Pitt opens against Virginia on Saturday, and I approach the game with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation.  On one hand, there is a nearly palpable sense of confidence radiating from the Southside, and if you quiet your mind and turn your ear towards the Mon you can nearly make out the faintest of whispers saying, this year is different.  It is a siren song that Pitt fans yearn to believe.  One that is backed by the steely gazes of the upperclassman, and heard in the timbre of their voices.  It is projected through the stolid words of center Jimmy Morrissey, inferred by body language of the wide receivers licking their chops as they talk about the the passing game, and made that much more audible by grim determination of quarterback Kenny Pickett.

And yet for every reason to believe, there are a dozen reasons not to.  Jimmy Morrissey’s confidence?  There are four first-year starters surrounding him.  Those wide receivers?  Useless if they can’t get the ball.  And Kenny Pickett?  The last time we saw him, he was  nothing more than a shell-shocked sophomore, gritting his way through the last three games of the season.  Oh and don’t even get me started on the running backs and tight ends.

There are fewer questions on defense, but they are there.  The loss of Rashad Weaver was unfortunate, but the defensive line is drawing rave reviews even without him…if you believe the hype.  The linebackers have enough pieces to be solid…at least on paper.  The secondary has more talent and depth than it’s had in years…if Paris Ford delivers.

Special teams should be fine, I think, as long as our down-under punter can  manage to show up for the game without a hangover…and keep the laces out.

Head coach Pat Narduzzi is downplaying things, and surely this means he is hiding something.  Assistant coaches Dave Borbley (offensive line) and Chris Beatty (wide receivers) have been refreshingly candid, refreshingly optimistic.  Surely they have no reason to mislead the public.  Oh I want to believe!

Still, I am nervous.  Pitt opens this season against ACC Coastal favorite Virginia. You could argue this is Pitt’s most meaningful opening game in nearly three decades (1991, West Virginia…although 2008 @ #15 Utah could also be a candidate).  During that span Pitt fans have been selectively bred to be mistrustful.  You can count on your right hand the number of times Pitt has delivered in this type of situation.

And so despite the siren song emanating from the south bank of the Mon, despite the tangible excitement around Pitt’s new colors and branding, and despite the fact that we are in year five of Head Coach Pat Narduzzi’s regime, I can’t help but to approach gameday with a gambler’s emotion.  For the gambler is both titillated and terrified until the dice are rolled.  And us Pitt fans, we are gamblers.  The currency is our emotions themselves, and the outcome will bring us either misery or euphoria.  We will revel in the momentum of defending our Coastal Crown, or we will drown in the depression of yet another missed opportunity.  Yes, Saturday night is a spin of the wheel, a flop of the cards, and a proverbial toss of the dice.  We can only hope that first toss comes up seven.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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  1. If they play as well as you write MM, it won’t even be close. IF…..IF…….

    I’ll admit I’m nervous as hell, but still optimistic.

    Hopefully we’ll be lucky because “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. ”


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  2. MM – well done. I’m right there with you wanting to believe things will be different (a good winning performance in a big game) but dreading that things will be the same (we fall on our faces in the big game)..

    The Texas Panther posse is poised to pounce. Yet I’ve seen some good things on the oh so brief videos that we get to see…

    It seems to come down to can our QB play well enough to offset their QB. Many are skeptical. I think our investment in KP is about to pay off — but I recognize I could be wrong, especially in the first game under a new system…

    One thing for sure, thanks to Fran and Company, the pre-game tailgate will be awesome. But will we be smiling like butcher’s dogs at the post-game tailgate – or won’t there be one…

    Whoa Nellie!

    Hail to Pitt.

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  3. MM …your finest writing has captured the feelings of all of us…..especially us oldsters.
    I wanna believe, I do have a feel this group may be the best we’ve seen….but…maybe it’s just Better PR at Pitt under Heather. My head says Pitt is in for a very rough night. But please, can we at least look like a well coached team? No flubbed extra points, fgs or punts….snap count discipline, call the correct field position on the toss…look like a well coached team and I can live with most anything. Dont look like SOP!!!

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    1. I’ll take winning hideously versus losing and looking….well, losing in any way, shape or form.

      Exception: winning involving pedophilia or child abuse – PSUX
      Allowance for: minor animal abuse….if consensual – WVU

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  4. A bit off topic, but here’s an extract of a comment posted by a reader on the Panther Lair site. If Chris Peak or Jim Hammett had written it, I wouldn’t share it. It’s full of really important observations by Lyke that I thought some of you should see it. BTW, Panther Lair is a great site and I encourage you to check it out

    Here is a quick recap of Heather Lyke’s speech at the ACBA last night. This was her third year at the ACBA and it was a great presentation.

    Comcast waited 18 months to add the Big Ten Network, and the ACC expects it to take just as long for them to add the ACCN.

    Comcast’s contract with Disney/ESPN ends in two years and they expect those negotiations to give the ACC more leverage. Disney/ESPN are fully committed to the ACCN.

    The ACC launched the ACCN on the same timeline as the BTN, and they did so intentionally for the Comcast negotiations process.

    When Comcast adds the ACCN, it will result in $45 million more for the league per year, which will be about $3 million more per school, per year. That’s a big deal.

    Lyke gave Pitt Athletics a “D” grade overall. We finished 137 out of 354 D-1 schools in the Director’s Cup. We’ve been last or next to last in the ACC every year. Last year we were last in the ACC by about 40 spots. The top 7 in the ACC are consistently top 30.

    Lyke gave Pitt at “D” because of 3 factors:

    1) We don’t win enough. Winning is contagious and winning ACC games across the board is essential. Basically, we have Volleyball and Football and everything else is very bad. She’s very clear that winning is how coaches will be judged. I would not expect losing coaches to be around long.

    2) Pitt Athletics is not on a sustainable financial footing or path – I can’t remember which word she used – but she is working with her team and Chancellor Gallagher to put Pitt on sound financial footing.

    3) Pitt’s facilities are in very poor shape. She talked about how embarrassing and unacceptable it is that Pitt relies on 50 year facilities to house its athletics programs. (more on this in a second).

    Lyke didn’t go into details, but said there are structural problems (or barriers) with how the University funds and supports athletics, which needs to be overcome for Pitt Athletics to be on a sound financial path. She’s working with Gallagher to make these changes, but it’s a slow process.

    PSU has no interest in playing us again in the future. And when asked, she said it’s possible that Pitt will play WVU after our upcoming 4 games, but Lyke did not sound like it was something Pitt wanted to do. She made a remark that, “We know they (WVU) will play us any time.” If I had to guess, I would say it’s not likely we’ll see more WVU on the schedule.

    Lyke didn’t get into many details about it, but she mentioned Victory Heights. She said it would cost about $300 million to complete the project. Funding is the obstacle (obviously).

    Christian Speers said it will take 45 months to complete the whole Victory Heights project.

    In an interesting exchange, the father of a Pitt Volleyball player asked if his true freshmen daughter would get to play in a modern, new facility and Speers said, if she red-shirts this year there is a chance.

    Lyke said he believes she will have her answer on whether the University will approve the development of Victory Heights by the end of September. Gallagher and the Board will decide.

    She said her approach/view is that if the University announces that it will happen, funding will become easier because people will believe it’s actually happening. The implication (as I took it) was that others (maybe Gallagher and the Board) need to see more fundraising guaranteed first.

    Either way, sounds like we should have some indication about whether we expect the Victory Heights project to move forward in the next few years this fall.

    She also talked about how Pitt’s brand cannot just be about 1 sport like it was in the past (implication was basketball) even if it’s very good, because if it goes through a down period, we completely lose our brand identity.

    She also talked about the IMG/Leerfield media split a little, and talked about why we went with JMI instead. She said IMG didn’t share her vision for Pitt, basically viewed Pitt as a minor property and implied that IMG was not willing to do the work to sell Pitt Athletics to the corporate community in Pittsburgh.

    JMI shares her view of Pitt Athletics’ potential. IMG was only willing to give Pitt 1 year extension on their media rights deal at the same rate as 2018, so she walked away. The new deal with JMI is for 16 years and guarantees a minimum doubling of Pitt’s payment beginning this year over what IMG was willing to pay. She didn’t touch the litigation between Pitt and IMG.

    IMG has 99% of the college market, but JMI now has Kentucky, Clemson, Pitt, and a couple Ivy’s. I think she said they also have ND and Georgia, but I don’t see that online.

    We added Women’s Lacrosse and cut tennis, because of the ACC network. There will be 4 spring sports on the ACCN – baseball, softball, and men’s and women’s lacrosse – and we were only going to have 2 of the 4 spots and we needed at least 3 to take advantage of our television opportunities.

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    1. very good summary
      Heather really didnt say anything that wasnt already known or implied but it does appear that Pitt is communicating more for the public

      For instance, the $300M price tag for Victory Heights. But how is fundraising going? What amount must be financed by floating a bond and can Pitt use debt or will they BK the university with this project. Many a school has gone into huge debt for these capital projects. But Pitt is very conservative when it comes to debt financing.

      adding womens lacrosse was a no brainer but what other sports programs are being considered? Hockey anyone? Did she mention the findings from the NHL feasibility study? What sports does she think Pitt can really excel in the ACC? I’d think hockey would be one. Wrestling already is given the fertile recruiting ground in PA.

      JMI was a good choice. Pitt is sueing IMG for $3M

      Both Trees and Fitzgerald are dinosaurs and very costly to maintain each year. Pitt’s 2 best programs – volleyball and wrestling – play in that 70 year old dump. It obviously isnt impacting winning or recruiting that much but it would be nice to have a modern venue with AC.

      I would grade overall Pitt sports as a F. Pitt was the worst P-5 school in the Directors Cup and it wasnt even close. A grade of D is too generous.

      Lets hope Heather holds coaches accountable for wins. Previous AD’s did not.

      Pitt is in a much tougher conference now. Winning is far more difficult. Best basketball league. Best lacrosse league. Best soccer league. Going up against schools that generate more revenues than Pitt ad take their sports seriously. Sports is a religion and students identify with sports.

      Pitt has a financial problem because it has a revenue problem. The new network might add another $10M annually per school over time but schools will spend that money as quickly as it comes in and most schools are already out of pocket $10-$15M for the start-up investment for their studios.

      Increasing donations are the key. Huge opportunity there since Pitt has over 350k living alumni and a paltry giving rate for sports. Winning will help but there needs to be a culture change. Pitt needs to do a far better job connecting with current students and building future supporters. Did Heather say anything in regards to how sports can be woven into the fabric of a students experience. Anything about ways to increase school spirit and pride? New traditions?

      Pitt has to fully fund scholies for athletes. There are few if any endowments from what I understand. Thats a reason why Pitt has higher expenses in running sports. Maybe thats what Heather means about possible changes with BoT approval. Right now Pitt subsidizes sports to the tune of $10M each year or around 15% of the sports budget. Thats actually on the high end for P-5 schools.

      Would love to get the Hoopies back in the regular rotation. Pitt needs to sell out Heinz and WVU is one of the few teams that could do it. Also nice rivalry in basketball.

      Lastly, I agree that Pitt’s brand just cant be one sport. But did Heather say anything about what the Pitt brand should stand for? The identity? For instance, when one thinks of Pitt sports, what words come to mind? There arent many good words right now (maybe ‘clean’ programs). Pitt’s brand despite the popping colors is in the gutter right now.

      Thanks again for the nice summary Joe.

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      1. It’s subjective, but a grade of D is probably about right in my opinion due to the impact of the 2 major sports, the only ones 95% of people care about. But regardless, it doesn’t really matter at this point, what matters is the trajectory, and I hope that’s headed in the right direction. Time will tell.

        As for the hoopies, this is also subjective, it seems Pitt fans are split on this, but I do not think we should play them in either major sport. I’m fine with playing them in any of the other, minor sports.

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      2. YW Tx.

        “Lyke said he believes she will have her answer on whether the University will approve the development of Victory Heights by the end of September. Gallagher and the Board will decide.” – this why you aren’t getting much info.

        The BOT – despite what some have suggested – are not stupid, and know they have to do something. Status quo is not an option and Victory Heights appears to be a practical approach to bring the facilities forward to this century. So, the pressure is now on them to do something. It’s stay in the ACC or leave frankly. And Gallagher has to know that too.

        One has to believe that not only the BOT, but the Administration and faculty must really like being associated with the likes of UVA, Duke, UNC and so on. How could they not? They aren’t going to step away from this. I’m sure the good ole boys on Tobacco Road have also hinted in the nicest, most polite Southern way that it’s expected. And bless their hearts, btw.

        That same BOT is going to be called upon to raise money with Heather to get this done. So, she won’t be going it alone. I’ve sat on boards on non-profits and it’s a standard expectation of board members. Would guess it’s the same here. Anybody else here that has sat on a non-profit board can vouch for that (or refute).

        This is coming.

        I guess that’s a long-winded way of me encouraging you to be a bit patient. Let’s see what gets announced in Q4 once Heather has her feedback.


        1. $300M for the whole shebang is a lot of dough for Pitt particularly when they average only $8M in donations every year.

          And Pitt wont be touching their $3.5B endowment for this capital project. Has to be financed the old fashioned way either through debt (Pitt is very debt adverse) or upfront monies like donations and naming rights/advertising contracts.

          The project is a long time coming though and actually has been talked about for years. Maintenance on those older buildings is very costly (a major reason given for Pitt stadiums demo) and ACC membership has certain facility standards like AC for indoor venues.

          Pitt is really going to find it tough I believe to fundraise for programs that are not historically well attended or supported. Would have been far easier raising money for a MPC that supported programs that were self sufficient and would be able to benefit more than 4 sports…and sports would have been just one use or function.

          Missed opportunity by not aiming higher if you ask me. Pitt would find it easier to raise $300M for a $700M project that brought Pitt football back to campus and so the basketball team could use for NC and Duke games that could draw 30k.

          PPG gets to host the Frozen 4, college wrestling championship and the womens volleyball championship. Imagine if Pitt built a venue that could host Final 4’s, international soccer games and other special events. Pitt should have watched more Mister Rogers.


    2. Joe this is a great post and probably worthy of its own article. I will probably dig it back up during the offseason and use it for the core of a bigger “state of Pitt athletics” theme. Thanks for posting!


      1. Maestro- I would imagine that Heather would consent to an interview on this topic when you are ready to do that. EJ would make it happen for you.


  5. Really nice work Michael and thanks JoeL for the column update.

    The above picture of the O-Line makes the young men look like 5 bad asses. Warren looks the part doesn’t he?

    I think I’ll plop the farm down on PITT this year and go double or nothing. I’m all in (again). What other choice do I or any of you have? I raise a glass of pepto bismol to our Panthers!!

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  6. Thanks for the words, MM. Profound as usual. I won’t be able to watch the game as I’m heading to Argentina for a week. Hoping to celebrate a win with lots of Malbec.

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  7. Just looked at academic ratings for schools… We come in as a 4 way tie for 70th… So why all the hullabaloo about academics when we are middle of the road both athletically and academically plus the bottom dweller in the Direcors Cup standings…..PITTIFUL showing and sitting on an endowment that generates millions in interest. THE ONLY WAY IS UP. Might as well lead with sports all you have to do is win and the D Cup standings rise.. 2 outta three ain’t bad…. Get that Academic ranking up there Patrick G… Duke, Wake, GT, Carolina, BC , CMU are ahead of us. Heck, we’re so far away from them – not even in their shadow…

    BTW, I like the pic of the OL… grown men… “Get’r done,”

    Win Saturday and PITT IS IN THE CONVERSATION at least for the week and only on the ACCN. Who knows – beat theHOOS and maybe we get ranked!!! A victory sets the season up to be special…LETS END A 3 GAME LOSING STREAK!!!! H2P

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  8. I, for one, was very impressed by what Heather presented. It seems the tone of Pitt Athletics has finally changed, both from Oakland and the Southside …. no more sugarcoating. This is what happens when you join a major conference …. put up or shut up. It was bound to happen .. this is not the Big East anymore when everything was basketball, and all other sports hung to its shirttails.

    Well, nothing is going to happen overnight …. and the perceived patience of the typical Pitt fan will be tried even more now. But the ‘put up or shut up’ phrase applies just as much to the alums as it does to the school …. if not more. As an outsider (non-alum), I have been following Pitt sports via blogs (primarily Blather and POV) and it has tried my patience time and again of all of the complaints here without looking in the mirror. Last in contributions to the athletic programs and near last in attendance (NOT ONLY IN FOOTBALL).

    Now, I realize the real problem is not with POV contributors/followers … you people mostly attend and contribute (I assume). I certainly don’t know this for a fact but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ACC admin gave the message to Heather and Gallagher that the Director Cup rating for Pitt is abysmal. If Pitt is going to collect all this $$$ from the ACC, it is time that it steps up in all sports.

    I can see it now. Some here will place the blame on Heather and Gallagher as well as the BOT … because that is what you do. This, of course, has little to do with the current admin but POVers has to blame someone. But just remember …. when it comes to the overall ACC sports landscape, football is probably the least of Pitt’s issues. Pitt FB’s league record over the past 4 years is 20-12, a .625 winning percentage.

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    1. The ACC is also very concerned about their brand.

      Pitt being the worst performing school in overall P5 sports sullies that brand.

      Playing in 70 year old facilities that don’t have basic ac is also a black mark on the conference. Heather gets this and I’m sure she has been told by the ACC brass.

      Pitt in all likelihood has been placed on a PIP.

      Pitts biggest issue is revenues. Revenues allows a school to compete by hiring the best coaches and having the best facilities.

      Donations are a huge driver of revenues. There is huge opportunity with Pitt here given the numbers of living alumni and nearly non existent giving rates. But it will take winning.

      Moreover, it will take a cultural change. Students today and current alumni generally do not feel connected to Pitt through sports. It’s not part of our identity. If the ACC commissioned a survey on school spirit and pride related to sports, Pitt would most likely place near the bottom.

      Posters on this forum and the Lair are your most passionate fans and most likely donors to sports programs. We are a very very small minority. At most ACC schools, they have far greater numbers of passionate fans and many being subway alums. Pitt Sports just isn’t in a students or alumni’s DNA.

      That’s why changing the culture is so important.

      That’s why a movement for an on campus MPC can help achieve that end. Helps better connect fans to the school and is a revenue driver.

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  9. Another superb effort by the Maestro. Really captures the essence (angst) of being a Pitt Fan.

    At least the O-line looks the part, they are the key this year.

    The first step to solving a problem is recognizing you have one, it seems that Heather gets it. Only time will tell if she can energize the force needed to address the problem. Can she convince Gallagher and the BoT to provide the resources necessary to make a long needed change in institutional culture? A change big enough to mobilize and motivate Pitt Alumni to open their pocket books? A change in the culture that values athletes and sports?

    It won’t be easy to turn around the old rusty cruise ship that is Pitt Athletics, when it isn’t even mentioned in the Mission Statement and has been an afterthought with the minor exceptions of Football and Basketball forever.

    Hopefully joining the ACC has provided the spark that lights the fuse. Pitt needs to forget about the past, put PSU and WV in the rearview mirror and recognize that our new rivals exist in the ACC.

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  10. Looking forward to seeing our POV golfers tomorrow and the rest of you at the Tailgate.
    Hoping that wbb makes a surprise appearance. Still hoping to meet Ike this year..
    You too PoD. Reed has often pointed out how many read the POV but never comment,
    Come and meet the POVers.

    Looking for some renewed energy on Saturday and hoping for some great comments on Sunday,
    no matter the outcome.

    Rejoined the Pitt Varsity Letter Club this year, they are really doing some good things.
    Seem to be much more active and heading in the right direction. Suggest any of you old lettermen sign up.


    1. GC — I see where Pitt is inviting VLC members down on the field pre-game for the Miami game. They used to do this for one game each year, but hadn’t done it the last couple years.

      It’s a great experience to be on the field during warm-up and when the team comes out of the tunnel…

      Hail to Pitt.


    2. GC, I am attending the game but not the tailgate. I am going with an old friend (and Pitt alum) who qualifies as a handicap due to a knee replacement. He walks with a cane. We will be parking near the stadium and likely sitting on the visitor’s side in the handicap area in the 5th deck between the 40 yard lines. Did that a couple of times last year — great seats.

      Every handicap is allowed 1 guest … we still pay for the seats.


  11. And to Michaelangelo, well done, good read!

    Wow…2 days away… One day away from me taking advantage of Youtube TV’s 2 week free trial…


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  12. MM I enjoyed the post. Thank you for all you do for all of us readers/followers. This week is big game. It will tell us how good we are or how bad it will be this year. Virginia is a solid team with good coaching. I usually don’t put a lot into first game but this is very important game to set the tone for the season. H2P. Friends of Pitt

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  13. Speaking of the ACCN…

    Obviously, the network is limited by the lack of highlights due to the fact that the fall sports are just now starting. But for me, so far so good.

    Great documentary on Clemson showing the behind the scenes. Easy to see how Dabo is able to REEL in the 4 and 5 Stars. Who wouldn’t want to play for him and hang out at his pool?

    Also pleasantly surprised by the morning show of Packer and Durham. Pretty basic set up given that it is actually based in Packer’s basement.

    If you haven’t caught their schtick, I would suggest everyone give them a shot.

    Really bring a lot of information and insight to the table, especially Durham.


    1. Wes Durham is the real deal. Does falcons play by play and frequent radio guest down here in ATL


  14. Just spoke with BigB…he’s on the road with Bad Bernie.
    The Weekend with the Bernies begins!
    Excellent article Maestro.
    Looks like close to 50 POVerts and friends passing through the tailgate tomorrow.

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  15. Fran, I would appreciate pictures to help me get through the day and over the fact that I will not be there. I know you all will have a blast!!

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  16. I was also encouraged by Heather’s remarks. The BOT had to understand when accepting the ACC invite that it not only meant a safe haven with good revenues, but also would require the school to step up financially to improve the existing facilities.

    At the same time, it’s appropriate for Gallagher to press Lyke to show a plan and some early results in fund-raising before fully opening the wallet. Gallagher needs to be a part of that fund-raising, as do members of the BOT. And speaking of the BOT, this folks should be pressed by Gallagher to step up their personal financial commitments as any Board member in a volunteer organization is expected.

    And Peduto should have to pay double for wanting to get the North Shore fully developed and thus robbing fans of tailgating lots 😉

    Jumping on a plane from San Diego in 30 min and hope to see many tomorrow At Willowbrook.

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    1. $300M is a huge price tag for Victory Heights. But it would provide new homes for 4 programs and one has been without one since 1999 which is criminal

      Typically these projects get green-lighted once certain fundraising hurdles are met. Upfront monies are critical to have much this project actually materializes.

      In all likelihood, it will be scaled back unless some big whales come into the picture. Unfortunately, attendance revenues will have minimal impact in helping finance this initiative.

      I just cant help but scratch my head as to why this project isnt being talked about more. I have not received one e-mail, mail letter or phone call asking for my donation, selling the vision, telling me whats in it for me. Thats inexcusable.

      A project like this could unite fans. It could help connect one back to campus. The campaign could help educate fans about sports and the Pitt culture. It could get fans engaged. Pitt is blowing this opportunity.


      1. Pitt’s # 1 weakness and # 1 opportunity is fan and alumni outreach and engagement. Hiring one person or simply investing just a little bit more with JMI to have someone send emails is such low hanging fruit that it’s almost painful for me to write this


        1. simple constant and consistent communications can substantially improve engagement levels. Pitt has so many dormant and silent fans that just need some outreach to awaken them and make them active.

          Pitt has over 350k living alumni alone. This doesnt even count those ‘subway’ alums like wbb. Right now Pitt receives about $8M annually in sports donations. And I believe that Pitt’s giving rate is only about 2% meaning only around 7,000 alumni donate to Pitt sports.

          Just think if Pitt could get an extra 3% to donate with an average donation at $100. Thats an incremental $1M in donations. Baby steps. And based on my experience, targeted gifts work best…make a donation for a new weight machine for mens wrestling, make a donation for new sports turf for the womens soccer field, earmark your money to lease a jet for recruiting, purchase a brick for the new volleyball venue and we’ll scribe your name on the face, etc

          so many creative marketing ways for people to give Pitt their money

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    1. If your cable provider has not signed on to the ACCN network ESPN3 will not be available to watch the game.


  17. Gasman, in one word absolutely not at this time.

    Another word from the wise here. Signed up for Hulu, the agent walked me through the process and it’s not hard to do BUT!!! Your internet has to have a certain speed AND! your TV has to be as new as 2016. Luckily I had a Roku laying around not being used so I hooked that up to my TV and BOOM. I got the ACCN.

    I still feel that Comcast will definitely come around but will it be sooner or later? Time for sleeping on Comcast is now over. Make your move, Hulu is free for 7 days (not 30) you have to get Hulu Live. Don’t know anything about YouTube Live If you don’t want to keep Hulu after the 7 day free trial make sure you call and cancel.


    1. The thing with Youtube TV, for those considering it, is that they extended their free 2 week trial thru Sept 13th or 14 I think, so if you sign up for that now, you get Pitt’s first two games, then the psu game will be on another network, so that will take you until the 4th game needing to make a decision (keep youtube tv or try something else).

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      1. I’m at my camp in Maine where the Internet speed rivals that of a rock.
        Plus, I have Comcast.
        In other words, screwed.

        Does Pitt stream Bill Hillgrove’s melodic voice over their website?
        Otherwise, I am reduced to espn gamecast.


  18. Hulu, Roku, and Joe Knew all rhyme…
    Coincidence? I think NOT!

    Yep, the weekend has started.


  19. Anyone with Direct TV know what’s going on with the ACC Network? I called to order and they had no idea what the hell I was talking about. A Duke blogger had the same issue. Last Thursday when the network started, I magically had it on channel 612. Is this a permanent thing or a free trial? Either way, I’m making the three hour trip to Heinz this Saturday.

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    1. Someone may answer it below as I go through the posts, you need to have the “Choice” package with DirecTV and if so, it is on channel 612. If you don’t, either upgrade or add a “Sports” package which is $13.99 per month and you again have channel 612.


  20. Nice article!

    Whipple’s UMass offenses averaged 283 passing yards per game over his tenure as head coach (5-years?) according to Pittsburgh Sports Now. That may have been our two game average last season… We will likely see some INTs as we work the kinks out over the first few games. Will Narduzzi pump the brakes on the passing attack with a small lead or a few INTs? Can’t wait to find out.

    Pitt goes deep on their first offensive play of the game!

    We may only win six or seven games, but this season is going to be interesting for sure. Lots of new faces and growing pains, a new scheme, and possibly a solid defense…

    Beat the Hoos!

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  21. ajs32, direct tv is supposed to have it …that’s who I may switch to if Dish doesn’t come through.


  22. So here I go and get Hulu and yeah bla bla bla so I put on the ACCN channel to give it a test run while I get to my honey do list to see if it freezes up or starts that death circle crap. So far so good as I listen and watch these two goofs Durham and Packer. Did they NOT get the memo that PITT is now a member of the ACC? PITT gets almost zero mention and NO respect! I already hate it!


  23. So how much credit does Pitt get if they upset VA? I don’t know what the point spread is but they should be getting more than a few since VA has a strong defense, A Heisman candidate QB and Pitt has an unknown offense with new O-line and RB’s, plus a QB that has shown little greatness so far. Not to mention losing their biggest star on defense.

    We do know if it is a loss they will be tortured by many here and on the media, who love when Pitt loses.

    But face it if Pitt wins it is an upset, how big of one is yet to be determined, but if they lose, look out the fire Narduzzi drumbeat will get loud real fast.

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  24. Line is 2.5
    But the stats percent last I saw had Pitt with a 53 percent chance of winning
    It’s pretty much a toss up and should be a close game
    They key is which team makes better halftime adjustments
    Whipple is the huge question mark
    The D and Bates will be fine.


      1. And solid tackling when the VA QB scrambles, especially on 2nd or 3rd and long. Can’t let the VA QB keep too many drives alive with this feet…

        Offense execution for Pitt will be key. With a new scheme, expect a fair number of mistakes… I hope Whipple keeps the rush off of Picket with a nice mix of plays designed to keep an aggressive D off balance.

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  25. Slightly off topic, but I think relevant. For those that aren’t sold on Narduzzi, he professes to be sold on Pitt.

    “When I came to Pittsburgh, I wanted to come build something. That’s why it’s so special to do everything, whether it’s the building, the kids, recruiting. All of my energy goes into Pitt and what we can do to become better. I’m never looking for my next job. I don’t have an agent. I’m not out there searching. I don’t have an agent put my name in for certain jobs so I can get a raise.”

    Here is the article


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      1. Well look at it this way, he doesn’t want to move around and he doesn’t have to pay an agent. He’s making good money and no agent gets a cut. Doesn’t sound like a bad game plan to me if your happy at Pitt.

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      2. ‘I’m not out there searching.’

        Every former wife says that until you get served with the divorce papers and she runs off with a 30 year old with villas in Greece.


        1. Well the truth is that if he ever wins 10 people will come knocking on his door. We will then found out about both his commitment to Pitt and Pitt’s commitment to winning.


  26. Salahuddin has left the team and entered the transfer portal.

    He was passed over by Davis it seems and must not have been patient regarding his return from injury. Did he not listen to the great Freddie Fu as I’m sure Freddie told him the injury takes longer to heal?


  27. Well he’s a year older than Davis, and there are a couple of great backs in the 2020 class.

    Also…does he have the same burst that he once did? Will be interesting to see where he lands.

    Hate to see him go though. I thought he had great potential.


    1. If they recruited more elites, maybe they wouldn’t get blown out by teams like penny state and clemson who do have the talent. Just saying.


      1. And if we had a network of bag men like the elites then maybe we wouldn’t even have to be having this conversation


      2. Think what you want Tx, with Pugh, Flowers, Salahuddin, etc etc along with this transfer portal it’s creating a total mess. How many stars were the PITT captains this year out of high school?


          1. ^^ I have no explanation for that Mike other than recruiting services get paid and are subjective at best. Give me a coach that recruits a walk-on center who starts after his red-shirt freshman year and I’ll show you a coach who knows what he’s doing.


              1. Believe me Mike, I got it. You opened the door and I charged right through it! I do think the higher the ranking the player is the better chance to play earlier and have a bigger impact. BUT!! This transfer portal will have a huge impact on these players that have been worshiped and coddled their whole lives.

                BTW, who are the three PITT captains this year and what are their accumulative star ratings out of high school? Ffrench, Jackson and Morrissey, total of 5 stars combined at most. Divided by 3 equals less than 2 stars each.

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          2. Syracuse, Carolina and USC were his only other visits besides Pitt. Pitt is being adversely selected. So if the percentage of Pitt’s 4 stars have a higher failure rate than the typical 4 star, that explains it to some degree.


        1. Ike – there has been no national champion in the past 20 years without at least one 5 star. Top ten teams have a high percentage of 4 stars. My own analysis says you need at least half your classes rated 5.7 stars and above to be a consistent top 20 team. Talent highly correlates with winning. I’m not to going to argue about facts.

          And the reason why narduzzi isn’t looking is because the only looks he gets are from the old ladies playing bingo at saint michaels.


          1. Actually Tex your data is good here. Statistics show that all of the teams that have ever been in the BCS / playoff conversation have been at least 60% rivals four stars.

            Pitt can still be relevant with fewer but they will need to be a MAJOR anomaly to break into consistent ACC champ contention.

            With that being said, let’s elevate to Wisconsin level before we try to become Alabama


            1. Pitt just needs talent in the right places. Like I say, two or three on each side of the ball and Pitt will be successful by my high standards. Everyone else needs to be solid and experienced. Moreover, coaching can’t get in the way…bad schemes, bad time management, etc. Pitt is close. That’s why it’s so frustrating.


          2. I’m not now or have I ever suggested that I don’t want PITT to recruit as many 5* players as possible. Two things. One, they just can’t, it ain’t happening and I realize that and understand it. Two, if it’s not in PITT’s cards right now then do the next best thing and bring in undervalued players that want to play at PITT.

            BTW Tx, your analysis probably doesn’t go beyond Alabama and Clemson. Teams like OSU, psu, Michigan and Notre Dame have done very little with all their 4 and 5 * players. They are not the be all and end all of college football!


            1. But they go to major bowls. Are always ranked. Are in the playoff conversations.

              Talent makes the team. It’s not coaching except for very early on when the coach establishes the culture, sets the scheme and builds the management structure.

              I have heard many a good honest coach say it’s less about the coaching and more about talent. Coaches say that management is their number one task. Managing their assistants. Managing the boosters. Managing recruiting. Managing players. Managing the media.

              When you don’t recruit talent, you try to win on scheme. Like running a triple option or going air raid. But that can only take you so far. Ask Navy, Georgia Tech, Texas tech.

              I’m sad to see Houdini leave. He had some shake to him and looked quick with a burst. I bet the curse of Flacco comes back to bite Pitt.


              1. That’s true Mike but didn’t one of their high star QBs bolt after last season. Point is, the star system is not a science by any means. Debating that is, is fruitless.


  28. —Sorry to see Salahuddin leave the team – we barely knew ya…

    —MM – that’s a great photo on this article. Very appropriate as we start this season.

    —In that OLine photo, looks like a mean bunch, until you get to Morrisey, he look like the ball boy…😊.

    —Among the many things that worry me about this game, a big one is having theses new RBs hold onto the ball. Turnovers are likely going to decide the game…

    Hail to Pitt.

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  29. You know the biggest issue with Salahuddin leaving is that none of the media outlets took advantage of the obvious Harry Houdini tie in. (Salahuddin’s twitter handle is @DeRealHoudini)

    “Salahuddin disappears from Pitt’s roster, magically reappears in transfer portal”

    Too early?

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    1. Disclaimer: Clearly I am joking here…and if anyone from the Pitt team or staff is reading, I sincerely do with the young man the best.


  30. If we beat VA (I picked us of course), we will NOT move up in the rankings.

    But VA will fall like a rock.


    1. We are going to have to earn every ounce of respect this year.

      That starts with beating Virginia.

      It continues with taking care of business against Ohio.

      Im not looking ahead, but if we are able to go into Penn State 2-0 and come out of creepy valley with a win, then I think we will have earned the right to be in the conversation

      Hail to Pitt let’s hope it happens


  31. Have to agree with everyone that more 4 stars would be great—-but might it be that we had too many 4 star RBs to be able to keep them all happy? 🤪


  32. You could see the Salahuddin transfer from a mile away, I was waiting for that one as I’m sure many were. A guy with some accolades that gets passed over by several more talented players is going to want another shot elsewhere, and frankly I’m glad he will have the opportunity. Wishing him the best…


  33. I know the transfer portal is new, but you have to give credit to AJ Davis and Sibley for waiting their turn behind Ollie and Hall. Ollison showed an amazing amount of patience throughout his career.

    The thing you don’t know was Salahuddin ever going to get a turn with two in front of him and guys pushing from behind.

    I remember when AJ Brown and Eugene Napoleon left Pitt for WV. Probably the strongest group of Pitt backs ever with I believe Brian Davis, Charles Gladman, and Ironhead in the bunch. Brown and Davis both went on to have strong careers after they left Pitt.

    Pitt always seems to be able to attract good running backs. Hopefully the ones we have now live up to the tradition.


  34. Change of topic for a minute.

    Does anyone else think it is weird that the only one to win a starting linebacker position was the transfer.
    They couldn’t pull the trigger on the other two positions both either/or.

    I personally find it troubling that two starting linebackers are a game time decision.


    1. At MLB I genuinely believe they have two starters.

      At star I genuinely believe it’s the exact opposite

      We’ll know in a couple days


    2. I agree – and isn’t it interesting that the transfer LB Johnson who fans were sure was brought in for depth is named the starter at MLB over kids Narduzzi recruited after being at Pitt for just fall camp? Everyone and their brother loved Chas Pine but ….

      Money Linebacker
      28 KYLAN JOHNSON (SR*, 6-2, 230)
      36 Chase Pine (JR*, 6-2, 250)

      Mike Linebacker
      44 ELIAS REYNOLDS (JR*, 6-2, 235) OR
      9 SALEEM BRIGHTWELL (SR*, 6-0, 230)

      Star Linebacker
      38 CAM BRIGHT (SO*, 6-0, 225) OR
      24 PHIL CAMPBELL III (JR*, 6-1, 220)

      None of those LBs get me all that excited ands the fact that Campbell is a possible starter at Star LB after being moved up from being a DB his first three years on roster is worrisome also. That move wasn’t done for depth – it was done because the other LBs are suspect.

      This is why I disagree with those who think Narduzzi’s team is “deeper and more talented” than we’ve seen in the past – if so we wouldn’t be starting transfers at LB, OL and TE. When you bring in transfers to replace guys who have been in the program for some time that’s a problem.

      I really wish Sear would have stayed in the program at TE – I think he’d be a good one to have with Whipple. His TE in ’17 had 64 catches for 764 yards.

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      1. These linebackers have me more excited than any group since Blades and Session, but there was zero depth after those guys. It’s been a long time since Pitt had depthat the position. Wannstedt and Chryst both struggled to recruit linebackers and the position has been an embarrassment for way too long.

        Sear was a head case. You want someone like that in the program and as a threat to the students on campus? His penalty versus UCF last year was awful and him leaving was a blessing.


  35. I remember Salahuddin’s first carry was a sweep, trying to take advantage of his speed and shiftiness … and he gained about 15 yds vs UNC. And I thought that he was indeed the RB to take over in ’19.

    He only carried 3 more times …. final ’18 line, 4 carries for 37 yards. And then he got hurt late in the year in practice.

    Hate to see him go, thought he had more potential than any other back … and apparently so did he


  36. Fran – when I get my yardwork done Sat afternoon, I’m going to come into the house, pop a cold one, and drink a toast (or 12!) to the LRS4 TailGate Soiree!

    Mike – great job on this article! I believe you had a little something in it for everyone. Ever the diplomat!

    BTW, in case we aren’t doing pix on Friday, I’m going with:
    University of Pittsburgh 24;
    Calves (are they a dairy school?) 14

    We are Farmers, dum-da-dum dum: dum dum dum!

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  37. Ike – hate to break it to you man but the major recruiting sites get ‘paid’ by readers subscriptions and by advertising. There is no $$ going to Rivals, 247 or ESPN paid by recruits, parents, HS coaches or any colleges (that in itself would be a NCAA recruiting violation).

    The only site that gets direct money is HUDL and they get paid to put up HS players videos – but they don’t do any ranking or award stars.

    You keep saying this but it just is not true.


  38. I am repeating this here, as for how to get the ACCNetwork on DirecTV. You need to have the “Choice” package with DirecTV and if so, it is on channel 612. If you don’t, either upgrade to Choice or add a “Sports” package which is $13.99 per month.

    Some nice young lady in the Phillipines helped me quickly and conveniently. Her name was Karen. 😉


  39. As for Salhuddin, I didn’t see or expect much. Wish him well. Got to at least THINK you can be the man.

    I don’t think anyone here or any Pitt coach will regret this transfer.


  40. What other P5 school
    Has a 4 Star transfer 2 days before the biggest game of the year?

    This is on Narduzzi. As a manager you find a way to keep this crap under wraps or fix it before it goes public! Doubling my bet on UVA


  41. The FIOS channel for ACC is 829 I believe. I’ll be watching and rooting but I predicted a UVA win in a close game.

    Pittman4ever (Jim) and I are driving up for the Delaware game so you’ll get to me him – great guy.


  42. Pitt fans are funny. Just a year ago there was great fanfare because we landed Salahuddin as our ONLY 4* recruit of the ’18 class…then he goes out and averages 9.3 ypc (albeit on 4 carries)., gets injured and now the fans seem like its no great loss.

    Guys, the kid didn’t have a chance to show what he could do and stop with the ‘he’s been being passed over’ stuff – for all we know the only reason Davis and/or Sibley are listed as starters is because Salahuddin was injured. Not because he wasn’t as talented as them – he may well be more talented.

    Pitt can ill afford to lose any 4* talent with the offers this kid had – any HS RB who Wisconsin, OSU, USC, Clemson, Georgia, Nebraska, etc… wanted him to play for them is just about the best we can hope to land.

    He’s a rsFR this year with at least three or four years to play for us and you feel this isn’t a big loss? I’d take a healthy Salahuddin over Davis or Sibley in a heartbeat



    1. Right now he will be a big loss for our Scout Team. He was firmly entrenched in that role last week as the Pitt 2 deep squad prepared for the Virginia game. So yes I’m quite sure our Scout Team head coach is devastated on the loss of Salahuddin.


    2. PITT didn’t lose Salahuddin Reed, he left on his own accord he left because Narduzzi recruited younger better running backs that weren’t rated as high as he was. His injury didn’t help his cause of course.


    3. Reed, I suspect Narduzzi spit in your coffee a few years ago, and if so, I’m sorry that happened.

      So Sal averaged 9yds per carry on FOUR carries (4 carries!), and because of that completely useless stat, combined with the equally useless stat that he was a “four star recruit”, we can suggest that he was probably better than Davis and Sibley? Yikes!! C’mon man!

      Pitt can ill afford to lose really good players, but they can absolutely afford to lose 2, 3 or 4 star players that were surpassed on the depth chart. I’ll take a healthy Davis or Sibley over Sal any day, because they apparently both beat him out. No ill will to Sal, I hope he gets his chance elsewhere and is successful, there’s a ton of competition at the RB spot at Pitt, there always is.


  43. Brief write-up on Virginia’s probable All American DB: “Virginia cornerback Bryce Hall played his high school football at Bishop McDevitt High School in Pennsylvania. You have to give a lot of credit for their ability to realize how much potential Hall had coming out of high school. Hall was only rated as a 2-star prospect coming out of high school.”

    Glad we didn’t sign that guy! 😁


  44. Salahuddin may not be a big loss because we are well stocked at RB … Davis, Davis, Sibley, Carter and Carter. But I agree with Reed, you never want to see a 4* leave especially after only 1 year.


    1. UVa’s edge is experience. I believe they have more starters returning than anyone else in the Coastal while Pitt lost more starters


    2. Bronco was left with zero ACC talent. He’s on record pointing it out to protect his butt but he’s also being honest. He understands recruiting.

      I don’t think narduzzi understands this simple concept yet. And I’ve yet to see narduzzi make a two star with offers from holy cross, Elon and the college of geneseo into 4 star talent impacting games.

      Im most worried about the recruitment of o linemen. A 5 star back isn’t going anywhere without a good and experienced line. And a QB will pull an Andrew luck. Those cumulative hits destroy the body.


  45. Just stating the honest truth about my OPINION of Houdini. Maybe I need to post my thoughts on every player now just in case there are others you may not feel the same as me. Kidding here Reed, but maybe now I need to hope and pray that he never starts or even plays anywhere. Nah, I don’t care that much about my opinion being challenged.

    For the record, I would not have been devastated as you may have been if KP left, though I don’t know there to be solid options as backup now. I am concerned about the Weaver injury and would have been unhappy if he transferred. Christodoulou (sp?) wouldn’t bother me if he left, uhhhh, Shockey doens’t seem to have great hands – bye, uhhhhh, Morrisey and Dane and probably a few more on D would bother me, no opinion on Gragg………..LOL!!

    Last year, I wouldn’t have cared if Hall had left,,,,would I have been wrong about that 1000 yard rusher? Not if I don’t count his several long runs. I do wish him well but don’t see him playing in the NFL.

    Getting excited!!!!
    H2Iek!!! get feeling better soon!!!

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  46. Pitt Beyond the Script is airing on ATT Sportsnet now …. missed the first 10 minutes. Obviously taped as just heard PN said Salahuddin will get a chance to step up


  47. Losing Sal is problematic in that it may soil the relationship we started with woodson high in dc. A Lot of great talent there so a coach always needs to be careful. Secondly, the portal should never be seen as the end of a relationship. Rather it shows that a player believes he is more talented than what is in front of him and believes the coaches don’t see it. Often, the portal is the way to bring the head coach and player together for a discussion about talent. Lamont Wade and maybe Sanders entered the portal which caused a discussion with Franklinbummer, which in turn leads to a promise of more touches or more plays in exchange for staying.

    I don’t see Narduzzi having that discussion. I see him as getting angry, hostile and digging his heels in, instead of having a detailed conversation. Pitt is not in a position to lose any of the few 4 stars on the roster.

    I could be wrong. Maybe Sal stinks and maybe Narduzzi had a re-recruiting discussion that Sal snubbed. Either way, losing a 4 star from a high school wherein relationships were really good….is never good. If Sal tells his old HS coach that Nard was unfair, that could negatively impact the steering process for the next woodson superstar. For that reason, I hope he doesn’t become overly successful at another school and that our crop of rb’s perform exceptionally well.

    Nard already killed the quip pipeline and may be working at killing the woodson pipeline too. Time will tell.

    Been awhile since we chatted. Been real busy with work. Things have been exhausting at the muffler shop!


  48. One thing I believe will be good if not tonight then at least in the not-too-distant future… Georgia Tech.

    A GOOD Coach… a NEW system… equals a future FORMIDABLE Foe.


  49. Tx, how’s Morrissey doing? A walk-on. How did Narduzzi do with him? Coach him up or just found a gem in the bushes? or both?


  50. No one asked me but, to me, Salahuddin, Davis, Sibley and freshman Daniel Carter are all the same-style back. They have good size and good speed but are not elusive. You need a couple backs like that. If you have a good OL, they do well. A perfect example is Darren Hall.

    But now we’re finally seeing some quicker, shiftier runners getting a look. V’Lique Carter and Vincent Davis, along with verbal commit Parrish are in this group…

    If Coach Whip can get the ball to these guys in space— we will see some big plays from them, IMHO…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Quit the crazy talk other MM. Reality is this is disastrous for the program, a sign of total breakdown within the organization from the top down, and is a recruiting failure of epic proportions that will poison the pipeline of all recruiting now and forever.

      Meh, probably not.


  51. Salahuddin tore his ACL and got passed over. Not sure what the story is? I wish him well. Pitt added Vincent Davis this season and has another 4 star teed up for next season. I feel more bad for Salahuddin than Pitt. I remember reading that he didn’t like Pitt being so conservative with getting him back on the field but in this era health first, always. Never want to lose a 4 star but when all your 4 stars play the same position it’s a little more complicated. Lol.

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    1. Perhaps he can play for the Nits, where, apparently, playing despite the objections of the orthopedic surgeon is not a problem.

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  52. ACC Network is now available on DISH!
    Great news!
    ESPN and DISH have an agreement in principle to distribute the ACC Network on DISH TV just in time for tonight’s opener between the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers. You can find tonight’s game on channel 402.

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  53. i expect the score to be 48-0 and only because Dabo shows mercy and isnt a prick like Franklin

    the route is already on


    1. I don’t thing Tech is going to have much of an offense this year…


      1. RE GT offense: So what’s new. The Techoids are learning a new offense so it will take a while for the players to get used to it — probably around November 2. -:)


  54. Salahuddin is NOT a big loss. You could see this coming a mile away. He got passed over. Not the coaches fault he got out performed. Weed out the weak.


  55. well whoever killed it, it is certainly almost dead. The 4-star from last year never really considered Pitt, even after he decomitted from WVU. Then Zuriah Fisher doesn’t even list Pitt among his finalists. Pitt did a get legit 5.6 3-star in Gipson, and brought in QB Kosanovich as a walk-on QB this year … but the Quip pipeline has had some serious leaks over the past handful of years.


  56. By the way, Salahuddin isn’t better than another back Pitt RB because of his HS ranking. Ridiculous to think that. The coaches watch them every day.


  57. UCF appears to not have skipped a beat …. 41-0 in 2nd period. Not much competition, but still …


  58. On the eve of the POV Kickoff Golf Outing, my thoughts tonight are with one of the best POV golfers and men: Erie Express. Rick, we have not heard from you in awhile. I hope you and Mrs. Erie Express are well. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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  59. The bad news regarding Salahuddin was the knee injury. I’m not saying he can not fully recover but it would not be surprising if as of yet he had not fully recovered. And it would be surprising if it was “as good as new.” I wish he had chosen to stick around but blaming PN for him leaving is only surmise.


  60. My point was not who was better than whom as we really have little to no rb experience from which to form a valid opinion, but i like how everyone seems to know who is best, based on so little factual support. It may pan out that way but it may not. My point was again, the potential fracture of relationship with woodson high, when a celebrated high school athlete appears to get the shaft in his mind. Not your minds, his mind.

    He was obviously well respected at this school and in the dc area if you read the stories on him. The issue is whether he leaves here dogging Pitt or saying Pitt was great to him, but his injury caused him problems he couldn’t overcome, etc.. This will play out over the next few years.

    Narduzzi didn’t offer devonshire until way late even tho he was a consensus high 3, low 4 star. To argue the pipeline is not on life support because a walk-on qb is at Pitt, is probably not supportive of the argument that there is nothing wrong. Woodson and Quip have been good for Pitt.

    Fickel should be great for a non-p5 team. Look at his recruiting, 2’s and 3’s. Weak schedule. A couple of tough games a year and should always be around 9-10 wins and an end of year ranking. Clockwork. Do that for 4-5 years and recruiting will pick up and so will p5 job offers.


    1. The only reason Pitt made a play for Devonshire was that he decommitted from WVU in early Dec about a week or so after his teammate at Aliquippa, Gipson, committed. Devonshire had made it clear that he wasn’t interested in Pitt when he was a junior so the Pitt staff backed off …. Devonshire did make a visit to Pitt in January but in the end, Pitt was not a serious consideration. This appears to be the same for 3-star LB Zuriah Fisher who made it known he had no interest in Pitt



  61. Two questions regarding GA Tech after tonight’s AVOIDABLE rout.

    1… Whose idea was it to commit to Oliver as the Starting Quarterback?

    2… Does any Quarterback on the roster have the ability to throw a football?


  62. Huff – The report said it was mutual decision for him to move on. Who says there is bad blood between him and the coaches that would affect the HS relationship? Besides, Jaylen Twyman is from the same school and one of the hot names in camp for a break out year.


  63. Let’s face it, we don’t know if Salahuddin can play or not. He could have slowly worked his way into the two deep over time, but chose not to do it.

    Instead, he fumed because he was not prepared to wait like the other RBs did. So good luck to him…


  64. Had a dream a couple nights ago that HCPN called me up to see if I had a year of eligibility left to play tailback. Really great call. Spent time getting to know me. Great recruiter. Told him I’d have to ask my wife. Didn’t tell him I graduated in ‘73. Or about the recent eye surgery….

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  65. Last week, Salahuddin made it clear that he was healthy and should have seen more action in the scrimmages. Note that he was held out of the spring practices. Now whether he is behind in picking up the new offense is not known but apparently the staff is pretty happy with AJ Davis and Todd Sibley. PN indicated in an interview that Salahuddin would be worked in gradually.

    I have little doubt that Salahuddin has the ability to be a really good back but he thought he was not getting a fair shake, and obviously is impatient. I assume if he leaves right now and enrolls elsewhere ASAP, this season will count as his transfer year, and he will eligible to play next season as a RS soph.


  66. Just saw the GAMEDAY email from Pitt…
    New this year will be free game programs and a 50 / 50 raffle.


  67. Salahuddin Will probably make a name for him self and his hometown school… Howard Uin Washington DC…I think we had another 4star transferred to them about three years ago-can’t remember the name…Andre Powell is a good coach and I trust his judgement when it comes to entering particular stable mates into the “ derby.” We want winners…..”and they’re. Off!!’l


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