Closure on the Race Discussion / Resumption of Normal Pitt POV Commenting Rules

Hello POV readers.  It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the world and certainly and interesting and groundbreaking week of discussion on the Pitt POV.

On Sunday I posted a transcription of the Pitt Football team’s Black Lives Matter video, along with a related tweet by head Basketball Coach Jeff Capel.  At the same time I temporarily lifted the “no politics, no social issues (and to some degree) no religion” discussion rules.  I also changed the color of the blog, and I changed the blog’s tab-icon (i.e. “site icon”) to the three-fist emoji as a show of support for the players and an amplification of their message.

A robust and (for the most part) civil discussion ensued.  Multiple viewpoints were expressed, and with one or two exceptions, nobody resorted to name calling or personal insults.  I’d like to think we found some common ground on “racism is bad”, “excessive and unwarranted use of police force is bad”, and  “The police in and of themselves are necessary to keep society together”.  I’d also like to think that while we’ve all expressed differing viewpoints around the root of the issue (or the belief that it even is an issue) and the potential fixes, we can use this experience to develop a deeper sense of mutual respect for one another.  The world goes ’round because people are inherently different.  America is great because people have freedom to express themselves and their viewpoints, and the freedom to disagree.  This can be uncomfortable, even painful.  It can also be cathartic.  I believe that the positive aspects of these kinds of experience can forge deeper human bonds.

I will also stop and point out that while a couple of comments did allude to some far-right websites, I am relieved that nobody went down the path of white supremacy.  It should go without saying that white supremacy is wrong – no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on – but just to be clear, I’m going to say it anyway.  If you are a white supremacist, closet or otherwise, you are not welcome on this site.  In case you need clarity on this issue, an entire world went to war in the 1940’s to stop the political movement (aka Nazi’ism) in which white supremacy is rooted.  Fortunately the good guys won.

With all of that being said, I am closing off the race, social, political discussion as of today.  Normal commenting rules are now back in force (i.e. No Politics, No Social Issues, No Religion, No Swearing) and barring another request from support from the players the content on this blog will return to being exclusively sports related.

Note that I’ve closed comments on this post and the previous social issues post.  You are free to comment on sports related topics on other non-social issues posts, and I will publish a new sports post tomorrow (6/12).  Thanks so much for being part of the discussion and lets all enjoy this cooling off period before getting back to Pitt Sports.

Michaelangelo Monteleone