And here we are.  The eve of kickoff, twenty-nineteen.  Eight long months we have waited in the desert, and our proverbial throats are parched.  Tomorrow our thirst for football will be quenched.

Virginia brings an experienced team to Heinz, returning six starters on offense and eight starters (count ’em!) on defense.

Lets take a look at some of the key matchups that could help decide the game.

  1. Bryce Perkins vs Pitt’s front seven.  UVA quarterback Perkins passed for 2700 yards last season and ran for 900 more.  He also accounted for 34 touchdowns.  He’s a legitimate Hiesman trophy contender, but Pitt held him to 205 yards through the air (1 TD) and -7 on the ground (0) last season.  That’s pretty good.  If you ask anyone on the Virginia side they will tell you that Perkins had an injured pinkey finger on his throwing hand and that the team was all kinds of out-of-sorts that day because of the wet field and some questionable officiating.  If you ask anyone on the Pitt side they will tell you that Pitt’s D-line did a pretty good job containing a mobile quarterback and putting pressure on him (5 sacks), and well, that will put anyone out of sorts, wet field or not.  We’ll find out on Saturday if Pitt can do it again.
  2. Kenny Pickett vs Virginia’s secondary.  Truthfully, Pickett is the proxy for the entire Pitt passing game.  Virginia’s secondary is predicted to be very good, and Virginia cornerback Bryce Hall is a legit All-American talent.  Still, he’s just one guy and football is a team game.  If anyone can scheme Hall into a corner it’s Pitt’s wily (we hope) OC Mark Whipple.  Assuming coach Whip can decoy Hall into something-less-than-a-gamechanger, then Pickett will have a chance to pick on newly-minted starting corner Nick Grant.  Grant, a junior, played special teams last year and was thrust into the starting role when projected starter Darius Bratton went down with a knee injury this fall.  Grant will likely be solid, but with no game experience it’s probably that either Maurice Ffrench or Taysir Mack should be able to get some separation.  Whether or not Pickett is able to exploit that remains to be seen.
  3. Jimmy Morrissey vs UVA’s nosetackle.  UVA runs an odd-man front (a 3-4 in other words) and that means there will be very large man playing straight up on Morrissey.  Typically that provides some degree of challenge.  The good news is that Morrissey is now a redshirt junior, and even though he started out as a walk-on, he’s developed into an all-ACC caliber player.  On the other side of the ball, the guy everyone is talking about is 6’2″ true freshman Jowon Briggs.  Not only was Briggs rated the #3 defensive tackle in the country by last year, but he also appears extremely well-rounded.“He’s strong academically. There’s a number of [musical] instruments that he plays. There’s the thespian-ism that he has, if that’s a word. He has other interests but, man, is he passionate about football,” said Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall.  No matter how talented and well-rounded Briggs is, it’s unlikely that he’s stronger, quicker or technically more sound than Pitt third-year defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman, whom Morrissey has been practicing against since last spring.  I give the edge to Morrissey here, assuming his knee is okay.
  4. The rest of Pitt’s offensive line against UVA’s pass rush.  What else can we say,  Pitt is replacing four starters.  Dead horse beaten.  Supposedly our new starting four are athletic, talented and fundamentally sound.  I will tell you that they better be, especially the tackles.  UVA is likely to bring pressure off the edge with their lanky (and fast) outside linebackers.  The stats say that UVA’s pass rush was pretty pedestrian last season (24 sacks, tied for third worst in the ACC), and that they lost their best pass rusher.  (Linebacker Chris Peace 6.5 sacks).  History on the other hand will tell you that head coach Bronco Mendenhall is pretty good at developing talent, and that all his pass rushers are returning.  You do the math.
  5. UVA starting Center, Olusegun Oluwatimi vs Pitt’s defensive line.  Oluwatimi is a redshirt sophomore who transferred from the Air Force Academy.  He has zero starts and zero game experience.  Now given that Pitt’s starting center is one of college football’s best rags-to-riches success stories (Jimmy Morrissey, a former walk on, started as redshirt freshman, now All-ACC candidate), its would be highly hypocritical of me to say that Oluwatimi doesn’t have any talent.  Still, guys like Morrissey are the exception rather than the rule, and at the very least Pitt should be able to confuse Oluwatimi for a quarter or two with blitzes, stunts and the like.   They should also be able to out physical him with the combination of two senior DT’s (Watts and Camp) and Jaylen Twyman.  The best case scenario of course is that Oluwatimi is completely overmatched for four quarters and Pitt dominates the line of scrimmage, but even that doesn’t happen,  (DC) Randy Bates and (DL Coach) Charlie Partridge should be able to find a way to exploit their advantage here.
  6. Pitt’s running game vs Virginia’s defensive line.  Does Pitt have a running game?  I sure hope so.  The running back room is chock-full of four star talent, to the point where guys are transferring out two days before the opening game.  Virginia’s one weakness last year was stopping the run, and Pitt took advantage of that.  Of course Pitt had a world-class fullback, a line that was a throwback to the Jock Sutherland era and two stud seniors toting the rock.  Pitt has none of that this year, and UVA’s line is a year older, stronger and wiser.  You’d also have to think that the Hoos have been practicing against Pitt’s zone blocking scheme for most of the summer.  The jury is out on whether Pitt will be able to run the ball.  If they can’t then it’s going to be a very long day.
  7. Comcast vs the ACC.  You can’t watch this game on TV.  The ACC is playing the long game here and they will likely win in the end, but the folks who lose in the interim are the fans.  The bottom line is that this game is NOT going to be on comcast on Saturday, so if you live outside of driving distance to Pittsburgh, then you need to find another option right now.  AND if you live within driving distance of Pittsburgh, are physically able, and you have $50 of disposable income you need to clear your schedule on Saturday night, get in the car, drive to the North Shore, procure a ticket and go to the game.  You’ll find plenty of friends at the Pitt POV tailgate.
  8. Wildcards:  UVA’s running backs and Pitt’s Tight Ends.  UVA graduated a 1000 yard rusher last season.  The talent behind him is questionable at best.  Still, UVA likes to develop their guys so this could be a sneaky sleeper.  Pat Narduzzi practically pounded his fist on the table during his most recent interview when he talked about stopping the run.  Stopping it Saturday would be a good start.  On the flipside, Pitt’s tight ends were nonexistent last season (in the passing game…)  The ‘Duzz recently dropped a line about starter Will Gragg being able to fly.  Was it Southside hyperbole or will Pitt fans be shocked and surprised?

Prediction:  The line on this one is Virginia -2.5.  There are other indicators predicting that Pitt has a 53% chance to win.  Both teams will play disciplined and physical ball.  Both teams will probably also make some mistakes.  Given that Virginia has more continuity, my head says they will win, but since I’m a Pitt Man, my heart won’t let me write it down.  Warm up those Victory Lights Heather.  Pitt 28 – Hoos 21. 



177 thoughts on “Pitt vs Virginia Game Preview and Prediction Thread

  1. The first four games will determine Pitt’s season (they will go 5-3 in the last 8 games). If Pitt goes 0-4, they’ll be 5-7, 1-3 will be 6-6 and 2-2 will be 7-5. I’m going with the 27-27 win in game one, to start on the right track.


  2. If you ask Tx he will tell you Perkins had a hangover for last years game.

    Whipple is the real deal and KP is back on duty

    Agree Michael, if you live close enough, get to the Fran/Wolfe/JoeL/Scooter/BigB tailgate then go to the game, you’ll be glad you did!

    PITTs running game will pleasantly surprise and their passing game will shock us.

    Perkins gets banged up (hope nothing serious) and PITTs defense shuts UVA down. Again.

    PITT 34
    UVA 14


  3. “Does Pitt have a running game?” Good question M.

    Meanwhile, good and bad for Pitt’s TWO 1,000 yard Backs from a year ago.

    The Bad… as many surely know, Darrin Hall cut a third time and now out of the NFL.

    The GOOD… another STRONG showing last night by Qadree Ollison!

    BUT… the competition is thick at Running Back in Atlanta. We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.

    Going to come down to how COMPLETE of a Back Ollison has shown himself to be in terms of not just carrying the football, but blocking and route running.


    1. Good update POD. If the falcons cut Ollie you’d have to think someone else will snap him up. He’s just been really strong. Rumor has it down here in the A that the birds will either carry 5 Rb’s or trade one of them.


      1. The Steelers should cut bait with Snell and grab Ollison if Atlanta cuts him. They should have drafted Ollie in the first place! But the Steelers think the SEC is a mini NFL league…Snell is slower than drunk on ice.


  4. This will be a close game heading into the fourth quarter. The battle between Pitt’s defense and VA’s offense will be a slug fest. Pitt’s offense will falter early (a turnover or two and some miscues) but will start to catch its stride late in the second quarter. Pitt comes from behind during the 3rd and 4th quarters with the passing attack. On the final play of the game Pitt kicks a field goal to win it 31-30.

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  5. Excellent article, MM.

    I do worry about whether our OTs can handle the outside speed rushes. I’m expecting to see Pitt run some draws inside tackle to try to take advantage…

    I think turnovers will be the key to the game and whoever has less wins.

    My wild guess: Pitt 24, UVA 20.

    Hail to Pitt.


  6. My hope:
    Pitt 27, UVA 24

    My prediction:
    UVA 31
    Pitt 20

    A new and over-matched O-line gets warn down when the adrenaline wears off is my guess.

    For Pitt 2 win we will need 2 turnovers that lead to points.


  7. With an offensive line that is 80% new and two new running backs, we cannot generate the rushing yards of old.
    Kenny, though better, is still Kenny.
    The defensive line is better, but will fatigue because of our lack of offensive power.
    And an over aggressive Paris Ford will blow a coverage, if not two, leading to big plays.
    Hoo’s – 31
    Good guys – 9.

    Hoping I’m wrong!


  8. Here’s what I don’t get…………… Much of last years O-Line was maligned for being old yet never started and weren’t recruited to play the line in the first place for PITT. The center was a walk-on and the transfer tackle came from a crappy college that had a crappy offensive line that was……. offensive. Now I realize they weren’t the best pass blocker on the block but they did block well enough for 2 one thousand yard rushers and a division title without a passing game to speak of.

    This years PITT O-Line has some big burly guys that were recruited for their positions and they are said to be much more athletic. Coaches speak?? Who know but Morrissey has been mentioned as an all ACC candidate, Warren was a four star, Ulizio started in the big house in Michigan, Houy was nice nice pickup and Hargrave played a good bit last year. This is college football folks, it’s fluid but this line seems to be starting out on better footing that last years O-Line was credited for.

    Throw in a more balanced offensive attack with better play calling and we will see just how important it is to keep the defense on their heels. The bonus here is that a more productive offense will also make the defense look all that much better as well! UVA better watch out! ike

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  9. Usually I’m cautiously optimistic…but if KP plays a little better than average; well enough to maintain a balanced offense, I will be plain old optimistic.
    Good guys win 34 – 27.
    Paris Ford giveth and he taketh away.


  10. Excited for the new season, but looking at this game objectively, the edge goes to Virginia. I think this one SHOULD go down to the wire, but I thought the Penn St. game would be close last year. My prediction is UVA 21 Pitt 17.

    I don’t think the expectations can be too high on Whipple and the offense with only a few weeks of preparation. I think Pitt will get better over the course of the season, but I think it will be tough sledding early for the offense. Defense will have to carry this team through the first 4 games if they want to get a split.


  11. A very important game right out of the gates if Pitt is to repeat as Coastal title winner. Virginia is the pick by many, including myself, to win the Coastal this year. They are the only team left that hasnt done it.

    Virginia has a very good QB that can torch you through the air and burn you on the ground. Virginia’s strength however is on D and they have one of the best corners in college.

    Pitt will struggle on offense early this season at least until the line gels and Kenny builds confidence in a new system. Pitt’s D will be its strength and appears to be capable of at least slowing down a teams running and passing game. However, I dont expect either offense or defense to be all that explosive and dynamic. Pitt just doesnt have the game changing players.

    So can Pitt win this very critical first game of the season playing at ‘home’ in front of a decent sized crowd still full of hope or will we see SOP rear its ugly head again?

    Virginia is the favorite in this game by the monelines but the statistical models place Pitt as having the higher probability to win. I see this game as a toss-up and should be one that goes back and forth all day. It will make for an entertaining game to watch in good weather.

    Now on with my prediction. With two evenly matched teams in an early season game, I expect the defense and special teams to determine the outcome.

    Which team is able to make better adjustments at halftime? Which team is able to avoid costly penalties? Which team is able to capitalize on turnovers? Which team wins the battle of field position? Which team can control the game tempo and the clock?

    The start of a 7 win regular season begins for Pitt with a disappointing defeat.

    Virginia 24
    Pitt 17


    1. I think your right about the crowd Ike. I expect the Virginia fan base is fired up about them winning the Coastal and will travel in numbers to Pittsburgh. 50K plus for the game.—-Prediction: Pitt breezes past VA 31 to 14. Whipple and Bates are up for ACC OC and DC coordinators of the week.


  12. Not to put too much pressure on the kid, but if Ken Pickett is above average passing the ball Pitt wins. If Ken plays like last year Virginia wins. Other aspects of the game seem to be about equal.


    1. If it’s listed you probably can but might be good to have a backup plan. I have a ROKU – it’s a $50 device that plugs into my TV. From what I can tell the ACC network is free on it. I fired it up today and looked like it worked


    2. Mr K, no you will not be able to watch the game on Comcast unless they strike a deal very soon << like in the next 24 hours. (which could happen)

      Mike, you must have a provider aside from Roku to allow you to watch the ACCN live?? Michael, make sure it is LIVE ACCN. There is a difference.


  13. I’m not buying the media hype re: the Cavs. They’re a paper tiger. It was close last year at their place, it’ll be less close this time around at ours. Pitt 34-24.


  14. These first 4 games are going to tell a lot about the future of Pitt football. UVa is a hot pick, But they are still UVa, out Pitting even Pitt. Ohio U is really good, you saw what UCF did yesterday, and the Nitters have real quality players. We have 4 new starters on the oline, 3 new linebackers, and a QB who you can kindly say has been inconsistent at best. Plus we lost not only our best defensive player, but in my opinion, our best player period.
    All that said, I think Narduzzi knows what’s coming. Looking at the hard facts, we may go 0-4. But for some reason I like this team. 2-2 out of the gate ( my head is questioning my sanity).
    A couple,of items, all kids love their S&C coach. Sure they added muscle, what I’m going to be looking at this year is 4th quarter conditioning. Don’t tell me, show me! All you need to know about kids and coaches is to remember the unabashed praise Alex van Pelt laid on Paul Hackett recommending him for HC “you’re gonna love him”.
    I have this fear we will flop terribly, and the POV will turn into a battlefield. Mrs.Joeknew had the best line.”if you’re so down on the team why do you even go to the games every week”. That, my friends, is a really good question. Pitt23 Hoos 21.

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  15. As I posted the other day, if you want to get both the Virginia and Ohio games on the HULU free trial delay your signup until Saturday afternoon around 3 to 4 pm eastern time. Why? The 7 day trial will then include the 7:30 pm start tomorrow as well as the 11:00am start the following Saturday. Just trying to put my Pitt Economics education into practice for all my POV comrades.

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      1. Mike, you got me worried again. Did you get the Hulu Live version? If you did get a month free trial you are one smooth and sweet talker. Although it is possible Hulu recognizes that Comcast is backed against the wall and Hulu could be pouncing on the rats like a big cat. << something like a PANTHER!

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      2. You signed up for the wrong service if you did so. You need to sign up for HULU Live TV and that only includes a 7 day free trial. The one month free trial does not include live TV streams.

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        1. Just logged in. I’ve also got Hulu live. Should be good to go . H2p tomorrow can’t come soon enough!


  16. I’m looking for the Pitt home field to provide the Panthers with an edge, especially with the kicking game. Turnovers and mistakes by both teams will keep the score low. I’ll go with Major and call it 24-20 Pitt wins.


  17. Question here, seems like lots of Comcast subscribers are signing up for the free trial of Hulu Live and or YouTube Live, has anyone of us actually dropped Comcast? I haven’t… so what would make Comcast budge if not? We are not dealing with pikers here. They may wait until the free trials expires and is why (maybe) Hulu expanded their free trial to 30 days.


  18. A complete mismatch..UVA goes up 28-0 at the half and Pitt scores 20 vs UVA scrubs late 2nd half.
    UVA 38 – 20. Never been so sure of an outcome in my life.


  19. ^^ Dan if nothing else I absolutely love your conviction. O f course I will never let you live it down if PITT wins the game. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Ike…I would be thrilled to you never letting me live it down! I take NO joy at all in my prediction
      It’s just that I’ve seen this same game over and over the past 35 years. What pisses me off royally is that I can’t view it anywhere on TV without paying $$


      1. You can’t take it with you my friend Big Dan…….. If I had your money I would throw mine in the creek down the street. I’m sure it wouldn’t cause a log jam.


    1. Do you mean PITT should and has to absolutely beat the team picked to win the ACC Coastal Championship? << The same division PITT is picked to finish fourth in? That dam Narduzzi!


      1. Yes Ike! He’s 5 years in, he’s playing with his recruits. It’s his vision, his team and they’re playing at home. Virginia is not a juggernaut program.


        1. Then why are they favorites to win the ACC coastal division? Not trying to pull your chain but UVA is the favorite on the road. A win would be great but expected? hmmm? BUT!! I do expect PITT to win this game because of better coaching…. 🙂


        2. Mendenhall is basically building his program the same exact way Narduzzi is, through three stars and player development. Virginia has one four star player right now…and he’s a true freshman. With the exception of Bryce Perkins these teams have a whole lot in common. As long as Pitt doesn’t lay an egg it should be a pretty even contest.


  20. If Pitt was playing UVa later in the season as usual, I would pick Pitt by a at least a TD. But the more experienced team often plays better early in the season.

    Remember 2008, when a mediocre Bowling Green (finished 6-6) won the opener vs a Pitt team which would go on to win 9 games? BG had many more returning starters.

    UVa 20-17. But I still think this year’s team will be better than last year’s .


  21. Listen, how often has PITT started a QB with the amount of experience as KP now has? I’ll take that question, not to often and the last time PITT beat the eventual national champions giving them their only loss of the season with a returning starting at QB and not much before that.


    1. You know it’s an interesting point Ike. Nathan Peterman was ridden out of Knoxville on a rail based on his Sophomore and Freshman year production. Got himself into a good situation his junior year and look what happened.


  22. Pitt 27
    UVA 17

    Virginia Run defense was one of the worst in the country last year, in 2019 they still will be. Long drives in the 4th are the difference

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  23. I gave my prediction yesterday – slightly prematurely. But that’s to be expected at my age!

    I’ll say again: Pitt 24 uva 17.
    I think KP will more resemble his WFU performance of last year, than his clemscum performance. Whip uses his TEs and RBs out of the backfield. And he knows a thing or 2 about how to beat a blitz!

    Short passes (at the right time) are enough to make the OL job easier, and we should see many good gains on the ground due to an off balance va defense.

    A much improved D will get us the ball more often, and in much better field position. If our Kangaroo Kicker can punt, I expect to see the Calves backed up in their end of the field much more often than The Cats.

    This will be a Victory Light Saturday Night!

    But make no mistake, the game will be a Battle of the Calves!!

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  24. I have a feeling pitt wins this handily. No reason just my gut.
    I am usually a pessimist and expect the worst but I have a feeling we win this game easily. But I had a similar feeling against Penn State last year and we know how that turned out.
    I am predicting seven wins on the season and this to being one of them .


  25. It’s not that I don’t think that Pitt isn’t that good, it’s just that this is a classic SOP game. I just see it as another kick in the nutz to start the season. I am not even close to being as old (44) as some of you fogies but I have seen this far too often.

    Hoos 34-17. I hope I’m wrong because I desperately want to believe that the team with Narduzzi has turned the corner. I just don’t see it starting tomorrow. SOP is the modern day Rasputin.


  26. Old fogies. Haven’t heard that in some time. Called my soccer coach an old 🐐

    My generation and yours experienced some real bad 🏈

    SOP was genetically engineered at UPMC during the 90’s.


  27. This is based on returning All ACC honorees. This is my own system where a 1’st team All ACC returner gets 4 pts, 2’nd team 3 pts, 3’rd 2 pts., & honorable mention 1 point. Pitt wins 9 to 7 in returning STAR Power.

    This translate to Pitt 31 – Virginia 20.

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  28. WARNING: A warning for those attending the POV tailgate tomorrow — don’t get too close to Fran.

    Fran —and his partner Tom —were on fire on the golf course today and Fran likely will still be smoldering tomorrow!

    Hail to Pitt!


  29. Chryst Haters… please hide your eyes.

    Wisconsin up 27-0 against South Florida… in the FIRST Half.

    Already THREE TDs for the Back someone labeled as the “Next Earl Campbell” before he ever left High School.

    And here’s the WORST part. Chryst going with last year’s Starting Quarterback Jack Coan over 5 Star True Freshman Graham Mertz.

    As previously pointed out, Chryst’s BIGGEST problem was his loyalty to Players (See Tino Sunseri).

    Can a National Championship for Paul Chryst’s Wisconsin Badgers be too far off?

    OK, back to your Regular Programming.


    1. yes a 5-star QB but still a natural frosh. He may see soon some action and eventually ease in a starter, but for now, all the Wisc QB has to do is hand the ball off to the best RB around, and don’t throw any INTs

      Did you know that after this game, Wisconsin doesn’t leave Madison until Oct 26? (to Columbus OH)


  30. Never in my life have I played golf with a guy who made more putts in a round than Fran “The Franchise” Lokar and his partner Tom did today in the POV Kickoff Golf Outing. They were “lit” 🔥🔥🔥 as the kids would say.

    Great time. Loved my partner John (MajorMajors). We were in the hunt but John’s partner faltered down the stretch. I won’t quit my day job.

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  31. I slept in today…old farts need sleep.
    Had a blast yesterday and a big thanks to Gordon for getting us on to Willowbrook Country Club.


    1. I second that thanks to Gordon. And thanks again to Andy.

      Really enjoyed playing the Willowbrook course and especially in the company of Eric, Tom and Fran.

      And my thanks to Reed for bringing us together and to MM for keeping us together…

      Hail to Pitt.

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  32. To keep things in perspective today, how ‘bout some thoughts and prayers for our fellow Panther fans dealing with health issues, including Rachel, BigB, ike, and Eric.

    Hail to Pitt.

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    1. Thanks John, I know I have been praying for Rachel, Eric and The BigB for a while now. Also still wondering and worried about Emel. Where are you brother?


    1. actually PoD, that game could be pretty intriguing, Yes, WVU should win, especially at Morgantown … but the Eers have a new coach, a new QB, etc


  33. Problem is with these initial Games, in a lot of cases you really don’t know who’s going to be good and who’s not.

    One thing for sure, for JMU to have a chance, DiNucci needs to protect the Ball.

    That’s always been his weakness… playing a little TOO loose.


      1. But I am optimistic about Pickett in Whipple’s Offense.

        Whipple isolates things, narrows the focus in terms of where you’re going with the Ball and who you’re throwing to.

        And it’s designed to happen QUICKLY… no time to think.

        That SHOULD help things.

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  34. I’d say his weakness is a lack of arm strength and a slow delivery. If he throws too many floaters WV guys are pretty fast and will get the jump on them. Also will he get much time to throw?

    Hopefully Pickett’s decision making has improved from experience and he gets time to make them.

    The game rests on O-line performance today.

    Hopefully Fran’s tailgate won’t be the highlight of the evening. No offense Fran.

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    1. Yes gc, the O-line and keeping Perkins in the pocket are two big keys along with me building a big fire in the fire-PITT to ward off the Hoos, you all have a great time today and bring home a winner!


  35. Hey Bernie, keep an eye out for Patrick Jones Sr, he stays at the Hyatt. Warren Panther does as well, tell them both I said hello. (Mr Jones won’t remember me but Warren Panther will)


  36. Great time yesterday out at Willowbrook and thanks to Gordon and Fran for pulling it off.

    As a South Hills native, I had no idea so many people lived in the eastern part of WPA. Our world stopped at the Squirrel Hill tunnels. 🙂

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  37. Jones family lives about 20 minutes from me in Chesapeake… met the whole family at WF last year. Very nice people… I couldn’t figure where Jones2 got the inner rage he plays with?????

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow… wow, I am about to turn 68 and I look around and the playground of life is full of new kids to play with….Isn’t God great!!!

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    1. Hey B, the game is tonight not tomorrow. LOL. Happy early Birthday wish from Angie and myself and an early congratulations on your brand new Grand Child!! Now get on with a PITT VICTORY!! ……. and God is indeed great!


  38. Virginia’s QB running worries me, not his passing. He will have big runs but Pitt has to limit them.

    I see only two new OL. Houy and Warren. The Michigan transfer and Hargrove have played lots of football. That being said, the grad transfer worries me more.

    I think Whipple’s offense does enough to win.


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  39. Bernie – Dinucci’s pose was one of the best. Too bad he didn’t do enough to pose more often! Doubt he’ll ever get the chance to do the Heisman Pose!!


  40. appears that Shady is being released by the Bills. Likely a salary cut casualty although I have no idea how he is performing these days


    1. BTW Whiskey, forgot to mention it was great to meet you… have a blast in the Burgh. Big Bernie will surely show you a great time along with the Fran/Wolfe/JoeL/Scooter tailgate. Enjoy


  41. not likely a trifecta kind of day as PSU likely to win, but WVU at risk and of course our potential SOP Panthers.

    Hoping and praying for everyone’s health more so than caring about wins but won’t we all feel better for a week if Pitt gets off to a solid start with a win today?

    I’m most skeptical of KP and very hopeful for the Whipple effect. Not sure how PoD KNOWS, but if he does, I am a huge fan – both of the Whip and PoD!!!

    I’m going to say the semi-loud crowd will be a factor and though cliche’,think turnovers will win this game. Pickett IS NOT prone to them so even though Weaver won’t be there to cause any, I am counting on Jones and Dane and everyone on D to be the difference makers.

    Pitt 24
    Bad Guys 22


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  42. Whiskey. My man!
    Welcome aboard the tailgate train.
    All the high energy guys at the front of the train..
    This train has no caboose!


  43. To show you what kind of brethren we have formed at the POV….. I have never met nor spoken to @formerlywbb. Nor was he in attendance yesterday at the Golf Outing. Yet he gives me a shout out of kindness relating to my ability to attend and play golf.

    Kudos to you wbb.

    There are some really good people here on the POV. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this great group.

    Thanks Reed. Thanks MM. You guys are at the core of this tremendous community.

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  44. With new bowls this year almost all teams with 6 and even 5 wins wins will be in a bowl. Depends on whether bowl sponsor makes $.


  45. Hello Panther brethren,

    Can anyone here provide a free streaming link for tonight’s game?

    I’m here on the outskirts of Phila., hence I am an Xfinity/Comcast subscriber. Which obviously does not fare well for one whose been looking fwd to this game for months now.

    Any info would be helpful in terms of alternatives to a non-existent ACC NETWORK in these parts (Eastern PA).

    Advanced thanks !


    *If someone above addressed this already, I apologize for the redundancy. But as of now I cannot get through 132 comments at this time.


      1. Thanks dan,
        I’m hoping we get the same opportunity here in Philly (to stream the game, that is).
        There have been some games in the recent past — albeit not many — where a situation occurs and ESPN has provided, for ex, a stream for both ESPNU & ESPN3 (no subs necessary).
        For ESPN to lock out thousands of fans due to Comcast/Xfinity reticence -carrying the ACCN- would be a REALLY bad look indeed.
        Thanks for your update, friend.


    1. This place has the game listed under American Football, but who knows how the link will work. It’s one of the very few sports sites still up that works. Have all your ad blockers up and anti-virus software working.

      Click on “Broadcasts”


      1. I cannot access Roku, lol. But I’ve been looking into Reddit and ESPN3.
        If I have to, I’ll drag myself out to a sports bar!!
        Thanks for your response.
        Much appreciated.


  46. Sitting waiting to get into the parking lot…lots of Pitt gear ong the crowd. Good to see!!
    Pay parking on the street only until 2:30 when the lots open. But they are all presold only. Then they tow off the streets. Great plan.


  47. Dan, Neil on Comcast you will not be able to watch any ACCNetwork games. I just tested my Comcast ESPN3 access for the current NC State East Carolina game on ACCN and was denied access.—-You guys can sign up for the game via a free trial through HULU, YouTube TV and several others that are streaming the ACCN games. You can also go to the ACCN website and put in your zip code and they will give you a complete list of those sites that have access to the ACC games.—If you go to HULU make sure you sign up for HULU Live TV and their 7 day free trial not just HULU. They have several plans but the Live TV plan is what you will need to watch the Pitt game today.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Lee Corso the only commentator at ESPN to pick Pitt.—Rumor has it the NIKE store at Pitt has been absolutely jammed from 9:30 this morning. Only problem is they are running out of merchandise and many sizes are hard to find. Looks like football is back in full force at Pitt.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Mid-Atlantic states with FIOS can get ACC on Channel 829.

    I’ll chip in with game thoughts.

    VA returns nine starters from a defense ranked 20th in the nation last season. 47th in rushing defense and 16th in passing defense. I think that carries the day against an almost brand new offense personnel-wise. I’d rather we played VA the 3rd or 4th game after our offense shakes out a bit.

    VA – 31
    Pitt – 23

    Regarding our conversation about Salahuddin yesterday… I’d want him on the team to see what he did both when healthy and a year or two older – remember Hall didn’t shine until his SR year then kicked in a 1144 yards (7.5 ypc!) and 10 TDs as a senior. Three years ago we had Pitt fans on here thinking Hall sucked because he didn’t do anything right away.

    Anyway… water under the bridge.

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  50. Ike, I’m getting ready to sign in for the 7 day trial to HULU live TV shortly and I’m assuming you were able to do so fairly quickly without facing any technical problems?


    1. jrn, Your TV has to be newer model 2016 and up. Have the model # of the TV you plan on using or to the latest model you have available. Do you have a play station or Xbox? They work as well. If not, hustle down to the nearest best buy and get a Roku. Very easy to hook up. Hulu associates are very easy to work with and informative but I suggest you be prepared when you call at this late hour. No way you will get the ACCN otherwise. F Comcast. Sorry Mike but I’m not sorry!!!!! ike


  51. WV QB off target so far, lucky to be in the game, probably pull it out though.

    I am headed for the vaunted POV Tailgate. See you down there.

    No from the field commentary, thanks to Word Press, probably for the best.

    I love reading the live commentary though, very funny stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  52. Pitt 31-20. UVA scores a late 4th quarter TD to make it appear closer than it actually was.

    UVA lost to Indiana, NC State, Pitt, GT and VT last season and finished 4-4 in the ACC. I see a team that went 2-4 on the road with the road wins over weak Ohio and Duke teams … and a team that had 5 overall losses against a not particularly difficult schedule.

    I see a very similar season and a team that does not live up to expectations for UVA. They look like a team that peaked. I was at the UVA game last season and I cannot imagine that much of an improved team, especially on the road in the first game of the season.

    I think Pitt’s OL is more balanced and can actually pass protect … and that Whipple will get the ball into the playmaker’s hands. I see two interceptions from the secondary and a UVA team that cannot move the ball on the ground. I see a Pitt team hyped to be playing under the lights and wearing new uniforms that scores a bunch of first half points while closing it out with a ground game in the second half.

    For a team predicted to win the conference, I find it telling that UVA is not even ranked and only a 2.5 point favorite.


  53. I agree TT and imo the point spread speaks more toward the lack of respect for PITT than it does for the admiration for UVA? Of course I’ve been an outsider my whole life so……… I’m good! … Bring it on rich boys… ike


  54. Ike – Haha. I didn’t mention that I see through the bottom of a beer bottle … 😬. That will be my excuse when I’m wrong anyways.

    This was a pretty positive camp. We can usually hear the warning signs in the bad seasons via camp momentum. I get the feeling that the team is ready.

    Canada turned a pile of 🤫 into 💍… Whipple had a history of getting good offenses installed quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

  55. KP sucks echoing all around my seating area…..

    Great coching on special teams and offense so far. Hey Whipple, hand the ball off this kid can’t throw.


  56. Cant blame the defense. Offense blows. And while this is happening, the molesters put up 80 on a team we’d barely beat!

    Way to embarrass Fralic.


  57. Whipple is a genius……or everyone might be right about a 2 and 3 star team with a mediocre coach……or we just suck.

    KENNY has not thrown a good pass today. Looks good in shorts and in a gym with his coach, but….any expert apologists see something in his vision or footwork I’m missing???


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