Trying something new this week.  In order to get a better sense of how Pitt is perceived , and get some ACC talk started in general, I’m going to be providing a sampling of where Pitt is ranked in various ACC and national power rankings.  Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.

Average Pitt Power Rank:  10

From the Rumble Seat (GA Tech) 

Pitt ACC Power Rank:  6

Pitt went on the road to the #13 in the country and was able to keep it a very close game thanks in part to the weather. This was a case of good and bad for Pitt. The good is that Kenny Pickett looked pretty good and had 372 yards passing on 35/51 attempts and no interceptions. They also held Penn State’s passing in check letting them go for only 222 yards through the air on 30 attempts. The bad is that Pitt’s leading rusher had 9 yards on 1 carry. Pitt’s running backs combined for 17 yards on 16 carries. They let Penn State’s running backs go for 162 yards on 25 carries. That was the difference in the game. Well that and that Pitt struggled to finish drives. The Panthers get no reprieve next week as they welcome UCF to western Pennsylvania. (Central New York News Outlet)

Pitt ACC Power Rank:  8

I hate putting Pittsburgh here. The Panthers do not deserve it.

Not after head coach Pat Narduzzi chose to kick a field goal on 4th-and-goal from the 1 with less than 5 minutes remaining and his team trailing Penn State by a touchdown. Then he doubled-down on the foolishness in his post-game press conference.

“I don’t question that call,” Narduzzi told reporters.

How can anyone believe in that team? And how could they rise up this list after that decision?  In addition to questionable kicking choices, the Panthers are also averaging a poor 2.8 yards per carry. It’s hard to imagine Kenny Pickett carrying Pittsburgh to glory with his arm or surviving the season behind a brand-new line.

Still, Pittsburgh showed that it is capable of competing with a ranked Power-Five team on the road, which is more than you can say about any of the teams below.

Shakin’ In the Southland (Clemson)

Pitt ACC Power Rank:  13

I’ll eat crow, because last week I stated the Penn State-Pitt game would be a blowout and the Panthers tried their damndest to get an upset, if it weren’t for Pat Narduzzi’s late game coaching. The Panthers will host UCF this weekend, and I’m not even gonna try to speculate on this.

USA Today (National Newspaper)

Pitt ACC Power Rank:  12

The Panthers mustered their best effort in some time in a 17-10 loss at Penn State last week, but now must ready for an outstanding Central Florida team. A strong showing against the Knights could keep the Panthers on an upward trajectory.

Cardiac Hill (Pitt)

Pitt ACC Power Rank:  8

Pitt and Florida State both move up a few spots with close losses to quality teams. 

247 Sports (National Sports Website)

Pitt ACC Power Rank:  13

Pittsburgh’s defense looks pretty strong, and with the exception of a few big plays, the Panthers were able to hold rival Penn State’s offense from getting anything consistent. And the Kenny Pickett-Taysir Mack connection looked pretty strong, with Mack pulling down some monstrous catches. That’s good news moving forward, though the Panthers have to find a way to convert those into points. And yes, that includes 1) not throwing twice from the 1-yard line and 2) not kicking a field goal after not reaching the end zone after throwing it twice in three downs.

60 thoughts on “Ranking the Power Rankings

  1. these are like any other rankings … don’t mean a darn thing until late November. In fact, I bet that a year ago at this time, Pitt was ranked at or near the bottom in comparison to all other Coastal teams


  2. MM, I long for the days when it was a NATIONAL power ranking you are talking about!. To be 12th or 13th in the ACC is pretty bad. We might get a clearer picture after the UCF game. I’m going to say they should be probably 8th or 9th.


  3. Don’t know if it was mentioned…Received word that Eric and his donor came through the kidney transplant surgery and so far so good.. we continue to pray for complete healing.

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    1. GREAT NEWS!! Bernie…

      I was just about to give a shout out to Rick and his wife Rachel……. You all keep the faith.


  4. Until the ACC teams start matching up against each other regularly I don’t think a ranking has much merit, but I appreciate what you were trying to do MM.

    UCF looks to be a really bad match-up, and if Pitt has any chance it will only be if the LBs can match UCF speed and Twyman/Watts can jam up the middle. I’d like to type “and Pitt control the clock with its running game” but until you have a running game that is a stupid, nonsensical hope.

    Bring on the Hens


  5. Don’t know anything about power rankings…

    Do know that Coach Bates and Coach Whip need to both be sizzling good this week.

    And we need a bunch of points to have a shot. And we need TDs and not FGs…

    Go Pitt.


  6. Power usually refers to something like a power i, or a power sweep. Pitt has no power in the running game and the passing game moves the ball between the twenties pretty easily. Get rid of the term power when referring to Pitt. Just plain old rankings work.

    Let’s Go Eric!!!

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  7. We will really miss Weaver and Camp in this game. UCF will wear down our DLine with their hurry-up offense.

    I’m thinkin’ we have good depth at DB and decent depth at LB to handle it…but we’ll be gassed on the Dline and struggle to get pressure…

    On offense we need something like what V’Lique Carter did to Duke….

    MissingWlat Strong!

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  8. Pitt is likely to fall in the rankings next week, The good news is that after facing 3 teams currently ranked in its first 4 games, it may not face another one the rest of the year …. although it’s too early to tell

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  9. Hail to Pitt and all my great friends on the POV! All went well with my transplant. New Kidney functioning great already. In a lot of pain with movement, but otherwise couldn’t be happier. My Donor Darcy doing great also. Can’t wait to see you all soon.

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  10. Thing & praying for Eric & his donor.

    I just spent an hour typing my ACC power rankings & posted comment (without links) & it just disappeared into the cloud.

    My ranking without reasons because I have things to do.
    1 Clemson 3-0
    2 Virginia 3-0
    3 Wake Forest 3-0
    4 North Carolina 2-1
    5 Duke 2-1
    6 Miami 1-2
    7 Pitt 1-2
    8 NC State 2-1
    9 Louisville 2-1
    10 Boston College 2-1 (blow out lost to KANSAS)
    11 Virginia Tech 2-1 (they lost to BC who got blown out by KANSAS)
    12 Florida State 1-2
    13 Syracuse 1-2 (Baber no longer a darling)
    14 Georgia Tech 1-2 (lost to FCS The Citadel).


  11. Saw this on the Lair. Yikes!

    “UCF Streaks:
    – 29 consecutive games with 30+ points (AP Poll Era record dating back to 1936)

    25 consecutive regular season wins (excluding 2 conference championship wins and 1 bowl win)”

    Now we can be critical of Pitt for scheduling way too tough, but who could have foreseen UCF being this good. (And, supposedly we benefit recruiting-wise by playing Florida teams…)

    Go Pitt.


    1. Seems to be an annual condition….

      The only good that can come out of this week’s game is a pretty big upset…

      Go Pitt.


  12. These rankings go to show you what we have always known. It doesn’t matter who you play, it matters how many wins you have. The perception from many is that we aren’t very good because we are 1-2. If we had played three cupcakes and were 3-0 we would be in the top five or higher.

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  13. Last year, Pitt was humiliated by PSU … but then the following week as an underdog, beat GT.
    Then they suffered bad losses at UNC and UCF, but came back and beat favored Syracuse .. and then went on to win the Coastal despite twice being underdogs in games they won

    The year before after a big loss to PSU, a humiliating loss to Ok St and another bad loss to GT, they beat 3 bowl bound teams in its last 5 games … and narrowly missed a 4th by one yard (VT).

    Here’s hoping history repeats itself. But it also says something about their resolve.


    1. You beat me to it by one minute. Damn you

      From a football look, Pitt looks good. their avg ACC wins per season is around 5. So a 5-3 ACC record each year since entry. Not bad but not exceptional either.

      And then you factor in their soft division and their cross rival and it really isn’t all that impressive. But people look at the top line or surface numbers. Few take the time to dig in and do the research.


      1. The avg. ACC wins per year since 2013 is 4.5 & 3.5/year. exHCPC was 7 & 9 or 3.5 wins & 4.5 losses. HCPN is 20-12 or an avg. 5-3 per year, Further since 2015 Pitt is 20-12 or the 3’rd best ACC record in that time frame. They are behind Clempsum 30-2 & only one game behind Miami’s 21-11 record.

        The next best record from 2015-2018 seasons is a three way tie between Fl. State, NC State & Va, Tech at 17-15.

        As to Cross over record, Since 2015, Pitt is 6-2, 3-1 against Syracuse, a loss to NC State, & wins over Louisville, that year’s National Champion Clempsum & a win over Wake to seal the division championship.

        That 6-2 record is second best to Clempsum’s (cross over rival Ga. Tech) 7-1 record. Tied for 3’rd best at 5-3 is Louisville (c/o rival Virginia) & NC State (c/o rival is North Carolina). 2 teams are 4-4 – Georgia Tech & Miami (c/o Florida State).


    1. I don’t think we get complacent. I do agree with “at least we aren’t Rutgers”.

      Pitt football has done a lot with what they have. Not a lot of schools can say that


      1. Pitt does have the 4th highest spend in football in the ACC. So I would expect at least 5 ACC wins per season. Pitt is meeting expectations but not exceeding them. They are also helped by playing in a weak division.


        1. Tex – You’re trying to manipulate the data. You’re twisting this to fit your argument. Pitt is an average football program and the University is fine with it at the moment (and historically). I do think Heather will address a lot of your concerns but I think her priority is fixing the stuff that is really broken. Pitt football is stagnant, not broken. Basketball and the Olympic sports are (were) broken. Just be patient. I know that’s a dirty word but fixing football the way it needs to be fixed with a stable athletic department will be easier to do then in the athletic department’s current state. Pitt football does not generate enough revenue to be a trickle down, Reagonomics, type of program. The team is good enough to win, on average, 5 games in the ACC each year. 6 will get you in the discussion of Coastal Champs. The football program will sell no less than 30K season tickets each year. This keeps Pitt football afloat for the foreseeable future. As infuriating as that might sound … it’s a truth. This is the reality of Pitt athletics. By the time Heather gets around to replacing Duzz (and I think she will), football will be, if anything, at least stable. Hiring a new coach should not be very traumatic at that point and hopefully the entire athletic department has some stability to support a change.

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          1. What am I trying to manipulate. Pitt has the 4th highest spend in football. I expect better results. Particularly since they play in a very weak division and outspend every school in it except for Miami.

            And if the data looked at the entire athletic program and not just football, Pitt would be dead last. The move has been disastrous for basketball.

            If revenues drive performance, what is Pitt doing about their revenue problem? Season ticket sales are down. Donations continue to be flat. No major new licensing agreements or advertising dollars coming in. What companies want to be associated with this school unless you value a mediocre brand.

            Until Pitt addresses its revenue issue, all this other stuff doesn’t matter. Pitt is spending more than it takes in today. They have been deficit spending for over 40 years now. The reason behind mediocrity is staring at them in the face. Only Pitt could be so blind.

            Pitt needs trickle down. They need a revenue generator. You know what my solution is. MPC


            1. Why do you care so much about the money? It’s not your money in any way or form. You aren’t taxed for it or, if you donate, it’s at your own doing. Pitt is company that can spend how it sees fit. I never understand the salary arguments. Who cares?

              I like the grassroots approach. The BoT will never do it your way. We both speak from a reality standpoint but the ultimate reality is the BoT and it’s not going away. Everyone else, Gallagher (and Lykke or anyone else) are their pawns.

              The amount of money it would take to invest like Pitt truly should in football, to be successful, is probably at least 10x what it will take to build the program from the bottom up. Your way assumes Pitt wants to be the best of the best athletically. My way assumes if it happens, it happens, but hey we’re the top rated public university in the northeast and 18th overall.

              The BoT wants to be sustainable. That’s it. They do not envision being Penn State. That’s where the reality disconnects. In order to be what you want, the BoT has to want it as well. Any argument otherwise is futile, IMO.

              We have a syndicate running our University instead of a President. We do not have single throat to choke as they say. Think of the BoT as a consortium of Mob Bosses. It’s just ever present but not accountable. When one leaves another one replaces them.

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              1. “A consortium of mob bosses”

                One of the most accurate BOT descriptions I’ve heard. And Narduzzi…. just a street level dealer. Heather ..a moll. Love it.


              2. Yeah Tex you need to retire the spending argument. Spending an adequate amount after decades of malpractice isn’t going to change things overnight. 3rd most ACC wins under Narduzzi is tangible results


  14. Off topic but…
    Just watched the noon news. Jerry Sandusky in orange PJ’s and leg irons being walked into court. Should have been wearing blue and white with a psu logo. Made me smile inside just a little.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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