Quick Lane Bowl Preview

So I accidentally posted my “crootin’ capsule part 2” on top of my “How the hell did we get here?” (i.e. season in review) yesterday.  The recruiting piece seemed to get more of a rise out of folks though, so I guess it turned out alright. Anyway if you haven’t read the season in review you can read it here.

And now on to the Quick Lane Bowl.  Yippie.

I’m not sure if anybody at all is excited to be playing in this bowl.  Most fans feel like we either underachieved (we did) or we were snubbed (were we?).  Some folks are also quick to point out the Heather Lyke connection.  This may be the only bowl in history where both schools have an Athletic Director in common.  And it’s almost certainly the only bowl in history where both schools had the same Athletic Director within the last three years.  The only missing link would be that Heather sits on the board of Quick Lane.  (I’m kidding here folks…)

But the bottom line (as I pointed out in my year in review piece) is that rightly or wrongly (or more likely…completely out of her hands), Heather Lyke got Pat Narduzzi a winnable game.

Given that Pat is 0-3 in bowl games, this is not an insignificant fact.  Did we really want to face Temple in the Military Bowl?  Their defense is one of the best in the G5, and with the way we’ve played offense all year, that’s a recipe for embarrassment. Did we really want to play Michigan State in the Pinstripe?  Let me tell you there is nothing like watching twenty combined points in the freezing cold in Yankee stadium, with no guarantee that good-‘ol Pat could beat burnt-out-Dantonio.  What were our other options?  The Belk Bowl?  That is never going to go to a northern team, least of all one that played in Charlotte last year (and Mississippi State is no gimmie).  The Music City?  Well maybe if we’d gone 5-3 in conference like cough Louisville (who won all of two games the year before.).  The Sun?  The Birmingham?  C’mon.

And so the Quick Lane Bowl it is.  In sunny Detroit, Michigan.  Against the Eastern Michigan Eagles.

Fun fact:  Both Pitt and Eastern Michigan game up more points per game than they scored this year.  (Pitt 20.1 / 21.8.  EMU 29.1 / 30.3)

Fun fact 2:  Both teams rank near the bottom of the FBS in yards rushing.  (Pitt 120.7.  EMU 121.9)

The spread is Pitt +11.  ESPN says we have a 70% chance of victory.  Pitt hasn’t been favored this much since we played Delaware (and we all know how that turned out).

The Eagles have some players.  QB Mike Glass threw 22 TD’s against 10 INT’s, and was sacked only 12 times. If Kenny Pickett could have posted such numbers, Pitt might have won ten games.

Much like Pitt, I’d wager that EMU uses the pass to set up the run.  They just do it better.  Leading rusher Shaq Vann has 667 yards on just 136 carries, good for 4.9 yards per pop. He’s also rushed for eight touchdowns.   After this season, I’d just about give my left pinky finger for a running back that rushed for eight touchdowns.

The Eagles also have a well-rounded receiving corps that features four players who caught 483 yards or more.  Those four players also scored eighteen touchdowns.  I’m not sure Pitt has scored eighteen offensive touchdowns all season.

The good news is that their defense doesn’t sack the quarterback much (20 total on the year, just under two per game).  But then again, neither did Boston College and they ended up with four.

The bottom line is that this Pitt team can lose to any mediocre team at anytime, anywhere.  That’s what makes Pitt special.  And in light of that fact, Pitt has been set up with the most winnable bowl game possible (I’m pretty sure there is not a worse bowl-eligible team than EMU).  And Pitt damn well better win it (and they damn well better looking good while they are doing it), because if Pitt finds a way to lose the Quick Lane Bowl against Eastern Michigan, the fanbase will revolt, and Pat Narduzzi’s seat is going to get mighty hot, mighty fast.

Merry Christmas and Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone




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  1. MM — good article. Hoping for a solid win without drama, but we know that these Panthers love drama… Okay, and sometimes they like a comedy, as in comedy of errors…

    Let’s play solid defense, limit the mistakes, and find a way to score some points…

    Go Pitt!

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  2. I want this game to come quickly so we can all move on. I want to forget this season like it was some bad dream. I want to start talking basketball and wrestling and the yellow snow in front of the ‘O’


    1. They didn’t make it to the sweet 16 and got ranked higher than the team that knocked them out of the tourney, so 11 was generous, all things considered.


  3. Tangible: Talent-wise, Pitt should win by at least 2 TDs

    Intangibles: EMU is thrilled to be here; Pitt not so much
    This is like a home game for EMU, just an hour from campus and a short drive for many of their students and alums; Pitt not so much
    If Pitt plays a bowl like this next year and Ford, Twyman and Jones are still around, they are sitting out; EMU players not so much

    Scenario I: Pitt comes out angry and takes it out on EMU

    Scenario II: Pitt is about as focused as they were versus Delaware.


  4. Another important factor – EMU plays their home games on artificial turf, similar to Ford’s Field. Pitt plays on natural grass as do most ACC teams.

    I can’t think of one game this season where Pitt played on artificial turf.

    Anyone know if one?


      1. Syracuse was a win on artificial turf – check

        BC was a bad loss at home on grass – ouch, that still hurts.

        Hopefully Pitt is healthy and fully loaded on D. I’d keep fresh legs on the field at all times and push hard to get six plus sacks.

        I’d also tell Stocker and Brightwell to play lyke there is no tomorrow – don’t be afraid of the targeting rule. Hit EMU hard and often.

        On offense, turn the Davis twins loose and watch them eat up yards. Throw to Shockey, Wayne, Ffrench and T.Mack – one drop they should sit for the remainder of the quarter.

        Kessman should be used for KO’s and extra points only. No FG’s nor punting should be allowed.


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  5. I don’t know about you but I have always enjoyed watching the FCS play-offs…North Dakota State and on the level below that-Mount Union have made it entertaining-great FB to watch…DiNucci will be playng in his 2nd National Championship game..good move for Ben and his parents who I shared a few libations with at the Duke game tail-gate a few years back …I will be glued to the TV…..

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    1. Probably not but then again so would about 85% of all FBS teams. North Dakota & JMU are way above everyone else in FCS.

      It was a few years ago (FBS realignment years 2013) the Big 12 had talks with ND State on joining.


  6. Merry Christmas Michaelangelo Monteleone, enjoy your first Christmas with your newest one and Thanks for all you have done to save the POV!

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  7. The Quick Lane is not a MAC – ACC conference tie in, It is a Big 10 – ACC tie in. The MAC is the conditional tie in if neither the ACC or Big 10 can’t fill their position. In this case the Big 10 did not have enough bowl eligible teams.

    So if the Big 10 wasn’t so top heavy (3 teams in CFP, Rose or Cotton) or had one additional bowl eligible team, the Quick Lane opponent would be different, With another game won by 5-7 Nebraska (Nebraska could have won one of there last two games or beat a 4-8 Purdue earlier in season, but Noooo.), the choice of opponent would have been different.

    Pitt opponents in the Quick Lane could have been one of Michigan State (Pinstripe), Illinois (Redbox) or a now 6-6 Nebraska. If this scenario had happened would the ennui over the Quick Lane be different?

    BTW – There were 79 bowl eligible teams available to fill 78 spots. One other 6-6 team is sitting home this holiday season. It’s another MAC with probably the best ever offensive mind since Gus Malzahn burst on the scene.

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      1. Yep,. The same one who won games with Matt Campbells (now at Iowa State) for his first 3 years but in his 4’th & 5’th with HIS players has gone 7-6 & now 6-6.


    1. I find hearing about the guys not getting up for the game very disturbing.

      Although it is somewhat understandable, they need to look at it as their only opportunity to redeem themselves from their late season performances.For some it will be their last opportunity to play organized ball, for all it is the last opportunity to play with this bunch of guys. But like in a lot of cases you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. Apologies to Joni Mitchell.

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    1. If PITT comes out flat like when and what they were supposed to have done against Northwestern, I’ll be very happy.


      1. Ike – Not the reply I expected on wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. But I get your reply. And once again, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas – especially my friend Ike,

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  8. I repeat myself again and again but that BC loss has changed the taste in everyone’s mouth about PITT football. It’s a shame what one loss can do. Still, 8-5 was not a bad ride but it could and should have had a better ending. I’ll guarantee this though, I’ll be watching every last second of the game come 8:00 PM tomorrow night.


    1. It definitely changed people’s taste but we were lucky to win seven games with all the issues on offense. Get to eight wins then work on getting better in the offseason. An interesting schedule awaits in 2020.


  9. Hi folks,
    Just thought I would pop in before things start heating up at home today.
    I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas (or Hannakah).
    A special shout-out to the Red 5A crew…love you guys and gals!

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  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Although I’m still disinterested in Pitt football I hope it changes at some point.
    It has been quite the year. POV health issues, family health issues, what a roller coaster ride. Come to think of it, just like Pitt football.
    I sincerely hope all here have a wonderful Holiday season, that your lives be full of peace and joy, and that all your fondest wishes come true. Each and every day is a blessing. Use them wisely, and try to keep a passion burning, whatever it is.
    Christmas Eve dinner falls on me this year. 18 family members. I hope I’m up to the task. I do love to cook, it’s my way of giving presents to all.
    Bernie, special Holiday wishes to you and yours, you inspire all of us to be better.

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    1. Randy, Love you brother- we all have to hang in there for PITT’s sake..in those years where the miles and inherited genetics take a toll. Let’s make it a goal to survive to enjoy the “FRANKCAN” tournament,,,

      I usually make “she -crab soup” on Christmas Eve..going to try Prime Rib this year..tried that a few years back and flopped-searching for the perfect salty crust on that pricey piece of meat…


      1. I have tasted Bernie’s home delivered She-Crap soup. DELICIOUS! As far as the prime rib goes…… if you think you’re over cooking it, you are. Take it out and foil it to rest it and finish cooking.


  11. If Pitt doesn’t win this, I am flying to Detroit to slap Narduzzi with a foot long sopressata! They should crush this team.

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    1. OK. Now that reminds me of shopping at DeLallo’s in Jeannette. Where we live now, we are lucky to find Oscar Meyer sausage. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone—absolutely Gordon.

      I think we win tomorrow with a fun night (for us). Of course, I also thought we would win against VT and BC. So, who knows.

      Best to all of you. I enjoy reading, even though I usually have nothing of value to add to the conversation.


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      1. pmd…your presence and thoughts adds to the group-the is our virtual tail-gate or bar that we can come to 24-7…just hanging out with friends and you are part of that group…let’s pray for a victory tomorrow or Thursday- somewhere along the way…I gotta think positive…think positive BigB……

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        1. Thanks, BigB. Maybe I will be more active when I retire next year. Best to you and Mrs BigB and your family.




    My brother (UPJ alumnus) bought a new big TV and invited us to watch the game. Wives not happy about 8 pm start.

    If we lose this game everyone should seriously start to discuss the state of Pitt football.
    Pitt 31 – EMU 17.

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    1. That discussion should have started when gottfried was fired. The state of the program is safe mediocrity. Nobody runs a successful organization that way.

      What Pitt needs to be concerned about is apathy. When fans stop caring, they stop attending and donating. I believe people will soon get tired of SON. Same Old Narduzzi.

      Merry Christmas to all. Time to mix the meat for my meatballs.


  13. I hope I’m wrong but I think this Pitt team will be as flat as a pancake come tomorrow evening. I’m expecting to see another Delaware performance from our very underachieving offense. And if the offense decides to give up the ball 3 or 4 times in this game we may not be able to get that 8th win after all.


  14. JoeL JoeL JoeL, sounds like a Christmas Carol appropriately enough. I received a wonderful unexpected surprise package on our porch this morning. JoeL, you didn’t have to do that. I Thank You so much and value our friendship. Like I said earlier, missed our conversations at the Fran/Wolfe/Scooter and JoeL’s Red 5-A tailgates. Merry Christmas and hope to see you next season.

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    1. Hey, Ike. Our puppy and I shared a birthday yesterday. She is now one year old and as active as ever. I hope that Eli is well and ready for tomorrow’s game



      1. Happy Birthday pmd and puppy and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Eli seems to have ran out of luck when it comes to PITT and now he’s going through the Labs terrible two stage. I need to get him refocused and more on the beam for the game. Eli is our fourth lab but the only one that hasn’t had a big sister or brother to show him the ropes. He thinks he owns this place. 🙂


  15. Mrs. OhHow & I are taking a grand-daughter to hear the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Thursday for the matinee performance. I sure wouldn’t want to miss this history-making bowl win :p

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    1. Smart move, OhHow. Keep Mrs OhHow happy. Give your granddaughter an experience that she will never forget. And, get home in time to see the game.



    2. Take ear plugs for your grand-daughter. They ain’t crooners like Bing Crosby, who btw I have been listening to a lot this holiday season. Bing that is. Boy am I getting old.

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  16. Half time entertainment with feature the “Temptaions” ,”Four Tops” Supremes” and ending with Neil Diamond performing “Sweet Caroline” live!!!…that should get your holiday juices flowing….BigB is BigBSing…..


  17. Motivation:
    Play as though every play is your last.
    Run the wrong route, drop a pass, fumble and you lose your spot.
    We’ll make it real simple, fellas.

    Merry Christmas to all.

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  18. The year in review:

    MERRY Christmas (caps intended!) What a year it has been. Even 7-5 can’t take the shine off The Maestro’s entrance into the bonfire that is Pitt Sports conversations. His entry is truely the gift that keeps on giving; a real Christmas Miracle. Thanks so much, Mike.

    The best part of 2019 was the opportunity to travel to Durham and Atlanta, witness 2 Pitt Ws, and meet several more POVers. A real goal for me and Dianne is to travel to Heinz for my 1st home game since WVa, 1970!

    The letdowns this year were epic, and have been well discussed; the worst for me were stupid penalties, dropped passes, lack of holes for the backs, and those near-win losses.

    Those things are all in the past. Since this is the Season of Miracles, I am ever hopeful for a crushing ground game, passing routes that yield open receivers, defensive superiority – all, of course, on the Pitt side, and all beginning on 12/26.

    And so, I close with this:

    “….And I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove outta sight,
    ‘Pitt will be smokin’
    Come this Thursday night!'”

    Trust me when I say, “Thursday, for the 1st time ever, Blue EMU will stink”!

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  19. —Playing in a dome should help Pitt. No excuses for drops or poorly thrown passes…

    —The artificial turf should work well for Pitt’s speedy players.

    —Hoping to see KP run the ball, by design, a couple plays each quarter – QB draws, option plays and bootlegs.

    —Hope to see some wheel routes to our backs to take advantage of their speed.

    —I don’t know about the offense, but I doubt the defense comes out flat with Coach Bates lookin’ over their shoulders…

    Merry Christmas wishes to each and every POVer. 🎅

    Hail to Pitt!

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  20. Happy Holidays to all. Thanks to Reed for starting the blog, Michaelangelo for maintaining it’s high standards, the Tailgate crew, and all the POVers for the community we can commiserate in. Hope Santa is good to everyone!

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  21. Happy Holidays to all…. Tomlin in his presser today said “our windshield is bigger than our real view mirror!”

    For Pitt fans (other than Ike) its the opposite. Especially since BC.

    Been reading a book on motivation principles which says it is way harder to be an optimist than a pessimist. My hat is off to any of you who are optimistic about Duzz and Pitt Football. I can’t imagine the effort it takes to be that way.

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    1. ^^ It’s called life experiences Dan. When your dealt lemons you have to make the best of it or you will sink like a rock like so many others have. BTW Dan, I’m on record as being so disappointed in the BC loss.


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      1. It’s a fact that it takes more facial muscles to frown then it does to smile. SO SMILE EVERYONE AND TO ALL OF YOU….. HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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        1. ^technically not true since Narduzzi is fifty something. Of course Pitt WAS great in the Pop Warner era…


  22. MM you have been one of the best Christmas presents of the year, keeping the best Pitt sports blog alive and well even as you work on an ever growing family. Merry Christmas and best to all the POV crowd.

    As for the QuickLane, here are my Holiday wishes:
    Playing the entire game without a TE
    KP keeping the color of the uniforms straight and not throwing into double coverage
    WRs and RBs understanding how handy it is to use 2 hands on the ball
    The OL to be able to remember the snap count
    Whipple realizes that you can signal plays in, WTF this isn’t high school
    A Davis Beville sighting for a 1-2 series of plays
    The defense continuing to carry the team, hopefully to victory

    Hope all the POVers have a healthy and prosperous 2020

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  23. MM

    I join with the many others on here in thanking you for picking up the “reins” from Reed and making PittPOV better than ever. Merry Christmas—that has to be appropriate for a guy whose last name in Monteleone—to you and your whole family, including your nephew.


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  24. Yep, it’s been great having MM around to keep this blog open. Saying he did a great job in doing so doesn’t even come close to giving him the credit he deserves.

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  25. Thanks so much, Michaelangelo, for all you have done to keep the POV rolling in 2019! We are very fortunate that you stepped up to take it over, and will look forward to your valuable and much appreciated efforts in 2020!

    As for Pitt football in 2019, even by Pitt’s standards the BC loss was worse than normal SOP. Narduzzi needs to look long and hard at the program from top to bottom to see why the late season fades are occurring. The same mistakes we have all documented many times over are occurring throughout the year, and there is a glaring lack of improvement as the season goes on. Perhaps the starters are too comfortable in their roles. A deeper bench would help to create season long competition, as well as accountability for mistakes. This latest 2020 class will help fill some voids, but is not sufficient to provide depth at all positions.


  26. Rather than just clicking the Lyke button again, I must thank MM and the rest of the POV’ers in restoring my interest in Pitt fb. I credit this gang for motivating me to attend at least two more games than I had originally planned. Merry Christmas to all. H2P

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  27. Jack again- I’m not a betting man either, but I think the OL can open some holes. We’ll get 150+ yards on the ground Thursday. Why? Because Nard is a ground attack man, I think our OL can wear these guys down, and emu will be prepared for an all out air attack. I’ll be ashamed if we don’t.

    (Now you see why I’m not a betting man!!)


  28. Use the freshman that lost their red shirts this year. Also use the freshman that can still retain their red shirts even by playing in this game. Why do so? Because in all likelihood they will come out playing with some extra vim and vigor to prove they belong on the field. I’m not sure I saw much of that spirit from our first string upper class in the last 3 games

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    1. Dam it Fran, you’re a sly dog. You pulled a fast one on me asking me about someone else’s B-Day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GOOD FRIEND!


  29. Mark, I would not burden you in that manner but thanks for the offer. 😎
    Maybe we do prime rib at a tailgate next year.


  30. God Bless you Matt! Merry Christmas to you!! Missed seeing you this past season. Good health to you and yours.


  31. It has been a great joy this year commiserating with the POV Pitt lovers (even Tex) who have followed the Pitt football and basketball trials and tribulations for years. We are diehard optimists who despite so much SOP in the past still believe that a golden age of Pitt athletics could be just around the corner. Under MM’s leadership and Ike’s unwavering optimism we will continue following Pitt’s fortunes in 2020. Merry Christmas to all the dedicated POVers!

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  32. Santa replied to a letter I sent him last week. Wanted to share with you:

    Dear Savannah:

    So good to hear from you again this year. Me and the elves have really enjoyed following you and all those rascally POVers on the blog all year! Rudolph’s nose always turns a bright red when he reads the blog! Please be sure to tell them for us.

    We have rejoiced when you rejoiced, and cried when you cried. Pitt football has really become our must see TV while we make our toys in the fall – yes, North Pole TV carries the ACCN

    We all have suffered with you in agony as we all watch your Pennsylvania-bred “Keystone Cop” football players. So, the elves have insisted we do something special for you long-suffering Pitt People.

    This year, in your stockings you will find: no more dropped passes; zero turn overs; nada ridiculous penalties; excellent clock management.

    Under the tree: shut down defense; crunching OL blocking; absolute 100% success on goal line 4th and 1’s; #1 Red Zone offense; KP with the vision of a hawk, the touch of a masseuse, the patience of Jobe (sorry for the Biblical reference there!), and a Top Ten QBR.

    We really hope you enjoy Thursday’s bowl game success, and your 11 wins next season (yes, you will lose 1 game you should win next season – not even Santa can eliminate SOP in 1 short year!)

    Hope ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be nice. And don’t say anything naughty about your coach ….I’ll be watching!

    I love you yinzers,


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  33. A POV Christmas Carol

    Heather Cratchet: But Mr Ebeneezer TxPanther, it takes time to build up programs and we made so much progress so far in such a little time. My staff and I have been working diligently since I’ve been here.

    TxP: This department is a disgrace. You can and will be replaced. I don’t care how many ADs and coaches we have go through, but I will not shut up until we win the Director’s Cup

    HC: Well the merriest of Christmases to you anyway

    TxP: Bah Humbug

    TxP hangs up his phone and retires to his bedroom, not able to enjoy any Christmas Eve festivities. After a while, he finally dozes off. But he is awaken by a clattering of chains, and a specter appears in the form of a tall man with what appears to be a National Guard Officer’s uniform

    Specter: I am the Ghost of POV Past and I represent 9 national titles, (plus a few swimming and diving Big East Championships). And I am going to take you to your childhood

    TxP is taken to a bowl stadium and sees Pitt playing game against Fordham and Carnegie Tech led by a No. 42 halfback, and sees win after win. He is next shown a series of losses and 1 and 11 seasons, but it is immediately transformed into mostly filled stadiums and a No. 33 darting through defenses, a No. 13 zinging passes and a No. 99 making tackle after tackle.

    But just as quick as this appeared, it is again transformed into a decade of poor play and talk of Division II. It is then transformed into its present form of above average FB but with a lot of internal unrest and general disinterest by both alumni and administration.

    Specter: As you can see TxP, over the past 60 years, this program has been mired mostly in mediocrity, and you should be thankful it was accepted in a P5 conference and is stable ….. thanks to the basketball program by the way.

    And the Specter disappears.

    TxP has trouble falling asleep but finally nods off, only to be awoken up by a young , energetic spirit who proclaims himself the Ghost of POV Present … (you can call me MM, you can call me Maestro but you doesn’t have to call me Ghost)

    Maestro points out that the present FB program is doing slightly better than the recent tumultuous past while the rest of the school’s teams appear to be better than they were only a few short years ago.

    Maestro: I would like to show you more but my baby is crying and I promised the wife ….

    And like that, Maestro is gone. TxP again nods off only to be awoken … by Nobody! But he does dream that his wishes are replaced by a new AD and FB coach. And after a few more years of the same, they are replaced again …. and then again … and then again.

    He awakes and screams …. “Oh what have I done …. why can’t I just be more appreciative that my alma mater is competitive in many sports and is ranked in a few others”

    He immediately calls Ms Cratchet and tells her the to have the best of Christmases and to keep up the good work. And then he gets on a blog that he contributes to and proclaims to be thankful of what he has, and will project constructive advise and energy from here on.

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    1. That’s an excellent carol. Well constructed, funny and sad.

      But in my version, the ghost of POV future shows me:
      a 50 percent increase in donations,
      a 30 percent increase in season ticket holders,
      a 20 percent growth rate in new supporters,
      a balanced budget,
      a feasibility study for a MPC,
      top 50 directors cup,
      a D1 hockey program,
      a new football coach,
      Tressell as AD,
      me being far less angry and bitter,
      Rich and I are now best friends,
      and the POV winning best college sports blog.

      Merry Christmas everyone.

      PS: Santa did leave me with an IOU for a new head coach. Thank you Santa!

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    2. 😂😂😂 Can’t… Breathe…. hall of fame POV post. Very well done wwb!


  34. Merry Christmas to all this fine morning in Pennsylvania. PS: A Christmas gift for George Aston came early as he was signed to the NY Giants practice squad yesterday. I guess he’ll get to pick up one practice squad pay check and be given the opportunity to move forward with the Giants next season.

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  35. Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus etc. To all my POV Family

    I am sure it has happened before, but that was some foggy day yesterday. At 8:30 pm Downtown Pittsburgh was not visible from the Veterans Bridge, very very strange to see or not see.

    Hoping everyone has a great day and all Panthers play flawless ball tomorrow, or at least don’t turn the ball over.

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  36. I started writing a Christmas Story also but didn’t have time to finish…what are the odds of that?
    Fog is a good metaphor Gordon. Hope you’re right.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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  37. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone…. even to those who don’t believe.

    Great job BL and Bill!

    Olive loaf for appetizer, mushroom soup, smoked ham, scallop potatoes and honey roasted carrots. All homemade by moi. There will be no room for desert but there is apple pie for later. (my famous sauerkraut balls are already gone)

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          1. Have never ate there Mark but have heard rave reviews. All my kids have been there. It’s supposed to be fantastic! Thanks, I’ll be smoking my mushroom soup come springtime. 🙂


  38. Ike – how bout posting the receipe for those sauerkraut balls? I’ve never heard of them, and have no idea what they taste like. ( sauerkraut is not a huge southern thing)! Wonder if I could substitute collard greens for the sauerkraut???!


    1. 1 lb of sausage (jimmy dean is best)
      1/2 cp of chopped onions. (I chop mine really fine)
      1 bag of sauerkraut. (my secret is that I chop and cook the kraut down a little)
      4 tbls bread crumbs
      1 8 oz of cream cheese, the soft version
      4 tbls of parley (I use the dried kind)
      2 tbls of ffrench mustard. you have to use yellow
      1 teas of garlic salt

      Brown the sausage and oinion then add all ingredients and chill the mixture. Then shape into balls then shape into balls and roll in flour, then roll in beaten eggs and a little milk then rolled in bread crumbs. Bake in oven at 350 for 40 minutes.

      Yes, this is a pain in the buttocks to make but you will be the hit of the party. BTW, I always throw in more season than a recipe calls for, maybe a little accent or what not. after-all, tis the holiday season.

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      1. Youve inspired me ike. I planned on making stuffed mushrooms today but I’ll opt for the sauerkraut balls. I already have my sausage mixture made so mine will be slightly different from your recipe…soy, Worcestershire, horseradish mustard, and grated italian cheese. Have some kraut that I was saving for the new years so I’m good to go. I’ll let you know how it goes. I plan on calling mine a Sour Dog. 🙂

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    1. Thx but I must admit that it wouldn’t have been written if I didn’t read your post which inspired me. In fact, when I started it out, I had no idea how it was going to end …. but did know who Scrooge would be. And thanks to him for being the good sport that he is

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  39. Merry Christmas! While I am hoping for a big win tomorrow, I am thinking the bigger present we will be receiving is a reprieve from watching this agonizing pitt team for nine months after tomorrow!

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  40. Just got back from my morning walk and it looks like it’s turning into a great day. Also looking forward to the two visits I have planned for today which I know will be greatly enjoyed.

    But then, there is tomorrow night …. ugh!, Just kidding (I think)

    Anyway, the Merriest of Christmases to all in POVland

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  41. As I get ready to start makingour Christmas dinner I had to pause and take another quick peek at the POV and wonder as well as marvel over all the comments and kumbayah this morning. It reminded me of a a saying from my childhood. “It takes bricks to build a house and love to build a home” The POV feels more like home to me than just a house. Merry Christmas!

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  42. I sent a letter to Santa. I asked him to bring me an impressive bowl win for the Panthers.

    He wrote back. “I’m Santa Claus not a freakin’ magician.”🤣

    Still hoping for the best tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas to the POV community.

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  43. Merry Christmas, happy holidays to all! Hoping we all find a Pitt FB win in our stockings tomorrow night. Thanks to MM, Fran, Wolfe, Bernie, and all the my POV tailgate friends for the past year. When I got that ACC poll about my feelings regarding the past season, I answered that the best part of game day was tailgating with friends. May we all stay together next year. If/ when they ask about parking preferences for next season, include me in with the group Fran. H2P!!

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  44. Here is a presumption and a hopeful thought. Paris Ford did say he wants to win tomorrow’s bowl game for the outgoing seniors. Reading into that it sounds like there is a good chance he may return. Fingers crossed. Not only for PITT fans but for Paris himself. Pack on some lbs PF and add some muscles and you will be a beast making lots of $$$ after next season.


    1. Going along those same lines. I heard him interviewed at the quick lane bowl and he said damar Hamlin and Dane Jackson (seniors) are passing the torch and he wants to take it and run with it. This seems like he plans on returning. Obviously a lot could change but I don’t think it is a definite he’s leaving like some say.

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  45. I will miss the game tomorrow as I will be on a highway headed to a hockey tournament. No excitement for this stinker of a match-up. It looks as though Narduzzi will get that elusive bowl victory in year 5. Yay!!! With Pitt entering the game as an 11.5 point favorite, this is 1 of 5 bowl games that feature a double digit spread. No more excuses. If Pitt has any kind of a pulse, they should win this game easily against a garbage MAC team. EMU lost to Buffalo by 29 at home and is not as good as the Ohio team Pitt played early in the season. Pitt’s defensive line should dominate EMU, and MAC defenses are very bad. Jeff Sagarin has the MAC West ranked 15th overall, 5 spots behind the ACC Coastal Division. EMU is ranked 112th in the Sagarin rankings, well behind the 62nd ranked Panthers. If Pitt loses this one, start purchasing the tarps for next year and send Heather back to EMU with a receipt. Pitt 27 EMU 10.


  46. Wwb just reread “A POV Christmas Carol”:
    …..”You can call me MM; you can call me Maestro; but you doesn’t has to call me Ghost!” LMAO!! the Academy voted this, “Best line of the year in a supporting role”! Congrats!!

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  47. My favorite part of wwb’s literary work was the following:

    “But he is awaken by a clattering of chains, and a specter appears in the form of a tall man with what appears to be a National Guard Officer’s uniform.

    Specter: I am the Ghost of POV Past…”

    The specter of Reed as the Ghost of POV Past is just brilliant. And with his Shakespearean background, Reed could win an Academy Award in this role (Coast Guard Academy…).

    Hail to Pitt.

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  48. I predict a Pitt win 38-17

    Pitt jumps out to a dominating 28-3 at the half and converts two 4th down opportunities, passing on a FG and punt in the first half.

    The 2nd half sees the Turtle offense rear it’s ugly head. EMU begins a comeback the Lykes of Houston. With Pitt up 28-17 and facing a 4th and 1 at the goal line, Duzz opts for the FG.

    The Pitt D will have none of the Houston nonsense and P.Ford ends the suspense with a pick 6 and is seen mouthing “NFL draft, here I come” on his way to celebrating his fine short career with Pitt.



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