To Play or Not to Play

To Play or Not to Play

By Reed Kohberger


To be, or not to be, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing end them.

-Hamlet, William Shakespeare


You POV’ers have had some great discussions going on about Pitt football and most recently, about whether football could, or should, be played in the 2020 season. That last part is creating some strange and almost unbelievable stances being taken on the subject across this nation of ours.

Let me throw my two cents in if you will. Continue reading “To Play or Not to Play”

Listen to this Podcast

Listen to this Podcast

This podcast:

It’s Chris Peak’s interview with Curtis Martin, and it’s perhaps the best former-Pitt-player interview I’ve heard, ever.  Just extremely authentic, eye opening, and informative.  Martin is a guy who played during some down years at Pitt, but went on to a very successful career in the NFL (and when I say very successful…the man is in The NFL Hall of Fame).  The things he has to say about his time at Pitt, and pre-Pitt are really, really interesting. Continue reading “Listen to this Podcast”

News and Stuff

Trolling Twitter (in the fishing sense) and here’s what’s going on in the Pitt Sports world.

Coronavirus has clearly given the football team time to focus on their studies:

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Yes There Will Be a Season and we Will be Playing in Florida

Yes There Will Be a Season and we Will be Playing in Florida

It’s nigh time for a new post to get your minds off of whatever it is you have been commenting about.  To lockdown or not to lockdown?  Ask a hundred people and you’ll get one of three opinions:  Yes.  No.  No but wear a mask and don’t be an idiot because, you know, germs spread disease and somebody you care about might be susceptible.  All are valid for different reasons, and all have their pros and cons.  Nobody will be swayed to your point of view no matter how hard you argue.  So thanks for playing, I’m shutting down the COVID chatter.

And now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, lets get back to talking football.

Two months ago I started alternating positional reviews/previews with Richard Hefner’s opponent previews.  While I only got through a couple of positions (maybe three…) I got through a lot of the Hef’s work.  There are three left and two of them happen to belong to the State of Florida.  We’ll have Miami at Miami of course, and we will rotate into Florida State, at Florida State.  And even though we have a better record than both of them over the last three years, Mr. Reaper pictured above represents our chance of beating them.  (Or if you’re an optimist, maybe it represents what our defense is going to do to them…)   Here’s a snapshot of the talent on each team.   Enjoy. Continue reading “Yes There Will Be a Season and we Will be Playing in Florida”