First and foremost:  The unofficial Pitt POV tailgate will be in Red5A at 7:30 with breakfast of scrambled eggs and French toast and bagels around 9:00.  Special guest Commander Reed.  As per protocol, Fran is organizing with the help of some others.  It’s open to all Pitt fans (and even some Delaware fans if they choose to show up).  Look for the Pitt POV flag if it’s your first time, and feel free to bring something if you are going to stop by.  Be safe and have fun folks!

Now onto the prediction…

There has been some debate as to which Pitt team will show up tomorrow.  Many of us believe that Pitt has turned the corner, and the team will show up focused and ready to take care of business.  Other, cooler heads, are advising us that this is exactly the kind of game where Pitt will play down to the competition.  They may not be wrong.

And to be clear, if Delaware wins, it would be a bigger than Pitt upsetting UCF.  Pitt is a 24 point favorite and ESPN is giving Pitt a 96.6% chance of winning.  So the question is not if Pitt will win, but how.  Pitt could very well come out sloppy (or sleepy) and eke out a win by a touchdown or less.  We’ve all seen that script play out before.

FCS CompetitionHere is Narduzzi’s record against the FCS:

  • Albany – W 33 – 7
  • Youngstown State W 28 – 21
  • Villanova W 28 – 7
  • Youngstown State W 45 – 37

If you go by the trend, we are due for a close one.  But things are different this year, right?

Well yes they are.

First of all, this is the first year that 100% of the team is made up of Narduzzi recruits.  From a cultural standpoint, that is significant.

Second, This team has the most talented defense in the Narduzzi era, especially on the defensive line.  Even if the offense sputters or comes out vanilla, the defense has played well so far and should continue to do so.

Third, and I can’t prove this, but I’d be willing to bet that this team has strong junior and senior leadership.  You don’t come back from 31 unanswered points unless the team is together.  They clearly are.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this.

But I don’t think I am.  The offense won’t be spectacular, but the defense will be very good.

Pitt 28, Delaware 0

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

Postscript:  If the game goes as we all hope it will there will be plenty of opportunity for the backups to play.  Here is some info on  true freshman that have played so far this year.

first time starters

Per PSN:  Davis is the only Pitt freshman that’s played in all four games to start the season. Linebacker SirVocea Dennis has played in three games so far. Three others have played in two games.

Also here is Narduzzi’s final pre-game presser this week:



151 thoughts on “Delaware Prediction Thread and Tailgate Info

  1. I remember a couple of years back trying to work out a day when a friend and I could go to a game. The only date we could agree on was the game against the Akron Zips. I didn’t want to go because I knew we’d lose to them. Seems like we always play down or up to the competition. However, to the game we went and I watched the fighting Zips defeat the pathetic Panthers. Beware the Blue Hens. – Hobie


  2. Oops. Posted this on the previous thread. Asking again.

    This has probably been covered long ago, but I missed it. How is the Division champ determined? Is it who has the best record in all ACC games or just games within the Division?

    I ask since UVA plays Notre Dame this weekend. I know that I am getting way ahead of myself here—but, I am trying to figure out what I need to want to see happen and when as the season unfolds.



          1. In other words, root for whichever one you want, although having UVA beat the Domers would be good for us indirectly and would help the image of the Coastal.

            Means UVA has to lose two games in conference play and we’d have to win them all to catch them. Hate the idea of rooting for the Hokies to beat them, btw. Or Miami as well. Could happen, but doubtful.


            1. I guess you’re right Joe, A UVA win would seem to imply PITT lost to a very good team, which also means UVA is a very good team and there will be no catching them. No problem, most people seem a little ho hum about winning a division around here anyways and the truth is, it may save PITT an extra loss on their record against Clemson like last year? Lots of people don’t want to grasp the concept that PITT earned the extra loss by being a good enough team to win the coastal division.


            2. Im not one of them.I’d prefer the chance to play in the ACC Championship game and lose so the team gets the experience of being on the big stage. Optimistically, to prep them for the next time.

              Liked by 1 person

        1. TX, sounds right but not necessarily true. Say a team like Miami beats UVA and PITT beats Miami it could be a three way tie and other factors come into play.


            1. The win percentage in the division takes precedence over win percentage in the conference. Since it’s all like teams.

              I’ll post a link


            2. Google chopchat
              Explains ACC ties
              FSU site

              The ACC needs better search optimization. It should always lead with questions like this.

              From 2016
              Could have changed by now particularly if a southern school gets screwed by their own rules
              But logic makes sense and is fair

              Head to head
              Then win percentage in division…not conference.

              But odds of a three way tie are remote

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          1. Hah. OK, well at least my confusion is shared by others. UVA’s remaining schedule has some possible losses (e.g., Miami). I have a tough time believing that they go undefeated in conference play. The Hokies have had their number for years.

            And, most important, we need to win. But, I am confident with Eli the Lucky on our side now.



  3. I like your line of thinking, MM. I will say Pitt wins 27-3. 3 TDs from Pickett and a couple of long-ish (40 yards?) FGs from Kessman to get some confidence back!


  4. I can’t make the game because of a wedding — don’t remind me ☹️.

    I think Pitt is in control the whole game and wins 38-10.

    I don’t think I’m being over-confident. I just think that Pitt has become a tough team to play thanks to the depth and the work of Coach Bates and Coach Whipple.

    Go Pitt.


      1. Ha-ha, Annie.

        There are so few games, I hate to miss an opportunity to watch the Fightin’ Pitt Panthers!

        Hoping you and the Section 536ers enjoy the game…👍

        Go Pitt.

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  5. beat me to it…can’t be a copy-cat so PITT 37 Chickens 13…Kessman kicks 3 FGs as the reserve O just can’t hit pay-dirt after drivng into the red-zone….. the starters put 4 TD.s on the board without trickery- just ole fashioned smash mouth….


  6. Another game I’ll be reluctantly sitting out. I’m still holding tickets to the UNC game and that is my goal and one and only game I really hope to make it to. As for this game as mentioned, Reed will be there so I hope everyone who can would stop buy and say hello to Reed, Fran, Wolfe, Scooter and the whole gang. It really is a great experience before and after a PITT football game.

    Now for the game this weekend… PITT could easily score 50 pts against Delaware and shut them out but will they? Narduzzi has not been known to play subs very much so far while at PITT but I think that will change this weekend. The good news is that the PITT players waiting in reserve are still way better than the Hens starters and they are eager to show what they got. I also think Narduzzi, and Whipple would like to get the score up there to make a point. Another trait Narduzzi hasn’t been interested in doing but times are a changing.

    I really do not think HCPN is on a warm seat let alone a hot seat of any kind. Guys and Gals, Narduzzi is here at PITT as long as he wants to be. He may even be a lifer. Because of the new 4 game rule for freshman I look to see many from the most recent recruiting class. This might cause more scoring for the bright blue Hens and less from PITT. Could we even see Davis Beville for the first time??

    Prediction time: PITT roughs up the bright blue Hens right off the bat and cruises:

    PITT….. 48
    HENS… 14


    1. He may be a lifer
      But it’s my opinion he is a 9 win ceiling coach

      What happens next year, year 6, if Pitt doesn’t win 9 or 10 games?
      I think Pitt keeps him

      But I don’t think he survives his contract without a ten win season
      So in 2024 his time is up

      The 4th highest spend in the ACC should buy you ten wins at least once in a 9 year contract


          1. I was 12 years old. I remember very specific details about the day. Watched the game early, and after Pitt went up 14-0, went outside to play football. When I came back inside, I found out that Penn State came back. My grandfather crashed the car into the garage that same day.


            1. I was laying in a hospital bed going on 12 days with several pulmonary embolisms after serious knee surgery. It’s a day that will live in infamy in my life. It almost was my D day.


  7. MM, your comment, “Of course, I could be wrong about all of this. But I don’t think I am,” reminded me of the title of a book I read about 15 years ago, written by Sir Charles Barkley, “I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.“ A good book actually, as are your write-ups for the POV!

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  8. Part of the motivation to win this game will come from 2nd and even 3rd string guys who have earned the right to see the field this week. Duzz will sub more frequently, and the non-starters will provide some of the motivation, as they get to showcase what they know.

    Pitt doesn’t have a history of running up big scores, so this one will look something like 35-17.



    1. Rocky, you won your own bet last weekend. Send the Rocky Mt oysters to Red 5-A parking lot for the Thursday nite UNC game. I hope to be there and maybe you could deliver them yourself in person. Everyone would love to meet you in person!!!


      1. Ike – thanks for the kind words. I will see if I can send some Colorado goodness to the tailgate. Maybe not rocky mountain oysters, but perhaps some good beer.

        I made it back to Pittsburgh three times in the Spring, but unfortunately, all for funerals. I should come for something much more fun like a Pitt game.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sorry to hear that Rocky and my condolences. I have experienced too much of that sad business lately myself.. Like I say these days. Golden years my ass… Next funeral could be my own. who knows…?

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Good proofreading.

      “OF the narduzzi era, especially the defensive line”

      Clearly I am not bringing my A game for Delaware either…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mike, I don’t get that was a convoluted statement at all… You merely stated the defense was good and accentuated by the great d-line play! It fits in with my English… which aint sayen much. 🙂


  9. Pitt 42 Deleware 10. Just can’t pick having any field goals make it through the uprights yet. And I’m pretty much echoing one of Narduzzi’s favorite POV fans danh72’s comments.


  10. While everyone is waiting for tomorrow’s game, I recommend watching Duke at VT tonight at 7pm.
    I’d like to see Duke win that for a few reasons, but mainly want them to have their own big win vs a bad loss. If Duke wins, they will be 3-1 overall. The more games we have to get up for, the better.

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  11. Exactly JoeL, I want teams to win before PITT plays em and then they win all their games after we just kicked their butts.. It’s PITT football 101…


  12. I’m laughing to myself right now as we fret over how many points PITT should win by tomorrow. The past two weeks PITT was a heavy underdog and this weekend they are a big-time favorite yet the angst is still there for the most of us. PITT is like raising a child, they never let you stop worrying…

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  13. Pitt 41 Delaware 14 if Narduzzi limits the substitutions.
    If everybody on the roster gets some playing time,
    Pitt 34 Delaware 14.


  14. Pinnock needs to be sitting on the sidelines with Mathis right beside him. These lousy 3* players need to get healthy for the Duke game……… CAUSE THEY ARE REALLY GOOD! << you know, for 3* players?

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  15. Chris Peak’s 3-2-1 column this week is another great read at panterlair. For our star gazers please note the participation numbers for our 2018 recruiting class in the UCF game. And here is a Narduzzi quote from yesterday, “This freshman class(2019) is pretty talented, we are not worried about the 4 games(speaking of the Redshirt rule). If a guy can help us we’d like to get him on the field.”—A Chris Peak comment, he said he’s hearing the staff really likes this freshman class(our lowest rated no less) and feels many of them will be making meaningful contributions over their playing days at Pitt.


    1. This staff recruited them. Hence the heavy incentive to ‘like’ them

      Let’s see what they can do in games

      I would think at least 2-3 frosh in every 20 person class should be likeable and be able to see playing time immediately.


      1. Well I find it just amazing how well the low starred classes are playing on defense right now. And if we had our low starred players Weaver and Camp healthy Im just guessing the defense might even be a step better than our current group.

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  16. This has nothing to do with Pitt but I like it a lot, This is Florida native, Andrew McCutcheon talking about Pittsburgh.

    Bill Brink@BrinkPG
    “I met my wife there, I started my career there, I’ve gotten married there, we’re going to raise our family there. For us, together, that’s what we’re passionate about and that’s why we want to do it here.”

    Maybe HCPN and Partridge can use this when recruiting FL

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    1. Great pick-up wwb – Someone in the Pitt marketing department needs to contact Clutch and make sure we can use the quote with his name attached. Fire up the presses and video – that’s one hot marketing piece dropped right in Pitt’s lap.

      Now use it –

      Pitt beats the blue hens 35-10

      Kessman 5 for 5 in extra points and never attempts a FG.


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  17. Full disclosure…. I think most of you are jinxing the hell out of us.

    On his podcast this week, Chris Peak discussed the schedule ahead and made fun of some of us (me included) who say things like “we need to stayed focused” and generally believe that what we say here and other places can impact the games. He said we have no impact whatsoever on the outcome of games. Love his stuff, but disagree with him there.

    Stay humble, hopeful…that’s my mantra. I sure hope you guys don’t cause an upset. 😉

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  18. We are going to run the ball more than we have. Resulting in fewer possessions. We will mix in a lot of personnel. We will win comfortably, but no blowout. 31-10.


  19. I like Peak but he’s tough to listen to for 30 minutes. He yammers on too long on one topic for me or before he gets to that one topic but he’s still good. So fans have no impact on games? No wonder so many PITT fans stay home and stream games, they are way ahead of Peak…

    Plenty of the people responsible for what and where PITT is headed read up and keep their ear to the ground on message boards. Maybe not the Lair as they fight with each other daily, which is why I no longer go there. Some tidbits I get from there but it’s pretty much unreadable for me.

    Can Peak really think anything I post or you post or she post or anyone posts is meant for anyone other than for Blog people? If it filters between the lines then it’s on the reader (athlete) to decipher for themselves. << and it does….. for sure


  20. Pitt 41 – New Jersey 10

    Could be more, could be less depending on when mass substitutes occur. Would like to see work on the running game & QB’s, all the way down to George & Beeville.

    Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Reed article. The sugar rush this pass week needs to be tamped down.

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  21. I take exception to those who doubt Nard can infuse enthusiasm for a 3rd.straight time. I think he knows the formula, week to week – Pisano Passion spread faster than teenage passion!

    That being said, and holding that football is won with passion, I think we are in for Chicken Frik-a-see!

    Pitt 58 – Frickin’ Chickens 12

    58 = 49 + 3-for-3 FGs

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  22. Wow, just saw on the Narduzzi Show another camera angle on the Pitt Special play. AJ Davis bobbled it and came really close to dropping the snap. Yikes!

    Then KP hits a traffic jam — this is really NOT looking promising folks!

    But then — somehow — we get the pass and the catch…

    From chaos came order.

    From hope came joy!

    Yay Pitt!

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  23. OT: Cathedral of Learning 93 years old today. That’s if you believe that a ground breaking and not a dedication is what we should be using. Whatever we use, what a great building for a great University.

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  24. Normally, I really prefer a blow out, but I hope we don’t have a repeat of the 62-0 game. What does that prove other than poor sportsmanship!? I seem to remember Johnie Majors (or was it Jackie S?) saying a three touchdown lead isn’t enough and five is rubbing it in. That was back before score inflation, therefore, I think 5 is about right. Pitt will score 5 TDS and a couple FG for 41 (missed XP), and the frightened (errr, fightin’) bright blue hens will score an early field goal off sloppy Pitt play, a fluke TD on an uncovered receiver, and a late face saving FG.

    Pitt 41, BH 13

    There will be a lot of “better clean that up” and “that won’t cut it” comments on POV during and after the contest along with some “young guys got valuable chicken plucking experience” comments…

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  25. I was in awe the first time I walked into the Commons Room as a freshman and I still think it is a great centerpiece for the university.

    Just wish the undergrads would stop calling it Cathy.🙄

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  26. Pitt – 42
    Delaware Buffalo Wings – 10

    Who cares though, no one will be seeing this game. We need to beat Duke before the bye then play well after the bye, which is something we seldom do.

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  27. How can a team called the Fighting Blue Hens strike fear in an opponent? On the other hand, there are the fearsome Mary Baldwin Fighting Squirrels.


  28. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!

    BOLO ALERT FOR POSTERS MISSING SINCE LAST WEEK’S PITT VICTORY. Any information of their where about’s are not encouraged…. let them stew in their own juices…….. as I was told many times as a young stoopid boy while growing up. They will get over a PITT win, I think?

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  29. Ike, I saw that Missing Person alert on a billboard driving home on Rt 70 today!
    Scrolling through all the predictions, I am happy that no one previous has given the score I see for the game tomorrow. Pitt wins 45-17. See yunz tomorrow!

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  30. For those who want a breakdown on how Narduzzi’s defense “outcoached and outplayed UCF” checkout Max Browne’s (yeah THAT Max Browne) podcast analysis on the Pitt’s UCF today’s USA Today. It is located about on quarter way down in the list of videos under “Tape Don’t Lie”.


    1. Popped it on for a couple plays. Looks like a team wearing ugly black uniforms versus a team wearing their practice whites…

      Wish Maryland was still in the ACC… Would be a win most years.

      Go Pitt

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    1. I think this class had the highest percent of recruits rated 5.7 and above on Rivals. Nearly 40 percent of class.

      Elite teams are 70% plus
      Most ACC Coastal teams are around 20-30 percent. Pitt is typically around that mark as well.


      1. It doesn’t matter TX. All I read is how lousy Narduzzi’s recruiting classes have been. The dumbbells have been crying wolf since he got here without reason. HCPN may get mostly 3* but he gets the best 3* players from the east to southeast. It’s why these kids don’t play right off the bat, they are new and improving… but three star players are mostly as good as some four star kids that have their heads up their you know what.


      2. I think your thinking of the 2018 class.

        Only 6 commits of 24 total in ’17 were 5.7 or above (25%). This was the class that 14 were 5.5 or less (58%).


  31. Totally off-topic: Maryland has the most gosh-darn ugly uniforms, helmets, and endzones ever seen to man. Pick a design and go with it, don’t try to jumble them all together. No offense, but these designs must have been chosen by men. Women would never choose to be seen in such ugly threads!!

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Md always works theif ugly state flag into their units… they want to be the Oregon fashion gurus of the east…. only tradition in both school is their fashion statement… I don’t get it but then again I don’t understand peeps who like hub caps that keep spinning when the vehicle stops …..

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  32. Pitt – 32.
    Duke – 29.
    Oh wait, that’s next week.
    Dooooook looks good…or else, VT is horrible.
    I don’t think we show a lot of cards tomorrow and therefore keep the score down.
    27-7 good guys.

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  33. come to think of it …. the Nike founder is an Oregon alum. And if you go back a few years, you would see even uglier uniforms than the Terps

    PSU looks to be back in form 28-0 early in the 2nd

    After a very slow start, Duke looks like it could be a formidable opponent next week 24-3 in 2nd qtr at VT


  34. Dookies putting a beatin’ on the Hokies.
    Hokies finally got a TD, but if Dookies respond with a TD, its over.
    Hokies look bad this yr. Probably the end of the Bud foster era.

    Lets hope Duke can continue to push them around and win big.


  35. A small part of me wanted the Nitters to win big to help Pitt’s standing. However, on second thought, I can’t stomach it. Pitt can improve in the rankings without that close game. Nothing quite makes my day like seeing Pedo get crushed!

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  36. First, take care of business today … then on to Duke. I hear Fran and Scooter are leading a large and vocal contingent into Durham’s Wallace Wade Stadium….

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  37. Narduzzi show replaying at noon on the ATTSports channel before the game.

    Hope to see a lot of new faces today after the first stringers put the gun back in the holster. The starters have come out firing or the Blue Hens will peck us into a panic.

    No need for Kessman today other than extra points and booming kickoffs, I hope.

    Many believe the nits are going to run the table – tOSU, Michigan State (Duzz will assist Dantonio), Michigan (Harbaugh turns thing around) and Potato Paul and his Red Bellied Badgers will provide “L’s” to Frankie’s resume.

    The nits will be ranked in the top 15 with 4 losses. Pitt will be just outside the top 25 with 4 losses.

    Enjoy the game wherever you are in the world…

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  38. After long delays and an unexpected stop in Dallas, my son and I made it to Pittsburgh from LA after midnight. Probably most excited to see Pitt play of the three games this weekend. Last time I saw Pitt live it was 12-0 over Penn St at Three Rivers, I predict a bigger spread today 31-10. We will be walking to the stadium from the renaissance and will try to find the POV tailgate if we can to say hello. (Any instructions on how to do that would be great)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Pitt pride. Go to the Honus Wagner statue outside of PNC Park. Look diagonally across General Robinson Street to a Parking garage ,(Lot Red 5A). The POV tailgate is right outside the entrance to the garage.


        1. It was wise of you to ask for directions. My brother & I got lost the first (& only) time we attended the tailgate.

          Unless Fran has changed locations, it’s underneath one of the overpasses & backed up against the parking garage on the same side as PNC park.


  39. this looks like a good sign. He is being heavily recruited by PSU and other biggies


  40. Emotionally exhausted after 2 difficult games along with being physically nicked up just enough, the Blue Hens strike early and often en route to a 42-7 pasting.

    Oh, for every 3rd strike, there was a 3 and out and so Pitt did the pasting…sorry for mixing up the baseball analogy…should have read “strike out”.


    #noletdown #addtoTFLstats


  41. If we run away with this one, I think we’ll see the sub score a good bit, as well. Because if it is bad enough for us to put in 2nd or 3rd string, I would think Delaware would bring in their Chick Team, also. Why keep your good guys in in a blowout. They may need them for their upcoming league games.

    Nard probably won’t allow much passing, but we should get some good ground work in for them.


    1. Excellent post savannah…no reason for the chickens to lose feathers, get beaten and bruised up… they have a league to compete in and their own goals… all the more reason to get up early then sit back and enjoy the scrimmage….they are getting a nice pay- day…..ANYONE KNOW HOW MUC BEWAREofDELAWARE gets paid by PITT???


      1. Rutgers is paying them $350
        Paying buffalo $1.2

        Guess it depends on negotiations. And size of school

        A $500k check can cover half the coaching staff budget at these small schools

        Going rate is between 300k and $1.5 million to play these non P5 schools

        So if Pitt doesn’t want to reciprocate with an aac or Mac school, Pitt pays over one million. That’s too much to buy a win


  42. if Pitt cant gain 300 rushing yards against this team, Pitt will be in trouble once ACC play begins
    I hope for no injuries
    Games like this, meaningless ones, are when a big injury strikes…always
    Now go ahead and blame me when one happens….


    1. I kinda disagree TX, the OOC with brutally tough opponents is where the injuries strike often. Not saying won’t ever happen in these softer ones, but to me, that is another huge reason not to have a killer OOC.

      Football is a brutal game and injuries and therefore depth are often game and season changing.


  43. Well Tx, you just said games like this are meaningless but if PITT doesn’t gain 300 yards on the ground they are in trouble? All PITT has to do is come out strong, dominate and look good for a half, what happens after that……………… pfft!


    1. Meaningless from a conference perspective. Two losses already so tough for nice bowl on New Years.

      It’s pre season game. Practice for the scrubs. Maybe a full half for starters to refine things.

      How often does a big injury happen in a game that players don’t play at full speed or just go through the motions. Always in every sport. That injury needs to happen to a third stringer and not first

      First team should be in until there is a 24 point lead

      I figure mid way through the second quarter.

      This is a bad Delaware team people. The Nitters would beat them by 80

      I don’t expect Pitt to run up the score but they should hang at least 40 on them


  44. Isn’t Narduzzi suppose to be more like Dino? Pat would have one foot in the college Hall of Fame right now if he had played Syracuse’s schedule the past four years.


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