It was all there for us, like a glittering jewel waiting to be plucked off of a satin pillow.  National exposure.  A top twenty five ranking.  Sole possession of first place in the Coastal Division.  A chance to control our own destiny.  The opportunity to silence the critics, and to validate all those who chose to believe.

The jewel was not plucked.  Heaved in desperation towards the opposing team would perhaps be a more accurate description.

I don’t have much else to say about the game.  We’ve all rehashed the storylines at least dozen times by now.  Kenny Pickett regressed to his early-season form (more on that in this week’s QB corner).  The pass-catchers played their worst game of the season.  The running game couldn’t deliver when it needed to deliver most.

I suppose we should have seen this coming.

How often has Pitt come through when called on in a pressure situation?  Exclude any games before 1984, and exclude last year.  Once?  Maybe Twice?  Give me three good examples of Pitt showing up when the fans, the national media and the rest of the world expected them to, and I’ll send you a free T-shirt.

How often has Pitt won five in a row?  I can tell you it’s been ten years since we’ve done it, so that would be the Wannstedt era.  I’m not sure if we ever did it under Harris.  We certainly didn’t do it under Majors II or Hackett.  Gottfried perhaps?

How often have we been able to beat Miami?  I’ll give you a hint, you can count on one hand Pitt’s victories since 1984.  We’ve won thrice during that span.  We’ve played them 23 times.

And how often have we won a big game at homecoming?  I can tell you we’ve got a 60% homecoming winning percentage over the last fifteen years.  I can also tell you we’ve got a 50% winning percentage in “big homecoming games” over that same time span.  (I’ve defined “big games” as an opponent who is either a rival or nationally ranked at the time we played them.  I did not have time to go back and look at unranked opponents when “something was on the line”).  At the very best this one was going to be a coin flip.

But to temper all this invective, it’s likely that only the most Kool-Aid filled Pitt fans truly expected us to run the table, and despite what many are saying, the sky is not falling.  Miami has more talent than anyone else we will play in the regular season.  There is still a decent chance for this Pitt team to win eight games…with the 90th worst offense in the FBS.  That would be a tidy accomplishment.

Here are my good, bad and ugly.  I fully expect the team to rebound next week.


Paris Ford – It’s a pleasure watching him run around out there.  This play was the highlight of my afternoon:

V’Lique Carter – Despite the perception that our running backs were not playing well, Carter ran the ball 11 times for 47 yards (4.3 YPC) against a run defense that was yielding 3.0 YPC.  He was fast and we was decisive.  Carter was pulled out of the game on 3rd and goal from the 1 when he was passionately signaling that he wanted one more shot to punch it in.  I believe that if Whipple had given Carter that shot, we’d all be a lot happier today.

The Wildcat – 50% of the time it worked every time.  And that’s 50% more than its ever worked before.  Todd Sibley netted 54 yards on four carries off this trickery.  Whipple shut it down after the fourth go though.  Perhaps he should have stuck with it longer.

For the most part the run blocking – I saw a lot more linemen pulling, getting to the second level and actually putting hats on hats then I’ve seen all season, and Pitt bested Miami’s YPC average, even when you adjust Kenny and the Wildcat.  Pitt’s ball carriers not named Kenny Pickett ran 33 times for 154 yards.  That 4.6 yards per carry.  That does include the wildcat, but guess what?  The wildcat requires blocking too.  If you remove wildcat numbers, then Pitt ran 29 times for 100 yards.  That’s 3.4 yards per carry.  Miami is currently giving up 3.06 YPC, so we over-indexed against them.  Clearly we didn’t over-index enough (ahem 2nd to last possession – more on that in just a second) but Pitt’s line is clearly getting better at creating running lanes.  I would very much like to see this continue against the Yellow Jackets.

Patrick Jones  – He was a force all day and notched Pitt’s only two sacks.  He’s an animal and it feels like he’s just getting started.


Pitt only notched two sacks – Did you know that Pitt is 9-0 when posting at least five sacks under Pat Narduzzi?  Miami clearly did.  N’Kosi Perry was wildly inaccurate, and that was probably because he was coached to avoid hits and throw the ball as soon as he could.  I think we hit him twice in the first half, and it sure would have been nice to hit him a lot more.  I also would have been nice to lay some wood on Jarren Williams when he came in in relief at the end of the game.  The bottom line is that the 127th-worth line in the country figured out how to slow down our pass rush and not get penalized.  Sadly, UNC is probably already breaking down the film (or preparing bags of cash for the officials…)

The Second to Last PossessionAmanda Godsey of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat said it so much better than I ever could.

MM Note:  AJ ran for 1 Yard on 1st down, 4 yards on 2nd down and 1 yard on 3rd.

The “directional” punt out of bounds and Pitt’s defense on the final Miami TD Drive – I love our defense.  I love the heart and soul they put into every game, and I recognize that the offense put them in an extremely rough position.  I know it’s probably going to be an unpopular opinion to say anything bad about them because they played well enough to win, but damn it, Narduzzi’s game plan clearly called for them to step up on this drive, and regrettably they were unable to answer the call.  They’ll be back though.  Of that I am sure.


Kenny Pickett – He’s had his ups and he’s had his downs, but this was a really bad time for him to be down.  Pitt delivered what was probably his best pass protection all season and yet he was seeing ghosts all day.  If Kenny throws those two interceptions away instead of trying to force them into coverage we probably win the game.

The Drops –  When your team is averaging 4.6 yards per completion you need to make every catch.   Someone said they counted six drops.  I counted at least five.  (Matthews – just a bad drop, Griffin-Stewart – ball was way behind him but he did get a hand on it, Mack – contested ball bounced off his facemask, Griffin-Stewart – just plain dropped it, Ffrench – wide open with two steps on his guy and a full head of steam when we needed it most). 

“The Call part II” –  In some alternate universe Pat Narduzzi has gone for it twice on fourth and goal from the one, and Pitt is 7-1 and nationally ranked.  I actually agreed with Pat’s decision to kick the field goal and put the game on the defense, but we all saw how that worked out.  What’s more, if you watch the replay of the game it looks like Narduzzi, Whipple and Pickett were talking about going for it and then ran out of time (Maybe Pickett was just trying to sell them on going…)  I like Pat and I think he’s generally going to win more than he loses, but this is further proof that his gameday coaching skills are way below average.  That is all.



What say you POV nation?  Any more goods, bads or uglies to add to this list?  Get it all out now because tomorrow we turn the page…

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone



210 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterback – Miami

  1. Good: Pitt actually played a better 2nd half than 1st half, I guess

    Bad: dropped passes and interceptions, turnovers

    Ugly: “What we have here is failure to consummate”

    In 3 of Pitt’s last 4 losses (Stanford, PSU and Miami), the Pitt offense has driven very deep into the opponents’ territory a total of 9 times (3 per game), but have come away with only a total of 2 TDs.

    Note that in all 3 losses, Pitt has outgained the opponent

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    1. Good stat there wwb. I mean not good for Pitt. Well you know what I mean. Score touchdowns, win games. Imagine that. Say what you want about Canada I thought he was pretty damn good in the red zone


      1. Having James Conner would make any coach good in the red zone. Not to mention Pitt’s best O-line since the good ole days.


    1. I didn’t think the decision to kick the FG was all that bad this time. But with any close loss, all decisions are magnified. I was MUCH more perturbed with Pitt’s next to the last possession (as well as all the drops)

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      1. Correct. After Pitt got the lead, the defense held. The game was lost on the pathetic “3 runs up the middle series”, with personnel on the field that told Miami they were going to run. I don’t know how many times I saw Aaron Mathews as the lone receiver and knew what was going to happen.

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        1. Agree. Three up the middle. screaming at the t.v. No. No. No.

          You’ve been able to hit swing passes or crossing routes for five yards on third down more often than not all year. That series made for tough watching. I knew we were choking coaching-wise.

          Also, the field goal to take the lead was a close call. Keep Carter’ in on third down the play before. He was juiced.

          Looking back now, both the PSU and Miami goal line decisions did not work out. Duze needs to learn from these and next time go for it knowing the fans are conditioned now to accept it if the TD doesn’t come. He has a pass now. Be aggressive. Check out what Flacco said about Denver being too conservative. When you are trying to become relevant you need to be aggressive. Especially with our D


  2. Good…..not a thing on Saturday. We lost to an inferior team

    Bad- Pitt hiring Whipple and his W Coast offense and expecting different than he did at UMass…which was pass up and down the field and lose game after game!

    More bad – Offense and Pickett completely intimidated by Miami’s Defense

    More bad – Narduzzis lack of ever being a Head Coach and managing game day, again taking a FG on the 1,4 and 5 yd lines.

    More bad – our punter putting us in bad position all day long

    More bad – our punt receiver late 4th quarter letting it go over his head and being downed on the 8 yd line

    More bad – play calling of 3 runs into the line against 8-9 in the box 3 and out on our last series.

    Ugly – that this same game has been played and lost over and over and over for 42 years!

    More ugly – that there is no end in sight for this torture for Pitt Football fans!

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    1. Dan and I do agree with you, I have one question buddy. How was Miami an inferior team after they beat UVA and when they have 33 four and five star players on their roster and PITT has only 6? But again, I know what you are saying.


      1. They are and were inferior Ike. They gained 200 yards all day. They lost to Georgia Tech! Their QB was terrible. I could go on and on….

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  3. MM — You covered it well.

    Good — Kessman; the French Toast at the tailgate.

    Bad — Pickett, Griffin-Stewart

    Ugly — This crappy feeling of such a lost opportunity to keep the magic going.

    Go Pitt.


  4. Good: Homecoming and my parents attended along with my 2 nieces whom saw their very first Pitt game
    Bad: Pitt lost and really should have won with any semblance of an offense
    Ugly: the weather and knowing Pitt’s luck was about to run out

    BUT, Pitt can still very well win out the season and there still is a chance ( I think less than 40%) of winning the division.

    So am I Dumb or Dumber?

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    1. Let’s wait a couple weeks Tex before we answer that question. I still think PITT has a very good chance to win the Coastal. Look for VA to fade down the stretch.


  5. I fully expect Pitt to take out their frustrations on an over-matched G-Tech team. I predict this game will be Pitt’s first blow out of the season. Tech wont score against our D. I’d have a very short leash on KP and I’d make him run versus pass. And any pass, I’d want it to go deep. No worse than a punt if intercepted anyway. But then again I dont have over 40 years of experience and I’m not being paid $750k a year. But what do I know. But I’m pretty sure my results wouldnt be worse than ‘Dont squeeze the Charmin Man.’

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    1. I hope you’re right Tex. And if you are, I sincerely hope that early in the blowout Patti gets a chance to play.


  6. Good: kessman.
    Bad: one missed play by the defense.
    Ugly: first half Kenny and the drops. Also pitt again missing out on chance for a breakthrough season.


  7. I thought Pickett was decent and should not be in the ugly group. One of his interceptions was bad but the other I think was on a tipped ball. He had a lot of accurate passes which were dropped (your post above). Narduzzi has to learn the best defense is always a great offense. The three plays on the series before the last were abominable. Griffin-Stewart needs to sit, he can’t catch many balls. We somehow have to figure out a way to get over the big hump. Maybe a 9 win season will do that.


  8. Good – Kessman. 54-yarder and 4 for 4.
    Bad – Tackling on the last play that scored the touchdown.
    Ugly – Play calling with the lead deep in Pitt’s own territory.
    Ugly – Pickett’s inability to EVER throw a ball away. Ever.
    Ugly – More drops.
    Ugly – Punting.


  9. You need to step back and admit that we are a funny lot. Three days ago there was talk of Coastal Championships, 10-2 records, Orange Bowl invitations …

    Then we play a team that most had listed in the loss column preseason. We put ourselves into a 10-3 hole with turnovers. We fight back to take the lead in the middle of the fourth quarter, only to lose the lead and the game in the final minute of play.

    Now the coaches stink, the players stink, the fans stink, the stadium stinks, the concession stand stinks (I had to chuckle when you went there, Annie.).

    Suddenly we are going 6-6 and losing to a MAC team in a meaningless bowl. Or worse yet, 5-7 since we don’t see any team remaining on our schedule we can beat.

    Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Such is the life of sports fans. We’re not unique. Happens everywhere.

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    1. I have been saying that for years. It has been SOP for every coach for at least the last 30 plus years. This program is not good enough to overcome mistakes against most teams … and every team makes mistakes.

      These are not full time players like the pros. They are at the practice facility 3-4 hours a day … 19-22 year olds I once again list the following from ESPN’s David Hale:

      UNC is 12 pts away from being 8-0 & 10 points away from being 1-7.
      Wake is 3 pts from 7-0 & 14 from 2-5.
      FSU is 14 from 7-1 & 12 from 2-6.
      Pitt is 11 from 7-1 & 24 from 0-8.
      Miami is 21 from 8-0 & 17 from 1-7.
      VT is 7 from 6-1 & 16 from 2-5.
      BC is 5 from 6-2 & 21 from 2-6.

      Quit living in the 70s … things have changed dramatically since then, Yes, we could easily be 7-1 but could also be 2-6.

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  10. Good – Pitt defense

    Bad – play calling regarding 3 runs

    Ugly- turnovers leading to 10 Miami points, dropped passes that could have made a difference.

    We let another win slip through the turf at Heinz but onto GT.


  11. Just a couple thoughts here, since this thing has been beaten to death.

    I hate the SOP BS comments. Hate them. Hate the phrase and think its trite and certainly not the exclusive domain of Pitt football. That said, Saturday really was a flaccid, SOP performance.
    At the time, I begrudgingly accepted the decision to kick the FG from the one. Get the lead and rely on the D to hold them. But in reflection, I think it would have been better for all of us – the players, coaching staff and loyal fans had we gone for it. Would send a message that its our house and we are going to win. Make it and we have a big momentum shift. Get stopped and Miami has to go 99 yards as a FG wouldn’t win it.

    Instead, it was the call a DC turned HC makes. So Wannstedian. Play to win the game, coach! (I fully realize this a probably a minority opinion).
    In the end, I think if the kids hold onto to the ball we win this game. I sure hope there were some sure-handed recruits at the game who could see themselves making the plays our current TEs couldn’t. The TEs have the worst case of the yips I’ve seen in a long time. Drive killers.

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    1. JoeL, I thought we should have gone for the TD. Kurt thought the FG plus good defense was the correct play. I just think, given our history, we need to take the bull by the horns and aggressively pursue the win. Some screwball play always gets us.


  12. Good: The Defense
    Bad: Narduzzi
    Ugly: Griffin-Stewart. If they direct another pass to this kid the rest of the season I am turning off the game. HE HAS HANDS OF STONE. He has proven it over and over.
    Uglier: Narduzzi
    Crappy: Narduzzi
    $hitty: Narduzzi
    Nutless: Narduzzi
    Loser mentality: Narduzzi

    NO PROBLEM with kicking the field goal to take the lead. You always take the lead when given an easy chance.

    The next possession was spineless. Pitt had the game in hand if Narduzzi had a pair of balls.

    You need a few first downs (maybe one) to close out the game and there was absolutely no thought of passing the ball. NONE! This teams strength is short passes. On the field goal drive, Pitt ran the ball ELEVEN times. A play action pass would have worked easily. Even if Miami expects it, their mind set would have been stuck on the previous drive and stopping the run.

    Tell Pat this isn’t 1920. You want to win in college football you MUST pass the God damn ball. Doesn’t matter what the game situations is. That is why he hired Whipple for Pete’s sake!!!! I can guarantee you Whipple had a short pass play that would have worked.

    He should apologize to the team, especially the offense. Nothing like telling your QB and WRs that you have zero faith in them.

    You can point out how the players screwed up throughout the game but with 5 minutes left in the game Pitt was winning and had the freaking ball and their head coach got scared. Pathetic.


  13. I’ve been saying for years that west coast is dead … It’s dead for a reason.

    … It’s complicated
    … It takes time to develop
    … Your QB has to run to the sideline every play to get the play call and then run back to the huddle
    … High Schools are not running it anymore which means there is a smaller pool of players that can pick it up quickly … especially offensive linemen
    … Traditionally, it’s not up tempo
    … It lends to a lot of games getting decided in the 4th quarter because of an emphasis on ToP
    … Coaches that insist on it tend to be conservative which also lends itself to a lot of close games which I would think would be the opposite of conservative … that’s living on the f’ing edge IMO
    … It’s archaic

    Fraud Graham was the worst thing to happen to Pitt. It scared everyone away from a modern 21st century offense.

    Tempo and scoring is what college football is about … Time of possession and relying on your defense is the antithesis of this.

    Pitt’s essentially playing the Wing T right now.

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    1. Plenty of teams spread out and throw shorter passes. I wouldn’t call them a west coach offenses. Hell, look what the Patriots do. The problem is, you have to have receivers that catch. I can’t find the stat but I would bet Pitt leads the nation in 3rd down drops. Some are game changing drops.

      Time to bench some WRs and TEs.

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    2. Great comment Tossing… I would add that you cannot control the game with the WCoast? You can score quickly or go 3 and out quickly but you cannot control the pace of the game.


  14. By the way….if this was the first game Narduzzi’s a-hole puckered up I wouldn’t be so pissed. They just lucked out and won the other games this year.


  15. Good – Pitt’s defense. They gave up 208 yards on 3.53 yards per play. I hope we all appreciate how excellent that is, particularly given the caliber of the opponent. Also, Pitt’s defense is now 8/8 (9/9 if you want to count Miami backup Jarren Williams) in holding the opposing QB under their season-long QB rating.


    1. But they weren’t good enough to make the big play and stop the last drive. Everyone wants to blame the offense, but the game was in the defense’s hands at the end.

      Big time players, make big time plays to win games. Miami made the big plays when it counted most.

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      1. They did make the stop. Pitt got the lead and the defense forced a 3 and out.

        I just can’t believe any Pitt fan can watch that game and have one word of criticism towards the defense.


  16. Pitt and most teams are not good enough to win when they lose the turnover battle.

    Pitt still had a good chance to win, but was surprised when Diaz put in their Blue chip freshman QB,
    who had been the starter until he threw 3 INTs vs VT. If you look at his overall stats he is going to be a great one. Narduzzi was playing to beat the other QB who they had for most of the game.

    Still the guy came off the bench cold and lit it up.

    I do agree that in the previous series, Pitt should have thrown on third down, but Pitt didn’t want to risk a turnover or sack, and the defense had been stout. You also don’t expect your punter to choke at that point either, although maybe they were afraid of a Marty Gilyard moment.

    Unfortunately, the turnovers, Pitt’s poor red zone play, and inability to make the coup de grace (big play to finish the game) and Miami’s big drive were the story.

    This was no giant upset. like some seem to claim, no Pitt vs Clemson or WV, nor was it a massive collapse like Houston or even stupidity like kicking to Gilyard.

    This was just a normal ACC Coastal game where Pitt didn’t play its best and the ball didn’t bounce its way.

    Frustrating yes, end of the world no.

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          1. Duh, when it caps off a winning drive against a good defense, I would say yes. He definitely turned off our victory lights.
            You are the one that says our defense is so great, so why wouldn’t you give credit to a guy that comes off the bench to make plays and win the game. Was it just dumb luck?

            How many other guys have led winning drives against us this year?


            1. He most definitely deserves credit for leading the Canes to the winning touchdown. The question is about the lighting it up comment. Now you make a great counterpoint that he put the lights out. << more spot on for sure. 🙂


  17. Man, this one just hurt. One of those loses that afterwards, you just find something, anything to do to keep your mind off of the game. I found myself just doing endless loads of laundry Saturday night, finding stuff that didn’t even need washed, standing there in the basement, in front of the washer with that thousand yard blank stare look in the eye, staring at that wall my wife wants me to paint in the basement as i finish the last sip of my Hamms beer…This was a tough one for me. I feel bad for all the recruits in attendance too that had to witness this. Hardly anything exciting to go home and tell their family and friends about. All the dropped passes at key points in the game. I just don’t understand how a TE has made it this far in his career and can’t hold onto a wide open pass, just sitting there at a standstill open in the slot most of the time too…The costly early turnovers that stunted our momentum out of the gate that gave the Canes a short field to work with and easy points. Lots of early penalties on us too…I just dunno sometimes..I would have been able to accept this loss if the Canes came out and flat out beat us up and down the field and were the better team, but man they were just as atrocious as we were on this day. We beat ourselves. They made fewer mistakes and capitalized when they got the chance. Once again, it felt like this was that one chance to get over that hump that we are always yearning for. And atlas, here we are again my friends of misery. Onto next week fellas.

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    1. shaman…grab the seat of your pants and pick yourself up…redemption this Saturday in Atlanta..the the Heels come to town….there are more times to feel good (or bad) about…regular season is gone in 4 weeks…then comes the long hard wait for the re-birth of PITT FB….

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    2. Shaman — you expressed exactly how I feel -and I’m sure many others feel – and you expressed it very well.

      During the football season, I always make sure I have a book that I’m reading. That’s one way I try to escape after a game like this… But doing the laundry has a lot going for it… The rinse cycle, indeed!

      The next Pitt win can’t get here fast enough, whenever it may be…

      Go Pitt.

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  18. Good: we’re gonna kick GT’s butt this week.
    Bad: my mood Saturday night (and I’m on vacation at the beach!)
    Ugly: as others have said, the 4-minute drill at the end of the game. Good grief, 1 first down and game over….(Sorry, still not over it I guess.)


    1. pittdad..get over it you are going to the beach and remember to put on your sunscreen..don’t need to get your ass literally burned !!!

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  19. Hindsight is 20/20. I wonder what you would have been saying if Pickett threw an INT, fumbled or was sacked in the fourth quarter. The fact is, it was the running game that got our final 3 points in the rain.

    That is almost a miracle this year. Unfortunately they couldn’t pound it in for the TD or pick up the final needed first down, but to assume that a pass play would have been “The Answer” is just silly.


  20. No good, bad or ugly from me…only disappointment. I commented on one of the last 2 articles that we would lose a couple of more games thinking to NC and BC in an upset…I thought we could take Miami and this was the year even knowing they have more and I mean way more star power…We all know where the problems and weaknesses are on this team…a 4 game winning streak no matter how we won gets the juices flowing-Oh, those feeling from the 70′ 80’s started to take hold “Beast of the East” was back if only for a brief time in our minds…I hoped we were going to turn the corner knowing our O just doesn’t score a lot of points …damn we love winning. it was starting to feel good-real good…now back to being a realist…the pieces are not there on the O side of the ball…maybe some recruits took notice”Hey, I can make an impact on this team-sign me up coach. I’m ready to play.” Championship teams will have a championship QB leading the O. KP is a warrior but he can only take us so far. That’s BigB’s opinion….

    Loved the band joined by the alumni band playing “The Horse” at half-time…brought back memories from PITT Stadium when the band played that every game during a break in play. We have a great band.

    Sat with Richman at the game,,he is a true PITT fan…He called the game when we were up 12-10 after running 3 straight plays and punted to the Canes-he obviously has ESP(n)

    HOW MANY OF YOU SERIOUSLY THOUGHT WE WOULD WIN-OUT over the remainder of the regular season before the Miami game?

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    1. Pitt has around a 30 percent chance of winning the last 4 games. I think they are favored or should be in each one.

      Tech sucks and Pitt is a 9 point fav.

      Va tech isn’t very impressive and Pitt has their number.

      Pitt is due for a win against Carolina but they may be a dog in this game

      Pitt should be at least a touchdown fav over BC.

      But even by winning out, the chance to win the Coastal is probably sitting around one in five odds now but that will change with each upcoming game.

      So in all likelihood, expect an 8 win season and a crappy bowl in Boston. If Pitt wins the bowl, they have a chance to finish in the top 30. All while pedo state is probably playing for the national championship in a place with 80 degree weather.


      1. I think Carolina goes to ACC Championship but they have to take down UVA this weekend…. I see us losing to the HEELS- their freshman is a playmaker… not a big running threat.. he has a pocket presence… Damn, getting ahead of myself… Jackets up next… tickets to Bobby Dodd Stadium… hanging out with Michaelangelo,Atlanta and savannah Panthers, Dr Tom and my niece and nephew… priceless….

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  21. I’m not in the mood for the good bad etc either. As much as Narduzzi made me mad it’s the repetitive mistakes by the players that caused my angst. Which in turn is Narduzzi’s fault by now. After sitting on this bad loss for a couple days I look at the standing and PITT is still right in the thick of a coastal title.

    Let’s put together a nice win streak and all will be forgotten by most.. Well at least by some. Well at least by me a few others… Well?

    PITT needs a solid if not spectacular win in Atlanta.

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  22. Here’s what gets me — yes, Pitt’s possession before Miami scored was conservative and with a first down we win the game. However, what about all the offensive series before that? If we don’t drop accurate passes, our defense is more rested, we possess the ball longer and Miami may never even get that last possession.

    Our passing-game players lost the game by not doing the things they practice and are coached to do every day. Our coaches then tried to squeeze out a win by putting the onus on the defensive guys who — to that point — had been doing what they practice and are coached to do.

    It didn’t work, but if we get that missed sack, it probably works… No one wins when we lose.

    Go Pitt.

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  23. Most every game we have played has been decided by which team makes the big plays at the end of the game.

    I don’t see any reason why this won’t be the case in the rest of our games, unless we have better execution, meaning fewer turnovers and fewer dropped passes.

    We also need force turnovers. A big factor in this game was that Ford had two missed INT’s, not easy but he can make those plays, and Miami recovered both of its fumbles.

    Another thing that was missing from this game were the sacks, we only had two, far below our average and this hurt in the field position game.

    Not saying our defense played poorly, but Miami’s offense was its weak link and the D did not take full advantage in terms of turnovers and sacks.

    This has been an important part of Pitt’s success, since our offense is also our weaker link.

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  24. I know that in any Pitt loss, blaming the coaches is the default position of many, but what I saw was a lack of execution and too many mistakes made by the players. Also the lack of enough splash plays on both sides of the ball.

    Too say that Pitt is the far superior team to any ACC team is to me a big joke. Especially one that has 60% 4 & 5 star guys.

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    1. True

      But this Miami team isn’t elite. The coaches and players all look average to me.

      What does that say about Pitt then.

      Pitts offense is abysmal
      Pitts defense is borderline elite

      Why can’t pitt have a very good offense and defense at the same time? If they did, they’d win ten games and play in a Florida bowl.


      1. While I agree that our defense is better than our offense, I disagree with abysmal and borderline elite.
        Our offense has had 3 winning drives this year, and took the lead in the fourth quarter of this one, but our defense when the game was on the line and they could seal a victory, couldn’t get it done.

        Eliteness is determined by the guys that make plays at the end of close games to win those games. Greatness is determined by guys making those plays in the biggest games.

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    2. But repeat problems and mistakes like dropped passes, penalties and turnovers (which are all part of the game of football) fall to the head coach after so long….. You know, like fool me once sort of deal………. That said, Miami is not a bad football team as some want to suggest.

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      1. I agree that penalties can be a coaching problem, but turnovers and dropped passes are strictly on the player, and the way the ball bounces. If we had better tight ends or a more reliable QB don’t you think the coaches would play them?

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  25. Look, I’m not saying PITT wasn’t the better team last Saturday and should have won the game but all I keep hearing is Narduzzi can’t recruit and get 4 and 5 star players. So how in the hell did PITT wind up being the better team?


    1. It’s how you use that talent. If you give me four stars, I’ll win you ten games each year. Narduzzi was outcoached by Diaz. Another field goal when you need a touchdown?

      I said pitt needed to score 17 to win. Boy was I right. It’s the offense that is the problem. Pitts D is ranked in the top 20 across every metric. And it’s against quality opponents. It’s damn near elite.


      1. Hold em in Texas, you just said two entirely different things there my friend. I may change my screen name to “scratching my head in Pa”


        1. Me as coach with four star talent equals ACC championship and bcs.

          Narduzzi as coach with three star scrubs equals mediocrity and a crappy bowl loss


    2. Getting gus he liked on the D and developing them..these are all his guys now. Hasn’t panned out that way on the O…too many changes at the OC position is my best guess….

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  26. MM, thanks for the post. I appreciate the effort when you have to be just as down as I am after Saturday’s performance.

    There are so many Uglys. But, let me just list one—our Punting. Just pitiful. (That is funny. I just now read that as “Pitty Fool.”) Ugh

    However, having said all of that. I am optimistic that we finish the season strong.


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  27. Saturday was the result of hiring a HC with no HC experience.

    For how hiring a HC should have happened — see Kansas State. First year at KS, top 25 ranking on the heels of beating Oklahoma. Their HC won a national championship last year, one level down.

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    1. Louisville also a good example of pulling an established guy from a lesser conference. They are beating expectations in a big way.


    2. Oklahoma’s HC was an assistant at East carolina prior to leading the sooners…then there is that scrawny former assistant named “Dabo.”

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        1. Yes it was a good counterpoint, Mike. And I think we ALL tend to pull examples from individual situations to “prove” our opinions. And isn’t “POV” nearly the same as “opinion”? Now, for me, it’s on to GT. (Wish I could be there with ya)


    3. Amen Amen Amen. Along with Craig Bohl, Chris Klieman built an absolute juggernaut at NDST with minimal funding. He won the National Championship 4 out 5 years and made it to the semifinal in the year they didn’t win. Love this guy. Cannot figure out why universities go the route of hot coordinator from a powerhouse P-5 school that have the luxury of the best facilities and largest budgets. Just look at all the ex-Saban guys that never panned out or won’t pan out. I don’t want a guy that carries Saban’s water. Give me the guys that have won CONSISTENTLY as a head coach with a limited budget on a DII or FCS level.

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  28. Its taken me 48 hours to work up the courage to get on the blog. What a tough loss, and being there only made it worse.

    Thoughts on things:
    – Whats the chance that KP is playing with a damaged shoulder and that explains the conservative play calling, as well as his terrible play. I think he’s trying to avoid getting hit. I don’t care if he’s a tough guy or a “gamer” or whatever, he’s mediocre healthy and an absolute liability playing hurt. Patti may not be the answer but 8-9 in the box by every team we play going forward is going to doom this team.

    “No Catch” Griffin-Stewart needs to spend the next 4 games in the library studying so he can get on with his life’s work, he’s got to be the worst TE in football history. With only 4 games left its Kyi Wright time, play him and his redshirt is still available.
    I get it that you have to step up at crunch time, but find it hard to ever blame the defense in a game where they played 54-56 minutes of stellar football and the offense stunk up the joint for a full 60 minutes. Never in my life seen so many dropped passes, its like Donte Montcrief is the receivers coach.
    Bates needs to get in the film room because we will see teams repeating the Miami game plan of getting rid of the ball in 3-4 seconds to avoid the rush. Gotta believe that he can find a way to use the LBs dropping into coverage to foil this plan.
    Narduzzi’s got a weird propensity to be aggressive and go for it on 4th down in the middle of the field but seldom does it inside the 5 yard line. Maybe its too hard for a defensive minded coach to not take the points
    Although we all should be for ever in Reed’s debt for creating and developing this blog for us, it is very sad for me to see him disappear for the 4 game win streak but suddenly join after a heart breaking loss. I get it Reed, Nardog was mean and disrespectful to you and you seriously dislike the man, but c’mon be fair.
    I hate that I predicted that the first to 17 will win, but I was sadly on point for the first time. If they continue to force feed a damaged KP there is a good chance that Pitt will not make it to a bowl. Whip better get someone ready, because they can’t win with the formula he’s using now.

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  29. The name of the blog is “pov, keeping an eye on Pitt football”. I was not there but it seems like Narduzzi may have been joking and not being accusitory when calling Reed the spy. As I said I was not present for the exchange.

    On KP’s first int, a little more air on his pass and it would have been completed instead of a pick.

    Goal line at the 1, at psu three passes and a fg attempt
    At Miami, three runs and a fg attempt, the players have to execute when given the chance.

    As was said before, the Pitt d did not stop Miami on their game winning drive, the players have to execute.


  30. Here’s a speculative question for all those who are getting on Pickett (and I’m one of them).

    If four out of five of those drops are hauled in, does Pitt score six more points?


    1. Thats easy. If get to pick which 4 then yes.
      French holds onto the pass thrown to him in stride and he takes it to the house with one move.

      A couple of the others were drive killers. So, who knows, but all kinds of different factors are in place with extended drives, including points and less favorable field position for the Canes.

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      1. Which was my point exactly.

        2nd question. If you add up all the drops this year. Let’s say 4 per game. 12 games. 48 drops. That’s easily 300 yards of offense, probably close to 500 yards. That’s +5% to +10% more offense we left on the table. And that doesn’t include extra yardage from extending drives…


        1. I am in a texting chain with about 10 other POVers and I made your exact point MM after the game. Take away the drops and Kenny completes 70 percent of his passes. He also ran for positive yardage, including a couple of first downs. The one INT was inexcusable, but the other was just a great play by a Miami player. Don’t forget that Kenny was throwing a slick football all day too. Same guy led us to two improbable come from ahead then from behind wins. Tino he isn’t.

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    2. For sure we need few were dropped passes. But Kenny putting a little more air under the ball would also help. Some of those bullets close range are hard to catch for anyone. And a little air under the ball on the long passes makes it easier for the receiver to adjust to the ball. Just my opinion, never been a football coach.


      1. I don’t remember any unnecessarily hard bullets in this game – but I agree there were several in earlier games…

        Go Pitt.


  31. ^^ Michael, yes. This whole season would look, smell and taste a whole lot better if the mistakes would have been cleaned up. PITT is a good football team which makes losing much harder for me to take.


  32. MM yes the season would have been different, and for that KP should not be held accountable, however his lack of touch on some of these passes could have been contributory.

    However, the point I’m making is that if his shoulder is injured (and I think it clearly is) he should not be playing,


    1. I don’t think the shoulder is the problem. It was his worse-decision-of-the-year to throw off the back foot a lob into double coverage.

      And KP does throw it away sometimes, he just didn’t do it that time.

      Otherwise, his passes seemed pretty typical as did his running…

      Go Pitt.


  33. IMHO, the FG attempt to put us ahead was the correct call. That’s about the only good thing I can say about the late game play calling. Deciding to “sit” on a 2 pt lead was an especially bad decision.

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  35. Simply put “playing not to lose” is just plain UGLY.—-And who’s idea was it to rely on the running game of which we had very little success all year long to win this game? There is no good or bad in a game that we should have had easily. Putting up 12 whole points in any game is just plain offensive. With our lack of offensive production we are capable of losing all our remaining games despite how well our defense plays.


      1. Tx, do you mean the head coach that put a football team on the field last Saturday that was the consensus better team that lost? Despite the wide disparity of star players. Let’s stay focused here and keep things in perspective. All the backhanded chuckling over Narduzzi being called a defensive guru an at then all of a sudden he can recruit defensive players but not offensive players.. I need a new scorecard to keep track of where the goal posts are being moved.

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        1. A squirrel could coach to mediocrity. That’s Pitt in a weak division. Good coaches find ways to win games like the one last Saturday. You just can’t be a good coach on one side of the ball when there are three units. And who develops and prepares players to execute. Puts them in positions. That’s coaching. Nine win ceiling coach he is. Doesn’t mean his defense can’t be near elite but don’t expect nice bowls and ranked seasons under him.


  36. Good: Kessman. The Pitt band. That’s about it.

    Bad: The weather. Enough cold rain to make it miserable but at least it wasn’t a complete washout like Michigan. Impressed by the Michigan fans turnout in those conditions, but many bailed at halftime (mostly students). ABC did their best not to show that onscreen.

    Bad2: The officiating. Well at least it improved from ugly the previous weeks. I only included this because those goal line spots were terrible.

    Ugly: Losing again when there is a chance to take a step forward as a program and enter the top 25.

    Ugly2: The drops. Don’t even use the TE’s, they should be benched and just go with Matthews in the hybrid/Dorin Dickerson role. Ffrench had big time alligator arms on the final drive. Almost like he was afraid of getting hit. Mack let the long ball hit him directly in the facemask. The problem is this isn’t a one time thing and doesn’t seem to be improving.

    Ugly3: Special teams outside of Kessman, another recurring thing. The failure to field the final punt was a huge mistake, and would have been even worse if not for Miami finally doing something boneheaded and getting a penalty. The punter nailing a 30 yard punt when you need a boomer is another example. Where’s Frank Beamer and Beamer ball on special teams when you need him?

    Ugly4: Narduzzi. I’m far from a hater but another week with baffling decisions. No excuse for three runs from the jumbo. I won’t add more since enough has been said on that one. But it is year 5, he now has plenty of experience running his own program and now has a roster with all his own players. The lack of big time playmakers on offense is a killer. No tyler Boyd, or James Conner waiting in the wings. The name of the game in college football is to score points, then score some more. Not hold on to a 2 point lead with 4 minutes left in the game.

    I hate to say it but I’m thinking 8-4 is the Narduzzi ceiling. Or is it the Pitt ceiling? Chryst had a 6 win ceiling here, but now he is at 10 at Wiskey. Is there anyone who can make this a 10 win program?

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  37. The west coast offense is predicated on execution. To borrow a phrase from John McKay….. I may be all for it. imo, KP had a bad game but when your receivers don’t help you out they make everyone look bad, I guess me included.


    1. At 5-7 YPA you need to have a 67%+ completion rate to consistently move the sticks. It’s simple math.

      Pickett through a combo of inaccuracy, throwing too hard and drops is averaging 60%. That is the root of what is wrong with Pitt’s offense.

      Upgrade any one of those three areas and our offense gets an instant upgrade as well.

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    2. The west coast is a relic of the 80’s. Who runs this system today except Pitt.

      Run pass option with vertical passing

      Pitt has the players but Pitt is always trying to fit round peg into square hole.

      Yep pitt cured polio but can’t cure 40 years of mediocrity.


    1. Dumb dumb dumb. At least it happened before he enrolled. Hope he gets his life together and finds redemption.

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  38. That little rascal Timmy, sounds like he may have fit in nice down at the south-side? Maybe he writes a book? How I ruined my life.


  39. Good Pitt news time! The Pitt Volleyball team is ranked a strong #2 in the country! Only Texas which trounced #1 Baylor is ahead of us in the polls. Our RPI is #5 in the country!

    The #2 ranking is the highest ranking ever achieved by an ACC volleyball team. #3 was the previous high achieved by Pitt and Florida State. Now we know why the ACC chose Pitt to join the conference, for our volleyball team. No other ACC team is even ranked. Florida State and Louisville are the last teams mentioned in receiving votes.

    You may all now return to your gloom and doom discussions about Pitt football.

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  40. Huh, where to start…

    Well, we can always go back to poor recruiting but I guess that’s a dead horse.

    In-game coaching decisions? Look, with a horrible OL and are averaging 3.5 ypc is there any wonder the HC has to try for FGs? We sit at 109th in team rushing …but wait! There’s more – we are 125th in rushing TDs with a total of five…in seven full games!

    Five my fellow fans. Add to that to Pickett’s eight TD passes and you can see why we have beaten only two P5 teams this season.

    We have averaged only 24.0 ppg over the last three seasons…finishing 91st, 105th and now are 115th in scoring over those years. Need a reason we’ve been average at best with Narduzzi’s recruits? Look no further than that.

    I don’t see much better talent in underclassmen or the next recruiting class either. Not one star offensive player has committed to PN and that is a huge problem now and in the future.

    Offense wins games in college folks…we all know that and when you average only 24 ppg against P5 teams (and top 30 points only once in those five games) then a good D can only do so much.


    1. Commander Reed — hope you’re doing well.

      I think the presence of Coach Whipple will help lure good WRs, TEs, and QBs to Pitt. Players like stats and the receivers will get them as long as Coach Whip is here.

      We have a couple of highly regarded WRs in the incoming class. Our RB recruiting has been disappointing for a long while, in spite of getting some 4-stars.

      Go Pitt.


    2. That’s what I said abut people getting down on Whipple. No one can score points with these kids…


  41. Reed, (to also beat a dead horse) you still have not explain why PITT should have beat a team with 33 four and five star players compared to PITT’s 6? Just asking.


    1. I never said they “should” but thought they could have.

      Ike, if you can’t see by now that there is something seriously poor about a roster almost full of 2 and 3* players coupled with a mediocre coach then you never will.


      1. One more win and Pitt exceeds Vegas’ over/under of 5.5. That is a victory in itself when you beat those guys out in the desert.

        And one more win is possible after Georgia Tech to get to seven. Not bad with a underwhelming roster and paying a coach less than the going rate for a real winner on the sidelines.


      2. ^^ Reed, I get the fact that Miami has all these big star recruits and they really aren’t that good of a football team, that in of itself is not an excuse for PITT and Narduzzi. You are probably right though that I see more promise than you do. Maybe the truth lay’s somewhere in the middle? I think PITT’s defense is really really good. Now they have to get the offense up to speed as well. BTW, I don’t see the defense dropping off anytime soon.


      3. Pitt clearly had the same talent level as Miami. The game reflected that. How do you not see that?
        The UCF games showed it.
        The PSU game showed it.

        The talent argument is BS.

        The talent is there.


      4. Three star players and a decent coach will get you 8 win seasons in a weak coastal. And most pitt fans are happy with that.

        I’m obviously not and I’m part of the vocal minority.


  42. LOL@Reed – the horse is dead!

    TVax – my apologies kind sir if you felt that I was harsh towards you. I did rely on the announcers who did in fact mention that Narduzzi told them that Pickett got to interview and help select the OC. Not sure who aI could confirm that with and asked that perhaps a good reporter of news should do so at the next presser of the nard. I think it’s a fair question and would love the answer.

    With respect to the opponents big touchdown at the end and our lack of tackling. The tackle was missed at the 10 yard line. At that point, I was okay with letting him score, even tho that was not planned. It was a bad effort to tackle. However, it worked out well because we got the ball back for our potent offense and just couldn’t do anything again. Had he been tackled at the 10, they would have run three plays, we would have used our timeouts and then probably executed an 18 yard field goal. Pitt would have received the next kickoff with about 35 seconds to play with no timeouts. The playcalling would have been no different in my opinion.

    Ffrench’s drop was difficult in my opinion. One of the hardest things to do is catch a low ball whilst matricualting at a fast speed. In retrospect, he probably should have slid to make the catch. Regardless, we lost. Plenty of negatives and some not positives. Has anyone seen Michigan’s State’s offense for all of those years when their defense was so good? Average offenses.

    A statistic above was plucked about how many points we are away from being undefeated and also a non-winner. You can only use that stat with teams that are offensively incompetent. ALL of those teams are terrible, so using a stat to show how more terrible or less terrible you could be is just funny. Put up the stat using Alabama or Clemson….ohyeah, we could never be that for some reason.


  43. PiTt vs UVA = stars equal, we lose
    Pitt vs Ohio = Pitt higher stars, Pitt wins
    Pitt vs PSU = Pitt lower stars, Pitt loses
    Pitt vs Delaware = Pitt higher stars, Pitt wins
    Pitt vs Duke= stars close to equal, Pitt wins
    Pitt vs Cuse= stars equal Pitt wins
    Pitt vs Miami = Pitt lower stars, Pitt loses.


    1. Joe, I like this. Only disagreements I would have is that Pitt, in my opinion, recruits and have recruited better talent then Duke for awhile now. I may be wrong, but that is the perception I have. Syracuse is another one that I think we heavily out recruit. All others seem about right to me.


      1. We do huff. I analyze recruiting. Only va tech and Miami have consistently out recruited Pitt in the Coastal.

        We need 40 percent of the class to be rated 5.7 and above. Narduzzi has averaged around 25 percent. He’s selling lemon juice with no sugar.

        Pitt really needs a ceo to run sports. Compliance people don’t cut it. She only continues to lose pitt $10 million dollars each year. Brand equity sinks each year. Dare I mention directors cup.

        I’m mean and cynical only because I love my alma mater more than some carpet bagger from Michigan.


  44. Last year as I watched App State play the dairymen. ITold everyone that App State coach is the coach Pitt should hire and now! Smooth playing no stupid mistakes etc. Watching Louisville this year that team looks like App state. Smooth no mistakes, just execution.

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      1. Agreed.
        Pitt doesn’t have the right culture
        It’s dysfunctional and heather try’s to distract from the incompetence by wearing bright yellow blouses and touting gpa’s.


    1. The Pitt Football team should be made to attend every Vball game to see how this winning team operates and handles challenges.


      1. Narduzzi needs to see a great coach in action. Narduzzi couldn’t hold The pitt volleyballs coach jock strap. And heather better be working on an extension. A well deserved one unlike the bum in football.


  45. Like

  46. Pitt had 32 pass attempts and 41 rushing plays against Miami. Correct me if I’m wrong but what other game has Pitt played this year where 56% of the plays were running plays. Riddle me this Batman, why the change is offensive strategy?

    I contend it was to protect an injured QB, but I’m open to other possible answers. There is no way Whipple suddenly discovered that he was wasting great running talent. The OL has never demonstrated the ability to dominate the line. Something is fishy in Denmark!!


  47. Reed, it is good to have you back, it would be nice if you showed up after wins as well.

    I do think you have pinpointed the problem, extremely poor red zone production. The reason is also pretty obvious, and that is our offensive line is the weakest unit on the team, and I include the tight ends as part of that unit. All of this was to be expected and was pointed out by me and many during the off season.

    Where I differ from your opinion is that they will mostly be back next year and will be much better after a year of experience and another year of maturity. Plus one quality tight end could make a world of difference,

    While Narduzzi’s recruiting is not stellar it has been getting better. This is the first team with all Narduzzi players. Yes there are holes but there are a lot of good players.

    I am one of the only ones that believes that our defenses red zone production needs to improve as well.
    I know it is easier to score on a short field after a turnover, but our D rarely seems to have an answer on these all too frequent occasions.

    It has been a long time since we had a defense as good as this one and that may be why they don’t expect them to get it done when it really counts. All the gripes have been concerning the inability to punch it in, make those final needed first downs, but this was an opportunity for the Defense to prove how really good they are and they failed at crunch time. I am sure they know it, hate it, and will do something about it.

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      1. Probably not, but hoping to find the next miracle coach hasn’t happened in 40 years.

        I like what Bates is doing and Whipple has done pretty well with the guys he has and should get better.

        If you can find me a guy that is guaranteed to bring in a majority of 4 & 5 star guys, great, I think he is as rare as a unicorn, and costs more than we can pay.

        Narduzzi has won the third most games in the ACC since he got here, I don’t think that is a bad thing.

        Don’t tell me the ACC is not good enough. It is where we are and where we belong.

        We would be worse than Rutgers in the B1G and WV in the Big 12.

        Successful football takes piles of cash from large alumni groups willing to fork it out.

        Even most of them don’t make it.

        Expecting a Ferrari on a Kia budget isn’t realistic.

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        1. I expect a Lexus. Pitt has a Ford Focus right now. A reliable but mediocre car but good safety ratings. Way to go heather.


  48. Off-topic: Got to chat with Elijah Zeise and Paul Zeise for a bit before the game Saturday.

    Turns out the Paul’s daughter, Hailey, is a starter for Stony Brook in women’s basketball. And the Stony Brookers just happen to be coming to town to play the Pitt Panthers on Dec. 8th.

    Might be fun to go and watch Paul yelling at the refs! (Just kidding Paul…).

    Go Pitt.


  49. I have been pretty miserable after the loss. But reading some of the hot takes has been even worse. Tex would win ten games with Miami’s four star talent!?!? Pickett isn’t getting benched because he “colluded” with Narduzzi on the oc search!?!?

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    1. Without doubt I would. I’d also recruit four stars to pitt unlike narduzzi. The man doesn’t hustle and doesn’t surround himself with good sales people. I’d love to hear his elevator pitch. He also focuses on the wrong product features. But he may very well be constrained by his boss and her love of saving kittens and helping old ladies.


      1. Tex I really like you and ur posts but I think you’ve finally gone off the deep end. If we replaced Narduzzi with you you would bring in a slew of four-star recruits and get pit 10 when seasons on the regular? Why didn’t we hire you in the first place!?!?


        1. Because I’m not on the market. But I’d coach Pitt for free. I’ve coached kids and adults across multiple sports. I know coaching and players. It’s a tough job so I get it. But I also have a perspective that is different if you haven’t played or coached. I haven’t just sat on a couch watching Tv or just showed up at games. I’m a sports nut with my fav being soccer. Hence my donations to Pitt soccer plus I know our ‘football’ coach is elite and good recruiter. Unlike the dog we have in ‘american’ football. Make me heather for a day, and I’d fire the bum.


          1. Tex… soccer??? Did you say soccer????an ole attorney told me soccer has caused the pussification of the American male !


      2. Tex, I’m a fan of anyone who’s a Pitt fan, but you stating, as if it’s a fact, that Coach Narduzzi “doesn’t hustle” is just ridiculous to me.

        My impression is that Coach is Pitt Football 24/7/365.

        Go Pitt.


        1. If he hustled, he wouldn’t be recruiting two stars and relying on bad grad transfers. He is lazy. I know sales. And a salesperson he is not.


  50. Reed you have been miraculously absent until a pitt loss. Do you think it’s time to admit you were wrong about Narduzzi being able to recruit star players? The defense has them all over the place. No you will focus on pitts weakness on offense just so you can continue your anti-Narduzzi narrative.

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    1. And I love how you ignore the UCF win and only count power five record to further your case against Narduzzi. UCF was the second best team we played all year.


      1. Narduzzi is the making the case against himself. No bowl wins, no top 25’s, can’t beat North Carolina when they are terrible etc etc.
        plenty of games left to change the narrative however. The season isn’t over


  51. Good: Patrick Jones Jr

    Bad: KP’s shoulder injury and receiver drops

    Ugly: Todd Sibley getting injured after 64 yards on 5 carries


  52. I’m not that broken over this loss. It didn’t come down to a single play. I’m surprised at those who wanted to go for the TD on 4th down. Imagine the meltdown of those calling for his head once Miami’s talent stepped up to stopped the ball to win 10-9. This wasn’t Ohio. Narduzzi would have been run out of town. Pitt knocked out their starting QB who avoided sacks with his legs, the next guy with no legs peels off a long slow run, and an ankle tackle still would have left them a minute to score. This team had enough to win, we just needed not to screw it up but we didn’t know it until the end of the game. ACC nation didn’t want to see Pitt vs Clemson again anyway. The refs would have protected the ACC’s only playoff contender and then what’s the point. A different whipping boy plays better, although this defense could have given Clemson fits.

    The pressure is now off. They just need to take it one game at a time the rest of the way.

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  53. Outstanding, outperforming due to being coached up despite missing 2 starters: the DEFENSE
    Good: Running game’s production, exciting play calling, us loudmouths creating game noise
    Bad: Cristodolou
    Ugly: 1 interception against all logic, Griffin-Stewart’s drops, a few more drops

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  54. If you fans like 5-9 win seasons, narduzzi is your guy. No bowl wins. No ranked seasons. Cold and crappy bowl venues. Two star recruits and no all Americans. Boring entertainment.

    But If you want 10-11 wins and a nice bowl in Florida, I’d take the job for free and you can fire me after my second loss…which won’t happen but I’m keeping myself accountable and honest.

    You either need to wake up or be lost in the mist. I burned that mist off with raging sun from the passion inside a long time ago.

    Every pitt fan has that passion but few use it.

    I’d have certain conditions of course. I want no talk about community service projects, gpa’s, graduation rates or life skills. I focus on your athletic accomplishments and potential. I really don’t care what degree you pick or if you graduate. But you dare don’t get out of line. You represent the school and the city. No thugs.

    I want killers on defense like the Goose said. I want a modern and exciting offense with a vertical passing game. I recruit speed and four stars and not two stars from Canada. I sell players on concrete and not grass. I publicly support a multi purpose venue on campus.

    I open my practices. I invite all the pitt greats back. I preach what it means to be part of the pitt family and it’s high standards and expectations.

    I go for touchdowns instead of field goals. I play my best players regardless of experience.

    I reach out to boosters and persuade them to open their wallets. Summer job for my five star, fine by me.

    I reach out to media and fans to promote the program and sell the vision. The Nitter media would be shocked. New fans would flock.

    I hire the best, not friends or retreads, and hold them accountable.

    I can go on but it’s early morn and I’ve got to milk the cows.


    1. Love your fire Tex… give that recruit(Brown) a call and Fla and tell him you got his back… we need mean bastads on your team and he seems to be a nasty one… it’s all bout winning….. unless we start talking bout the Pirates!


    2. The BoT would have several issues with your vision, unfortunately. We tend to forget how bad this group is when it comes to athletics and football in general. Name one other administration that killed a football powerhouse because it felt uncomfortable?

      The administration didn’t like being in the news for having a good football team under Majors and Sherrill instead of academic achievement.

      The biggest embarrassment from the university in the last 40 years was the professor poisoning his wife. No coach or athlete can or will ever do that kind of harm to a university’s name. But Pitt moved on from that but cannot move on from when athletes are in the police blotter.


  55. Just got in from feeding the chickens…Tex, you need to apply for the AD job my friend. Sell that vision.


  56. Tex is right. Pitt should hire the next Saban or Swinney. Maybe it should throw $10M per at Urban Myer.


      1. WR coach. And the Clemson faithful was not in support of him in the beginning. I’m pretty sure they are in support of him now.

        Can you imagine duz being fired midsesason and Chris Beatty taking over? The POV would explode


        1. in Dabo’s 4th season, Clemson lost the Orange Bowl to WVU 70-27. The previous game, WVU beat Pitt 21-20


  57. POVerts need to take a short break from FB- put on our Halloween costumes and go trick or treating!!! Great stress reliever……


  58. My posting has nothing to do with whether or not we win, but whether or not I watched the game on live TV. Now my time is chock full of volunteer work so I carved out some time on Saturday to watch us play Miami.

    If I watch a game I’ll read the POV and comment more than a sentence or two; If not I won’t. Honestly, after being intimately involved in visiting Pitt football meetings, events, practices, scrimmages, and games since I got media credentials in 2008 and writing for the Blather then starting the POV I’m pretty well burnt out in closely following it like you casual fans do.

    While it is a big hobby and diversion for most of you I’ve decided to turn energies and my time toward more serious and immediate concerns…which truth be told are way more rewarding than a college football team’s success, or lack of it.

    That doesn’t mean I turn my back on it – I sure do want Pitt to win every game and for each player on roster to have a great Pitt experience on and off the field and leave with a valuable Pitt degree in hand.

    Which, ironically, puts to the test other fans on here thinking I ‘hate’ Narduzzi or want to see him gone. That is far from the truth. While I feel he’s an average at best HC as far as actual football goes I feel he is, and has been, the overall best HC Pitt has had in the modern era because his kids have the highest GPAs, graduate at a higher rate and stay out of trouble better than we have seen at Pitt since the 1960s.

    Contrary to the vast majority of POV’ers I value that more than wins… So with that I have never once said I wanted him fired or to leave – never.

    So things evolve. I don’t care as much about Pitt football as I once did…but you have to admit that I put more of my own resources (a buttload of $$ also) into bringing Pitt football to the public than any other non-professional has done over the last ten years. And don’t forget I’m still supporting this blog in literal terms way more than anyone else besides Mike and will continue to do so for at least another 18 months. Just because I don’t write articles or comment a lot does not mean I’ve cut solid ties with it…and I’m glad to keep supporting it. I’m just in the background now.

    I do think it is rather funny that certain posters on here seem to track specifically what I say more so than other commenters say – but to each his own.

    P/S: Four years ago I predicted that Narduzzi would leave if he 1) won 9 games in a season or (2) got a HC’ing offer from a Big Ten school. I still believe that will happen.


    1. Reed… read a couple of your posts on the Blather… you can write anywhere and anything you darn well please but struck me as odd since you left there to start the very successful POV… nothing against Chas as he is a great writer but you have to tend the farm and Chas is understandably tied up with life.. ..


    2. It’s unfortunate you have to provide an explanation of when and how you express your opinions.
      I don’t think he ever wins 9 games btw


  59. So where were we. oh… Great job Michaelangelo and Richard you outdid your-own self, really great stuff! Thank You both.


  60. I saw a pic today of that last play .. Fords hand was literally 10-12 inches from hitting the ball as it was leaving the QBs hand…. looked like Gords eyes were go iced on the QBs eyes and not the ball… probably reading too much into the last part of the statement…


  61. Bernie, until you start a website and write a blog it is really hard to imagine how much time and effort it takes.

    Funny thing about blogs and Pitt fans… When I started writing on The Blather with my (defined) critical style the readership and comments went through the roof. As you said Chas had young kids at the time and I could devote more time to it thus more articles and more readership.

    Same on the POV in a sense.

    Take this next part written to make a point about Pitt fans only please…

    When I was running the blog and writing on here, again in my critical style, during the first 28 months the readership was higher since the switch over. That said I want to reiterate that certainly doesn’t mean its better or worse now (better I think) – Mike is truly a fantastic and solid writer – but that Pitt fans overall appreciate it when both sides of the issues being written about and appreciated the ‘critical’ aspects of the articles a bit more than is done now.

    As I have said many times before the readership on here is still way higher by far than any other Pitt blog that isn’t affiliated with a business. That is thanks to Mike and Mike alone – anyone else (myself included had I kept the blog I believe) and this blog would have tanked as most do when big changes are made. Because of his great wordsmithing and article output things went right along very well. Actually better in my opinion actually and I’m sure most commenters agree on that.

    The POV commenters are a very small sample of Pitt fans who read this blog and they tend to be much more positive as a group than other Pitt fans in general. That’s neither good nor bad, it just is the way it shakes out on here.

    So, there are really only so many Pitt fans who take the time to read and comment publicly about the team on a regular basis. They are mostly on here and on Rivals and it is a real feather in Mike’s cap that he has kept the level as high as he has, especially as his writing leans toward the more positive POV.

    The Blather has faded because Chas is becoming more distant from it because of other, more important, things in his life I believe. That’s something I really wanted to avoid and that led me to passing it on rather than letting it either wither or close it all together. Thanks to Mike for not letting that happen!!

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    1. Here here. I’m spending probably ten hours a week writing in season and that doesn’t count reading every single comment during my workday to make sure you kids are behaving 😎.

      And while I was “mr positive” from the jump and I’ll probably never be as negatively-slanted as Reed, I fully agree that the Pitt blogosphere needs a counterpoint to all the cheerleading that goes on. That’s why unless Pitt is truly kicking a$$ I’m going to continue to provide a realistic and even somewhat negatively skewed opinion of the program. It often pains me to do so because I’m a Pitt supporter to the core, but if we can’t be real about the team then how true does our fanhood run? I’m happy to publicly challenge the status quo and if someone on the team happens to read it and it motivates them to prove me wrong, so much the better. I’ll be wrong all day long is it means Pitt is winning

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    2. Reed, I have applauded you from day one and disagreed with you many times since day 2. Plus we were good friends since goodness knows how long. Just imo, I have never seen anyone dissuaded of posting their own thoughts. Disagreements? Sure but criticism is in the eye of the offended. If anyone thinks they were pigeon-ed holed or chastised more than myself (koolaid drinker) let them step forward. I’ll add that not many are as wrong as myself, I guess it happens when you are a kool-aid drinker? But I keep coming back, it’s the only way to live that I know! << You can’t keep a good man down.

      Where I disagree (again) is that all these readers you refer to would have nothing to read if it wasn’t for the POVer’s that actually comment. Yes they read the great articles that you and now Michael now write but how far would an article go without blogger participation?

      Don’t forget, I practically begged you not to let the POV die on the vine, which you seriously contemplated. You should be proud and I know that you are for what you have accomplished here, no one has ever doubted that!

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  62. Reed could be that counter point… Hannity and Colms…..would be great…

    I will never be a blog writer… I know my limitations – hell I am from Apollo Pa…. that’s limiting in itself!!!


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