      But everyone saw covid forcing these changes. The Hoopies were one of the first major schools to cut programs and implement across the board cuts. What is pitt waiting for?

      Pitt is going to have to do the same. question becomes which programs??? Well I’ll tell.

      Track and field
      Cross country

      Other candidates include softball and baseball.

      Those 4 program eliminations could probably save Pitt $5 million dollars. Heather also needs to take a pay cut along with her staff. And she’s going to need to find revenues somehow. That ACC check will be reduced. Tickets sales will be non existent. The overhead is still there.

      Again what is Pitt waiting for?

      Tex who told y’all so 4 weeks ago when the Hoopies cut


  9. Mike, you raise the million dollar question.

    Will the offense with virtually the same players be better from one year to another and by how much.

    They certainly can if a number of things happen.

    The O-line matures, opens more holes and gives a few more seconds of protection.

    The defense gives the offense better field position.

    A few individual players up their game, number one being KP, two being the running backs, three being the O-tackles. Fewer drops by receivers and much improved play by Krull over last years tight ends.

    Simple right?

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    1. Talking about this makes no sense. There won’t be college sports this Fall. It may get a delayed start but the season won’t finish. And it won’t be with fans. There will be outbreaks. There will be deaths. Best just to follow the Ivy League. But money makes ‘man’ make stupid decisions and the political pressure is enormous. You can’t have a strong economy if covid isn’t contained. Testing and tracing is key.

      Pitt really needs to use this quiet time to reevaluate every program on the athletic and academic side. To find it’s identity and who it wants to be. Then figure out how to do it. Pitt is a football school. Pitt is a medical and scientific school.

      Starts with picking winners and losers. Making the cuts. Going private. Pitt is getting zero dollars from the state anyway next year. All the states lost revenues and higher expenses due to covid will nearly bankrupt the commonwealth.




        1. Funny man.

          But this actually is a good time. Opportunity for change. Opportunity to discuss the future. That’s actually more exciting than rehashing the past. Fans my generation don’t remember Pitts national championship. They remember Hackett and Majors 2. The dark days. Well covid gives Pitt a chance to see the light. To make their own sun so to say.

          Reevaluate all programs, both academic and athletic
          Find your identity or brand
          Reevaluate all capital projects like Victory Heights

          The season will start at some point. I just don’t see enough schools left in order to finish it. There will be plenty to talk about however.

          How effectively schools open this fall, and that’s all schools not just college, will determine if society remains open or shuts down. I personally don’t see how schools will keep kids safe even if all the ‘strict’ CDC guidelines are followed. And I worry for my wife and other teachers and staff and support. My wife sure the Hell isnt going to die giving counsel/therapy to a irresponsible student. Not worth dying for.



          1. Tex, MM…BigB was wrong about 1 assumption-I thought this virus thing would fade by summer like most virus’s do but I still don’t see a zombie apocalypse in my travels….

            See Gallagher wants to have foreign students…what’s your thoughts on that/

            BigB who sees the same ole world when he doesn’t watch TV or read the POV


            1. They need international students. Many are from China. China isn’t as bad as the US now but nobody lives in freedom over there so it’s far easier to contain the virus.

              Internationals comprise 10 percent of the student body at Pitt I believe. But they contribute roughly 30 percent of Pitts revenues. Pitt charges the hell out of these students. It’s a huge financial hit if ‘foreigners’ are banned.


      1. Tex, I read where the amount of funding from the state will stay the same as last year for all the state-related schools, including PSU, Lincoln and ( I think) Temple.

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        1. I can’t see how that will be possible. Sales tax receipts are down. State income tax is down. Economic activity is depressed. The state doesn’t have the money. Plus they have all these new covid expenses. I expect schools like pitt and penn state to get very little or nothing. Politicians don’t want to scare people at this point. Don’t believe them.


  10. I think Pitt has the potential to but that doesn’t mean I think that they will. I do think that the offense will look very different than it did last year. Pitt didn’t have much speed last season and I think that will be the biggest surprise this year … Pitt will play much faster from a player perspective. I


  11. The Ivy League and schools like CMU bailing out for the fall sports is understandable as they have the least to lose, The SEC and B1G has the most to lose … and will hold out. I really don’t think a lot of positive cases will deter them much, but a couple of deaths will


    1. Agreed. It will be when Saban dies that people will finally wake up.

      If kids go back to school, expect outbreaks even with masks and social distancing. The virus is going to infect until there’s nobody left to infect. I bet we have some form of herd immunity before any effective and widely available vaccine. But that’s me the realist.

      Until then, expect hospitals to get crushed and people to die. If the biggest and arguably best hospital system in the world, Houston, cannot handle the virus, who can?


      1. Tex, unfortunately, I think you are actually being an optimist, as opposed to a realist. There is not herd immunity for the flu and this virus is in that same family. I actually don’t think that herd immunity will happen. They will develop a vaccine that is marginally effective to semi-effective annually. I hope I’m wrong, but that is where the signs are pointing.

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        1. Sweden tried the herd immunity and failed. In fact their percentage of the population infected I believe is only ten percent roughly. Same as US most likely. And no evidence that immunity actually exists and to what degree and how long. Plus the virus is mutating into multiple strains. Vaccines are extremely complicated to manufacture and even more difficult to distribute. So you’re right I was being an optimist for the first time. My psyche needed to think positive but thanks for the reality check. I mean that with sincerity.



            1. Confirmed based on those who get tested

              Many people have had it but don’t know. Because few if anyone is being tested. I think only 5 percent of the population has been tested. Everyone needs the antigen test. The one from Switzerland given its accuracy.

              Scientists and epidemiologists believe ten percent of the population has already been infected. Positive cases here in Texas are near 30 percent and rising fast. Anything over ten is bad.

              When teachers start dying, it’s game over. It’s game over man. That line from aliens. Everyone pretty much died in the end of that movie.


  12. So no Ivy league in Fall. To be determined on Spring. Pitt wanted to join in the 60s but Ivy said no. ACC says maybe in Fall but … Should schools concentrate on academics for a change?


  13. 36 varsity and 32 club sports at Stanford. The biggest of the 11 cut were wrestling and men’s volleyball. Surprised by volleyball. But these cuts actually represent almost 25 percent of their programs. Putting it into Pitts perspective, that would mean cutting 4-5 programs. And Pitt subsidized their athletics far more than Stanford so I would expect the Pitt cuts to be deeper. Maybe 6-7 programs and across the board reduction in work force in the department along with pay freezes. Which sports will be the sacrificial lambs? Only football and men’s basketball actually make money.


  14. The Ivy League cancelling all fall sports is just the first domino to fall. The rest of the colleges will have to follow due to the current situation. For herd immunity to work 90% of the population has to be exposed and survive. Lets assume a 0.5% death rate for the virus. This amounts to 1.5 million Americans dying. Guess who is going to have to make up most of that. It is we, the readers of the POV. I will continue to social distance while the rest of you go do your part. I can wait it out until the virus appears or there is a change in how the U.S. approaches this disease. I believe the later will occur first.


  15. My daughter told me that the cost to test their athletes once/week would be $40K. Incredible amount when those teams aren’t making $$.

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    1. Exactly. The cost of testing and cleaning and health protocols properly followed and executed is enourmous. All without revenues coming in from gate receipts. Will pitt have to raid the general fund for more monies? Damn right they will. That fund is being depleted as is. Can’t use endowment money. Will pitt donors step up? Doubtful.

      I don’t need a Tardis to see how this is going to play out

      Schools open
      Kids start spreading the virus
      Teachers get sick
      Teachers die
      Teachers strike
      School is closed

      Won’t reopen until a vaccine. Maybe Fall 2021.

      Online learning until then

      Why do people make an easy decision so difficult. You need to contain the virus first. That’s through testing and tracing and following CDC guidelines.

      It will never happen here in the states because we are too divided as a nation.

      Tex whose not dying for someone’s freedom to not wear a mask and act responsibly.


  16. Rather than simply drop programs, schools could offer a number as club spoorts without scholarships and other costs. Schools could compete with local/regional area schools and avoid overnight travel, missing class, large coaching staffs, etc.

    Crazy concept – students who want a well-rounded college experience get to play a sport of their choice as a small part of their experience. All the hangers on (that includes we fans, alums, boosters) take a back seat. You want to see the baseball team play? Go ahead…and don’t forget to bring your lawn chair.


    1. Pitt will convert many varsity and scholie programs into clubs. I have no doubts. If Pitt was smart which they aren’t, they would drop 7 programs and operate at 12, the minimum for for D1.

      They would postpone victory Heights

      They would postpone lacrosse

      They would cut at least 20 percent of department staff and accept a pay freeze

      If Stanford can’t afford to keep money losing programs, how can Pitt afford them? They can’t and the longer Heather drags her heels, the more money Pitt loses and more pain pitt feels.

      Uncertainty is not a good word heather. You know what you need to do.


        1. Yes. In marketing you need to repeat something at least 12 times to get through the thick skulls of most people particularly Americans. There is science behind this. So yes it is by design. And yes I do know what I’m doing and I’m not a dolt. If I come off as annoying, deal with it.


          1. My understanding is its 5 times vis 5 different channels of communication.

            Gotta appreciate the fact that he called your sir.

            Joe who likes civil discourse


            1. I’ve been told it’s 12. Not sure about the mediums but the message is 12. Often the medium is the message. A wise Canadian pointed that out. But thank you for calling me sir if it was truly meant in respect and not jest. I sure the hell don’t earn that title. Call me Tex or Mike. I like things on a personal basis. Not found of formalities and social niceties. Again I’m an INTJ.


  17. Question.. I’m thinking that P-5 football may not be played until late fall or next spring. If next spring? What would this mean for the NFL draft. Would there be an obligation for the players who didn’t petition for the draft last year to play a college football season? College rosters will be far over-loaded. So much fallout from not playing this early fall other than just money.

    I use to think that the season is a long ways away but it’s not. I see one big asterisk next to the 2020 football season in the future.


    1. Ike – who cares about the nfl. All those billionaire owners can choke on it. It’s time tax paying citizens stop subsidizing their fortunes. Jerry Jones can bite it. I purposely don’t shop in Arlington to spite him.


      1. I was referring more to the college players and their eligibility rights. I really don’t care much for the NFL

        ike who is often misunderstood.


        1. I understand. I’m at the point of who really knows and why should any of us care. I’ve got premier league soccer to watch. I’m happy right now. I sure don’t need pitt football and another 7 win season.


  18. Maestro – I think POV is/has mutated from “Point of View” to “Prognosis of Virus”! So I’ll try to swing back to your topic.

    After looking over your list of this year’s opponents, and their points surrendered per game, 2019, it appears to me that if Mr Whipple can once again muster 32.8 ppg, we will be 12-0.

    Of course, if he should do that, there would be nothing football-related left to discuss. And we would be right back to all things virus. With the possible exceptions being:
    1.) The previous 40 years wandering about in the athletic desert (apologize for the religious analogy);
    B.) Our former shoe-salesman-turned-B-Ball-coach.
    I guess Prognosis of Virus isn’t such a bad topic, after all.

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  19. Maestro – interesting news on the Big 10 going conference only games for FB.

    And when the rest of the P-5 goes this route, it will be interesting to see how ND addresses it.
    This year, they happen to have 6 ACC games and my money is on the ACC welcoming them with open arms for those 6 games. 3 home games and 3 on the road.

    Think they will still play Navy because of the long standing bond the schools have going back to WWII.
    That game is at Navy.

    The other game I could see them sticking with is the one vs Wisconsin at Lambeau Field for the novelty of the location – although with less fans – and perhaps on Badger fans – they might not stick with it.


  20. Well ACC is gonna do the same and now you pitt fans can’t complain Bout a tough ooc schedule as to why pitt is mediocre. You know who you are. Pitt will still lose at least 3 games. And it’s only wins will be by forfeit. You heard it here first. Why are we even talking about having a football season again?


    1. I will start with your last point. I tailgate, therefore I am.

      True about the OOC, but what you have failed to note is that no matter what happens – good or bad – there will be an asterisk associated with the 2020 season if there is one. Even the regular games would be off synch…no warm-up games, no crowds, etc etc etc.

      Now Tex, be fair and acknowledge now that you will cite the asterisk if they get 7-9 wins with only ACC/ND play. Cause you know you will.

      Joe who appreciates objectivity

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      1. An 8 game schedule means 5 wins at most whether forfeit or not. There won’t be more than 4 games played anyway. The first student or coach death puts an end to this experiment.


        1. ND pretty much killed a video man and didn’t bat an eye. I don’t think one death would stop anything. The schools and fans don’t care. One wants money; the other to be entertained.


  21. Announcing that you are going conference only just delaying the obvious.

    How many games get canceled the week of, when you have outbreaks?

    Does anyone want to play a team that won’t disclose Covid cases?

    So if it is going to cost $40,000/week for each team what does it cost to test the entire student pop. when the outbreaks start? Are you going to send them home sick?

    Do the teams live in bubbles away from the general pop.?

    Lot’s of questions, few answers.


    1. Gotta leave the options open Gordon. There is nothing for the P5 conferences to gain by cancelling it all now.

      I had an IT Manger working for me in the 90’s who liked to say, “Procrastination is the key to flexibility.”


      1. In this case procrastination can actually kill. Big difference. System down big deal. Lost money. Peed off customers. This is literally life and death. I applaud what the Ivy League did. But again they aren’t being led by money or politicians. The big state schools have every incentive to take the side of money over health. We all know how this will end…very badly.


      2. No doubt they are doing what they get paid for. No one wants to admit that the virus is still in charge and until it is under control everything is a reaction. Going to conference only is the latest reaction, certainly not the last.


  22. Add some additional conference only games to make up for the lost games. Home and away games versus all Coastal schools should be considered.


  23. Great time to put the squeeze on the Irish. They’ve been playing the power position for a long time. Let them either defecate or get off the pot. If they move on to the Big 10, so be it.


    1. I agree. But they are all in the ACC already except for football. They like the ACC because that’s the growth area of the country and where many alumni live. See Boston, nyc and dc area. Not big ten country despite Maryland and Rutgers.

      In 4 years the NCAA splits for football. They will be one of the 30 schools invited to join this new semi pro league. They are buying time. Nothing the ACC can do about it. They need the domers in the other sports

      The Irish have all the leverage.



  24. Jrnpitt – I’ve thought that for quite some time. Instead of paying non-cons millions, keep it in the league. Play 3-4 cross -division games to start the season. These games would be “exhibition”, and not count for league records.

    As to Urban’s “no spring FB season”, I concur. Imagine the players just getting done with a season, and have only a few weeks’ rest before going into camp for fall season. It wouldn’t leave coaches much time to recruit, or hop-scotch to another job!


  25. Playing in the spring would only jumble up and cross confuse this situation. Play the season or move on.. By Bye Cherry pie. PITT starts over….. again. Anyone who wants to come back should be allowed and vise versa. Like it or not, I think KP would come back….

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      1. haha, that’s why I said that.

        I think this may be a good time to put the squeeze on ND by the ACC to join up or hit the bricks.


  26. If the season gets cancelled, we hsould put together a golf outing on a Friday or Sat AM, with a tailgate on a Sat PM….we bring a flat screen and smartcast an old classic game onto it (that we win)….looking for a micron of normalcy….

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  27. it figures ….easiest OOC since 2014

    just heard on ESPNU that the biggest payout this year for non-league game was $1.9M for UMass playing at Auburn …… and UMass entire FB budget is approx $10M


    1. Cuts are coming. If football isn’t played, will Narduzzi and staff take a cut in pay? They aren’t coaching anyone or preparing for games. And recruiting will be non existent in person. I think it’s only fair that any coach takes a cut in pay. otherwise, it’s welfare.


  28. I think that some POVers are getting a bit over their skis on Pitt’s cancelling of the football season. Pitt will handle the isolation and testing of the football team without much additional cost. I suspect that UPMC will set up a test lab at the Southside facility (paid for by the Steelers), and each player will get a daily 15 minute test before breakfast. Test positive and the player gets a dose of hydroxi and two weeks off. Bench players then come in. It can certainly be done at modest cost.

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  29. I just ordered my “Over fate and foe victorious” shirt with $10 of it going towards Pitt Center for Vaccine Research. Saw it on a Pitt Football tweet, with Tyler Palko modeling the shirt.

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  30. Nice, Annie. I just saw it in Maestro’s post a little while ago. Plan to order 1 in the morning. Nice looking shirt!


  31. So we know that the virus thrives with population density.
    We know that it thrives more inside than outside.
    We know opening bars was a huge mistake.
    We know that masks and social distancing slow the virus down, but many resist the rules.
    We know that death is final but other long term morbidity is caused by the virus, just not how much yet.

    So how is it going to go when we create large and small cities (college campuses) with young people, that like to drink and party and might not be good at following the rules?
    Will schools be prepared to deal with what most likely will occur?


    1. The hope is regular testing, temp checks, social distancing, tracing, sanitation will help contain the virus. But unless the opening has the viral levels like Europe when they opened, it’s a recipe for disaster. Again I’m more worried for the teachers and coaches.


      1. It apparently took the Mayor of Atlanta 8 days to get her test results. It only took two days for me to get mine when things were slow in Pittsburgh. Impossible to do tracing when the disease is out of control.
        If schools have outbreaks do they send the kids home to parents and grandparents?

        Pitt may have the resources with UPMC to do those things, but how about schools like CalU with Mon Valley being the closest hospital and fewer health resources on campus. There are hundreds of colleges and universities in the same boat.

        Higher Education was in for a day of reckoning without Covid, but it is here with a vengeance.

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  32. interviews with most of the new cases also point out that many have traveled out of state …. but IMO the biggest issue is how asympotomatic people can affect others. Face it, until an effective vaccine is developed, there are going to be issues. But I certainly think anyone not wearing a mask in indoor public areas is just being selfish, to say the least

    Meanwhile college football has found a solution ….

    The Pickle2sportspickle
    Six and a half months into the global pandemic, we have finally made an important breakthrough: the virus can only spread via non-conference games.

    i don’t mean to make light of this but we must maintain our sense of humor,

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  33. So if I read the chart correctly, Allegheny County has had over 2000 new cases in the last week or so. Most of those folks were younger and probably got infected at bars, protests, etc. How many people do you think they came in contact with?
    Rich Fitzgerald stated the county has 18 people to do contact tracing. They would need thousands of contact tracers to actually track the spread accurately. He actually said 2000. That is for one county.


  34. Contact tracing works well with diseases like syphilis, but not realistic with major outbreaks. Only useful after the disease is relatively controlled. Too many resources required and would take a major commitment which is unlikely in the USA, where people think masks are a conspiracy of some sort.


  35. An effective vaccine is what is required to allow large crowd sporting events. Of course, even with one, there will be people who refuse to get it.


  36. contract tracing has its limitations but interviewing new positive cases to see where they have been in the previous few weeks at least provides a clue. I have seen even UPMC physicians talk about their findings

    My zip code was at 34 cases less than 2 weeks ago; it is now at 75. And zip codes areas adjacent to mine has also increased dramatically. Yes, they are likely mostly young people who will survive but that is not doing a 68 year old any favors.

    Whether you believe it is due to bars, travel or protests, I just hope people have learned some lessons …. but I was golfing yesterday and noticed a handful inside of the clubhouse without masks …. mostly young but a couple older people too.


  37. We also need a plan b because no guarantee that a vaccine will be effective. You can get a flu shot every year but still get the flu.


  38. would be great if we played a 10 game in conference schedule…..WE WANT CLEMSON…..any other foe is optional. J

    ust remimiscing about those old back yard FB games of my youth…Wouldn’t it be great if the Panthers could square off against EERs and Nits in some vacant field 1/2 way between the schools-video tape for public consumption at a later date !!! I remember our PHI DELT chapter at PITT taking on the WVU chapter at W&J in a game of tackle football…way more viscious than and high school game I ever played in…..

    Was watching Packer and Durham yesterday and learned that PITT is 15-6-1 vs the Cornhuskers over their FB history.


        1. No reason for ethnic slurs and btw, I’m a full blooded German who was raised in an Italian household and can make a mean meatball. At least that’s what my grand-kids tell me.


        1. I need to order plane tickets and get myself the antigen test from Switzerland. Hope I don’t have to fly there to get it.


  39. On the other hand, there are 14 Saturdays between 9/5 and 12/5 … just enough if you start and end on those days to play 8 games with 2 weeks in between each


  40. Another thought….. what are they doing about ticket production? The subcontractor has to already be manufacturing tickets by now? So many questions with so little answers.

    When I talked to Nick he told me there would be a few options. Put your tickets on hold until next year, opt out all together or keep your tickets and receive refunds on games not played. What a fiddle F


  41. Fanta might go bankrupt without Pitts free give aways.

    And there will be a run on sleep pills without pitt football


  42. According to a Dr in south texas, a nebulizer with anti asthma (sic) med and a steroid is nearly 100% effective against the virus. Hope he was not just blowing smoke about this.


    1. Probably a quack doctor.

      Much like those docs and dentists from West Virginia. That crap hole has the fastest spread rate of any state. Does this surprise anyone?

      Would it surprise anyone that the incidence of sheep rape is also highest in this state?

      Tex whose in laws are from west virginny.


  43. The ACC is looking at a 10-game model where teams play a home and home versus five teams. The blowback has been pretty negative and I can see why. If it were to happen please give Pitt the Yellow Jackets, VT, Virginia, Duke and Syracuse.

    The initial vote has been an 11-4 favor with the four against scheduled with two games versus Clemson.


  44. I was watching an epidemiologist from Emory University on television. He stated the odds of any college football season not being cancelled, at some point in time, was 10%. He believed there are just too many variables that cannot be controlled.


  45. Sharpsville PA 4-star

    Ja’Quay hubbard@Jhubb3366
    After a genuine and considerate conversation with my close family, I have decided to enter my name in the NCAA Transfer Portal with 4 Years of eligibility. UVA is a remarkable program and is Hardworking, this is the best thing for me be to great. My Recruitment is now open✍🏽🤟🏽Red heart


  46. I would pass just on principle. Unless this kid has a good excuse to leave UVA. Yes, that’s cutting off my nose in spite of my face and I’m not the coach, just a mouthy hack on the internet. Secondly, everyone knew this kid was way over-rated.


    1. Well if he’s leaving because he can’t get a spot on UVA’s (pretty bad) offensive line, that’s one thing. If he’s coming back home for family reasons. “My recruitment is open” doesn’t exactly scream family reasons though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. a 4* OL? C’mon, he would be welcomed with open arms here if he came here …. if not, he probably was overrated anyway


        1. just checked … the entire starting UVa OL that started against Pitt is returning (or at least has eligibility left)


  47. Pitt posted it’s latest tax return for fiscal year 2018 (7/1/2018 – 6/30/2019) today.

    Two sets of numbers – one is from the tax return. The second is the reporting of the Pennsylvania Right to Know law for the 25 highest paid non officers.
    P. Narduzzi $4,075,994 $3,985,185
    J. Capel $2,661,752 $2,588,636
    H. Lyke $710,000 $666,061
    K. Stallings $2,535,843 $2,489,540
    S. McConnell – Serio $2,152,222 $1,664,199

    Also from the Pennsylvania Right to know report. Randy Bates $497,282, Shawn Watson $495.823


    1. You’re only as good as your assistants. Pitt will have a tough time competing for top 10-15 rankings if they pay their workhorses chicken crap.

      Looks like Narduzzi makes more than $3.2 million. He’s well compensated for mediocrity.

      And heather got a nice raise with her recent extension granted by Gallagher. Although she still makes less than pretty much every ACC AD.

      What does Gallagher make? Last I saw was around $700k which is criminally cheap for a university president with Pitts endowment.

      And Pitt will be paying Stallings off like the Mets with Bobby Bonilla


      1. I assume Duzz got an incentive payment for winning the Coastal that year but it probably wasn’t more than a $100k, but not sure. But that salary certainly puts him in an upper tier of ACC coaches, certainly not as much as some, but as much or more than many.


  48. While I still don’t see how there will be college let alone college football, the latest plans to play conference only are intriguing. It is a way to circle the wagons like the settlers did to protect themselves against unknown forces. Sometimes it worked a lot of times they were overrun.

    If it works we will still have football on TV, but it certainly won’t be normal. Will bands even be allowed to play, or cheerleaders, pretty doubtful.

    With Covid out of control and heading in the wrong direction so many obstacles. What happens when the TV crew gets Covid? The referees? The coaching staffs. Let alone any significant number of players having to be quarantined? It boggles the mind how many obstacles have to be overcome.

    How about the state rules that require visitors to self quarantine when entering the state?

    While football is still possible so many obstacles and hurdles, both known and unknown.

    An all ACC slate would be interesting, especially with ND being a full participant. I assume they could be a playoff participant as well. Bodes well for the future.

    Men plan, Covid laughs.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. fwiw, the KDKA show last night was good. The first half had a conversation with Capel and Aikens. Capel said he was happy with most of last season but hated how it ended, He is really looking forward to the upcoming season ‘with 5 new players all 6’5 or taller’ plus Horton. He also said that his family likes living here which means a lot to him, Then they talked about some personal likes and dislikes; and also a picture of them dining with Smokey Robinson whose wife is a Pittsburgher.

    The 2nd half was a conversation with Heather, and asked the $64,000 question of what the expect and she replied that about 64,000 scenarios have been discussed. To the liking of many here … she said that Pitt had as many national FB titles as Ohio St and Penn St combined, and she wants coaches who want to take Pitt athletics to that level (a grain of salt statement to me .. but as an non-alum, I probably think differently).

    They showed pictures of her playing softball at Mich; she was a left handed fielder.


    1. OSU and PSU fans would laugh at her comment and rightfully so. She needs to forget those titles and focus on how the program can reach the nine-win plateau. Hard to do and firing coaches is not the way to get there.

      She is in a good spot. Her coach wants to be here, players are going to class, staying out of trouble. She needs to see what can be done to reach the next level and improve the other sports.


      1. What was her stated compensation in the public filing by Pitt? $700k?

        That’s $699.999k too much

        Tex who’d have heather go back to softball and catch right handed


  50. a bit of trivia on Brian Generalovich …. After college, he was drafted by the New York Knicks of the NBA, the Boston Patriots of the AFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL. He passed up the chances, however, to attend the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine.

    All-state FB and BB at Farrell; All-american honorable mention at Pitt in BB and twice all-academic-american



    1. They have all the leverage until their tv contract expires. They are an ACC school except for football. Nothing the ACC wants to do about that and rightfully so. And when all the contracts expire, their football along with Miami and Florida state and clemson will become part of a semi pro league.

      The only other school that can do this is Texas. And Texas sports may be coming to the ACC in 5 years. With the horns and the Irish, it would dwarf any other conference. That’s not including football again. That’s the semi pro league for about 30 schools with the biggest fans and best brands. Texas is one of the richest schools out there. They have the highest revenues by far.

      Tex who longs to be a subway alum of Texas and alum of Pitt while wearing an ACC hat.


  51. a day after the Pac12 has announced dropping OOC schedule, its commissioner has tested positive (or at least has made it public)


    1. There’s no arguing science however. As more becomes known, the answers and solutions evolve. But fact is fact. And there’s a large part of the country that still just thinks it’s the flu or some deep state conspiracy and hoax.

      Tex who welcomes doubters to stop by a Houston hospital

      Liked by 1 person

  52. One minute I have high doubts that there will be a college football season and the next and I can’t see how there won’t be season. There are so many X-factors involved here including covid, individual schools and the absolute unknowns. Alright, that wasn’t exactly a brain storm but I should have typed it in all capitals as I’m screaming in frustration over here. Being a former union man I considered myself a trouble-shooter and have to have answers. Either that or I like to cause problems making other people solve them. Sitting here with my thumb up my ass isn’t making it.

    Liked by 1 person

  53. PG just reported that HCPN earned just over $4 million in 2019, making him the third highest paid ACC head coach. This is crazy. One Coastal title and a couple of 8 win seasons don’t warrant this.

    Wlat, who worries that the liquor cabinets at the Tex and UPitt residences are unlocked when they learn this news.


    1. A mediocre coach who gets shut out by VA Tech and gets beat at home by BC. Barely meats heathers mac school in a crap Detroit bowl. Lost the only meaningful game of the year against Virginia. 1-3 against Penn State.

      He’s overpaid by about $1.5 million. But the BoT likes the clean program despite probation. Likes the graduation rates and gpa’s. Likes the community service projects saving kittens from tall trees on the Cathedral lawn.

      Heather is still paid in the bottom third of all P5 directors. But fact check me on that. I know she’s bottom 20 percent in the ACC. She’s gone in three anyway. Off to Michigan state. They need a compliance person.

      Most elite schools pay their linebackers coach what Pitt pays their coordinators.

      And like I said before, Gallagher deserves a Hell much more. But I’m not a big fan of the atom counter. I’d peg his total comp at $2.5 million. Man must get a serious pension and swag. I think he does live rent free in that shady side house so that helps.

      When will pitt report how much money they raid from the general fund to balance the sports books? You know that 15 percent subsidy just to keep sports afloat. Covid should not have forced Pitt to cut. They were always living beyond their means.

      Tex who wants Narduzzi to donate half his salary to the Food Network.


  54. Third highest paid coach with the third-best ACC record since 2015?

    Also lost Canada then strangely the money Pitt offered Matt wasn’t there and Narduzzi settled on Watson, who came cheap and wouldn’t go anywhere if by the grace of God his offenses did anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds about right to me Nate. Not to mention one of the toughest OOC schedules in the ACC since 2015. Curses to Narduzzi for not winning a national championship with that kind of money earned. 😉


  55. well FSU just cut all bigger salary employees by 25% …. so newly hired Mike Norvell will no longer make $4.4M this year, and fall below Duzz. So that makes only 2 coaches …unless new hires weren’t counted


    1. Sounds bout right for the first pass. And this is just the first pass. If no inside/outside winter and spring sports are played, it’s game over.

      Why is pitt denying the inevitable. They need to announce cuts now. 30 percent across the board. Narduzzis gets cut in half. Drop down to 12 programs.

      Sports can come back next Fall once the virus levels are like Europe’s.

      101 in the republic today. You like oven heat, become a Texan and live through 20 summers. I’ll personaly crown you with a ten gallon hat and cowboy boots. Bottle of Texas bourbon is optional.


        1. We still call ourselves a republic with special rights to succeed. Our governor made a big stink of that years ago. Not to say I agree.

          Tex living in the future face of America.


          1. I believe that is a myth that Texas can secede. The resolution admitting Texas to the Union only talks about Texas can at a future date divide into 4 additional states. Also that little thing called the Civil War settled the secession question. The Supreme Court ruled that In the 1869 case Texas v. White, the Court held that individual states could not unilaterally secede from the Union and that the acts of the insurgent Texas Legislature — even if ratified by a majority of Texans — were “absolutely null.”


            1. Sorry to hear that LarryV as I’d be first in line to say good luck Texans and Sayōnara. Texas doesn’t realize why and how they got it so good.


            2. Well our republican governor threatened succession a few years back. I forgot what it was over. It was a bravado thing

              And Ike- if it was legal and Texas became it own country, it would have an economy that was in the worlds top 10. It’s a huge economic engine for the states and provides much tax income for Uncle Sam. And military bases. Texas is far more diverse than any one thinks. It’s not old white guys in cowboy hats and boots. We are all minorities in this state. That’s why it’s the future face of America.

              It’s roughly 45 white, 30 Hispanic, 20 Black, 5 Asian

              Hispanics, predominately Mexican heritage, will probably surpass whites/euros in 20 years. Many of Texans ‘blacks’ are Africans. And they bring their unique cultures and languages. Vietnamese are the major Asian group. I luv me some Pho.

              And the state is trending blue. It’s purple right now. As Texas goes, so will the nation. Texas will be THE swing state in 2024


  56. 2019 figures. You kool aid drinkers can say what you want. He’s done a slightly above average job and runs a seemingly clean program. He’s not a 4 million dollar coach right now. One crappy bowl win and one Coastal title in a weak year. He’s up against it now too, as UNC will be the top Coastal team for the next few years. This was our year. Too bad we are not playing a full schedule and don’t get to play in front of fans.


    1. Say what you want Eric but the facts are facts. Narduzzi has the third best ACC record while having the third highest salary. << Actually the fourth. I might add, without the cheating and cash stuffed brown paper-bags at the back door. Now would this be a good time to bring up the fairly squeaky clean program he’s running? Also he’s donated big bucks to PITT to find a covid vaccine.


    1. I see a snowball’s chance in western PA these past 7 days. Call me when he narrows it to 2 and Pitt is still in it

      The salary for Duzz does seem a bit high …. makes you think just how big of a bargain Wanny was in his last 3 years. But why pay Wanny $1.1 when you can pay Heywood $1,4?

      Nonetheless, I do consider Duzz in the upper tier of ACC coaches but certainly not in the top 3 or 4.


      1. one other caveat …. don’t believe all published salaries. Here is an excerpt form Charlotte Business Journal dated 10/17/19:

        numbers here only include what the university pays them. The total compensation for many coaches at the system’s biggest programs is likely much higher; often additional funds come from private sources.

        For example, USA Today reports UNC head basketball coach Roy Williams has total annual compensation of $2,281,778 in 2019. However, in the UNC System database, Williams is the sixth-highest paid coach with reported salary of $541,778. (Do you think Williams only Makes $2.28M??)

        .Note that USA Today salary 2019 base has Brian Kelly at only $1.66M

        Yet this source had him at $5M back in 2018 https://chairgatin.com/football/most-over-paid-college-football-coaches/

        Seriously, Kelly has to be paid at least $5M


        1. Notre Dame is smart. The bulk of his comp comes from sources outside the school that have been negotiated and written into contract. They save millions each year that way. On the flip side, pitt is poorly run and wastes millions each year


  57. I’ll be honest with you Tex, You’re the first one to bitch about the OOC schedule, the first one to bitch endlessly why PITT can’t recruit because of the lack of an on campus stadium and the first to bitch about Narduzzi’s record. You’re a living, walking, talking, bitching oxy-moron.

    ike who isn’t feeling well and in no mood. Other than that……….. with much Love. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I never lived by my excuses like Pitt has.

      Woe is me

      Too tough ooc
      Not enough money in the budget
      Not enough stability
      Off campus stadium
      Poor fan support
      Name a million other excuses

      If it’s too tough, pitt should just drop a division and play rivals IUP and Gannon.


  58. You’re close, Ike. But you missed by 11:
    Remember, repeat everything 11 times – Marketing 101.

    I luv ya,.Man, but you can’t have my Bud Lite.

    Savannah, whose car thermometer hit 103 this afternoon 🥵

    Liked by 1 person

  59. joeybats1 – leadoff hitter?

    On top of your recruiting thoughts, the facts don’t shed promising facts either. The current Rivals class ranking has slipped to #28, with three positions of need showing poorly – TE with a ZERO star, unranked verbal, OL with a 2 star verbal and LB with a 2 star verbal.

    On top of all those great facts, the QB verbal in this class is at the lowest rating level for a 3 star on Rivals at 5.5 (a 5.4 is a 2 star).

    I’m with Tex, a 50% pay cut for Duzz may not be enough right now. If the season takes place and the team wins 90% of the games played, then I would consider Duzz for that kind of pay check. His teams have been too inconsistent for my lyking, he makes BIG rookie coaching mistakes and his teams have underperformed far too many times.

    Be safe!


    1. quit judging HCPN solely on recruits and pay more attention to the bottom line …. wins and losses.

      Yes, Pitt still loses games it shouldn’t but it still does slightly better than its peers. I agree the salary seems a bit high but he still does as well as anyone over the past 30 years (save for Wanny’s last 3 years), and with a harder schedule.

      And one more thing … whether valid or not, Pitt being rated this year as the No. 1 DL in NCAA is an accomplishment. And note this DL consists of two 2-stars and zero 4-stars


      1. Wanny’s last 3 years: in 2008, Pitt faced 3 teams that finished ranked (Iowa, WVU & Cincy); in 2009, 2 teams (WVU and Cincy), and 2010 — 0 teams. That’s 5 ranked teams in 3 years

        Pitt faced 5 ranked teams in 2016; 5 ranked teams in 2017; 4 ranked teams in 2015; 4 ranked teams in 2018

        Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re right Ike. There’s sometimes no difference if he actually coaches or not. See how his teams fall asleep at half. The man should only get paid for the first half of games.

        He needs a cut in pay of 50 percent whether there is a season or not. He’s stealing $2 million dollars right now. If he doesn’t willingly give up pay, he should be shown the sign that says Youngstown 70 miles.


  60. Ok. Let’s judge him by wins and losses. He’s barely above .500 after five years. You play who you play and need to beat who you play. So strength of schedule carries no weight to me. Pitt accepted the ACC. Pitt makes their own schedule. If they wanted easy wins they should have stayed in the big east or now aac, but they wanted the money. So they made their bed

    So getting back to wins. Barely .500 which is mediocre. Again don’t care about that woe is me tough Ooc. I can throw it back in anyone’s face by saying the Coastal is the weakest P5 division

    Based on saragin and rpi rankings which are algorithms to calculate a final ranking based on objective performance…and I actually think they adjust based on sos which would help teams like Pitt, Narduzzi makes top 40 pay yet his performance is in the 50’s.

    He’s an overpaid meatball.


    1. and the Big East wasn’t the worst P5 football conference? and remember, when Wanny coached, he didn’t have to face VT, Miami and BC. Cincy and WVU were good but Petrino had already left Louisville and the rest of the teams were hit and miss … mostly miss


      1. Pitt couldn’t beat BC, a former big east team, at home this past year. Nuff said.

        It doesn’t matter what conference or what division, Narduzzi will still find ways to lose games he should win


      2. I’m not defending Wanny. I was glad when he was fired. Didn’t like how it went down though. Wanny was a poor coach. Good recruiter. Great Pitt guy.


      1. Yes he was. But who wanted that job. The program was a mess. He at least helped stabilize. And he was a strict disciplinarian and believed in the classroom. He actually was a good fit for pitt right after haymaker Hayward. He was always a short gap coach…transitionary. I have no problem with his tenure at Pitt. He at least knew that offense, not defense, wins games. Narduzzi still coaches like it was the 70’s.


      1. Because heather is a dolt

        How many teams each year come out of the Coastal as ranked. Roughly one per year. And it’s often a ranking in the 20’s. No dominant teams since every school now has won that participation trophy.

        How many more wins would Narduzzi have with an easier schedule? His win total may go from 7 per year to 7.5 or 8. That’s it Ike.

        You can’t crown him with ten wins by adjusting his wins by sos. That’s called alternative facts or dementia.


        1. Well, the latter has not been ruled out and I’m not adjusting his win totals either, just pointing out said facts that you have pointed out many times. The schedule was made up way before Heather arrived as well. You don’t like the guy we get it Tex, I think he’s doing an ok to an above average job. I just don’t like the idea of starting over again with some lame coach we know nothing about. You pick a coach, let him establish himself and stick with him. As far as complaining about his salary you should be happy PITT has decided to commit to the football for once in a long long while. BTW, that is not his base salary by a long shot.


          1. He’s had five years

            And heather can break contracts or not honor them and get sued. She’s been here over three years now.

            Either way all I hear are excuses on why Narduzzi is a 7 win coach and why heather has it tough and there’s nothing she can do about certain things

            Both are losers in my book. They’re at least good at that


            1. Tex, you don’t like Narduzzi and Heather because they aren’t the people you wanted PITT to hire, that’s plain to see as the sky. They just are not your “guys” Maybe you should think about rising above it. They are here and they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. BOOM!


            1. I have given Narduzzi five long years. Heather three. They have proven to me to be incompetent. I was not against the hires at the beginning although heather i did seriously question given her financials at eastern Michigan and compliance background. It was a big step up for her. A pc move by pitt. But I also fell for narduzzis supposed defensive charms and yinzer like talk. I know better now.


  61. yea, like Heather is responsible for schedules that are made years in advance.

    Quit comparing Pitt to the late 70s / early 80s … circumstances have changed so much in so many areas,

    And btw, until I see tax returns from all ACC coaches, I will have my doubts about where Duzz ranks in pay. Obviously the USA today 2019 salary matrix that had Duzz at $3.2 and Brian Kelly at $1.6 is pretty far off



    1. I said Narduzzi coaches like a boring 70s team. I’m not comparing today’s pitt to the golden years. I’m saying you win with offense and not defense. Been that way for over 30 years now and has been really true over the past decade. Offense wins games. In this sport the offense always has the tactical advantage. Defenses always need to adjust and react. The offense dictates the play.


  62. I kind of like the idea of having 3 five team division in the ACC for the year, each playing home and away. I must say that the home and away does worry me from the standpoint that Duzz doesn’t seem to be a coach that makes adjustments well. Anyway, after the ten game schedule, the ACC could name the team with the overall best record the league champ, or have the winners of the 2 lower divisions play, with the #1 division getting a bye into the league championship game. This plan would include ND in one of the divisions.


    1. It would be interesting Mark for you to give us your thoughts on how the three divisions would be made up. I still would like PITT to play at least one team from below the Mason Dixon line. I’m supposing BC and Syracuse would be two of the teams. Put ND with Clemson, Miami and Fla State. 🙂


      1. Ike, I’ll have to look at the rest of the ACC to come up with the other 2 divisions but would expect a Pitt to get lumped with BC, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, and…ND. Both geographically and as the newest members of the conference.


  63. Throw in UNC with Clemson, ND, Miami and Fla State and call it the “Bagman Division”

    PITT was not only sitting at the adults table eating steaks a few years ago they were the guests of honor.


    1. They proved that they couldn’t handle the steak. They kept choking on it. Maybe they needed to have the adults cut the steak up into tiny pieces or put it in a blender and make baby food. I’d keep them at the kids table in the basement.


      1. For the life of me Tex, I don’t understand why you claim to be a PITT football fan? If and it’s rare, I find something I despised as bad as you do PITT football, I avoid it at all cost. Like poison ivy, canned carrots and polka music. I don’t allow those things around me. It’s not a hard thing to do.


  64. Ike, it’s not worth your time attempting to understand or change Tex. Some people are just miserable and incapable of looking at the bright side of things. He will never get your optimistic attitude. His constant slamming of Narduzzi and Heather is getting old and many posters are starting to ignore it.


    1. You are correct. I look at the body of evidence and the facts. Narduzzi is guilty of being mediocre. Heather is guilty of grand larceny. Paying anyone over $700k to finish last in the directors cup is criminal.


  65. VoR, it’s just not me to let things go, it’s gotten me into trouble all my life and I will never learn. Plus, I like Tex, he’s not the only pain in the ass I let into my life. I have three other children that have caused me anguish over the years. << But I still love them.


    1. UPitt and I can be a pain in the arse. But we’re a needed shot of vinegar in a sea of Koolaid.

      Fans like us keep things real. Do you really want Pitt to become Penn State? I will never worship a false idol or think things are all unicorns and rainbows. If you deserve my praise, you’ll receive it based on real results.

      But a 7 win coach with one crappy bowl win and no top 25 rankings and a director who has a 15 percent subsidy each year and finishes dead last in the cup are not my hero’s. Those statues need to be torn down but many a Pitt fan would erect them to feel good and to stifle dissent.

      Sometimes I believe pitt fans live in an alternative universe and use alternative facts to justify the pathetic excuses made by pitt over the decades.

      But I’m in the minority but damn proud to have my sanity and the truth on my side.

      Tex who says keep on ignoring the truth and SOP is what you’ll get


    2. Families don’t always have to agree on things. But like some have said to ignore and shut them out would be a mistake. And why do some think being critical makes one miserable? If you like 7 win seasons and crappy bowls and finishing dead last in the Cup, I won’t be part of the mediocrity. It’s never personal Ike with me and you but with other posters it’s getting there. I’m pure business. I have no feelings but will call out the bs. Point and counter point is good. Compromise is the result. I know that Narduzzi is a half decent coach and is a good fit for the mission statement. I also know he will never get pitt consistently ranked in the top 20 and his ceiling is 9 wins.

      And I know heather is grossly incompetent if you give her an honest grade based on financials, attendance, revenues, gifting rates, brand recognition, scheduling, on field performance, etc

      Tex who wishes everyone would place me on ignore. Your program would be dead in 5 years


  66. I have said this before. I talk to posters on the POV like I do my family, best of friends and everyone else and rarely take anything personal, unless they get personal and try and scold me.


  67. T Stephenson gets another offer from a SEC school, this time Georgia. He has over 40 offers and is a lowly 2*. Yep. Stars matter.. From PSN…

    “Prior to committing to Pitt, Stevenson held committable offers from Penn State, Texas, Florida State, Michigan, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and West Virginia. In total, Stevenson holds 40+ offers.

    In an interview last week with PSN following the offer from Florida, Stevenson said, “Pitt has nothing to worry about with my commitment because I am all in with them. I am 1000% committed to them and they will always be number one to me. No one can change my mind on Pitt. I’m forever a Panther and yes, I tell the other coaches I’m committed when they try to offer me.”


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