The Week in Review 7/5/2020

Well I hope everybody had a nice July 4th weekend.  Seemed pretty normal to me.

Here are some College Football Tweets that caught my eye during the week.

Admittedly not a College Football Tweet, but I always admired this clock when I would walk over the Birmingham bridge to get from Oakland to the South Side, en-route to my internship at InPittsburgh Newsweekly.  Twenty-some years later I learn that it’s the third biggest in the world.  Who knew?

Say what you want about Pat Narduzzi (and there is plenty to say), but the guy has one of the best record in one-possession games in all of the NCAA.  As a Pitt fan I am grateful for this, as someone who values continuous improvement (Did you know I was certified as a Six Sigma Greenbelt many years ago?  It’s true.) I would like for Pitt to be on the good end of fewer one-possession games.   Only Miami and UNC matched or exceeded Pitt in one possession games last season, and they each won three of them.  Narduzzi, meanwhile won five. Continue reading “The Week in Review 7/5/2020”