2020 Spring Practice Day 1

Pat Narduzzi

“Is it going to be the best team I’ve had since I’ve been here?  I don’t know” – Pat Narduzzi

Kenny Pickett

“I think they are throwing it with a lot of confidence and a lot of speed right now, so we’ll see” – Pat Narduzzi

Rashad Weaver

“He’s not full go right now, we’re going to be smart with him” – Pat Narduzzi

Damar Hamlin and Paris Ford

“I don’t care how curmudgeonly you are, this is the feel good story of the offseason” – Michaelangelo Monteleone

Also noteworthy:

TE-DE Kaymar Mimes has moved back to TE, again. “Just trying to find a home for him.  I think Kaymar is capable to be a tight end.”  RS Jr TE Grant Carrigan has moved to Offensive Tackle.  “We’ll see what the tape looks like today”   RS Jr TE Jason Collier moved to Tackle.  “We recruited him as a tackle.   On gameday he put on his TE number, but during the week if you guys were paying attention, he’s been with the O Line all [last] year. He’s a super kid whose bought in and I love his enthusiasm about the position.”

WR Tre Tipton was granted a sixth year of eligibility.

OG/OT Gabe Houy is out for the spring with an undisclosed injury.  Apparently he was playing hurt all last year.

Hail to Pitt


56 thoughts on “2020 Spring Practice Day 1

  1. Mike, I get your sarcasm last article which was funny and all but I think it’s time for myself to go all in with this years team. If not now then when? Time to move on, this isn’t the past 35 years, the time has come and it is NOW!

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  2. Our 2020 football schedule is favorable. Did we have someone from psu do our scheduling?

    ND is the toughest non-conference game, but they are not until week 7 (as opposed to week 1 or 2). And get this, we have a week off prior to playing them… at home.

    We can lose to the Canes and Tarheels and still win 10 in the regular season!

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    1. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for the new TE…

      But I find myself getting my hopes up.

      I hate it when that happens!😊

      Go Pitt.

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  3. Pat Narduzzi
    “Is it going to be the best team I’ve had since I’ve been here?

    Let me say what others…including myself are thinking…..

    …..IT BETTER BE!!! 🙂

    signed (Joey Bats)

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  4. just read a sports headline “Coach K has message for haters after win” Proves that nobody is immune. Poor Duke this year, only 23-6 and can’t even crack the Top 10.

    Then there is poor Coach Williams at UNC which is battling Pitt for last place.


  5. per PN’s interview above, you will note that he mentioned that only 10% of the players that enter the portal actually end up leaving. It appears that many of them are using this as would a pro who is the option year of his contract and wants to test the market. Thus, many of the real good ones are hoping to upgrade programs while the ones who are looking for more PT remain a question mark as to why.

    He also mentioned something very interesting that we never think of …. that a undergrad transfer has issues getting a degree because a lot of B grades don’t transfer and a C- grade is never accepted at Pitt. Thus, a player who is not an NFL lock has to think long and hard about his options


      1. Agree with you. I am tracking ACC transfer portal entries. I think it is higher but I will check the numbers & get back with everyone.

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  6. For the first time in a long time Pitt has multiple players it can market.
    And only a few real position battles, but those battles are crucial, especially O-Tackle.
    Will we have a more balanced attack this year, not only play count, but successful plays..


  7. And that, GC, should measure out to more wins. Looking at the schedule though, I must admit I don’t like 2 road games to Florida.


  8. Dane didn’t impress at the combine but I still think he’ll make a nfl roster. Probably a late third day pick. Good value.



  9. So, year two for Narduzzi the offense goes off and has one of the best seasons at PITT in years and years. BUT! The defense didn’t hold up to their end of the bargain. Fast forward and the football program has come a longs ways, like 180 degrees. Now it will be the offense that has to be the difference makers and I believe they will.

    The point here is field position. The offense won’t have to score 45 pts a game but they will need to move the ball between the twenties. Points would be great but the O needs to give the defense a fighters chance and again, I believe they will. Special teams looks fairly solid as well. Let’s all hope that the unforeseen becomes visible and rears it’s ugly head with injuries, bad calls and stoopid penalties.

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  10. Throw a doesn’t in there………… unforeseen DOESN’T becomes visible and rears it’s ugly head with injuries, bad calls and stoopid penalties. While I’m at it, take the S off the word LONGs 🙂

    I’m confessing I have ADD and a side product of that is proof reading deficiency. In other words I’m a dumb-ass.


  11. I like the idea of molding a couple of TEs into OTs…should be more athletic with quicker feet -something that can’t be taught to a lot of guys recruited to the O-line because they are BIG..OLinemen((not too many Fralics, Coverts, Mays, Grimms, Stepnoskis or Reuben Browns suiting up) typically are going up against more athletic and faster D-lineman….just need to add muscle and that is done in the weight room….
    My Apollo home-boy Tre coming back for a another go at it…..got to admire his perseverance

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    1. 2 noted PGH TEs converted to OTs that proved very successful

      Brian O’Neill and Larry Brown from the ’70 Stillers. Brown started at TE for their 1st Super Bowl, was then converted and became an all-pro

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  12. Watching Tre Tipton in high school, I thought he would become the next Tyler Boyd. Unfortunately his body would not hold up. Really hoping he has a great year to make up for all the physical and mental pain he has endured.

    Would be great if Carrigan becomes the next Brian O’Neill, we definitely need a player at that position.

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  13. Fact Checking Pat Narduzzi statement.

    As of 3:30pm today (just checked to see latest), the ACC 14 teams have 100 players who have entered the portal. the breakdown of those 100 are:

    4 – withdrew from the portal (returned to their team)
    17- transferred to anther P5 team
    14 – transferred to a G5 team
    15 – transferred to a FCS team
    50 – still looking for a new home/old home or thinking about moving back into their parents basement.

    I am not including 0 or 2 stars in my above 100. On my own, I decided 0 or 2 stars are more likely walk-ons.

    So 10% seems to be a tad low at least in the ACC at this time.

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      1. I am assuming you mean all 65 teams. I am just tracking the ACC. But in my defense the ACC sample size is 21.5% of al P5 teams.

        Another BTW, the 24/7 site I am using runs from 8/1/19 to 7/31/20.

        Another BTW, maybe HCPN is thinking of players who:
        1 – Announce to the school he wants to transfer.
        2 – The school has 2 days to enter that player into the portal.
        3 – The NCAA does not publicly announce players
        4 – 24/7 site needs verification that the player has entered the portal before listing on their site.

        Any team during the time frame above can talk the player into staying. Maybe the two BTW’s could explain some of the 10% vs. 50% difference.


  14. So a high school player can come into a college football program, sit on the bench for a few years all the while collecting a great education and great weight training and up and leave when they feel like it? I like the old rule when they sit for a year for the decision they made. There is a reason why the % numbers provided by Richard and Bill are skewed like they are. Allow the players to move down or sit down.

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  15. FWIW, Narduzzi was referring to undergrad transfers only since it was in reference to the proposed new transfer rule. There is definitely a much higher of grad transfers since grades doesn’t matter. I assume almost every school will take a grad transfer from a certified school

    Nonetheless, 10% seems pretty low to me for undergrads too …. but not sure


    1. It will be tomorrow but I have a column in my data that identifies player if he is a grad. As usual it takes me longer to type comment then do the crunching of data.


  16. Pitt baseball’s home opener is tomorrow at 3:00. Was supposed to be today but we had a big rainstorm today.

    Luckily, for early March in Pittsburgh, it’s supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow!

    Pitt is 10-1. (Would love to be able to type that for the football team!)

    The poor baseball team has to go back to Florida this weekend for a series with Miami. That’s when we see If you’re any good — when you play the southern teams… (Wonder if Miami still has Bat Girls! 😳)

    Go Pitt.

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  17. Heads up Tex.

    On March 27th, the Pitt Civil Engineering Alumni Club will hold “A Luncheon with Scott Bernotas,” at the Pittsburgh Engineers Building. The subject will be “Overview of Pitt’s Master Plan.” It’s supposed to include “the newly announced athletic facilities and potential upcoming consulting opportunities.” Tex, you could give this guy a lot to think about…

    Here’s Scott’s bio:
    Associate Vice Chancellor
    Facilities Management
    Scott came to the University after completing 29 years of service in the U.S. Navy’s Civil Engineering Corps. As his last assignment in the Navy, Captain Bernotas was Director of Facilities and Environment for the United States Naval Academy. During his time in the Navy, he led various facility organizations across the US and overseas, some with staffing in excess of 900 facilities professionals. He holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and is a Licensed Engineer.

    Go Pitt.

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  18. Did my morning reading. Here is the breakdown of the 100 ACC known portal entries.

    Type….. Total#…In/Out -% ….P5.-%…. G5 – %….FCS – %….Looking – %
    Grad…….32……….2 – 6.2 …. 8 -25.0 ….6 -18.8 .. 2 – 6.2 ….. 14 – 43.8
    U/grad …. 68 ….. 2 – 2.9 ….. 9 – 13.2 … 8- 11.8 .. 13 – 19.1 .. 36 – 52.9

    Make what you want of the data.

    Actually thinking HCPN is talking off the top of his head w/out knowing all the data. After all I think he has better things to worry/study & know about. There is probably someone on the staff who keeps track of the portal & specifically on a known wish list of needs.

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  19. Day 2 of spring practice. Keeping my fingers crossed that PITT comes out of this spring 100% healthy.


  20. Maybe Pitt will take a page out of the Pirate playbook and have a theme for each game. I propose the following:

    Opener vs Miami Ohio: Mike Haywood bobble head night sponsored by TJ Maxx for all fans fifteen and younger, he is the only connection between the two schools and did his best to show Panther Pride

    vs. Marshall: The 1st Annual Greg Lee Track and Field Challenge, to atone for being tackled by a slow white safety causing us to lose a game to Nebraska 7 to 6, Lee will challenge a member of the student section to a forty yard dash, if the student wins each person in the stands gets a free Fanta courtesy of Pitt athletics

    vs. Richmond: exotic food day, each fan fifteen and over receives a free Thai zebra tarantula to eat, one of the few spiders safe for human consumption thanks to Nikki’s Thai with locations at the Waterworks and Southside

    vs. Duke: it’s our yearly celebration of the 1976 National Title Team because let’s face it…the Quick Lane Bowl isn’t exactly a lot to hang our hat on, each fan gets a pom pom and they have to return it to the bins outside of the main concourses, if you have a child that doesn’t want to give the pom pom back good luck

    vs.Notre Dame: please just wear a piece of Pitt clothing so we don’t feel like this is an away game, fans will give away/share Pitt gear with those that don’t have it 90 minutes prior to kickoff in gold lot 2

    vs. Georgia Tech: Charity Dunk a Punk starring Tino Sunseri, for a $5 donation to the American Cancer Society in the Great Hall, you get two chances to throw strongly and accurately (get the irony) to knock Panther legend Sunseri into a vat of Heinz Ketchup

    vs. Virginia Tech: As revenge for having to hear about Bud Foster for four damn hours last year in Blacksburg, every Panther that has made an athletic accomplishment over the last 20 years will be honored on the field before, during, and after the game. The goal is for the ESPN crew to actually mention Pitt as being a participant in the football game and allow the audience to realize that at one time we were good at something. Participants include Larry Fitzgerald, DeJuan Blair, Steven Adams, ect.

    vs. Syracuse: High Octane Senior Day sponsored by Duquesne Light and Sunoco, a day of drama at Heinz Field as seniors and their families are honored with gas gift cards rather than the traditional roses and ex-head coach Todd Graham will give a motivational speech via skype about the Panther way and shooting for the stars.

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  21. ^^ AJ, I think the vat of ketchup was particularly funny no matter who gets dunked. Clean water always seemed like a ripoff to me. sign me up!!


  22. Pitt women basketball upsets ND in first game of ACC tourney. Score was 67-65.

    Pitt shoots over 50% from 3 and out-rebounds ND.

    Love to beat Muffin McGraw — she has to be in disbelief…

    Go Pitt.


    1. Key to the game was simple — Pitt shot lights-out from three, which is a rare event.

      Gabby Green went 4 for 5 while little-used (And literally “little”) Ismina Prapa was 4 for 4!

      Go Pitt.


      1. Day Harris, the freshman PG, is an emerging star for Pitt. Here’s what she did in the second half of today’s game.:

        16 points, 7-9 from the field, 2-2 from the line, 8 rebounds, 2 assists.

        And in her last 4 regular season games, she made 10 of 24 threes — which is a nifty 42%.

        Remember the name Dayshannette Harris for next season and beyond.

        Oh, almost forgot, Day hit the winning pull-up jumper today with 2.7 seconds on the clock…👍

        Go Pitt.


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