Who the F*** is Jeremy Dar-Low?

Who the F*** is Jeremy Dar-Low?

I want to start this off clean.  I’m in sales.  And if you are in sales and you’ve been around for a while you tend to have an inherent distrust of marketers and “brand” people.  Sales is where the rubber meets the road.  If you’ve got a good product it sells, marketing be damned.  I you’ve got a bad product (or it’s overpriced), no amount of marketing (now called “activation”), and no amount of branding (No matter how clever or authentic it is) is going to make that pig move.

So forgive me if I am a little skeptical going into this, even if, yes, on the surface I get the concept of Pitt Football hiring a brand consultant to help it’s young men develop a coherent personal brand strategy.

The good news is that a number of Pitt players do have a good product.  Jaylen Twyman is an All-American.  Good product.  Pitt’s defensive line combined to be top-10 in sacks.  Good product.  Patrick Jones is poised to be a first round draft pick if he lives up to his potential this year.  Good product.  Paris Ford and Damar Hamlin are arguably the best safety tandem in the country.  Good product.  Jimmy Morrissey is a former walk-on turned all-conference player.  Good product.

So yea, there is some talent to work with, but the question, remains, is this Darlow guy legit?  The world is full of fly-by-night marketers who ride on in and take your money without actually adding value.

And so, as a 20 year veteran of corporate america, who currently holds a position in a fortune 500 company that is roughly the same in responsibility as Darlow’s Director-level corporate credential, I’m going to give you my assessment. Continue reading “Who the F*** is Jeremy Dar-Low?”