Coming Again This Year

Coming Again This Year

As I’m working through the position groups I came across the Pitt Defensive line hype video on Twitter last week, so I stashed it away for this article.  It’s a pretty good video, mostly because we had a pretty good defensive line.

To fully appreciate the video though, you need to watch the below viral video of a TV reporter’s reaction to a herd of Bison at Yellowstone Park.  Make sure your volume is up for the full comedic effect.

Okay you may now watch the Pitt version.

So yes, Defensive Line.  Bison herd.  Very appropriate.  They’re all coming back too.  We all know that and we’re all excited about it.  Of course the irony is that the season may well be cancelled…

But I don’t want to dwell on that.  Instead during these uncertain times, we should dwell on how Pitt got here, and no offense to any players, it wasn’t by recruiting the “best guys” out of high school (i.e. four and five star players).  At the risk of sounds like one of those “Pitt rah-rah cheerleader types”, I’m going to tell you that Pitt’s defensive line is a classic case of good scouting, combined with good scheme fit, combined with player development.  The ‘Duzz is trying to implement this type of strategy across the entire team with varied degrees of success, but the D-line is definitely ahead of the curve.

So lets take a walk down memory lane and go back to when our current linemen were just raw recruits out of highs school, and look at where they are today. Continue reading “Coming Again This Year”