16 thoughts on “2020 Spring Practice Day 2

  1. just hoping that HCPN doesn’t have to eat his words about once you’re on the portal, you’re gone (if I interpreted that correctly). Not sure if this is a good analogy but allegedly Partridge interviewed with Saban .last year …. is that the same as a player testing the water?

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  2. Pitt ladies with a huge upset of Notre Dame in round 1 of ACC. First Pitt win over ND since 2008.

    Lance White w terrific strategy and TOs down the stretch.

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  3. I know one guy who is thrilled with the W by the Pitt Women. MajorMajors, a.k.a., John Fredland.

    John has been a diehard follower of Pitt Women’s Hoops. Congrats to him and to our Women Hoopsters. It doesn’t erase the tough season they’ve had (5 wins total) but it does ease the pain. I’ll bet the post game locker room was pandemonium.

    Bonus: They beat Notre Dame, who are only one year removed from playing in the National Championship Game.

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  4. Good for the young ladies PITT BB team. I guess you just never know? The future looks White.

    Michaelangelo Monteleone continues to do a marvelous job and we all thank you Mike.

    Not much to jump up and down just yet but I my feelings are getting stronger by the day for this years PITT football team.

    Sorry but I like this song

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  5. some sad news to report about Pitt WBB. All-time leading scorer and Pitt HOFer Lorri Johnson just passed away … she was only (about) 40 yrs old


  6. here is the story on Johnson’s passing …. but it also has the video of the game winning shot today vs ND


  7. I just saw highlights of the WBB (not THE @WBB we all love), and they were STOKED at the end of the game. Especially the girl who made the winning shot and then stole the inbounds pass to seal it. I understand that she’s just a freshman and scored 20 today.


  8. Great news on the Pitt WBB victory but sad news regarding Lorri Johnson. Wonder if our young ladies were inspired to win one for their gipper?


  9. Watching the videos of our fine young men and the coaches. I’m getting a jump on my prediction and going with 18-0 this season.



    1. 18-0!?!? Are we going to play some NFL teams after we run the table and win the cfb playoff?


  10. Early prediction on Pitt FB: Florida transfer TE Krull performs at a level even higher than last years Florida LB transfer Johnson.


  11. Jeeze Greg. Save some of the Koolaid for the rest of us! There’s only so much to go around.

    I, too, am optimistic, but I’m gonna have to see:
    An OL that can provide blocking to open up a powerful and efficient ground game;
    An OL that can provide KP time to find an open receiver;
    Receivers who can hang on to KP’s passes.
    ACC refs who can forget they’re in Pgh, when they are in Pgh.


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