Historically bad, as a matter of fact.

This year’s team is averaging  19.9 points per game.  That is the worst since Johnny Major’s 1996 team which averaged 19.5 points per game.  In other words, this is Pitt’s worst scoring offense in 23 years.

And yet we still managed to win seven games.  The 1996 Johnny Majors team won four.

Not that I’m trying to spin this, because four turnovers, four sacks and zero-for-two on redzone TD’s is squarely on the offense, and it’s completely unacceptable.  Throw in a couple more botched goal-to-go series this season and heck we could be staring at 10-2.

But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  And make no bones about it, after the last three games (after all the games except a couple really), it’s extremely clear that Pitt’s offense is the weakest link.  To recap what happened today:  Three fumbles against one of the worst defenses in college football.  An INT where a true freshman receiver – but one who’s had all season to learn – makes the wrong read and doesn’t break in on a route.  A false start on 1st and goal from the one – from a senior on senior day – the hero of the Pitt Special no less.  Four sacks given up against a pass rush ranked 122nd out of 130 teams.  The flat out refusal to hand the ball off to AJ Davis, even though he averaged 4.8 yards per carry in the first half, on just eight carries.  No one is free from blame.  Not a player.  Not a position coach.  Not a coordinator.   Not Pat Narduzzi.  No one.

Which brings us all to the elephant in the room.  Why is Pitt still making these mistakes after 12 games?  We all have our theories and I can tell you this:  Pat Narduzzi is 2-9 after November 23rd, all time.  That’s across five seasons and four different offensive coordinators.

Speaking of offensive coordinators.  Mark Whipple.  If we were to step back and look at this season objectively we could probably say that we would not have won seven games without him – because in some cases he turned lead into gold.  But if we were to step back and look at our red zone offense objectively, we could also say Mark Whipple’s red zone offense really sucks.  That’s the only word for it.  Sucks.  Pitt ranks 104th in red zone offense this year.  You want to know who else ranks 104th?  Umass.  We are Umass.  That sucks.  I’m shaking my ****ing head as I write this.

Oh and for all you “wait till next year” guys, it’s probably not going to get any better in the near future.  Here were Whipple’s red zone offenses ranked at Umass:

  • 2014 – 117
  • 2015 – 122
  • 2016 – 105
  • 2017 – 77
  • 2018 – 51

I can tell you right now that if Whip’s offense finishes anywhere close to 104th in redzone offense next season  he’s not going to make it to year four (and yes, he’ll get another season).

And so the windup is this.  Mark Whipple has one more game to right the ship and get Pitt ‘s offense back to Pitt-vs-UNC form (arguably our best game,  Certainly our best recent game).  We’re not asking for anything fancy.  We’re not asking for anything cute.  We’re just asking for simple, basic, fundamentally sound football.   And maybe a 50/50 run pass ratio.  And a couple of rub-routes when we are down inside the five.

After suffering through the last eight quarters, I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable request.

Hail to Pitt


214 thoughts on “MMQB – Early Edition – Pitt’s Offense is Bad

  1. Honestly I was always in the stability is what this program needs camp, but after today I realize that stability with Narduzzi will never get us more that 8 wins. You could plug in any coach with a pulse here and probably get 6 wins. Why not role the dice again and chase that proverbial lightning in a bottle? What’s the worst that could happen?

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  2. Had a bad football day-watched the Michigan (my wife’s undergrad school) game and then the Pitt game I totally agree with Not Rocket’s comments. Ugh! I’ve had this disease/addiction since my Dad took me (age 10) to the Pitt Indiana game in 1948. Apparently no known cure. Might be why drinking is a favored topic on the site. I fully expect the outcome of the bowl game to be a stocking with a lump of coal. Would like a nice holiday surprise but don’t dare hope. H2P, Soccer Gramps .

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  3. There just aren’t enough good players on this team. But coming out flat this time of year is on the coaches. The number of mistakes this team makes is hard to comprehend.

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    1. BC doesn’t have good players either, but they have heart. That’s all I ask from this team but they never deliver at the end of the season or during bowl games.


  4. Once in, Sadly what could happen is 2,3,4 win seasons-it has happened before. I’m going to go take my nap now and hope I get up tomorrow with a better attitude. H2P Soccer Gramps


    1. Even with all the turmoil we never won less than 5 in the past 20 years. The previous disaster was the result of administration of epically bad proportions. I’m willing to roll the dice, chances are the worse that would happen is 5 and 7

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  5. Annie…my degree is in psychology. We are all in an abusive relationship and we keep going back thinking our partner, who we love, has changed.

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  6. Annie, thank you for feeling my pain. Dan, I cracked up when I read your comment. Now I can go take my nap and have a better chance of waking up with a better attitude in the morning H2p, Soccer Gramps.

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  7. We lead the nation in sacks and pass attempts… doesn’t that count for something….so sad……

    LSU vs Ohio State will be better than the Super Bowl…


  8. fundamentally sound and Pitt this year are polar opposites – not in the same universe let alone field. That is coaching stupidity AND player idiocy. These kids have been playing for 10 years. Mistakes happen, this is far in excess of that being enough of an excuse.

    How the hell did we stay close with PSU, I’ll never comprehend.

    Honestly, the D looked so bad it made me seriously think Pitt was paid to Pitt in this game to get another ACC team bowl eligible. I would have thought someone else was an idiot to say that but looking at the players after the game, NO ONE seemed to give a damn. Even Paris whiffed at a critical point. I’ll have a hard time forgetting Stocker riding the RB instead of tackling him low in the backfield on the first 5 yard bull ride.

    There is some athletic talent but little football smarts on this team and very little on the offensive side.

    Wrestling season starts Thursday for me…it will be very fun, thank God.


    1. The D looked fantastic in the first half. Held both rb’s to under 3 ypc. Passing game was nonexistent. Held BC to FG on every turonver. They can only bail the offense out so many times and it was clear they quit after the 4th


  9. Maddening and thankfully over.

    Season over.

    Historically we don’t fair well in bowls so get ready for another loss with poor coaching, costly player; mistakes, poor play and apparent apathy.

    Does anyone really thing these players will come together “one last time” for these poor seniors? I don’t.

    I also question if there is any real player leadership? Is there a player vocal enough and enough of a leader to hold ever player accountable? I haven’t see or heard of one. HCPN hasn’t once (to my knowledge) spoken about locker room leaders all season long.


  10. Mike – my original post must be stuck in the snake pit again. I did save this one and will post as “Anonymous” for Ike –

    “No question we’re frustrated,” Narduzzi said after the loss. “I don’t think we’re playing our best. We should be better than what we are right now. Again, we got a good football team. It’s not easy. I mean, BC came in, they’re hungry, trying to get a bowl game themselves. They played better than we did. We didn’t execute.”

    YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH – Meatloaf (Meatballs older brother)

    GOOD: the season is over except the bowel movement.

    From PSN – “I feel like we underachieved this season, tremendously,” senior linebacker Saleem Brightwell said. “I feel like especially with the players we have and the staff, to be 7-5 this year, it’s a fall-off from what we should have been.”

    Alex Kessman – kicker & punter. Needs a shot at QB.

    BAD: the list is long, so I’ll give the short version.

    Each of the past 5 seasons have ended with loses.

    The HC helped to hire the AD.

    The offense, defense, punt returns, kick returns and coaches.

    The offensive play calling.

    The defensive run stopping.

    UGLY: four turnovers leading to 12 BC points.

    One TD in the last two games

    Zero TD passes in the last ten quarters.

    False start penalties at home, in front of a very light crowd.

    Leading the nation in dropped passes.

    Possibility of losing a bowel movement to a MAC team.

    Losing to “Staight-ahead Steve” – how hard was that to scheme against? Shame on you DC Bates and HC Duzz.

    Erie Express

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  11. I have been on board and supported and defended Narduzzi and company to no end, but no more.

    The offensive play calling, mental errors just continued week to week. We all waited for the offense to break out but it never became consistent.

    The continuation of turnovers week in and week out just became mind boggling, the running to the sideline by Pickett was comical, how many times did a penalty kill a drive or a long gain? I venture to say we dropped at least 10% of our passing attempts.

    The offense needs an enema, I just think the defense gave up, they played lights out all season but were put in bad situations all year by turnover after turnover giving the opponent a short field. Without this defense we would have been 4-7.

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  12. Thankfully this game was not on tv in my area, but I had written the team off after coming into the VT game completely unprepared, so I didn’t even follow yesterday’s game (which is unlike me). There’s no doubt that much of the blame falls on Narduzzi, but football, like all other sports, is psychological, and I do wonder how such a pathetic, one-dimensional offense takes a toll on the moral of a defense (and a team)… It’s a shame, Pitt had finally built up a formidable defense, and i would’ve normally given a brand new OC at least a second year, but at this point you’d have to take a long look at getting rid of Whipple now (who I had high hopes for), otherwise I suspect next year should be Narduzzi’s last (I’m only talking in terms of should, not necessarily ‘will’).


  13. Nothing more to add to how bad the offense is. Still think we need a change in philosophy. We cannot win with a defense oriented team. Most great teams have a great offensive and good defenses. I think the defense started to let down from the offense and just gave up. When you’re constantly in short yardage situations, it gets you down.My guess is we finish 7-6 with a bowl game loss. After all why should we expect any different…..not the optimist anymore this season.

    PS On the bball, I think we’ll do better at that.


    1. Not me. Then MSU would personally see how soft and stupid Narduzzi is in person after they wax Pitt’s butts…


  14. Watching the game yesterday, Pitt looked like they did back under PC against Akron. Getting out physical-Ed at home against a BAD team. I never thought a Narduzzi team would look like that when he was hired.

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    1. I was at that Akron game, I remember well the long drive to get to the game and the usual excitement, then watching Pitt get dominated (by Akron!) and looking down at the sidelines as many of our players were not even watching the game and joking around; felt like a fool even caring when the players did not.

      Like I said above, the VT game was the end of our season, we came in and thought we could just show up unprepared, despite knowing we have no offense. The team has checked out due to an offense that has deflated team morale, not only to terrible performance, but perhaps even more concerning, due to no sign that things will improve. none.

      If I were paid big bucks to be AD, I’d find a new OC now, or give Narduzzi one more year with Whipple and then axe him if there isn’t significant progress.

      Not sure what WordPress will do with my name, but that’s all I have to say, 1618mt.


  15. Slept on it. Still pissed.

    Narduzzi is shooting himself in the foot.

    8 wins would have kept momentum going for the fan base and recruits by showing improvement.

    Maybe this is Pitt’s ceiling given their budget restraints, stadium situation, etc.

    PN will get another year. I have zero faith he gets past 7 wins. Next year should be a 9 win season. He is underachieving. Whipple underachieved but that is on PN.


    1. its Pitt’s ceiling due to coaching
      poor coaching, poor recruiting and poor player development, poor schemes
      pitt has the 4th highest budget
      they dont spend their money wisely
      if they were serious, they would publicly announce a feasibility study for an MPC
      at the very least it would distract fans from the mess that is Pitt football

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      1. I think the player development has been great on D. Offense should be caught up.
        Beatty had the worst position group this year by far.


  16. MM – great write up as always, but you are way too kind to the coaches!

    Narduzzi consistently gets worse as the season goes on, his teams slide physically and emotionally, the attention to detail, accountability and player improvement never happen – and he is clearly and painfully inarticulate and a horrible communicator. What’s not to love?

    I hate turnover in coaching and clearly understand the multi year risk of change. However, objectively, wre know what we have and he stinks and has no upside, plain and simple. So a change is much less risky since the stadium is empty, and getting emptier, with him in any event.


  17. As I mentioned before, there is no team discipline. Players should be held accountable for mistakes, although in Pitt’s case the whole team would be sitting. There is no depth on this team, so starters can’t be sat down without it really affecting the on field play. But it can’t get much worse. Mistakes by Freshmen leads me to answer why so many are playing and counted on to win games.

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  18. Nice job MM.

    I won’t repeat what everyone else is saying but I do have one point – don’t give Whipple credit for the gadget plays. You don’t need them if you have a good red zone offense. You just score. Period.

    Time for another change, top to bottom. Sigh.


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  19. The Patriots practice outside no matter how much snow, cold or rain. Not sure if Pitt has been using the indoor facility but Pitt has been very poor in the past 2 games.

    Pitt actually outgained BC and surprisingly had less penalties … yet the turnovers, drops and red zone issues still persist.

    Matt Canada is still unemployed …. just sayin’

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  20. Agree, the D let down was on the offense.
    Plus, the BC touchdown pass was Stocker biting on a play action. Stocker was only playing because of Ford’s suspension.
    I was listening to the radio broadcast, never heard Pitt announcers that frustrated. Bostick was calling out players and coaching. Lack of focus, lack of attention to detail, out coached. All falls on Narduzzi. Reoccurring issue.

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  21. Agree with the comments above about the D being worn down by O’s failures.

    It’s maddening as the solution to a much better season was so, so simple:

    1) Don’t move before the ball is snapped and listen to the snap count in the huddle.

    2) When the ball is in your hands, bring them together- quickly and tightly.

    3) When running with the ball, keep one point in the palm of one’s hand and the other point planted firmly in the inside crease of the elbow. Hold it close to the body and tight.

    Fixing those three things alone would have made a huge difference. Yes, there are other things that could have been done better, but those three things are the core of the team’s failure to realize its potential.


    1. Like JoeL writes, there is more to it than that but those 3 simple things would have made a difference in this game.

      Looked like Narduzzi was upset with KP for not letting AM get set but it did look like Matthews didn’t know the snap count.

      Simply put, PITT is just not talented enough to make as many mistakes as they did this year.

      Lots of great comments on this game and the season, especially liked EE’s, he touched on all the problems I watched.

      Just to piss off some of you I’ll add……… Narduzzi and his staff do NOT coach their players to fumble the ball and NOT know the snap count and I’m very sure they practice how to NOT drop passes and NOT make constant penalties of all types.

      Dropped passes are obviously drive killers, dropped passes happen to everyone but leading the nation? Penalties at the one yard line, C’MON! Yes I know, I’ve repeated myself.


      1. Ike you are pretty much he only one on this board not holding narduzzi accountable for not holding the players accountable. Love ya brother. Keep the faith


    2. Like JoeL writes, there is more to it than that but those 3 simple things would have made a difference in this game.

      Looked like Narduzzi was upset with KP for not letting AM get set but it did look like Matthews didn’t know the snap count.

      Simply put, PITT is just not talented enough to make as many mistakes as they did this year.

      Lots of great comments on this game and the season, especially liked EE’s, he touched on all the problems I watched.

      Just to piss off some of you I’ll add……… Narduzzi and his staff do NOT coach their players to fumble the ball and NOT know the snap count and I’m very sure they practice how to NOT drop passes and NOT make constant penalties of all types.

      Fumbles are obviously drive killers, dropped passes happen to everyone but leading the nation? Penalties at the one yard line, C’MON! Yes I know, I’ve repeated myself.


    3. Did you see Ffrenchies one hand catch? – and then in traffic he palmed the ffootball in one hand putting it in harms way (possible Ffumble).

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      1. My mom has a word for those kinds of guys when we used to watch the Phillies when I was a kid. “Hot dog”. I will day this, she didn’t know a lot about baseball but anytime someone earned that moniker it stuck, because they kept making the same mistake over and over again

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  22. One last point.

    Pitt isn’t going to hire the likes of Luke Fickel. Those types jump to the Florida States, Arkansas of the world.

    That being said, maybe this is Pitt’s ceiling. The money and pro town aren’t attracking a proven winner. Period.


  23. Hopefully, signing day for 2020 will go off as planned but who knows following the abysmal end to this year … deja vue- like 2018 all over again…..


  24. Nice write-up Mike, very sad but very true. What team wins after committing 4 turnovers? Doesn’t happen very often. BC’s run game was like Pitt’s last year and Dillon looked like a man playing against high school kids.

    The defense wore down at the end of the game. Stocker and Mathews played like it was their first game ever. Lack of team improvement overall is most appalling.

    Wait til next year, ha ha.


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  25. I am printing up this excellent write up and each of the comments and Fedex-ing them to HL. Enough is enough. Hopefully the big money donors feel the same way.

    You’re a good human HCPN, but you’re not a big time football coach.


  26. Not much to say. I thought Pitt would win by seven and it lost by that much.

    I’m sure it has been written, but the turnovers were just killer. The first two were really bad and seem to set a tone despite the defense holding BC to two field goals. After that Pitt had a chance for seven points after being down 13-3 and a stupid rush up to the line for a QB sneak play call made no sense. Don’t the coaches know the receiver will have to be set? Maybe Matthews messed that up. Maybe Pickett was unaware his receiver needed to get set first? Who knows? Not that it would have mattered. BC after just punched Pitt’s defense in the mouth with the run the rest of the way.

    Another killer was the secondary gave up completions four or five times on third down. Where was this blue chip secondary today? A 3rd and 9 and the BC QB makes a long throw to the sideline and Jackson is late getting there? Year five for Dane and I thought there would be some splash plays from him.

    It was real gut wrenching watching Whipple at work. This guy simply has no care to run the football. After a mistake bringing out the kickoff and having to go 96 yards for a TD, Pitt had a nice drive going and converted on third down with the pass (what else?) and then what? Passing again on first down and that led to an INT. Why won’t Whipple work in a running play now and then? BC is terrible against the run so why let it off the hook and continue to throw at will? Narduzzi sure messed up another OC hire it’s now looking.

    I’m hoping for the worst bowl and easiest opponent to get eight wins and I just want this season to end. These last two weeks left a sour taste for sure. The excuses for Narduzzi are starting to run out. Then again, this administration hasn’t cared about winning since 1982 so why should we expect more? Keeping Canada and building a powerful offense would have shown true commitment, but the fans say no way can Pitt compete with the LSU’s of the world. OK, then keep the mediocre guy because seven wins is almost a lock in the regular season. Why change and risk getting worse? Agents aren’t ga-ga about their clients having to coach at Heinz, especially when that client is looking for his first Power 5 gig.

    BC would be fools to fire Addazio with all the attrition he had this year. Good for them having powerful running backs and Pitt’s guys weigh 180 pounds soaking wet. Not that it matters with Whipple.

    It started with a loss at home and ended the same. I think it would be great for us fans to see Capel’s team exceed expectations and make one of those play-in games though I think even the NIT is a long shot.


  27. And enough with hiring former coordinators as head coaches. There are some amazing head coaches at FCS schools who would do great things at Pitt if given a chance.


  28. is heather disappointed?
    are the fans disappointed?
    are the big boosters disappointed?

    i think the answer is yes to all but is the disappointment enough to be angry

    angry will produce significant changes

    i dont think enough people are angry yet

    angry will get you coaching changes
    angry will get you changes to the recruiting tactics
    angry will hold everyone accountable for this mess
    angry will get you better fundraising
    angry will get you better marketing and brand awareness
    angry will get you a feasibility study
    angry will force Pitt to open their cooked books
    angry will get the real non-inflated attendance figures for heinz
    angry will get you tarping of the upper decks
    angry will get you open practices
    angry will get you a modern day college offense
    angry will not allow mediocrity, complacency and excuses
    angry will treat football as a business
    angry will produce a real strategy to create and nurture new supporters
    angry will get you more town halls with heather to engage fans and to allow fans to ask critical questions which deserve solid answers with plans
    angry will get you the death of SOP
    angry will prevent 30 more years of this

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  29. The Good:
    * Pitt’s record going into the last game of the season was 7-4 (most everyone predicted 5 wins)
    * With Wake’s, Louisville’s, and Miami’s losses – a win would have put them into a better bowl game!
    * Moving the ball well on the second drive of the game…then

    The Bad:
    * A team with 12 sacks through 11 games gets 4 in one game!
    * The Fumble, followed by another fumble changed the offensive game plan…and forced the defense to be on the field for too long.
    * With the back to back late season loosing streak, is it coaches, players or??
    * ‘Dancing Carter’ – needs to be disciplined.
    * Penalty killing drives.
    * Lack of attendance – embarrassing.
    * lack of sacks by our defense.
    * How did the tight end get open on 3rd down so often
    * 2nd game in a row when only 10 PLAYERS were on the field – how did this happen!
    * QB running to sideline for play calling – why can’t substitutions bring the playin?
    * HCPN press conference with too many ‘Ya know’s’ get him to a speaking class.
    * Crappy bowl, again, but at least it’s a bowl.
    * Lack of team discipline, ball control, dropped passes….lack of physicality.
    * Painful end of season (repeated again and again)…


    1. despite Narduzzi’s acc record, he has a very bad habit of bad season ends (includes the bowl)
      hence little to no buzz is created for next season
      a bad taste is left in everyone’s mouth
      recruits see this and taste it
      fans as well

      if you look at real attendance numbers and not the fake ones published by Pitt, attendance is at its lowest levels since the mid 90’s
      the real attendance is the eye test…heinz has been no more than 50% of capacity this season with real butts in those yellow seats
      Heather – stop lying to us
      if you look at the donation rate, it has NOT significantly increased
      if you look at season ticket sales,they are DOWN
      if you look at Pitt’s cooked books, they are still losing money
      if you look at the excitement around the program (unlike basketball), it does NOT exist

      yet many want to keep this coach and staff around
      many want to award heather AD of the Year and call her a genius for extending Narduzzi
      many see no problems
      many are sheep
      i am a lion…i eat sheep for breakfast


    1. TX: I was at the game.

      Announced crowd: 40,000+

      Actual attendance: No more than 25,000-30,000.

      Side note: there were probably 200 students there. Seriously. I know it was Thanksgiving break, but my goodness. I didn’t see the game, but I’ll bet PSU had at least 5000 students at the Rutgers game yesterday.

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  30. What does it tell the second stringers that no matter how many fumbles, penalties and wrong routes the starters make, you will never see the field?
    Dontaveus Butler Jenkins…should have played after Wayne’s fumble.
    Ulizio…benched after false start number one.
    Freshman Davis fumbles….your game V’Lique.
    Accountability is not part of the program.

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  31. Just read Greg Schiano agreed to coach Rutgers (again).

    Won’t be an exact mirror to Pitt, but let see if he can get them bowl win before year 5.

    Btw he took a “dead” program to a bowl in year 5 (an L) and then won 6 consecutive bowls.

    Maybe Narddog is ready to run off a 6 year bowl win streak after this year’s loss.




    1. He’s going to siphon off some of the NJ recruits we’ve been getting, if nothing else


  32. I said this earlier in the season. I’m not sure if Whipple has done this at every stop, but to me, he has Pickett to the sideline every play because Kenny is not a game manager and or can’t make good decisions when it goes live.


    1. damn, and I was looking forward to your post after yesterday’s teaser with your view from having been there.

      actually I am skeptical when people post they see things way better when they are at the game although it is certainly possible because with TV, you may miss some things completely,,,,last week’s game THE WORST OF ALL IN THAT EVEN THE PLAY ON THE FIELD HAD PARTS MISSING

      hope you do try again otherwise I’ll remain skeptical


    2. They are probably in the spam filter. Idk wby this happens. I can’t approve them from the app and unfortunately I’m away from home until This evening


  33. Narduzzis November record is mediocre at best. Seasons are won or lost in November. How much is Pitt spending on the program again? 4th highest in ACC right? Yet Pitt gets crappy bowls every year. At least the players are choir boys and outstanding citizens. I’m pretty sure that the Pitt BOT is secretly applying for membership in the Patriot conference. Continue being the sheep that you are Pitt fans. A lion has to eat.

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  34. We have problems and they are many.

    I am not as angry as most because I pretty much expected this.

    From the beginning, I said the offense had the potential to be pretty weak.

    It all goes back to recruiting, so while the defense obviously has enough quality players now to be pretty sound, the offense just does not.

    Start with the O-line, another year we have to use a senior transfer at Tackle the most important position.

    How many times did Ulizio kill drives by jumping off side? He just isn’t good enough. How many fumbles did we have per game, total turnovers. How many dropped passes were there?

    You win football games when you win the turnover battle. As good as our D was, they didn’t generate enough turnovers..

    My beef with coaching is primarily with Whipple. I think he tried to do to much, his playbook was too big, which led to poor execution and too many mistakes. I also think he tried to play too many guys, and never found his go to guys. He also didn’t seem to call the right play at the right time.

    He never shortened the bench, found the fewer plays they could execute routinely, giving the guys the confidence needed for success.

    Having four running backs is never a good thing, you need a go to guy and a change of pace guy. You can’t get enough reps for four guys.

    Is Narduzzi a big enough man to tell Whipple what he needs to make it happen?


    1. GC it’s hard to shorten your bench when every player on and off it don’t perform. Thus the revolving door. The one player I do question is this freshman receiver. Where the hell was he all year?


  35. We need Kiffin.
    A coach bigger than the program to get national attention. This guy with closed practices. I mean we are almost to closed games! Hey we can use that play next week.
    My wife has a work friend that went on a work trip to Oklahoma and wanted to see where the Sooners played.
    She went to the stadium and they said well come on in and watch the end of practice! The woman did not even like football!
    The coach of a shitty program has to sell sell sell and start to win. The Miami game and the BC game were just lousy games. The Miami game zero chance to cheer the entire game.
    If you want to run practice like the CIA you better damn win 10 games because no one is showing up if you don’t.

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    1. This would have posted if you’d written sh++y instead of well…you know. Sorry but those are the rules


  36. The barge missed her. Somewhere in Cincy, a potential SO suiter is in tears
    Our very own SOP has once again decided to take up residence at H-57, North Shore. She decided the opportunities for romance were much greater here.

    BTW, I looked in the cupboard this morning – my half full glass is empty!


    1. You used profanity so it’s being held for moderation. Just *** out a couple of letters next time or find a different word. Sorry those are the rules


  37. I have had season tix since the Todd Graham year (ikr) and I can’t remember a more frustrating season. Once again, no improvement by the offense as the year progressed, and a regression by the defense, which may be understandable given the lack of support by their teammates on the other side of the ball.
    So many times yesterday we would see Shockey fair catch kickoffs that seemed returnable and then field a ball in the end zone that they should have let go, resulting in starting a drive at the 3 yard line.

    So many times yesterday (and all season) we question the decisions being made by the Pitt coaching staff, while I can’t remember questioning calls by the BC staff.

    Despite going to a crappy bowl game I can’t imagine Pitt winning their bowl game. If they don’t make an effort I won’t make an effort in time and money to support them in a bowl this year. I saw no passion in this team yesterday.


  38. As far as coaching changes, I’m not ready. It took Narduzzi a long time to get his defense to this level.

    I give him next year to get the offense together. It won’t be a total rebuild like this year. Much of the line is back. KP is back. If Whipple stays the playbook is back, so less learning curve

    No doubt the poor finishes year after year are frustrating and much of it is on coaching, but a lot has been on not having adequate depth, last year Morrison, this year not having Ffrench and Mack together down the stretch.

    Someone said yesterday, it is a miracle that this team won 7 games, I’m in that camp.With the number of penalties, turnovers, dropped passes, missed assignments it is a wonder that we won seven.

    Few teams can overcome a deficit of 4 turnovers yet we lost by a touchdown.

    If Ford stays and Weaver and Camp are healthy, the defense should be amazing next year.

    I know it is a big if, but IF the offense can eliminate half its mistakes, we might have the season we’ve been waiting for.

    If it doesn’t happen, I will be enthusiastically joining the major change band wagon.

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  39. Goes, I respect your optimism, but lime you said, it’s the missed assignments, penalties and miscues that brought Pitt to now. That’s all coaching. What makes you think after 5 years there will be improvement.


    1. We saw it with Canada when he had the horses. I agree that Whipple still won’t have a full deck but they should be better.

      As I have said before only part of the missed assignments etc. are on the coaches, most of it are on the guys making the mistakes. The coaches are not dropping those passes. Better players make fewer mistakes and catch more balls, miss fewer blocks or tackles etc.

      Did Narduzzi suddenly become a better defensive coach, NO, he finally has guys capable of making plays.


      1. Just my opinion but canada was a hell of a playcaller. Yes he had the horses but he also had an instinct. I think he would have netted us +1 win this year. If course we will never know

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  40. Look at the bright side a BC bowl means more money in the ACC coffers.

    No doubt they wanted/needed the game more than us.

    By the way. Pitt isn’t going to fire a coach, that gets to a bowl game and runs a clean program, no matter how frustrating it is to us fans.Especially with the track record of replacing coaches. They can’t afford another Freddy Kruger, or Rockports.


  41. Man – it is sad. I took all my Pitt Gear down to Good Will this morning …. and they refused the donation! Said they only take clothing people will wear! SAD


  42. Shorter recap:
    We need Kiffin. A coach that will get national attention.
    Wife had a work friend that was sent to Norman Oklahoma and she wandered over to the Sooners stadium. The guy told her well you must go inside and watch them finish practice!
    She does not even like football!
    If you are going to run practice like the CIA you better win 10 games. We now have closed games! We can run the same plays the next week if we played at home.
    The Miami game and the BC games were just atrocious. The Miami game offered zero chance to cheer the entire game.
    Closed practice and boring games for a bad team with limited fans is a loser.

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  43. MM Congratulations on the best football blog in the land. Great site with equally great people.

    43% of opponents points scored on drives starting inside Pitt side of the 50.
    Averaged 8 penalties at 70 yards per game
    Averaged just under 2 turnovers per game

    Believe the average Pitt drive for any score was between 11-13 plays (noted by I think KP yesterday pointing out more plays equal more opportunities for the bad things above).

    2018 (101) & 2019 (98) season penalties easily exceed anything in the recent past

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  44. When the Duuzer arrived in town, he promised accountability…”You need to earn your spot Every Practice “ was the mantra…and we all cheered.
    Evidently, that mantra doesn’t hold true in games.

    I do Not dislike the guy, I simply believe he does not possess the intellectual makeup to succeed as a head coach.

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    1. So you’re sayin he has meatballs for brains?

      Heather will give him at least another year. Firing him will make her look bad. She’s the one that extended him.

      I’d like to know what she plans on doing to boost attendance and donations after this year. She has no plan or clue.

      I’d begin looking for a replacement AD as well. Football pays the bills and revenue is down. The welfare check from the ACC doesn’t count. Heathers fundraising and marketing strategies have been utter failures.

      And Gallagher can shove that front porch where the sun don’t shine.

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    1. Joe, we seem to be getting your posts, and we are waiting for your next day game analysis. Please bring it! 😊


  45. Narduzzi has to sell sell sell.
    He does nothing.
    That is a large part of his job he is ignoring.
    If you are a CEO and the company needs money your job becomes fundraising before all else.
    Pitt needs fans and attention. Closed practice and never going out in the public is a dereliction of a major part of your job.


    1. but thats more heathers job
      narduzzi just has to deliver wins
      now having an exciting offense and some marquee players can help heather sell
      but this is more on her

      she is god awful at fundraising and marketing
      but i didnt expect much from a compliance person who left eastern Michigan in financial disarray (she left the new AD with having to cut 4 olympic programs that were very successful because football ran up a huge deficit despite their first bowl appearance in many years)

      dereliction of duty is also lying about attendance; its only answering pre-screened acceptable questions at the town hall meetings, its the BS line about the front porch….i can go on


  46. I’m taking a break from Pitt football — have to for my mental health…

    It was so disappointing to see the seniors be introduced yesterday with so few fans in the stadium. Made me wonder why any elite recruit would come to Pitt. Oh, that’s right…

    Was angry at the poor performance. Was obvious BC needed this game and we didn’t and we just didn’t give a crap.

    So, anyway, taking a break for a while. Thanks to you MM, and all the POVers.

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    1. Good luck John. After putting up with this season you earned it.


  47. I need to adjust my previous rant about Pitt being soft and playing without emotion. Paris Ford is not soft and he plays with emotion. Ok, I’m done.

    For those that think KP played a solid to great game, re-watch it. He actually turned into the sackers on 2-3 of the sacks. He did better moving around in the pocket during the second half which was good, but it was too late. The team just had no heart. They don’t fight for each other and perhaps that is what I see more than anything and it is troubling.

    The reason? I personally believe that players who transfer in are generally not “accepted” by the team and that they are given promised playing time by the coaching staff without the perception of “earning” it. For teams not accustomed to winning, i believe it causes resentment with every dropped pass,, missed block, penalty, etc. Those kids just don’t mesh well and are taking snaps from others that put in the time to earn a spot.

    Accountability begins with the Chancellor and works its way down. He is in over his head and there is turmoil at the university between the administration, the faculty and employees. There is an undercurrent. Academic and athletic performance and standards are dropping. Attendance is the AD’s problem. Keep waiting for next years 15k season ticketholder’s to re-up. If your athletic spend is top 5, you should have top 5 results. Anything lower and you under performed. Anything higher and Pitt got a bargain. To date, she has been a disaster.

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          1. well Pitt isnt cheap anymore and not spending at the bottom
            they do cook the books and dont disclose jack crap
            i have to rely on media from Syracuse to find the answers
            but its not like Pitt is breaking the bank on spend
            the supposed difference in spend between #5 and #10 in the acc is just a few million
            that might buy you three 4 stars, a half decent position coach and some new weight machines


  48. Random

    hoping that E^^^ is a sign joek is going to post

    I posted something yesterday on the game thread that showed up today, so there might be hope joeknew post is floating around somewhere,,,,mine was lame SOP!!! – repeated – should have stayed lost

    KP is a robot,,,I kinda like him but get an odd feeling with his ‘tude speaking after a loss

    KP may throw a ball that points downward at reception point,,,,poor reason to drop them

    I am not ANGRY, embarassed, sickened, disappointed are more accurate for me – maybe a bit pissed that I am more pissed than the players looked right after the game ended,,,,which looked like for them while there was still time on the clock


  49. Huff, did you re-watch the helmet to KP head? Seriously.

    Just so you know, I am NOT PICKING ON YOU!!! but do you really think anyone in the world is going to rewatch that SOPOS?

    ^^^^ same old piece of sh%$


    1. yeah, i re-watched the entire horrifying experience and it was just as awful the second time….probably worse. I really would love for someone to offer the 360 view from on top of the stadium so we can see every play from an aerial perspective.

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  50. I know the defense helped win some games but zero turnovers caused the past two weeks. Needed big stops against Miami and BC and it wasn’t there. BC had one weapon and couldn’t be stopped. Please someone tell me why next year will be better

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      1. I think 7-5 is mite likely but I hear you. Interesting note about the pressure


      2. Same people I bet who always want to make a change and then when funds are needed to hire a real coach those people and others are nowhere to be found, hence another in a long line of mediocre coaches with warts everywhere is hired on the cheap.

        Wash, rinse, repeat …. Same old Pitt. Same bureaucrats who conned us by saying it tried to keep Canada when it never had any interest to get into a bidding war and paying that kind of money, which is what it takes it you want to escape 7-5 and try to get to 9-3.

        The school got out of the business of big time football in 1982. It was near the top, so great move there.

        Can’t wait for the Military Bowl to get gouged by the run and watch idiot Whipple throw it 40 times. Pitt should demand not going back there for a home Navy game.

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    1. Well the biggest improvement comes between year one and year two… (I’m being sarcastic)


  51. IMG_5033.jpeg

    Not sure if this photo shows up (WordPress stinks), but it is a pre-game photo from yesterday. We had a pre game gathering with Kylan Johnson’s family, who traveled in for Senior Day.

    Very nice family. Kylan Johnson is an extremely nice young man. Hoping that he makes it to the NFL.

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  52. I’ll probably attend every home game as well as a couple away games next year as I have for the last 30 years but there is absolutely no way I will renew my season tickets. Why would you pay an average of $53 for tickets that could be purchased for $10 on game day. No need to buy season tickets for a 6-7 Winn team. It’s a reality in today’s world. Value equals quality. Win 10 next year and I might reconsider.

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  53. Sadly these type of SOP losses are in pitt’s DNA as a program. These pathetic losses that keep us mediocre have happened under every regime. I really thought after the first two years Narduzzi might be the one who gets these losses out of Pitts DNA. But then the pinstripe bowl happened and we have had a few losses we should have won each year after. This was a pathetic loss to an inferior team. It is devastating to be a pitt fan.

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  54. So I’m not ready to talk about next year just yet but from what I’ve read I don’t agree. Surprise Surprise. 3 year starter at QB and a more experienced O-Line with older RB’s. The defense will only be better. There, I did talk about next year. OUCH!

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    1. A bit of a surprise, my buddy a BC alum told me after the game yesterday the win over Pitt secured his job for one more season.


      1. Sleepy Martin Jarman, BC AD, smiled in Addazios face after the game yesterday like BC won the Super Bowl……and Addazio blew him off. He knew he was gone.


        1. I also think that’s why he was a little choked up after the game


    1. If you are right, you can have that house back that I won 😉

      Can you see if 3/4 of the offense can be fired too?


    2. Does she have a candidate or maybe a few possibilities? I don’t want to hear the search firm junk.

      I’m with Kman in that FAU HC Kiffin would be a good hire for Pitt FB. Unfortunately, the administration will turn it’s nose up at the idea.

      I’d lyke to see Tex’s list of top five candidates.


      1. I wont disclose since I refuse to do her job
        Heather needs to pick up the damn phone and call me. Price is a feasibility study

        but all have been or are head coaches
        all come from good coaching trees
        all have offensive backgrounds
        all have proven success in their conferences
        i have other criteria that i used to rank coaches (built a scorecard so to say so it rank orders)
        i placed various weights on various variables…subjective, no regression analysis involved
        but I did do my research and have empirical data to feed my scorecard

        But yes, one of those coaches is the guy from Toledo
        thats the only one from the list that I’ll disclose…BTW, he is near the bottom of my list

        and I have no idea if any of them would be interested. Thats why Heather needs to pick up the phone now and begin calling their agents.


  55. Guys, read as this article…


    Especially this part about being ineligible for the championship game.

    “Narduzzi at least found a silver lining in that one.

    “We wouldn’t have been there anyway,” Narduzzi said of the ACC championship, noting Virginia clinched with a 39-30 victory over Virginia Tech on Friday, “so it’s better to find out a week early than the night before.”

    That might best explain Pitt’s lackluster start, its inattention to details and mishandling of the football. The Panthers performed like they had nothing to play for, even though it was Senior Day. If only Narduzzi would coach like he had nothing to lose, going for touchdowns instead of settling for field goals against Penn State, Miami and Boston College.”

    Gee Pat, ya think the kids would have practiced harder during game week instead of sending it in if indeed they were in the running to play Clemson again? He speaks in riddles wrapped inside idiocy.

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      1. Reed has been a Narduzzi hater from day one. The reality is that if u are pessimistic on pitt football u will always be right. At least for the last 40 years you will have been right.

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        1. I’d rather be wrong.
          I’m optimistic on Pitt. All Heather needs to do is pick up the phone and call me
          I’m sure we will have a beautiful and perfect conversation
          And there will be quid pro quos

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  56. Reed is on heathers naughty list. If she knew my real name, I’d probably be banned from sporting events for being so critical of her performance. I guess Pitt now hands out participation trophies for finishing dead last by a mile in the directors cup. And for finishing last in athletic donation rates. And for finishing last in attendance as a percentage of capacity. A dead hamster could get better results.


  57. To those typical yinzers afraid of change…

    Who believe we’ll never do better than Narduzzi so live with it and shut up. Narduzzi is a failure by the standards that a long list of Pitt coaches has set. This team played a terrible schedule in a conference regarded as the worst Power 5 with just two ranked teams. We lost three games at home in our rented stadium.

    Even the parade of bimbo ADs and chancellors wouldn’t be keeping this jerk around. And Gallagher? What a disappointment? Heather…not seeing anything on the football front so far to impress.

    Those fools who are defending Narduzzi for whatever reason are a big part of the problem. They are co-dependent and fear change, fear speaking up, and fear that it will always get worse. Those fans are the truly negative energy suffocating this program. If this so called head coach had played any kinds of a schedule we would have been embarrassed regularly.

    He’s incapable of hiring a good offensive coordinator and keeping him. His offense is putrid because he hires putrid people and he couldn’t keep the first two coordinators who ran rings around Whipple. Whipple should have been fired today.

    The Yinzers chant: “I’m scared to change!”. I’m sick of reading moronic excuses for Nard bag and his undisciplined, penalty-loving band of dancing warriors. This team is going no where under Narduzzi. But, please, enjoy. Send you money to Heather and buy up those season tickets and make big donations. Nothing will change. Nothing. Unless fans demand it with their voices and their wallet.

    The best thing about this football season is my subscription to You Tube TV. I can record games from all over, don’t have to even be at home to do it, and watch some great football this season. I bought a subscription for Pitt but have no interest in seeing pitiful BC blow us out.

    I’m done. I’ll check back in when Narduzzi actually strings together some impressive wins…at the end of next season.

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  58. If for nothing else, Narduzzi should be fired for the sweatshirt he wore during the game.

    Looked like a $5 knock off you see being peddled along the sidewalk on Forbes.


  59. post chunks – divide by 4 or 5 or whatever makes sense

    i’d give you my email to send so I could try, but if I don’t like it, I’d have to trash it before it sees the light of day 😉


  60. It seems to me that if you are game planning for the BC game you would not want BC to get ahead and then eat clock by pounding the ball with Dillon. Humm…


  61. OK, first part. I didn’t want to post when I returned from the game. Thought a good nights sleep would give some perspective. When I woke up ( always a good thing) I discovered I wasn’t mad, or angry, or upset, or depressed. It took awhile, but then ?I realized, I just didn’t care. Apathy had set in. Yup, the great killer or sports programs, just ask the Pirates. Because if you’re mad, or angry, or upset, you still care. You’re invested. It hit me when I read the sports section and bypassed the Pitt article as if it were an NBA box score.
    This should cause concern for the administration, certainly not because of me personally, but because if it happened to me there are probably many others who feel the same. Heck, I stayed with them through 1-9s and JMll. I have been as passionate as any fan. To just not care is strange, sort of liberating, but kinda scary.
    The next installment will be some thoughts and observations of the game.


  62. I haven’t been posting much lately. I usually fall off the grid mid-season or so. Work picks up, football gets bad. Lol. BC just fired their coach for being average. Pitt can too. 5 years is long enough. It’s not a stability issue any more. Go get Jeff Hafley from Ohio State.

    Defensive minded coach who can carry on the tradition of Duzz. NFL experience. Pitt experience. Ties to Wanny which should make local HS coaches happy and a very good recruiter of NJ. Ties to Charlie Partridge. Ohio State experience … c’mon Heather!

    Hot name right now. Not a retread. Never been a HC before. I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.

    … just some ruminating from a downtrodden Pitt fan … The December 1st blues strike again.

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  63. 1) What should really scare the administrators isn’t the game, it’s the attendance. I’m being generous when I say there were 8-10,000 fans including 3-400 students. This is no hyperbole. I know, I know holiday, blah, blah, blah. Remember, they were GIVING AWAY FREE TICKETS. If you are giving your product away for free and even then no one wants it, well you have a major crisis. This should send shivers down the administrators spines( assuming they have any).


  64. 2) To whoever said it wasn’t on Whipple it was on Matthews, I can only assume you weren’t at the game and the TV feed didn’t show how the whole thing developed. Let me recap: We get to the 2 inch line as the quarter ends. After the TV time out we run to the line to quick snap and catch BC napping. As this is happening I’m yelling NO, NO, NO, ( along with the 3 other guys in my section). This was a play begging for a penalty. If you need to get cute from 2 inches out and run that play you get what you deserve. That’s 100% on the coaches.


  65. 3) Speaking of coaching, yup, my favorite move, the defensive time out. Well at least this time it worked….. NOT, just seeing if you’re paying attention. Result, first down BC. Then my next favorite move. Anyone know how much time we lost running to the sidelines to get every play when we were down 10 and trying to hurry up? It’s the 12th game for crips sake. And some thought Jamie was a control freak. And throw, throw, throw your boat, err ball, whatever, you get the drift.


    1. I’m finally convinced that recruiting needs a boost. Hire a coach with a track record steeped in recruiting, not a tradition of turning 3 stars into NFL prospects like Duzz was known for. I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Duzz is the 40th highest paid HC … and we’re getting 40th highest paid results. Spend top 20 money for top 20 team.


  66. 4) Football provides the funds to support all of a university’s non revenue sports. At Pitt, football is a non revenue sport. They know this, and it should scare them. You can’t have a coach who is arrogant, stubborn, and alienating fans. Some are really great coordinators but not good head coaches. Just the way it goes. Lots of things to juggle, lots to control, lots to delegate. Some can, some can’t.
    I had 3 more points but seriously I’m done for now. Maybe rest later.


  67. good so far joeknew,,,worth the wait! especially like the Mathews take which I saw the other way, both views are valid


  68. apathy leads to season ticket holders not renewing. It leads to fewer donations. It leads to lower attendance. It leads to lower merchandise sales. It leads to less support period.

    but one way to jump start things is with a coaching change.

    Heather can have my money and my attendance if she does a few things:
    1.) fire Narduzzi
    2.) hire one of the 5 HC’s from my list
    3.) conduct a feasibility study for an on campus MPC
    4.) show me the plan to increase donation rates
    5.) show me the plan to engage existing fans and grow new supporters
    6.) publish the real attendance numbers and dont play me as a fool
    7.) disclose your cooked books to the public so we can all see how unprofitable this program really is
    8.) take all questions in your town hall meeting and not just the pre-screened/politically correct ones
    9.) hire some real help in marketing, fundraising and finance
    10.) tarp the upper deck

    Again, Heather you can call or text me directly to discuss these things. I know your minions monitor all Pitt blogs and forums. My number is 682-209-7602. Dont be shy. Pick up the phone. I’m here to help because I’m angry. But you really need to worry about apathy – the killer of AD’s

    Your friend Tex

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  69. I started 3 separate posts and then deleted them…I think I have short term apathy.
    Waiting for the cure…
    These last 2 games seemed to suck the football spirit out of me.
    Diving 100% into Christmas.

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    1. Bowl destination announced on the 8th maybe that will motivate you Fran. Maybe.


  70. Apathy is the worst kinda feeling…I have a good case of it……..2 games in a row where the team doesn’t show up…that literally can drain a fan..I am with Fran -it’s Christmas…lot’s to be thankful and celebrate..BTW JeanieB’s sister who is battling an unwinnable fight with ALS has been put on hospice….


    1. Sorry to hear about Jeannie’s sister Bern. Hoping for peace for her and the family


  71. Perhaps some one here should pay more attention as to how 1) Pitt plays football, 2) how PN coaches football and 3) their own involvement in Pitt football rather than how and when Reed posts.

    I’ve been saying for years that Narduzzi was a mediocre HC and got continually slammed for it… Now that others have been saying the same things (press, both local and national, included) for the last 2+ seasons some on here still point fingers and scream “Intent” and “Trust the Process” like it’s a religious mantra.

    The bottom line is that Pitt has stayed average, or worse, under PN and with his poor recruiting, and it has been overall, Pitt fans will get more of the same.so if it helps to criticize me instead of who actually makes a difference in Pitt football then I’d question your own intent and not another fan’s.

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    1. and I have been saying that PN is the anti-Chryst ….PC recruited the offense very well but poorly on defense, and PN, just the opposite.


          1. For longer than I care to remember, I’ve always thought having a good OL was key in football (QB of course the most important single position), because without a good OL you cannot run or throw consistently, and your defense will be on the field for too. Even though Chryst did not do any better of a job than Narduzzi, this is one area he got right; Chryst may not have gotten highly rated OL, but more importantly he got very good OL due to his evaluation process & development I suspect.


            1. He also had a guy that went to Wisconsin and started for a bit but turned out to be just about average. He then transferred to FSU. I can’t remember his name


  72. FWIW, after a disappointing loss, I also wait awhile before spewing out my frustration and anger, and try to maintain some perspective. But the fact is that I remain disappointed. There were just too many drops, too many penalties and too many turnovers this year. It’s one thing to have a few bad outings but all of these were pretty much apparent throughout the season.

    About 45 weeks ago when Whipple was hired, I wrote here that I expect the passing game to improve but worried it may come too much to the expense of the running game. And of course, this occurred. Now whether it was due to the mentality of the OC or the inability of the OL is arguable.

    I knew that last year, the team had a run mentality but couldn’t pass, and this year it was the opposite …. the trouble is that maybe our QB and WRs are just not 35-40 passes per game types. And to continually have no confidence in moving the chains on 3rd or 4th and short by running is just not Pitt FB IMO.

    I’m not sure what the answer is …. except that this offense needs balance, and the mentality that it could do both


  73. When the bowls are announced keep your fingers crossed we don’t play Navy.

    If we play Navy in the Military bowl I think we lose. Take a look at their stats.


    #1 in rushing. We just gave up 264 to BC, Navy averages 360 ppg and scored 48! TDs on the ground.

    Then 128th in passing yards but #9 in passing eff. and #2 in Yards Per Catch at 23.7.

    They will hold us down in points and then run, run, run and hit a big pass here and there and score on us. More disciplined also. #3 in both fewest penalties and #3 in fewest penalty yards.

    Give me Indiana any day.

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  74. I want Indiana as well so we can watch our secondary get torched via the pass. Couldn’t even stop BC’s passing game when the D needed to get off the field and gave up at least four or five conversions on third down.

    Navy is a guaranteed loss. Heather should demand that Pitt is not going back there to play a home team in a bowl game.

    Take the worse bowl possible for the best chance at a W to get to eight wins. Eight wins with this offense would be quite an accomplishment.


  75. Duzz gets one more year.. he’s one and done… new staff in 2021…. that is the reality IMO….schedule was very favorable this year with the exception on starting with UVA…. scoring 19 points a game doesn’t cut the PITT mustard…. look for another middling season next year… then we can get excited when Jeff Hafley or PJ Fleck comes home to roost- think BIG…

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      1. Cut blocking and playing a bowl game as road opponent is what I hate and why I want no part of it. Let NC be the sacrificial lamb for Navy.


  76. Navy is a bad matchup because 1) it’s a bowl game and die hard fans overvalue them and 2) Number 1 will be magnified because it’s not worth getting your already injury depleted defensive line hurt against the constant Navy chop blocks.

    Pitt’s DL will not engage the OL and it will be 5 yards before a Navy RB is even touched, just like the last time they played in the Military Bowl.

    Player health > Winning an exhibition game … no matter how many on here truly believe that a bowl win will help morale … it won’t … Pitt still only won 7 games in the real season.

    It’s a preseason game in the post season. That is all it is. It means something in the moment because, hey, it’s football and it’s our team on the field … but, trust me, the same intensity will not be there. From the coaches or the players.

    If Pitt were playing a “bigger” team, sure. The underdog spark kicks in. But they wouldn’t get the “bigger” team’s best for the same reasons … thus, making it a closer game than it would be in the regular season … and truly giving momentum going into the next season … even though they most likely did not get the “bigger” team’s best. Man, is it a dizzying circle of reality. Haha.

    That’s the only scenario where a bowl game means something … and even that it’s artificial … but at least it does have some value on morale.

    The playoffs mean something. The New Years Day bowls mean something because of the tradition behind them. That’s it, outside of the underdog “me against the world” boost that a few (very few) upsets may have on a program’s morale.

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    1. I disagree…one team always finds a way to get up for the game. One team always wants it more. There are no ties. Pitt historically is not that team. They could be though. The final record always reflects the bowl win or loss. There’s no astricts.


      1. Yes, a team always wins just like in a preseason game. There is always a winner. The consequences are nil, however, which depreciates the game for all involved.


    1. Bates had a terrible day at the office on Saturday. How many times did he call a defense that gave up a pass for a first down? Four or five at least. I never thought BC would be successful versus the Pitt secondary.


  77. I like Bates a lot..
    He spoke to Major Majors and myself at a recruiting event. Very personable, no cone of silence, told us WHY he wanted to run an aggressive D. Answered all our questions.


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