PSA: All Veterans Now Have Shopping Benefits!


My friends – this new benefit development is huge.  Now any veterans can use all the shopping and discount travel benefits that only Active Duty and Retired members could use before this passed… I urge any veteran or caregiver to look into this immediately.

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According to the Department of Defense, starting Jan. 1, 2020, all service-connected Veterans, Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war (POW), and individuals approved and designated as the primary family caregivers of eligible Veterans under the Department of Veterans Affairs Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC) can use commissaries, exchanges, and morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) retail facilities, in-person and online.

For more information regarding these privileges and access to military installations, visit

Who is eligible Jan. 1, 2020?

  • Veterans
    • Purple Heart recipients
    • former prisoners of war
    • Veterans with 0-90% service-connected disability ratings

(For former service members who have not yet sought disability compensation from VA, visit

  • Medal of Honor recipients and Veterans with 100% service-connected disability ratings are already eligible under existing DOD policy.
  • Caregivers
    • On Jan. 1, individuals approved and designated as the primary family caregiver of an eligible veteran under the PCAFC will be eligible for these privileges.
    • For information about primary family caregivers in the PCAFC, visit

Required credentials.

  • Veterans
    • On Jan. 1, Veterans eligible solely under this act who are eligible to obtain a Veteran Health Identification Card must use this credential for in-person installation and privilege access. The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED). Apply here:
    • Veterans eligible solely under this act who are not enrolled in or are not eligible to enroll in VA health care, or who are enrolled in VA health care, but do not possess a Veteran Health Identification Card will not have access to DoD and Coast Guard installations for in-person commissary, exchange, and MWR retail privileges, but will have full access to online exchanges and American Forces Travel.
    • Medal of Honor recipients and Veterans with 100% service-connected disability ratings are eligible for DoD credentials under DoD policy.
  • Caregivers
    • Eligible caregivers will receive an eligibility letter from VA’s Office of Community Care.
    • If you are a primary family caregiver under the PCAFC and lose your eligibility letter, please call 1-877-733-7927 to request a replacement.  Please allow two weeks for processing.

Find out more about military resale privileges.

12 thoughts on “PSA: All Veterans Now Have Shopping Benefits!

  1. Thank you, Reed. I am not a veteran, but I have great appreciation for those who have served to protect the freedoms which I, my family, and my children, enjoy. This is great news for many, many people.


  2. Commander Reed — Hats off to you for all you do to help people who need help.

    Hoping you have a great 2020. 👍


  3. Good info Reed, the best part was the links for folks to find out if they qualify or if they do and know how to register. In the case of folks like me (retired) and my wife (spouse ID) its something we don’t think about.


  4. Here on the POV, “decent” is in the eye of the beholder Iek. The big question is was he recruited by Herm, or by our former snake oil salesmen coach who is married to Penny?


  5. I’m wondering if that Stanford LB has announced a transfer location yet. They could also use an OL transfer for depth. Does anyone have the skinny on Dontavius Butler-Jenkins? Was he hurt this year or is he being recruited over?


  6. Good Post.. I’m a Veteran. Previously the VA approved access to online shopping on the exchanges. If you are interested in this, I copy part of the VA Fact Sheet.

    “While not all veterans are eligible for in-person privileges on DoD installations, all honorably discharged veterans are eligible for online military exchange shopping through the Veterans Online Shopping Benefit. To access your online shopping benefit, veterans not eligible for in-person privileges should follow the instructions to establish an account at any of the following military exchange websites, or the VA’s Veterans Canteen Service:

    • Army and Air Force Exchange System:
    • Coast Guard Exchange:
    • Marine Corps Exchange:
    • Navy Exchange:
    • Veterans Canteen Service:


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