BREAKING:  Commander Reed Kohberger, blogger emeritus and founder of the Pitt POV has informed me that he’s going to start posting a guest column on the Pitt Blather on a regular-to-semi-regular basis.  Here is his first one.  This may be the best piece of media you read this week.  

Not a lot of news from the Pitt Side this week, thanks to Pat Narduzzi’s media lockdown.

Perhaps in anticipation of said lockdown, at least one reporter asked Pitt Center Jimmy Morrissey about Penn State right after the Ohio Game.

And, even if there was, Jimmy Morrissey sees no reason in waiting around.

The junior center made sure his team’s attention turned toward State College shortly after head coach Pat Narduzzi’s side won a 20-10 affair with Ohio in an interview with reporters.

“I can’t wait,” Morrissey said, according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I’ve said it before. I’m from the eastern side of the state, Philly area. I know a lot of people who go there. Some of my closest friends go to Penn State.

“I don’t like them one bit. That’s pretty obvious. I mean, I play for Pitt. I’m excited to play them.”

Penn State did not address the Panthers after the game, save for a brief comment from Franklin saying: “We have a really good opponent next week, and have to take the next step.”

So much for preventing bulletin board material.

Since Pitt is on lockdown, I’ve decided to take a look at the Penn State side of things, and bring you some content from central PA.  I feel dirty just looking at this stuff, and I already feel like I need a shower…well actually not if involves Penn State.

Okay on to the content.

Here is a rather pedestrian preview of Pitt from the Black Shoe Diaries called  Know your Foe:  Pittsburgh

And here is the transcript of the James Franklin Press Conference, also courtesy of the Black Shoe Diaries.

Here’s an article that highlights concern about Penn State not being able to sustain drives.  Well if Penn State can’t sustain drives, and Pitt can’t sustain drives… oh boy this game is going to be boring.

Penn State thriving on the deep ball early.  Our cornerbacks better bring their A game.

You already heard this, but James Franklin would be open to continuing the series “at a neutral site“.  (Sooo…Morgantown?)

Penn Live throws out some tidbits in this piece, although the headline is basically better than the article:  Bracing for one final Penn State-Pittsburgh throwdown: The Lions’ dominance examined, inflammatory remarks, more storylines

A really good preview piece from Pittsburgh Sports Now where they interviewed Penn State football writer Cory Geiger.  This is a must-read if you haven’t read it already.

Also I’ll close with this.  It’s from the Clemson Blog Shakin’ in the Southland.  They published their ACC power rankings and put Pitt at #13 this week.  Clearly they are offended that we played them tougher than Notre Dame and Alabama last year.  Anyway here is what they wrote:

#13 Pitt (1-1) (LW:#14)

Pitt beat Ohio in a very meh 20-10 victory that kicked off at 11:00 AM because who nothing pairs with brunch quite as well as Pitt football. Now Pitt gets to travel to Penn State for a high noon rivalry game in State College that’s either going to be a painfully boring blowout or will result in Pitt happening and may be a fun game.*

*Author’s note: it will most likely not be a fun game. However the third quarter of a Big Ten game noon game tends to be the best time to squeeze in a nap.

At least they take the time to get in a shot at the Big 10, and I got no problems with that.

Preview thread tomorrow. Prediction thread coming on Friday.  Hail to Pitt!  Penn State Sucks!




200 thoughts on “Penn State Hate Week: Wednesday Link Clearance

  1. If you compare the Franklin press transcript to Narduzzi’s, you will note quite a difference and realize what a thankless job the Pitt coach has. Franklin of course was handled with kid gloves … but then again PSU is the only thing going on in Central PA

    Conversely, Pitt is an afterthought here in a town with the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates. And the only thing that would Pitt in any limelight is something controversial coming from the Pitt camp


    1. for that matter, Tomlin was treated much better in his presser yesterday than Narduzzi on Monday despite that debacle on Sunday night.

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    2. The Pirates??? I get your overall theme, but let’s not include an organization that is such an embarrassment in every way, and who plays in front of an empty stadium. That said, true we are in the same position as other college programs in major markets, a lot of entertainment dollar competition…


      1. The point I’m getting at is the treatment of Narduzzi versus the others. Again, I hearken back to the first series of questions of the presser on Monday … one after another trying to bait PN into saying something that they can make a story of. They don’t do this to others …. nor do they have to.


      2. The pirates have had only 4 winning seasons in 27 years

        Pitt has had only one 10 win season in 37 years

        The Pirates play in a beautiful half empty stadium

        Pitt plays in a half empty dump called Heinz

        Pitt is more of the embarrassment.


        1. That’s some logic, so you are comparing the amount of times Pitt wins 80% of their games to number of times the Pirates win 50% of their games? And the Pirates do not play in a half empty stadium, they wish attendance rose to that level, Pitt plays in front of a much better crowd even on off weeks based on any Pirates games I’ve tuned into. The Pirates are an embarrassments in a lot more ways than that too. Sounds like you missed the boat again on this one.


            1. Not true of Pitt by any stretch. If you erroneously feel that way though, then at least have the guts to stop following them.


              1. Why should I stop following a team that I have followed for 48 years, just because I feel they have largely been a disappointment for the last 30+ seasons? Can one not be objective about their team and still pull for them to win? I realize that there have been glimmers of hope. But let’s all admit, we do expect more from them year in year out.


  2. Glad Morrissey is excited and talking big. We need an A game from him so I expect Jimmy to back it up on the field.


  3. Eliminate our mistake, keeping their O and in check will be huge…I think our D will be a formidable test for the Nots but we can’t have those PI calls we have been seeing the 1st two games…. Hopefully, KP’s composure continues to improve…if not, could be a long season….

    There is truth in the PENN State Barstool sign at least for me…I applied and was accepted- to the New Ken campus..same with everybody who applied from radioactive Apollo,Pa… New Ken for 2 years then off to Centre County. Converrsely, 3 of my best friends did their undergrad on Mt.Nittanny and medical-dental school at PITT.


    1. Pitt and Penn State acceptance rates are nearly identical.
      Pitt actually has higher average SAT and ACT scores than PSU.


      1. Pitt does have higher freshmen scores and is tied with them in the latest US News

        But Nitter arrogance knows no bounds


  4. We are ranked #96 by Forbes magazine…one would think we are almost Ivy with the way sports have been down-graded and neglected over the past 35 + years….that academic is PITTiful…same as our D1 athletic teams…quit admiring the damn endowment money and use to improve our standings….


      1. Thanks Tex. Just checked US News. This made my day. We shot up 18 spots in one year from 75 to 57. I thought we were starting an academic downward spiral. We are actually tied with PSU in academic ranking.


  5. Franklin suggesting a neutral site game shows what an idiot he is. Where would this be? Philadelphia? Hershey Park? DC? What exactly does this do for either fan base?

    The media coverage outside this blog is horrendous. I won’t read an article this week. Same old crap.


    1. He was talking out of his butt on that subject. There will be no neutral site game between these two programs unless it is in a bowl game. I agree on the media coverage. Same old crap and I’m avoiding it as well.


    2. I, personally, wouldn’t mind a neutral site game in Philly or DC at some point. Both teams have a ton of alumni in both cities. Plus, both are closer for me than Pittsburgh, so there’s that, too.


  6. The key person for Pitt the next two games is Coach Bates, IMHO. He needs to find a way to limit big offensive plays against us.

    I’m hoping that at this very moment we are scheming and practicing against the wheel route… 😊

    Go Pitt.

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  7. These are abundant on the internet. It never gets old….

    An older woman who goes after young men is a cougar. An older man who goes after young boys is a Nittany Lion.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how old are the Penn State coaches boyfriends?

    While attending the game this weekend, stop by the Penn State Creamery and get some Jerry Sandusky ice cream. It is banana with whipped cream and a smear of chocolate.

    The Penn State coaches are always the first ones ready to leave the hotel the morning after a road game. Like Sandusky, they have their $h_t packed the night before.

    The Penn State coaches like to make sure they are losing at half time because at Penn State it is great when your a little behind in the locker room.

    How many Penn State coaches does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    Two. One to screw in the bulb, and one to walk away from what he just saw.

    What is the difference between a Penn State coach and acne? You never find acne on a ten year old.

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    1. You’ll get banned from the Blue and White board for those comments

      Penn State likes to rewrite and sanitize their ugly past

      The cult kills their own for straying out of line

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  8. We know on Offensive we got a Quarterback who can do everything PRETTY WELL except throw an ACCURATE Deep Pass.

    We got GOOD Wideouts, OK Tight Ends and Running Backs.

    On Defense, we got GOOD Linebackers… plenty of them… and GOOD D-Backs MOST of the time.

    However, this is the week we find out just how GOOD or BAD are the Offensive and Defensive Lines!


  9. This game will not be any different than last year.

    The D is good enough to stay in the game if and only if they are not on the field non-stop.

    If Pitt struggles on offense this game will be over quick. They can’t have a bunch of three and outs to start the game. The best defense is keeping Penn State’s offense on the sidelines. No different for any spread teams. If Pitt does that, the game stays close.


    1. I agree completely. Whipple’s game plan and the execution of said game plan will be critical against a very talented psu defense – athletes everywhere on their D. But, if we can keep them off balance, make some first downs, chew clock and score a little, keep their O off the field, then we have a chance. Problem is that haven’t scored much the last two games against less talented defenses… Time will tell.


  10. Not rocket, we came up with this one many years ago at a tailgate:
    Linebacker U is now Fudgepacker U.
    (And its trademarked) haha.

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    1. A bunch of my buddies are going. My wife’s family are BIG Ped St.backers and have a bunch of tickets. I cannot bear to go there. Have not been back to that $h!thole since the Uncle Jerry thing went public. I hate them with every fiber of my FAT being. I wish my hatred was semi-rational but it’s WAY beyond that now. If I did go, it would just be trouble.


    1. Every experience to that engineering joke of a stadium while tailgating in a cow pasture has been met by drunken arrogant Nitter fans thinking Pitt is inferior and Oakland is a dangerous dump

      Pitt runs a clean program. Doesn’t protect leaders guilty of covering up child rape. Pitt is tied with Penn State in academic rankings.

      And I like the look and smell of Oakland particularly on a Sunday morning while the water trucks hose down the streets. Reminds me of my favorite city outside Pittsburgh…New Orleams.

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  11. OL recruiting has been our weakness since Duzz got to town- that is our Achilles tendon…

    I like to think back how many on here would knock Chryst…he seems to do OK our opinion/criticisms/name calling “potato Paulie”…Hope he wins the Big10 and earns a spot in the playoff.


    1. Everyone loved his hire of Peterson, but that didn’t work out. I think there is potential with this unit, but not benching Ulizio and going with Van Lynn is going to bite Pitt in the butt.

      No one knocked Chryst for his O-line recruiting despite him whiffing on some kids. It was his porous handling of the defense people remember. That and losing plenty of painful games: YSU, Akron, GTech. Those three rank up there as some of the worst in the last 20 years. Not to mention the Cuse game in 2012 and to a bad Navy team.


  12. We were reminded by Ron Cook in the PG today that last year Franklin challenged a lost fumble with one minute left and his team leading by 45 points. Doesn’t that tell people everything they need to know about what a scumbag he is?

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    1. He picked the Nitters to blow out Pitt. What does he know that I don’t? Pitt will be winning a close one. Franklin will then state in his post game that the game was a nightmare.

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  13. Didn’t read Reed’s Blather column yet, but a blow out this week is not far fetched. Unlike last week, PSU will come up focused and fired up …. as will the 110k. If Pitt can withstand the atmosphere and hang around, they may be able to send a scare to the throngs.


  14. Pitt can and will win this game if you believe. I believe in Santa Claus and I get presents every Christmas. Pitt will be delivering a present to all of us fans early this year.


    1. I like your optimism. But, I can’t come up with a scenario in which Pitt wins… Not only is the opposition more talented, but they are at home, they are not installing a completely new offense and have essentially as many returning starters as we do.

      And, at key positions, especially QB, we don’t seem to have a distinct advantage (though I thought that we might have a distinct advantage prior to the season, as they are breaking in a new QB, but he’s been as good and probably better than Pickett so far). I view Buffalo and Ohio as teams that are on par with each other as well (though that might not be completely accurate).


  15. “Giger is one of the most opinionated and respected men on the Penn State beat.” Since when is “opinionated” a positive?


  16. Pitt must score some points in the second half, which is a major problem. If Pitt leads, say, 17-7 at the half, PSU will make some halftime adjustments as they did with Buffalo. They will come out firing and put significant pressure on the defense. If Pitt doesn’t respond with some second half points, one can see where this is headed.


  17. Well I certainly agree VoR, against psu, PITT will need to score both halves.

    Now, if PITT returns the gift of the pick six and if jimmie was the PITT coach last week, he most likely would have tacked on a TD that last PITT drive and second half scoring wouldn’t be such a big deal around here.

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    1. ^^ PoD, I’m guaranteeing a Tx meltdown if PITT doesn’t win. I’m still not sure if this game is going to be very close. I don’t think it will be.


    2. Yes. A big ole Texas guarantee.

      Buffalo bullied the Nitters
      Turnovers killed them
      Franklin is an idiot and horrible at game management
      Pitt will want this game more
      The spirit of Sutherland and Warner will be present
      Pitt wins with a field goal
      It will be a more satisfying win than Clemson

      There is zero chance this game is a blow out.

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  18. Well Reed that’s the least I can do, I didn’t have cancer until I started posting on your POV so I guess we are even. 😉


  19. Reed

    Good write up on the Blather.

    PSU only has one game to judge them on. Idaho was a complete joke. They looked like a slow high school team.
    Buffalo was decent.

    Your prediction 45-17 would indicate Pitt is no better or slightly better than Buffalo, who was picked 3rd in the MAC east division.
    PSU 45, Buffalo 13

    I think Pitt is better than that. Pitt scores half of what PSU does. The score will directly correlate to the discrepancy in football budgets between the two universities. I believe PSU spends a little more than double what Pitt does.

    PSU 41 Pitt 20


    1. I don’t think PSU was too focused during the 1s half vs Buffalo. Then losing their lead right before the half was a big wake up call. They will be more focused on Saturday. Pitt will be a better opponent but it remains to be seen how Pitt will handle the adversarial conditions.


  20. I think you’re missing how much Franklin wants to humiliate Pitt. He will do everything and then some. If we can somehow keep it close it will drive him nuts, but I don’t think there is any way that happens.
    Watching the Nitters you can clearly see the talent difference. Their speed and size are noticeable. This is much different than 13-9. Hoodies were fast, but not big.
    Guys, you are going to see what talent and recruiting can do. The gap has been widening every single year the Duzz has been here. I really don’t think the talent level has ever been this unequal since the late 60s. That whole might suggest we keep the clock running, nah, he’d rather break 60.

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    1. Really? How did the 1998 team have the nits down to the last series? A top 10 nits team and a 2-9 Pitt team. And the same thing the following year in Happy Valley. Anything can happen.


  21. notrocketscience, thanks for the tip, I didn’t know Reed posted an article on the Blather, or that the Blather was even still up and running. I pretty much agree with 99% of Reed’s perspective in the article.

    If Pitt is going to keep this game close, it’ll be for 3 reasons in my opinion: (1) the defense played really well and kept us in it, (2) we generated at least a modest running game, and (3) we didn’t have any turnovers. I know that sounds old school, and it is, but that’s my perspective. My biggest fear in this game is our offensive line’s performance against their defensive front, especially knowing Creepy Valley is going to bring the pressure and dare Pickett to complete balls down field- frankly, I don’t see us being successful, unless we pull a surprise and can effectively run the ball plus have a trick up our sleeve in the passing game. If our OL does not hold up AND KP throws and interception or two, this one will be a blowout, something Narduzzi is not going to want to talk about on his next vacation with Franklinstein.

    I’ve never been of fan of reading predictions or making them, but I think the Vegas line, though hefty, is still too light.


    1. Pitt would have self imposed the death penalty

      But a coach at Pitt could never get as powerful as Paterno

      Too many checks and balances and Pitt wouldn’t tramp on their compliance procedures to protect their football program

      Pitt is not defined by football and boosters yield little influence.

      There is a huge difference in philosophies between the two schools

      One is ethical and would do the morally right thing. The other has proven it will not.

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      1. Pitt would drop its football program if that happened. No, it would still want those ACC checks.

        Pitt self sanctioned its football program bizarrely after five hoop players were Prop 48 casualties in 1989. It was such a bad look, for Pitt only as the rest of the world didn’t care, that the administration decided to kill what was then a pretty good program with a lot of high-end talent.

        Never say never but the Sandusky scandal will never happen at Pitt.

        Though there was the embarrassment with the Pitt professor poisoning his wife and killing her this decade. I’m shocked alumni continue to donate after that incident. Good to know a football player or coach never soiled the university name with an incident of that magnitude.


  22. The Nitters will no doubt come out aggressively to put points on the board and keep any thoughts of an upset from happening. If Pitt has to play catch up ball, especially in the second half, the outcome will be very ugly. Knowing what a low life turd Franklin is, he will want to silence the Pitt fans once and for all, putting a stake in the heart before moving on, to keep the recruiting bragging rights going. I just hope that Narduzzi can dig deep, recalling that fumble challenge slap in the face last year with a minute left, and come up with a plan to beat this guy.


  23. ^^ I love the thought at the end of the article. Paraphrasing here. It seems Narduzzi doesn’t have his team ready to play many times if you take away his two big wins…… huh? 20-12 in conference play up to this year. Not to mention, wasn’t the PITT win over psu big? How about Syracuse last year?

    I have no idea how good or bad PITT is at this moment let alone psu after their two cupcake wins. All I know is that it would take a very big gun to my head to take PITT straight up in this game. 16 1/2 or 17 1/2? Maybe only a knife to my throat. No, I’m not very confident right now. At least until I learn a little more about psu and time is running out for that.


    1. I agree with all those that think the point spread is too light. For recruiting purposes State Penn will not let up and attempt to run up the score. You can bet there will be plenty of deep throws against this Pitt D. The odds favor either the State Penn WR making the catch or getting interfered with.


      1. There are going to be a ton of PI calls on Pitt if the corners play like they’ve been playing at Heinz.

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  24. What refs work this game?
    Anyone know the conference affiliation?
    I can see bogus pass interference calls…and legit ones too.


  25. OT, and speaking of Santa claus, T. Boone died today at 91 yo. He donated 650 million to okie state, they renovated their football stadium, own a world class golf course, he built them anew engineering building. They also bought out a large quadrant of Stillwater and are building a new sports complex including a 75 million dollar baseball park. Pitt needs a Santa like he was.


  26. We have a nervous nelly qb, an unproven line and running backs and receivers with the dropsies:
    On defense we have a line that cannot penetrate, only one linebacker who is above average (a transfer from Florida) and db’s that will commit a few interference penalties. And Kessman and the Australian are inconsistent.
    Finally, the coaching staff has made halftime adjustments that in the last five games have netted us 9 points in ten quarters.
    And yet like Tex said, Santa Clause is coming to town.
    I believe, I really believe.
    Beat the Nits and H2P!


    1. I think you’re about half right. Actually, the receivers did a tremendous job of catching balls the last game, and our DLine penetration was pretty good as well. Also, who cares about a few interference penalties, our corners have been excellent, they are all very good players. But you were correct about the OLine and QB concerns.


  27. From PSN regarding why P-SUX feels this game is meaningless:
    “Whether it’s playing in the Big Ten Conference, whether it’s because no matter the opponent they pack Beaver Stadium every single Saturday or because of the super egos of their history of head coaches, Penn State believes that they are and have always been a better program than Pitt.”

    Loved the last possibility they listed. I believe that one may be the biggest reason. Well, also the amazing ability to “forget” their transgressions against children of course.


  28. Pitt women’s volleyball gives # 10 Oregon their first set lose of the season 26-24

    Go Pitt!

    Two more sets to go for the overall win…

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  29. Although its impossible for any Pitt fan to not love the positive vibes Tex is sending, there is one incontrovertible fact that can not and does not bode well for our Pitt team. . . . . . TALENT.

    I am not a star-gazer, but teams like DairyU who annually recruit in the top 10-15 in the nation are bound to find some 4 or 5-star players who actually pan out to be difference makers. This is especially true of the OL and DL where the Central PA Community College is always loaded and deep. The old axiom is true . . games are won and lost in the trenches.

    But then again Pitt did beat Clemson so . . . . . . . .


  30. Going to be noisy in that stadium on Saturday. How well will KP and our OL deal with it?

    Can anyone explain to me how the so-called “silent count” works?

    Go Pitt.


    1. In high school silent count simply meant that you’d look in towards the Center and go on the snap of the ball. Our QB was always under center and would give the center a tap. This was a disadvantage for the OL (I wasn’t an OL) as their first step is probably the most important step in a block. So, knowing the snap count gives a slight advantage, but a silent count does not provide an advantage.

      I imagine that it is more advanced in college ball.


      1. Rocky – thank you.

        I read somewhere where the more sophisticated version involves a visual signal — like the bobbing of the center’s head — followed by each linemen then counting two, three, or four seconds before the ball is snapped.

        This seems like it would be incredibly difficult to synchronize to me… That is, without a tackle moving early…

        Maybe they can do it in the pros where they can practice all day…

        Go Pitt.


  31. I imagine the silent count is more advanced Rocky and it probably helps PITT immensely in having a talented and veteran center. It could only help. It’s will be a Rocky road to hoe for PITT.


    1. Maybe they have a buzzer in their helmets that goes off…ya know, like the gadget they hand you in a restaurant that goes off when a table has opened for you…..


  32. Just got props from a member of the national media on ESPNU. Todd McShay with nice things to say about Pitt. Doesn’t mean a thing, but still nice to hear.

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  33. Pitt Volleyball wins match with Oregon 3-1. First win over a Top 10 team for a while. Next test Utah and Cal Polytech over the weekend.

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      1. Totally agree! Of all our coaches he is the one that has delivered so far. Easily the best volleyball coach in the ACC. He can both coach and recruit.

        Lyke needs to make sure someone does not hire him away. He is a Steve Pederson hire by the way.

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  34. The mens’s soccer team plays Wake Forest on Friday night at home. WF is ranked #1 nationally right now. (I might also add that my daughter is the sports nutritionist for them, so I’m giving her credit for their lofty ranking, haha).

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      1. You are right, Mike.
        I agree, 100% agree, because I do not want to hurt Reeds feelings and, at times, I just become blind to even looking for an email address or another source to DM you.
        It was def a blunder. And I hope Reed might accept my apology. But my point was this: “you’re either in, or you’re not,” when it comes to dedicating oneself to hosting a blog and the responsibility of owning one’s opinions that comes with that.
        In this case, as I have explained, I do not find it appropriate to hand an account over to you whilst simultaneously promoting his self and selfish endeavors.
        Also, for what it’s worth, I recognize that it was mean spirited of me to distinguish Reed’s personality as disordered. But he gives me a lot of ammunition to claim it to be so; and, yes, I am licensed to diagnose, but would never state this publicly. And was very unprofessional of me, in the end, to publicize.
        My hope is that you understand where I am coming from in this case. Because with the handoff of the blog — I clearly don’t know the details — it should allow you the freedom to operate without interference.
        I have known Reed from his posts at the Blather since 2003. And really, nothing has changed much about him, though I appreciate his passion on the occasions he decides to participate and be involved in the discussions.
        Truly and sincerely,
        —Neil CAS ‘93


  35. I have to take a minute here and I don’t like to step into the middle of personal feelings BUT imo, that’s way to harsh Neil. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Reed. Also, it’s up to Michael to make these decisions on what gets posted on the POV.

    At the same time and I could be very wrong here but I thought you (Neil) were good buddies with Reed?? Trials and tribulations later and when the sunsets does a chip on the shoulder get to be more like the weight of the world than a small chip?

    Trust me, Reed has moved on from the POV and he ain’t coming back. Another trust me and this from an old and looks like a former friend of Reed’s (me) we all need to move on as well.

    I never liked to read the Blather as I never could get use to the format. Looks like it is in a bigger font in Mike’s link but when I would go on the Blather site it was tiny for me and too hard to read. Yeah, I have trouble with changes. (and eyes)

    Life, times and people are all fluid, time to roll with the changes for the better or worse. I sincerely wish Reed the best of health and luck while I hope he and his family are doing well. . . .ike

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    1. Apologies all around. I was mean spirited. But I think it’s important that Mike be allowed to run this blog now without interference.
      I agree with most all of your comments, Ike. Including this one.
      I attempted to DM Mike to share these sentiments and I hope he will pass along my thoughts to Reed, who I have agreed and disagreed with since 2003.
      You’re absolutely right that this site wouldn’t exist without Reed’s astounding dedication and I was dumbstruck by his moving on from the POV, as I appreciated his uncensored takes on the football team especially. (I miss the guy, in fact, I really do.)
      But I am still of the opinion that when you solicit a new owner, with these rights and entitlements, then you just “move on.”
      Perhaps Reed has wholehearted regrets. But it’s Mike’s turn now, as I see it.
      In conclusion, I recognize I was wrong in my strong wording of “interference” and should give deference to the man who created it all here at the POV. But once more, I thinks it’s a sad state to persistently flip and flop and waffle and waiver when one given ownership to another (In Mike) who has now dedicated and even had to rededicate his self to this operation here.
      I’m sorry if you see it differently, my friend. But I can only take so much of it.

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  36. Just watched the ’79 WIN in UN-Happy Valley.

    So many HIGHLIGHTS from so many PLAYERS.

    That was a time when Pitt was simply MORE talented than Penn State at almost EVERY Position!

    All you need to know is that following that Game Pitt was headed to the the Fiesta Bowl and Penn State to the Liberty.

    I know, Bowls don’t matter.

    LLOL if that’s possible.


  37. Just watched a tape of the volleyball win…looked really hot and humid in Fitzgerald.
    Reminded me of going to hoop games back in the day. Had to wear shorts and a tee shirt under an overcoat.
    I wish Reed well…he got me hooked on the POV. I never would have met my new friends without meeting him first.


    1. Fran — I remember you stepping up when Reed was looking for a POV tailgating arrangement!

      You and your tailgate crew have done a great job of enhancing the POV community and the POV experience… 👍

      Go Pitt.


  38. Neil, MM is in total charge hear and the contents which are posted or edited are his decision… Under his watch we have had no interruptions/ no individuals banned as we did under Reed… I know some no longer post because they feel their input is not welcome… I miss them but that is them exercising free will…
    Keep posting Neil, I enjoy hearing you perspective. BTW, not long ago I talked with the Commander and asked him to put and article on the POV from his perspective before the Va. game.
    The Blather has basically died… Chas planted the garden but has taken care of it. IMO, Reed carried the workload that made the Blather what it was back in the day… Maybe he can resurrect it… that would be ok with me… but can only type so much in a day so I will be on here for commenting….


  39. Watched the volleyball match on ESPNU last night … they said it was 90.5 degrees fahrenheit in Fitzgerald Fieldhouse. I have great memories of attending pitt basketball games there, but what a joke of a modern D1 facility for a fall sport when outside high temps can still be in the 90s.

    Shocking that Fisher can get any quality recruits to come to Pitt given that.

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  40. The fact is the PSU program is much better Pitt’s for the following reasons …

    — Stability – they have had 4 head coaches since 1950, and one of them (O-Brien) was meant to be a stopgap replacement
    — Alumni – they have exponentially a much larger number of alums, with a larger percentage of whom care more about their FB team than do Pitt’s
    — Location, Location, Location – there are no pro teams in central PA, thus PSU has no competition. Take a ride on a fall Saturday afternoon from Pgh to Philly or across Rt 80 … and keep tuning the AM radio to pick up local stations. I assure you will find one broadcast of PSU football after another
    — Budget – The FB budgets between the two school are not even comparable
    — Attendance – Even when PSU were under sanctions, their attendance ‘dipped’ to 89,000
    — Priority – since the 50s, football has ALWAYS been a priority at Happy Valley. This of course has not been the case at Pitt …. I can even remember at recent as 22 years ago, the possibility of the FB program dropping to D2.
    And if you doubt how much a priority FB is at State College, then you haven’t been paying attention over the past 7 years. Their devotion to FB is cult-like, and that is no exaggeration! The school and the FB program are the lifeblood of central PA.

    And yet, if PSU wins big on Saturday, many of you will be upset beyond belief. But that is what fans do … yet some of you still think that Pitt should be playing on their level … freakin amazing!

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    1. The above has brought me to the realization that maybe I’m too out of place on this blog .. as well as the Blather.

      A week ago when I saw Narduzzi being called a Boy and a Meatball Head, I was once again going to get on my soapbox and complain about the hatred here … whether it be Tyler Boyd, Heather or the coach with the 2nd record over the past 30 years despite very difficult schedules. But then, I had a change of heart and realized that maybe I should apologize to some here.

      The fact is that although I get pretty upset and disappointed when Pitt loses, I can’t match the passion that many of you alums have. For example, while I plan to attend my usual 3 or 4 FB games per year, I refuse to fork out $44 mo. for Hulu just to watch a handful of FB and MBB games, many of which will be the more insignificant ones.

      Also, I obviously don’t have the high expectations that most of you have. I just can’t see why you think Pitt FB SHOULD win 10 games for reasons I have documented many times.

      Thus, I apologize. I certainly didn’t mean to ruffle the feathers that I have …. (except for a couple of times.) I’m sure I will continue to occasionally comment but plan to tone it down quite a bit.

      PS – as far as Heather goes, you may remember that Pitt hosted the NCAA wrestling championships this past spring. Well, this December Pitt will host the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championships. Not bad!

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      1. I’d personally rather you not tone it down.

        Some post some odd stuff, but I think overall things have rarely become a problem.

        We all should appreciate the diversity even if at times some perspectives are frustrating hard to read.


        1. And truth is, I never thought you ever toned it up to anything one would consider excessive.

          ^^^”frustratingly” or “frustrating and hard”


      2. Wwb you are NOT out of place. And no need for apologies. A diversity of opinions (positive and negative) is what keeps the POV interesting.

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      3. You don’t need to change a thing you say or do.
        You are one of the most knowledgeable and realistic posters here.
        You call out people when they deserve to be called out, pro or con.

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      4. wwb….tone what down? I like spirited discussions on here and the Blather. It’s why these nightly sports call in programs are so popular.

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    2. That is why I predicted a PSU win. They win on budget alone.

      The Steelers are about to enter late 80s depths of Mark Malone, Bubby Brister led teams. Pitt needs to rise up and be the bright light in Pittsburgh football.

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  41. wwb (Bill) you’re not going to post as much because you THINK you offend people? Nonsense! The prolifically or your comments are a great part of the POV and even the foundation here. Without a great foundation the POV walls would come crumbling down. Saying you will comment less and tone it down? Now that offends me. Stay where you are and don’t move or change. I talk to lots of POVers off the POV and believe me. You are very very much appreciated. Keep up the great work Bill!

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  42. More suggestions on the silent snap count… .. Maybe they should wear electric shock jock straps. Just by a push of a button and they will get their asses in gear.


  43. Thanks for the kind words … but please note that my apologies aren’t necessarily meant for you guys. They are more for the people who would likely not express such kind words to me. They are the ones here who I just cannot identify with all …. and apparently it goes both ways

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    1. You can’t please everyone Bill so why try…….. I don’t and never feel all that bad about it. I give it and I can take it. It’s one of my many mantra’s. I never took my ball and went home.


      1. “Can’t please everyone, so you gotta please yourself”
        Ricky Nelson at his Garden Party—Geez, Ike, where’s the music?


  44. From my perspective, wwb, you are an essential part of the POV community. I look forward to your posts and consider you a key purveyor of thought and discussion on this site. We would all be the worse if you would quit posting. We all have some regrets. I am slightly regretting that I called Franklin a turd, but it was a weak moment when the true feeling came out. Please don’t bail on us, we welcome your input.


  45. I’m not bailing out … just toning it down and slowing down a bit. And I’m trying to appreciate alternate POVs though it’s a struggle


  46. For Pitt to win on Saturday our lines will have to better their play exponentially. Especially the O-line which is very doubtful considering the first two games. KP will also need a mistake free game of his life. Also more than a couple timely turnovers will be needed. Numerous other guys will need to make plays and a few big ones.

    So yeah, we need an inside straight.


  47. Whatever Neil did or didn’t do I’m out of the loop. I’m a big believer in freedom of expression and ideas. Really only a Nitter troll should be banned from any forum but thats just my opinion.

    Going back to wwb. We all know Pitt can reach ten win seasons from time to time. It’s the OOC and some better recruiting. Those ingredients are missing from the sauce. To sustain it, you need stability which goes back to your post about Penn State.

    JoePa gave the program stability but few if any coaches these days are going to coach 40 plus years at one school. I think stability in coordinators and system are just as important.

    Alumni are spread across the entire state. Most are branch campus dummies. And many rednecks who live in dairy country root for the state school

    But I’m surprised that Penn State doesn’t have higher donations. Only 2.5 times Pitt sitting around $25 M. That’s pathetic actually given their size and zealously of the cult

    While Pitt struggles to reach 40k in attendance, Penn State can easily draw 100k. But if you think the look of yellow seats are bad, try looking at a whiteout. White people dressed in white. I always thought it was much like a KKK gathering. And then they have this odd fascination with marshmellows.

    But attendance and Big 10 membership provides them the revenues. About 3x more than Pitt. It’s like Grenada going up against the US in a sea battle. Football is very profitable at Penn State. It’s one of only 20 schools that generate an overall surplus in athletics. Their Olympic sports are healthy because football is so successful at generating revenues. Their volleyball team plays in a modern facility with climate control.

    Like I’ve said before Pitt has a revenue problem. Pitt loses over $10m each year and has one of the higher subsidized athletic departments in P-5. Pitt could learn fiscal responsibility and Finances from Penn State.

    Penn State is in the middle of nowhere. It faces no competition from pro sports teams. There is little to do on campus except drink, watch the Lions play and tip cows for fun. Pitt on the other hand offers a poor product for a fans entertainment dollars. But it is a good value. Can’t beat $10 dollar tickets in the nosebleeds. There is no cheap ticket at Penn State.

    But we Pitt folk are a bit more sophisticated than our country cousins. Plenty of things to do besides watch college football in the most liveable city.

    Priority. This is the big one that explains it all. Football is part of a fans and students identity at Penn State. Sports is woven into the fabric of a students tenure in State College. Sports helps connect everyone to the school. Sports facilitates school pride and spirit. This is one thing Penn State does very well to the point of brainwashing. Their fans are truly part of a cult. The scandal hasn’t diminished their fervor.

    I do admire how Penn Stare has used sports to build a sense of community.

    But I still hate them because they are Pitt’s rival and their arrogance knows no bounds. Pitt may finish last in the Directors Cup while Penn State is consistently top 5 but we fans use sports as an outlet and it doesn’t define us. Although Pitt might be defined as mediocre in sports, Pitt isn’t defined by child rape and cover up. Pitt seems to have its priorities straight and its brand is more than just sports. But I do wish that porch looked better.

    And finally Pitt is tied with Penn State in the latest USNews. Pitt’s freshman class also has higher SAT scores and high school grades. No reason for a Penn State fan to make you feel inferior. Be proud of that Pitt degree. Be proud you support a school that is ethical and not morallly bankrupt.

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    1. The pedos get 100K at games because there’s only 4 kinds of paid entertainment in Pedo Valley..

      1) The football game (BB is in the toilet)
      2) Hunting
      3) Fishing
      4) Go to a bar and get plastered, or maybe go out to dinner.(or both)

      A few times a year the college might gets a 3rd rate band to show up.

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    2. While I agree with most of this comment I have to point out one misconception. The home court of psu vb is still Rec Hall. While it is somewhat more aesthetically pleasing and has a larger capacity that Fitzgerald it is not a better facility for the sport and possibly just as old. Last time I was inside Rec Hall, about 10 yrs ago, the sitting was still all bleachers. I much rather sit at the Fieldhouse blue chairs. They are way more comfortable. What they do have is a coach (R.Rose) who was there the first time I attended a Pitt-psu volleyball match in ’79, how’s that for continuity. By the way, the Pitt coach back then was Mike Hebert whom I’ve been told gave coach Fisher a glaring recommendation when he was hired by Pitt.


  48. No doubt we are a frustrated bunch, and everyone has a different way of expressing their frustration.

    Where I draw the line is the childish name calling, don’t think it is ever called for. Tempers will rise from time to time and arguments are fine, but when you tell a guy to meet you out back or refer to his mother, which thankfully has never happened, you have gone to far and need a time out.


  49. Random crap:

    gc, You had me there with the calling out of someone’s Mother. Yeah that would be bad and I agree, that line has never been crossed but I get your point.

    Got my Rec Tec grill all cleaned out this morning, got me one of those pellet grills with a smoke tube. They are more than great. All ready for some burgers tonight and some smoked wings for Saturday…… Oh and a big PITT win.

    I think the fuss we had this morning was born out of a personal conflict rather than some random dislike for someone?? Actually some of his points I agreed with, it’s just they shouldn’t be expressed on the POV.

    Still NO positive vibes for PITT this weekend. C’mon guys and gals, give me some reasons that PITT has a chance in two days.

    For those who do not like Narduzzi just listen to jimmie “one finger” he’s a real bullschitt artist. Narduzzi’s biggest fault is that he thinks he’s funny, mistakenly I might add.

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  50. Excellent post Tex. Although I slightly disagree with tarring PSU with the scandal forever. I do agree with the cult part but not unlike many others (ND, Michigan etc.). The perpetrators of the scandal are long gone. Most of the PSU grads that I know were embarrassed and ashamed of what happened. There are those few that are deniers and are extremely miffed that new rules have been established to prevent any type of recurrence. Much like some of our misogynists, they hate their female athletic director and say she is what is holding them back from their former glory. I think we belittle ourselves always referring to their scandal as if it somehow makes us better people.

    I want to beat PSU as much as anyone on this board, but my hatred only lasts during the game, otherwise it is a waste of energy. Sports are not Life and Death, they serve a greater purpose to show athletic prowess to help kids learn to compete, to develop teamwork and many other positive things.

    Where things go wrong is when fans act like idiots, throw things at players, start fights, slash tires etc.

    One of the most important things that sports taught me was sportsmanship. No matter how intense an event was, how angry you got, after the event you shake hands and respect the other guy.

    Most of the POV guys that I have met always comment how well they are treated by the opposing fans when they go to away games in the ACC. I think it shows class and I hope Pitt fans treat them with the respect they deserve. We aren’t Philadephians or West Virginians.

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  51. Here’s a quick story gc. After the 2016 psu game when PITT won. the wife and I were walking trough the parking lots when we stumbled upon a group of psu fans. I simply said that was good game and the adults nodded in agreement. A few feet further was a young man around 21 years old sitting in the tailgate of this SUV. I said that was a really good game when he looked at me and said what the hell was good about it with this disdained look on his face. Right in front of them all I turned to my wife and said. “that’s the difference between a PITT and psu fan”


    1. That’s interesting Ike – I was in the press box for that game and when I walked outside to leave there were two elderly PSU couples with PSU gear on and 5 drunken Pitt students had surrounded and were screaming obscenities at them. Those couples were as scared as hell so myself and another guy walked them through the crowd to their car.

      Every school has jerk fans…not just PSU.

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      1. Agree:
        I did the same thing for a Miami fan with his children after the game Pitt won when Miami was Number 2.
        The reality is jerks are everywhere.


        1. But Penn State fans in general do look down upon schools like Pitt that they think are inferior. Like how auburn gets treated by Alabama. Or A&M by Texas.

          I’ve been told by Nitters that Oakland is a slum. Campus isn’t safe. It’s dirty and I’m not talking dirt. Been told their students are smarter and more successful. Been preached to about the Grand Experiment. The virtues and genius of Paterno. Success with Honor.

          The cult formed around a personality and a man named Joe. Football put the school on the map and was very much part of the valuable Penn State brand. The insular culture influenced the identity of fans. It became if you’re not with me, you’re against me. It became I’m right and you’re wrong.

          Well we all know now who was behind the curtain. We know now the dangers of a false God. We know that cults can help protect and enable evil things.

          Truly despicable that only one former coach had the courage to speak the truth and help expose the lies and criminal behavior.

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      2. ^^ Reed, no debate from me there and I agree with what you say. I was just sharing a story. Hell, there are all kinds of PITT posters here on the POV that don’t see eye to eye. (which is a shame, imo)


  52. I also hope that joining the ACC will change Pitt’s historic culture towards sports.
    For whatever reason Pitt Culture has never embraced the value of athletics the way most schools do.
    For whatever reason Pitt mucketey mucks wanted to think of themselves as Ivy League or CMU, when they could have be thinking of themselves as Stanford or Notre Dame.

    Just my theory, but I think it was the blue collar vs white collar thing in Pittsburgh.

    This is real ironic when Pitt was largely a commuter school for many years and they were kids whose parents worked in the mills.

    In any case, hopefully Pitt fully embraces it’s new place in the ACC and desires to compete at all levels, athletically as well as academically.

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  53. Thanks for reading Gordon.

    What I don’t like about Penn State fans in general, so yes I’m stereotyping, is their unrivaled arrogance. Always looking down on Pitt. Having a sense of football entitlement. Making Pitt fans feel inferior. Been that way my whole life

    Some of the worst fans I have met have been Nitters. And there are still plenty of Pedo deniers in the cult. Still plenty revering their beloved JoePa.

    I’m glad I chose Pitt over Penn State for college. That scandal would live with me forever. You don’t forget history like that. You’re branded with the mark much like the Germans and the Holocaust. You own it. Nobody should seek guidance on moral leadership from that cess pool of a institution.

    I don’t know if Pitt is better or can claim moral superiority. But Pitt fans I believe would never have placed their faith in a false God. JoePa created the cult. His followers live on today and protect the legacy of the Patron Saint of Pedophile Protectors.


  54. Shortly after the scandal we placed an addendum to my neighbor’s “We Are” yard sign…”going to Hell.”


  55. That’s a good one

    The only fan base I might look down upon are the Hoopies. Bunch of Southern rednecks and a poor academic school.

    But never to the point of constantly rubbing it in their face.

    Heck I married a gal whose mothers side is from West Virginny. And boy do they hate us city slickers. I guess they think we’re the arrogant ones.

    I was really surprised by the level of hate. Like what did we ever do to you?



    Top 25 schools in football revenues. Media rights, conference checks, gate receipts and donations are the primary drivers

    Pitt football is close to $40 million in gross revenues and generates a small profit.

    Schools like FSU are revenue rich but cash poor. They spend more than they receive.

    Amazing how winning at Clemson has impacted donations.


  57. Something I’ve wondered that maybe Reed, UPitt, Richman, ike and some others with AD access may be able to answer: what does the Pitt athletic administration think of the POV? Do they consider us posters a bunch of whiners and connivers just out to get rid of Narduzzi, or a group of true Pitt fans that just want to see a winning program again? Are our opinions welcome or shunned? Is the POV’s opinion sought out?


    1. Huh – that is a question I believe I answered many times in my past articles on here

      I’ve told the story of when I was first writing for The Blather back in 2009 and EJ Borghetti called Chas Rich and asked if he could have my home phone number so I got a call from him. I was pretty surprised when EJ offered me full media credentials because I hadn’t asked for them or ever spoken with EJ at all. So I said I’d take them on one condition – that Pitt wouldn’t ever try to influence what I wrote. He told me that I was a good writer and said “that if I was going to write about Pitt football he wanted me to have as much access to the source as possible“.

      And that has held true for over nine years now…they never have asked me to change something save one time when I described a scrimmage in detail because I hadn’t know the ground rules of covering them – and so I edited out the details in the article…but that was the only time.

      As a matter of fact as owner/writer of the POV I was granted more access to practices then local sportswriters were on a few occasions because EJ knew how far I’d drive to get to the Southside. That was how I was able to write a full length article on Kenny Pickett weeks before any beat writers could – because I watched him in one of his first full practices as a true FR thanks to EJ.

      So – how does Pitt view the POV? I’ll say this – EJ has always wanted articles written about Pitt football regardless of if they are positive or negative as long as it was a true critical look – and I mean ‘critical’ and ‘criticism’ in the literal sense (the act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging the quality of a literary or artistic work, musical performance, art exhibit, dramatic production, etc….including sports in this case) – not the strictly negative sense most Americans use the word for.

      He reads every article, at least he used to and I’m sure still does, and so do the staff members for the most part because I’ve gone to lots of functions, meet & greets, etc where I’ve had the Pitt guys come up and discuss article or opinion points with me (or to babysit me in some cases!) My impression is that he takes fan’s viewpoints to heart when they are written out and explained well. As is the case on here and The Blather.

      But one thing commenters on here should realize is that even though you see the same names over and over in the comments section the numbers of commenters are way, way less than the thousands of readers who choose not to comment. The truth is that I still get multiple emails a day from readers who want to share thoughts but don’t want it to be in the public eye. When you read 10 commenters on here agreeing on something that is by no means a consensus on how other Pitt fans feel…not being a jerk here but that’s the truth.

      Those detailed thoughts I gleaned from readers and commenter’s thoughts are ones that I would share with EJ over the phone or when I’d see him in person so he was getting a real cross section of viewpoints and opinions about the program and athletic department. He knows the limitations Pitt has with athletics and he sometimes gets as frustrated as others when media access is limited or resources just aren’t available.

      One last thing – EJ always appreciates the POV because it is truly unlike any other social media (or print media for that matter) covering Pitt football in that I’d write exactly what I knew, believed or felt – just as Mike does now. No other venues do that as they are all in some ways beholden to either Pitt or advertisers who influence their writing – it started with the Blather with Chas Rich’s take on things and continues on with Mike’s here. Rivals come closest as far as businesses go.

      In a nutshell I believe Pitt doesn’t think you are whiners and I’ve read very few people on here who truly want Narduzzi to be fired so far. I think Pitt takes these blogs seriously and they should because I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more alumni reading on here and the Blather than any Pitt site gets overall. For that reason I quickly forward any media press releases Pitt puts out that I still get emailed to me to Mike so that he has up to the minute info to share with you all.

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    2. Most AD’s will have their minions periodically check in on the forums. They are a good source to gauge how fans perceive the program and what’s on their minds.

      Although posters represent just a small but vocal part of the fan base, I’m sure their points of view are valued. Most posters have probably donated and attended games. Hence their opinions matter.

      Think of these forums as focus groups for the university. You won’t be able to say with certainty what percentage of the fan base supports Victory Heights, wants Narduzzi fired, interest in an OCS, etc., but a smartly run athletic department can obtain some good ideas which helps in formulating strategy or refining tactics.

      Listening to customers is smart. Pitt has done a poor job historically with listening and then delivering.


    3. Reed gave a great answer below and here is my short opinion. Yes, they read most comments posted as time allows. Who wouldn’t want feedback from PITT fans that are serious enough to post on a blog daily? I honestly believe that Narduzzi’s new found media etiquette was born out of the Blogs and message boards. Our comments do matter but not sure how far it really goes by the end of the day.

      Carrying that just a tiny bit further……. PITT fans only have so much considered input into the daily activities down at the south side or over at Heinz Field on game day. but Reed is spot on and right. They read all.


  58. If Pitt can avoid turnovers, It takes a big element out of DairyU’s game. The Buffalo game changed in the 2nd half almost entirely because of turnovers. The pick 6 at the beginning of the half was a real killer and changed the momentum.

    In real estate its all about location.
    In football its all about controlling the LOS and turnover margin.


    1. And do you honestly think our O-line can control the line of scrimmage? Based on what I’ve seen from this year, I’d say no chance, especially considering that PSU’s front 7 is supposed to be strong. Maybe our defensive line can control the LOS, but I’m worried about that without our two best D linemen. But I have little confidence in the O line.

      Come on Borbley, prove me wrong Saturday!


  59. There is a great writeup on Larry Fitzgerald’s time at Pitt on Banner Society. That is the renamed site of the old SBNation college football site. It is where Bill Connerly (now with ESPN) wrote his S&P+ articles. (BTW- S&P+ does include starting field position as a stat.)

    I have tried over the last few weeks to post links. They never make this site. ESPN did two articles in their celebration of college football 150’th year. One was an all time ACC team that included Donald & Conner (Other Pitt greats didn’t make it because they never played in the ACC.). The other was on the top 150 teams of all times. (Pitt had 3,)

    Unless I am getting old & forgetful, I am doing what I have always done. Copy site & paste in my comment.

    Anyone else having same problem? I have noticed that Ike is not posting “you tube” videos but Tx. Panther just posted at 1:24pm a link to Forbes.

    I am getting frustrated.

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    1. Richard, YouTube won’t allow me to post their video’s anymore. I think it has something to do with YouTube live which is a paid service. So they are not allowing anyone anything for free. I’m thinking if I had bought YouTube Live instead of Hulu, I would still be shooting out my ridiculous video’s 🙂


  60. Frankly newbk1 I really don’t since the Nits have always recruited strongly along the line, and clearly that is HCPN’s biggest recruiting weakness.

    Pressure on KP = Turnovers = Defensive TDs = DairyU win

    Borbley can’t coach em up well enough in one week to make a difference, so the only slight (very very slight) hope is Whip can figure out how to use DairyU’s aggressiveness against them?


  61. Thanks for all of the thoughtful responses to my question on Pitt’s view of the POV. Reed, I always knew you had a press credential and access to the athletics dept., but I was more concerned about if they actually listen to us. You, ike and others answered that question to a degree, but I guess there is no real evidence that they have acted on any of our concerns. Certainly not on our interest in a study for an OCS, or for more visibility on Victory Heights, or even tarping the yellow seats. We have made suggestions on how to put more people in the seats, and to make Heinz more of a Pitt atmosphere and Pitt friendly, but I don’t see many changes being made.

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  62. One more example: A big recommendation we have made is to lighten the OOC schedule, but I don’t see any cancellations and rescheduling.


  63. ^^ Neil, I danced around as coming off as admonishing you as much as I could. It certainly isn’t my place or anything close to my intentions. Truth be told as I posted afterward, I see your point in a few ways. I comment on the POV for my entertainment, no one else’s. I’m just a regular joe (ike) and poster here and never want anyone to think I ride a high horse. I put down in writing what is in my mind.

    Neil, I think you may have said some things that possibly others may have been thinking?? But, maybe expressed behind closed doors. I considered Reed a very close friend at one time and I would still appreciate his friendship someday down the road if that is in the cards?

    Neil, you expressed how you felt and that has been the one and only source of contention on the POV, some posters don’t like to be challenged. You keep on expressing yourself my friend. I’ve been accused of trying to muffle others opinion on here. I don’t think that’s true but I can’t help others feelings. I’m not often offended and I wasn’t this morning, not one bit. Keep up the posting and reading, not that it’s my place to ask you that.

    If you ever want to talk off the POV my email is It would be a great pleasure to talk with you….. we may have some things to talk about??


  64. Tx, while I agree the PSU was totally despicable and the perpetrators should be punished to the full extent of the law and then some, it is never a good idea to invoke the holocaust as an analogy in any argument or debate.


    1. Well a more appropriate one would be the Catholic Church. Protecting pedophile priests and allowing child rape to continue for decades. See the similarities.

      You can view paterno as the pope. Paterno knew and did nothing. Although that is still debatable among his flock.

      You can view paterno as hitler. Hitler developed a cult following. So did paterno. People were afraid to go against him. See certain similarities. I do.

      Now am I putting paterno on the same level of evil. No

      But both were worshipped. Had cult followings. And enabled evil in the guise of BS scripture eaten up by their followers.

      Both are burning in Hell.


  65. BTW, heard a smidge of the Coach Narduzzi radio show last night and Coach commented that true freshman AJ Woods might be the fastest player on the team.

    I think I’ve heard Coach Duzz say this before.

    AJ Woods is listed as 5-10 and 175. Played DB and WR in HS.

    Go Pitt.


    1. here is an excerpt of the Harrisburg Capital Gazette’s account of the Big 33 game

      “We talked, going into it, about our players stepping up to a different level. At times, they did,” said Ripley, head coach at St. Paul’s.
      Ripley noted how Northwest High standout AJ Woods (Pittsburgh) did a good job of defending Terry at times.

      (Note the LB Brandon George and WR Will Gipson also showed well)


  66. Saw this on the Lair…

    Last November, Ohio University beat Buffalo 52-17.

    It was last season, but a factoid to ponder… 😊

    Go Pitt.


    1. It was on TV. Buffalo played their worst game of the year. While Ohio played their best. Couldn’t have asked for a larger divergence.

      9 times out of 10, buffalo wins that game

      I follow the Bulls. My alma mater…grad school.


  67. Something else — if the Pitt Athletic Department is listening — there’s a Duquesne coaches’ program on ATT SportsNet right now. Nice highlights of their game…

    Pitt needs to get on W. PA. TV with Coaches’ Shows…

    Go Pitt.


  68. Tex, you mentioned joepa burning in hell…my cousin Tom refers to that as the Paterno Inferno, where it is a constant 409 degrees…

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    1. Hats off to Tom for that one!

      (And based on his profession, Tom just might know a thing or two about that kind of thing…😊)

      Go Pitt.


  69. for the umpteen hundredth time, what is happening these days is not the current staff’s or administration’s fault ….. not even close!

    Michael DeCourcy@tsnmike
    In the 1970s and 1980s, @Pitt_FB and @PennStateFball needed each other. But decisions made back then had consequences, and one of them will be realized at around 3:30 Saturday, when the Pitt-Penn State rivalry goes dormant.

    It is understandable Penn State sees no great advantage to annually facing Pitt. Once swarming with elite high school football talent, producing Tony Dorsett, Dan Marino and Bill Fralic for Pitt and Bruce Clark, LaVar Arrington and Sean Lee for Penn State, the Western Pennsylvania region no longer turns out such players with frequency.


  70. I hate to keep pounding this point home but how anyone thinks Pitt can/should compete on the level of the big boys these days are just not thinking straight. (I’ll guarantee that both PSU and especially Clemson have averaged much higher over the past 5 years than what you see below)

    Brett McMurphy@Brett_McMurphy

    College football programs most revenue/year b/w 2015-17 in millions of $ via @Forbes

    Texas, A&M 147
    Mich 137
    Ala 134
    OhSt 132
    OU 129
    UGA 125
    ND 120
    UF, Aub 117
    LSU 114
    Tenn 113
    PSU 104
    Ore, FSU 96
    SCar, Ark 95
    USC 93
    Wash 92
    Neb 91
    Iowa 89
    MichSt 87
    Wis 86
    Ole Miss 84
    Clem 77

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  71. Hilarious seeing these revenues and people thinking Pitt football should be a major player in college football. It’s not going to happen. Best to schedule three cupcakes and try to get to 9-3 each year for a favorable perception, but the school doesn’t care about that or have the vision to get to nine or 10 wins an easier way.


  72. That is the unfortunate truth wbb. Those dollars represent the size of the fanbase and it’s willingness to support it’s football team. It also represents the school administration that is all in.

    Notice how many of them are State Schools, also how few are city schools that compete with Pro teams.

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  73. Nobody said Pitt was going to be able to compete with elites
    Historically Pitt has a revenue problem
    It has a small and declining fan base
    Apathetic donors
    And a regional appeal at best for merchandise

    But dont tell me that Pitt cant be consistently top 25
    It has the 4th highest football spend in the ACC
    Pitt’s revenues are around $40M
    Another $5M could be obtained through higher attendance (40k avg to 55k)
    Another $5M via doations (50% increase from $10M to $15M)
    Another $5M through license fees, creative sponsorships and advertising
    $10M more from the ACC network

    That would place Pitt at $65M. Still outside the top 25 but darn good for a school its size
    And the extra money could be used for better facilities, to plow back into football, to subsidize Olympic sports, to support a new sports program

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