Miami at Pitt prediction thread.

I was listening to Chris Peak’s podcast the other day, and I thought he made an interesting point. Basically he said that when we Pitt does something good (say … a four game winning streak for example) Pitt fans always get a paranoid. I think the exact quote he used was “they live perpetually in fear of the other shoe dropping”.

Well he’s right. But he’s right because the other shoe alway does drop. Or at least it has since 2009. Pitt has played very .500 football over the last ten years, which means that the shoe has dropped pretty darn consistently.

Anyway back to the podcast… Peak goes on (rather passionately) to remind us that for a three game stretch last season we went through a prime shoe-drop opportunity. Pitt needed to win three games to win the Coastal (Virginia, Virginia Tech, Ana Wake Forest), and instead of blowing it, Pitt actually came through.

Okay so he’s got a point. But then we had Miami, Clemson, that maddening Sun bowl versus Stanford. Does that three game losing streak count as shoes dropping?

Again…back to the podcast. Peak then looks forward, and points out that the floor for this year’s team is probably 8-4, and he thinks they’ll finish 9-3, and that means they are going to lose another game, and damn it folks don’t live in fear of this! (I’m paraphrasing Chris here in italics).

Peak then brings it full circle, takes us through the current win streak and all the and downs, and he wraps it all up with this: “I don’t think you can take away from what [Pitt has] done in the last four games, and I don’t think it should make you more nervous, and I don’t think the success should make your more nervous. [and finally with a little bit of admonishment in his voice] I…kind of think you should actually be enjoying this right now

I will have to admit that last line made me laugh. And he’s right. We should be enjoying this. The team is playing well when they need to. The offense is slowly improving. Pitt’s defense is starting to earn some national recognition. Kenny Pickett continues to get better. Paris Ford has blossomed into someone who can change a game.

So let’s enjoy this until we don’t, people. I think Pitt’s defense holds up its end of the bargain and Whipple’s offense does just enough. We get through a full game without a muffed punt and Kessman’s magic shoes stay charmed.

Panthers 10

Hurricanes 6

Don’t let us down Pitt Panthers, we still aren’t emotionally strong.

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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  1. Pitt 17
    Miami 11

    Pitt covers in a sloppy game dominated by defense and special teams

    Happy Homecoming my fellow alums


  2. Man I hope I am wrong but I have witnessed the Canes come in here and beat us down.
    The only time we win is when they are overlooking us. The times we are actually suppose to win or compete they show up and kick butt.
    Come on Panthers!

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  3. In a drenching rain Pitt can’t score on Miami and vice versa.

    6-6 late 4th quarter and Miami scores on a fake FG to win 13-6

    I’ve seen this game many times over the years!

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  4. A very difficult game to predict. I think we all know Pitt should have won both the Syracuse and Duke games going away. Be disciplined and think because I believe we can get Miami to lose their cool and have some major penalties called on them in this game. I certainly would not bet this game because I fear their speed could cost on any of our missteps. But I’m going to drink some Kool Aide now and say Pitt 24 Miami 17.


  5. If anyone can remember a post of mine this very week, I clearly state there is no other shoe to drop here. Peak is right, don’t live in fear of the unknown and expect good things or there will never be any for you! and for Gosh sake……… enjoy a really special season!

    PITT…. 24


  6. Miami to start Perri at QB dislocated left shoulder and all. Diaz thinks he gives them their best chance at Pitt.—Tate Martell the backup transfer QB from Ohio State(who many thought would be handed the job) will not be playing as he is taking a medical leave. Whether his decision to take the medical leave now when a player with a dislocated shoulder is starting over him is anyone’s guess. My guess is he is pissed and has decided to leave the team. By the way he has been playing some for them at WR.


  7. Funny thing here is…….. PITT fans are worried about Miami because of their vaunted reputation. The other reason being because of PITTs reputation of mucking it up. Reputation my ass! Tomorrow is a brand new day.. Forget the past.


  8. Pitt wins 20-10.

    Neither team scores a point in the second half, with Pitt’s offense looking particularly bad and only generating about 60 yards. So the game accomplishes two objectives – Pitt still has a chance at a special season, and Pitt fans can still have something to complain about and be scared going into the GT game.


    1. All of Pitt’s games are close and the rain should cut down on at least the kicking game. Sounds like free money….so I suspect the bookies are right and Pitt beats the spread. 😉


  9. Pitt’s D needs to hurri canes QB into bad throws and take the wind out of this team… That’s really bad…

    Miami has a few more Jimmy and Joes. Hopefully, Pitt has the Xs & Os. So, it will depend on who brings the emotion.

    Miami’s run game worries me a little. But, I’m picking Pitt.

    Pitt 31
    Sugar Cane’s 21

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  10. Pitt has reached the number of wins I projected. They now have 5 chances to get me. Orrrrrr, they have 5 chances to screw the pooch. I’m with Dan, I’ve seen this way too many times. Miami, until you prove it to me.


  11. I’ve mentioned this before…………. I have an old buddy from way back that refuses to think positive. Thinks it’s some kind of jinx or something. He’s actually the cousin of one of our well known young lady posters on the POV. He only calls when PITT is sucking it up but never calls when they are doing good. Thinks it will ruin the vibe. Me? When I see a ladder I walk under it and go out of my way to let a black cat cross my path… Hold on a second. I may have put my finger on why my luck has been running so bad lately.

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  12. First off, I wouldn’t bet a Miami game with BigB’s bank account.

    Second, this game may be easier than expected if Miami stays listless like last week.

    But I don’t think that’s going happen ….. but no matter what, this is a game between 2 good defenses and 2 not-so-good defenses where turnovers or a special team play may well decide it. Thus, for the first time ever, I’m predicting a Pitt win over the Canes as the Panthers escape 13-10 when a Miami FG try in the final seconds clanks against the upright (don’t care which one)


  13. Same score as the epic win at Pitt Stadium in 1997 on Homecoming…21-17 good guyz.
    See yinz tomorrow morning for breakfast!!

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    1. That was my first Pitt game. If only we were under the lights tomorrow!


  14. Sunday’s Headlines:

    “PITT’S ‘High Pressure System’ turns Hurricane into Drizzle!!”

    FEAR NOT! There is no other shoe waiting to drop. This rendition of the PITT Football Team is The Barefoot Boyz.

    By the end of the Q1, that DISlocated shoulder will be the UNlocated shoulder – it’ll be in either the locker room, or the hospital.

    Perriere (Perri-Air) ain’t going NOWHERE! Bernie – is it too late to get that on a flag???

    Unless we get caught looking ahead to Georgia Tech (could this be a Trap Game??), KP throws 3 TDs; & 2/2 for Baby Blue.

    Baby’s got a new pair of shoes, and they ain’t dropping this week!

    PITT – 27
    Cloudy With A Chance of Rain – 10

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    1. Defense keeps the game winnable. There are some darn good players on the D

      The young o line takes a step forward with run blocking. Right ends hold onto ball and score a pair of TDs.

      Pitt wins by 7.

      Coaches have solid game plan. We all start to imagine warm thoughts of Orange Bowl.


  15. You guys almost have me convinced of a Pitt victory. I’m agonizing over this one.

    A win makes us bowl-eligible in October! You tellin’ me that’s going to happen?

    I remind you that Coach Narduzzi recruits poorly, treats people poorly, and coaches poorly. And he certainly isn’t paid enough to get a team bowl-eligible in October. Come to your senses, people!

    Okay, I say Pitt needs to score 24 points to win.

    Okay, against my better judgement – and as a tribute to the one and only ike:

    Pitt 24
    Canes 23


    Hail to Pitt!

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    1. John, knowing you like I do, I have a question or more like a statement. I’ll bet my house that you never took the baseball field thinking you and your PITT baseball team was going to lose! I believe this PITT football team feels the same way as I do. Come in here and beat me but I’m not going down without a fight.

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      1. I’m really counting on Coach Whip to come up with some mid-direction plays to actually take advantage of the speed and aggressiveness on Miami’s defense… (Remember KP’s makes-boot for the TD the last time the Canes were here? Best call Watson made the whole time he was here…😊).

        I expect the Canes to score around 20. Somehow we need to get to 24!

        Hail to Pitt.


  16. These two teams may be the most Forrest Gump teams in the NCAA. You honestly don’t know what you are going to get week to week. Every time you think they have turned the corner or fell into the pit they manage to surprise you. Both are capable of beating the other, and both can tank spectacularly. I have no idea what we will see, and honestly I don’t think anyone else knows either. You can hope, and expect, and look at all the analytics you what, these teams are an enigma. Let’s hope we see the right outcome, but will anybody be surprised by absolutely anything we see??

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  17. ^^ JoeK, for the record, no I would not be surprised. I do expect a good game from PITT and we shall see where the chips fall. I’m confident in PITTs favor.


  18. If PITT can run the ball decently (120yds) we win. I don’t think they will be able to do that. 21-17 MIA. Plus, that second half malaise concerns me big time.


  19. I will stick with my pessimism that I wrote in the comments of the previous article. Pitt loses 21-7. The “Pitting” forces are too strong for this game. Pitt in front of a national ESPN audience against Miami with a chance at a top 25 ranking suggest only bad things can happen.


    1. note that last week and tomorrow were allegedly in front of a national audience, but both time the games were opposite an Ohio St game.

      And note that when we play UNC on ESPN on a Thursday night in a few weeks, it will be opposite the Steelers

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    2. All true John. You forgot to mention that some former Pitt great will give a pre game speech to the team, which absolutely guarantees a loss.

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    1. You gotta throw yourself a bone. Clear out your cache / clear all your browsing history and passwords


  20. I don’t want to post this tomorrow so here goes…. this will be my first missed homecoming game since 1994. My fellow Pitt alum, neighbor, Frat brother and best friend John 71 will miss his first homecoming game since 1967.
    Both of us with health issues. Mine over, his still going on.

    Rain or no rain …. I will miss the Pitt Band entering the stadium (the only reminder left of my years in section 23 at Pitt Stadium) the live anticipation of game time, singing the National Anthem and Alma Mater at the top of my lungs, the view of my home for 26 years Pittsburgh, and of course seeing all of you.

    Didn’t think it would be this emotional. Last year when I left a very soggy Heinz Field, I said to somebody “you know, you never know when this might be the last time I get to come here!” I will never say it again even in jest.

    Please enjoy the day, drink and cheer your lungs out and never take for granted walking through those gates for a Pitt game!

    With Gods Blessing, I will see you at The UNC (university of no classes) game.

    As Big B said “just F n win!!”


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    1. Dan — good post. And hope you are well.

      I remember when Pitt started using that intro-video at Pitt Stadium. Made me so proud of Pitt it brought a tear to my eye. Still happens with singing the alma mater…

      Hail to Pitt!

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  21. Saw Miami v UVA and am concerned Pickett doesn’t last the game no matter how tough he is. Pitt o-line and RB’s and play calling need to keep him intact. I don’t see it happening(KP lasting the game) throughout all 4 quarters but believe our defense will wreak havoc too. Turnovers and injuries will decide this one more so than any “phase” of the game. But I guess the turnovers we take advantage of will be mostly caused by our defense pressuring, hitting and defending relentlessly and fiercely and hopefully intelligently.

    I’m going to trust our Pitt team BELIEVING in themselves even more than MM believed before the season began.

    Pitt 24
    Canes 21


  22. Sorry, but I’ve been Charlie Brown to Pitt’s Lucy for too many years. Not gonna keep running up to kick that ball only to have it pulled away again. When the season ends and Pitt has posted 10 wins, then I’ll believe things are different. Until then:

    Pitt 13
    Miami 17

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    1. Nice try Charlie Brown, but don’t worry MM, you’re still young….you’ll learn. There’s a freakin REASON that Pitt fans are always waiting for Pitt to screw up….it’s because they do.

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      1. Well I’ve been a Pitt fan for 22 years so give me another 15 or so and I think I’ll get it


  23. God bless Dan, glad you are on the mend!
    Pitt scores 30 in the first quarter and Narduzzi shuts the offense down, defense hangs on for an agonizing 30-27 win.

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  24. My prediction…. Heavy drinking both pre and post game in lot 5a. The POV will be out in full force (minus Iek).

    As for who wins this game, I have no freaking idea. Anyone who thinks they know hasn’t been paying attention to Pitt Football, for say…. the last 30 years.

    I have no clue whatsoever.

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  25. ^^ Eric, don’t think I won’t be with you all tomorrow cause I will be! Just not in body but in spirit! I hear Fran is already packing up his truck and ready to set sail at the crack of dawn! Have fun guys and gals and raise one for me.

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  26. In my mind there is not that much separation between average and good teams. Certainly there is for the few more elite ones.

    That said, I believe Pitt is really starting to demonstrate some competence on the defense side of the ball and KP is as much of a gamer as anyone. Coach Whip knows that he needs to keep him upright and will game plan accordingly.

    Pitt 28
    Miami 17



  27. I agree with everyone who says that you never know what you’re going to get with Pitt. We all know that because we follow this team so closely. But if you step back and look at results of all games from
    Power 5 teams this year (and probably every year), you’ll see a boatload of games that are either major upsets or very close games that were supposed to be runaways. So with the exception of a few “powerhouse” teams, maybe, just maybe, there are a lot of “Forest Gump Box of Chocolates” Teams out there.

    While I realize that no one knows how the game will end, I’m one of those who just feel that this team, this year, is different.

    Pitt 31- Canes 10

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  28. Diaz is as overrated as they get. Deejay Davis (RB) probably out with injury. No healthy QBs for Miami and running out Perry with a separated shoulder? One hit and he should be done. Before the season, I would have guaranteed this game would be a loss. But Miami is in a horrible place right now. Although the Miami defense is solid, their offense is terrible.

    However, the fact they lost to GT last week, makes me want to bet the house on the Canes +5.5. When was the last time Pitt was favored against the U at home? I sure can’t ever remember a time. I think Pitt gets the win here, but close. Pitt needs to start fast and Miami will pack it in if they get down 2 TDs. Prediction: Pitt 16-13 over the Canes.

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  29. Miami does not throw the ball downfield very well. Let’s hope they break the trend tomorrow. Look for short passes from them and a pick six by Paris.


  30. Thanks, Mike for another round of superlative thinking/writing. Peake said it, you wrote it, I’ve been doing it. I am enjoying this football team. I, like them, grow more confident every week.

    I so look forward to Pitt Football all year, that I inhale every bit of every game during the fall. I don’t like people talking around me while Pitt is playing – it breaks my concentration. When we lose, I get over it, and start looking forward to the next game. When we win, I savor that game while getting up for the next one.

    Enjoy The Streak? Damn right! Will they extend it another game? Damn right! And when it ends, we’ll start another one. I hope I’ve got another 15-20 seasons in me, but one of these seasons will be my last. Damn right I’m gonna enjoy it, and milk it for all the smiles and memories I can!

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  31. Any doctors in the crowd? Question: What effect does a left shoulder dislocation have on the throwing motion of a right handed QB? I realize a lot has to do with the degree of separation. But there has to be some negatives attached to that scenario for Miami QB Perri in this game..

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  32. Ike, the vehicle was packed at noon Friday minus extra ice and the french toast bake..
    Finishing up in a few minutes. 😎H2P

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  33. Dr ike here. Well I’m not actually a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express a few years ago. Diagnosis is, his left shoulder will hurt when he throws a right handed forward pass. This pain will be greatly heightened if there is severe contact directly to the left shoulder area. Suggested remedy is………. hit the young-man early and often, preferably in the upper left body quadrant.

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    1. ….and upper right, and lower left, and lower right, and middle….

      …but just don’t hit his head and don’t hit him late 😉

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  34. you people keep saying you don’t trust Pitt while I keep saying Miami is the one not to be trusted. Pitt joined the ACC in 2013

    Miami recruiting rankings 2013-2019: 27, 12, 26, 23, 11, 6, 36

    Pitt rankings from 2013-19: 35, 44, 56, 29, 36, 38, 50

    Yet, if Pitt wins today, it will have more ACC wins than Miami.

    In fact, Pitt will have more ACC wins since 2015 than anyone else but Clemson who won 2 national titles in that time.

    Maybe just maybe, you Pitt fans don’t now hw good you have it

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    1. One bowl win
      No ranked seasons
      8 win max so far
      6.5 win avg…just above the 35 year historical baseline
      One division title

      These ACC wins mean very little if they don’t produce division titles and rankings

      Recruits see the rankings
      Recruits are why clemson dominates
      And they have a top 3 coach which doesn’t hurt

      So yes pitt can beat up on some bad ACC teams
      It then gets blown out in the championship and loses to schools in bowl games from other conferences that sit half their starters


  35. I’m with you WBB.

    For most of the past 50+ years I’ve spent 5 or 6 fall Saturdays in the same way. Get up in the am, put on my blue and gold and trek into town. We meet up with old friends, retell old stories, enjoy the drumline and the band’s traditional entrance onto the field, shout during the victory song, sing the Alma Mater, watch a bunch of kids play a game, and pretend I’m 19 again.

    I guess I have it pretty good.

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  36. So, Dr Ike – Perry is supposed to be a running threat. Can we assume that Miami won’t game plan any QB runs so as not to jeopardize his on-field presence? Probably not. It must be feelin’ pretty good for him to be named the starter

    BT, Fran – how’s the French Toast Bake this morning? Just the thought is enough to almost make me jump in the car and head to da burg!

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  37. SP, medically speaking, the answer is, no. We shouldn’t conclude anything. For all we know is N’ kosi has a fake cast on his left shoulder. 🙂


  38. Hope all enjoy homecoming today with a panther victory

    may the showers hold off and many libations be consumed.

    I’ll begin my tailgate in about one hour with an Oktoberfest.

    Those who like defense will enjoy this game


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  39. New players, new offense, new defense. This year has little to do with prior years. That said, I agree with how we beat Miami when they overlook us, which they won’t this year. They’re starving for a win. Miami 21, Pitt 17. Not because Pitt screwed up, but because Miami pulls it together, and the refs will want another bowl eligible ACC team (Miami).


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