Our man Rich Tencza (Richman/Richmanfancom) has been invited to reprise his role on the Pitt Fan experience committee (but just for one day – and that day is tomorrow).  This is our chance as POV’erts to speak through him and (if you still care) have your voice heard more directly by the administration.

Sooo… if you have any suggestions on how to make the Pitt Football and Basketball fan experience better please post on this thread so that Rich can take these suggestions to the Pitt Administration.

One caveat:  Rich is looking for tangible and actionable suggestions here.  Obvious topics need not apply (We all know an On Campus Stadium would improve the fan experience…but it’s just not going to happen in the next few years…or maybe ever).

So if you’ve identified an easily solvable problem that you want to highlight, or you’ve been sitting on an idea that you want to communicate, or you’ve been to another school and experienced something that you thought was neat, now is the time to speak up.  Rich will be reading through the comments tomorrow prior to the meeting I’m sure.

Last but not least, if you’re not a regular poster and have an idea, but don’t want to identify yourself, feel free to post anonymously…nobody will know it’s you.

Have at it ladies and gents, and Hail to Pitt.


Editor’s Note:  The 2020 Schedule was released today.  Adding it to this post for your commenting pleasure.

Per the Pitt Sports Information Department: 

Pitt’s 2020 Football Schedule Announced


PITTSBURGH—Pitt’s 2020 football schedule was revealed today by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

With the return of 17 starters, including some of the nation’s finest players at their respective positions, the Panthers’ 2020 campaign is already highly anticipated.

Pitt’s 12-game regular-season slate includes eight opponents that advanced to bowl games last year. The Panthers will host seven games at Heinz Field, including four ACC contests.

The home season highlights:

  • Pitt’s classic series with Notre Dame returns to Pittsburgh on Oct. 17. The Irish earned a No. 11 final ranking in the coaches’ poll following an 11-2 season.

  • The Panthers host Coastal foe Virginia Tech for a nationally televised Friday night game on Nov. 6. The Hokies own the country’s longest active bowl streak at 27 straight seasons.

  • Pitt welcomes three additional ACC foes to Heinz: Duke (Sept. 26), Georgia Tech (Oct. 24) and Syracuse (Nov. 28). For the Panthers and Orange, it will be the 66th consecutive year they have played, dating back to 1955.

  • The Panthers open the season on Sept. 5 against Mid-American Conference champion Miami (Ohio). Pitt will additionally host Richmond on Sept. 19.

Pitt plays its road opener at Marshall on Sept. 12. Doc Holliday has directed the Thundering Herd to seven bowls in his 10 seasons.

The Panthers will make two October trips to the Sunshine State. Pitt plays its initial ACC road contest on Oct. 3 at Miami. The Panthers then travel to Florida State on Oct. 31, their first game in Tallahassee since 1982.

A crucial November stretch includes consecutive road contests at North Carolina (Nov. 14) and Virginia (Nov. 21). The Tar Heels crushed Temple, 55-13, in the Military Bowl, while the Cavaliers are coming off a Coastal Division title and Orange Bowl appearance.


Pitt football season tickets are now on sale. Fans can purchase full seven-game ticket packages for as low as $175, while lower bowl seats are available for $205. For more information, click here or call (800) 643-7488.

For the fourth consecutive season, Pitt Athletics is partnered with Tailgate Guys to provide hassle-free, customized tailgating experiences at Heinz Field. Services are located on the Great Lawn at North Shore Park. Reserve tents, tables, chairs, media packages and an array of catering options. For more information, visit tailgateguys.com/home/pitt, email pitt@tailgateguys.com or call (412) 525-4125.

The Panthers’ complete 2020 football schedule:

Sept. 5: Miami (Ohio)   

The Panthers and Redhawks last met in 1949.


Sept. 12: at Marshall

In the lone prior meeting, Pitt defeated Marshall, 43-27, at Heinz Field in 2016.

Sept. 19: Richmond

The Spiders have advanced to the NCAA Division I Playoffs 11 times and claimed the 2008 FCS title.    

Sept. 26: Duke*

The Panthers own a 6-1 series advantage over Duke in ACC play.

Oct. 3: at Miami*

Pitt last won at Miami in 2014, a 35-23 decision fueled by James Conner’s two touchdowns.

Oct. 17: Notre Dame

Ten of the past 12 games between Pitt and Notre Dame have been decided by single digits, including the Irish’s 19-14 win in 2018 at South Bend.

Oct. 24: Georgia Tech*

Cam Bright’s 79-yard fumble return keyed last season’s 20-10 triumph in Atlanta.

Oct. 31: at Florida State*

In Pitt’s last visit to Tallahassee, the Dan Marino-led Panthers—UPI’s No. 1-ranked team—defeated Florida State, 37-17, on Sept. 18, 1982.

Nov. 6 (Fri.): Virginia Tech*

The Panthers are 5-1 all-time against the Hokies at Heinz, including a 52-22 rout in 2018.

Nov. 14: at North Carolina*

Kenny Pickett threw for 359 yards and accounted for three total TDs in Pitt’s 34-27 overtime victory last year.

Nov. 21: at Virginia*

Pitt’s 2018 win over the Cavs in Scott Stadium sparked the Panthers’ Coastal title run.

Nov. 28: Syracuse*

The Panthers have won 15 of the past 18 games against the Orange.

125 thoughts on “Fan Experience Focus Group + 2020 Football Schedule

    1. I suspect this is just “cover” for getting Richman down there to interview him for the S&C job.

      They want to bring that rugby-toughness to Pitt…

      Go Pitt.

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  1. Thanks Rich and Maestro. My first thought is that the band still needs to be mic’ed up better, with more music and involvement from the band and less canned music. I suggest looking at how the Dairy Farmers are doing it, as that was something I noticed when I went to the Pitt/PSU game 3 years ago.

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  2. As I was reading this article I had already begun to brain storm and before I got to the comments I thought the same exact thing as Mark (PittPT) So I second his thoughts.


  3. Rich, judging by your posts, I think you are a very good candidate for the Fan Experience. Too bad you only have such a short stint.

    Well since you’re not going effect any drastic changes, I think the overly loud canned music has to be addressed. I don’t know of any demographic data about the average FB Pitt game attendee but my guess that it would skew older than what many may think.

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  4. Yes, if there is a rap song that the words needs to be bleeped, that song is not appropriate for the stadium. Us old-timers ( me) don’t want to listen to that crap. I would also add that eliminating the dance team would save a few bucks. They don’t add to the experience IMHO, and their music mashup is absolutely horrible. I realize you guys will probably disagree, but seriously, if they weren’t there, would it ruin your game experience? Their choreography is awful too- the hair flip is their best move ( sarcasm). Agree more band is needed.

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    1. And relocate the band to the other side, so they would then be facing toward the the team (and the boosters).

      Agree completely about the canned “music” — especially the hip-hop and rap. Garbage. One of the many reasons why we gave up our season tickets.

      Replace the (so called) dance team with the drum line. Now, they are fun!

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  5. I would say that if you follow a certain sport and they are traveling to a city and are planning on having an event or function the night before or before the match or game to use the teams social media. IE: I could care less about gymnastics (just not my thing) but if the women’s lacrosse team has a match in an area I am traveling too, I follow them on twitter so I would notice and might be inclined to go or travel to see and buy tickets through the athletics dept. to generate more revenue. We don’t see anything for Pitt Football through their Social Media to alert fans and alumni about pre-game tailgates, or dinners, except for their home games.

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  6. Pitt needs to figure out a way to fill the lower bowl first to get the maximum number of fans closest to the field.
    Those that purchase tickets, but do not attend games should be purged or moved to less desirable seats.
    Fans that attend all of the games should be rewarded with better seats.

    Perhaps Google or some firm that specializes in complex algorithms could be hired to develop a plan to accomplish this goal. Upper deck should only be sold when the lower bowl is filled, and then strategically.
    I noticed that when PSU does not sell out, whole sections are empty, that way, empty seats are not spread through out the stadium.

    Recent graduates should be offered deeply discounted tickets to keep them involved. Same for employees and UPMC employees.

    All graduate programs should be marketed to, hopefully to gain allegiance to their new school.

    Pitt should be commended for their changes made to the student section.

    I agree that the Band should be given a more prominent role and time given to the students to use self directed cheers. Let’s Go Pitt is not heard nearly enough these days. The entertainment should be the game and not the audio-visual system.

    Please can the third down bells. Let the students lead the cheers like they do at the Pete.

    Also market heavily to opposing teams, but attempt to keep them segregated. This is difficult because of stub-hub and others. But going along with rewarding Pitt Fans for attending, some attempt to limit resale to opponents fans must be made. The game day atmosphere is absolutely ruined when you go to your seats and find yourself surrounded by opposing fans.

    Of course winning is the most important way to improve game day atmosphere.

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    1. I agree that trying to fill the lower bowl of the stadium should be a priority.

      Note that the TV cameras are always on the home side and show the visiting stands. Maybe on the visiting side which seems to be less filled than the home side, sideline Sections 109 thru 112 should remain at current price while 106-108 and 113-115 should be offered at a discounted price … or something to that effect.

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    2. Easy fix for the upper deck is to only sell the first 10 rows (or some other number that will get sold.). Then rope/chain off rows 11 and up. Costs to operate the upper deck can be contained by only having 1-2 refreshment stands open for games.

      That gives those who like to see the pays from that angle stay up there (GodBless you all).

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      1. I enjoy the thought of getting the lower bowl completely filled is that they would have to discount tickets to match upper bowl, or everyone will just buy upper bowl and wait on an e-mail that says hey you have been upgraded to the lower bowl. The other downside if they were to do the latter route would be if you buy tickets and try to sit with your group of friends when they do the automated process to upgrade people would be you wouldn’t be sitting together potentially unless you bought them all together and now you put the honus on one person to collect from the total group which at times can be 10+ people. If they could say hey we are apart of the group Section 529 so if you upgrade us move us all that might be a work around but I think you would see people that buy lower bowl seats then buy the cheaper seats knowing 75% of the home games they would get upgraded.


  7. I wish the coaches shows would be moved to a place off campus, like it was in previous years. I know they want to use the new tv studios but now it is behind glass walls. It was an opportunity to meet players, coaches and Panther Club folks. It seems Pitt wants to expand their fanbase then takes away opportunities for the fans. These were always well attended and a chance to meet other Pitt fans.


  8. Off topic but ….. Todd Graham has just been hired as HC at the Univ of Hawaii. Don’t know if Penni has any relatives there


  9. Consideration should be given to awarding additional priority points to Panther Club members who buy tickets to a bowl game or the ACC or NCAA basketball tournament. But of course only if they buy their tickets through the Pitt Ticket Office. I think those folks are almost as important to the program as those who buy season tickets. We need to improve our bowl attendance and I don’t think priority points cost the University a dime.

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  10. The Pitt coaching staff should go out into local communities and give chalk-talks — good way to engage with people and win new fans.

    Provide talks with video and insights into coaching the game… Arrange with local high schools if possible…

    Give fans a chance to ask coaches some questions.

    As Captain Jean-Luc Picard would say: “Engage.” 😊

    Go Pitt.

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    1. The Steelers used to be chalk talk sessions in the 70’s for tavern owners. I went to one hosted by Bob Prince with Rocky Bleier going through game film at the Castle Shannon VFD. Sponsored by Iron City Beer. Was a great evening and obviously left a lasting impression.


      1. JoeL — that’s really cool.

        Coach Gottfried’s staff did some chalk talks at local high schools. Took my 10 year old son who loved it. So did I.

        How about a fund-raiser where you could attend a serious chalk-talk, Q&A session presented by Pitt coaches…

        Go Pitt.

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    2. I remember back in the Wanny years a fellow alum and season ticket holder was invited to a women only event hosted by Mrs. Wanny. It was a tour and a tutorial with refreshments and appearances by coaches and players. I know it was well done and well received. That’s engagement.

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  11. Speaking of StarTrek, investigate whether there is any way to use the latest optics and computer animation to make the seas of empty yellow seats at least look like various colors, or better yet, have each empty yellow seat appear to be occupied by Scooter. 🤔

    Go Pitt.


  12. We all love tail gating but Pitt needs to make an effort to get people in the stadium before the game.

    Tough when the team comes out and only half the folks have shown up.

    Also a pain in the a$$ when you are trying to watch the game and people are trying to find their seats.

    This happens at the Pete as well but not as much.

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    1. Good point, GC.

      It’s especially unfortunate when they introduce the seniors on Senior Day.

      (It’s all Fran and Wolfe’s fault for having such a great tailgate that no one wants to leave!)

      Go Pitt.


  13. So the schedule is out. Good thing we don’t have WV and Tennessee this year with ND and FSU.
    I know FSU has been a hot mess lately but they still have players and we are playing there.


    1. We never quite catch a real break like two bottom dwellers from the other division.
      At least ND will boost attendance. I hope they don’t buy up all the season tickets.

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  14. Expanding on the greater Pitt Band involvement, how about a Pitt Spirit event before the season to the general public with the band, Panther Pit, and cheerleaders, which includes going over the band cadence’s and fan gestures for first down, maybe something for 3rd and long when on defense, and for the start of 4th quarter.
    A coworker (and Annie’s cousin) suggested avoiding Thursday night games.
    Finally, I’m sure Rich has already mentioned it, but how about a Bev-Buckle giveaway game 😎.

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  15. definitely fill the lower bowl- a no brainer….mike the band and more band music- less rap (I know-that’s a generational thing.

    Restore the PITT Victory song to the way it was written,,,we don’t play the Nits anymore and we know they will always suck…..

    Find another song all of us like and let “Sweet Caroline die a slow death over a couple of seasons-it’s time. Ask Matt Galambos if you don’t believe BigB

    Richman for Coach of Swag….Connecticut Swag in King Pat’s court

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    1. More band music is definitely good.
      What is even better is if the band plays rap songs… I’m only kind of kidding.

      If you mic the band up, and add some more modern cuts to their repertoire everybody wins


  16. Just my 2 cents but I like the bells on 3rd down, I think it fires everyone up, including the players? Plus the Panther growl can stay nice and loud. Also the pregame video of the Panther running to the game. It’s not so much the volume but the songs they are playing. I just prefer hearing the PITT Band

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  17. Attention POVerts: Road trip suggestions ??? Have JeanieB working the phone to get a room reservation in South Bend….Tallahassee sounds like a must see at my/our age as some of us won’t get a 2nd chance if we haven’t been there before…Tarheels are a home game for me-always a great tailgate with Greg and Frank, my Tarheel buddies…


    1. Hey Bernie, don’t go to South-Bend or you’ll miss the game. Would love to make it to a road game this year. Should I wait until the playoffs when PITT makes it there?


      1. Love the pageantry at Notre Dame almost as much as I love kicking their a$$ on their homefield…it’s all happens right there on the campus…


  18. Like the idea Larry as long as we can hear them. Still don’t mind some pregame canned songs to get the students fired up and I’m sure the players like it as well.

    I just love it on the big plays when the players are imploring the fans to get up and scream and yell and the guy behind us is yelling for us to sit down. If he wants to sit there with his thumb up his whoo hoo he should stay home and drink his Shirley Temple.


  19. Happy Birthday to JoeL and Kurt (Annie’s husband)…Happy 60th and here’s to 60 more!!!!

    More good news for BigB..just got offered a free ticket to the Duke- PITT game January 28th. Being played at 9:00 .. Look for me..I should be a standout- in the Duke section wearing Bright Blue and Eer yellar and the only person who isnt a silly bobble/bouncy boy…might need to quit taking my blood thinner for a couple of days before the game just in case the Dookies try to test me…..

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    1. Thanks B!

      Kurt turned 60 to day too?

      PittPT/Mark – we celebrated at Nemacolin this past weekend and LizL brought one of those treats from Prantl’s that you grace us with in Red 5A. Went over big with the youngster who had never been so blessed. We oldsters have an obligation to teach after all.

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  20. If we’re going to tarp any seats, I’d suggest tarping the end zones first. Doesn’t look as obvious and provides a great advertising canvas that would be seen on tv with every kickoff, field goal, and extra point. A lot of schools don’t have seats in the end zones anyway, so it wouldn’t stand out as much as tarping the upper bowls. If upper bowls have to be tarped, I’d suggest starting with the side where the cameras are positioned. This forces fannies into the seats seen by the cameras. As for the third down gong, I agree with scrapping it. Every team in the country does it now, or so it seems. Where it once was cute, now it’s just annoying.

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  21. I disagree with filling the lower bowl first. I would never buy the bottom half of the lower bowl even if the seats were on the 50. I don’t like the low angle of viewing the game from there. So I and probably some others definitely want our choice of seats based on simply our preference. I do not like some of the music but the music has to appeal to the younger generations too, not just us old people. I suggest better food at lower prices, which the Atlanta Falcons have done. This can be marketed as well so families can eat and enjoy the game at a reasonable cost. And finally, no freaking tarps.

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    1. I agree with the bottom tickets of the lower bowl being poor although half way up isn’t so bad, I’d much rather be in the bottom of the upper deck. Great seats …. but I would do everything to fill up the lower stands as well as the lower parts of the upper deck

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  22. Fill lower bowl
    Give away a scholarship heck give 3 away each game( draw with 3 min left in game to collect)
    Give uber discount for students to get to game
    I say tarp too 45,000 firm all games
    The stadium is a dump. That really screwed Pitt. If it was a high caliber NFL stadium it would probably work even with the extra capacity. ( It is just a crappy place)


    1. I forgot a big one.
      I would play multiple games in PNC park after baseball season.
      I would lobby ACC to make sure we get at least 3 home games apres mlb is finished.
      Play them all at PNC


  23. Here’s a suggestion to improve the fan experience:


    Win convincingly and win often.

    Beat the crap out of teams you are supposed to beat.

    Upset a couple of teams you are supposed to lose to.

    Win the close ones.

    A good product sells.

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      1. The one small fly in the ointment is that every darn team we play is trying like tarnation to win too!

        Go Pitt.


    1. what does Pitt do to encourage visiting opposition fans to visit campus? They should give out free passes for a Nationality tour or partner with the Carnegie for free passes to the Museum. Anything to get visitors to make a trip to Oakland to see and experience campus and NOT the North Shore.

      Great PR and marketing for the University.

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      1. Why not go play off this for people that score and graded high and you know you are going against Harvard’s etc. Why not invite the family up and give them tickets? Use that party group they signed up with and free tickets would be minimal to improving our academic standing if that would be a game changer to get a potential student back on campus to sell them and show them a football game.


        1. applicants could get free tickets for themselves and up to lets say 4 family members to attend either football or basketball games. I think that would be a good way to lure quality prospectives to Pitt. Even the Aggies dont do something like this and they literally do everything to get students to enroll at College Station.


  24. I don’t know if this suggestion really falls into the area of improving fan experience, but I think Pitt needs to focus some attention on merchandizing, particularly at the airport. For those of us flying into Pittsburgh for a game, it’s virtually impossible to find any decent Pitt gear at the airport. I can find 20 versions of the same Steeler stuff, but Pitt gear is sorely lacking. If you want to buy a last minute shirt or hat, you’re pretty much SOL until you get to campus.

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    1. I will add to that….

      The Black & Gold Headquarters store in Breezewood next to the PA Turnpike ramp. Huge selection of all things Pittsburgh sports…..the Pitt selection is virtually nonexistent, ND and PSU merchandise is present..as is Was Redskins.


  25. winning with an exciting offense

    tarping certain sections of the upper deck with Pitt logos and forcing fans down and closer together

    rewards card idea for students (details previously posted). Points earned for attendance at all Pitt sporting events

    certain fan appreciation things like a bucket of ‘O’ fries if Pitt manages to score a TD in the second half…The ‘O’ need not worry. But Pitt could partner with local vendors and provide ‘free’ stuff for fans if Pitt does certain things during the game.

    fun traditions before and after the game…what do other schools do

    chalk talks at local high schools and town halls

    and more town hall meetings with fans on the ‘state of Pitt’ My biggest beef with this administration is the culture. Thats part of the overall sports experience. I believe there needs to be more accountability, honesty and transparency. For instance, dont lie to me about attendance numbers of 45k when there are 35k empty yellow seats for all to see. Dont just take pre-screened and canned questions at your town halls.

    Best of luck. You’ll represent the vinegar and Koolaid of the POV well. Tell Heather and EJ Tex says howdy.

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  26. Win.

    Engage fans at every opportunity (including more open practices).

    Engage students at branch campuses – Bus them (for a small fee) to the games.

    Engage the local media – open practices more so there’s more to write about.

    Create new fans at every opportunity.

    Begin/maintain a few good traditions.

    Commend the administration folks for bringing back the script. This has been well received for the most part… Also commend the (relative) re-commitment to football over the last bunch of years.

    More band, less other music.

    Look at what the best programs do. Mimic. And, learn from your mistakes.

    Make it an unwavering goal to have a top 30 recruiting class each year.

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  27. Remember how much MM’s nephew loved the Pitt swag he got. I say we give free tickets to lots of kids from lots of schools. Spread it out so it is maybe 5000 for each home game. And, give the kids tons of Pitt swag to take home and show off.

    Drop Sweet Caroline and go with a song from Flashdance. A Pittsburgh-based movie with great music.

    Learn from the Pete. Put the Oakland Zoo where they can be seen on TV a lot during games. So, we give up some prime between the 30’s seats. Who cares? Let’s worry about that when there is huge demand for he seats (i.e., we are kicking butt).

    I like the schollie idea. Doesn’t UVA do that? Some ACC school does. And, make a big deal about who wins it.


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      1. It’s not cool to be a Pitt fan with the youth these days. Need to find ways to grow supporters and make being a fan fun and rewarding.

        Tex’s Ex


  28. I really like the idea of luring the area youth. Do they still play Pop Warner .. or some kind of midget football? I would give away tickets to all youth and junior high teams in the entire area. It would have to be for games in November but still I think it would be a good idea


  29. Swag is good

    Also have contests on the best flags or banners. Allow fans to bring in flags or be part of a assembled flag unfurled before games. Take a look at English and German soccer matches. And mls here in the states. Allows fans to make their mark and be part of it

    And then maybe do something after every pitt score. Like cutting s steel beam. Take in Portland cutting a log. Again, look to soccer.


  30. All good ideas! I especially like the idea of giving tickets to HS teams. Helps fill some seats, maybe gets kids with D1 aspirations and those receiving scholarships a little more interested in Pitt. It would engage the HS coaches a little more (and maybe those that have a neutral feel about Pitt) if they can bring a group of kids to each (or a few) games each season.

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    1. Probably can’t give tickets to HS teams. I’m guessing it would be an NCAA violation, since we can’t even bring a HS player or coach to the LOI event.


  31. Richman…get the frats and sororities with their standards down on the field to form a tunnel for the team to enter the field of play before the opening kick-off….need the old sheets turned into banners draping the stadium…re-produce what we did for fun,,this ain’t rocket science….Duzz and coaching staff should be rallying all student organizations….

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  32. For the first time in my life I have purchased seasons tickets for PITT football…I love football but enjoy the time spent with the hard-core POVerts even more..would have never happened without the new friends JeanieB and myself have made over the last 4-5 years…

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  33. Johnny Majors fired up the student support bey directly marketing his southern charm…he knew it took all hands on deck to turn a 1-9 perennial loser around,,,,Duzz and Company need to get out into the campus/students and fire up the base…


    1. BigB

      Johnny Majors was unbelievable. I was a grad student working in the CAS Advising Center, registering freshmen (are they still called “freshmen”?) and sophomores for classes, etc. We advisers were mostly bearded (the guys), near hippies, with concerns that did not necessarily include the football program. Johnny asked for a meeting with us and used all of his charm to explain how important our jobs were to ensure the success of his incoming student athletes. By the time he was done, we were all ready to carry him out on our shoulders while we sang the Fight Song. He was the best salesperson who I have ever seen in action.

      As an aside, I remember working with Carson Long. Nice kid. He wore shorts to our meeting. His kicking leg had to be at least 50% bigger than his other leg.


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  34. I’d rather see them draw for maybe 3 or 4 scholarships of $4K or $5K at the end of each home game. Spread it around and increase the chances… That’s a lot of money for a college student.

    Go Pitt.

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  35. Wow, very generous donation from the Martcheks!

    imo, PITT should match every donation exceeding $1,000,000 but no, they sit on their billions like they are some sort of ancient emperor that keeps asking for more and more.


      1. Where do you think that money came from in the first place? An endowment is generated from donations, so matching a large donation is merely using donations given by generous donors.


        1. Earmarked for academics. Nobody gives to sports. $10 million per year. The interest on Pitts endowment far exceeds that pithy amount. Few if any big boosters care enough about sports at Pitt. The wealthy donors would rather gift to academics and medicine.


          1. That wasn’t my point. They are donations, PITT could use the money on athletics with the interest generated, which isn’t designated.


  36. Heading out in a few to meet my Buddy Wolfe at Hemingway’s…plan to stop and say hi to Gordon now that i know where he sits.
    Dont know what the bigger news is today, the 1.25 million donation or Biggie getting season tickets for the first time.
    Actually, i know the answer…seeing my friend more often!

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  37. I thought the endowments were required to be strictly used for education. I think giving away gift cards or scholarship $ is a great enticement for the students. Get the local businesses to pony up some cards, advertise which companies are sponsoring the giveaways on the big screen, and encourage fans to patronize them.

    Also, there were several games where there were only a couple concession stands open (My seats were upper level on the Pitt side)- especially bad when only one of them was selling hot chocolate and it was freezing outside! Also, several times the Pitt merchandise store on that level was not even open during games. Get the Steeler stuff out of there during Pitt games- fill it with Pitt stuff- and remember to putt stuff for women- not just hairbands and glitter logos.

    Make sure the stadium people cooperate and open all the gates so people can exit the stadium after games. We ago stuck in a big pack after one of the games because the gates/fencing were there to block our exit. Dangerous and frustrating. After that my hubby swore he would not go back to Heinz for a game.

    Let’s get this stadium filled- and the biggest thing- let’s WIN!!!!

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  38. I talked with Andrew in the pit ticket office today about purchasing tickets for my high school football team to see the cost… He said normal cost are $20 – $10 a seat… Last year the point to get the discount was 15 seats… Going to talk with Apollo Ridge superintendent and football coach about getting the high school football team and coaches to a game… That’s one way we can helpGet butts in seats and give young kids a great experience… Challenge to all of you who are able to look into it…! Hail to Pitt!

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    1. Didn’t he have the INT to win the Youngstown State game a couple or 3 years ago… no loss… best wishes to the young man in all his future endeavors..


      1. You nailed it, BigB.

        Max Browne to Jester Weah for the Pitt TD in OT, then Bricen Garner’s brightest moment as a Panther with the game-winning INT.

        Go Pitt.


  39. Michael Salahudin, the running back who transferred and caused fans to dump on Narduzzi for mismanaging an incredible runner, was already switched to defensive back at his new school.

    Hmmm …. maybe the staff knew something we didn’t.

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  40. I haven’t heard anything about anybody who has left PITT for greener pastures with the exception of “the NOOCH!!” The NOOCH RULES!!!

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  41. Rich, I’d like to expand on Tex’s idea by suggesting that Pitt should build an on campus football hall of game type facility that would be a tourist draw and pre-game rallying location for students, visitors and fans before loading into the buses for Heinz. I can picture it as an on campus draw with BigB’s pics on the walls and maybe some videos of past historic wins running. Narduzzi or future HCs could give empassioned speeches to rally the faithful before buses are loaded and the journey to Heinz begins.

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  42. Random thoughts for RICHMAN:

    Pitt needs to focus on the 25-40 age group. If Pitt doesn’t grow the fan base with the younger generation in another 10-15 years they will be in big trouble. The average age of a club seat holder for football is about 65.
    Someone needs to come up with some creative “cheers” besides “Let’s Go Pitt”. Something at kickoff, something when we make a first down, something after we kick an extra point. Other schools have a ton of these types of things. For example, as the ball is kicked to start the game, the whole stadium chants “Hail to Pitt”.

    As for our schedule, I look at it and say to myself, that is a 10-2 season right in the palm of our hands. Then I remind myself that we have an 8-4 coach and a 5-7 offensive line.

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    1. You really need to focus on the 15-25 age crowd as well. This generation will not attend games most likely. Just changing preferences. And they aren’t big on tailgating. They drink spritzers. Grow supporters. Find new fans. Get them while they’re young. That means holding community events and getting into schools. And of course giving out tons of free stuff.

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      1. Tx, I agree with you and Eric. The older demographic can’t be the too squeaky of a hinge that are the only ones appeased at the expense of the future. It’s all about building for the future but at the same time, keeping the paying customers happy right now. It’s a high wire tight rope act for sure.


  43. OT, but I found this interesting.

    Syracuse fired their DC last season. They just hired Zach Arnett from San Diego State. He uses a 3-3-5 defense which was highly rated last season.

    But two weeks in, Coach Arnett has decided to take an offer from Mississippi State.

    “Despite Syracuse AD John Wildhack’s willingness to match Mississippi State’s two-year deal worth $900k annually, Zach Arnett still opted to leave for Starkville.”

    If this happened to Pitt, I know a Coach and AD who would be lambasted.

    Tough being a college FB team in the Northeast…

    Go Pitt.

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  44. Just told all of the Richmond fans in my section (I’m a UR grad at a Spiders BB game vs LaSalle) that I’m rooting for Pitt in Sept. They are polite down here and try to understand – I say, “Majors, Dorsett and Marino” and they then get it.

    Hope some Spiders make it to Red5A in Sept – I know we will treat them well and hopefully we will spank the team on the field.

    I’m not conflicted about that at all, strange as that may sound.

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  45. Right JoeL, it’s college football and embracing the visiting fans is what it’s all about. Ask Greg and Frank (Bernie’s buddies)

    Happy Birthday again JoeL and you to Kurt. It’s also my youngest son’s Birthday today.


  46. All, I welcome and appreciate all of your comments, even from the bitter TXPanther. That being said, I hope the forum allows me to present your thoughts and opinions. Also know that many of these ideas have been presented before and have either not been acted on or determined to be not feasible (for one reason or another). Just know I will do my best to take your suggestions from here …to…there. Hopefully they will take them to heart. Just like Colombo,… one more thing,… you guys on the POV are the best. Period.

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  47. Haven’t met Tex yet but he is a good guy with real passion for PITT FB and the University …will see him in Red5A next year…hope his parents can attend…can’t wait…why soes it have to be sooooo long between seasons!!!


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