609 thoughts on “Pitt at Duke Open Game Thread

    1. Sorry to hear that, good depth on D will only go so far, hope they recover sooner rather than later.
      Hopefully next weeks bye will help.


  1. Just want to say how much more fun Pitt games are because of the POV.
    Thanks Reed, Maestro, and all contributors. Especially Fran and his tailgate partners.
    Golf has been a blast.

    Special shout our to our road warriors who I’m sure will be heard on the telecast tonight.
    Win or lose these guys know how to have a good time.


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  2. Boy I hope we get some decent announcers. I’ll be reading but won’t comment till halftime.
    Got to keep the blood pressure in check.


  3. Pathetic start —– Low energy. —— I know the game has just started but our offense
    Is playing a part in Ground Hogs Day—- same thing over and over and over.


  4. Pitt’s Offense has still only scored 10 points in the 1st Q in 5+ games.
    The Defense now has 7.


    1. Maurice Ffrench has been terrible this season which is surprising because he’s a senior, must not want to go to the league smh


    1. That horse collar was a terrible call. Remember, this is ACC’s darling we’re playing. Half the penalties will be bad calls.


  5. I love how the media during camp make the receivers seem like the next coming of Larry.
    How hard is it to catch a football?
    How hard is it to give the ball to the ref and hustle back to the huddle?
    Play Mathews.

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  6. Dan – I’m seeing a “chippy” game being called by southern refs. Baldonado made a great tackle and the ref called a bogus horse collar.

    Jackson barely touched the receiver on the PI.

    I call B S


  7. French is a team captain….he should lose that ‘C’. Punk move against the Duke player. Then
    arguing with his own players and then even an asst. Coach, whereas NoDoz had to get involved.


  8. Try googling reddit college football streams. Then find the game.

    Great D first q. Some missed holding calls by refs where our lineman are being held.

    Offense hasn’t yet mustered a good series.

    Deep passes by Pitt appear to be open. Might have to try a few more.


  9. Can’t make it till half time, blood pressure off the charts, worst one sided referees ever.
    Missing late hit on Picket, pass interference on us but not them. No horse collar, missed face mask at least roughing the QB on his slide. Should have been holding when the ball was tipped.

    Just outrageous home cooking.

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  10. wow all those yards and all that time….and zero points. Pickett is just not a very accurate passer. Which is why they don’t throw over the middle more.


  11. KP is Duke’s best defense. Give him a little and he’ll give you a break.

    In Piit’s case, he’ll give you no points.


  12. Why does our offense usually look like they never played football before. I think every game starts with a penalty against the Pitt offense, who can the last 4 games of last year. Will it ever end.


  13. At least he didn’t blow the FG. These announcers are morons. Acting like that was automatic for kesserman
    and that’s pitt’s offense is some sort of juggernaut. lol

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  14. The ACCN announcers definitely have not followed Pitt FB this season when they say “kicks Lyke that give Kessman no trouble”.

    This will be a tough one to win.

    I say Pitt scores a max of 7 more points in the 2nd half. The D will need to win this one.

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  15. Kenny not playing his best tonight. If they throw one more screen to Ffrench, I’m gonna puke. Good thing our D came to play.


  16. Dukes QB a poor man’s Bryce Perkins. Not worried never was. #H2P

    In hindsight, Duzz made good decision treating Deleware like a scrimmage.


  17. Panthers left a looooot of points on the field in that first half. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite us. Defense is looking great though so far.


  18. Why not go for the field goal, nothing to lose?

    This game should have been over, but air Whipple.

    You have to take the good with the bad with Ffrench.

    On the penalty Ffrench lost his cool but the defender did try to take his head off.

    This game is far from over unless Pitt learns how to score.

    Defense played the perfect half, will not happen this half.

    Pitt never learns how to put down the hammer.

    Should be some guys not named Ffrench or Mack wide open this half.

    I am hearing the POV crowd, they actually turned the mics down on them one time.

    It is tough being the new boys in this conference.

    Baldonado with a great tackle gets called for a horse collar and they get away with a facemask as KP is in a slide, pretty obvious stuff.

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  19. The Dreaded NoDoz/Toilet Paper halftime adjustments. Nobody knows what those will bring. Might have needed a bigger lead, duke can’t continue to be so lame on offense. They did score 45 on VT last week.


  20. Pickett might be STATISTICALLY challenged, but he is the ONE Player who is the difference in whether this Team is able to compete or not.!

    Not necessarily a good thing. But just the way it is.


  21. Can’t say enough for this defense though. Hope they don’t let them up from the mat this half.

    Lot of frustration by the Duke D late in the game, hope it doesn’t get too ugly.


    1. I’m not on anyone’s bandwagon. Just don’t understand why you have to diss a guy that has worked hard and is playing well for Pitt, at a position of need since Camp went down.


      1. Just because a Guy has had a TOUGH life, I’m not going to PRETEND he’s something he is not.

        EVERYONE has tough aspects to their lives… and few ever get ANY recognition for what they achieve.

        It’s about being REAL!


  22. KP with 34 throws and the run game with 39 yards.

    Oy vey!

    Halftime adjustments – D told to hold Duke to 3 and match bama’s effort. The O will be told to hold on to the ball and win the time of possession.

    I’m uneasy about the 2nd half scoring abilities of this team. The D needs another score to win this one…


  23. Boy do I love to be wrong, Pitt D picks right up where it left off.

    Don’t be too hard on Whipple. When he gets a line in shape, probably next year, he will score a lot of points.

    He has turned a running team into a passing team and we are only half way through the year and just starting the ACC.


  24. Back from a long absence – got the weekend off!

    The ACC refs SUCK! How could they miss that drop?????????? Worse refs in Div 1.

    Pitt D looks for real – first game I’ve had a chance to see since Virginia debacle.

    Go Pitt! Beat Duke…& the biased arse incompetent refs!

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  25. Suck it up everyone! We need this!

    It wouldn’t be a Pitt game without 3rd quarter drama. Narduzzi May be the worst coach in history to still have a job!! Total lack of discipline on Pitt. Been going on forever.

    Wish we had a real head coach.


  26. The offense and special teams are cost Pitt one heck of a defensive effort.

    Need to hold Duke to a FG on this series. Nick Patti should be warming up if KP delivers another 3 and out. That last throw was a good one, but it was fumbled and it was the ONLY good throw


  27. We are going to lose this game. And here comes the onsides kick. Getting Homered big time. Duzz losing his mind instead of taking control. Pitt better put together a drive.

    Pitt coaching staff displaying there total amateur status.


  28. If we blow this game the season is over— very negative statement, but this is the kind of game that lets all the air out of the balloon.


  29. Time to hold players accountable:
    Have Paris Ford man the podium and explain attempting to catch a punt on the 5.
    Have Kessman explain that extra point.
    Have Butler-Jenkins explain fumbling.
    You miss a sale, you off a patient, you screw someone’s taxes, you are called on the carpet.
    Time to man-up.


  30. Yes the officiating has been horrible.

    But Narduzzi let his team implode. Totally undisciplined. No accountability.

    His coaching has been worse then the officiating. Unable to adjust to the triple option in the second half – any good coach would have saw that coming after the way Pitt shut down thier passing game early on. It is in the Duke arsenal – game film would have shown that. Another failure to adjust.

    Pitt gets what they pay for. The Virginia debacle looks like the real team more and more. There will be a lot of empty yellow seats when Pitt gets home again.

    Bring on basketball.

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  31. I tried not to comment on the refs so far but I can’t hold it back anymore … clearly duke’s QB had his forward progress stopped, but no whistle. And to make it worse, a Duke lineman clearly had an arm wrapped around the QB pulling him into the endzone but no call.


  32. That is the definition of stopped forward progress. I’m not one to blame refs, and we have certainly self destructed. But that 2 pointer was total BS.


  33. Weird. The first half was all 3rd rate latr night infomercial commercials…once Duke started to comeback – they are now showing National brand commercials for southern pop and southern restaurants.

    Just saying…wasup ACC? No agenda my ass.


  34. Pappy Whip is not showing his best tonight. That was a terrible series. Kenny has been terrible in the second half. Not much help from the o-line.


  35. Houston redux. Pitt-has nothing left. Pickett is a disaster. Cant even run kickoff back to the 20. 27 point comeback w no answer Duzz a total loser as he has always been.


    1. A loss would be bad but now a win is bad?

      Great win since Pitt had to score to win and did it calmly.

      I’m loving it, This game turned due to the coaches getting cute and putting Ford back to field that punt.

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  36. Though I like Narduzzi, he needs to explain himself. This nauseating play has no justification. I understand it happening from time to time, but this has become the standard at Pitt!


  37. It’s a win.

    But Narduzzi and Heather need to complain publicly about the bias and incompetence of the ACC refs. Someone has to.

    Yes, unfortunately Pitt played down to their level – they let the refs decide the pace and physicality of the game.

    Shame on the ACC – and the announcers were obvious homers who don’t know throughout the game beside being clueless about the rules and the game itself. Totally embarrassing if this was a National audience. Shame on the ACC. That can be addressed and should be IMMEDIATELY!

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  38. Well, that’s one for the ages. If you’re young enough, you can tell your version 30 years from now. Me? It’s a win….. just like last week against Delaware but this one counts a lot more in the standings! You don’t get extra points for style.

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  39. Win number 4 was beautiful, then ugly, then magnificent.
    Did you hear that was Duke’s first penalty of the second half on that last drive.
    Refs going to have to give those envelops back.
    They tried their best but couldn’t get it done.
    The two point conversion with the extended whistle then the reversal for some inexplicable reason (maybe BigB gave them a fatter envelop) anyway that was a first. But Bostick is correct, worst ever.
    Then a targeting call when the receiver ducks his head into the hit, was it the right call? If so pretty messed up and impossible for the defender to make a play.
    But this game goes down in Pitt history as unforgettable and Pitt exhibited SOP and then vanquished it.

    Hopefully all POVers came through with minor chest pains and no serious heart damage.

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  40. No scotch left in the Dan72 household! Wife pissed at my yelling and cursing but close only counts in hand grenades, horseshoes and divorces ! H2P

    One of the most Godawful played and officiated games I’ve ever not seen. Thanks for that ACC network.

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  41. Yes the refs were bad no question, But it’s not even close if Ford doesn’t attempt a fair catch on the 5 yard line. You run away from that ball the odds are it goes in the end zone.—-However what is bad is how undisciplined the Pitt players are committing one stupid puerility after another. You have to blame the coaching staff for that undisciplined style of play. What’s the total on our penalty yards today? I’m guessing well over 150 yards.

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  42. So, that was something. Glad the defensive performance didn’t go to waste.

    Pickett is not bright but is a gamer when it counts

    Offense seems better in no huddle … 🤔

    Nice to see some young guys on offense make plays

    That. Defense.

    Pitt literally has a bad 10 minute stretch every game … they take full advantage of those ten minutes

    Refs 🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕

    Targeting 🤢🤮

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  43. Hopefully Ford and Ffrench learn from their mistakes today, they are tremendously talented players and without them we don’t win today.

    Lots of guys contributed big plays on both sides of the ball.

    As was said last week, we used to lose these kind of games.

    Picket had a very poor game until he didn’t.

    Winning drives are what make Quarterbacks winners.

    Making the plays when the game is on the line separates the men from the boys.

    Whipple went from goat to hero in one drive.

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  44. Some interesting notes:

    Duke had 89 plays for only 288 yards

    Pitt’s 2 FG drives averaged over 5 minutes each; the 3 TD drives averaged just a little over a minute

    RS FR Kradel played almost the entire 2nd half at guard

    Joe Starkey tweeted “that was the most dramatic game I never seen”

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    1. Pitt sure gives its fans plenty of drama. Best entertainment value just about anywhere…

      Pitt also gives its fans stress and pains in about every body part…😊

      You gotta be tough to be a Pitt fan…

      Go Pitt.

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  45. I sure wish we would learn how to keep our foot on the neck of our opponent someday.

    It is like all those movies when they have the chance to kill the bad guy and he comes back to get them later.

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  46. Somehow, your Fightin’ Pitt Panthers are 4 and 2!

    Best part is we can play so much better. And I think we will.

    (I guess Paris Ford has to sit the first half against Syracuse?
    Just not right…)

    Go Pitt!

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  47. I fell asleep on couch after the Alexander interception. It was 26-3 on cruise control. WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED in the final 20 minutes???? Thank God I was asleep, or that game probably would have taken years off my life. Only Pitt could have made it such an adventure. This program is maddening.

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  48. OK, it’s 9am in Passau and I’m in the bathroom sneaking a peek at the POV( I know, too much info). So much for keeping unplugged. Woke up, checked the score and was ecstatic. Then started reading the comments. By the sound not sure if we won, lost, or didn’t show up. Could be any or all. lol.
    The only thing that’s certain is the ACC is a hot mess this year. Would be nice to take advantage.
    Truest thing I’ve ever heard is Pitt gets 15 yd penalty for being north of the Mason – Dixon line. Have fun guys!

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    1. What an emotional rollercoaster ride. Should’ve won by at least two possessions, but in the end the better team won! Could we win out? Unlikely, but possible 😀.

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    1. Mark.. you can have my monitor that I am supposed to be wearing… woke up this morning (after the marathon tailgate and game) to find out …. I’m alive…

      Crazy game …. bad refs … bone- headed mistakes… bad behavior…horrific turn-overs… Alex in Carolina blue footwear….so much to give a POVert angst…. in between all the negative sh- t some pretty hard-nosed football.

      2 things to add… Duke is not the same ole Duke!!! The have speed across the board and they are far more physical than any Dookie team I have ever seen…… We WON, It was ugly in the last 20 minutes but it was even uglier for our opponents.. Duke LOST.

      Now onto our bye week…

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  49. Penalties!! Lack of discipline is a big problem. We were lucky but sometimes things go your way. Defense again was very good. My discipline and faith was also bad. Shut it off after Duke’s last touchdown. I need to work on that.

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  50. Thinning the herd, targeting the old and the weak and weakening the strong among us. That’s what they’re doing. Building our hopes and dreams, dashing them; bringing us back from the edge of the abyss just before we crap ourselves, leaving us broken, but rejoicing like fools over an easy win staged to look like escape from witch mountain. A few more weeks of this, and some of us elder beasts will start dropping by the trail, resigned to being put out of our misery by feral dogs with yellow flags and buzzards who can’t find their whistles….

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    1. lighteye… you nailed it.. PITT football is followed by true survivors and we have seen a few POVerts drop from the ranks along the way but we who remain… well, we love our PITT Panthers….and we are LOUD… we CARE…. wish everyone could have been in Wallace Wade last night to experience the support our fans have for these kids … just like your own children- they are far from perfect but that’s OUR TEAM… and in the end that is all that really matters…

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  51. it’s 7AM here in Penn Hills….and I STILL can’t believe that they overcame all of the penalties, refs, terrible play, stupid decisions by some of our stars…..to WIN last night! 🙂


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  52. Happy about the victory. Always disappointed about the score not being the blow out it should have. Style points count in college.


  53. So many thoughts and so little time to express them. Let me start with—did Jaylen Twyman get hurt? I don’t recall hearing him mentioned in the 2nd half.



    1. Jaylan Twyman made 2 stops on the 2-point conversions, but only one counted.

      He was double teamed all game.

      Definitely not hurt!


  54. I’m still flabbergasted by the clock management at the end of the first half. Can someone PLEASE explain to me what the hell that was all about? Two timeouts 36 seconds left and you let the clock run to 1 second and call a tune out!????


  55. Kenny has become the comeback kid

    Kids got moxy
    This team doesn’t quit

    Too bad it wasn’t a national TV game

    Too bad only 20k saw it in person

    Those are my only bads.

    Officiating is a big ugly

    Good…presents to all the players, coaches and fans

    Pitt has Dukes number.

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    1. In football, Pitt is to Duke as UNC is to Pitt…

      That is, ridiculous plays to win at the end of games.

      But we still have a chance to change that UNC part of the analogy this season…

      Go Pitt!


  56. Checked the early morning Week 6 Bowl projections. The only two out are the Sporting News and CFN. For those of looking for a warmer climate for a bowl game, both have Pitt in the Camping World Bowl in Orlando against either OK State or TCU.


  57. We could easily be 1 and 5, and the “I-told-you-so” folks would be having a field day.

    It’s like we’re being led by Inspector Clouseau, but he somehow solves the case most weeks!

    Go Pitt.

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  58. What my jaded eyes witnessed last night/early this morning:

    PITT got majorly jobbed by the refs. I know we say that most games but boy oh boy, last night it really did happen.
    PITT had a few takeaways.
    PITT had a few turnovers.
    This one sound familiar to some but I don’t put a lot of the blame on the coaches for the blown lead. That’s more on the unforced turnovers and some lousy refereeing..
    PITT still missing Pinnock, Reynolds and Pine.
    PITT kicked the crap out of a good Duke team!


    1. Pitt asked Duke’s QB at least three time while Alabama got him down only one time… that speaks volumes about how good a this D is….

      Remember a couple of years ago when we didn’t have guys who could pressure the QB. Yet alone deliver bone- jarring tackles.. we have a D over-flowing with players who can bring it GOOD JOB DUZZ… keep up the good work… time to work some magic on the O side starting with linemen and TEs. …

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      1. I assumed Duke had a senior-laden offensive line with how well they pass protect, but four of those guys will be back next year. The front four will have its hands full again.


      2. Right Biggie, it’s called recruiting the best 3* players out there. PITT’s defensive players aren’t playing games out there, they are working their asses off. Once again holding a really good offense down down down….

        BTW… Eli The Lucky…….. 3-0…. Knock on wood!


    2. The refs did not fumble the punt, nor did they have a part in it in any way.

      The lousy refereeing went both ways, although probably 2 to 1 not in Pitt’s favor.

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      1. I agree. As bad as the officiating was, if Ford lets that punt go we are probably don’t put ourselves in that situation to begin with

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            1. MM – I don’t follow. Ford is the backup punter returner/catcher. This may have been his first time back there, but I highly doubt the Pitt coaches coach whoever is back there to catch any punt inside the ten.

              What goes on in practice? How sure-handed is Ford. Ffrenchy himself is an adventure back there…

              Don’t you need more info before blaming the coaches?

              Go Pitt.

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  59. Would you rather watch a B1G game where the top echelon teams beat the snot out of the rest of them or an ACC game where anyone not named Clemson can beat anyone else on any given Saturday?

    No one can say Pitt games are boring. The defense is really good and the offense is exiting when it executes.

    The thing that stands out the most to me about our defense is the ferociousness of the hitting. For years we tackled from behind after long gains. Now we are meeting guys head on at the point of the attack. It all starts with the pressure on the QB. We finally have players that can make plays, and make the opponent pay for every yard gained. Dukes running back may not be able to get out of bed today.

    I would like to see an unbiased evaluation of last nights officiating. So many non-calls on them, so many wrong calls on us. The most bizarre call was the 2 point conversion, where forward progress had been stopped, a points awarded then removed after the teams lined up for a kick-off.

    The worst is the incessant whining from the obvious pro-southern announcer, when things aren’t going his way and the cheer-leading when they are. The detailed knowledge of the southern team and knowing little about us.

    This game was perfect for the negativos and positivos, plenty for both.

    The bye comes at a perfect time now, except that we usually lose after a week off. Definitely need some guys to get healthy, because every game will be a war.

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    1. Pitt players were easy for the announcers to “not lyke” with their unsportsmanlyke conduct, jawing, taunting, “look at me, I made a play” celebrations and fighting amongst themselves.


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      1. Our two biggest impact player both made a major fuss, but watch the tackle on the play that caused Ffrench to go off. Ford went off after he was called for targeting on another questionable call.

        Of course when their guy grabs the face mask on KP long into his slide, then slams his head into the ground, nothing is called.

        I am not a fan of the after the play histrionics either but it is part of the game. I don’t care for the after the first down or touchdown poses, but it is now part of the game.

        Thank Billy White Shoes Johnson and the Icky shuffle.


  60. An ESPN college FB writer pretty much sums it up

    Andrea Adelson@aadelsonESPN
    10 hours ago

    Pitt, I still have no idea how good you are, but you never fail to entertain.

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  61. JoeKnew…another “ too much info@ comment- I’m in the pisser pre-game and as I was exiting a younger guy behind comments” Hey, your one of the guys from the POV.” I was like yeah ??? “ how did you know??” He pointed to the WUPS FLAG I had taped over my shoulder… He reads the blog… didn’t get his name but “ feel free to jump in- this is a great place to discuss and live PITT FB,”

    BTW, bet against PITT and we won the game… uncanny how that superstition has been working out… wonder how much going undefeated wold cost ????

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  62. Overheard some say this last night…

    Pitt beat three teams: Duke, the refs and themselves.

    That’s concise and accurate.

    Thx to AtlPanther for securing a beachhead yesterday. Great setup and love the 4 hounds! Love hanging out with you all POVers.

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  63. and here’s another thought…………. This silliness allowing 320lbs O-Lineman to take a running start and plowing into the back of QB’s and running backs to push the pile forward? First it was legal, then people smarted up and said this is dangerous and now allowed again. But when a defensive player farts sideways on the QB it’s a flagrant foul.

    How about Deslin’s personal foul for trying to strip the ball out of a players hands? The non horse collar call, Pickett’s face mask not called? The Ford targeting call, just terrible terrible officiating.

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  64. I still say the biggest weakness of this team is the lack of a running game. Sibley ran for a 5 yard average, not too bad but Carter ran 13 times for a 2 yd average. Yes we have injuries and the line doesn’t open holes, but the inability to pick up a third and short or the occasional longish run makes this team as one dimensional as last year’s in reverse. It is a major reason this game was still up for grabs after the first half and will cost us some games moving forward.

    Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an answer this year. Hopefully our star recruit sees this as a big opportunity.

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  65. When I heard the announcer say that Picket hadn’t been intercepted in 139 passes….
    Great to get a win when Picket was not sharp.


  66. The Pickett interception was bad, the time and place where it happened was unacceptable. I believe it was first down as well?

    The offensive line did not do a good job last night.

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  67. Man, if Pitt could clean up the penalties and little mistakes like dropped balls and inopportune turnovers they could be really dangerous … But that would not be a Pitt team under Duzz, would it? I complain but it’s so much for fun than being normal. LOL.

    The polar opposite swings under Duzz are dizzying …
    … The extreme polarity of the Offense and Defense in year 2
    … The extreme drop off in offense in year 3
    … The extreme unbalanced offense in year 4 (Run)
    … The extreme polarity of the non-con vs. conference success in year 4
    … The extreme unbalanced offense in year 5 (Pass)
    … The extreme difference between yards gained and lack of points generated
    … The extreme un-correlation of stats …

    I know Dokish is polarizing in and of himself but these are real stats and accurate commentary …

    “From Dokish) Pitt is No. 80 in total offense, No. 109 in rushing offense, No. 102 in 3rd down conversions, and No. 119 in passing yards per completion. But they are No. 37 in passing offense” …

    “Pitt forced 6 turnovers, had 3 sacks, gave up less than 300 yards, held Duke to 2.8 yards a carry, and held the QB to 41.9% completions, and still gave up 30 points” …

    “Paris Ford had 11 tackles, 2 interceptions, a touchdown, a fumble, an ejection, and a police escort. He does bring the party with him, doesn’t he?”

    “Pitt gave up 30+ points to Virginia, UCF, and Duke, and the defense was excellent in all three of them.”

    … In year 3 Pitt was the 14th best team in terms of penalties
    … In year 5 Pitt is 114th best team in terms of penalties

    The only normal year was year 1 when Duzz had inherited the blandest team in America.

    If there is one thing you can say about Duzz, it’s that Pitt is not bland.

    And not to forget …

    … The extreme division between pro-Duzz and no-Duzz on the POV

    I think we can see why it’s so divided.

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    1. hey Tossing … Dokish also tweeted this …

      Chris Dokish@ChrisDokish
      3 hours ago
      Miami is No. 38 in total offense and No. 15 in total defense, and they’re somehow 2-3 with a loss at home to VT and a close win at home to Central Michigan.

      I would hesitate to pay too much attention to rankngs this early because of the imbalance of schedules


    2. On the pro and no Duzz comment – I think a good many people fall in the middle, but don’t care for hyperbolic, often inaccurate and sophomoric criticism and thus look like pros.

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      1. ^^ JoeL, you and I talked about this at a tailgate and it is the truth.

        Also, I don’t think PITT will ever have a head football coach that everyone just loves loves loves. It’s just not the way this PITT football program is built. It’s perspective and understanding.


  68. I really don’t know what to make of this team, the coaches or the program.

    The Pitt Enigmas would be a more appropriate name.

    I kind of agree with the ESPN reporter.

    “Can’t tell if they are good, but they sure are exciting”

    Yes, I will take the 4-2 record, but the thing is I just am not seeing any growth.

    You can’t do anything about officiating, but the execution, mental lapses and just bad decision making…you expect that to improve over the course of the season.

    But with 6 games to play, Pitt is 2 wins away from bowl eligibility.

    Given what I have seen this far my guess is they can probably go .500 the rest of the way and get that bowl bid.

    I just think it will be quite the rollercoaster ride.