It’s been a while since Pitt has really been licked.  I mean like really licked in the regular season, as in take-you-behind-the-woodshed, and whack you with a hickory stick until you are black and blue.

364 days to be exact.  Pitt at Miami.  November 24th, 2018.  Pitt scored three points and bumbled their way to 200 yards of total offense against a team that wanted it more.  Pitt committed ten penalties in that game, by the way.

November 23rd, 2019.  Pitt scored zero points and somehow managed to collect 177 yards against a team that wanted it way more.  Pitt committed ten penalties in this game as well.  

Oh sure, the offense did see some success in the second quarter when Pickett beat the blitz and connected with Wayne and Mack over the middle to move the ball into the red zone.   But of course Pitt couldn’t convert on 4th and two.  Tech scored their third touchdown of the day shortly thereafter with just 50 seconds left in the half and well, unless you are brand new to Pitt football, you pretty much knew it was over.

Our defense played as well as you’d have expected them to.  Better than you’d expect even, given that they were on the field for 35 minutes.  Look, you can’t fault them for the scoop-and-score, and so they only gave up 21.  That’s just a point more than Notre Dame gave up to Virginia Tech, except the Irish were at home.  Pitt held VT to 263 yards, 2.3 yards per rush.  Just 153 yards passing (although Hooker’s QB Rating was higher than his season average…)  On any given Saturday that would have felt like a pretty good day at the office.


And when I say Pitt, I mean our offense.

Kenny Pickett’s tone postgame says it all.  I transcribed it below, but you’ll lose 90% of the meaning if just read the words.

Reporter:  “Was [the pass rush? Ed note:  I can’t quite make out the words] your problem today?”

Pickett:  “No.  No I don’t think so”

Reporter:  “Were they doing anything in particular to kind of throw you guys out of your rhythm?”

Pickett:  “No, we had everything we wanted we just weren’t make the plays that where there.  We’ll see it on film, but it was pretty clear to tell when we were out there playing.”

Reporter:  “Was the weather a factor?”

Pickett:  “It could have been”

Reporter:  “How hard was it to grip the ball”

Pickett:  “Not hard, I was throwing it fine”

Reporter:  “Kenny can you describe the post game locker room?”

Pickett:  “How would you expect the post-game locker room to be?  I ‘mean that’s a pretty easy question to answer”.

Reporter:  “What ticks you off about the way you played tonight”

Pickett:  “We just didn’t show up.  The defense played well.  We just didn’t show up offensively”

Reporter:  “Any explanation for that?”

Pickett:  “No”


And that’s where I am.  Silence.  Moving on.

Feel free to post your good, bad and ugly.




142 thoughts on “MMQB – Virginia Tech

  1. Good, some great plays made on defense.

    Bad, Absolute zero plays on offense. Offense scored negative 7 points.

    Ugly, Over-reacting Pitt fans who once again claim that this game was the acid test for the program.

    The targeting rule that makes little sense.

    Pitt attendance this week.

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  2. I remember vividly when I knew Wannstedt had lost his team. It was at Heinz during a game late in his last season and about 6 of his players walked over to the stands to talk to girls…. in full uniform… during a game… while it was going on! Most starters.

    So last week I noticed early in the UNC game, Pitt players woofing at Tar Heel players and it got worse as play went on. Then I saw Pitt players going to the sidelines to talk to friends in student section.

    At VA Tech Pitt players immediately went over to Hokie players as they came on the field both first and second half woofing it up.

    Not sure Narduzzi ever had this team other than they love him and would run thru walls for him but the lack of discipline by this coaching staff is apparent in and off the field.

    Please,please MSU come take him!

    Five years of the same crap, same penalties, same awful coaching, same lack of discipline is enough!

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  3. That’s was even less fun sitting at the game in the cold and rain waiting for someone to show up. I love watching the Defense but they can’t do it all.

    I know it isn’t HCP ‘s way but Pitt needed a spark on offense. I never saw the wildcat, saw the same set plays over and over, and could feel the energy sucked out of the team. So why didn’t he throw another QB in for a spark earlier than garbage time? I know the QB isn’t the one dropping the passes but maybe it would have shaken up the stagnation. We will never know.

    The good: after the game, with all of us trying to warm up and bitter at the loss – we still talked about our plans to tailgate and root on the team against BC. Also- it will be fun to root against UVA.

    The bad: My wife and 2 daughters saw Frozen 2 Saturday and scored as many points as Pitt.

    The ugly: as nice as the fans were, the students started the “Eat sh— Pitt” chants in the 2nd Quarter. Don’t stoop to WVU level. You’re better than that.


    1. I’m telling you it’s starting to be come a rivalry. They were trolling on twitter hard. We need to pay them back at Heinz next year


      1. Anybody who thinks this one won’t stick with Pitt until next season is simply wrong. I look forward to a big game next yr.

        The Hokies wanted revenge for last yr in the worst way and it bugs the crap out of their fans that we have gotten in their way on numerable occasions in the past. Their D is definitely stout, but the offense helped make them look like world beaters.

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  4. Good:

    Pitt is guaranteed to post a better record than last season at 7-6.

    The D played well enough to win but were frustrated by the play of both starting QB’s.


    The weather, coaching, player attitudes, not scoring, not able to get good short yardage play calling on 4th down again in Blacksburg, the coaching and the coaching.


    The game unpleasant and repulsive, especially in appearance.

    The offensive players and coaches not showing up for a meaningful game on national TV.

    The coaching.

    The penalties and turnovers.

    The receivers and run game.

    Watching Pitt players celebrate normal plays while down 21-0,?lyke gaining a first down or TFL.

    Did I mention the coaches.

    Miami’s loss to FIU.


    1. Clarify under good –
      “guaranteed no worse than 7-6”

      Add under bad –
      Losing Paris Ford for the 1st half against a run heavy BC team.


  5. OK I’ll give in the D was OK but that’s about all it was. Didn’t VT go 90 yards at the end of the half after Pitt missed on the 4th and 2? Didn’t Pitt go off side on that drive when VT drew them off on a 4th and 2(when every one and his brother Knew they weren’t going to go for it and give Pitt the up ball in good field position) from the PITT 42? There were plenty of VT WR’s open in the secondary to say the Pitt D played well.—As for the O well as I posted last week perhaps Pitt’s offensive showing was more about a poor NC defense than it did was about a great Pitt offensive. Also, Jaryed Wayne freshman WR should probably have been starting since the Virginia game. Seniority doesn’t get it done in FB talent does.

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    1. The D played good enough to win the game. There were 3 sacks and yes they gave up the 90 yard drive at the end of the 1st half and yes VT WR’s were open.

      The O contributed to the D’s less than terrific game – The three 3 and outs and KP’s fumble on the 4th series to start the game set the tone for a tough game for our D.

      Bottom line, most of the Pitt team did not show up Saturday, including the coaches.

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      1. Actually if you take away the final TD of the game…where we gave tech a very short field…the D really only gave up 14 points


  6. Good: Ford and Bright

    Bad: The game TV coverage. Many times, the Foster / Hooker Lovefest took precedence over the game. Hard to say what was more sickening.

    Ugly: Just about everything else including the weather. Pitt had 3 of its 4 best offensive plays called back.

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  7. For some reason Pitt always has a game like this which either offense or defense doesn’t show up….sometimes both. Offensive play calling was suspect. Still think we need a big infusion of offensive talent. We also have to learn defensively how to be aggressive without taking penalties.

    After all that i think we have a bright future, we have a decent recruiting class coming in though with some holes…TE for example. We have a fairly high number of returning starters on both sides of the ball. The offensive coaching staff will be better next year after just getting to know each other this year.

    Ever the Optimist

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  8. All ugly from my viewpoint. No good and not even bad. Just poor play all over the place. We had three backbreaking plays that killed us: 1. Broken coverage long pass. The worst part of that was the missed tackle by Dane Jackson that could have saved the eventual td. 2. The drop ball/fumble by pickett. 3. Jumping offsides on 4th and 2 which led to a td.

    Vatech is not much better than us if at all. Just pathetic execution and poor discipline led to a 28-0 beat down. This game was SOP.

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  9. All ugly starting with the pre-game mid-field taunting session seen on national TV..Do the kids a favor Duzz and take them to the ARMY-NAVY and show them how young students athletes behave..get rid of that crap behavior that includes excessive posing and dancing celebrations after normal football play and throw that basketball goal in a dumpster…

    Game was awful with 4 quarters of an offensive offense and good D that continues to break down and give up a big play for a 1st down or TD….the fades in the corner of the end-zone were reminiscent of Turbisky in the game at Chapel Hill several years ago with different characters involved..Tight man-to man on the goal and our defender was picked just enough to get him out of position…

    Good for Bud Foster..going out on top and with back to back shut-outs…hope he gets one more…if he was our guys we would have been soaking it up but he kicked our ass so we cry and complain about the TV coverage-suck it up folks-we can’t have it both ways..

    Dr. Tom gave the best POV locker-room speech since Knuke Rockne….that needs to be recorded and sent to the team for Saturday to listen to ala “Rudy.”`

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    1. my issue with the TV coverage was that we actually missed some of the start of plays because the announcers were busy talking to Beamer or the sideline reporter were talking to the Hookers. BUT GET THIS …. one of our best offensive plays which occurred in the 3rd quarter was called back … but to this day, none of us know why nor even know that it was called back because they were too busy with non-game stuff. It was a pass reception that would have put Pitt near the 10 yard line

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      1. I think that was the holding call .. but agree, I was upset with the side shows. i mean, sculptured frogs around campus … save it for TMZ


    2. You mean something along the lines of “Act like you’ve done this before”.

      Pitt players have always been poorly disciplined on the field. Bad 2nd halfs aren’t always because of coaching. We blow our share of leads over the years.


  10. The big ugly – the offensive offensive play calling on the 4th down plays. None of them made any sense.

    Other than that, knowing the teams, and seeing the conditions, I knew the Panthers were doomed.


    1. not sure when … presumably next season. even though his redshirt wouldn’t be burned at this point, perhaps the coaches don’t wanting him getting hurt and/or losing some confidence if he is running for his life back there. i’d like to see him put on some weight and take the reins of Whipple’s offense. it could be exciting, especially with the receiving core coming back.


      1. This is sound logic. Sadly I think this team is Pickett’s next year. Then is QB competition time in 2021, which likely means Beville. Just my opinion though


  11. Hooker played an excellent game, especially in comparison to KP. Tough runner, did not fumble when hit hard. His receivers also made good catches.

    Our receivers continue to struggle especially Mack, who has not lived up to his potential.

    Would really like to see a stat sheet on the number of drops.
    KP getting little help from the receivers. Partly caused by his inaccuracy, but I don’t remember receivers with such poor hands.


    1. Fully agree Gordon.

      Just seems like our guys don’t always catch it unless its perfect and they don’t have to compete for the ball. Mack has shown flashes of NFL caliber grabs, but he needs more consistency. Those early drops in that VT environment were killers and suggested a lack of focus. Perhaps the weather, the crowd or both – but good players overcome.

      Hope you new knee is doing well and that your pain levels are subsiding.

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  12. Good:
    Paris Ford is a stud. What a game except the missed tackle that went for a score.
    My prediction of 8 wins will be correct. I never get that correct.

    Line drive Kenny Pickett. He puts some air under a couple balls and it was a different game. One to Mack over the middle and the 4th down. He just plain sucked all day.


  13. Hopefully bates sticks around and doesn’t get plucked with a better offer. No need to worry about pn and mw.


    1. Bates and Partridge would be the targets. We already fended off Alabama when they came for Partridge. How many years did Bates spend as linebacker coach at Northwestern? I’ve got a feeling he’s the type of guy that doesn’t like to jump around. At least that’s my hope


  14. Good: The Pitt fans that showed up and sat through a miserable rainy away game.

    Bad: ESPN broadcast. How do you not explain how Pitt goes from 1st and goal to 3rd and 23?

    Bad2: the constant lovefest for Foster on ESPN. In years past (actually just last year), we showed the lunch pail defense was nothing to fear. So of course on his last game we make it look like the second coming of the 85 bears. Irony of ironies.

    Bad3: another targeting ejection. Is this coaching or bad officiating? This was probably one of the better officiated ACC games which is kind of like being voted prettiest fat girl at the prom.

    Ugly: The team’s performance. Reminiscent of the Miami game last year when they didn’t show up to play. A 10 win season was on the line for the first time in 10 years. And actually the Coastal was still on the line. At least go down swinging instead of with a wimper.

    Ugly2: I think we can say officially that Whipple is not better than Watson. In fact might be trending to worse. Is it talent? Probably. I’m sure if Whipple & Watson had Justin Fields, Swift, or Tua, they would look like geniuses. But isn’t that the objective of good coaching, being able to turn lemons into lemonade? Very few coaches, outside of Foge Fazio, can screw up an offense with talent.

    Ugly3: Still to be determined. Was this a one-off? A nine win season is still on the table and would make for a successful season, although a little disappointing given that the schedule has shown to be weaker than expected. However dropping three in a row and finishing 7-6 is a major disappointment and I think puts Narduzzi clearly in the hot seat next year. He needs a top 25 finish this year or next. Otherwise we have shown just about anyone can come here and produce 7-6, why not roll the dice again and hope for the best?


  15. Bad/ugly: The ESPN broadcast. It felt like the game was actually on the VT Hokie network. The lovefest for Foster and Hooker was sickening and disgraceful. One would think that Bud Foster is the second coming of Knute god damn Rockne! I hope EJ Borghetti made a phone call to the people responsible for that crap.

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    1. Cmon really? The guy has had a fantastic career. What else were they going to talk about?? How great pitt was playing??


        1. You both have to be kidding me. They had “Bud Foster Last Game” above the score THE ENTIRE GAME! Why is it ESPN’s job to honor a coordinator who was never even a head coach? They gave him the type of treatment you’d expect if it were Bill Belichick’s last game ever.
          It’s supposed to be somewhat of a neutral viewing experience, but it felt like the most homer VT broadcast imaginable.


        2. Also, all of the Foster/Hooker coverage was clearly pre-planned. They weren’t simply fawning over those guys just because Pitt was playing poorly.


  16. I have no complaints on Bud…35 years of quality work for one school…we can only dream…I can only bitch about the ass-kick’n he laid on us…

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  17. The drops by the pitt receivers may be unprecedented. The coverage was horrible on tv, but I think we may have dropped our first 5 passes. I have never seen anything like it.

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  18. about the 4 or was it 5 fumbles in a row vs GT a few years back.!!! No game worse than leading the Nits and going for our 3rd TD to make it 21-zip and then returning to the car after some rabbit hunting with my Dad to turn on the radio to hear “PENN State 48 …PITT 14:- now that was painful…could’ve puked…

    What our your “MOST PAINFUL PITT FB MEMORIES?” Let’s get it out of our system….Hey..this BUD’s for you……..


  19. Good – nothing

    Bad- weather during the game

    Ugly – offensive execution

    This was their worst performance of the season, put Whipple in the press box


  20. A bunch of stuff:

    If If If, I know I know BUT? if the PITT WR’s don’t drop those passes first thing in the game and KP holds onto the ball and doesn’t fumble for a VT scoop and score, it would have been a close game.

    PITT hasn’t come close to playing an entire football game without many mistakes. That’s on coaching.

    I really don’t care about the announcers all that much, actually I didn’t notice them being so unfair as some have pointed out.

    I am sick and tired of these false targeting calls though. Remind me again of what the definition of target is? Loosely speaking, doesn’t the word intention have something to do with it? Maybe they should change the wording of the penalty to the ” the unintentional banging of helmets” OMG, you can’t have that in tackle football.

    First time this PITT team has come out flat, Pickett didn’t throw the football all that horrible except for a few times when he continues to try and throw the ball through a brick wall.

    PITT wins this next game against BC and then the Bowl game the season would be a success in my eyes.


  21. Although I am not a favorite of the saying SOP, It does have some validity to it because Pitt does it consistently in big games.


  22. So what would have happened if Pitt played VA Tech in the opener and VA without their star cornerback on Saturday.

    The ACC set us up pretty good. Play the favorite in the first game when we are not ready, then get Bud Foster’s last senior day in a rainstorm.

    Intentional or just dumb luck? Of course they don’t control the weather, but it seems they really set the table for VA. I think VA Tech is going to spoil their party.

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    1. BINGO!
      Move Miami from Friday apres Thanksgiving and dump in BC.
      Should have played BC first game or non conf preferably . They sent us down to play in the infomercial.
      All that being said the effort was pathetic.
      We don’t lose both games with a different schedule. VA/Vtech makes for a good game for them ….


  23. VT was obviously the far better prepared team in that game, and to make matters worse, Pitt lacked not only a strategic disadvantage but an emotional one as well. So the coaching staff (particularly the HC & OC) get an F from me. Sometimes I wonder if Bates would make a good HC after next year?

    All that aside, although KP has always been poor foul-weather QB, I do wonder if at this juncture (end of junior year), he may be showing us that he just doesn’t really have “it”.

    Better luck next year. Onto hoops.


  24. Moving forward, I was not happy with the one dimensional offense last and had hoped for more balance this year.

    Of all the things that hurt this year’s offense is the dearth of a running game.

    If that is not fixed, next year will be even more disappointing.


  25. Whats the use of having a preseason prediction of wins and losses article if we never go back and revisit them? IF PITT finishes the season 9 wins (which is very possible), 90% of us will be wrong. Yet the season will be a failure in most eyes according to what I’m reading? I don’t get it?


    1. For me Ike if pitt wins the next two it’s absolutely a success. If Pitt loses to Bc and wins a bowl game it’s a success. If Pitt beats bc then loses a bowl game it’s meh. If Pitt loses to bc and loses the bowl game it’s same old Pitt and pn should be on the hot seat. Just my humble opinion.


      1. I agree with 100% scus7. The fact that all these scenarios are still a possibility says a lot as well but PITT has to finish what they started.


    2. Ike, fans are fickle and use the defense of “raised expectations” once a few games are under the belt. I didn’t predict back then, but if you told me Pitt would win 7 games with two to go, I wold be satisfied that we have progress. But they need to beat BC and win the bowl game; otherwise the weak finishes look lie a pattern. Like you, I’ve given Narduzzi a long leash, but he really needs to show he hasn’t plateaued.

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  26. Season penalties: Pitt 94 – 833 yards. Opponents: 55 – 564 yards
    1st Down by penalty: Pitt 25. Opponents 39 (3.6 per game given up by Panthers)
    Pitt committed double digit penalties 5 of 11 games plus 2 games at 8 each
    Opponents had no double digits & 1 @ 9 (Syracuse) otherwise 7 or less each game

    Turnover by Fumbles lost: Pitt 8 Opponents 5 (3 committed by Duke alone)
    Turnover by INT: Pitt 9 Opponents 8 (3 committed by Duke alone)

    Season Rushing: Pitt 1377 Opponents 1019 (only PSU had over 150 otherwise no one over 123 (Duke)
    Season Passing: Pitt 2718 Opponents 2224 (only UCF over 300 (338) /Syracuse over 200 (232) otherwise Virginia Tech at 153 and Miami at 146 I believe were only teams over 100 yards)
    Completion PCT: Pitt 60 Opponents 51
    Total Offensive Average per play: Pitt 5.0 Opponents 4.4

    Penalties, lack of discipline were season long obstacles. Dropped passes and too few turnovers added to the challenges (and frustration).

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    1. Thanks for the stats…add this one- “points for” =222 “points against” =236 and to think we are sitting at 7-4…It’s a miracle!!!

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  27. Bud Foster had a long, accomplished year …. but just remember that last year, the defensive genius’s defense was torched for 50 points and 492 rushing yards against a 7-7 team, and even this year, it gave up 45 points to Duke (currently 4-7).

    I’m not doing this to demean Foster … I’m doing this just to show how just how bad a good team or coach can be on a given day


    1. It is easily as much about execution as it is coaching.

      All those early dropped passes made Bud look good.

      Same with the timely penalties that stopped any momentum we had going.

      It was one of those games when nothing goes right.

      Frustrating that we rarely if ever experience the flip side of that.

      It also hurt that their offense played mistake free. No fumbles lost or INTs thrown.

      The perfect storm.

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      1. not to mention that 3 of Pitt’s 4 best offensive plays were called back, 2 of them for illegal formations


  28. Every time a Pitt player commits a penalty, a demon gets its horns. My take on it’s a wonderful life. Jimmy was born and raised in my hometown…the Christmas tree capital of the world. Anyone know the name of the town?

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  29. My 1st job as a 16 yr old was trimming them for Garufi’s nursery.. ole Santo Garufi, 1st generation immigrant, gave us a machete and said (in my best Italian accent…” Maka dem looka lika Upasida -down ica creama cone!!!

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  30. Tx … I am heading to Fleming’s Tree farm near the power plant in Elderton to kill me a Christmas Tree this weekend … a yearly ritual!!!

    Tell you mom and dad Happy Thanksgiving from the POVert gang!


    1. I went to school with Kirk Fleming. He played on my high school soccer team. We attended many a party in those days.

      Will pass on your words to my parents.


  31. The good: Wayne and is it Bentley? Who the heck is he?
    The bad: BoJangles network type announcers. However, what the heck were they gonna talk about? Whipped the genius or Pickett or the run game, or the brilliant and effective use of time outs on defense or the unforced errors, ( oh, I’m getting a little carried away)
    The ugly: 11 games in and the same boneheaded mistakes. The really inept in game coaching. The inability to find an offensive coordinator who puts kids in a position to succeed given their strengths rather than the coordinators system and ego.
    Bonus ugly: Tonight’s basketball game vs,KSU. Hey, we could get lucky, right?
    That BC line will be 3 by game time.
    Golf tomorrow, taking the bad back on a test ride.

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  32. Beville should have gone in so he can get some tape of his performance and start to understand the speed of the game. Look, Pickett was terrible. Beville can play in 4 games without losing a redshirt. Not using 4 games on future players is a mistake by a coaching staff that makes a lot of gameday mistakes. Patti, last year, same thing!

    To me, playing most all of your true freshmen for a few games is strategic. Get them in, especially against the creampuff OOC schedule. Oh, i forgot. The Pitt AD is smarter than everyone else who does that strategically – to get players evaluated and culturalized to the game. Get them some time. Evaluate their play. Make them understand they need to get stronger and faster. Get them coaching points for the winter…and lastly, keep them out of the portal.

    The portal is something we need to deal with. As the recruits get better, this will come into play. We don’t lose a lot of players because nobody believes they are good enough. That’s when you know if you are recruiting great players….the portal warms up! Unless you play them early for their 4 games…or find a diamond and play them more. Narduzzi says he is responsible for players not going to the know, because they love him.

    I did think Dane Jackson played poorly so far this year (playing not to get hurt) and really had a bad game on Saturday. He was too soft on some of their bubble screens and his tackling leaves a lot to be desired.

    VT was faster than our guys…by alot. And hungrier. No rivalry between these teams until something is at stake. VT claims a rivalry because they knocked us out of the military bowl and into the pinstripe baseball field game. Ewwww, now that’s something rivalries are built on.

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    1. Hard to argue with any of that.
      Having said that, he did give a number of freshmen playing time earlier. That Beville wasn’t one of them could also suggest he was struggling with any number of things.


  33. Good – we got BC way over confident
    Ripe for the plucking!
    Bad – penalties, although not near as bad as early in the season – I’ve grown numb to them now!
    Ugly – targeting. I’m really tired of all those ball carriers lowering their helmets just before impact, and becoming a lunging weapon. Especially, after a tackler has aimed for the numbers, having left his feet and is defenseless. Why does not the O guy get flagged? Inquiring minds want to know

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    1. Savanna that’s what I am saying… You can have targeting only go one way… Most of the time the offense of guy initiated by lowering his head… Kind a like when I was a young guy and would get into fights… I would block a lot of punches with my face

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        1. That “ can’t “ was to correct my reply to your post..

          Been meeting to ask you by the way… Did Diane forget to put her fingernail polish on last Saturday ????


  34. Even though we are the ugly northern cousins, the ACC is far and away the best conference for Pitt, in most every way. Great to see Pitt getting more competitive overall, especially our ladies volleyball team.

    The one issue more important than all others for Pitt Football is will Ford forgoe the Pros one more year please! You can tell the rest of the ACC would pay to have him gone.


    1. Damar graduates and if Paris goes pro this defense is going to take a big step back.


  35. After that game, I had to take a couple-days break from all things Pitt. A Pitt football game is only a damn football game, but I really get down when they play so poorly…

    Anyway, it was all pretty darn ugly. We dropped passes, but most of them were contested and would have been above average catches. We just aren’t making above average catches (or throws) these days. (I was reminded of that when Tyler Boyd made a great one-handed catch yesterday…)

    I thought our defense was just a tick off all day against VT. We had defenders around on many plays but didn’t tackle well. Still, we should have given up 17 points or so.

    Remember how for years some of us complained that we never see the Pitt defense laying big hits anymore? Well, I think all that changed with Coach Bates. But with his ultra-aggressive style comes the dreaded “targeting.”

    If Paris was taught to strike the ball carrier where the ball is, he’d probably cause 2 or 3 fumbles per game. And be able to play whole games…

    And, finally, I really didn’t think Hooker was “all that.” Though he did make a very good throw to sync-up with the push-off in the endzone. (I know, sore loser.). We’ll see next year.

    Still recovering from being down in the Pitt dumps; but I’ll be there rooting versus BC.

    Go Pitt.


  36. MM… Agree on your comments about bitching about how soft our defense in tackling used to be… Harris Ford is an a big guy but he brings a load… He’s a magnum load!

    I share the same gut wrenching sickness that a lot of you on here experience after a crappy PITT loss… Somethings we never get used to nor will we… Just hope the team feels the same way!

    I really think one of the guys hit it on the head when they mentioned “lack of discipline.” Coaching staff and administration needs to get their behavior under control…Sometimes being humbled is a good thing… Be a man and grow on the lessons you learned from getting your ass beat…

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  37. Good: It eventually ended.

    Bad: The weather and Whipple’s play calling early on, Kenny’s unacceptable fumble. Jared Wayne making catches again and looking like he belongs after being trashed on here when he committed to Pitt.

    Ugly: Not running the ball to start the game and being OK with punting and playing the field position game. Thinking the passing game was the way to go when you know your receivers cannot even catch in nice weather, so why in rain? The missed tackles that led to Tech’s long gain to set up the first TD.

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  38. Remember who really had it rough… yep, gc …recovering with a new knee joint and having to watch that painful game… hope he was prescribed Vicodan – keeps you from throwing up…..


    1. Maybe the drugs helped, but the game wasn’t surprising to me. Of course frustrating, but the cards were so stacked against us. Other than Clemson, I don’t think any ACC team was going to beat VATech on Saturday. It was a very bad match up, then you add Foster/Senior night and the weather.


  39. I think the eventual answer to targeting will be to teach the tackle to quit aiming for the numbers, and aim for the groin. Then, the only reasonable response for the ball carrier would be to strike the “Heisman Pose”!

    Of course, there could still be the chance of brain injury for some of these ball carriers!!?

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  40. I really got sick of the foster stuff to the extent that they not only quit talking about the game but split screened the action away. Finally they bring in a retired coach and miss key components of the action while they prattle on 2. If we had. a good tight end and a fullback to lead the tailbacks we might get some offense going but our coaches appear to be unaware these things help.( they say insanity is repeating the same thing when it is not working)

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  41. Bernie – did any of those guys you fought ever draw a flag for targeting?? Or did you intentionally lead with your jaw in order to redirect the blow over your shoulder?

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  42. I don’t understand the angst I’ve read here over defensive timeouts. Seems to me that if you see your linebacker covering their 4.3-40 receiver and drool hanging from their quarterback’s chin strap, a timeout might not be a bad thing. I’d rather see that than save it for the offensive drive to counter the touchdown they just scored.

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    1. Farmer, I have to laugh at the arm chair QB’s that pick apart a coaches decision. You know, without any information as to what they are talking about. BUT, not having 11 players on the field before a play is unacceptable. Then again, a timeout is the best thing to do in that case.


  43. Never a good strategy to try and beat up the other guys fist with your face.

    Don’t know who may agree with me here but I think PITT could have really used Tre Tipton from Apollo this year and especially last game?

    Again on Paris Ford, one more year in the weight room and he could be a top ten pick, he can become a hybrid between Sean Taylor and Ed Reed, imo.

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    1. You don’t need another year in the weight room when you should be at least a 2nd round pick in the NFL Big money awaits and it’s no use taking a chance that a major injury might keep you from that large paycheck. If Paris Ford doesn’t turn pro after this year I’ll be very surprised.


      1. Football normally does not have “one and dones”. Paris Ford may be just that.

        Makes you wonder why he wasn’t seeing the field prior to this year.

        Wasted because of poor coaching decisions?


  44. Farmer HSPA – couldn’t have said it better than that. Defensive TO = coach sees an offensive matchup or formation that can spell disaster to us. Needs to change and/or discuss with D.

    I can’t tell why any of those D TOs are called. I guess, if I could, I’d be coaching somewhere (but prolly no higher than PeeWee League).

    Glad we have a coach who is sharp enough to see the disparages and use a TO.

    Isn’t the primary purpose of using a TO to allow you to (hopefully) have another play in that particular series – whether offensive or defensive???


  45. Good
    Wayne showed up to play. True frosh playing hard, catching balls and moving chains.
    The D I thought played a good not great game. They were responsible for 14, maybe 21 points but also had their pressures, TFLs and sacks. Secondary was soft and beaten repeatedly all night just like they were against Carolina. Only difference there was the Carolina QB overthrew them all night.

    Targeting for the second week in a row. And this one wasn’t even close. Ford led with his shoulder the entire way.

    KP fumble
    WRs inability to get separation
    Drops (again)
    Penalties. The offensive line penalties are disgraceful.
    Pregame taunting – HCPN needs to shut this sh*t down immediately. Reminds me of Miami when they were good and at least they backed it up with plays on the field. We back it up with a shutout.

    I bet the bad and ugly continue against BC this week. I’m going early here with a 38-14 loss. Limp into the post season where we will have another loss.


    1. If you can’t rip someone’s head off or kill them .. why even show up… more violence than this game in a Roy Rogers episode or “ Christmas Story” …. get my Ryd Ryder BB gun… I see some bad guys to shoot in the ass!!!


  46. @ GC – Both teams played in the weather, so I don’t get the excuse of bad weather. They say that Belichik dunks footballs in ice water to prepare his team to handle throwing, catching and hanging on to “not perfect conditions”. He doesn’t let them practice indoors most of the time so they get used to it. I will guarantee you that our coach let’s them practice indoors a lot so that they don’t get wet, or cold. Cupcakes!

    Agree that Ford should stay another year and gain some weight/muscle, but what did he do during his down time the last couple of years. His arms look skinny, but wow, do I like his speed and impact. I thought again that his was a head strike, however in my opinion, he didn’t lead with the crown which is part of the rule if you go by that letter. Hope he stays, but hope isn’t a strategy! I think he goes for the cash and I wouldn’t blame him. One less year of collegiate wear and tear, although he does get more breathers since his coach takes a lot of defensive timeouts!


    1. So you don’t think bad weather affects a passing team more than a running team? Especially one that drops a high percentage of passes from a QB with accuracy issues with dry balls.

      Just pointing out that Ford is the team’s most valuable player and hardest to replace.


      1. Valid points gc but that’s not what I said. The passing game has some advantages too in that the route runners know when they are cutting and where. the defense has to react. VT’s defense was faster than our offense and they played “downhill”.

        Wet footballs create fumbles too in the running game. In addition, running backs do not matriculate the ball as quickly from point A to point B as quickly when they cover it up whilst running. Our tackling was suspect at best. Arm tackles don’t get the job done and I have seen way too much of that this year. Weather works both ways.

        I think our OL didn’t play well at all either….or, the wr’s weren’t good enough to create enough space for most passes, or both. The OL needs to invoke their will on the DL. They didn’t.

        Wayne had a couple nice catches but missed perhaps an easy one in the first drive. We didn’t come out to play. Weren’t prepared and the list goes on.


  47. Belichik also leaves air out of footballs and spies on the other teams illegally. Well, I guess our streak of agreeing ends at one comment Huff the Third? haha 🙂


  48. OT Is there anyone that remembers the story when the Steelers went up to New England to play and all Rothlesburger could here in his helmet was the New England play by play announcers in his helmet? Those cheaters have been stealing plays for years and years.

    Ford led with his helmet but their heads collided. It’s called tackle football. Throw in a little inertia and heads bump into each other.


  49. My understanding is that you don’t have to lead with the helmet for targeting. If you lead with the shoulder or arm but hit the head or neck area, that fits “targeting.”

    What bothers me is that the yellow flag is already up each game for Pitt now. We are repeat offenders…so we need to adjust or it’s going to keep hurting us.

    You do see helmet hits in other games without targeting being called…

    Go Pitt.


  50. John, Fords shoulder hit his intended target and the helmets then bumped into each other and I mean both players helmets collided. Again, there was No intend imo.


  51. Look guys, for Pitt lately 8 win seasons are certainly ‘good’ ones…

    Seven wins ain’t bad either but with all the hype Narduzzi has gotten since his hire…and now that he has his own players out there who have been in “The Process” for some years this is pretty disappointing.

    Personally I think he’s doing exactly what the Pitt administration wants… having winning seasons with no scandals attached. I firmly believe that.

    But for the dreamers who thought he’d bring Pitt high rankings, bowl wins and championships he’s been a disappointment.

    Pitt might be better off finding an up and coming young HC, pay him half of PN’s salary and use the savings to hire very good, solid coordinators who have varied college experience and position coaches who can actually teach kids to play at the P5 level.

    That way we’d have players who while they might not be great athletes are still successful…think Scott McKillop or Nate Peterman.

    Also, Pitt needs to pump more money into recruiting.

    Easier said then done I know but PN is what he is and I wouldn’t be surprised to see he’s hit the success ceiling.


    1. If I thought for one second that the firing of Narduzzi would benefit the PITT football program I would be all for it. A few problems though.

      ). 1 Narduzzi is not going to be fired anytime even close to soon so why worry about it?

      ). 2 Why and how is PITT suppose to start from scratch again and again?

      ). 3 Who in the heck would PITT hire as his replacement? No doubt one of his assistant coaches? Plus if it’s not one of his coaches then they are all gone and a complete do over.. again. I’ll take a possible nine win season before starting all that crap over again, I’m to old for that.


  52. Ya know, a defensive timeout to correct insufficient players on the field is certainly fine, although it means someone screwed up big time. I would guess that is an isolated incident. If not, it is a definite problem. Having to take repeated time outs on defense usually means you see something you can’t easily adjust to, you have the wrong personnel on the field, or you want to rest or reset. If, even after making adjustments you cannot have success, repeatedly, it is a coaching issue. I am sure someone has the stats on the number of defensive time outs we’ve taken, and the results of the following play. I’m also certain the oppositions successful conversation rate is nowhere near as bad as I recall, it simply can’t be.

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  53. Anyone keeping count on how many defensive time outs Pitt has taken this year? And anyone keeping count on how few times Pitt has actually failed to keep the opposition from making the first down after the time outs? So you have two failures to contend with, (1) the fact your defense was unprepared to execute on defense and (2) your adjustments on the time outs have failed much more than you succeeded. So if your passing out any grades on those calls I’m guessing a D minus might be appropriate.


    1. I get the point — but the defense is the last of our problems, ill-advised time-outs or not.

      At this point our offense isn’t good enough to take advantage of time-outs anyway…

      Go Pitt.


    1. Ffrench was listed as a starter on the two deep last week as well. I think that’s Narduzzi’s idea of having BC prepare for the possibility of Ffrench in the game. It worked wonders last week when we saw how distracted VT was defensively having to prepare for Ffrench.


  54. After the defensive timeouts PITT may have gave up first downs but I don’t remember a touchdown given up? Could that have more of the reason for the timeouts? What we all don’t know.


  55. I obsessed about all the possible reasons the game went so badly-the weather, Foster’s last game, all the things you guys mentioned etc. Then it came to me about 1 am Sunday morning. We stunk–the team, the coaches, the cheerleaders, the person who arranged the transportation, the posters and readers of the pov, the athletic director, the bot, the rest of the fans including whoever turns on the victory lights, the chancellor, the faculty, anyone else who works at Pitt, anyone who has ever driven through oakland–Ok I’m getting a little over the top-lets leave the cheerleaders out of it. The only thing to do now is to forget about it and prepare to beat the snot out of Boston College. That is all that counts now. H2P Soccer Gramps

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  56. Yesterday, Reed posted a comment saying Pitt has played 8 Power 5 teams & has a 4 – 4 record against those opponents. He then went on to say that of the 4 we beat only Duke had a winning record (3-1) when we won.

    Well of course I had to check that statement. Since the PAC12, Big10, & BIG12 play 9 conference games & usually a P5 OOC that left me to check the SEC. Specifically the West Division because they typically only play 1 P5 OOC a year.

    Texas A&M with a $7M/year coach (& one of only 5 active HC’s with a Natty), a filled 100K+ OCS stadium, a rabid fan base who really, really financially support their athletic department & Rivals classes of 10,17,10,16 & 6 over the last 5 years, is 7-4 overall, played 8 P5 opponents and is 4-4 in those games. Guess what, like Pitt, they have only beat one team with a winning record at the time they played.

    You want another example. You got it – Alabama 7-1 against P5 opponents but in their 7 wins, only one had a winning record when the game was played. (Texas A&M was 3-2). (I only checked those two teams.)

    In the end, Reed’s point was that Pitt averaged 18.8 points per game against 8 P5 teams. Yes that is bad-no doubt about that. Texas A&M has averaged 25.6 points per game. Both teams have 4 wins, I bet A&M would love to have a Pitt like defense & Pitt would love to have a A&M like offense.

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    1. I agree with Reed & the stats that point out our offense is really bad, and agree Narduzzi should be held accountable. I also think the stats are being used out of context a bit to support a presupposition, though that’s OK, I really do enjoy hearing varying opinions, and Reed’s are always well thought out.

      That said I’m pleased overall with the job Narduzzi has done in stabilizing and improving upon the program up to this point, especially given where things were at when he was hired. But I do think we’re getting to a point where we need to see more improvement in yr 2 of Whipple, otherwise we need to start thinking about moving in a different direction.


      1. Let’s wait until the end of year 2 ( end of next year) and then if improvements aren’t made on offense I would agree on the Whipple criticism. Also, those stats do not include the zillion dropped passes this season.


  57. Good: Our Panthers got a good dose of humiliation this weekend and in my estimation, given their pre-game taunting and lack of preparation/focus for the contest, is something they sorely needed.

    Bad: Every time Pitt FB is on the verge of respectability ( a Top 25 ranking) they $hit the bed.

    Ugly: See Taunting/Lack of Focus/Preparation above.


  58. I’m not disappointed in this years Pitt team as they lived up to my expectations. As I wrote on a previous post it takes big $$ for a college football team to get into the top-tier.

    Ohio State’s transfer QB From Georgia, Justin Fields, drives a new car, has a nice off-campus apartment and takes all his College courses online. It’s hard for me to understand how he is a college student when he doesn’t go on campus Except for football. But that’s what it takes to be in the top-tier of college football today. I don’t see Pitt following in Ohio State’s footsteps not do I want them to.

    Pitt gets embarrassed once annually (sometimes on national TV) but usually is competitive throughout the season. This season is no exception. I’m hoping for a nine win season but will not be upset if they don’t win another game.

    I’m from the Paul Martha Era (early ’60’s) and remember when Pitt was ranked in the top five for most of the season and didn’t get a bowl invitation after losing to Navy. But life goes on.

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        1. BigB: I once lived in Oklahoma Borough across from Apollo, in the Kiski Area School District. Kiski had some fine football teams and an outstanding band.


          1. Mike, I remember big head Dennis Booker. Not as far back as Paul Martha though. It was said that Kiski had to order a special helmet to fit his head.


        1. I don’t think Pitt was offered a bowl game in 1963 as the players did not want to play in a minor bowl. Had Army beat Navy in Philadelphia, Pitt would have gone to the Orange Bowl but Navy prevailed under Heisman winner Roger Stauback. Admittedly, there were not many bowl games in 1963.


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