189 thoughts on “Pitt Basketball Open Thread – Pitt vs Northwestern

    1. He can’t stay ice cold all year. He may be worried Hamilton has his job as 6th man now too.

      I’m surprised Capel started 3 guards against their big guys. He must think they’re slow. I thought Brown would be instead of Murphy, especially since he’s cold shooting 3’s now.


  1. No coincidence they go on big run once they took Skippy out. Sorry all you Skippy fans, heā€™s not very good. Now heā€™s back in, letā€™s see if he does something.


  2. He just kills all mo when he gets in. If he isnā€™t hitting outside itā€™s like playing 5-4. Best player, really?? Come on, you can like a kid, but watch the game. Letā€™s hope he gets it together at some point cause they could use a shooter.

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  3. Iā€™d like to see press this team but Pitt doesnā€™t make enough baskets to press. NW completely outsmarting Pitt clogging the inside and daring Pitt to make a shot.

    Great play by McGowans.


    1. You’d think Capel would order them not to shoot beyond 15 feet for like everyone but Murphy. As he is the only one that might remotely hit a 3, but he looks bad tonite too.


  4. I came to the party late. I think that we didnā€™t score for the first 20 minutes I was watching.

    Mr. NBA is just terrible protecting the ball.


  5. Wow first game i’ve watched…horrendous shooters, the shots aren’t even close to going in like 90% of the time, think I saw maybe 1 or 2 rimouts…..the rest were wildly off


    1. Yeah that’s the bad part is that most of them aren’t close. I am going to tell myself there is a strong draft in this gym that is altering our shooting.


  6. Out in Cali with no ACC network. So this is the first game I have watched. I think most comments are probably harsh regarding a young team. And yet, even before joeknew posted regarding Murphy, that was the one insight I had to agree with. Murphy may be a great asset for this team, but there is little reason to refer to him as the best on the team.
    (Well, I know Xavier has played poorly….so I am not literally saying that Murphy comments are the only legitimate insight I read on here from previous games. It is just that I thought the Murphy comments had to be knee-jerk reactions or overly critical of him due to his background.)


  7. This game would be a blowup had we made even 33% of our 3’s and say 43% of our 2’s. Northwestern is garbage having lost to Radford and something named Merrimac(k)…(not to be confused with the Monitor)


  8. What’s going on with our supposed best recruit from last year, Gerald Drumgoole. Injured ?
    The other kid Kumbali or something is riding the bench too.


  9. I think we played reasonably well in the first half except for poor shooting. If we shot even close to respectable we would have a nice lead.


  10. Pitt’s players are much quicker, so they should be taking these slower taller players, off the dribble, not settling for these long shots. Poor coaching.


  11. Ya Dan, thatā€™s what Iā€™ve been saying. If he hits great, you can live with him, but if snot, well you just canā€™t have him taking more time and shots than anyone on the team.


  12. Unless Iā€™m watching a different game than you guys, I see a fast and athletic Pitt team with 0 (nada) offensive discipline or teamwork that is lucky to be playing a slow and unathletic NW squad. We May get lucky and win but how are the coaches not accountable for sloppy and selfish street ball (primarily by our supposed best players – and not as good because we canā€™t shoot. Someone who knows more about hoops than me will have to help me with what I am seeing on offense. Maybe this haphazard style is what Capel is teaching?

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    1. Pitt’s half court sets are atrocious. They rarely ever attempt to get the ball into either Brown or Hamilton.
      There is no inside/outside passing therefore at all. Agree what is Capel teaching and all these other former HC’s that are on his staff.


  13. Seriously, is it more painful to watch our football offense or our basketball offense?

    (And as I type that, Pitt hits two 3s in a row… šŸ˜Š)

    Go Pitt.


  14. Pitt needs to learn how to overcome adversity and how to win. This will be a good lesson but maybe a painful one. Glad Capel did not get tees up on that awful call.

    I can still see NW winning this game. Pitt needs to keep their heads

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    1. He’s patient allowing the guys to shoot their way out of slumps. He wants them to shoot. It grows confidence. You can’t be worried about getting the hook for missing a shot….or 9 šŸ˜‰

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  15. Real quick, nice win, sloppy. Hey, if I had any criticism of Capel it would be his inbounds plays, they are just terrible. I really donā€™t like them. 3s are easy to make at garbage time. Great d though.


  16. This ā€œcomfortableā€ win sure didnā€™t feel like a comfortable win!

    Hopefully that finish builds some confidence in the outside shooting…

    Go Pitt.


      1. Another factor helping recruiting will be us winning. A coach can only do so much coming into an awful situation. Capel had a good first year with the three guards, another good year with this year’s freshman, and a better year with next year’s class of bigs. Wish we would have gotten both Champagnies. The one at St. John’s is also doing well.


  17. First 20 point game for Champagnie Life. 21 pts. 6 rbs and an assist
    McGowens with 15, 3 assts & 2 rbs
    Xavier with 11, 8 & 6.

    Hamilton with a DOUBLE/DOUBLE 10 PTS & 12 rbs.

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  18. Hamilton coming on strong…back to back DOUBLE/DOUBLES…against P5 opponents.

    Did not see that coming ! Pleasant surprise, since Brown disappears for games at a time.


  19. Great game by the Panthers. Got off to a half decent start in the first half and really finished it at the end. The rebuild from the abyss continues. Team should win 10-11 games in the ACC. Johnson played the most complete game of the season tonight. Glad Hamilton came on board for this one season until our bigs get here next year.


  20. 44 boards to their 29 and great defense. This isn’t that far from the old Pitt teams except Capel lets them shoot. This will pay off when these guys are juniors & seniors.


  21. Volleyball team completed their sweep of the ACC! They won all 18 of their matches. The last time anyone did that was GA Tech in 2004. That was prior to three of the better teams in the current ACC coming on board. Those three teams are Pitt (of course!), Louisville, and Notre Dame.

    Pitt did everything the could and should be rewarded with one of the top four seeds in the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately they were #5 in RPI in the last listing this Monday. It would be helpful if PSU wins both of their matches this weekend against Wisconsin and Minnesota. That would help our RPI and hurt Wisconsin’s who is one of the four ahead of us.


  22. From PSN

    *2020 3-star tight end Brandon Frazier from Texas informed Tim Salem last weekend that he wasnā€™t interested in pursuing Pitt despite their desire for him to make an official visit. He decommitted from Arkansas after they fired Chad Morris.


  23. Good game by the Panthers. Eliminated some turnovers and Johnson played under control. Nice 2 wins against Power 5 teams. Was at the game. Had a great time and happy thanksgiving to everyone on this blog.


  24. Great to win a tournament as the last one I believe was in 2013 when Pitt won in Brooklyn. Hammered Stanford to win a tourney similar to this one with four teams.

    Odd that Pitt plays just five games in December. Have to win four of them.


  25. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Thanks to the Panthers for a great BBall tournament to keep the juices flowing and to turn the page on the last Football outing.

    The tournament really helped bring out some talent that we didn’t know we had. Hamilton and Champagnie going to help this year. Still very concerned about Brown’s hands, they need to work him with the medicine ball. He let’s way too many balls get away from him and his reaction time is so slow compared to Hamilton.

    Nice to see X a little more in control and getting assists, where he can help the team the most.

    I ‘m not sure the inside game will carry over to the ACC, but encouraged that it is not a total loss like the last several years.

    Another game of the year on Saturday, really wish I could be there, barely transitioning from a walker to a cane at this point. Really glad to be back in the Bat Cave, those hand held devices were driving me nuts.

    The big question remains, Will our Panthers finish strong this year,starting on Saturday. While most of us would have been satisfied with a seven win season in September, only a nine win season will make us happy now.

    Hopefully Ffrench will be back after getting his jaw busted by true targeting and the team gets us close so that Paris Ford who has been benched once again by the ACC refs for a strong football play.

    In any case I expect a very close contest and Whipple should be ready if bad Kenny shows up again, although his receivers sure could help by catching a third down pass. I’d like to see the wildcat again for a change of pace. The defense could really help if it forces a few turnovers.

    The best surprise would be a good crowd, but since most kids have gone home and we are playing BC with little riding on the game (thanks again ACC) I don’t expect much other than our great Diehards, who will be loud for a small group.


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  26. Gordon, correct on the crowd…with the students on break I’m not expecting much.
    Looks like the rain may hold off longer than originally predicted though.
    Glad you’re feeling better buddy.


  27. Keep on getting better gc and keep walking, you’ll be there before you know it.

    ………………………………………. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! ………………………….


  28. Happy Thanksgiving all you POV Turkeys!!!

    Nice effort by the hoops team this week.

    Volleyball finishes ACC slate undefeated.

    Wrestling in top ten.

    Football? Who knows.

    Overall, a lot of things to be thankful for as a Pitt fan.

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  29. We seem to have the full spectrum on here from the BB team is well coached to the team is poorly coached.

    Loved the win last night, but I must admit that until the last ten minutes, I had to fight off the constant urge to just go do something else. The offense was that difficult to watch and that bad to my untrained eye…

    Hoping for progress. One speck of good news is that the transfer sitting out this season is supposed to be a good shooter. Praise the Lord!

    Go Pitt.


    1. Ithiel Horton is his name.

      Who? šŸ˜Š

      Heā€™s a 6-3 guard. Transferred from Delaware (player to be named later for Flacco…šŸ¤”)

      Hereā€™s info from the Pitt site:

      ā€œAppeared in 33 games for Delaware, starting 23 of them … averaged 13.2 points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.0 steals per game … shot 43.3 percent from the field and 40.9 percent from three-point range … led all CAA freshmen in scoring…ā€

      Go Pitt.

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  30. This may have been said, but Spencer last night was the best lacrosse player in the country for the last two years in College. I watched him play for four years and he was simply unbelievable. To think he hasn’t played Basketball since high school is astounding. You can see what a dominant, fluid and smart athlete he is. For those that don’t follow lacrosse, go look up his highlights – crazy!

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    1. Interesting. I don’t follow lax but that’s impressive. He is a nice bball player. He was their only real threat and had a good game despite our best efforts to shut him down.


  31. I am very happy with the newcomers so far. It is a little early for me to say either way with coulibaly and drumgoole but I think they will be good eventually as well.


  32. When was the last time PITT didn’t play a home football game over the Thanksgiving day holiday? If and when they do it should be a longtime rivalry game. As mentioned earlier PITT is giving tickets away for the game. Obvious more supply than demand.


  33. Htp240 – took your advice and just viewed Pat Spence highlights. His footwork is unbelievable – not to mention his accuracy, hand-to-eye, and shot repertoire!

    I can see where he would be tough to guard in B-Ball, but I’d like to see him as a receiver in football, as well! Talk about YAC!


  34. ^^ VoR, now taking a nap.

    Got an early visit from Santa Claus today and his lovely wife Mrs Claus (AKA JeanieB) Santa always come over bearing gifts, the man is way generous!

    imo, it’s a little early to be busting on Skippy but I do agree, he needs to start hitting more shots. Also, he looks to take control and charge out on the floor. I think that’s something this team really needs right now. Another also, I think he handles the ball just fine. Defense?? IDK?


    1. Ike I agree on Murphy. He is a positive addition to this team. He has limitations but so does everyone else on the team. His outside shooting is crucial for this team. And he actually can do a little more on offense. These skills make up for his lack of size and athleticism for defense.


      1. I do think it is tough to bear down on Murphy. I just presumed the negative assessments were merely biases rooted more in negativity than assessment.

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  35. @Erie – took a look at the tight end prospect from msu that entered the portal. He originally redshirted then played in several games as a freshman and was injured, He missed his entire redshirt sophomore year due to injury. He played in four games this year and had a couple of catches. I don’t see anything worth a scholly there, so i am sure we will go after him and get him.

    Assuming our TE that reminds me of Eric Green is coming back this year. Pitt needs to recruit better in a lot of areas and TE is one of them. Perhaps the TE recruiter should not tell the recruit that he sees them as real good blockers!!! Ugggh!! TE’s love to catch the ball now. That said, you can’t go land a 4 star when your TE’s average 10 catches a year.

    Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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  36. H_III – I wonder if our tight ends this year dropped over 50% of their targeted passes. I’ll bet it was close. Richard – when you awake from your Turkey-induced nap, could you try to find out?

    That might be our selling point to prospective TEs – we’d throw more if they’d catch more,


    1. The only one I know that keeps track of that type of info is PFF (Pro Football Focus). Info is behind a pay wall (and I am to chap to subscribe). Sorry I can’t help & I have tried to find because of all the dropped passes.


  37. OT – Pittā€™s recruiting class currently is ranked 42nd with less than 3 weeks to signing day.

    Pitt also has 3 former players who left the team this season and entered the transfer portal in RB Salhuddin (4 star), LB McKee (3/4 star depending on site) and LB Reynolds (2/3 star depending on site).

    There is talk of (2) Olineman, a QB flip and a TE. That would make it 20 recruits, provided all stay committed. There is also the DT who is a suspected criminal in FL.

    Projections are this class will be ranked in the mid-30ā€™s.

    The current team is ranked somewhere around 50th with no points in either the AP or Coaches polls. With a strong finish to 2019 (beat BC and win bowl game), this team moves in to the mid to low 30ā€™s ranking-wise and has a possibility of being ranked in the 2020 pre-season polls. By possibility, I suspect a less than 40% chance – the D will get all the credit as the O is showing a significant drop in performance (IMO), which translates into 2020 with no changes (or possibly losing WR coach Beatty).

    The entertainment value of Pitt FB is on the downward trend (IMO). The D is fun to watch, but the O has to win games with scores. That is not happening this season. Our QB has thrown 10 TDā€™s and 8 INTā€™s. The RBā€™s by committee is not producing squat.

    Come on Pitt, entertain us with a fun & exciting game on Saturday afternoon.

    Then again, Iā€™ll take 5 sacks and a win.


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    1. Erie – good writeup. what is commented below is not directed at you. you just stirred my brain juices this morning

      recruiting has not gotten better under Narduzzi and thats the crux of Pitt’s problem
      instability for coordinators and assistants is another area…particularly at OC
      tough OOC schedule…we all know but still a convenient excuse for the apologists

      there is a reason why Pitt football is mediocre

      i dont buy the argument that Pitt cant recruit 5.7 rated stars and above because of…you fill in the blank
      excuses to me
      if a school like va tech can have 40% or more of their class rated 5.7, why cant Pitt?
      oh its because of those yellow seats….

      then tarp them, then do a better job marketing the program, do a better job engaging existing fans, create innovative ways to grow new supporters,show some seriousness and conduct a GD feasibility study for a MPC on campus, play some entertaining football, get some marquee players

      Pitt is flat lining because as a program its not making the right decisions and its tactics are flawed. the front porch strategy is a mirage…smoke and mirrors

      I am NOT optimistic about Pitt football. other programs like basketball, soccer, volleyball and wrestling should be ones to emulate. You want to be in the top 50 in Directors Cup, have an award winning front porch, you hire coaches and run programs like those 4. Problem is that Pitt has at least 12 other programs where thats not the case.

      avoid the malls today people. there is a thing called online shopping. you dont need to wait until Monday

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      1. I don’t how you describe mediocre Tx but my definition would be exactly at 6-6 every single year. Narduzzi’s record stands at an over-all record of 35-28 as head coach at PITT. Seven games over 500 with a difficult OOC schedule. His ACC conference record currently stands at 24-15 with a good chance to make it to 25-16 tomorrow. The last two years his ACC record could end up being at 11-5, << that’s not mediocre or trending downhill imo. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Tx.


        1. Had a good thanksgiving. Hope you did as well. You and I just define mediocre differently. What you describe is mediocre to me.

          I want Pitt football to be more like womenā€™s volleyball. You start with making the right hire with the head coach.

          Another 8 win season with a bowl loss should place Narduzzi in the dog pound. But Pitt and many fans are content with those results. Just saying, Iā€™m not one of them.


  38. Good morning Mike – I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Can you check the WordPress snake pit again? I sent a post around 5:15am today an it has not posted.

    If not there, then maybe it made itā€™s way into the Black Friday Hole.

    Erie Express


  39. Erie,

    I think this was a transition year for the offense moving from a running ball possession offense to a passing, big play game. The problem has been that we haven’t been getting the big plays. One major reason is the Ffrench injury. He was the go to as well as the big play guy. Without him we are now relying on Mack who is getting double teamed or at least the best defender. The rest of the supporting cast has been just OK with a few big plays from Shocky or a running back. The lack of reliable tight ends has been devastating, few third down pick-ups and no big plays.

    The fact that our running game is week has put too much pressure on the pas game when we enter the red zone, and also picking up third downs. Very few splash plays from the backs except for a couple nice receptions.

    Obviously the two main components, the O-line and QB, have been too inconsistent, which has hurt overall productivity. Breakdowns in the line have killed many plays and of course, KP’s inaccuracy or poor decisions have blown up others.

    I am fairly optimistic for next year. The line will be better because of experience and individual growth, which should make everything easier. The system will be in place for a year, again a plus for execution which is the key.

    A couple big play guys and more consistent execution would help immensely.

    Not sure whether the big play guys will come up through the ranks or through the portal, but a 1000 yd receiver and running back would make a world of difference.

    I also think there will be a real QB competition this spring and probably fall. I think almost everyone would be in agreement with that. I am not anti-Kenny, and would be fine if he wins the job again, but Whipple’s offense requires better QB production to be successful.

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    1. Latest game forecast:

      ā€”39 degrees
      ā€”25% increasing to 40% chance of rain
      ā€”yellow seats galore

      Feel bad for the seniors for their send-off on Senior Day…

      Hail to Pitt!

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  40. Good posts EE and gc. One of the main problems with PITT over the past several decades has been the constant change of the coaches and coaching staffs. That goes for this year as well with another brand new offensive coordinator and a transition of offense philosophy. There is a long list of examples of well respected coaches taking 5 or 6 years to start winning multiple games and titles. Continuity is a football programs friend.

    If PITT and Narduzzi can get the verbals to sign on the dotted LOI line it should set up the PITT football program for the foreseeable future. BTW, Partridge was asked about Kancy and another player (i forget his name) and Charlie was very high on them both. PITT has got to keep CP and all of the asst coaches as the future looks bright imo.

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    1. I am pretty bullish on next year’s offense. We will have a lot back and the offense is so different from last year that you had to expect it would take time to get moving in the right direction. I also think there have been plays to be made all year but fixable problems like drops, penalties, and missed reads have killed us. Hopefully we can clean this up with another year under our belt with this offense.

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    1. I think the game against us took a little out of them.

      Yes we lost but it was a very physical game and VT emotionally really blew their load for the Bud man.

      Look for UVA to win.


    1. He would be a good fit at Pitt

      They said the same about belicheck in Cleveland

      With Pitts resources, this dude would produce high scoring offenses and recruit very well.

      But you can continue to be bored with Pitt. I wonā€™t be watching the game this weekend. Iā€™d rather tip a cow for entertainment pleasure.


      1. If Pitt hired a mediocre MAC coach with no experience elsewhere, you and many other great Pitt “fans” would immediately call for Heather Lyke to be fired.


      2. belicheck is the biggest cheater ever to coach a football team in the history of football. He figured after his crap performance at Cleveland he needed an advantage and found one in Mr Krafty.


        1. Ike
          Mike Tomlin canā€™t fit into bills jock strap.

          The two bills are the best Iā€™ve seen in my lifetime. You do know the other bill. One learned from the other.

          Thatā€™s why the coaching tree is so important.

          Look at the majors tree.

          Narduzzi is from a dead branch. You know what happens to dead branches.


        2. Mike Tomlin wishes he could wear bills jock strap. Coaching tree and fit matters. Narduzzis branch is dead. You know what happens to dead branches.


  41. The ups and downs of college football.

    Canā€™t believe the Hokies lost to the Hoos. But Iā€™m glad the Hoos won, cause Iā€™m not a fan of the Hokies love-fest…

    Go Pitt.

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  42. Hate to admit, but those were the best two teams in the Coastal this year.

    Our defense is as good as both, but not our offense.

    The ACC got what it set up from the beginning, so good on them.

    It took VA to break a 15 game streak to be the seventh Coastal Champ. Good for them.

    Charlottesville is party town USA tonight.

    The Coastal will be up for grabs again next year.

    Absolutely little seperation between the haves and have nots in the Coastal Division.

    I like it, makes for a lot of competitive if not great games.

    If we can figure out how to win tomorrow, a very successful season considering a completely rebuilt offense, without any superstars.

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  43. Speaking of love-fests, don’t know who decides on content on the ACCN, but I can guess. Seems like the marketing departments of UNC and Duke are heavily involved.

    No wonder, Maryland had enough, and they are below the Mason/Dixon Line.


  44. If PITT wasn’t going to win the coastal, I wanted Virginia to win. Even if the nation views it as mediocrity, I like the fact that all coastal teams have won the coastal.
    Now that everyone has had a taste, who will emerge as Kings of the coastal? Or will we we get seven more years of parity?

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