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  1. Delaware is a very good program Reed and your were correct. I think the bigger question is…….. who said in August that PITT and Narduzzi would be starting their backup QB without their top two RBs, top two middle linebackers, a top CB and two of PITT’s defensive lineman against? Yeah the game looked sloppy but they won… Hope all is great with you Reed and I apologize for missing you yesterday.

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  2. Let’s start from scratch here:

    Delaware is a very good program Reed and you were correct. I think the bigger question is? …….. who said in August that PITT and Narduzzi would be starting their backup QB without their top two RBs, top two middle linebackers, a top CB and two of PITT’s very best defensive lineman against Delaware? Yeah the game looked sloppy but they won… Hope all is great with you Reed and I apologize for missing you yesterday. Hope to see you at the UNC game.


      1. Reed, I’ve missed your analysis. Pitt didn’t sleep on Delaware, they DID doze off there for a time during the middle of the game but getting bitch slapped a couple times with TDs off of Pitt turnovers woke them up just in time to pull off the win.

        You are very knowledgable, & the new motto fits this one. “A win is a WIN”!

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  3. Pathetic game plan by Whipple.

    Narduzzi not coaching to win. Coaching not to lose. That is a bad philosophy.


  4. Delaware is garbage. Pitt should have beaten them by 50

    Spread was 30

    Narduzzi has slept through his first four years.

    And is now giving sleeping pills to players at halftime.

    He needs to go

    If you want stable mediocrity, he’s your guy. 8 wins. No bowl wins. No ranked seasons. Like participation trophies. The occasional upset to spike your Koolaid some more.

    If you want an AD focused on saving kittens and helping old ladies and handing out halftime awards, then she’s your gal. Utterly without an once of marketing or finance in her DNA but boy does she know how to spin things and say nothing of importance.

    I’ve had it with these idiots. I’ve had it with front porch talk. I’ve had it period.


    1. Wow, Tex, be sure that you’re up to date taking your BP meds prior to typing your next Pitt rant.

      You are on FIRE!

      But we don’t want you to stroke out on us with such enthusiasm!

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      1. I’m very lucid. Staying off the Koolaid allows me to see reality. I saw garbage play.

        And I hear excuses as to why fans should accept it and move on. I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it. But I don’t accept not blowing out this team and not playing starters and treating the game as some scrimmage.

        What coach does that? When I coached and played a bad team, I always played the starters. I always ran up the score to a point and only then did I empty the bench.


        1. Hard to argue with that logic. But win, lose or draw, we always move on.
          In this case luckily, it’s @ 3-2 rather than @ 2-3 pointing while fingers at who is responsible for losing to a 4 TD underdog.


    2. Tex, I think I had a case of what you have… put me on n the hospital with A- fib…. they give you blood thinner and take your alcohol away…. relax….

      Oh, for you who never lived through the Dave Hart era…..

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  5. You know Pitt football is coming along nicely when we are complaining about a win with several starters out including the starting QB.

    Pitt was flat and the game was close due to a QB who never started before and 13 penalties. If Pitt would have been pushed around at the LOS, then I would be worried. Teams play like they practice (see PSU game).

    I expect them to practice well this week and give a good game next Saturday (if the starters are back). Patti will learn from those picks too. Win, win.


  6. Reed… truth is Pitt SHOULD be 2 and 3 at this point.

    Without question, UCF was a FREAK win. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad it happened. But it could have… should have… gone the OTHER way given the THREE UCF TDs ruled out of bounds.

    At the same time… Delaware was similarly FREAKish. With all of the “scratches,” Narduzzi set the table for Delaware.

    And they MIGHT have actually pulled it out. That is, if it weren’t for the SUPERIOR play of Pitt Offensive Playmaker “No. 1.”

    Fact is… this Pitt team is CAPABLE of playing pretty good football. How could you say anything else given that they took both Penn State and UCF to the Finish Line?

    But PRETTY good is not really good. Sounds a lot like 6 and 6 and a Bowl Win.

    However, as someone else once said… this year there seems to be a Wild Card in play that makes things not totally PREDICTABLE.

    As we’ve already seen, Pitt has a couple of PLAY-MAKERS on both sides of the Ball.

    And just like against the “not to be overlooked” Delaware, they have a way to CHANGE a game instantly and without notice!


    1. If Pitt SHOULD be 2-3, then why stop there? They COULD just as easily be 1-4 if not for a couple key plays that went our way.

      Watching the UCF vs UCONN game last night, after enduring that abortion of a win nail biter that the Panthers put us through in the afternoon, I couldn’t help but think a few times during that a$$ whoopin,” now how exactly did we manage to beat these guys again”?🤔

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  7. BUT PITT is 3-2 not 2-3……. I guess they don’t credit for that? What about Narduzzi’s half time speech last week against UCF? Can’t wait for PITT to kick Dukes asses next week….

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  8. Given all the guys we had sitting out the game and a first start for young QB, Pitt did OK: 6 sacks, both Delaware scores off turnovers, and a win. O-Line left a lot to be desired but blocked well enough to get the run game going late in the game.

    Life’s so much better when you are an optimist.

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    1. ^^ Hesus Tony…. where in the hell have you been?…… coming on here making sense like that…. Don’t go getting lost again….


  9. The entire team and staff treated Delaware as a scrimmage it was clear as day. Stop whining, we’re running the table! #H2P

    Pitt fanbase full of Debbie downers

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  10. Now I wish our O would have driven the ball the
    Length of the field instead of basically taking the knee at the end of the game… might have made a few of the negatives smile…. hey team…. WE WON…… Duke get a Panther complete effort from both sides of the ball…. my Southern friends have been arguing the end of the Civil War since I moved here 45 years ago and it hasn’t changed a thing( except move more darn Yankees down south, ya’ll)

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  11. 5 games in, congratulations to DL Coach Charlie Partridge and DC Randy Bates. You lose 2 of your top 4 Defensive Linemen for the season, have played 3 of the better offenses in the NCAA (UCF, Penn State, and Virginia) and you are 1 sack away from being the #1 sack team in the nation.

    Think of this D if they could be rotating in and out those 2 DLs with what they presently have.

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  12. PittofDreams, great wit. You’re quick. Also you speak with knowledge. Ash was fired by Rutgers this afternoon. Narduzzi’s name mentioned as a potential replacement. Guys, if you get him pissed enough maybe he would take a offer. As far as I am concerned he is doing a fine job at PITT. Recruiting could be better, but you need an uber recruiter to get 5 star’s to PITT. Wannstedt was a great recruiter, but couldn’t coach a elite winner in his limited time at PITT. Narduzzi has made some smart decisions recruiting. Patti is a good example of smart recruiting. He throws an accurate good ball with touch. One of the better QB’s I’ve seen out of North Jersey Catholic powerhouse schools. A 3 star to boot! Narduzzi has also done the same thing with his 3 star players on defense. Hope we can get passed the better teams and UNC on our schedule.

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  13. BiggieB is right…….. Lets move on. Big Big game next week, I suggest you all get down to Durham if you can. There is a BigB and AtlPanther tailgate brewing…

    Here’s a beginner thought.. AJ Davis has 7 more yards receiving than Dukes number one receiver who is a tight end. Of course they run the ball like devils… ha ha right into PITTs waiting arms……..

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  14. Seems like “Does Narduzzi know what he’s doing” is a question that is just as relevant today as it was right before the Duke game in 2016. I for one continue to have no opinion on the question other than lets wait and see until after the Duke game though one can be sure that all that game will tell us is who will be crowing on PITTPOV after the game. To my mind although I don’t find the question uninteresting I think it’s clear we need the season to play out. This is not to say that if we lose the next two games or so that I will not feel the question has not been answered. Though I will say that it’s pretty clear that Pitt has a solid defense with much more defensive team speed than I have seen in the past 6 years or so. Because it does a s that’s a fact.


  15. A win is a win–yes. We are all relieved, but that brief appearance that Pitt had in the AP poll last week is seemingly no longer there. It would have been nice to have crept into the 25-35 range so as to position ourselves for more with potential wins in the ACC.


  16. Clint Hurdle fired…
    Richman, thanks for not airbrushing me out of your new image…love the golf tee.


  17. True enough living color and I agree to a point but the bottom line is…. a couple also receiving votes mean very little to me this at point in the season and even less to PITT detractors. I’m sure you can see that for yourself? A lot of this season to go… I’m not sure how it all shakes out but I’m liking what I’ve seen so far…. but it could go south in a hurry??? Narduzzi is goofy with all his mind games with his gestapo BS but it’s his basketball….

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  18. We’re now 3-2, just like my wife’s Trojans.

    A win is a win. But I still prefer a blowout—5 TDS, but not 7. Things are inflated since the 70s when that Pitt coach said 3 is not enough and 5 is rubbing it in.

    If VA beat us because of their experienced D against out new O, Delaware nearly beat us because our inexperienced backups are really raw. Big drop off.

    We CAN win out …


  19. It went in the W column. You do not get style points in football last I checked. If injured players are effective against Duke, that is all that matters.

    Which is better blowing out Delaware and losing to Duke because our injured players did not have time to recover or beating Delaware by three points and beating Duke? Duke is prime for a let down after their win against GT and our “poor” performance against Delaware.

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    1. Your injured players would play for little more than a quarter. Pitt would be up by three touchdowns by then.

      If a 20 year old can’t recover from some bruises and bumps after a week, I need to walk on the team.


  20. We got out the game with the two most important things:

    1) A win.
    2) No injuries

    We did not get style points and lost the 6 votes we got last week.

    At the end of the season, we will not really speak much about this game. What matters is 3-1 in the OOC and 0-1 in divisional play. We get to right the ship this Saturday.

    I expect the team to be ready to play. I believe they will play hard and will not commit 13 penalties (and if they do, it will be provincial Tobacco road officiating.) I expect most, if not all of those injured last Saturday will be back. The glass half-full crowd will be happy all are back and the glass half empty crowd will complain its evidence the Narduzzi is at fault for the almost loss because he didn’t take the Hens seriously,

    I also think we will have a decent turnout in DDUrham. Looking forward to it. the games in Durham have resulted in Emel appearances in recent history – would be fun to meet him if he came up for that one.

    I assume that Jim “Pittman4ever” made it to the tailgate Saturday? Perhaps we can count on seeing his comments again.

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    1. Take it easy on Reed. His thoughts are very much appreciated by myself and many others. Reed, hope to read many more articles by you on the POV…. Mark forwarded me your hello’s and I appreciate that as well.. Keep em coming buddy!! We are in this together friend!!

      We All We Got
      We All We Need!


  21. As mentioned above……. PITT second in the nation in sacks so far this year….. this without Weaver and Camp. Holy crap…… << That is very impressive even if you don’t like Narduzzi!!


  22. So I’m back from the wedding and from golfing today with out-of-towners — was a beautiful day for that…

    Did I miss anything?


    Go Pitt!


  23. As we all know, players win games. The Pirates can fire the entire staff, but only a fool would take the Mgr’s job without getting some new players.


  24. what a difference a week makes! Duke is a 6 point favorite (I kind of like that)

    what a difference a year makes! Pitt is 3rd in pass offense in ACC, and have the 1st and 3rd top receivers in number of receptions (Ffrench and Mack)

    Pitt is 4th in total defense behind Clemson, Miami and UVa …. and am pretty sure that none of them have played the caliber of offenses that UCF and PSU have

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  25. Not sure why anyone thinks the score would be different if the starters played.
    Davis twins have shown El zippo.
    How many touchdown passes does Kenny have?
    And that juggernaut of an offensive line was…well…what it is.
    So maybe in Pitt fantasyland the starters would have made a difference, but I simply don’t see it.

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    1. Routine

      You don’t get that by playing the second string

      Might have been 20-7 at half instead of 10-7

      The game would have been over


  26. Duke uses three or four versions of the screen pass with a lot of success. Middle screens, tight end screens, RB out of the backfield screens etc. They set them up nicely. Our boys will need to be successful at stopping the screen pass to beat Duke.

    Duke’s QB prefers to stand in the pocket and throw. He runs well though, so we will have to contain.

    Duke’s defense doesn’t seem like anything special – mediocre to solid.

    We can beat them…

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  27. Pitt Admin only cares enough about football to pay for 6 to 8 wins a year and no player issues. Aka no arrests….It has been this way for years, and my guess is it will be that way for years to come. Pitt does not and will not pay for anything more than Narduzzi, Chryst, Walt, or anyone else you want to put in there. If Pitt has a coach who consistantly keeps the team in the top 15 Pitt isn’t going to pay to keep said coach. When they tore down Pitt Stadium the administration removed any doubt to me that Pitt football is tier 2 in priority. They like Power 5 money so they keep football respectable (6 to 8 wins), but they don’t really care about being at the top of a Power 5 conference. It’s just how it has been, currently is, and will be. If you want more than great moments (beating Clemson, 13-9 WVU, UCF, ect) and 6 to 8 wins on average there is no point in following Pitt and being miserable. Unless you are into that sorta thing. If you are, I’d work on getting a safe word. May I reccomend using “Fanta Cherry”… wait that’s 2 words.

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    1. You do know why Pitt is content? It’s because the fans are.

      But believe me, if fans stopped showing up for games and stopped donating to football, they would listen

      And in a way they have since Pitt has the 4th highest spend on football in the ACC

      So I think that kind of money should buy me ten wins. I just don’t trust narduzzi to bring those wins home without being mugged along the way or spending those wins on a case of Iron City.


  28. Here’s a really negative thought that I don’t think is true but???? Narduzzi is a big enough secret agent to dress KP even though his injury is serious enough to shelve him for the season. Don’t think that’s the case but we will find out.


    1. You may sit a starter out a quarter or half but not the whole game. The best discipline is a hard practice. That’s better punishment because it’s corporal.


  29. Hey guys, the game’s over. Win at Duke and look good as a team and all is forgiven! Get blown out at Duke and I have a few words for this coaching staff!

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  30. Tex – you have been blessed with a great gift. To be able to tell the extent of another person’s injury from many miles away is truly awesome. I hope you are putting that gift to good use.

    (I assume you know what kind of surgery I’m having next week… 😊)

    Go Pitt.


  31. Pittman2003, Reed does about 30 hours of volunteer work per week and is helping teach a Veterans Writing workshop on top of that in the evenings…so my extra time is my own and Pitt football isn’t a high priority.

    This article was a small dig at some commenters who laughed when I said “Don’t sleep on Delaware”.

    If you want I could write an article per day… But respecting Mike’s situation with the blog I’ve chosen to remain off of it.

    But thanks for keeping track of me I suppose…do you do that with every commenter? Or just me?


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