2019 Football Survey Results

2019 Football Survey Results

Well mediocrity abounds doesn’t it?  Blowing a 16 point lead at home to a beatable Wake Forest team certainly smacks of it.  I genuinely feel for all Pitt fans who had to suffer through that one in person.  The good news is that Capel is only in year two of his rebuild and he still has the support of just about every Pitt fan I’ve seen on this board and on social media.

Pat Narduzzi, not so much.

Since posting our first ever end-of-season football survey – which focused on Pat Narduzzi and the job he’s done – on December 31st, I’ve received over 350 responses.  That’s a tremendous amount of participation and I think it gives us a representative sample of POV readership and their opinions.  Now what the actual demographic of a POV reader…well I didn’t include any of those types of questions on the poll, so that’s a raise the bar for next time.

Nonetheless, these are 350 people who clearly care about Pitt football, and who took some time to answer a few questions about it.  I will caution that this data should be considered “directionally correct” and not as gospel.  I say this because 42 people identified as a “regular reader and commenter”, even though I typically see the same dozen or so people comment on a regular basis.  On the other hand, I have definitely seen up to forty people at a POV tailgate, so maybe I’m the one with the skewed perspective.

Anywhooo….here are the results: Continue reading “2019 Football Survey Results”