Well the monkey is off of Pitt’s back.  For the first time in seven tries (and the first time since they’ve joined the ACC) Pitt beat UNC in football, and Pitt fans are feeling pretty good about it.

Pregame optimism.  If you look closely, you can see that I was there in spirit.

The game went as you might expect.  Pitt played well in the first half and took at fourteen point lead into the locker room.  In the second half they allowed their opponent to get back into the game.

But unlike the Miami game, Pitt’s offense moved the ball when they needed to.  And unlike the Miami game, Pitt’s defense got a stop when it mattered.

Kenny Pickett had arguably the best game of his career.  He finished 25 of 41 (61%), with 359 yards and 1 TD.  That all adds up to a 142.6 passer rating. For the first time this season he was able to put touch under his long passes. He took only one sack and threw the ball away instead of forcing things into coverage.  The result was that he threw zero interceptions.  He also hurt the Tarheels with his feet, running for 53 yards on 12 carries and scoring two touchdowns on the ground.

Shockey Jaques-Louis had his coming out party, and caught four balls for 104 yards and one TD.  He would have had more yardage and another TD had it not been for a questionable replay call.  Taysir Mack caught six balls for 83.  True freshman Jared Wayne emerged as viable possession receiver, catching four balls for 30 yards.  Oft-maligned Tight End Will Gragg stepped up his game, catching three balls, a couple of them in clutch situations.

Pitt’s defense notched five sacks, to move them back into 1st place in the Nation.  (They have 45).  Pitt is undefeated under Narduzzi when the defense sacks the quarterback five or more times.

Pitt also won the turnover battle.  Damarri Matthis snared a key interception in the 4th quarter.  Pitt would have had at least one more except for an untimely PI call on backup safety Jazzee Stocker.

Cam Bright had nine tackles (if you haven’t noticed he’s been playing very well lately).  Paris Ford notched nine as well.  Deslin Alexandre posted a sack and two TFL, and disrupted Sam Howell’s final passing attempt of the game, which fell harmlessly incomplete on fourth down.  The legend of Jaylen Twyman continued, as he collected two and half sacks (both after halftime and in key situations) to put him at 9.5 for the year.  Damar Hamlin played exremely well for the first quarter and a half until we was ejected on a very bogus targeting call.

On special teams, Alex Kessman did not wear his baby blue shoes (for obvious reasons) and it showed.  He was just 2 for 3 on field goals.  Redshirt freshman John Vardzel secured all punts that came his way. This season, that is a win.

Were there a couple of questionable coaching decisions?  Yes.  (Should Pat have tried to kick the field goal on 4th and 3????   Why in the world did he take all those defensive time outs???)   Would we have liked to see Pitt, who was clearly the better team on Thursday, beat UNC wire-to-wire?  Yes.  But that’s not Pitt this year.  Yes it’s difficult to watch at times, but we’ve been in every single game until the fourth quarter, and we haven’t been blown out.  We may not win ’em all, but enjoy this roller coaster ride for the few games we have left because Pitt football has never been so maddeningly lovable.

Feel free to post your good, bad and ugly…

Michaelangelo Monteleone

243 thoughts on “MMQB – Saturday Edition – UNC

  1. Good (no, GREAT): your last paragraph. That defines our football team and season perfectly.

    Bad: as usual, the refs.

    Ugly: the thought that maybe the obviously bad calls against us aren’t just accidental and coincidental…….

    Thanks Mike—great post!

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  2. Good: Kenny, Shockey, Sacks, Monkey is off back

    Bad: officiating, coaching decisions, steeler game on at same time

    Ugly: Thursday nite games, the idiots in Carolina that run the ACC


  3. I think this was a great win for this team, and as usual (from a fans view), seems to have been won in spite of our coaching staff, though this game they did better than most in my opinion.
    As fans we always know better don’t we? However , to the point on the 4th and 3 call, Narduzzi got it right. If most of your thinking as a coach is that your Defense will make the stop you need, then every time you are inside the 5 you better be going for 6 points. I thought that was the right call at that point, and loudly told my TV (and wife). Later in the game, she asked “why is he kicking a field goal instead of going for it”? Right call to kick it on that possession too, as it gave us the lead instead of trying to get a defensive stop with like 3
    minutes left I think? Taking defensive timeouts is almost always to the Offenses advantage.


  4. Nice summary, Maestro. Id like to attempt to defend Nard’s extensive use of defensive TOs:

    I admittedly know nothing about D or O formations, nor what D formation to use against which O formation, I’m sure Nard could be a professor on the subject (oh, wait, he DOES teach that subject!) I’m also sure he knows the value of expeditious use of clock stoppage. Therefore, I can just about guarantee he calls a TO when he sees the incorrect D for the O lineup on the field. I have no problem with his D TOs, as a bad D call could result in disaster.
    (And Yes, I answered in as few words as possible)

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  5. villa… strongly agree with your last sentence…. the D creates chaos with a great play on 2nd down …has the MO and Duzz calls a time-out when continued havoc is called for….


  6. Good – no, GREAT: After the game, I thought I saw a shot of The Monkey floating down the river with an Ear-hole under 1 arm, and SOP under the other. Good riddance to all 3!!

    BTW, from here-ever- after, they shall be known, not as tar heels, but rather The Carolina Ear Holes.

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  7. GOOD: Tex missing his Monkey, Kenny Pickett and the picture of the great Fran and friends tailgate.

    BAD: a few more dropped passes, Hamlins ejection call

    UGLY: Cold weather for the fans but it may have ended up helping PITT and an eight o’clock start time to boot.


  8. Many of us predicted the officiating before the game. Let us be clear.
    The officials are not bad. That is a false narrative. The ACC officials constantly favor the original ACC schools.
    It is cheating. It is mild but like having the first game vs Virginia it is calculated. 3rd and 26 and not only interference but targeting too?
    Overturning the touchdown
    Pitt scores but they had to score 2 times and they know we struggle in red zone.
    Miami game
    The only penalty of consequence against Miami is a targeting call. It likely would have enabled us to escape with a win.
    The call is overturned and the 15 yard penalty is also removed. Thursday they overturn the targeting call on Pitt but still give UNC the 15 yards!
    Heather has to come out publicly and demand change. It is like going to the casino. You can win but the little odds of manipulating the game slightly over time equals more loses for you and wins for UNC, Duke et al.

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  9. Thanks for changing the subject Maestro.

    Good: Another razor thin victory narrowly avoiding nausea, vomiting and heartache.
    All the great plays made by multiple guys on offense and defense. Winning the turnover battle.
    Their QB’s inability to connect with deep open guys. Our defense finally getting the stop.
    Our O-line giving KP sufficient time to throw.

    Bad: Pitt’s inability to put the hammer down when they have a nice lead. In this case defensively, giving up three drives in a row, fortunately holding the last one to a field goal. The offense stalling out in the redzone, again.

    Ugly: Third consecutive Thursday night home against UNC, this time while the Steelers played in Cleveland.
    Questionable targeting calls and pass interference calls that seem to always go against us. The lack of holding calls when our defensive line men are getting tackled.


  10. MM — or should I say “Pitt Man,” very subtle “reveal” in the group photo above… And excellent article. Lots to talk about from this win over the next few days.

    Great – Seeing Rachel and Rick at the tailgate. Bless you guys.

    Good – Kenny Pickett, Coach Whip using KP’s Running ability, Shockey, seeing Wayne being used, Dline play, Jason Pinnock and Mathis; every single Pitt fan who attended that game.

    Bad – targeting call on Hamlin; lack of targeting call on Watts., overturn of Shocky’s TD catch.

    Ugly – I don’t have an “Ugly” but another “good” was not having to watch the ugly Steeler’s game!

    Go Pitt.

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  11. And thanks to kman for bringing Dave “White Shoes” Havern to the tailgate.

    It was a treat to meet and talk to Dave. Reminisced about the awesome WVU comeback win that Dave quarterbacked. Told him how my wife to be and I were there and didn’t leave early…

    “Havern to Pilconis for the TD!”

    As I said to Fran, maybe the word gets out and we have a notable former Panther stop by the tailgate every game… 😊

    Go Pitt.


  12. Maestro, thanks again. Great write up.
    These tailgates are really collective efforts. We’re all roadies for the POV band.
    Similar to the Ringo Starr All Star Band, Ringo makes some calls and says “you want to play with us today?”
    Same with the POV.
    It’s a different crew every game plus the regulars.

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  13. For the first time in a while, Pitt is 7 and 3
    For the first time in a while, Pitt beat UNC
    And it is now very, very clear to me
    That it’s all Good with very little Bad or Ugly


    1) Pickett – >400 total yards and 0 turnovers
    2) WRs: Shocky had 4 catches for 104 yards, Mack had 6 catches for 83 yards, and Wayne had 4 catches for 30 yards.
    3) DL: Alexandre had a sack, 2 tackles for loss, 2 pass breakups, and 2 hurries. Twyman had 2.5 sacks.

    … and do not forget

    4) Pitt’s Redzone defense on UNC’s last two possessions

    Bad: POVers’ predictions (including mine)

    Ugly: Pitt’s wins – all 7 of them


  14. I did not expect Pitt to beat UNC. Mainly because what I had envisioned for this season has not transpired. I thought that if we could find two “just average” OTs, then while we’d struggle in the first 6 games, Coach Whip would have us scoring in the 30s and even 40s in the last six games.

    Has not happened. Our OTs have struggled some. Clear evidence of that was that Houy and Van Lynn both saw OT action against UNC. But KP was chased out of the pocket several times – and except for a pass to Gragg, those plays all led to throw aways and wasted downs.

    What I finally realize about the offense is that our players just aren’t as good as I thought. Mack, for example, while he made some good plays, just hasn’t been the big-time playmaker that he looked like he’d be. Same for Ffrench. And of course the TEs have been major disappointments. And even though they may be 4-stars, our RBs are decent, but not special, IMHO.

    That said, perhaps the UNC game, especially the plays leading to the clutch TD in OT, have given me a flicker of hope (Shocky and Wayne 👍) about the offense in these last two games…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. BOOM! Somebody finally throws Jared Wayne some ❤️. No shade towards SJL, but Wayne looks like he has a brite WR future. I can see the local Pittsburgh Christmas commercials now. As soon as the likenesses of NCAA college athletes are allowed. The jewelry store ad I’d love to see is the same kind of a Kenny to SJL connection for a Pitt TD like on Thursday, only with Jared as the recipient of the pass . Both Kenny & Wayne then get some cash as they run the audio, “Kenny went to Jared’s”.

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  15. Good – seeing all my Pitt brothers and sisters. You all feel like family to me after all we’ve been thru. A Pitt win to break the curse.

    Bad – worst and most biased officiating I’ve ever seen at a Pitt game. Counted 14 uncalled NC holds not called. 3 with refs standing next to the guilty party..
    then in the late 3rd quarter on a play that gained 14 yds, a Pitt player gets a finger stuck in a NC Jersey for a nanosecond after the play is past him and ref comes across the field to call a hold! Unreal

    Ugly – the panhandlers lined up around the stadium Pre and post game.

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  16. Good/Great: Kenny, Shocky, the tailgate, The No-Quit Moxie of the entire team, the Pitt Band’s spectacular NASA Halftime show.

    Bad: the missed Field Goal, the drops (although less of them), some of the TOs

    Ugly: the continued questionable refereeing.

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  17. The more I think about that Hamlin targeting call the more I get upset. Not only was it terrible but it has me thinking. Why should the fate of a football game be under the control of officials? That lousy call almost cost PITT a win and when Watt’s piling on with his helmet was overturned. A player being tossed from the game on such a subjective play empowers the refs where it can have an effect on the game itself. … and it did. UNC’s comeback had everything to do with that call, imo!

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  18. did anyone just see the no call targeting against PSU with about 10 min left in the 2nd? I t wasn’t even reviewed. The announcers went from an obvious targeting to the RB lowered his head and was hit by the faceguard and not by the crown of the helmet


  19. Exceptional: the vertical passing game is much more a exciting product to watch. Kenny would have had at least 50 more yards without the drops and overturned TD. I said last game Whipple might as well throw on all 3 downs some series and thats’ what we saw. It would have been even better if Griffin-Stewart would have not dropped the pass for an 11 yard gain on 3rd and 10 to kill the drive, as well as the other drops.
    -Alexandre possibly tipping the last pass to win the game because that receiver was wide open.

    Good: The defense, Kenny throwing the ball away, passing yardage, Wayne, Gragg

    Bad: Over-emotional Hamlin guilty of poor judgment helmet to helmet on a 3rd and long interception attempt that wouldn’t have resulted in a first down even if the receiver had caught the ball. Kept the UNC drive alive. Also, #34 was overzealous and lucky not to be tagged for targeting since his helmet was just glancing instead of perpendicular force. Right call, but could have been worse with the history of these refs.

    Ugly: -the horizontal passes, especially on 3rd and 2 that every team has prepared for us on film that killed the drive. It’s like even Kessman was too disappointed in such a lousy call to focus on the field goal. Ok maybe that’s projecting.
    -the drops – are they afraid of getting clocked after the catch? If so, the WR coach needs to tell them to immediately duck or take a knee right there BUT CATCH THE FLIPPIN BALL! These games wouldn’t be so close.
    -NOT kicking the field goal on 4th down for a team that has a storied history of barely winning games. TAKE THE POINTS!
    -UNC’s Open receivers – how to fix??
    -Our lack of WRs depth who can catch. We desperately need some WR recruits or a solid transfer or someone to step up. Mack looked like Fitzgerald and Matthews was on fire early in the season. WHat TF happened?
    -Team needs to be told they have to win games by 14 instead of 1 point with these refs who don’t want to risk our Defense knocking Clemson out of the playoff.

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  20. Sometimes being at the game doesn’t give you the best view of a play. I had no problem with the targeting call. Thought the replays we saw at the stadium showed targeting. Didn’t like the result, but couldn’t argue. Thought it was just a stupid play by Hamlin. I’m sure from the reactions on here they must have showed different views on TV.
    If I was an Indiana fan I’d be pissed. The first four calls go against them, leading to at least 14 Nitter points, oh well, what did you expect?


  21. Good: Pickett’s passing yards, pass protection, AJ Davis, Shockey-Louis, defensive line sacks, scoring 34 points, clutch play on 3rd and 14, refs ignoring the blatant hands to the face by Pitt on the aforementioned play, being 7-3 with Coastal hope.

    Bad: Mack not catching that 4th down pass in the end zone, the people who thought Wayne was a wasted recruit because his high school competition wasn’t good, secondary coverage in the second half.

    Ugly: Play calling on third down twice near the goal line, Kess’ chip-shot miss, safety play after Hamlin went out, safety depth in year five under Narduzzi.


  22. There is betting on all Pitt games. The bias of game officials against Pitt is so egregious and blatant that it needs investigation by The Justice Department for violation of the Corrupt Practices Act.


  23. If you’re looking at being a college football fan purely for it’s entertainment value, then you would be hard pressed to beat the Pitt Panthers for value for the $.

    In my office yesterday, a colleague said that he couldn’t stay up to watch the end of the UNC-Pitt game on Thursday nite so he recorded it & watched it in the morning over his cup of coffee before leaving for work. He said when it went to overtime he decided to have another up of coffee & see how it ended. He said, “man that was an exciting game & I’m no fan of either team” (since he’s a Clemson fan). Since my coworker knows that I’m a rabid Pitt fan, he tells me, “I can only imagine how hyped up you were after that OT finish!”

    He knows me well, nailed it!

    But come on?!?!?! Penn State, UCF, Syracuse, Duke, Miami, UNC, even Delaware, all games that you were on the edge of your seat right up to the end! What a season. Let’s hope we finish better than last year & we’ll be a happy fan base.

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    1. So true, Doc!

      Drama and exasperation!

      “Oh Crap!” one moment; “YES!” The next moment!

      Disappointment and SUCCESS!

      Depression and ELATION!

      It’s all there for Pitt fans. 😊

      Hail to Pitt!

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    2. Exactly Dr Tom, I guess some anguish over a game like that and some take pleasure and pride. Every win is a good win.. it’s called perspective.


    1. If Pitt had an on campus MPC, the finals could have been held there. Blown opportunity to market campus. But the City or dahntown and PPG get good press.


  24. Doc, I Have to measure my BP during these Pitt games. When sys gets above 180 the tv goes off and I take an extra dose of amlodipine. Had to watch last quarter and OT the next day. This team can give a Pitt fan a coronary. Whoa is moi! In the bonds bro, in the bonds.

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    1. I was there at 27 degrees and wind chill of 16 in OT. We all knew Pitt would lose but stayed anyhow. My BP was 163/94.

      Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

      We beat the Hokies next week. I guarantee it! Just like I did this week.

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      1. C’mon Dan, 163/94? That’s considered a good reading for me even though I take 4 blood pressure meds a day. Just another reason I gave up on doctors. << They are plotting against me, PITT and the doctors.


    1. Va, Tech – Ga, Tech is my 3:30 game with Clempsum – Wake is my commercial break game.

      I think Ga Tech has reverted to early season form w/out the scoring. Running QB’s for Va Tech with Hooker & now backup Patterson. Running threat has opened up large chunk passing attack. Is the Va. Tech defense that good or is it that Ga, Tech is a terrible offense team with no passing attack.

      The Yates kid now playing for Ga. Tech is the 4’th QB the yellow jackets have used this year..


  25. The UNC game had all the typical pitt frustrations with pitt blowing a lead and letting up. But I am fully happy with this win because we broke the curse of UNC.


  26. The ugly: the jumping ship from the “realists” on the pov when pitt continues to win. It’s funny that they were all traveling or so busy and coincidentally were back watching Pitt football when pitt lost to Miami and made their presence felt on the POV after that loss.

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    1. Act like you have been right before. One might conclude that it is just 40 years of frustration being released, but don’t get too far over your skies.

      A realist might say that there is only 1 team from the ACC in the CFP rankings as of the last vote. I am sure it is a mistake.

      A realist might say we just beat a team that is 4-6 and we talk like we won the ACC. Why can’t we just say it was a good win and an expected win (we were favored)? Candidly, this is like the current state of america. You are deemed to be on one side or the other and treated as an outcast for having a different opinion on things than others. Kind of like mine above.

      I aren’t afraid of expressing my views, but sure do get a kick out of the responses.


      1. I think you make some fair points about the ACC being down and the fact yes we should have beaten UNC who is down.
        But the “realists” mischaracterize the rest of us. We are a lot more objective on pitt than the “realists” who use any opportunity to downplay success by Narduzzi and over play any type of losses or bad things that happen for Narduzzi.

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  27. since getting spanked by Duke in late September, VT is 5 and 1 with the only loss 21-20 at South Bend. Most of the wins have been by wide margins but they beat UNC by 2 in 5OTs.


  28. Looks like the Syracuse juggernaut is back as they clobber Duke 49-6. Danny DeVito threw for two touchdowns and rushed for another to snap a 4-game losing streak. Philiponi pleased.

    Go Pitt.


  29. Good – We have made it through 10 games and our defense will not be featured on Draft Day for a first round qb or rb being drafted highlight. Shockeys speed. Carters speed. Davis speed! Bragg waking up and being utilized. Bright flying to the ball. Alexandre played a full 60 minute game. He may have put himself on the map.

    Bad – 1. the officiating was bad. There was a lot of holding on both sides that was missed. The referees should not impact the game as much as they did. That said, during the game, i noted that it was my opinion that Hamlin was guilty of targeting. It was a weird call tho. He first committed to making a play on the ball for an interception and it seemed that he instantaneously changed his mind and struck the receiver in the head. I said that during the game and was ridiculed. I watched it again and am convinced that is how the play unfolded. Secondly, shockey did not make that catch for a td. The ball hit the turf early in that reception (up by his shoulder), not down by his gut. Its subtle, but noticeable if you watch it in slo-motion. 2. We had a nice lead and let them keep it close. Howell missed a lot of deep balls which was extremely beneficial.

    Ugly – The drops by the Rutgers TE. The crowd. The turf at Steeler stadium. Pat Macafee, he was over the top bad!

    Great result. Next one is a big one.


    1. Shockey’s pass was ruled a TD. The only angle that may have showed the ball touching a few blades of grass while in his possession was from the QB direction view, but there needs to be overwhelming evidence to overturn the call. I was at the game and all the replay angles we saw on the jumbotron said it was a catch. All the other angles showed his hands under the ball. Curious if TV saw something else.

      Unfortunate to be opposite the Steelers and cold because the crowd looked sparse. Most of the ladies were warm in the Club for the game. Looked bad but I believe we were still loud given the crowd size.

      Was MacAfee on TV? No idea what his reference means. But I was at the game, so that may be it. Glad to see another great game. It’s nice to see the team beat the hater expectations at 7-3.

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      1. You can watch the replay of the game on the link that was provided by another poster. The picture from the QB angle shows the ball hitting the ground at its origin at the shoulder when he first fell, not down near the waist. His hands were clearly under the ball as the ball matriculated south, down his body. That was just my interpretation at the time of the game when I commented and I got the same response today. Look, I’m a homer to a certain degree. I just don’t slant because it’s my team.

        Macafee was the announcer and was loud and crazy and didn’t make a lot of sense. He’s a goofball in my opinion.


    2. Huff the Third, I agree with everything you said with one exception (there’s always the one exception between you and I) 😉 Hamlin had his arms extended and was going for the ball. He never changed his mind of his intentions. In that instance he put himself in as much of harms way as the receiver was in, who btw had his head two feet from the ground. Hamlin never retracted his arms to protect himself. Another btw, Hamlin ended up with the ball in those extended arms and hands. So we just disagree on that one.

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    3. Huff — my perspective was from the stands, but I disagree some. Regarding Shocky, any play that takes that long to review should not be overturned, IMHO.

      And on Hamlin, once a guy is in the act of diving for the ball, is it fair to then expect him to re-direct himself? Maybe he could if he got to shift into slo-mo mode, like the cameras do…

      Go Pitt.

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    4. I just watched the replay 6 times. He has 2 hands on the ball with complete control. Further, it was ruled a catch on the field. It is impossible to find enough evidence to overturn the call. Finally, even if the ball touched the ground ( I do not see it) he has both hands under it the entire time.
      Sorry no way anyway that call can get changed.

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      1. Put it in slo motion kman. The problem was not chest to midsection. It was at the shoulder and really quick. You can see the ball on the turf and as he rolls his hands are completely under it. Believe me, i yelled at the tv for a solid minute and went back to view it some more times before realizing it happened early in the catch, not at the end. It was quick and obviously easy enough to overturn for the officials. They tend to know what the call on the field was and the threshold for overturning it. But to be nice Kman, you are right, the call will be reversed and the game re-played.

        i slow motioned hamlin too and Ike i agree in principle. When you go frame by frame it looks like he went from trying to intercept to pulling back/re-directing his arms and then going for the hit. It was odd, and bang bang. Again, just my three cents (inflation). Camps was more egregious in my mind, yet they let that go, so I guess it evened out. It’s always one thing between you and me ike. lol.

        We won the game which is great. The calls will not be reversed regardless of our thoughts.

        If the ACC comes out and apologizes for those missed calls, then I will apologize. for what i saw in slow motion, which is an acceptable standard for review. They watch replays in real time and slow mo.

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  30. Last year SYR was stocked with a ton of 4 and 5 year seniors. That had a lot to do with their 10 win season. They are very young this year and are probably just now learning to play together. That’s the ebb and flow of college football if you’re not a marquee team loaded with 4 star talent.


  31. Couple things I read on PSN:

    —In our seven ACC games with UNC, we’ve given up a 4th quarter lead in 5 of them. Ouch!

    — They said KP hit nine different receivers in the UNC game. Nine? Can that be correct?

    Go Pitt.

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  32. It’s funny how people can look at a play and see it so differently. When I heard so,many people saying Hamlin arms were out going for the ball I went back and looked at it over and over, since I was at the game and we only get a couple views. Sorry, clearly targeting, watch what happens to his arms, one view clearly shows he no,longer has chance for the ball and changes angle. Hey, I think ACC refs job northern teams, but they got that one right.


    1. Thanks Joe……sometimes it’s a posse in here….I wasn’t trying to win an argument or create one. I was just trying to be objective when the board was killin the refs on a call that when reviewed, became clear. I like to beat up the refs too when appropriate and those calls weren’t the time. Other ones, for sure.

      Sending up white flag to this group,,,,,,


  33. Regarding the Hamlin targeting call, if Hamlin was the offensive player and the UNC receiver the defensive player, would targeting against Hamlin still be called? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, if this was the case, the UNC player may have been called for targeting. Yet the rule makes no distinction between offensive and defensive player.

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  34. Pitt will be a big underdog to VT next week after VT won yesterday 45 to 0 over GT. I’m guessing at least a 9 point favorite. Oh yes and by the way Pitt will finally get their top 25 ranking should they beat VT.


    1. Shhh – don’t say that too loud. I’ll take the 9 points but don’t want Pitt players thinking IF they win they will be ranked – almost a guaranteed loss based on the past 35 years of Pitt FB.

      Good: being physically at the game with Mrs. Erie – priceless

      Bad: UNC offensive holding with no yellow flags, missing the post-game tailgating & missing seeing Wlat (Eric)

      Ugly: amount of time for officials review, crowd size, Steeler game on club seat TV’s & Pitt coaches use of time outs

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  35. Regarding Hamlin targeting call- my take… Hamlin was clearly going for the interception. I am sure all here are familiar with peripheral vision. Take in consideration how fast this play develops. Any alteration by Hamlin in my opinion is due to his instincts/peripheral vision that a collision is about to occur. The natural reaction is to defend oneself. Sometimes this means protecting yourself by covering up, but sometimes you protect yourself by lashing out to redirect the blow. Having played sports before- be it pickup or sanctioned- all of you know that things happen fast and split decisions are necessary. Given how fast this play developed, i am not buying that Hamlin was able to predict when the defender would dive and at what angle he would be diving at so as to deliver a targeting blow- especially since defensive backs are taught to go get the ball. Hamlin was going for the ball up until the last milliseconds before contact. The helmet to helmet contact was a byproduct of two players trying to make a play and arriving at an unfortunate contact point.

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  36. OT – Alabama’s next opponent is Western Carolina at noon next Saturday. Their QB was injured and lost for the season in a blow-out win over Miss State yesterday.

    HC Nick Saban defended his decision to keep Tua in the blow-out with this – “we were practicing the 2 minute drill”. How about practicing that 2 minute drill next week in the first 2 minutes of the cream puff game?

    That makes Duzz look real good.

    I know, there are a few NC’$ that make $aban look better.


  37. Another very difficult game to be played this week. Every week a new and difficult challenge. Pitt never gives up and no one gives up against Pitt for good reason.

    Hopefully the extra two days between games gives Pitt a slight edge at this late point in the season when everyone is a little banged up. The 45-0 game film should be pretty motivating.

    Must reiterate how much the non-calls when our d-line gets held and the bogus pass interference calls (not all of them) really take away our strengths and have made many games closer than they should be.

    Those calls have kept many an opponents drives alive when they should be over. The targeting calls seem to be pretty subjective as well. At least they didn’t throw Watts out.

    It just makes you wonder why they “just let them play” when it is our line getting held, but a defensive back on the other side of the field from the play gets called for a bump, when it doesn’t affect the play, but keeps a drive alive on a third down.

    The strength of our D is clearly the pass rush, it makes sense that opponents have to hold our guys, especially when they routinely get away with it.

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  38. The Good – A win (against a good team), passing attack, 5 sacks, receivers stepped in Ffrench’s absence.
    The Bad – Defense wasn’t as aggressive after Hamlin call, Shockey’s TD reversal, Heinz field turf.
    The Ugly – lack of next day coverage of the Pitt win (national media), scheduling a game the same time the Steeler’s were playing

    Editorial Note: You can see where HCPN get’s some of his calls from – look at MSU (blowing a big lead against Illinois)


    1. XM Radio – college sports talk featured the Pitt game with Rick Neuheisel around 10:30am on Friday after a 30 minute discussion on the Stiller/Browns fight.

      Duzz got some high praise and so did KP.

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  39. there is a part of me that is glad that Va Tech had such an easy time with GT the week before playing Pitt…. just as I was unhappy when I saw that Miami was upset by GT the week before playing Pitt

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  40. Ffrench being out has given opportunity to Shocky, Jared, and Vardzel. They all came through very nicely.

    Interesting that they went with Vardzel’s sure hands over Ford’s runback ability.

    Griffen-Stewart made a nice catch, then dropped an important third down reception. Gragg seems to have gotten over the drops.

    In any case, a game without turnovers was required to get the victory.

    The biggest concern moving forward is that the defense gave up two touchdown drives and then a third for a field goal. The fact that they seemed to relax when they had a nice lead is not good.

    The other concern is that the offense still stalls out far too often in the red zone.

    This was another game where it seemed that Pitt was the dominant team for much of the time, but could not put the hammer down and pull away.

    It sure would be nice to get an early cigar game in one of the last three, but very long odds for that ever happening.

    Nice to have already beaten the USA preseason prediction of 6-6, but you know we want more.

    It is funny how so many are critical of Narduzzi’s flaws but are slow to praise the things he does well.

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    1. —The experts gave us a 51% chance to win. We win in OT. Well done you experts!

      —Was watching Gragg during warmups while a guy about 10 yards from him kept feeding pretty hard passes to Gragg. I watched Gragg catch about 10 in a row with all the passes in the chest area. The next pass was just below his left hip — he dropped it… ☹️

      Good for Gragg for catching them during the game. 👍

      Go Pitt.


    2. It’s not funny at all. Pitt could be easily 3-7

      They should be 9-1 right now and ranked

      If Pitt wins out, they should be in the top 25. The very first time that has happened in narduzzis 5 years.

      I’m not sorry to say but good coaches don’t take that long. The program was stable when he inherited it.

      Coach Jay inherited a dumpster fire, has limited resources and fan support, plays in the toughest soccer conference, and got his team finally ranked at seasons end. That’s good coaching. That’s what I expect. Narduzzi is no Coach Jay.


      1. Narduzzi’s 3 losses have come against teams that are 22 – 8; teams that have very good defenses.

        I look at it this way: Tough to win in college FB without a good offense. Without a good offense we’ve managed to win 7 games. I see that as a positive.

        And a better Pitt offense is on the way, IMHO…

        Go Pitt.

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  41. Also the overtime was incredible. I bet no one besides Ike and maybe even he gave us no chance, especially after the first couple plays. I don’t ever remember a season with as many unbelievable finishes. Just a few more please!!!!

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  42. No no gc, I always give PITT a chance, the thing being, sometimes the confidence level isn’t as high as others. Especially after PITT lost another coin flip to start the overtime period. Which btw, I’m thinking PITT won the initial coin flip to start the game for the first time in a long time??

    Then there is the other monkey exiting Saturday night. Another win after a bye week. Something else that only gets talked about when PITT loses or should I say when Narduzzi loses?

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  43. Any news on BB recruit John “Bigman” Hughley signing his LOI yesterday?

    On Friday, John announced that he would be signing on Saturday. Rivals still has him as unsigned.

    Did he have cold feet and re-consider?

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  44. Hugley suppose to sign a LOI to PITT today

    That VT line is a little lower than I expected as well.

    Early weather forecast for Blacksburg next Saturday. Lots of sun with a high of 46 degrees.


  45. My Carolina buds told me the Heels were weak up front and were weak at LB with a couple of exceptions…. I will enjoy our winning streak against them until next year…. Gobblers on the clock…..

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  46. Pitt is ranked #1 in sacks with 45. Ohio Sucks, I mean THE Ohio Sucks, is 2nd with 42. VT is tied for 11th with 33. Pitt is #7 in Rush Defense, VT is 29th. Pitt is 41st in Fewest Passing Yards Allowed, VT is not in the top 50.


  47. Narduzzi the defensive guru…….. oh no I didn’t, crossing lines no one dares to cross! Kudos to Randy Bates as well. Keep him at PITT Heather! Same goes for Partridge and Whipple.


  48. Outstanding – Bright, Alexandre, KP, Hamlin (when playing) Wayne, Twyman, Ford and SJL Also NO TOs!
    Good – Pine (replacing Brightwell) Watts, RB committee (90 yds-3.9 ypc), Mack
    Ugly – Utter and complete incompetence of ACC officials, giving up big plays after every defensive TO

    It seemed like KP was reborn using his legs as a weapon, hope it doesn’t stop, which I also think helped him in the passing game. Alexandre was disruptive all game and I think Baldanado should have been sent flowers by NC OTs for all the times he was lovingly held.

    Watts should have been tossed, but it is totally absurd for a targeting call to be made AND UPHELD on a DB who not only attempts to intercept a ball but actually catches the pass. If intent is not part of the rule, then the rule should be thrown out and re-written.

    Huff – If you needed super slow motion to see a sliver of the ball possibly touching the ground, and a replay official needing 5 minutes or more of review to OVERTURN a call then someone please explain the words “clear” and “incontrovertible” to me.

    I would also add that although I don’t mean to pick on any one player, Pitt’s D as a unit did not totally falter, it was unfortunately two horrible missed assignments or physical inabilities by Stocker that caused the 4th quarter comeback. I agree with HCPN with Hamlin in the game, it doesn’t go to OT. But shows how paper thin Pitt’s defensive backfield is.

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    1. It was clear when you watched it in regular slo motion….super slow motion is the speed of my ability to think and type, not necessarily in that order.

      I will post my receipts from the UK for those that think that all perceived negative posters made up excuses such as being out of the country. I always pick Pitt to win when many on here pick them to lose. Always have. Always will. That said, I won’t say that something didn’t happen when it did (in my opinion).

      I also won’t give the administration a break for running the program into the dirt….and keeping it there. Will we have occasional successes, yes, but more is brewing in Oakland. There are problems and they aren’t small ones.


  49. I missed it during the game, but Kessman punted one of our two punts. Heard Duzz say after the game that for that game, Kessman was going to be the “long” punter and Christodoulou would do the “sky” punting…


    Go Pitt.


  50. Beside the many drops, one of the reasons our offense has been so ineffective is that our receivers have made few, if any, “wow” catches. Makes it tough on the QB.

    Watched parts of some games yesterday and saw some outstanding catches.

    Sounds like some good WR recruits are on the way – and perhaps Shocky and Wayne pick us up this season.

    And we know Mack and Ffrench, while disappointing lately, are capable of big plays – who steps it up against VT? Call Walt!

    Go Pitt.


    1. I would think MSU would head in a completely new direction if they do decide to make a change. I am confident no one will come after Narduzzi. We have him for the long haul. I only hope he has found an offensive coordinator that will stay around. We do need to be worried about losing our defensive coordinator. Hopefully Lyke will step up with an appropriate amount to keep him.

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  51. The good: All us tough as nails 60’s and 70’ Pitt grads.

    The bad and ugly: All the blood pressure comments got me wondering. . .

    Is this Cardiac Cats thing a sinister fund raising plot?

    Does Lyke think we old timers have left Pitt some cash in our wills?

    Has UPMC advised her on optimal dosing of game stress?

    But we have all fooled them with our endurance, stamina, and tolerance for pain!

    What did they expect when we’ve had so many years of practice.

    “Ha ha!” Says I with a crazed gleam I’m my eye! My Panther heart is too strong!

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  52. The summa cum laude … 2020 is looking to be Coach Narduzzi’s best recruiting class and his defense is now flourishing with HIS players

    The excellent … John Hugley (#13 ranked center in the nation) is about to sign with Coach Capel

    The good … Pitt is #22 in the College Football News Poll and is playing a relevant game in mid-November on national TV

    The above average .. Coach Narduzzi kept his cool and did not charge the field and have to have his hands extricated from the ref’s throat during the UNC game

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  53. Tony, I’ve been wanting to post a similar comment but worried about a jinx. Like your thinking!

    Narduzzi can only win with Lumpy’s players? Yeah right.

    Fran, bad news for sure. Condolences to D Blair.


  54. A great evening on Thursday. If you decided to stay at home and decided to flip between the Steelers and Pitt, you got what you deserved, IMO. The stadium actually had more fans than I expected; kudos to all of you who chose the hard route and were there to experience a dramatic win. Yes, it was cold but also exhilarating to win and break the streak.

    Its onto the Hokies down here in Central Virginia. Hokie fans are creeping back out of the woodwork like cockroaches. And they are talking more about the kids playing for Bud Foster than they are calling for Fuentes head.

    Should be an interesting game. VT has had QB issues this yr and tends to run more than throw. Meanwhile Pitt is the #1 defense in the ACC in yards allowed (11th in the nation) – edge to Pitt. Our offense is similar to theirs in terms of production – its a push. ON ST, VT’s punter is #1 in the ACC in net yds, while Christodoulou is #10 – edge to the Hokies. In the kicking game, the VT kicker has a slightly higher completion rate, but appears to be less accurate than Kessman at the longer distances – a push.

    Digest that for a moment and consider that the Hokies have a 60% chance of winning according to ESPN’s matchup predictor. And the line is VT -3.5pts

    Finally, Saturday is Bud Foster’s last home game. Should be a packed house. I’m not able to make it – small matter of my younger granddaughter’s baptism and 1st BD. Hope some of you make the trip and support our guys – they will need it…gonna be tough and I expect a close game.

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    1. While I was sitting there in the cold, I applauded the student section. The majority of them stuck through till the end and it got (relatively) loud when needed.

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  55. Thanks for supporting the team JoeL and others. I did stay home, never switched the channel even for a second though. Reason? Not the weather or the Steelers. Missed seeing all you guys and gals! Job well done!


        1. You da man Ike. Next year, I’m getting my arse to da burg to personally meet you (and others) and give you a crushing man hug. I’m probably 30 years younger than you so I’ll go gentle. 🤠

          Pitt needs more fans like you. Pitt needs more fans like those who read and post.

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  56. I wouldn’t be so sure that Coach Narduzzi is not an attractive target to Michigan State, should a Head Coach position open there. I believe that folks outside of the Pitt fandom recognize the outstanding job he has done in spite of the significant hurdles facing any Pitt football coach. The number one hurdle being the embarrassingly empty stadium. That is on us, the Pitt fans and alumni. We don’t attend games and we don’t, on average, make meaningful contributions to the university. And has been mentioned here many times, even when Pitt won their last National Championship and achieved three straight 11-1 seasons shortly thereafter, we still wouldn’t fill the stadium. How do you recruit elite players when they see that near empty stadium we had Thursday? And I’m certainly not criticizing anyone on the POV. I know that everyone here is a very serious supporter of the program and would be there if possible. I’m talking Pitt alumni in general.

    Coach Narduzzi beat top ten teams in Penn State, Clemson, and Miami. It would not be hard to envision him having even more success in a Big 10 stadium that averages 70,000 per game. The question would come down to whether MSU offered the position and whether Coach Duzz thought he had a better chance to recruit and succeed at MSU versus Pitt. Money would not be a factor. Just my opinion.

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    1. Farmers – I’d be surprised if the Duzzer was interested in the Mich State job. Tough to recruit to there, like Pitt, and you have to compete with Michigan, Ohio State and the nits.

      I would think the Duzz would only leave Pitt – of his own volition – to go to a football-factory type school which is much more favorable for recruiting. I really think he’d have big success at such a place.

      Go Pitt.


      1. I agree Major. The Coastal is much more winnable than the BIG 10 division MSU is in. I agree with Farmer also that the Spartans would come hard after Narduzzi. Personally, I would hate to see him go. Here is hoping that Dantonio sticks for a few more years.


  57. In other Pitt news…

    The women’s BB team lost to GTown yesterday. Didn’t see it, but Pitt led at end of the 3rd quarter. The problem was Pitt shot like crap the whole second half. .

    This is a very young team with 7 new players so there will be some very large bumps this season – but from the game I attended, the freshmen are athletic and show promise.

    And on a positive note, Coach Lance White just signed 3 players for next year’s class.

    — Tracey Hueston | 6-2 | Forward | Roanoke, Va. is ranked as a Top-100 recruit. She averaged 18.9 points and 9.5 rebounds while shooting 46% from the field as a junior…

    —Taisha Exanor | 5-11 | Guard | Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Little info since she’s from Canada – played on the national team…

    —Liatu King | 6-0 | Forward | Washington, D.C. She was Second Team All-WCAC as a junior after averaging 9.0 points per game… Reportedly she only began to focus on BB last year. Previously she had played real football with the boys!

    With last year’s and this year’s signings, Coach has really addressed the team’s lack of height.

    Go Pitt.

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  58. Even though I first posted about the potential MSU opening, I agree with John in SC that the MSU AD who did not hire Dantonio would prefer not to have someone from the Dantonio tree. Less pushback from a fan base who is very testy now.
    As far as would Duzz leave if offered, he would definitely consider it. Recruiting there is something he is used to, 72,000 avg # of tickets sold (not actual attendance) per game in 2018, and stronger alumni support. Probably more money for him too. It is reported he makes $3.1M this year. Dantonio made $3.7M this year and is scheduled to make $4.4M plus a one-time $4.3M bonus.


  59. VT has an Oline made up of 2 trueFR, 1 trueSO and 2 RSSO’s.

    Our number 1 ranked Dline better live up to it’s ranking and devour some turkey this Saturday.

    Stopping the run will be key for our D as the Hokies possess a balanced offense with a dual threat QB.

    The big question will be, can KP and Pappy Whip our smart Bud Foster in his last home game on Senior Night in Blacksburg in front of 67,000 energized fans with the Coastal title in the throws…


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    1. KP… keep wearing those gloves…

      Alex… shine those “ baby blus” and put them on you feet- saw you changed to black vs the HEELS.. cost you/ us 3 but made for a great OT stress test… In O- Time there is no beer🎼


  60. DC Bates’ strategy has to be getting the D to come up with 5 sacks (team is unbeaten when hitting that mark under Duzz) and stopping the run. I believe the veteran DB’s will do their part with the passing game, enough to win the contest.

    Pappy Whip needs to extend the leash on KP a little more and have a trick play or two for Bud to defend.

    The special teams need to protect the ball, punting, FG’s and returns.

    Duzz needs to not overthink “in game“ decisions and keep the turtle in the burg for the weekend. He also needs his best and brightest video team in the booth with quick responses.

    For the honorary captain pick, make it Pat Bostick Jr. I’m not so much concerned with the pre-game speech, it’s the halftime speech that will be most effective. Pat will tell them what he sees, and point out where adjustments need to be made. Please let him speak Duzz.

    I expect BIG games from Chase Pine and Patrick Jones Jr, as both are from Virginia. Both will be in on a few sacks and wrecking havoc on this young hokie offense.


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  61. I half-jokingly said Whip has been hiding the vertical passing game this year for the HEELS… what surprises have the save for the Gobblers….who knows…. Tech will be out for revenge from last years drubbing that PITT inflicted which was our measure for being held at the goal line on 4 consecutive 4 th and one plays…. FB is a game of emotion and who wants it more….. should be a good one.

    Love how the schedule has worked out … we always come home for Thanksgiving and to cut Christmas trees. See you all at the tailgate… but 1st we have Blacksburg business to take care of….Hail to PITT,

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  62. gc… prayers for your knee surgery tomorrow… tell the surgeon to put in the golf prothesis- the one that adds 5-10 yards to your drive…will be thinking bout you…speedy recovery!!!

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    1. Thanks Bernie, it is actually this morning. Glad it is finally here. No pain, no gain right!

      Where I really need help is with the putter, maybe you can give me a lesson in the spring.

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  63. Amazing that there are three 2 loss teams in the Coastal. If VA or VA Tech win out they are the champs, if Pitt wins out it still needs VA Tech to beat VA.

    So like I said before I would like us to win out, but have VA beat VA Tech so they get the honor of getting crushed by Clemson.

    We then win our bowl game for our 10th victory and get nicely ranked going into next year. Any way that is my dream scenario.

    I don’t think winning the Coastal and getting drubbed by Clemson sets a good tone for next year.

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  64. MM – I posted a detailed, well thought out plan to beat VTech (My opinion of course) at 5:30am and it never made the site?

    I went through the pain of logging in – my previous post made it – Ugh!

    Did it get caught behind the locked gate?


    1. I’ll take a look. Hurts me to hear that you went to all that effort and WordPress snaked you.

      Turns out you had a comment sitting in the spam folder. Not sure why. Let me know if that’s not the right one.

      There were a couple of Tex’s as well. I unspammed them.


      1. Word press doesn’t like Texans. When I do the iPhone as Tex, some get spammed. When I do the laptop as TX Panther they end up posting because I’m logged in to my account. That’s life.


  65. GC – thoughts and prayers to you this morning. You’ll have to remain sitting for the Va Tech game – no jumping up to celebrate! Probably an occasional fist pump is OK, though! Can you do it?

    Work hard on the re-hab.


  66. GC, best wishes to you!

    JoeKnew, yes, by my calculations, Blair’s father was 16 when DeJuan was born in ’89.

    Farmer’s, I cannot see MSU having any interest in the Duzz. I believe they will want to go in another direction, although in fairness, Dantonio had a very successful stint at MSU overall. With the success of Fleck and Matt Campbell, I would think they would look at hard at the MAC (Candle at Toledo would have been a big favorite except this is a disappointing year for him)


  67. Va Tech is currently a 3 pt favorite over Pitt

    Get this …. OSU is a 19 pt favorite over PSU. The Nits are currently ranked 9th (AP), have a 9-1 record with the only loss at the current 11th ranked team by a small margin. This only proves the chasm there is between the haves and the have-nots. If Pitt had PSU’s current season, it would be the program’s best season since 1981.

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  68. Dokish tweeted …..

    Indiana has 41 votes in AP poll. Pitt has 9 votes. Both are 7-3. Indiana’s wins:
    4-6 Ball St
    1-10 E. Illinois
    2-8 UConn
    2-8 Rutgers
    3-7 Maryland
    4-6 Nebraska
    2-8 Northwestern

    to which he got this reply ….

    Mark Mangino@KeepSawinWood
    That’s some BS!

    (in 2007, Mangino’s Kansas Jayhawks finished 2nd in 2007, he was fired two years later after a 5-7 season, and KU has been a laughingstock ever since. The are still paying Charlie Weiss who had 6 wins in 3 seasons)

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    1. Good to see that Pitt is not the only team that beats up on a Little Sister of the Poor schedule.

      Don’t want to take the time & see if my belief that more teams with good records beat up on the little sisters. There probably are teams that have played a schedule that the teams they defeated have an overall winning record. Off the top of my head, Psu with wins over Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota &… Pitt.

      Actually, I would think teams in the 6 or 7 (out of 10/11 played) win range would have a better chance of having wins against teams with an overall losing record..


  69. I can’t get to concerned over BC until PITT plays VT and beats them. ok I admit it, I did look at Boston College’s schedule. Right now they sit at 5-5 but next weeks game is against Notre Dame. Which bodes well for PITT. That is their Super Bowl. Back to the present, PITTs game this week against Virginia Tech will be a real season changer, win or lose.


  70. In reference to BigB’s post above, if some POVers haven’t done it yet, you need to carefully examine the group-photo above from the POV tailgate.

    Pay particular attention to something – almost like a “vision” — on the left side, sort of in the background. This “spirit” was evidently present to help Pitt pull out that thrilling OT win over UNC.

    Would love to hear any POV speculation on that image… 😊

    Go Pitt.

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  71. Major: obviously a double exposure (the “spirit” musta been from a Sept game!) What nut would tail-gate bare chested in 34 degree weather? I don’t care if he WAS hairy chested!

    Can you get a double exposure with a cell phone

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  72. I am late in this thread and affirm the comments on Pickett’s and the defense giving what they needed for the win.
    However, I was not able to comment on the basketball game and want to share a couple of insights. We should remember that the Xman wasn’t a point guard in high school. Being placed their last year without many people to pass to other than our three point specialist he opted consistently for a drive to the basket which he was excellent. We see the result of these habits, good to benefit a limited team last year but catastrophic with a team that is young, athletic and with potential to be an effective unit with the right leadership.
    Placing his partner, who was a point guard in that position is a step in the right direction but Xman needs to reorient himself to become a part of a new configuration. The three new freshman are all great athletes with something to contribute. As part of a unit that gives them the ball with some room they are capable to score. Each can rebound and may limit Toney’s minutes. Though a courageous rebounder his shooting is limited to layups.

    I believe the coaching staff will make the adjustments to develop this teams potential.

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  73. What nut would tailgate bare chested in 34 degree weather? Why the caped crusader of course. Although I cry foul, I zenned my spirits down to Red 5-A as well but you can’t see my image. I must have popped in behind BigB?

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  74. NCAA selection show for soccer in 40 minutes

    Pitts men’s team with a good chance

    I’m excited. This is one of only two programs I support financially at the school. There’s only one way I’d support football. 🤠


    1. You’re killing me. 🤠

      Volleyball, men’s soccer are the two for now. Thinking about giving $150 to Pitts hockey club to get that sweet looking jersey. Maybe my kids could convince Santa.

      Seriously I do like it that when I donate, the team does well and shite gets done like new turf, great recruits, facilty improvements, etc. WINNING.

      As long as that continues, pitt will get mo money.

      But don’t expect me to support football until meatballs is gone. I just luv the men’s soccer coach and women’s volleyball coach. There’s not enough man luv to go around. Seriously I luv their coaching and results.


  75. What’s interesting about the BC game is that it will be played after VT and Va meet the previous day for their final game. So a Pitt win this week and we will know well before hand whether the game will be for the Coastal Championship or not.


  76. Thanks Fran, 3:30, that’s really a surprise. Steelers play at home the next day although their game starting time is 4:25. Very rare indeed.


  77. Jrnpitt- so, if UVA beats VT moments before we take the field, are we disillusioned and get smacked upside the head (with, of course, no targeting being called!), or do we take out our frustrations on Bosco??


  78. Great to hear gc and the pain will come but it can be managed. Next is to get the hell out of the hospital ASAP! Best thing you’ve ever done.


  79. — Thumbs up to GC and men’s soccer team

    — POV golf fans, Brendon Todd won the PGA tour event yesterday. He is a Pittsburgh native. Nothing to do with Pitt but thought it was a good FYI

    — Central Catholic won 6A WPIAL on Saturday 10-7 over Pine Richland. Jr Eliot Donald is the real catch from CC, hopefully Pitt can snag him. But the CC kicker John Opalko who kicked the deciding FG of 40 yards might be a good catch also. Per a Trib game write-up, he has also kicked FGs from 54 and 46 yards this season. Not sure what Opalko’s grade is but he looks like maybe a good successor to Blue Shoes.


    1. a follow up to Opalko. Just read an article from July, he is hoping to play in the Ivy League or Patriot League and major in Neuroscience. He is a senior


  80. Well, Im off to the Pete for my first in person look at the team. Going with father and son who both played and coached major college ball. Will be very interesting to get their perspectives. They can be brutally honest.

    BTW, if that big backs out I will have very, very, serious questions about what’s going on.


    1. Well pitt doesn’t pay for all I know. So some school might have stepped up. I do Like Capel. He reminds me more of me than Narduzzi. I’m being brutally honest. That’s why. And results thus far. Inheriting a dumpster fire isn’t easy.


  81. Pitt with more turnovers (4) at the 15:11 mark than points (2) and are being out rebounded by Monmouth.

    Yes, Capel has his guys focused.


  82. R me ole eyes deceiv’n me or did I just See a “palming the ball call” against PITT … turn back the clock!!! I couldn’t get drunk enough to watch this crap….oops I was sneaking a peak……


  83. Pitt with 8 turnovers, down 8-2 to Monmouth with 11 minutes to go in the 1st half.

    Let’s start the “we want Curtis” chants on 3



  84. The flex offense is not usually run thru the point guard. Surprised x is as involved as he is.

    Here’s something you’ll never hear from Capel. Each one of these players has his posse and a street agent. Many times to recruit a player
    the street agent will garner a promise from the coach on position or not touching players form.

    This goes on everywhere. It is probably why Capel has not found a comfy spot on the bench for X.

    He is a walking disaster for Pitt.


  85. At the half, they said that in their last two halves of basketball, the Panthers are 8 for 51 from the floor.

    8 for 51!


    Go Pitt.


  86. If there are more than 1000 people here at the Pete, I don’t know where they are hiding. Every Pitt “fan” who called for Jamie’s removal because he couldn’t take us to the next level should be forced to be here for every game. Welcome to the next level.

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  87. What a difference in this team when x is playing well and with intensity. His body language has changed and the team looks much better.


    1. so next year we will get a 6’8 4-star who I would expect will make an impact. A 6’10 project who won’t, and a 6’7 who will likely be inconsistent. There is also a 6’3 guard transfer who should provide backcourt depth.

      If Coulibaly and Campagnie can continue to improve to go along with Brown, X, McGowan and Murphy, maybe Pitt can become a decent (middling) ACC team.

      Yes, I am already talking about the next year

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  88. There’s a reason why they say, stay calm in the face of disaster. No I didn’t serve in the military, didn’t stay in a Holiday Express last night, just lived and learned. Oh, still learning. Poise and patience is a PITT fans friend.


  89. MM — you gotta post a link to the Pitt “Field Pass” video for the UNC game. It’s posted on the Lair.

    I just watched it and I’m pumped!

    Hail to Pitt!

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  90. Hoops team is tough to watch. At least X seemed to play smarter and with more confidence in the second half. We are not particularly well suited to be a strong rebounding team, and have some limitations in our ability to shoot. But we can be effective offensively when we move the ball quickly and get easy buckets, as we did effectively for spurts in the second half. We’re going to have our ups and downs this year. But the program is in way better shape than its been in for at least 4 or 5 years. Be patient.

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  91. At this point the Pitt BB team is playing at a level below what it did late last season. Not a good barometer for moving forward. We may need a good deal of Ike’s patience before we are able to feel comfortable on the Pitt BB team going forward.


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